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    "Bellefonte, Pa., Sept. 2, 1892.
An Adorable Array of Blondes.
What History Reveals to the Eager and. Untiring
- Searchers After Truth.
Listen now to the adorable array of
blondes history shows to us!
Magdalen wiped the feet of Je sus
with her blonde locks.
Venus, god of beauty, mother of
demigods and men, rinses the seafoam
from her golden tresses.
7 The beautiful Cleonice supplants all:
brunette rivals in the heart of her royal
lover ; and, to do so, she had only to
veil her pearly tears by the shining gold
of her hair. : .
= Julia, the immortal heroine of the
“New Heloise,” was blonde; blonde
also, Auora, when she opened with
her rosy fingers the eastern doors to the
triumphal chariot of the sun.
Blonde, aldo were the three repre-
sentative theological virtues, Faith,
Hope, and Charity:
The search for the golden fleece had
not for its sole object the conquest of
a mine, or precious fleece, or to rob
the treasure so carefully heaped by
avaricious Aetes:
Those who composed it were at-
tracted by a higher motive than gain,
pillage, or adventurous piracy : they
were drawn irresistibly by the ef-
fulgeney of Medea, herself the mother
of Circe, the omnipotent and ‘sub-
tle blonde enchantress, who, the better
to show her power upon men, went so
far as to change thet into: grumting
swine. :
The beautiful Helen, whose carrying
off caused the Trojan War, thus exert-
ing an influence for centuries, was
blonde. 4 {
.. We must also ciass in the fair-haired
«sisterhood Phryne, who when brought
‘before Areonagus, found an all-power-
ful defense in the display - of her
"charms as she threw aside her peplum
‘clad only in the waves of her beautiful
. hair,
«Her judges were so dazzled by the
“sight of ‘such perfection that they
“granted heran instant pardon. :
i Dante’s Beatrice was blonde.
‘Armide of ‘Jerusalem Delivered”
“was blonde also. ' iil]
Tasso, when describing this heroine,
was inspired by the fair and blonde
Eleonore ’Este one of the most beau-
tiful and remarkable women, with
whom of ‘course, he was desperately
in love, oa,
Atiostbis Angelica, with her splendid
hair floating in the wind, was also a
member of the fair-haired tribe.
The beautiful Panla of Toulouse was
a blonde of an inimitable hue.
The people were so enchanted by her
ideal beauty that they followed her in
crowds. She complained to the city
magistrates, and they intheir wisdom
decreed that she should not be annoyed
_in this way ; but as her beauty, being
a gift of Providence, did not belong
exclusively to herself and people had
‘a right to bebold it, she was compelled
to stand one hour every Sunday after-
noon on her balcony in order that the
people might gaze on her.
Blonde also were Agnes Sorel, Diana
of Poltiers, the beautiful Gabrielle of
. Estrees, Anne of Austria, Marguerite
of Navarre, La Duchesse de Chevreuse,
Ninon de Lenclos, and Mme. de Main-
tenon, the most precious conquest of
Louis XIV.
Mlle. de Montpensier, ‘Ja ‘grand
mademoiselle,” says in regard tq ber-
self in those piquant memoirs which
she left to posterity, “I am so happy in
: being a blonde.
Mme. de Girardin, one of the most
remarkable women of the century, was
also one of the most perfect blondes
ever seen.
“Circus Coming, Mary.”
How the Family Came to an Amicable Under-
The head of the family lingered over
his coffee. Clearly, something lay
heavy on kis mind. Now and then he
darted a quick look ut the partner of his
joys and sorrows across the table and
coughed lightly, only to turn his gaze
again into his cup. At length he
“Circus coming, Mary.”
He sought to create the impression
that he was voicing a casual reflection.
The demure lady across the table nod-
ded affirmatively.
“It’s ‘a good circus, I think,”
He was playing with his fork absently
It was several minutes before he had
“anything further to say. |
. “I guess,” he observed ''with an air
‘which was only a fair imitation of the
“off-hand “that nothing is more instruc.
tive than a good circus—"
+ The.close observer might have noticed
“a'shadow setting upon the fine face of -
the matron. No word fell from her lips,
however. Tear
“Especially for children.
He was folding his napkin carefully.
