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i National
3 Company./ '
1 N I). NATIONjja* ]
:ry day, and In any iMUI.Utp
it In paid for money from th»«Uj.
i paid back ia 00U>, irbenonv it
;otice. * •
“ -uj Executors, Adm{nisfrotort_
rho desire to hare it in tplUotf
ntcrest can b<> obtained: for ft. '
from depositor!) is iilTMtad in.
i. Or.oCND i;e.nts, and cneh .l
Charter dirocte. !
day from 9 HU 5 o'clock, nod CK
11 b o'dock in tire eTeoiag.
I’lesidoiit. - ' ""
Vice President. X
y~>Fjuscta ?■»»,.
j /*'• Cawtbu. UkKwan. .
/Joseph B. Baimx,”—
‘— Joseph Yuan,
Uesrt BirpEMMOj*.
S. W. Corner. orrUrd Bt*nka.
. April
season ’ i
inters am] the nubile #t*i»r«li T
Vcm the East wlili thfflT^!|y
OF TILE KINl) i ■ .
:ce. He has every yaj)fet£ia
ind quality,; of
mm HAtrs
M A-NiEkv
ti Winter Weir.--.-'-
( sndqnalities ofvlailituj
H ami FLATS. to
| --ythlag in this Unelsspetisi-
l aid itsodtomrst assort aunt ef
las of Alt «ua, embracing '
\FI\% CUFFS, '
Is, - for Ladies and Chilton, of
Uuulixcture, and of everyquaU-
[-.'thing in the aboveUns,ivU]
i.urchasing elsewVsMuas li*
rv lowest possible pnSP* * •
1 tbo Lutheraa chureh.
.IC.—T H E 8U $. >
'■n tlm cstabllshmentherstofors
r uld respectfully an ‘ jm. ■
.Vjoax aud vicinity,
I I Street, between Harris* t«4
. i, whtre fiß Willkeepcpurttist
i.'iit of everything InhtoUM, ■■
. oso nablo term*. : ”
■ also manufactures > T.eskyn
Mo bo much superior: to gsl
-rper-»mithibg room toWst-
Land an uisorUttent ofw/ \
mptly attended Jto. i
t>-‘ is respectfully solicited. "i
i? a large assortment of CkW,
■ncaii, English and 8 wise giu
iratcj maker*, In addition to
on I.and (and made to order) »n
y Silver and Silver Plated war*,
s riinriit.of *uch good* M IT*
Watch and Jewelry glore. ,
• an l these of the subscriber,
■ rally, are invited to call, and
isle for their money. A»1 a»
Li.-cas, goAle will be sold VSty
.Sii/csAto the motto of Oil*’
i'urmerly 0. Conrad.' *
1 i:., c„r. of PMladto.
Question which .
fcu of every
beat article far my |
pr mutters, tUe _
lo direct, but if ','
sHOE3 ' ’
■ ii of hio stock aiul xrork.
>:j :ir. airfortment of ßooto,StiOJ(,
i iui.ftllVr* at C»lr price*. - •
:-t:ou to cuitom work, aßol
pi' o eatuitaction.! JJoO«bilUh»
Virginia, street, immediately
. X
Grocery Sts* I ®*.
ready Cak«L ; &c.
ERIE’S, vv '
fltrw.t. below Annie Street
and vicinity that it#} b4 M
’’bote Winter s’ Till Stop,
;■ on hand a good assprtnw**
;:’ ca to making Laditf
hare of public patronage,
o ier entire (satisfaction.
<'■ Crime and Criminals,!* .I 1 *
v.n.iely circulated throngb® o :
I; the Groat Trial*, Crimte*>
r;a’.s on thi some, together wltc
iuai, not to ho found In any
f.nnm; $1 for six months, t*
■- ho (should write their uV 0 **
.'.o where they reside rilaluHv
lew Vorlc Police Gazette,
you Xorl: City.
-80,000 BALKEL6
'■■■>■ the Loudi Manufactories
u; chasers. This is the cat **•
< ; worth will manure an ,»er»
oj> from one-third to one-htW*
' obka earlier, am!, unlike gu
i- - r land. A pamphlet, with
h-!i particulars, will be tent
drei-S to .
mth Wharree, Philadelpbl*.
60,000 LATHES, '
MATERIALS. lower tb»n the
Carbon Oil, &£• at . \
, . - lusssusnv* i
[ cCORMICK'S Store
i-nt of Raady-Alada clotb|®< -
Not. SMC
d tor sale by . ■
J. S.
% '
- o. v.MWiaat
\.‘ t
VOL. 6.
