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Sbro Nipples, Cqww.
on, Chilblains,
Ear Ache, PU«,
im, Scold Head, Ball ot, * *
? orm, Barbers’l^^ PoXj *
ircdolotu that *o ta »njdl<uu a .
tide; such an Idea wnl
ofast, that the salve 1* a com
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anso tho time is so
;cnt cure; and It la an ,«trac
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line unless tie bo* has jt
1 tlie name -of Henry ]>tl|*y t
toona; Gsotgo A. JacpH Hel-
Urnggisto and patent Btediciaa
ted States and Ckaadasir
ibers street, NswTfork. ;j
C- »- CHACB,
I Ikil in the Wgridl '*
lions, and should bs aroidsd, If
H AIR. Djred iastMtb to «
of Black, wUbout Um itest
11.13 Imvo been awwcdsd to Wjn
over 80,000
patron* of Uia. Cunphi
HAIR I*VE larodacatA-tetir
mature, and is WAOluwn»^ t ,
<-t loom I
‘ private rooms) atiha Wi
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nna, and by Snigglste in all
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; of <;och Box, of r
wm; A. BATqiELOR,
*» T^^lrwr^ftwk.-
ally luth to'tpMk' a jrgrd.ln
itcut medicine*.’’ lt
' >slcAr thitKjphyilclM,
i r.inodie* canbot bafowlj.
U.nal Association. <Bttt Uwre
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mve actually beencorapsllsd,
irneml fhu om oUBB. J. HOB
EUS,Jor those dtseuetvrhldi
luring the summer and till,—
there are no remedies in the
1 are with tWs rfoadeiWcom
'• c J«tejn. Xhoii*»o4s offiuui
rrotinds of the Western ami
.vinced that they hare buns
a fur theirailmeirtMAm io
during the sttminar montfcl,
•ijiully large.
i s generally.
other colomn.
hr dr. tevpctfffttiaai*
PittsburfcK, Pa,Which is put
iMits each. It'.lsjui,initettent
V ingy
o all who need It. ’Sold here
(Dec. •j'jKSSWj’.
TOUPEES ampae* jOL—
n.ij.l datable.,
■ni us op behind—no shrinking
I'' only EataUUbraent where
ierntood and m*de.
£33 Broadway. Sew Turk.
iron city »
und bc»t'qTj^lk^&»W' r
tg daily, |K{u:<&|B69-
:I! roars*, froinflialO M»l •
is guaranteed to n
it .-my Busldom MtdqtwlU* ll
; -No VacaUao—B***** ••
Best Penasanifcip
in 1868.
i: tiairprice.
>f Writing, enclose t wo,lett«f
puiebtirgbi fr-
ailroad in tb* State 9 f »•"
t for Agricultural' pen****’
d»y bottom. ihebwll*»
l f irms, and hnudrtdi ft® 3
ow sett Wag andbnßdin**"
and can ba scan growing—
v cure from frostS* !
r.Wa withinAnur yaaft W “’l
:■—L*are Vina Sweat Wfrri
v Railroad forHsinm«>»°n,
tier, UamnsoOtoo Post ,
. Sea full adtertmsmant in
;< (I to the Aral o<rJMjj® *
-trie their accounts wlthooi
■rve ttapnaytwuamt*"*"
1 fiil . lne
t not expect loag» t ’"V n
tbat bsv»
i Front StruU, I" BoWW
coMtantly ob band*Or
r xocutc order* fof
/merits,' T(tbl& Tbp*)
■i. i ktnanlik? JBWPth 1 '
-i ai.* ; ■ -
ISERY.r— The gob
ally Inform the
Ui Sit Ilia
nesting of .dp- V X
/f cttisi Apff^d
r-c* warranted.—
'u rpentinCj
r to establish
hrirta* pjaca
pffgiui Critent
”ed»eo : »f thi^hcßomtßon^twito^in
L regioß
vi. bMutifol j -hut, for UiebenAfitoftboaeof
„ readers who were so unfortunate as not to
we gi»e
w.poaaible perfect desoHpUoaof! the eublime
.. The san bad iet in » clear bright sky.and
. jfier dark a peculiar appearance, resem
[line twilight, was obaerred in the north. .A#
, , T ening adronoed the Ughtbecame'inorein
“ e and it assumed a streakyJtppewance the
'mu of which were variegated with greeiCblue
‘“j crimson colors. These beautiful lights
“yacd w shoot up from the northern horizon;
7hcr» time they gathered in the centre of the
CLrtna, rather south of the zenith, end from
ihit point the rays tjirciged, .covering- the east*
rm western and northern skies, and having the
euot appearance of a oanopy spread out oVer
the sky and extending in arches offcolored. light
to the horison where it seemed to fade but—
While the form of a canopy or of a gigantic
trsneperent umbrella was, still retained there
were constant Changes in -progress among the
r»ye of light and in the arrangement of the
colors; battery
new and brilliant efficts constantly pro- ‘
daced as though the magnificent components of
the Aurora had been chopped into pieces, and
placed in a titanic through which
the beholder watched the celestial fire works, as
the gigantic instrument revolved, Ijand .brought
shout new and stillmore exquisite .combinations
r.n l effect*. The crown.of the heavenly canopy
had a murky red appearance, which extended
east, and west, intensify!ng pear the eastern and
western boriion into deep imdbrillbDterimson.
