Democratic watchman. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1855-1940, June 18, 1926, Image 6

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    ~ Bellefonte, Pa., June 18, 1926.
Audience Only Judge
of Scenes That “Go”
As a rule, it is easy for the author
to discover before rehearsals draw to
an end where the weaknesses, if any,
of his play exist. It is a peculiar thing
that a play which reads well often
acts badly, and vice versa, writes Cos-
mo Hamilton in the Saturday Evening
Post. -
I have noticed many times, with my
own work and with the work of other
men, that there are certain scenes
which seem to be extraordinarily
amusing on paper, bu? which have only
to be put to the test of rehearsal to
drop head first into the pit in which,
in less expensive days, the orchestra
tuned up. It is, too, quite impossible
to ascertain, until a play has been
well rehearsed, what lines are to be
cut, what entrances altered and what
exits are to be brought about with
greater or less rapidity.
It has been proved again and again
how hopeless it is to make a true es-
timate of a play's appeal to an audi-
ence until it faces one. There are
few authors and even fewer directors
who dare to prophesy exactly how a
play will take. Scenes which have
‘been rehearsed for laughs and which
have appealed to all concerned as be-
4ing extvemely funny during rehearsal
‘may be received with stony silence bv
‘the people in front on “the night.”
Other scenes which appear to be
trivial and unimportant may go with
roars of laughter, while tragic mo-
ments and those in which the whole
drama of the play has been worked up
to a high pitch may fizzle like damp
gunpowder when put to the final tes*
People Have Learned
Value of Thermometer
A man named Galileo invented 3»
thermometer in 1592. The liquid was
fn an open vial, and there was no
mark or scale to show temperatures.
After a while a mark was used show-
ing the temperature of snow and an-
other for the heat 6f a candle.
Half a century later a man found
he could make a thermometer of a
glass tube with a bulb on one end, so
by sealing the other end you could
carry the thing about. Another half
century or more passed, and Fahren-
heit became interested. He developed
the thermometer until it was a prac-
tical instrument, and by 1714 he had
established his now famous Fahver.
heit scale.
That was over 200 years ago, says
‘Good Hardware, yet people are just
realizing how actually useful this in-
strument is. For centuries it was
jooked upon with superstition; a score
of years ago school children could teli
you the owner of nearly every ther
mometer in town. The incubator, and
then our scientific dairying, cooking
and gardening, brougit the thermo
eter into eommon use,
Thermometers are an importan!
item now. They are in demand ever}
day of the year among folks who have
learned a little a2bout their uses
Many people demand a specially de
signed thermometer for each diffe
ent purpose.
An old negro named John Jones
upon leaving Atlanta, Ga., went to hi:
bank, a negro institution, and hae
his book balanced, which showed =
balance of $200.
Landing in Cincinnati, the old dark»
issued a cheek on the Atlanta ban’
for $200, payable to a Cincinnati bank.
In a few days the check was re-
turned marked “Insufiicient Funds.”
whereupon the Cincinnati bank sont
an inquiry to the Atlanta bank abou
the old negro’s account and the bal
ance they showed on the pass hook
against which no checks had been is
sued. The following reply was re
ceived :
“Gentlemens—We don't mean tha:
John Jones ain't got sufficient funds.
but we mean that our funds are ir
suflicient.”—Forbes Magazine.
; ave Taw
Betrayed French Secrets
-sMajor Esterhazy became notorious
through his connection with the Drey
fus case. It was he who accused
Dreyfus of being the writer of the
famous ‘“bordeau,” alleged to have
been sent to certain German military
officers, revealing French military
secrets. In 1896 Colonel P’icquart,
head of the intelligence bureau of the
war office, made discoveries pointing
to Major Esterhazy as the author of
the “bordeau.” Investigation was made
and it was believed that Esterhazy
+ forged Dreyfus’ handwriting and was
- the real traitor. He was not con-
- victed, however, but was forced to
leave I'rance aud is said to have died
«In England in 1923.
[1 Batali
i Ant’s Toilet Equipment
Ants ave always moving about hI
lose touch with the ground, and yet
a dirty ant is practically unknown,
for they are continually stopping to
clean themselves. The ant is, in-
deed, very well equipped in this re.
spect, having a most extensive toilet
set. The ant’s tongue serves, when
wet, as a sponge. When dry, tough,
filelike bands on the side make a
splendid brush. Four of its legs are
fitted with hairs which make clothes
brushes, and the two forelegs are
each fitted with a fine and coarse
toothed comb,
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Shrinkage From $66,316,002,602 tr
$49,546,523,739 Reported After
Agricultural Census.
Washington.—A shrinkage in the
value of American farms and farm
buildings from $66,316,002,602 in 1920
to $49,546,523,759 in 1925 was esti:
mated in the Department of Com-
meree in a preliminary report on the
latest agricultural census. The de-
crease amounts to a little more thar
25 per cent.