2 g • ■ ■ ’
* I- I S B
P I I « ' S
e» k 03 *5
HBS 3 g
gi3 § "
> -g hk CO
8. ,1 , s
«■' ► I S 3
h | g N •
«I § -
w 5 a » ■■
2 § >2
§ 3
Ci Oti *
1 INVITE ATTENTION to sonie of the Cost safraonll
inacy, cures by my
They ore at home and any one who has doubts Can in*
outre of the persons who have been cured by It
ATTEND TO YU.OJI COLDS.—A coseof five years stand
ing cared bv
Du. Rsttcu:—My wife ha* been afflicted with a bad
Dough and difficulty of breathing lor five or six years,
which for several years back had gradually increased in
vkitunco. The complaint has been hereditary, and she had
been trvatod by several physicians without any relief In
this state of her case 1 procured some of yonr Pectoral
Ocuih Syrup. I bought tha first time a fifty coot bottle,
width tviWred li* Very .much; I then called and gut a
debar tittle, which tkrod her entirely, and ebe has now
no trace of the former disease, except weakness. I would
also state that 1 used the medicine myself to a cold And
sough. The medicine cured me by taking one ddile. I ex
press my entire sattobctlon wllh the medicine, and you
ar* at liberty to publish this if you desire to do so.
Alderman, Fifth Ward.
PiTTeßtf!U),' ! Kor. TBth, 1858.
Ik. KiTMUL Although not on advocate of Patent M'edl
alse in general, it afford* me great pleasure to recommend
year Pectoral Syrup. A* a medicine (t to well worthy the
\ attention of any person Who may in any manner be affec
tod with cough scolds and hoarseness of any kind, and fur
the peculiar qualifications for removing alt that disagreea
ble sensation attending a cold. <
I have been more of lee*, in my lift affected with the
eeverait fold* of hoarseness. At times my throat would
become so closed a* to prevent my speaking above a whis
per, ami by taking a few dose* of the above Syrup it would
relieve me entirely.' \
In recommending this medicine, I must unhesitatingly
eay that it to the best medicine I ever found, purporting to
cure the above; nor should- any family be without this
rented/ fcr disease* so prevalent.
Tours, most respectfully,
Cashier, Citizens’Deposit Bank.
~ flviCßl.vviUJL 0., Hatch 14th, ISM.
I hare used Dr. Keyset** Qqugh Syrup for a bad cough
“ffr’Tvrai vjwr* Steading. and, can cheerfully say It .to the
belt'medicine tt the same that I have ever taken.
Cl*.—Dt^Rsrixa— Dear Hlr :,Eictuo thedeley $f my ac
knowledging the excellence ofjrbur Pectoral Syrup sooner.
I take great, pleasure Ih saying that It Is all yotl say it is.
“*• *ont one I was ercr afflicted with; 1 hare not Used
mot* thanone halfof the bottle, and can and do wish tluit
« who are afflicted would glee it as Csir a trial as I hare
done, and they will be proud tosay, “ It is no quack medi
* wo “3d not suffer another such an attack for any
consideration, or at any eosti Tamconfldentlcah breathe
awre freely than I ever did. I ahall always acknowledge
a debt of gratitude for Inventing so excellent > remedy.—
Xou are at liberty to use my name In thle regard, os yon
tblak proper. ft P. PRATT.
Messenger, Common Council, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pmserto, May 11th, -1849.
X. am flu stranger-ta-my fellow citizens, and all
vbo WwUln UoubU can consult me personally.
r. p
THE TRUTH—Da. Kama: I have a daughter
who Km UUea several mediciour for u.bad cough, who has
Ukaa Hverkl medicines for a hm cough, without benefit—
among them Ayer’s Cherry Pecton.l. I purchased from
, w uIPE CTORAt STROP, and before she
relieved. Tho second hot
tie cared her entirely of her cough.
Robison Street, Allegheny. •
4 Pjttsscjso, December 31st, IW3. '
BTuDP I live in Peebles township, Allegheny county.—.
ik i v “ D K Il t ,n B a *l SWttlng. vrblch commenced about
tae eta of February lost, and continued eight months.l
•“ployed the .bust .physicians In the country, andyay
C<-agh ciinttaned unabated until early in October. At that
wasmlvUod totry your PECTORAL I.TRDP, which
1 did. had taken one bottle I was entirely free
from the coughing and spitting. Ibad dißpaired of ever
t"ttlng welßana Ithlnklt should be known that this
velnable remedy will do for others what itfhaa done in
JOHN (V LtTILE, Peebles township,
witness—B. M. KksK. '• *
. ’ Pattos nwxtmr, April lith, 1557.
A WONDBUFCI, CDIIE.—Some time ago. an old nelgh
wr of mins Was Vbry 111 with a bad cough whlcheVrry one
•nppoaed to be consumption. ’ IDs relatives told me ho had
"MMoetsrjr remedy they beard of without benefit; hie
Euy/i. 6 * l ?® ,e *W“» die, am) were confirmed ip the
be Co “W\*wt lire. 1 had about the thlrtfof a
*. 8 J&I>. *Weh >1 gave him, andit
*vw"- J i. ttr * d hi “i to artdnUJunent of all. What
It™ “• **“ «oro remarkable, bribe extreme age of
til 2*S’> e > to * ‘ bont «lghty yean old., I hare nodonht
ti * eared Ua life. ' * JOHN M’aiNNIS
- another supply of your ralnablo
B Jrup.""' J Atmb*t creiybody around Us haSJho
*« “l»r;%*«*>■
7.• ™vt/old sixteen bottles en
lr r * nJ Urth btfflalrs.
r.?. t « J would not be without It in their
unmet. In fact, a\l who use it oncewant It again.