“I suppose,” he’signed, stimulating
regret, ‘that I'll have to go with our
children.” : :
“William |”
The partner-of his! joys'and sorrows
threw large quantities of astonish.
ment, chagrin and reproach into a single
word. :
“After such a strict religious training
as you have had.” she exclaimed.
As he rose from the table he sighed in
earnest. Standing irresolutely by! the
window he stared at the landscape, half
in sadness, half in shame.
Her voice was something softer thun
“William --"
She came and trustingly twined her
arms about his neck.
“I think—’
She kissed his forehead fondly,
“It will need both of us to take the
children to the circus. :
He strained her to his breast and their
souls united in a community of purpose. |
——1 was troubled with catarrh for
seven years previous to commencing
the use of Ely’s .Cream Balm. It has
done for me what other so-called cures
haye failed to’do—cured me. The effect
of the Balm seemed magical. Clarence
L. Huff, Biddeford, Me.
Words of Wisdom.
A little sin is as black as a big one.
If you want to feel right, do right.
Every little act is the child of a great
No deed can be small when the pur-
pose is great.
Nobody wants to go back until they
first look back.
A sure way to punish yourself is to
hate other people. .
The higher men rise the more depend -
ent they become.
To be close-fisted with money is the
highest kind of distrust.
A preacher with a warm heart will
not long have a cold church.
It is well to hope for success, but it is
much better to deserve it.
The blindest men are the ones who
think they have no faults.
The truth always gives life to those
who take it to their hearts.
No matter where we walk we are sure
to be followed by somebody.
It never makes the day any brighter
to growl at the cloudy weuther.
Prepare for litle trials and you will
never be overcome by big ones. /
It is hard to overcome a man who be-
lieves he is working for eternity.
The man who knows a great deal
knows better than to try to tell: it all.
To be slow to anger is better than to
own the best kind of a seven shooter.
People who pray right don’t have very
much trouble about living right.
Statutes are molded with little touches
Characters are formed in the same way.
Higher criticism has not yet done a
thing to make men more patient on
The man who never makes any mis-
takes never does any work that will out-
live him.
The hypocrite never tries to behave
himself when he thinks that he is being
watched. —Indiapolis, (Ind) - Ram’s
Horn. .
Married Women Set Free.
. Governor. Flower of New York, has
signed the bill which permits married
women to make ccntracts in her own
name as freely as man may do.
Thus disappears from the statute book
of New York the last trace of a Middle-
Aged barbarian. The laws on this
subject originated in the theory once
everywhere accepted that the wife was a
chattel, the property of the husband.
Long after that theory disappeared the
law still maintained many of the disab-
ilities of married moman which could
be justified only by theabandoned con-
ception. Thelaw is alwaysslow to
recognize changes in society and civili-
zation, and it has been peculiarly slow
and conserative in this.
But our generation has been very
restless under these anachronisms of the
law. One after another these disabili-
ties of married women have been remov-
ed, until the last of them is blotted out
in New York, and law now fully recog-
nizes the married moman as an indivi-
dual with a will, a capacity and natural
rights of her own. It is well.
How soon will Pennsylvania follow ?
Her married women arestill under many
legal disabilities.
A LeADER.—Since its first introduc-
ing, Electric Bitters has gained rap-
idly in popular favor, until now itis
clearly in the lead among pure medicinal
tonics and alteratives—containing noth-
tion which permits its use as a beverage
or intoxieant, 1t is recognized as the best
and purest medicine for all ailments of
Stomach, Liver or Kidneys.—It will
cure Sick Headache, Indigestion, Con-
stipation, and drive Malaria from the
system. Satisfaction, guaranteed with
each bottle or the money will be re-
funded. Price only 20c. per bottle.
Sold by C. M. Parrish.
Not the Man’s Fault.
“That man is utterly devoid of feel-
How do you know ?”
‘‘He sat on my hat and didn’t know
it until I told bim.”
“Straw hat. wasn't it ?’
“Yes ; but what of that?"
“Nothing, only I thought it couldn’t
be felt.” ;
——Capt. W. A. Abbott, who has
long been with Messrs, Percival and
Hatton, Real Estate and Insurance
Brokers, Des Moines, Iowa, and iis one
of the best known and most respected
business men in that city : “I can tes-
tify to the good qualities of Chamber-
lain’s Cough Remedy. Having used it
in my family for the past eight years I
can safely say it has noequal for either
colds or croup.” 25 and 50 cent bottles
for sale by Frank P. Green.