Id tho north the spurs of light .assumed colors
which varied in hue and intensity almost mo-,
nentarily; green and blue were-the principal
colors in this portion of the display. The stars,'
which shone brilliantly in, the southern heavens,
io<l which could be seen glimniering through the
polar canopy, added greatly to thebeauty of the
upcctftclc.” I
The cause of the phenomenon has for years
past been a subject of much speculation among
the learned of the world, but nothing certain or
’■ reliable has ever been produced. Astronomers
hare told us that it was the reflection of the
Arctic iceberg under the illumination of the
God of Day ; but rational as the idea seems,
philosophers have hooted at it, and attempted
to explain it on electrical principles—philoso
phers in tbeir turn, have been laughed at, and
the matter has been an uncertain mystery, i'et
the results of Sunday night's display have proved
beyond doubt that electricity has, to say the
least, a great deal to do with the so-called Au
rora Borealis of the Temperate Zones. All over
our State, (we read in our exchanges,) the tele
graphic wires were rendered useless on that
evening, ,aud at Harrisburg one of the operators
cbanceil to one of the witos, and was
"thrown, by the violence of the shock which he
received, actons the room.” And, moreover,
philosophy as now tpugbt,.(aad actual observa-
tion,) deiaonst^ttes^heifact that the Earth’s »t-
nosphcrc, when surcharged with electricity, is
rcndercd brigitl; .and,on Sunday , night .last, pur
forced to add gn additipbalblanket
m their beds, to prevent a chill—not to mention
lie visible frost on Monday morning. A .ncjr
sabjecl for investigatiob, nt any tati?,. is presen
ted to our philosophers, and we think they will
finally and universally adopt the opinion, that
electricity has more to do with the phenomenon
of the Northern Lights than the reflection of the
tun upon the icebergs of the Arctic Regions.
ATTSStriKD RoEßEur.—-Ou Tbursdftj morning
last, as Geo. .\Volm, desk ip Plack’s stqre-aqross
the way, was opening tke store, he observed'a
Snn passing with several pair of boots -and a
pair of shoes on his arm. The man -looked s
little suspicious, which prorap ted .George to ask
him' where he had obtained his goods, and the
stranger replied' that ho" had got them at the
I’eoplcs’ ; Store. This confirmed
George’s suspicion, as he observed .that the
proprietor of the Stipe Store had, not jet opened
liis cstablisluuent and consequently was not
about, and b.e plied the fellow with a few more
'{ucstionß which he could not answer satisfacf
Urih, wbenhc determined to take the boots from
tie chop, to which operation lie did notserious
iy object, but afterwards made himself scarce,
hheo Mr. Kimball opened his store shortly af
terwards, he missed several pair of bpots which
lad been loft hanging close to the show window,
and on examination ho found that one half of a
broken pane of glass had been, slid.up past the
'■dher, andthe boots thus taken out.' On
making known his loss the boots captured a
ehort time .previous were shown him and imme*
diately identified. When we consider .that this
operation was performed after - daylight and
when a number of persons were qn the street,
ve think it about as bold an one as could well
kc undertaken. *
MisisTEßUL.—Our town, we venture to say,
m blessed, in every church, with not only good
P«tors, but very excellent preachers, and our
Pwple would be pleased to listen nightly to
•heir productions of mind pod spirit; yet it is
tttrtmely gratifying oeoasionoliy, ? both to peo-
P « and pastors, to have ,p change in the shape
of a learned minister of the Gospel, from a dls
*“>««• Altoona; from the inducements it bolds
®l t° invalids and kaflwtPg
in the spinmer season, is blaSsedpanlo
'Fith strange preachers. - Oh Sunday
Dr. Alday from tlm Philadelphia Con
wtnee preached two meet excellent sermons in
** Methodist church. He is 'linguist,
-Aiient indeed*
Ptfaund. May Iqpk ,)|ke pgsap t ~
-• "iPresbytqrlan ‘als6 > ;'.W^^i^iA^tp-;
interesting and learntjd &coursOT by BOT
s *®nel Wlioh. All who Mih.iferemaeh
Pthfied and bensfittad.:<V, .'■■■'■.
®V ar TSd.—Qh Sathrdu *vchh)g last, oar
(Hepd Peb
' f ®bo» Store,”.* called tobid jib farewell,
k**H! determined to pUohhiateatin another
> Y e .Bony auch»
teilojr,. but hi#
I bwbm best,and therefore hli, we can do
JjL** good yap of
«** goed fa-
****** mtdOL: AWbOIMIOS ft.-
aTAha^C!* 6 ■^^ ; *Uendun<» ofthe memhi£
maw^L^SS 011 ’ ttat tbc aeelitt
The following subjects, selected for dben fate'
sememe since, willb*tt^p*^ e
tng to-morrow evening;. strO
good Sabbhth ;, • ■’
H, *** “***»« »f the particular defects
m a teacjwr which of succcal
most frequent? ■•»***>•
Sabbath School Superintendent
-dth. How can we secure o mojre general co:
®B9f*ttion qf the mernhership of the ohnxohes In
the Sabbath SchuoDentsrpriae ?....,• . -
There uRi abo .be a discussion on a resolution
offer?a do awaywith Sunday
School celebrations or picnics.