January 30th, 1860, »• WATTERBON
iSS&nr* f® RTI fiCAXE-DR. KEYSER-8
-l-taTeWtroaMed with a conch
j^“ k *^* ob * d WM It thatlcould not
prescription*' from three of
do tUe e ‘Y. *J»m 1 could tworTbot
ti™* fvtl a bottle of yowvAoal
which cared mo cutinlji. Signed,
2M Liberty St, Pittotai;, jfta, *m?!hhfibtSo #
“Go TH i T Co£oaufo."-«irow «i do it»»-
CaaJhF */**£“ rtreet and get a bottle of W*
£ you ’ JOU , r «“ tb tut
ope 551 }* * T C IT.“ oftbo “”oqny
wmojt eseiy d*y in cold catching season* of the
chr In tb!JS tn s experiment. cheerfully con
«he“P«^?M e * * dmonf,lon “ atove, f gr we havetried
Kmnfl? tt » bborn case, with entire enc
of the ua>t Zt?~ k , aa *° we went t 0 l‘ itts bnrg with ono
“•"trt’Ss contnuy, mulish, uiisubduable
thi»:mundane eJfperienMd since opr advent upon
l.r for one whole r °ir , , cou S l, * d steadily and laborops
no go. In taei ii of tirin S !t b Ut It was
and to have «rne- med 0111)01 to Improve by practice
kj the operation * r6 i *i?f. Dst i h ’ potenclr and distrmibllity
our wav tn it D * this state of sho siegn/we coughed
««»t f procured a fifty
*ad In foriv-eiew l took It according to directions,
•may havmt V* bOU i'"., W<J Y ne master of the field, the
•at uneo^„. u .'{ c ? nai l Vv n^1 ? * Drror) dorcd after a brief
Xtyxt't Can^SfS 1 ® 1 . » fonuid;t '>ie nn adversary as
ISw. rtu y& Pectoral.—Brownsville Clipper, Dec. Utb,
sold PLCTOEA-ti SVIiTJP is prepared and
140 Vood etrect, Pltsburg, Pa,
‘ od *> l 4J’J »»• O. p. **T*»|l,
Price 2S amt. *_ 14D Wood Ubnrg.
■ •;■$ - ■- v-V •- A •
•••$ ■ '
V.-r s*so* r '
- «
PmssCso, Jan. 11th. 18C0.
■ ,■* .v-- j-\ '
;-‘.r r*. T (f
* MO&KRN COOKERY tt alt lit branch**. br Mb
»twAitCTo». u <brfftilly revised by Mi». 8. J. IlSea.
It Mi* Tou Bow tochoose oil kin* at m*Mt,' paaUrr. H
g«ne,with all the various and moot approv
ed medesuf dressing and cooking Wafand
pork; also the best and simplest way of salt*
» tin. -*■„ *£%2, ,c J tlI , n 8 « nd coring th«r matte.
It TtUt Tea All fbcrvorioch and most approved mode* of
dressing, cooking, and boning mutton, Umb.
7AS? aUry, . B,Mi K am * of « u kinds, With
and staffing*
„ m.; - oppropriate to eaeb. •
■ MU Tea How tochooe*, clean, and preserve Fish of all
Awdc,aniAhow to sweeten it When tainted:
01*0 all the Variotts and moat approved mode*
of cooking, wltli the different drewlogMaiocea
n nju _ ..•PProja-lata to each.'
Jt mu Tou All the varum* and most approved mode* of
different kind* of Mmt,
SSI? o *!’ O»P®. *nd Vegetable hoop*.
Broth*,and SteW*, with the Relishes and
*■««■« .«•' ippmprtftto io Meh, - •
H MU Tou All the various and most approved mode* of
cooking Vegetable* of every description, also
™ T ?,‘?P"P*rePickles, Catsups and-Currie«
- Potted Meats, Flsb, Game, Mush-
It MU Tou All the various, and most approved modes of
preparing and cooking all kinds of Plain and
Fkney Pastry, Puddings, Omelettes, Fritters,
Preserves, Jollies, and
ttn «.»,•, SweetOUhesof every dostription.
It ntU Tou All tbe vnrioos and most approved modes of
aaUng’ Bread, Husks,.Muffins, and Biscuit,
the best method of preparing coffee. Choco
late, and Te», and,how .to make Syrups. Cor
_ m.n .dials, andjtVTlnes of various kinds.