Farm acreage in the same period
declined from 955,883,715 to 924,889,
880 acres, and the department's divi-
sion of land economics calculated the
decline in the avergge acre value of
land and buildings at 22 per cent, and
for land alone at 28 per cent. The
value of farm buildings, it explaines
increased 6 per cent.
The 1925 figures, compared with
those for 1910, indicated an increase
of 35 per cent in the average farm
value, but considering the drop in the
purchasing power of the dollar during
that interval, the economists conclud-
ed there was actually a net decline
of 10 to 12 per cent during that
The decline during the last five
years was not general, the depart-
ment’s experts found, the shrinkage in
values having been greatest in the
range country, the wheat and corn
belts, and the eastern cotton states,
while a slight increase was recorded
in New England and the Middle At-
lantic states. In the Mountain states,
the decline amounted to 41 per cent,
in Iowa 34 per cent, and ‘in Georgia
40 per cent. The increase in New
England was 8 per cent and in the
Middle Atlantic states 1 per cent. Pa.
cific coast values remained constant.
Collapse of the war land boom, with |
a fall of corn and hog prices, account-
ed largely for the decline in lowa, the
experts reported, while the decrease
in Georgia was due chiefly to the boll-
weevil and the exodus of negro work-
ers. In the range country and moun-
tain states, they said, drought and the
collapse of wheat prices were the lead
ing causes,
The increase in farm values in the
Northwestern states was attributed to
a great extent to the development of
the dairy industry, the favorable posi
tion respecting markets, and an in-
:reased demand for farm land for
recreational purposes.
sebbbi feeble
Eight-Months-Old Boy
Adept at Feats of Balance
At the tender age of eight months
Kenneth Mentgomery, son of Mr, and
Mrs. Floyd Montgomery of Washing
ton, is adept at feats of balance. Ip
this photograph he is shown balane
ing on one foot in the palm of his
father’s hand,
en tee anailing
Gives Wife to Buddy,
Then Gets Divorce
Milwaukee, Wis.—Judge Gustave G.
Gehrz granted a divorce to. Roman
Wigniewskl, who charged that his
wife, Helen, had been stolen from him
by Benjamin. A. Miller, Chicago, whe
was. his buddy in the. Russian army
and best man when he married.
Wisniewski located in Milwaukee
nd Miller in Chicago. In 1924 his
wife joined him. Miller came from
Chicago to visit. The husband bezan
to suspect Miller and his wife.
Each acknowledged love for the
other, whereupon he told his wife his
friend should have her. The husband
accompanied him and the wife to the
depot, bought the tickets and gave
Miller $5.
The following month Mrs. Wisniew
ski returned to her husband and he
took her back. Later the husband
again began to suspect his wife and
he sued for a divorce.
Through an interpreter Mrs. ‘is
alewski denied she ever had been in
love with Miller. She admitted that
she had gone to Chicago with him but
said she had done so beeause of anger.
While in Chicago she lived aline and
supported herself, she testified.
Caveman Protected
New York.—Bad news for wives
whose husbands “treat ‘em rough,”
was broken in White Plains by Su-
preme Court Justice Tompkins
“There is no law in New York state,”
he said, “which permifs a wife to sue
her husband for alleged assault, xo
matter how badly she may have bess
When the correct letters are placed in the white spaces this puzsle will
spell words both vertieally and horisontally.
‘The first letter in ench word Is
fmdicated by a number, which refers to the definiticn listed below the puzzle.
Thus No. 1 under the column headed “horizontal” deflnes a word which will
fill the white spaces up to the first black square to the right, and a number
under “vertical” defines a word which will fill the white squares to the next
Black ome below. No letters go in the black spaces. All words used are dic- |
Abbreviations, slang, Initials, technieal
terms and obsolete forms are indicated in the definitions.
tiomary words, except proper mames.
| lle
q 70 11 Te 14
5 16 117 18
19 20 2L
97 : I
TT 23 [2 I
34135 36 [37 38 139 |¢
41 42 | 43
44 46 47 (45149
50 me=
1011 HE 1101 J
(©. 1928, Western Newspaper Union.)
1—Jewish territorial organization
4—Part of a circle
7—Dorn :
8—By way of
16—Part of ‘to be”
18—Natlve metal
20—Mechanism for actuating a valve
22—To try out
25—Half a quart
29-—Note of scale
30—Small whirlpool
34—Emperor (abbr.)
38 —Compendium of information
38—Frozen water
42—Short sleep 43—A fracas
44— A Canadian (slang)
47—To hire
50-—Suffix forming names of rocks
52—Humans 53—Is owing
1—To put money into
2—Mound of earth
8—Over (poetic)
4—Avenue (abbr.)
