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DemorraiC cn.
Bellefonte, Pa., July 22, 1921. |
Country Correspondence |
Items of Interest Dished Up for the |
Delectation of “Watchman” Read- |
ers by a Corps of Gifted
Miss Grace Smith spent a day in!
State College last week.
The teachers’ examination was held |
in Centre Hall on Tuesday. :
Mrs. M. W. Furey, of Bellefonte, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Millie King.
The Engel and Eldredge show here
on Monday evening was well attended,
and proved a very good, clean enter-
Mrs. Samuel Shoop spent several
days in Tyrone last week, visiting
with Mrs. Mary Shoop, in the Metho-
dist home.
Rev. James E. Stover, who is now
preaching for the United Brethren
people, is visiting at the William Mec-
Clenahan home.
Miss Gertrude Spangler arrived in
town on Saturday, coming from
Rochester, N. Y. She spent about ten
days in Lock Haven, on her way here.
C. A. Spyker returned to his home
in this place after a ten day’s visit
with his people, in Huntingdon coun-
ty. His family is still visiting among
their friends.
The Misses Ruth Smith and Thelma
Brungart went to Bellefonte on Fri-
day and had their tonsils removed.
Mr. Smith brought them home on Sat-
urday afternoon. They are both get-
ting along nicely.
On Monday, Mrs. A. S. Kerlin, the
mother of Arthur Kerlin, accidentally
walked off the front porch, missing
the steps. In her fall she crushed
the bones in her right wrist and broke
her hip. She was taken to the Belle-
fonte hospital. Mrs. Kerlin is 76
years of age, and has been totally
blind for several years. Her condi-
tion is very serious.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Witmer McCormick,
of Columbia, South Carolina, arrived
here on Wednesday for their annual
summer visit at the home of Mrs. Mc-
Cormick’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Da-
vid J. Meyer. Tomorrow Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Meyer and daughter,
Miss Miriam, of Reedsville, and John
D. Meyer, of Altoona, will be here to
participate in the celebration of Mr.
Meyer's seventy-eighth birthday anni-
The weather has been ideal for out-
door work the past week.
Mrs. B. F. Hoy, who has been ill for
2 long time, is still holding her own.
The farmers are certainly busy,
putting in hay and wheat, and a few
are cutting oats.
A gang of men are at work finish-
ing the road where it crosses the new
concrete bridge near Lemont. It will
be a great improvement.
The venerable John R. Williams
on Tuesday accompanied his daugh-
ter-in-law and two grand-sons, to
Tottenville, N. Y., where he will visit
for a few weeks at the home of his
two sons, David and Frank.
The following teachers have been
elected to teach the College township
schools, for the ensuing term, which
will open Monday, September 12th:
Branch—Miss Miller.
Pleasant . Johnston-
Houserville—G. W. R. Williams.
Dales—Miss Margaret Williams.
Oak Hall—Miss Nell Peters.
Centre Furnace—Miss Grace Brad-
Lemont Primary—Miss Margaret
Lemont Stella
Mrs. Ida Witmer ‘departed for Sun-
bury last Thursday, for an indefinite
Mrs. Eliza Jodon, of Bellefonte, vis-
ited at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Sallie Friel.
Mr. and Mrs. Forden Walker and
children spent Sunday at the Pownell
home, at Yarnell.
Mrs. Mabel Lucas and two children,
of Snow Shoe, spent Sunday with her
sister, Mrs. Earl Kauffman.
The Ladies Aid society will hold a
festival July 30th, at the band hall.
Go and help a good cause along.
Miss Margaret Witherite, of Pitts-
burgh, is spending her vacation at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. Joseph Rod-
Mrs. Jennie Walker and Mrs. Mol-
lie Shirk visited over Sunday at the
home of Mrs.
Lock Haven.
Hayden Sparks and sister, Miss
Verda, who had been spending their
vacation at their parent’s home in this
place, left Saturday for their places
of employment.
Willis Poorman, wife and two chil-
dren spent Sunday with the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Poorman.
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Lucas, of Al-
toona, spent a few days at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Heaton.