,« •“*« Tou H6w to set ont and ornament a Table, how to
Carve al! kinds of Fish, Flesh or Fowl, and
*“ short, hew to so simplify the whole Art of
. Cooking aS'to bring the choicest luxuries of
. . thetablewithln every bod’s'reach,
Tlie book contains 418 pages, and upwards oftwelve hum
Ored Recipes, all of which are the result* of actual expert*
ence, having been fully and carefully tested under the per
sonal superintendence of the writers. It is printed in a
cleat and open type, is illustrated with appropriate en
pavings, and will be .forwarded to any address, neatly
bound, and postage paid, on recipt of the price, *l.OO, or in
cloth, extra, $1.26. •
$lOOO A TEAR C f“ h® “*dB by enterpil
til-. .W L . ,lllK men everywhere. In
sellith; the above work, our inducements to all such being
very liberal.. , i *
For single copies of the Book, or 1 for terms to agents,
with other Information, apply to or address
JOHN E. I’OTfKU, Publisher,
x- , 61T S«waa Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 7. ’CO.-Tun. 1
JxnioxoS, >. S., Professor>f Pathology and Operative Sur-
KH In the\etorinvy College of Philadelphia, etc., etc.
Mw Ttil Ton of the Origin, History and distinctive traits
of the various breeds of European. Asiatic,
African and American Hones,- with the
physical formaton nnd peculiarities of the
animal, and how to ascertain his age by the
number and condition of his teeth; Illustra
ted with numerous explanatory engravings
ma Tdl Ton Of Breeding. Breaking, Stabling, Feeding,
Grooming. Shoeing, and the general man
agement ofthc horse, with the best modes of
i - administering medicine, also, how to treat
biting, kicking, rearing, shying, stUmhilhg,
crib biting, restlessness, and otter vices to
which he to subject; with, numerous ex
planatory engravings. " ‘
Tt ' l Tott Of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of
strangles, sore throat, dEstemper.catar-rh,
iuOuenza, brouebitis,-pneumonia, pleurisy,
broken wind, chrdnic cough, roaring and
Whistling, lam pas, sore mouth anduicers, |
uttd decayed teeth, with other discuses of
- the month and respiratory organs.
frw zeu lon of the causes, symptoms and treatment of
Worms, bote, colic, strangulation, atony eon
cretions, ruptures, palsy, diarrhoea, Jaun
dice, hepatirrhoea, bloody wine, stone* In
the kidneys and bladder, inflammation and
other diseases of the Stomach, bowels, liver
and urinary organs. '
mu xtu iuu of the causes, symptoms and treatment of
bono, blood and bog, spavin, sweenie, ring
bone, strains, broken knoes, wind galls,
gAUnder, sole brntoo and gravel, cracked
- hoofs, scratches, canker, thrush and corns’;
also, of megrim*, vertigo, epilepsy, staggers;
and other disease* of the feet, lee* andheod,
will Tell Ten of the cause*, symptoms and treatment of
fistula, poll evil, glanders, farcy, scarlet fe- -
ver, mange, surfeit, locked Jaw, rheumatism,■:
■ cramp, galls, disease* of the ej-e and beatt, -
*C-» Ac., and bow to manage castration,:
bleeding, trcphiuulng.,rowoUng, firing, her.
I nia, amputation, tapping, and other snrgi
«V- - cal operation*.
mu For of Barey’s mettod of taming hones;; how to
approach, hatter, or stable a colt ; how to
accustom ahorae to strungo Bound* and
, sights, and how to; bit.saddle; ride ahd.bfeak
him to harness; : 'aiso, tile form and law of
-WAXBASTT. The whole being the result of
mors than fifteen years’careful study of tha
habits, peculiarities, wants'and weaknesses
1 ■ . . °f this noble and useful an imaL
The book contains 384 pages, appropriately illustrated
by nearly One Hundred Engravings. It to printed in a
Clear and open type, and will be furnished to any address,
pratoge juid, on receipt of price, half bound, $l,OO, or, In
CIOUSe CXtrfty ■ ■ '—T ■■
©lOOO A YEAR f‘ n m^d * by enterpris
- .i ing men everywhere*. In:
selling the above, and other popular works of ours. Our
Inducements to all such are exceedingly liberal;
lOf copies of thebook, or for tirini to anoti. urith
otiw| lnf*msUon, appljr to or addrosi
“ * JOHN B. POTTER, Publisher, *
Nor. No. 817 Saiwom Street, Pu.
JLi cent, cheaper—atands 000 degrees heat—warranted
water prpofand will neither fade nor waeh. For
<fe, «fc., tic.
For. graining end staining equal to Turk
]'■[ ish Omler. -
COUIEfi are timber Brown Lake, Ollro Indian Bed and
Black." v- ' • ■>, '
ASkUoe responsible agent wanted in, every town and
city in We United State*. Terms accommodating. Por
CireitUn,Acc,dkpplyto or address -
< ■ ■ ' i WM. L. JIOIJPT.