4 correspendeut-WriUng from Duncans
vdle, gives jus an .account of e pic nio hold in
mrisVhaviß tfemaapt gathering. Revs.
appropriate Hfi Baya further, that
* * there are hopes entertained here that the Por
tage Iron Works will start soon, hut it is quite
uncertain Every one in this vicinity is pray
ing that they may start and thereby revive
business |n Duncanswale.” The examination of
teachers for Allegheny school-district came off
on Tuesday,of last week.s The npplicants. with
ono exception, wore quite young men. The fol
lowing selections were made by the Directors;
Duncansvillo, Ist school—Mr. Suitor.
** 2d **. **.. John Clingerman.
Foqt of Ten—Mr. Ingersoll.
Bonington—Mr. D. M Alhangh.
Sugar Run— t Mr. J, Alex. Black.
Spencer's Run—Mr. H. A. Conrad.
Dysart’s—Mr. J. M. Stiffler. x ’
The Peksdytebian Colony.— The Presbyte
rian Colony project is getting along finely, as
we understand from Mr. Crawford, the Secre
tary.‘ He informs us that ninety-one men,
(most of them having families,) have signified a
desire to embark in the enterprise, and have of
fered to inv|eBt some §50,000 in it. Their vo
cations arojvoried aad suitable, comprising far
mers, carpenters, cabinet-makers, tinners, prin
ters, teachers, preachers, stone-masons, mer
chants. attorneys, clerks, &c. &c. Having now
secured nbont the complement fixed upon in the
first place, the managers of the affair will issue
a call fpr ji meeting of those interested, to be
held in the bourse of a few weeks, to appoint a
committee to visit and repori upon proposed lo
cations for the colony, &c. Several poipts are
offered, and strong inducements ore hold out to
secure the settlement, but no one .is able to give
anything mote than , a vsgne guess as to where
the choice will fall.—Persons at any time desi
ring. information as - to the Colony, should ad
dress John A. Crawford, Hollidaysburg, Pa.,
enclosing a P. 0. sUupp.—Jlol: Register.
Altoona! Gas and Water Works. —Quite a
large force jof men are now at work laying the
gas and water pipes through the streets, exca
vating the basins for the water and gftaand lay
ing the foundation of the gas house. Should
the weather prove favorable, and all the pipe
arrive in time, the works will be completed by
the first, or, at farthest, the middle of Novem
ber. It is the intention of the company to have
all the pipe laid down through the streets by
the time tl\e- reservoir and gas works aip fin
ished, so that water and gas can beconveyed to
all parts of the town as noon as If is received
into the reservoir and manufactured at the gas
house. Thqse who wish either should signify
their desire ( to the proper persons immediately,
so that the jiipes may be tapped opposite their
residences or pLices of business, as they nfe
laid downf thus saving trouble hereafter.
Show Anpcr.—On Monday morning last, a
travelling caravan - stopped at this place ami
pitched a tpnt on - a vacant lot up street, and
hung out a number of life-size pictures—one of
a lady called the snake-tamer, who performed
various.feats!;With the subtle .enemy who temp
ted and betrayed mother Eve. Another of a
mermaid, with a womnn’-s head and fishes tail,
likely the same one we read of in P. T. Bar
naul's life of himself -together with others which
vvo did not stop to admire. Very few of ouf
citizens exhibiting a desire to “ go in” and “ get
squeezed” or. humbugged-, the proprietor pulled
up stakes- and left next morning. The people
of. Altoona have been eo muoh surfeited with
exhibitions qj’ this kind lately, that it now re
quires sometjiingentra to draw a crowd at such
entertainments. ’
Bovs is rijtE ‘‘Lock-Up.”—Two small boys,
whose names, we did hot learn, were placed in
the “Lock-tip” on Tuesday morning last,
charged with; stealing plums. “ The way of the
timnsgressqr Is hard,” and they have early found
.it s4| We hdpe i* may prove a warning to them.
We think it right to .inflict punishment on boys
for a crime like this, and hope that more exam
ples may be made, nut plum thieves are not
"theonly ones who should be thus dealt with.—
There are a r umber of boys about town who ate
hou«| ip the “ ud we. haye
the authority of our .Constable for Apying that
he hw bis eyjeon some of them and;wflllock
thm up pqnjr d|ty before they : ap» aware of it
ApoitsSfl.-rJadgQ Taylor, of Hhntingdpn, ha#
accepted ,the .thohlaaagcrs of |se
£tair Agricultural ty, idah
address oh the oceasioa of .the oomingFair.-
;Thoae whokaow the manneed not be told that
it'will be well worth listening to, and to those
.▼hp ,hare nothad the pleasure of hearing him,
.we ?an promise that it will be one replete with
information. | " ~ .'"
CB*Mdß.—thc time of holding the Military
Encampment at Tyrone, has been changed from
the 17th of October to the 19th of September.
It i# expected,that quite a number of companies
from adjoining counties will be in attendance.