5—Long, narrow inlet
6—To caper
12—Material from which rope is
13—Period of time
14—Of recent origin
17—Sun god
26—Anger 27—Novel
30—The person from whom a family
takes its name
31—An American soldier
32—Part of thes neck
38—Censorious speech
34—And so forth (abbr.)
35—Extinct, flightless bird
37—North America (abbr.)
39—Part of a gear wheel
40—Young lamb
45—Shoshone Indian
48—Century 483—Boy’'s name
49—African antelope
Solution will appear in mext issue.
Asbestos-Cement Water Pipe New
A recently developed water pipe,
made of cement and shingle asbestos,
was discussed by delegates to the
American Water Works Association
convention at Buffalo a few days ago.
The new pipe is said to be perma-
nent and to have a permanent carry-
ing capacity. It can be manufactured
for any pressure and the composition
is such that there is nothing in the
pipe to oxidize or corrode under ordi-
nary conditions of service.
The new pipe is claimed to have an
advantage over the cast iron pipe,
which often decreases in carrying
capacity as much as twenty per cent.
within ten or fifteen years.
Scientific tests are said to have
shown that the bursting pressure of
the new pipe is considerably in excess
of the American Water Works Asso-
ciation test for cast iron pipe.
In considering the pipe for general
Rag Carpets and Rugs
Also Chairs Re-Caned
17 All Orders Promptly Filled
E. Logan St., Bellefonte. GEO. W. JOHNSTON
Dairymen--- Notice
A special sale of Mayer's
‘Dairy Feed—a Ready-
Mixed Ration, 22% protein
$40.00 per Ton
Delivery Charge $2 oo per Load
Frank M. Mayer
For Better
Dry Cleaning
Stickler & Koons
8 Bishop Street, Bellefonte, Pa.
Phone 362R
T1-23-tf .
Solution te Cross-word Puzzle No. 1.
use the principal disadvantages are
the types of joint used and the method
of making service taps.
J. McC. Davis, Owner. M. C. Luke, Manager
Water Street Inn
Chicken and Waffles
She Knows He’s Safe
She neither leaves him alone at home,
nor takes him out through dangerous traffic
and inclement weather to shop. Her tele-
phone makes this exposure unnecessary.
Mother need not leave the comfort nor
the duties of her home to get her meats—
a few words over the telephone will bring
the family food.
Order your Meat over the telephone trom
us. Our service consists not only of free
delivery, but guaranteed quality at lowest
possible prices.
It will save you time, effort and money.
P. L. Beezer Estate
Market on the Diamond
on Bier Bork aa/ A
her. Buy of you
PN A Lag
Best, Safest, Always Reliable
Marriage Licenses. |
Martin I. McCooly and Ruth Eliza-
beth Taylor, both of Philadelphia.
Otta L. Card, of Williamsport, and
M. Ruth Thompson, of Howard.
Joseph Gordon Rigby and Dorothy
Pauline Rupp, both of State College.
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Highest Quality U pholstery
TUDEBAKER uses the finest grade
of wool upholstery. Compare the
depth of Studebaker cushions and seat
backs with cars costing $1000 more.
Inspect the interior workmanship. There
are no cloth-head upholstery tacks, raw
edges or cheap binding braid in Stude-
baker interiors — “hand-tailored” for
beautiful appearance.
and, in addition:
Finer Body Construction
yy vw
Costly Alloy Steels
vy. vv
Completely Machined Crankshaft
yy 9
Durable Finish
yy Kv 9
Heavy Steel Fenders
yy Vv 9
Pressed Steel Instrument Board
" (Wood Backed)
yy vw Ww
Fully Waterproofed Ignition
Coincidental Lock and Automatic Spark
vy: Vv v9
Most Powerful Car of Its Size and Weight
vv. vw "
Qil Filter, Gasoline Strainer and Air Cleane:
vy Vv
Full Equipment at One-Profit Price
- Beezer’s Garage
A restful nigh
on one of the Great Ships of the €C & B Line makes a pleasant
break in your journey. A good bed in a clean, cool stateroom,
a long, sound sl and an appetizing breakfast in the morning.
Daily May 1st to November 15th
Leave Buffalo— 9:00 P. M. Eastern Leave Cleveland—9:00 P. M.
Arrive Cleveland *7:00 A. M. Standard Time Arrive Buffalo— *7:00 A. M.
* Steamer “CITY OF BUFFALO” arrives 7:30 A. M.
Connections for Cedar Point, Put-in-Bay, Toledo, Detroit and other points.
Ask your ticket agent or tourist agency for tickets via C & B Line, New Tourist
Automobile Rate—$7.50.
Send for free sectional puzzle chart ot
the Great Ship “SEEANDBEE” and CEE a
32-page booklet. in Daily Service
The Clev. d and Buf
e San pa falo
Cleveland, Ohio
Your Rail Ticket is
Good on our Steamers |