Marph 2fcCm. No. 132 N. 4th «treet.Phlladelpfala.
McCALLUM (& CO., ~
Carpeting, Druggets, 0
the State House,) I’HIIiADEhPUX A.
JL FORM the citizen* of Altoona and vicinity that his
supplied with the wry heat articles to ho bud, and in great
Variety. Hu has also ou
omeM»‘.K wll,cU ,J 0 wlll —
bus always ou band a lot of
. He li at all time* prepared to aupply cakea.candtea, 4c.,
forplc-nic* and other nartfea. Ho Incite* a (hare of public
patronage believing that he can render full satisfaction to
all, > : .."
Bememhar, hiratoro and saloon la on Virginia attMt, two
doop« help* Patton’s Hall. OTTO KOSfil .
Blanks of all descriptions
BWtly and ejtpodieloutly execiftad at tht| offle*.
- J*,
X. B.
paid foi
Fofir Hn
Two 1
Three ,4
Two ♦}
Three 'f
Foot m
Half *4
One colti
lerest wj
Hflcrt ||lktllanij.
u Mj tear,” I said to the lady who was
seated opposite tq md at the breakfast ta
ble, and who has the good fortune to be
my wife, «if there be one dislike
more than another, it is to receive a cup
of coffee that looks as if it had been sip
ped from before’ it reached my hands.—-
Have 1 lot often asked you to fill my cup
to within an eighth of an inch of three
quarters full ?” '
• “ ar e as particular as an old bacbe
lor,” the estimable lady replied, “ and if l!
had known it before I married you, this
day woujld not have seen me your wife.—-
There, sir, is your cup of coffee. 1 hone
it will suit ' :
“ Good gracious I” I exclaimed, as I took;
the cup, “ how you've managed to run it
pyer. You certainly must be aware that:
if there fee one thing I dislike more than'
another,! it is tq find slops in my saucer."'
“Well, if you will insist on my filling!
the cup, must expect that sometimes
I sball shall it over; besides,-your finding!
fault wiith me docs no good, but makes!
me,nervous, and causes my hand to tremf
We,.so that I<'only wonder there is any
coffee le: Via the Clip*' Bat here is a clean
'saucer, m plac e of the one yon-have/’
Havir g effected this important change,
X tasted the contents of my cap. Jtwas
evident o me that there eras no sugar in
it. Ita sted it again to make certain of
‘.be fact. Then I said to her
have neglected to put sugar into j
’e. If there be one thing 1 dislike I
iain another, it. is coffee answcet
w certain/' replied my estimable
'‘ that I did sweeten it. I don’t
ijii have stirred it."
I know I have,” I answered. \
iMot with your spoon,” said the pro
voking woman, “Ibjp. it is perfectly dry;
perhaps, however, you used your fork."' ’
“Pshaw!” was all the answer I vouch
safed to this remark.
“ Now, I declare,” I said, after having
stirred and sipped my coffee, “you have
xnade it too sweet. If there is ope thing
I dislike more than another, it is to bare
my coffee taste like syrup.” ' l '
“ Let me put more milk with it then ?”
said the obliging woman.
“ No, I thank you,” I replied) “ I don’t
care to hare my ctomaeh turned into a
[oCßoUf.»i^ ia^MM , C. BSRM.
niusour <jn» nMraumg, ’
imam, (payable Invariably la odranc?,) *Vfio
ber» diicoatiuued at tUo expiration of thetlme
rcßxs or AVftKtmm. \
1 Insertion 2 ddi i $ do.
* $ W>g\ t GO
M or less..
If** U \ 6O ’ 76 ioo
r (16 M ) 100 160 SOO
I (24 “ 160 ZOO "60
are« w*»k« and leee than three months, 26 cente
pa for each ioeertion. ’ "
, 3,month*. 0 month*. 1 Tern.
1 60. |S 00 |6 00
2 60 4 00 7 00
4 08 6 00 10 00
.............. ~ 800 8 00 I? 00
• 6 00 10 00 14 00
1U 10 00 14 00 30 00
I ................. 14 00 28 00 40 00
mo necoWn N0tice.,....,,,,.., 1 75
ivertieingby the year, three aquarei, i- i '
y to change, 10 00
or Busineu Card*, not exceeding 8
paper, per year g oo
lUon* ofa political character or individual in
charged according to the above rate*.
eu * “o* marfied with the aomber of inter
will be continued till forbid and cbaned'ac
-9 above term*. °
»zhrtkea fit© centi per line for «rery insertion.
r * notlcea exceedins ten linob, fifty cent© * square
ptkd |)«trjr;
Tout eyes, dear one, are like the atari
Wjjthin the the heavens shining;
Tour treisea (air around your brow
Ary delicately twining i
Andes they fall upon your neck,
Thjy fairly like do play so,
That I can but this question ash,-.