Mrs. John Lucas visited over Sun-
day with friends in Mingoville.
Clyde Yearick and family spent
Sunday at the Earl Confer home.
Mrs. Clyde Yearick is entertaining
her sister, Mrs. Monteith and little |
daughter Thelma.
The venerable Gabriel Betz is still
confined to bed, with little if any im-
provement in his condition.
Ephriam Deitz was called to
Blanchard early in the week on ac-
count of the serious illness of his
“rother, Dean Deitz.
Many people from this section at-
tended the festival at Howard on Sat-
urday eveni and report a large
crowd and a pleasant time.
Word has been received here of the
Shirk’s daughter, at |.
Mrs. James Mackey, of Rochester,
N. Y., is plying her trade as a fine
seamstress among the women of this
i neighborhood.
The Oak Hall Lime and Stone com-
pany resumed operation this week.
Philip Dale, of State College, trans-
acted business in this vicinity Friday.
Charles Whitehill, who is employed
at Philipsburg, returned home last
Carl Zong is assisting with the farm
work on the Henry Elder farm on the
Mrs. Forrest Evey and son Ellwood
spent a day last week at the A. C. Pe-
ters home.
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Korman and chil-
dren motored to Osceola Mills Sunday
and visited relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Peters, of Pine
Grove Mills, were Sunday guests at
the N. J. Rishel home, on Main street.
Mrs. Orin Grove and children,
whose home is near Philadelphia, are
visiting at the J. J. Tressler home for
an indefinite time.
Lenore Peters, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. A. C. Peters, had the misfortune
to have her finger caught in the
wringer of their washer and almost
torn off.
Mir. White, who
daughter, Mrs. Benner Walker, of this
place, died last Thursday morning and
was buried Saturday afternoon in the
Centre Hall cemetery.
Miss Flora Snyder
friends in Centre Hall.
Fred Reitz, who was seriously ill
last week, is able to be out again.
Mrs. Magoffin and Miss Ellen Rhone
spent the week-end at Pine Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reitz and son,
of Charter Oak, were in town Satur-
day and Sunday.
The Eagle and Eldridge circus gave
their performance in town on Tues-
day evening.
Mrs. Beck and daughter, of Mec-
Keesport, were guests at the home of
Charles Segner last week.
Miss Anna Sweeney is spending
part of ‘this week at the home of her
cousin, Mrs. H. B. Shattuck, at State
Mr .and Mrs. William Fisher and
son, Dr. Joseph Fisher, of Sunbury,
spent several days last week at the
Fisher home.
Harry Shoaf, of Susquehanna Uni-
versity, will conduct services in the
Lutheran church on Sunday evening
at 7:30 o’clock.
is visiting
A Talk with a
Bellefonte Man
Mr, James H. Rina of 239 High St.
Tells His Experience.
There is nothing like a talk with
one of our own citizens for giving
hope and encouragement to the anx-
jous sufferer from the dread kidney
disease. We, therefore, give here an
interview with a Bellefonte man:
“My back was in such a weak con-
dition, I couldn’t put my shoes on and
could hardly drag myself around,”
says Mr. Rine. “I had very severe
pains all through my back and limbs.
I used Doan’s Kidney Pills for these
troubles and they cured me. Others
to whom I recommended Doan’s Kid-
this remedy.”
Over three years later, Mr. Rine
added: “It was ten years ago I first
used Doan’s and I haven’t been trou-
bled since. I recommend Doan’s
whenever I hear any one complaining
of backache or kidney weakness.”
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don’t
simply ask for a kidney remedy—get
Doan’s Kidney Pills—the same that
Mr. Rine had. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Centre county has contributed a to-
tal of one hundred and five students to
the record-breaking attendance of
1900 men and women at the twelfth
annual summer session at The Penn-
sylvania State College. Most of these
are public school teachers who are
spending their vacation in study, re-
ceiving credit towards college degrees.
There are also some students from the
regular four year courses, taking
summer studies that they might be
graduated earlier. The college work
for about half of the enrollment will
close on August 5th, or at the end of
six weeks of the session, and the re-
mainder will continue until August
20th, for a total of nine weeks.