‘THE BruTE.—“Do you love me,”
she asked.
He looked at her reproachfully, and
remarked: ‘Look here, if you expect
to be hugged aby harder, I guess you’d
better hire a bear.”’ :
salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises,
Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores,
Totter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and ail Skin Eruptions, and pos-
itively cures Piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac-
tion, or money refunded.
cents’ per box. For sale by C. M.
~——By judicious marketing the South
Carolina melon growers have made the
950 carlcads which they have shipped
this year pay. them $71,500, twice as
much as they received for 1169 carloads:
shipped last year.
——Many people, not aware of the
dangers of constipation, neglect the pro-
per remedy till the habit becomes
chronie, or inflammation or stoppage
A dose ortwu of Ayer’s Pills
in the beginning would have prevented
all all this.
He took her out for an ice-cream
treat. His" préity’ blue-eyed Sal, But
fainted when he read the sign, Cream
.ninety cents a gal.
Price 25],
Bits Abount The Bismark
William, Not Herbet, the Iron Chancellor's
Favorite Son.
Prince Bismark’s favorite son, is not, as
most folk’s believe, the elder Count Her-
bert, but the younger Count William
popularly called “Bill,” who is Presi-
dent of the Council in Hanover. Count
Bill” is the image of his father, al-
though not so tall or massively built. At
the Presidenits House of Hanover there
are two busts—one of Prince Bismarck
at 40 and one of William Bismsrck at
about the same age. It is tho genial
Count “Bill’s” little joke to get his
guests to commit themselves to a decla-
ration as to which is that of his father.
It is impossible from a back view to tell
which is which.
Count “Bill” is married to his first
cousin, Prince Bismarck’s only child.
It has been a great disappointment to
the ex Chancellor that no male child
has been born of this union,the Count-
ess having blessed her husband with two
girls. When the first child, Irene, was
born at Hanover, Count Bill’ announced
the fact to his father as follows. “This
time a girl.” To which the Prince re-
plied.’ “I forgive you this time; but
next time see it is a boy.”
Prince Bismarck spells his name “Bis-
mar k;’’ his sons Bismarck.
Saw Mill Employes Strike.
MINNEAPOLIS, August 22.—A St.Clair,
Wis., special says: About a thousand
saw mill employes struck for ten hours
and eleven hours pay, and the plants of
five hour mills, are idle. No definite
reply has been made by the mill owners
to the committees, but there are no in-
dications that the demand will be gran-
ted. The’'mills shut down are the Em-
pire, the valley, the Dells and the Miss-
issippi logging company. The strikers
are orderly. ?
—XKlein’s Silver Age, Duquesne and Bear
Creek Whiskies, together with all the leading
Pennsylvania Ryes, bottled by Max Klein, are
the most reliable whiskies sold. See that
Klein’s signature is on every label, and his
name blown in the bottle. Itis a guarantee
of purity. For sale by 8. Shloss, wholesale
agent, Williamsport, Pa. 37-30
New Advertisements.
In a dangerous emergency, Ayer’s
Cherry Pectoral is prompt to act
and sure to cure. A dose taken on
the first symptoms of Croup or
Bronchitis, checks further pro-
gress of these complaints, It soft-
ens the phlegm, soothes the inflam-
ed membrane, and induces sleep.
Asa remedy for colds, coughs, loss
of voice, la grippe, pneumonia, and
even consumption, in its early
excels all similar preparations, It
is endorsed by leading physicians,
is agreeable to the taste,does not
interfere with digestion, and n ceds
to be taken usually in small doses.
“From repeated tests in my own
family, Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral has
proved itself a very efficient reme-
dy for colds, coughs, and the var-
ious disorders of the throat and
lungs.”—A. W. Barlett, Pittsburg,
“For the last 25 years I Lave been
taking Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral for
lung troubles, and am assured that
its use has
I have recommended it to hun-
dreds. I find the most effective
way of taking this medicine is in
small and frequent doses.”—T. M.
Matthews, P. M.. Sherman Ohio. #
“My wife suffered from a cold ;
nothing helped her but Ayer's
Cherry Pectorel which effected a
cure.”—R. Amero, Plympton, N. S.
Prepared by Dr. J.C. Ayer & Co.,
Lowell, Mass.