The committee of arrangetpents are now busily
mgltgtd in fitting op ,tbf ground, .and wMlhro
irarjfthing in good Order. ‘ * :
«P;| class s?^hfldrehin <aU t J®?® r ;?- S-BXTTNSRmnd jetttetJuKuna.' *
***"“'■* ■,...■
cWtonh of Gnensbnrg,
where he
matrocbons. The Ebensburg „ p*£
&rewell concert in
night last, says:
" it poaidWe lhr children, *"
m! a **^^*l^'P t^®“Bn oy in so abort a fa»,
The harmony exhibited wasreally natoniahing,
and in ertry (rorUon of the exercise, evidence
was given that Smarter hand had been training
them.” °
Thanks —Tim Ladies of St Luke’s Protes
tant Episcopal' Church, Altoona, desire to re
of the Ajlteona Mechanics’ Library and Beading
for tbelrkinjness and oonr
tesy in granting ;the oso of their room; and also
to the Welsh Miners Glee Club and the auc
tioneers for their valuable and efficient aid ren
dered during tin Fair.
School Books.— H. Fettinger has just re
ceived an extensive■ assortment of the various
kinds of school books used in this place and
surrounding districts, which he will sell at a
smsjp. advance' On first cost Also, aU kinds of
stationery, suck as copy books, pens, pencils,
inks, slates, &{Ci, all of which will be sold cheap.
Clark’s Writing Fluid is just suited to school
purposes. ;
About to LplvE. — Our excellent dentist, Dr.
W. S. Bittner, informs us that be is preparing
to start on a; yisit to his friends, in the course
of a week or and that he will be absent for
four weeks; therefore, all those who wish any
thing in his line should call during the latter
part of the present week or beginning of next.
Notice.— The fourth instalment on the capi
tal Stock of the; Altoona Gas and Water Compa
ny will be due and made payable at the Bank
ing House of tyjn. M. Lloyd & Co., on the 16th
day'of September.
B. P. ROSE, Secretary.
Altoona, Sept 1, 1859-Bt.
Sunday School Celebration.
Messrs'. McGrcm & Dees The scholars,
teachersi and ‘friends of the “Union Sabbath
School,” belonging to the vicinity of Gwin’s
School House, in Logan township, held a cele
bration on Thursday last, 25th inst. At nine
o'clock in the 'morning the scholars and teach
ers met in the school-room and afterwards form
ed in protesaioh- in classes, each teacher taking
the head of hi&or her class. In front was car
ried a beautifully painted and decorated banner,
having on one side the words “ UNION SUNDAY
SCHOOL;.” and; on the other side the words
INCLINED.” gor this banner the school is
mainly indebted; to the late lamented Dr. G. D.
Thomas,! of Ailtoona, who procured it for the
school Bogie twh months previous to his death.
Thus they marched under the supervision of the
officers of the school—their only music the sweet
voices of the children who song “ Away, away
to the Sabbath School,” —until they reached the
grove selected, .for the future exercises of the
day, near the residence of the Superintendent,
(Hon. J. L Gwin) where, after a short address
by him, t&e .sotiool was dismissed. A number
of swingsihad bfcen put up which were soon re
sorted to by those fond of that amusement, while
others joined in friendly conversation. Here
were to he found the aged, who had attained
their fourscore years, down to the little pratler
in its mothers; { arms. Parents, children and
grand-children were brought together—friend
ships .were renewed—neighbors met not as they
ordinarily meet,; having only time to speak and
part, but with leisure to hold friendly conversa
tion with each other. It is thus a community
is strengthened'in its friendships and its plans
of usefulness. There the Sabbath school as a
living reality is thought before the vision of many
who, perhaps do not see it at other .times.—
The very looks of the children seemed to say
“ come then with us (to the Sabbath School)
and we will do the 4 good.”
The table haying been spread, all Were invi-
ted to come and partake of the goods things
with which it was so bountifully ladehed. After
.thanks were offered to Almighty God for his
goodness !,in seeding the rain, the fruitful sea
son und atmndagt harvest, and his blessing im
plored, all pyespnt to the number of 130 or
140 partook of the dinner. Dinner over, two of
the scholjira recited a dialogue and two others
delivered addresses which were listened to with
interest. |A discussion was then bad as to the
propriety of Sunday School celebrations! After
heating 6f both: sides, a vote was taken which
showed a large majority in favor of annual cel
eOrations. | A resolution was also adopted fa
voring holding of a Convention of the fri ends
ofSabbath Schools at an'early day. Thoschol
an were ; then dismissed to engage in their re
creations jinti! the time to return to
arrived. |A number: of persons from Altoona
an&otherjparts'of the county were present and
CzpreuedlAhempsfres well pleased, not a single
incident occurred to mar the pleasure of the
day. ; Thus ended the third annual celebration
of the school referred to. May it greatly pros
per, smd aboutid in good works is the sincere
wish of ydhr correspondent, LOGAN.
Ofl thsXMh instant thehonso of the bride’s Cither, by
the Rev.: Behtner Mr. JACOB J. MOfESKSB, of
MissiMAßy JANESXIBFLEE, ofßranks-
■ ' f f'» ‘ ■ '
■ On the Ist of Angiist, by Geo. L, Cowen, Esq. Mr. DAVID
BAM to |Di^BOTH'MYERS, all oMaylpr tp.' f
At the Lutheran Parsonage, by the Bey Lloyd Knight,
ontbe 28tl»4nst* Mr, GEORGE GURRY to Mias MAGGIE
J.KKASY,bothof.t^o Loop.. * v,> : - = >*,
:0» the same evoking, by tho nim, Mr. WILLIAM
.On the Camp Ground at Woodberry, Iflh iatU bythe
Rbr. B. Blake, Mr; ABEL MYERS, of Marta Totem, to
JCasDEtAWAKE THOMPSON of the-aame plao*. -
27th -ink,
JTdbn J.Canan and wife—in the JlErof ' '
r Jn .wfimtirttPSip..
sonof Robert and,
months. ' i -
A TTBKTIONI Aitooma Guards ■!—»
_£jL Tba arahercbycomiaaDd- - : "
cd toanttatyonrarmory,inthe - ' §
Borough of Altoona,
DAT, September 10th, ISSfI. at ■*^MBBr 3 W
9o’clock, A.M,precisely, prop-' •••'•• S
erly equipped for drill, ana pro* ’ ' '*
Tided with eight rotmde blank cartridge.