“ Op, if you lore me, say so."
Your month Is like, a rose bud, lore,
Wli h rows of pearl adjoining ;
Your breath is like the sweet perfuse
Of a fsiraummer morning;
But ab I gaze upon yonr charms,
My{ trembling heart ache so
I can!bat stilt the words [repeat—
“ Oh, If you lore me, sa£ so.”
The fragrant roses, as you pass,
Though in their bloom and beauty,
Within their petals-shrink and guej
Anil deem it but their duty;
For they are entiotis of your charms, .
Thtjn why do yon delay sol
Ob, why not banish all my fears,.
And If you lore me, say so?
If words could satisfy the hbart,
Tte heart Might find tess'caTe;
Bat I words, like summer birds, depart,
Apd leare but empty air.
A lit
tie. said, and truly raid,
n deeper Joy Impart
i host* of wordi which.reach the head
it never touch the heart.
lire that Wins its sunny way,
Lonely homo to cheer, J
t oft. the fewest wonls to say,
: t, Of those few, how dear 1
A t<
dairy. If there be one thing I dislike
more than another, it is milk. I gave up
milk diet when I cot my first teeth,"
*l. v *° &e hoped that you will give tip
the fiab it of fault-finding, which you pos
sess in an eminent degree, when you come
to eutyour wisdom tcejh, though no one
can tell when that will
‘Thank you,” ! replied; “you w
probably be 'the first one who will know
it when it occurs.”
“ And » happy day it will be for me,”
she answered, with provoking calmness.
“ Few know, though, bow much unhappi
ness your constant fault finding causes me.
Nothing I do seems to give you satisfac
tion. There isn’t a moment elapses, while
you are in the house, save when you’re
asleep, but you are thus occupied. The
truth is, I have always been too indulgent
with you; and humor you when I ought
not. I did not commence right in the
first place. I should have paid no atten
tion to your whims, but studied my own
convenience and comfort, instead of seek
ing to make everything smooth and pleas
ant for you. Then I would have got
along much better. Oh, you men are
great tyrants; and if a woman yields to
you in the least, you follow up your ad
vantage, and bend her will to yours, and
[ crush her spirit to the earth; till, by and
by, you break her heart.”
“ My dear, J will thank you for another
cup of coffee,” 1 ,1 said, passing my cup to
her ; “ but be careful not to run it Over,
nor get it too sweet, nor put in too much
milk. What an intolerable steak this is,"
I added; “it is tough enough to have
been cut from one of the cattle pastured
upon a thousand hills', more than a thou
sand years agp. If there be one thing I
dislike more than another, it is a
beefsteak.’’ °
“You ordered it yourself, from the
market, so you needn’t find fault with me
on account of it. I knew it was tough
the moment I looked at it.”
“ Then why didn’t you send it back ?”
I inquired. '
“Because it was of your scjcction, I
supposed you wanted a tough one.; besides,
if I had returned it, you would have found
fault with me for doing so.”
“ Well, I can’t eat it, that's certain," I
said; “so it bad better be taken off of the
table I shan't throw any more money
away on beefsteaks.”
" tt will answer for hash,” said my
economical wife, “ and you can have it for
•‘ Hash !" I exclaimed. “If there be
one thing I dislixe more than another, it
is hash. Hash is only fit for children and
old people without teeth. Besides, it is a
popular dish at boarding-schools and
boarding-houses ; and when I was a boy.
and afterward while a bachelor, I ate my
share of it, and I'm not going to eat any
more. No, we will have a turkey for din
“Very well," said my spouse, “a turkey,
let it be. Shall I see to getting fine ?"
“ I think not," I answered. “■ The fact
is, that all the turkeys you select turn out
to be like the celebrated one of which Job
was the the reputed owner-: —poor and
tough. No I’ll buy the turkey, fand you
can cook it."
“ Very well," said the imperturbable
lady. i
“ But how-will you haVe it cooked?”
“ Oh, any way; suit yourself," I an
“ Then I think I will roast it,” she re
“Roast it!" I exclaimed. “ That is just
“. k .® y° T u - , Now > you know if there he one
thing I dislike more than another, it is to
have a turkey roasted." -
“Verywell, then," said the accommo
dating woman, «I will boil it.” ‘
“ Boil it 1" I said, aghast. “ Boil soup,
boil limb chops, boil cherries, if you like,
but never, for me, boil a turkey.”
“Pray, then, how will you hare it cook
ed ? Only tell me, and it shall be done.
“ Why-why-well-fricasee it of course,”
1 answered, triumphantly.
“ Very well," said the lady, looking,
however, as if it were not very well.
“ Why can’t you say something else be
sides ‘ very well V " I asked. “ What a
provoking woman you are, to be sure.”
“Not half as provoking as you are,"
she replied.