Prompt to act, sure to cure.
Homeseeker’s Excursions.
Two Grand Excursions via Union Pacific on
August 30th and Sept. 27th, 1892, to points in
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming
Utah, Idaho, New Mexico and Montana. This
is a great opportunity to see the magnificent
tracts of land offered for sale by the Union
Pacific at low prices and on ten’ years time.
‘For thisoccasion the Union Pacific will sell
tickets at the rate of one fare for the round
trip. See your nearest ticket agent. = 37-30-8t
A —
Harvest Excursions—Half Rates.
August 30th and Sept. 27th.
The Burlington Route will: sell round trip
tickets at half rates, good 20 days to the cities
and farming regions of the West, Northwest
and Southwest. Eastern Ticket Agents wil]
sell through tickets on: the same plan. See
that they read over the Burlington Route, the
best line from Chicago, Peoria, Quincy and St
Louis. For further information write P. 8’
Eustis, General Passenger Agent, Chicago.
f 1 ) 37 28'10t
The Titan of Chasms.
A Mile Deep, 13 Miles. Wide, 217 Miles Long,
and Painted Like a Flower. vi
The Grand Canen of the Colorado River, in
Arizona, is now for the first time easily access-
ible to tourists. A regular stage line has been
esiablished from I lagstaff, Arizona, on the At-
lantic & Pacific Railroad, making the trip from
Flagstaff to the most imposing part of the Can.
on in less than 12 hours. The stage fare for i
the round trip is only $20.00, and meals and
comfortable lodgings are provided throughout
the trip at a reasonable price. The view of
the Grand Canon afforded at the terminus of
the stage route is the most stupendous panora,
ma known in nature. There is also a trail at,
this point leading down the Canon wall, more
than 6,000 feet vertically, to the river below.
The descent of the trail is a grander experi-
ence than climbing the Alps, for in the bottom
of this terrific and snblime chasm are hun
dreds of mountains greater than any of the Al
pine range.
A book describing the trip to the Grand
Canon, illustrated by many full page engrav-
ings from special photographs, and
all needful information, may obtained free up
on application to Jno. J. Byrne, 723 Monadnock
Block, Chieago, Ill. 37-30-3m
furnishing |,
Railway Guide.
Two Harvest Excursions.
Via the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry on
Tuesday, August 30th, and September 27, 1892.
Where the grasses are kissed by the wan-
d’ring breeze,
And the fields are rich with golden grain :
Where the schooner ploughs through the prai-
rie seas,
To its destined port on the western plain;
Where homes may never be sought in vain,
And hope is the thriftiest plant that grows;
Where man may ever his rights maintain.
And lana 1s as free as the wind that blows.
For further particulars apply to the nearest
Ticket agent, or address John R. Pott, District
passenger agent, 486 William street, Williams-
port, Pa.
Speaking of Flying.
Some run, some fly, and some are limited in
mcre senses than one, buf the new fast trains
on the Union Pacific 8: stem are out of sigh
while the other fellows are getting their wingst
fixed. The remarkable time of 13 hours and
25 minutes from Omaha to Denver made by
the “*Denver Fast Mail” is specially commend
ed to people who wish to “get there. To
Portland in 65 hours via Omaha and the Union
Pacific System, you save fifteen hours and fifty
minutes over all competition ; to San Francisco
in 67 hours via Omaha and the Union Pacific
System, you save twelve hours and thirty min:
utes over all competition. For tickets via the
Union Pacific or any information call on your
nearest ticket agent or E. L. Lomax, i
Pass. & Ticket Agt., Omaha, Neb. t
a ————————
In the First Place.
“The Overland Flyer” of the Union Pacific
System is to-day as it has been for years, ithe
most popular as well as the fastest Daily Trans
Continental Train. The flyer is asolid vesti-"
buled train composed of Pullman Sleepers and
Dining Cars and Free Reclining, Chair Cars
No change of coach Chicago to Denver, Ogden’
San Francisco or Portland. Note our common
sense time table :
Arrive | Arrive
Ogden [Portland
1.00 A. M.|7.25 A.M.
SaltLake Sin Fran
300 A ».[9.15 A. m1.
Leave | Leave | Arrive
Chicago | Omaha [Denver
10.30 p.m (2.15 P. M.|7.40 A. M.