Bept.let.2t. IT. w. BSTDER, OipL
List of letters remaining
In the PoetOfßeeat Altoona, September let, 18W.
AnMtrong, Tha*. • ; Irrim, A; 0. • '
Alexander, Chaa. ' Johnetoh; J. H. 2
A(bm% Lada B. Knot, Alex.
Bany,S. U 2 Kennedy,’John M.'
Bnama, B. v ' sforrisay, T.
Barron, M. ’ Mullen.P.
Brawley.John M6laj£ W.
; McCTenen. Mary
rI > , Ell . en „ McMurigel, Jane
R^ n . n^e £T’ K °‘ McCUto, James
. Nelson, Sarah A.
Coapbell, A. M. J. . OKeeC Hiche
CUiS, John Price, Tbo«.H. •
Cooney, Margaret Klchard, Mary A.
Commerfcrd, John
Donley, M . Steel. MarthaJT~ 2
Bally, John B&“jSTn
B*tensn,M.B. sS^MoSS?
ParreU, Mary SpanTMarr
Foennaer, Xavier Stokley, M L.
Goodall, Hannah Btorhbawth. Joe.
Geible, J, F. Washington, George
Gray. Samuel Wilaon, Ana
Garrety.Bernanl Wefat, Wolfkenlclt
Beylin, 1. B. Wllmore, Maria
Houseman, I/eri Wells, E. D. 2
Hoover, O. 8. Yates, Wm.
Houseman, Lydia Young, John
_ Persona calling for letters on this list will, please say
they are advertised. - JOHN SHOBUARKkTpTm.
■L 3 PuMic examination of Teachers for Logan township,
on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER Bth. The Examination will
ir^,S CnC n “1 8 °’f lock A - M, In ‘be Collinsville School
h. pUcant “"f* 1,0 Present at that hour and
with paper and pencil. Ten teachers are re
quired to supply the schools.
Isjgan Township, August XSth, 1859^2t!° UDON ’ Stc ' v '
T em P l 0? an reliable man
in each section of the State to travel and take orders for
by samples. Will pay a salary of $OOO to s*oo per year,
payable monthly. For samples and particulars apply to
or address, inclosing stomp for return postage,
i r.-. , CARY * SMITH,
Aug. 18-St] Tobacconists, 312 Pearl St. New York.
House and dot for sale.—
The subscriber oflbts at Private Sale g
the HOUSE and LOThow occupied by her,
on the corner of Adeline and Julia streets, 8 i I lift
East Altoona. ..The Bouse ,2s a good Two- gM c ■ a 18.
Story Frame Building, containing ’a
Parlor, Dining-Room and Kitchen on the ■wi
first floor, four good sleeping rooms on the second floor, tc
a finished Attic. The lot is In pood order.
Persons wishing to view the premises land obtain further
[information will call upon the subscriber.
Altoona, Aug. nth, 1859-tf.
Will practice in the several Courts of Blair, Cambria,
Huntingdon and Indiana counties.
Particular attention given to the collection of Claims,
and prompt remittances made.
He sircaks the German language fluently.
OS' Office, lor the present* with J. JJ. Cherry, Esq.. op
posite Kessler’s Drug Store.
Altoona, August 4,1859.—tf
popular Publication* of the day, aa fellows:
New York Ledger, '■
New York Mercury,
New York Weehiy,
, Scientific American,
Aew YvrkWaxerly.
Ftaffqf Okr Union, '
True Flag,
. American Union,
Saturday Evening Post,
Dollar Newspaper,
Sunday Disp%Uch,
Sunday Mercury ,
Westerly Magazine,
Frank Leslie’s Pictorial,
Harper’s Weekly,
Ballou’s Pictorial,
Frasik Leslie’s Til. German Paper,
Hie Illustrated World, ( German,)
The New York Clipper,
National Police Gazette,
United Slates Police Gazette,
Boston Pitot, Irish American,
Home Journal, Banner of Light, .
Spiritual Telegraph, WeeMy Tribune,
Porter’s Spirit, Life Illustrated,
Frank Ixslit’s Budget of Pun, Yankee Notions,
Altoona Tribune, Nix Nax
Philadelphia Press, New York Herald,
PtMsc Ledger, New York Tribune,
Pittsburgh True Press, New York Timet,
horth American, Pittsburgh Chronicle,
Etentnp BuUetbu, Ev&ting Arguf, Ptniisylvanian.
To which will be added.the new publications as they appear.