The students from this county gath-
ered on the college campus one night
last week at the annual county reun-
ion observance. The occasion was
voted a success ,and the get-together
resulted in plans for many county pic-
nics, hikes and outings for the re-
mainder of the summer.
The Penn State summer enrollment
and marks the first year that the col-
lege has held its doors open for the
entire summer, making it an all the
year round educational institution.
resided with his
ney Pills were cured of backache by-
Following is the list of Centre coun-
ty teachers attending the session:
John W. Aiken, B. L. AKerly, Mary Kk.
Aller, J. G. Amend, Bertha M. Artz, Della
1 J. Avery, H. ¥. Babcock, Stella M. Barry, !
! Llizabeth Beck, R. M. Bierly, B. L. Black,
Austin Blakeslee, Maranda Bohn,
| B. T. Brown, D. A. Campbell, H. N. Con-
: ner, L. A. Crader, D. 8. Cryder, Lois Cun-
ningham, G. W. Davis, John R. Doty.
| Charles Edwards, Margaret Ferree, G. M.
| I'oulkrod, Mary R. Frear, E. R. Gehr,
| Frances P. Gibbons, Sara M. Gilliland, C.
BE. Glenn, Margaret G. Glenn, G. F. Gray,
| P. H. Hall, Caroline L. Hanck, N. A. Han- |
son, D. L. Harmon, Anna Grove Harrison,
Maurice Healey, Ralph Heberling, F. J.
Heckman, Daisy B. Henderson, P. H. Hev-
erly, P. BE. Hoffman, Susie Holt, W. G.
| Hopkins, C. H. Hotchkiss, 8S. F. Howell,
| RB. 1. Hunter, Cecil J. Irvin, Margaret Yi
i Ishler, W. R. Ishler, Mrs. Emilie Jones, J.
W. Knecht, C. R. Koch, Edward J. Kunze,
Helen B. Leete, J. F. Leete, W. I. Leitzell,
, Mason Long, J. A. McCurdy, M. J. Max-
field, Rhea B. Maxwell, Mrs. Margaret
| Miles, J. F. Miller, W. M. Miller, Lewis
\ Morley, H. C. Musser, Mary E. Nixon, El-
‘ eanor B. North, Murley Patton, R. W.
; Pease, Clara B. Peters, Alma BE. Peterson,
{ Ivan L. Potts, Charles Reiter, 8. I. Ross,
James Runk, W. 8. Runkle, I'rances Ti,
Sackett, M. B. Schroeder, E. M. Shick, Guy
A. Shuey, Francis W. Smith, 0. H. Steck-
er, C. W. Straup, Carlisle Taylor, Alice
Thompson, Mary A. Tomso, Walter Train-
er, Elizabeth Waite, Helen C. Ward, War-
ren Ward, Ray Watkins, Curtis Watts,
Margaretta Way, Deane Weber, E. H.
Woik. T. A. Williammee, J. J. Williams,
Yingling, Mary Zerby.
Bears thesignature of Chas. H.Fistcher.
In use for over thirty years, aud
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
© €- +y ¥:
You save nothing by buying poor.
thin or gristly meats. use only the
and supply my customers with the
freshest, cholcest, best blood and mua-
cle making Steaks and Roasts. My
prices are no higher than the poorez
meats are elsewhere.
~ I always have
Game In season, and any kinds of goud
meats you want.
Hight Street. 34-34-1y Bellefonts Po
is four hundred larger than last year, |
Isabell :
Boyd, Lucretia I. Boyd, Grace I. Bradford,
Margaret A. Williams, G. S. Wykoff, J. M. .
Get the Best Meats
pie Askren
Pills in Ted snd Gold merallic
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known as Best, Safest, Always Reliable
eath at Renovo, last Saturday, of
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Hear Your Favorite Opera Airs from
“Then You'll
» Remember Me”
“ The Heart Bowed Down”
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Presented with Full Cast, Chorus
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Tenth Anniversary Program
In Bellefonte the week of August 3 to 9, inclusive.