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed, Thu.
Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
Tue, Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
Wed. 1hu. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Thu. Fri, Sat. Sun. Mon.
Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tue.
Sat. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed.
For tickets or any additional information
call on your nearest Ticket Agent, or address,
E.L. Lomad, G. P.& T. A, U. P. System, Om-
aha, Neb. tf
Flouring Mills at Reynolds. N. D. ($2,000
bonus); and Maynard, Minn. (Free site and
half of stock will be taken).
Jewelry Stores at Buxton and Neche, N. D.
Banks at Ashby, Minn., and Williston
N. D.
Hotels at Wahpeton and Grafton, N. D
(Stock will be taken); Crystal, N. D. and
Waverly, Minn. (Bonus offered or stock
General Stores, Creameries, Harness Shops,
Drug Stores, Shoe Shops, Lumber Yards, Tail
or Shops, Hardware Stores, Banks," Carpenter
Shops, Saw Miil, Soap Factories, Blacksmith
Shops, Meat Markets, Bakeries, Barber Shops,
Wagon Shops, Furniture Factories, Machine
Shops, &c. needed and solicited by citizens in
new and growing towns in Minnesota, the
Dalkzotas and Montana. Free sites water pow
er for factories at various places, No charges
whatever for information which may lead to
the securing of locations by interested par-
Farmers and stock-raisers wanted to occupy
the best and cheapest vacant farming and
grazing lands in America. Instances are com-
mon every year inthe Red River Valley and
other localities where land costing $10. an acre
produces $ $30. worth of grain. Fines
sheep, cattleand horse country in America
Millions of acres of Government Land still to
be homesteaded convenient to the railway.
Information and publications sent free by
F. I. Whitney, St. Paul, Minn. 36-32.
Suggestion for a Summer Trip.
If you wish to take the trip of a liffe-
time, purchase the low rate excursion tickets
sold by all principal lines in the United States
and Canada via the Northern Pacific Railroad
to Yellowstone National Park, Pacific coast
and Alaska.
The trip is made with the highest degree of
comfort in the elegant vestibuled trains of the
Northern Pacific Railroad, which earry dining
cars are luxurious Pullman sleeping cars
from Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis 10
Montana and the Pacifi coast, without change,
and special Pullman sleepers from 8t. Pu.l
and Minneapolis to Yellowstone Park.
The scenery en route is the most magnificent
to be found in the seven states through which
the road passes. Beautiful mountains, rivers
valleys, lakes and piains follow each other in
rapid succession to delight the tourist, who
will also find interest in the agricultural, min-
ing, lumbering, industrial and other interests
associated with the development of the great
Northwest. “
The erowning glory of the trip through the
Northwest, however, is the visit to Yellowstone
Park, the land of hot springs, geysers and gor-
geous canons, and to Alaska with its endless
oceans channels, snowcapped peaks, Indian
villages and giant glaciers. i
If you wish to investigate this suggestion
further send to Charles 8. Fee, General Pag
senger Agent, N, P, k, R., St. Paul, Minp,, for
copies of the handsomely illustrated “Wonder-
lard” book; Yellowstone and Alaska folders.
e Agent, Bellefonte, Pa. Policies written
in Standard Cash Compenies at lowest rates.
Indemnity against Fire, Lightning, Torna
does, Cyclone, and wind storm. Office between
Reynolds’ Bank and Garman’s Hotel.
3412 1y
Gro L. POTTER & CO.,
Represent the best companies, and write poli:
cies in Mutual and Stock Companies at reason:
able rates. Office in Furst’s building, opp. the
Court House. 225
And other leading strong companies. Travel-
er’s Accident of Hartford, Conn.
All business promptly and carefully attended
to. Office, Conrad House,Bellefonte, Pa.
3636 1y CHAS. SMITH, Agt.
Total assets..