Magazines, Novels and Romances. Miscellaneous Books,
School Boots, Copy Rodks, Slates, PCtis, Pencils, Inks,
Cap and Letter Paper. Knvelopcs, Drawing and
Tissue Paper, Blank Books and In fact every
thing in the Stationary lino. Toys, No
. Uonsand Games’of efory variety. Pic
tures and Picture Frames, 4c.
ta. A choice lot of CONFECTIONERIES, of every vari
ety. Also. TOBACCO and SEGARS of the best quality,
N.B.—We are sole Wholesale and Retail Agent, in 'this
county, for ROHN’S CELEBRATED SALVE. It does pos
itively cure all sores to which It is applied. Try it.
J. D. tin.
Will practice law Ip the several Courts of Blair, Cambria,
Huntingdon, Clearfield, Centre And adjoining counties.—
Also, in the District Count of the United States.
Collections of claims promptly attended to. Agents for
the sale of Heal Estate, Bounty Band Warrants, and all
business pertaining to conveyancing and the law.
Uon. Wilson McCandles and Andrew Burke, Esq., Pitts
burgh; Bon. Samuel A. Gilmore, Pres. Judge of Fayette
Judicial District; Hon. Chcnard Clemens, of Wheeling, VaJ
Hon. James Burnside, Bellefonte; Hon. John W. KJllinger,
Lebanon, and Win. A. Porter, Philadelphia.
June 16,1859-ly.
GRAPE growers can carry on their busi
ness most successfully at II amnion ton, freo from
frosts. Some forty Vinyards set put the past season. See
advertisement of Hommonton Lands, in another colunlb.
Exchange hotel.—the sub
scriber would respectfully in- ’
form the public that be has recently re- t va&T —
fitted the aboTeHotel, and is now pro
pared to accommodate his Mends RndflStßflW l
patrons in a comfortable manner, and
will pains in making it an agrecablehome for all
sojourners. Uis Table will alwaysbe luxuriously supplied
from the markets of the country and, cities and his Bar
filled with liquors of Choice brands. His charges are as
reasonable as those of any other Hotel in the place, and he
feels satisfied they can hot be complained of by Arose who
fitter him with their custom. Expecting to receive a share
of pubßc patronage, and fully intending to deserve It, he
throws open his house to the public and invites a trial.
; I have Just received a stock' of No.f 1 FrencUßrandy,
for medicinal purposes.
Also a large stock of excellent Wincsj for medicinal pnr
posee, together with a lot of the hart old Rye Whiskey to
be found in the country.
Altoona, Hay 27,1860.-ly]
V V ■will sell all articlespf.: ; ~~ t
Spring and Sprner Dress Goods
the season is rapidly passing away, and oar stock of Do
lMnca, CTudUeB, Lawns,BnlJlant«, is veiyhtavy, w e
want to clem ■ them out to make room for oar7EaU and
Winter Stock.
PcMons adahing to purchase suchgoods would do Well
to'csOl And examine onr stock: before- making their por
ch asee. We will also sell all articles in onrStore at great
ly,reduced prices, such as Hats, Caps, Boimc.ta, B<>ots and
BhooB, Ac. - [Ang.A,JBsal
wishing to change tibteir
JT business to a rapidly increascing Com&t, aJew
SHtlemeot where hundreds are going. WhorithO dlStte :
Is mil d and. delightful- SWadvertisementofthonanirnen
tpn Settlement, in another column. ' -i-> ;
■ ' ‘ HOSTEafTSBfS ir*
hJ&£fSt£ at *& a !!* m P««od, every mem-
I* TOl >iwt tedlsoa**
fho , functions ; but, 1 "
J^£j£.*?** t0 u mc and th ® exercise
rqwWw wstem as to secure permanent
to accomplish this desired
object, the trneooorse to pursue is, certainly
that which still produce a natural; state of' the Uasthazsrd of vital strength and
life. For . this purpose, Dr. Boat otter Kny fa»-
tfodneed to this country a preparation bearing
Us name, which is not a.nqtr medi<ji4e,-bat one
that haa been tried for years, giving Bolistec
tion to all who haw used it. » The Bitter*
o®emo powerfully uphn the stomach, bowels,
tuid luver, restoring them to , 4 . healthy and
vigorous action,- and thus, by fhesimplt pro
cess of 'ntture, enaMe the sys
tejo to triumph oVerdisease. ,i
For the oteo of Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Nau
wa, Flatulency ,EoB3 of'Appetite,or anyßilioua
Conmlunts, arising from a morbid Unction
of tho Stomach or Bowels, producing.tirainps.
Dysentery, Colic, Cholsra Morbus* &«., these
Bitters hare no equal.
Diarrhoea, dysentery os flux, so gdhcndbr con
tracted by new settlers, and cauSed principally
by the change of water anddiet, viral be speedily i
regulated by a brief use of this preparation.
Dyspepsia, a disease which is -probably more
prevalent, in all its various; forme, than any
other, and the cause of which may always
be attributed to derangements of the digestive
organs, can be cured without foil by using !
directions on tho bottle. For thia disease every
physician will recommend Bittcrhof some kind;
then why not use an article known; to be infal
lible ? All nations have their Bitters, as a pre
venflße of disease and strengtbeher of the ays?
tem in general; and among them all there is'
not to be found a more healthy people than
the Germans, from whom this preparation oma- -
nated, based upon scientific experiments which
have tended to prove the value of this great
preparation in the scale of medical science.