“Now, thou, you wish to make me an
gry, T suppose; but you can’t do lt/’ I
said. “ I have put up witbl everything all
through breakfast, and I am not going to
be provoked just as I am finishing."
“ I am sure Ido not wish th provoke
you," my wife said, in a most innocent
and aggrieved manfier. - C ; V -r
“ But yon most certainly do provoke'
me," I replied. . ;
“ Then lam sorry for it," she answered,
in a softened tone, “ for such was'not my
intention." ' r ' ; 'V
I looked across tbo tebleat my wife;
something like a tear rolled down her
cheek. ■ -j
“ Goodness I” I whispered to myself,
“ I have made my wife weep. What—a
-rwhafr^-a—brute I am.”
Then, spiking aloud, I exclaimed;
“Doling I”
“ WeU,” was her calm reply.
“Do you know/ 1 I continued, “that if
A.. r^«;X^
there be one thing j dislike more than an*
other, it i* & tear." v T
She answered with a sad «■"<!«
“ Sweetheart " I swd.
“Well?" '
, f seat, (having finished my
breakfast,) went to her aide, and, smooth
es her pale, wan cheek with iny hand,
kissed it, and said :
- “ Forgive me dear,; this time."
She smiled dubiously, as if «this time"
was only one out of the “ seventy-times
® eve ? whjoh she would be baUedun to
torgive during our matrimonial career ;
but, nevertheless, the pressure of her hand,
which X had taken, assured mo that peace
was made. r
There is Boom.—What a glorious
declaration is this in regard to the gospel
There yet is room. Millions have been
saved, but there yet i* room, Millions
have been invited, and have come, and"
have gone to Heaven—but Heaven is not
yet full. There is a banquet there which
no number can exhaust; there ace foun
toms there which no number can drink
dry; there are harps there which other
hands can strike; and there are seats there
which others may occupy. Heaven is not
hill, and there yet is room. The Sabbath
School teacher may say to his class, there
yet is room; the minister of the gospel
may go and say to the wide world, there
yet is room. The mercy of God is not
exhausted; the blood, of the atonement
has not lost its efficacy. Heaven is not
yet mu. w hat a sad message it would be
if we were compelled to go and sav—
There is no more room. Heaven is toll.
JNo other one can he saved. No matter
what their prayer 8 „or tears, or sighs, they
cannot bo saved. Every place is filled:
every seat is occupied!" But, thanks be
to Uod, this is not the message we are to
bear, and if there yet is room, qome sin
ners, young qnd old, and enter into Heav
en- op that room, that Heaven may
be full of thg happy and the blessed. If
any part of the universe is to be vacant,
oh, let it. be the darkworld of woe!—Al
bert Jiames. >
“Artemus’ on the Union.— l'm a
Union man. I luv the Union from the
bottom uv mi hart. Ikv eviy hoop-hole
in Maine, and evry shepe ranch in Texas
Ihekow posturs of Nu Hampshire are
as derc 2 A. Ward as the rise plantashuns
of Missippy. Thare is meat taters in
both them are States} and thar is likewise
good men and troo. It don’t look very
pretty for a lot uv infiatnatory individoo
als, who never lifted there hands in de
fence of Amerifco, or did the fust thing
towards sekewrimo'nr independence, to git
there bax ujurtfd aware they’ll disolve the
Union. Ts® much bind was spilt a court
la and marryan’ that highly respectable
remale the Goddess of I Liberty, 2 git a
divorce at this late d*y. I The old gal be
haved 2 well 2 cast her’off now, at the re
quest oi a passyl of - addle braned men &
wimmm, who never didinohody good, and
never will again. I’m Sorry the pictur ov
the Goddess never givA her no shuse or
stockings, but the band of stars most kon
tmer to shine briter so long as the'earth
kontiners 2 revolye.on its axel tree.
Women Born to do the Bo vino.
That nature has ordained, love as women’s
task; more than man’s, js thus declared by
a late moralist: ■
With man, Jove is never a passion of
such intensity as with woman. She Is a
being of sensibility, existing only in the
outpourings and sympathies of her emo
tions. Every earthly blessing, nay every
heavenly hope, will be itoficed V her
affections. She will, leave the sunny
home of her childhood—the protecting
home pf'hcr kindred—forget the councils
of her rire, the admonishing voice of that
“other on bosom her head had
been pillowed—-do allthat women can do
consistently with hobor-forsake all that
she has clung to in her girlish simplicity
for years, and throw herself into the arms
of the man she idolises. He that would
forsake a woman after these testimonies of
affection, |s too gross a villain to be called
a man.
IQU Have you ever, watched an icicle
as it formed ? You noticed how it froze
one drop at a time until it was a foot long,
or more; If the water was clean, the ici
cle remained clear, and sparkled brightly
in the sun; but if the water was but slight
ly muddy, the icicle looked foul, and its
beauty was spoiled. Just so our charac
tpra are forming—one little thought, or
feeling at a time adds to its influence. If
eachlhpught be pure and right, the soul
will jo lovely, and will sparkle with hap
pmess; but if impure and wrong, there
will be a final deformity and wretchedness.