Total liabiliti 821,
Net surplus 4 per ct
Ins. in force Jan. 1, "91.......... $238,988.807.00
Increase during 1890....... 36,502,884.00
Increase in assets in 1890. 5,237,042.65
Increase in surplus in 1890..... 891,377.65
Total income in 1890... . 11,119,278.05
Increase over 1889 . 1,739,819.05
Death-loss incurred during Jevaes
1890, per $1,000 insured.. $9.60
Ditto, next lowest Co . 11.40
Average of the 9 largest......
competing companies........... 14.90
Death loss at $9.60 per §1.000...... 2,122,290.25
Death loss had rate been $14.90 3,289.749.50
Amount saved...oecicnseenrenrni senses 1,167,259.25
Assets in first mortgage bonds =~ 3 per ct
Ditto, 9 largest competing co's 36 ©
Assets in railroad and other
fluctueting securities. ........... None
Ditto in 9 largest competing
0 B.rieriierion susiosrianronssitin. 32 per ct
The nine leading competing companies
above referred to are
Equitable, N. Y.
Mutual Life N.Y.
New York Life, N.Y.
Connecticut Mutual.
Mutual Benefit.
New England Mutual.
Mass. Mutual.
Penn. Mutual.
r. et.
Rate of interest earned in *90... P 5.92
Average rate of 9 leading com-
ii pebitors..ieeissisin ave grasvae ddvunne 5.15
Interest income at 5.92 per ct... $2,196.503
Interestincome had rate been
dA per et. Llu Rind 1,910,958
Iuterest gained . 285,545
The NorTHWESTERN is the only company
which, in recent years, has published her
dividends. In 1885 and in 1887 the Company
published lists of nearly 300 policies, embrac-
ing every kind issued, and challenged all
companies to produce policies, alike as to age,
date and kind, showing like results, No ref-
erence or reply "to this challenge has ever been
made by any officer or agent of any company, so
far as known.
Nov. 16th, 1891.
Leave Bellefonte, 5.35 a. m.. arrive at Tyrone,
6.56 a. m., at Altocna, 7.45 a. m., at Pitts-
burg, 12.45 p. m. .
Leave Bellefonte, 10.25 a. m., arrive at Tyrone,
11.5668. m at Al‘oona, 1.45 p. m., at Pitts-
ourg, 6.50 p: m.
Lesve Bellefonte, 5.20 p. m., arrive at Tyrone,
6.10, at Altoona at 7.50, at Pittsburg at 11.55.
Leave Bellefonte, 5.35 a. m., arrive at Tyrone
6.55, at Harrisburg. 10.30 a. m., at Philadel-
phia, 1.25 pa
Leave Belletonte 10.25 a. m., arrive at Tyrone,
11.55 a. m., at Harrisburg, 3.20 p. m.,at
Philadelphia, 6.50 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 5.20 p. m., arrive at Tyrone,
6.40 at Harrisburg at 10.€0 p. m., at Phila~
delphia, 4.25 a. m..
Leave Bellefonte, 9.17 a, m., arrive at Lock
Haven, 10.45 a. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 4.30 p. m., arrive at Lock Ha
ven, 5.30 p. m., at Renovo, 9. p. m.
Leave Bellefonte at 8.5¢ p. m, arrive at Lock
Haven at 10.10 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 9.17 a. m., arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, 10.45, leave Williamsport, 12.30 p. m.
at Harrisburg, 3.30 p. m., at Philadelphia at
50 p. m,
Leave Bellefonte, 4.30 p. m.: arrive at Lock Ha-
ven, 5.30. p. m.; Williamsport, 6.45 p. m., at
Harrisburg, 10.05 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 8.54 p. m., arrive at Lock Ha"
ven, 10,10 p. m., leave Williamsport, 12.25
B m., leave Harrisburg,3.45 a. m., arrive at
hiladelphia at 6.50 a.m, ]
Leave Bellefonte at 6,20 a. m., arrive at Lewis
burg at 9.10 a, m., Harrisburg, 11.35 a. m,
Philadelphia, 3.15 p. m.
Leave Bellefonte, 2.00 p. m., arrive at Lewis.
burg, 4.45, at Harrisburg, 7.05 p. m., Phila.
delphia at 10.55 p. m.
5 x [R
E 5 2 Nov. 16, Bong :
E § x B 1891. F B = i
P.M.[ A.M. | A. M, |p w | P.M.