EE ————e—————————
known in this vicinity. His brother, Centre County Teachers at State
‘Roy Leathers, died here several years |
' ago.
- Profit in Raising Geese.
Just beyond Buck, Lancaster coun-
ty, is the farm of Herbert Graybill,
who makes a specialty of raising
geese and for a number of years he
has been highly successful. No year
passed that he did not sell more than
fifty. Last season he sold seventy.
This season he has been remarkably
successful. Over a month ago he had
sixty well grown young ones, and at
present his young stock numbers al-
most one hundred. Besides raising
geese he has been able to sell a quan-
tity of eggs, for all of which he gets
a good price.
The price of a goose at present is
in striking contrast to that of only a
few years ago, when a good, big, fat
one could be bought for 756 cents.
Four dollars is the present figure ask-
ed for them.
i Another farmer raising a large flock
fifty is not unusual with him, and he
has a number of Lancaster countians
who have depended upon him for their
yearly supply of geese covering a long
period of time.—Ex.
KELINE WOODRING — Attorney-at~
Law, Bellefonte, Pa. Practices im
all courts. Office, room 18 Crider’s
Exchange. 51-1y
B. SPANGLER — Attorney-at-Law,
Practices in all the Re Con
sultation in English or
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pendicitis. The INSTANT pleasant
action of Adler-ika surprises both doc-
| tors and patients. One man who suf-
| fered five years from indigestion and
constiptation was helped by ONE
dcse. Runkle’s Drug Store. 66-28
Office in Crider’
om Crider’s Exchange, BelleiOnis,
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trusted to his care. Offices—No. § East
High street. 57-44
M. KEICHLINE—Attorney-at-Law
and Justice of the Peace. ail pro-
fessional business will receive
prompt attention. Office on second floor of
emple Court. 49-5-1y
G. RUNKLE — Attorney-at-
Consuliation in ner pe
an. / chan,
Bellefonte, Pa. #2. 1a rider's Ex 588
of geese every year is Christian Eck- | > T
man, of East Drumore. A flock of —Get your job work done here. PHYSICIANS
ellefonte State
Children Cry for Fletcher's rey Ty
: S. GLENN, M. D., Physician and
Surgeon, State College, Centre
county, Pa. Office at his resi
Zt Tie
Infants and Children—
age is its guarantee. For
Wind Colic and Diarrhoea
Bears the
( rea} [=a Ii
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Signature of
__|'This Interests You
The Workmans’ Compensation
Law goes into effect Jan. 1, 1916.
It makes Insurance Compulsory.
We specialize in placing such in-
surance. We Inspect Plants and
recommend Accident Prevention
Safe Guards which Reduce In-
surance rates.
It will be to your interest to con-
sult us before placing your In-
State College
Bellefonte 43-18-1y
The Preferred
A SR Eee
® =
i 57 Suits a =
I Li $5,000 d. i
i! S10 5) 1 ands,
I —men’s and young men’s—from our G5 230 los of Cther hand,
Ts = 2,000 loss of either foot,
il Hh ; 630 loss of one eve
8 regular stock. They are one and two oh i”
| a : sh 10 per week, partial disability.
i it ¢ Ki d ie (limit 26 weeks)
Un suits of a kind. PREMIUM $12 PER YEAR,
= _ .pavable quarterly if desired.
=i The regular price on these suits was = Larges or smaller amounts i proportion,
Uo Ln preferred occupation, inc uding house
id EE | Sg, cle Se Pn
All from $35.00 to $50.00. [id | § insure under this poiicy. He
i] 03| | Fire Insurance
Hn - : i :
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J = = ed by any agency in Central Pennsylvania
i Lh
Sr :
i= i H. E. FENLON,
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Sh Ho ;
i -Fauble gi AN
Ie Uc i Gof §
L - LE There
oi 2 is no style Sf otk, from the
A 4 Hi : BOOK WORK, :
20 : SY that we can not do ip the most satis:
AECL UE UE UCD [EEE EEE TUE, ent with the class of work. oa
_ communicate with this office