Foe Little Boys.—lf your sister
while tenderly engaged in a tender con
versation with her tender sweetheart, asks
you to bring a glass of water from an ad
joining room, you can start on the errand,
bull need not return. You will not be
missed, that’s certain—we've seen it tried.
Don't" forget, this little boys.
/;r mr-
;i /■ Jt iy -1
.f..;t.A- .m'iUxU •! .-W - :' <*W*, 4 T'
’■ i . ■
J- a c*. •’{ '
. • ,t.-rvy A
v- 1
To Pekvint Skippxbs m Hams.—lll
a| eommanieanon to the Cotton Planter .
Jft’Ttalxo says : “ There is aeeor
cording to my experience, nothing easier
than to avoid the skipper and other worms
and hogs that infest and destroy bacon.
It is simply to keep your smoke house
and the moth that deposits the
eggs never enters it. For the past 25
years I have attended to this, and never
haye had my bacon troubled with insects.
I have hanging in my smoke house,
we* tjro and. three years old, and the
oldest are as free from insects as when
first hpng up. ;
■ ■ A just but & severe bis
built agaUowson a bridge*, and asked
every passenger whither be was going. If
net answered truly, he passed unharmed :
iffalsely, be was hanged on the gallows.
One day a passenger being asked the usual
question, answered, “I am going to be
hanged on the gallows.” “ Now,” said
the gallowa-builder, “ if I hang this man,
he will have answered truly, and ought
npt to have been hanged; if Ido not hang
hi m » hi will have answered falsely, and
ought to have been hanged” It is not
recorded what decision he came toi
Renovation. —The editor of the New
England farmer says that a gentleman
reaming m Ihunbridge informs him that
charcoal placed around the roots of diseased
peach stocks was serviceable. He imm«-
diately removed the soil from around the
trunk of a aiokly tree in his garden, sup
plied its ]>laoe with charcoal, and was sur
prised at its sudden renovation and snbse
queut rapidity of growth, and the tenacity
with which too fruit held on the branches,
and the unusual richness of its flavor
when matured.
girt going to market with a bas
ket of eggs on her head, bad them knock-
by a rowdy, for which he was fined,
and had to:pay for the eggs. I When asked
hojr many eggs she had,- the answer was:
** When I put them in two. at a time,
there ires onejjver; three at a time, one
*hd when I put in four, five or six
at a time, there was one-oyer j but when J
put them in sevenata,4iuie, they came
out even.” How many eggs ihau he to
pay for?
*Sf* An enthusiastic Union mao in
California thus cloaca a business letter
“California is upright, downright, outright
for the Union, whatever its Leglslatoro
may say or do. No buzzard, hat, owl,
pelican, nigger, bear or wolf flag shall
ever flap treason from its folds while there
Uvea a pioneer to pull it down.”
Mft“The entrance to a woman’s heart
is through her eye or ear. But Napoleon
said the way to a man’s heart was down
his throat: Good house-wives understand
this, and accordingly are more attentive
to the quality of their husband’s dinners
than the odor of the flowers which adorn
the table.
BSU A genuine son of the Emerald Isle,
only three persons in atteodanoe
upop his proposed lecture, made the fol
lowing address: “ Ladies and
as there is no body here, I’ll dismiss yon
*llj_ The performance of this night will
not he performedbut they will be re
peated to-morrow evening.”
, *8- Nature has strange ways of doing
the most beautiful things. Out of the
oozy; earth, the mud and rain of early
spring, come the most delicate flowers,
their white leaves bom out of the fruit, as
unsoiled and pure as if they had bloomed
in the garden of Paradise.
Molly was telling an absurd dream,
when her mistress you .must
have been asleep when you dreamed such
stuff as that 1” « No, indeed, ma’am," she
replied tartly, “I was just as wide awake
as I am this minute V* /
WF* An Irishman having a looking;
gloss in one hand shut bis eyes andplaoed
it before His face. Another asked him''
why he did so.
“ Upon my sowl,” replied Teddy, “ it's
to see how I look whin I’m aslape.”
BS9» Some men, after they have reached
the summit of ambition, pull up the lad
der by which they climbed, and look down
with scorn upon those who held it'for
them. r
4®“ The greatest pleasure of life is love
the greatest treasure, is contentment; the
greatest possession, health; the greatest
ease, sleep; and the beat medicine, is a
true friend.
4®“ “ I say, Pat, are you aslape V*
“ Divil the slape.”
u Then be afther landin’ me a quarter.**
u Fm aslape, be jahers;**' ' ' • *
Nothing can be more tmjuat tlfjiji:
to he angry Hritb another because heis
not of your opinion.
■i. 1
3 -V
NO. 11.