6 40 11 55, 6 55 310, 72
6 33 11 48) 6 48. 317 732
629 1143] 6 44 3 20] 736
6 25 11 38) 6 40 324 741
6 19/ 11 32| 6 33 330 747
615 11 29| 6 30]. 333] 750
6 13 11 26/ 6 28|.. Hannah...| 8 21/3 37 7 54
6 06) 11 17| 6 21/Pt. Matilda.| 8 28/3 44{ 8 01
559) 11 09) 6 13|..Martha....| 8 36 352 810
5 50 10 59| 6 05|....Julian....| 8 44/4 01 8 20
5 41/ 10 48/ 5 55/.Unionville.| 8 55/4 10| 8 80
5 33| 10 38| 5 48|...S.8. Int...| 9 034 17 8 40
5 30/ 10 35] 5 45| .Milesburg | 9 07/4 20| 8 44
5 20| 10 25| 5 35[.Bellefonte.| 9 17/4 30! 8 54
510/10 11] 525 .Milesburg.| 9 324 40| 9 04
502 958 b518|..Curtin....| 9 46{4 47| 9 13
4 55] 951 5 14|.Mt. Eagle..| 951/455 9 19
449) 9 44] 5 07...Howard...| 10 01(5 02 9 28
4 401 936) 4 59|..Eagleville.| 10 15/5 10] 9 40
4 38) 933 4 56/Bch. Creek.| 10 20/5 13 9 45
426) 921 4 46|.Mill Hail...| 10 35/5 24| 10 01
4 23] 918 4 43/Flemin’ton.| 10 39/5 27 10 056
420 915 4 40Lck. Haven| 11 45/5 30 10 10
P.M. A M.A M A.M. [A.M.|P. M.
BH B.1{E
EES Lo Nov. 16, BIE
3 § lB 1891. E &
P.M.| P. M. | A. M. | Lv, Ar. fa. M.A. m [p.m
730 315 8 00|..Tyrone....| 6 x9 11 456 17
787| 322 8 O7|.E. Tyrone.| 6 43| 11 38/6 10
Vv 43! 327 81... ail...... 6 37| 11 34/6 04
7 83| 3 36| 8 21|.Vanscoyoc., 6 27| 11 25/5 53
8 00, 8 42| 8 25|.Gardners..| 6 25| 11 21/5 53
8 07| 8 49) 8 35/Mt.Pleasant| 6 16( 11 12/5 43
8 15 3 54| 8 45|..Summit...| 6 09] 13 05 5 30
8 19| 3 59| 8 50/Sand.Ridge| 6 05| 10 58/5 27
821 401) 852. Retort....| 60310 545 25
8 24| 4 02| 8 55|.Powelton...] 6 01] 10 52 5 23
8 30] 4.08 9 04]...0sceola...| 5 52| 10 40/5 11
8 41] #15] 2 13. Boynton... 5 45| 10 33/5 03
8 45 418] 9 17|..Bniners...| 5 43] 10 30/4 58
8 47| 4 22| 9 20|Phili shu’gl 5 41| 10 27/4 55
8 511 4 26] 9 24|..Graham,..| 5 37 10 21/4 49
8 57| 432] 9 32|.Blue Ball..| 533] 10 17/4 44
9 03] 439 9 39 Wallaceton.| 5 28] 10 10/4 39
9 10| 4 47| 9 47|....Bigler..... 5 22| 10 01/4 31
917 452 954 £1 517 9 54/4 26
9 24 4 58) 10 02|..,Barrett....| 5 12| 9 47/4 20
9 28| 5 02) 10 07|..Leonard...| 5 09| 9 43/4 15
9 35| 5 08 10 14|.Clearfield..| 5 04| 9 36/4 07
9 40| 5 11| 10 24|..Riverview.| 5 00] 9 32/4 ¢2
9 47\ 5 16 10 29|Sus. Bridge| 4 54 9 24/3 56
9 55| 5 25 10 35/Curwensv’e| 4 50, 9 20/2 50
P.M. P. M. | A, M. A. M. | AM. PM.
Time Table in effect on and after
Nov. 16, 1891.
Leave Snow Shoe, except Sunday......
Leave Bellefonte, except Sunday
Schedule in effect November 15th, 1891.
a A ————
Electric Belts.
disease, Rheumatism, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, any kind of weakness, or other d
Electricity will cure you and keep oa in health. J A
S ELECTRIC BELT to any one on trial, free. Prices, $3,
, $10, and 15, if satisfied. Also, Electric Trussess and Box Batteries.
them. Can be regulated to suit, and guaranteed to last for years. A
shock. Free Medical
rove thie, I will send DR. JUDD
bined, and produces sufficient Electricity to
Give waist measure, price and full particulars,
Agents Wanted.