Feveil and Ague. —This trying and provok
ing disease, which fixes its relentless graap on
the body of man, reducing him to a mere sha
dow in a short time, and rendering him phy
sically and mentally useless, ca|n be driven
from the body by the use of HOSTETTER’S
RENOWNED BITTERS. Further,,none df the
above-stated diseases can be contracted, even
in exposed situations, if the Bitters arc used
os per directions. And as they create
nausea nor offend tho palate, and render Un
necessary'any change of diet or interruption
of ordinary pursuits, but promote sound sleep
and healthy digestion, the complaint is re
moved as speedily as is consistentiwith the pro
duction of a thorough and permanent cure.
.For Persons ia Advanced Pears, who are
suffering from an enfeebled constitution and'
infirm body, these Bitters arc invaluable as a
restorative of strength and vigor, and need
only be tried to bo appreciated. And to a
mother while nursing these Bitters arc imlis-i
pcnsable, especially where the mother’s nour
ishment is inadequate to the demands of the
child, consequently her- strength must yield,
and here it is where a good tonic, such as
Hostctter’a Stomach Bitters, is needed to Impart
temporary strength and vigor t<j the system.
Ladies should by all means try! this remedy
for all cases of debility, and, before so doing,
should ask their physician, who, if ho is
acquainted with the virtue of the Bittersj will
recommend their use in ail cases of weakness.
CAUTION—We caution the public against using
any of the many imitations or counterfeits, but ask
for llostetter’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters,'
and see that each bottle bas tho words “ Dr. J.
Hostetler's Stomach Bitters” blown on the side
of the bottle, and stomped on the; metallic cap
covering the cork, and observe that bur autograph
signature is on tho label.
MS' Prepared and sold by HOBTETTEH A
SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa., and hold by all
dnaggists, grocers, and .doctors generally
throughout the United States, Canada, South
America, and Germany.
MS' Sold by G W Kessler and A Roqsh,. Altoona; 0 A
Jacobs, J K Patton and W (I Murray, UollldaySbilrg; and
3 Berlin, Tyrone. [Aug. 25,1859-ly
Capital and Surplus over $160,00000.
Jacob Painter, A A Carrier, CJco W Smith,
Rody Patterson, A J Jones. Wade Hampton,.
?T^C$ ,roal, N Voegbtiy, Robert Patrick,
® A OoHon, I Grier Sprout, ; Jas H Hopkins.
This Company lias paid losses from tho date of its incor
poratiou in 1854, up to May, 1859, to amount of $302,835.07,
in addition to regular semi-annual Dividends'of from sto
15 per cent., aflording evidence of Its stability ond nsaftal
ness. Losses Liberally Adjusted and Promptly Paid.
A. A. Carrier, Pres't. -I- Gatgu SvaoDL, Sedy.
B. 11. Gcary.
JL newspaper devoted to Literature and Agriculture, alto
setting fourth Bill accounts of the new settlement of Ham-
nnm w erB ®- v > can P 9 subscribed tor at only 25 cents
Inclose postage stamps for the amount. Address to Edi
tor of the Farmer, Ilammonton, K O. Atlantic Co- New
Jersey. Those wishing cheap land; of the :beet quality. In
one of the healthiest and most dellgbtM ;dlmates in the
umoni and where crops are never cut down by frosts, the
terntdo scourge of tho north, see advertisement of Ham
moptoji Lanas.
Fkesh fish & vegetables,—
Ihe subscriber will receive daily during the season,
bv EiprM*, direct from Philadelphia acdPfttsburgh. all
kinds of VEGETABLES, such as
Sallad, Onions, Rhubarb, Radishes, Cucuptbers,
Strawberries, se. Abo, FrtsKLake Fisk,
all of which may be had at his stand on item street, first
door above 1% B. B. Co. ■
Altoona June 2,1859.-3 in MAtfHIA? OTtO.
o* r m?H r B^Wadtfphh^ Jmr opened a
Gas Bitting aadPlidnblng tstablishment : in Brut’s Row
three doors babw the - ’***“” ?Mnr *
HewUl be pkajed to aitand to allordenKiu Usilnewith
promptness, neatness anddnrabißty. “
A9*AUWorkwarratited.’ ’
Altoona, August A; 1859.-im* --■ * ’
kegs widths stamp of the
ou, as smut kegs never haye been and never will bo sold
from tiierßrswery. AU kegs contalngingi said stamp will
tlu Du a ° d y 8 h wherever foond, by the proprietors
Jitly ?80l IM9-tt- A BRO.
that the Book Amounts andNoteeof i)r.C. J.Hlrst,
and aUdot the late firm of Hirst * Good, are left in my
wmto whew knowing themselves
:T -?
Jnlyl4.-tf . JACOB OOOD, J.V.
Jk TCCnpied by-g: Tpclk earths cornet of
!fW-^ &«“*• lni l uir ®
r.■s* ;■« -^sha-nnoV
-q-«B,TOorB 4 nailbbushes.
liver complaint,
And the twteia alfecjtloak consequent upon adlkotdsrsd
BocbjWlndigestion. Acidity of the Stomach, Colicky Paisa.