AG 111 | 103 114 112
Interest receipts in 1890.... $2,196,502 aa is
Death claims in 1890 wee 2,122,200 230 6 87
237 6 4 32
By its charter it cannot insure in any For- 313) 7 4(2
eign country nor in Gulf states. Its wise and, '
conservative management in this, as well as 2383 795. 338
in other respects is heartily approved of by : a 7 i 732 318
i J 5 8 10]. 716/ 3 02
the practical business men of this eoniry, 195 sod vos 247
Rates, plans and further infor mation |fur- 434) 839 657 240
nished on request. 4 40| 8 37. 6 50 2 32
W. C. HEINLE, 445 842). 645 221
District Agent. BELLEFONTE, PA. : 2 2 5 : ’ 5 :
6:35-1y 5 02/ 9 00|......Pleasant Gap......| 6 28 2 08
5100 910 Bellefonte......... 620 200
H30 P. M. | A, M. A. M. | P.M.
Machinery. : z
Bl B | Novis | 8 | B
7 Fring & LINGLE, " 2 1891, |B A
; I ga
[Successors to W. P, Duncan & Co,] AMP AM | Pom
951 45]... Scotia....| 9 21| 4 47
BELLEFONTE, PA., 10 21] 5 17|..Fairbrook.| 9 09) 4 27|..
10 28) 5 29|Pa.Furnace| 8 56 4 15
‘RON FOUNDERS 10 34 5 36|...Hostler...| 8 50| 4 08
. 10 46, 5 42|..Marengo.| 8 43] 4 01
and 10 52| 5 49|.Loveville..| 8 87 3 55
ho opt sal 3
4 ISTS. 02 ungarvin.| 8 3
MACHINIST 11 10 : 3 a : ark..| 8 1 3 38
eu 11 20 ennington| 8 10| : 3 30
Manufacturersof the ~~ 1" 11 32) 6 32|...Stover....| 758) 318
a 11 40," 6 42|...Tyrone....[" 7 50| 3 10
eriifiy RAILROAD. !
WATER WHEEL, To take effect April 4, 1892.
Ac.| Ex. | Mail.! go Tiong. | AC] Ex | Mail,
k A : pa po da a JAR UV Lvlawl al mle. wm.
"© ROLLING MILLS, &C., &C. =o 633 880 9 05|.Bellefonte.|3 a0| 10 30] 4 40
: 6 28 3 44 8 B9|..Coleville..|6 37| 10 35| 4 45
Works near P. R. R. Depot. 1M60ly |g 5 3 41| 8 56/....Morris,...!6 40! 10 38] 4 48
— 6 22" 3 38) 852|.Whitmer.,.|6 44| 10 43| 4 51
6 19 335 849... Linns.....|6 47| 10 46] 4 54
6 17| 3 33 8 47(.. Hunters...|6 80| 10 49| 4 56
6 14) 3 31] 8 44[..Fillmore,..[6 53| 10 52| 5 00
6 11) 8 28 8 40|....Sellers....(6 57| 10 56! 5 03
6 09] 3 268 88{w:Brialy....{7 00 10 58) 5 05
6 05 3 23] 8 35|...Waddle...|7 05 11 01| 5 10
6 02 320) 8 30/ Mattern Ju|7 08] 11 03] 5 12
551 308) 8 18.Krumrine..[7 21] 11 13] 5 24
548 305 8 14/...Struble...(7 24] 11 17| 5 27
5 45) 3 00] 8 10|StateColl'ge(7 30( 11 20{ 5 30
Why suffer from the bad effects of the La Grippe, Lame Baek, Kidney and Liver
, when
(Headache relieved in one minute.) Tec
Costs nothing to try
Belt and Battery com-
Write to-day.
Address OR. JUDD, Detroit, Mich.
On the Red Bank branch trains will run as
follows :
Red Bank at 8 00 a. m
and 5 85 p.m
Stormstown at 8 05 5 40
Mattern at 812 5 43
Graysdale at 8 17 5 46
Mattern Ju. at 8 20 5 58
Mattern Ju. 7 14a. m, and5 13 p m
Graysdale 7 19 5 16
Mattern T 24 5 20
Stormstown 7 29. 5 23
Red Bank 7 36 5 80
Taos. A. Swoumaxsx, Supt,