Hautlrani, Low of Appetite, Despondency, (hwiMmo
Bleeding Pile*. In all Nervous, Hheuiaabo and
HOTOtinc Affections, it has in numerous instanceo.proved
Beneficial, and in others effected a decided cursT
setontifle principles, after the manner of the coMrated
Holhad Professor,Boerhavo: Because of Its greatsdtoew
• SjSwpcan States, its introduction into
tba United States was Intended more especially fin; those
of oui Mherland scattered hers and there ovtrtha Aeool
ftis mighty country. Meeting with great sncccw among
umn; I now offer it to the American public, knowing that
its wfflderftM medical virtues must bo acknowledged,
i ” " pWtfculwlj recommended to those persMit irffoat
iCQnitJtaUoni bkm have been impaired by the conUnnout
use of ardent spirits, or other forms of dissipation. Oene
tortanlaneone to effect, it finds Us way directly to the
•OOt of lilt), thrilling and quickening every nerve, raisins
topoptog spirit, and, to fact, infusing now hsaith
and riitortotbe system.
° r thig dollghtfttt tW
ma has induced many imitations, which tho public should
Bs not persuaded to bnyany
«*« until yon have glvcft Boerbavo’s Holland Bitten
a air trial. One. bottle will convince you bow toßnltely
superior it is to sll these imitations. *
M - #l.OO per bdifle, or six bottles for )&, by the
sou raaraUkToKs, "
BENJ. PAQ-E, jR., & dO.<
Manufacturing P/iarmaetntitl* and ChtmiiU, J
T. W. Dyott A on*. Philadelphia; Barhto A *ark. New
York; JohuT). Park, Cincinnati; Barnard, Adami A Co,
St, Tsjuls ; A. ROUSH, Altoona, Pa, and by Druggists,
and Merchants generally throtmhent the UnllM iKitw
and Canadas. (October IMBMJ
All wanting farms in a de-
LIGU’ffUL CLIMATE* ricli mil. ud•ocnrvfront
froau. See edvertieemeat oMtenuuontcn Land* la tawiber
column. '
for it,. 26 MOtsio specie or
stamps -enclosed, wHI aecure by return of
DH* TELLER has devoted a lifetime tothf cart of <ll*
which M books treat. AddrmJ. TELLER. M.D.
No*6 SttW street - i '
«, Pfiu, Ha' boi.wltb f>in®r«tldb*.
Marriott fadies should not use (hem. Sent byodJl: Ad
dress Dr. Teller, a*above. 1 .. > April \
TO all wanting Farms; Sco> advertise*'
mint of Uomuicmcon Lands. .■ !.
to pt ??! u^ d to bJcata LAKU WAR
HANTS In the Omaha and «ebraak*CitT
Oood selections can now be made near the latafeattealßa
and ssiUeattnte. The Undt of tide tmOoa,' aSwXa
Market, aro of the beet quality, *
Ou Selections carefully made. Letter* often uta t*
quested. ALBS. E. HcJEQyKKT?
July U, OwuPotu, Cau Count j,K. Ter.
Rov. A. B. Ctin«, Altoona, Pa.
* CO. Bankers, Altoonti, Pa. ;
McChitji A Dt*s, Editors. ■«
Tups. A. Scott, Bnpt-P.B.R- “
D.'ilcMrniau, Esq., Huntingdon, Pal
T)ERSONS wanting cHange'of climate
JL fcr health. Sec advertisement of Hkmfeoolho I *Ai4>
fiTauothet column. r
Levi riling,
Allegheny Street,
A large *tock of all kinds of LIQU «r» iLf 1
Brands, -will be kept constantly ophand; and'rtlvße wM’
in lota to u rwomU« u tb.r
- c » n be had anywhere in tbb<»imtry. '
QHOE Business and .Factories cai*b«
oh profitably atilwhmdhioh. Ees btMrtW
wont of Ilanunonton Bands.
1 rtrt „ wmppw glass;
IW from Bxlo to 2**3o, - ’
Putt? Knives,
Paint, Wall and V&rnishSrusbei.
Plaster Paris, 7i .
’ Logwood, • ;: Vi '
' Ektort rjMMpod; ' 5
agagijF* .
4Ca»ea Ctoonte OraenV
•SSSatfS to
Bazin’* Ponclne,
rtd AlnionA
Bfowu Wiadaov, • t ■
May 12,15 M;
H3KFUMERT" • • ■ < •
Kbane Stravt^, r’™*
Gilts r pits i
l Pan Befine'd linseed 00,
'•” ' PnkMJwfcon OiV
■ KeroeoneOO,
OrainlieM add Strain* *j|Sfc
' Carbon QU
Tor ule *t
JL* Bnrnel’s Cocoafne,' - ■ ' .
Lyon’i Kathsiror^
Superior Bay Rma, ■
Cologne* of «1 Ittakitf. •
May 12.185!>.
A. large assortment of Nnrsw Bottfoe/ rumrs,
O.S,tUml* n SUOU I'DER BRACKS for tadka,
Gentlemen and Children. For sale by A. irowStr*
A RNOLD’S writing fluid,
. In Quart, Bint, Halfrint and 4 os. r~jl|n
line Blade and Ited Inks, Stationery, -
MayiB.lBS9. . ---* SOCm'M.
!B’S great work for
id, or tor those coutemple
ing marriage—SOOpagea, (tall
PLATES. Price 25 cents—
at to all parts under seal, by
ties aold the last year, The
igle, married, and t(iO mar
id happy. A Lecture' bn
tec, or how' ta choose » narfc
r; a complete work on Mld
fory. 1 1 cfiYitalna hundreds
led—warriatedlo be worth
»- ■- <. , . »;.v v# ,-,