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    t lV—Supposed Jp«r
an *»y bis W|re. *
! * inK la »*dk—B ,
011 * he .
Jii, died pndj. vST 1
i. The previcus
P e suspicisn that
ts RutherfaW and n i U
i itum of the
mnoned to in Hf?yfo|p *
itnonj fclicited 1, «
Ju Friday
y s station for N*Z® ,U »
arrisburg. Her imifc
; .(W at (he time.
is previous, BsSf 1
he hired girl thatir!?'
■ she should oh.t r
she always kept***
K'.vport, Mrs. Smith*?’
asked lor acsepie. »k
i had none, and tEifSSl*
1 it to her, at tS
die wanted; niU» fß»y *
iteutod to poisoft-^g* 11
■ anted the
i. however,
the first of this month * *
lay, ana
the evening- „p<»
ir town, or whether
y of our drug stores, dot*
ted home i by the 7 t«ia
ght o.clock,
u 0 V> any person
-the cars not stopping al
rig that her Au<bdnd> u
in her object,
ort, where she remained
On Saturday monjinr
1 purchased a drachm of
ified by the, boy vhojmld
r l for home. On dier #r .
band very aiojc, Vomitim
!r, and complaining 3
ie stomach* The^jf,
the bottle purchase] >i
cred it to Smith,
ced vomiting apd mul.
repeated »t-«h«t:|g*
( stated that she noticed
the mixture aome whit,
a a blue pliper. : gaftk
oft for two dr three iiin
and gradually aiakin/
physioian had been c«I
at Duncannon/tp -visit
.ay sick. At the- same
her father and mother
up. that Smith veudtad!
roaded to the saininena.
aing Smith Vcaje, iJad
rived at tbeeoncluiion
ith iindftmatioa of tin
n accordingly. : Steltii
! purging, and cotaplaia
[• ii’-l pain in the stomach,
are red until.
t- P to the moment Jib
o was perfecliy eletr- \
we before mauled.
he minds of tt»o~n*igh-
r.a they detemiMd to
For this purp9« o
umnoued, ami,Doctors
r t for. They took'out
it making any examins
perly and placed it in a
i adclphia fur cbemicii j
lion of some of'ititii in- '
ii : gh degree ofinfinax
ihey toy, Smitlfr dud ;
was prpJnccd
[is. Smith waspnfuwhr
o ly of a Constatic'tbii
s Rutherford .wtt Orth
thediircd girlthltiba
ness in the
th allied fhegiritdgn*
Mm. Smith, would girt
/'■'« if she rtfturijQjtt
ai no! bear ft Toy gooJ
numity, and th# public
strong against b'er. Sba
. Carlisle, jbrmcriy of
ni lent of PbilidelpbU,
three times. Tlis bet
ctly well when ’sbe left
in hired girl tbhiUSaitk
s!;<- Micnld give him torn*
■ious and tumulicablo
r statement .sV'.Jtaacu
isious to g«t, .ho
ick—her parohaieof w
t Ncwport—
•r Hoover and&CT p*-
ling Smith. asJßsk and
- ndnet at homi ddring
ui (h<) jieculiarehaacto
11 his illncfis—gtt W
s .y the least, a-
i t ook -Wi Ol I
ii:ui it was 1
erself. For# t»*
her extremitiMj)*' ♦!
; ;.romptlj
i.on Doclors ftttttorfow
' . be ■
Tdcgrajth, fytSjdt
was placed in,typp> *• J
died on Friday .hW* I *. I
. . taken another,dow I
; the 21std#afc* m
of John
d to
r minutes .prior t° r.
i to bo performed,®**
tire, and the weoai®l
vial, was instaptlj»® *
J y was fatally ■s***
larrison, in her
ru dress, and was p®
;ed ; there is btt*
ie family, who also tna*
f from her perlioass*
at not ,
yond the c*prt»» 0 “
r as badly burned
i. tir burned b°® j
ids. were dreswd*
[ago ceremony •** »
r r reasons
i: -i wife,, f?o? 1 'li» 1
itchcn ~
; rso ,"“fb tv***
b coat. Tbr p
fl ‘ cs,ate ' e rf«h« * ‘
Whether tho
that the trau** ft ,
i funniest p ftrt . bill
id, g' ,v , in f %ed
ing of Saturdfty. n ®y ftb «
be new propr l .
-asaepomm®®* ,«j 6
q:;l te comforUj* fet t
the prams**- 6 r* .*
: ncs Fis»—About Bine o’clock, on
D,n Line I«t, our c *B*^
• 0 f «• fire!" to be attended,
I j k* too v*/ v *
*"■* ' w ith more seriouscousequenoos
occurred in the Superintend
tk*» l “ ft ghort time since. Although we
«i)0 °® oB t arst, ascertain the exact locality of
"Vool* l not ' * ele ’ men t, it soon made itself ap-
I *** deT ° -if bv bursting through the wcather
p*reßtt ° Jroof of C- Jaggsrd’s store build
boirdisg gtTee t. The shop bell haring been
ing- oB f ore e of men were soon on the
*"* * Jamber of whom weirs good firemen.
p r mini's hose carriages were immedmto-
T 1" ° i oat and the hose attached to plugs in
l;bf ° nl.v These, together with water sup-
I hv Jo large stock of buckets, deluged the
S i “> ’■"""'"‘if t * ldng
I bu l h !, wcro iasufficirnt to check the ragmg
which ascended several feet above the
£L ww*- i-wr. u “, e '“ ,nB ™
enabled the men to approach close to
Tiding «d pu, npnn «•»“ f
fectiwelj. The situation of the store, in the
£» oJ blocks of frame buildings, endangered
4U the the squa.e, and had there,
been any considerable breexe of air. nothing, in
Oie. absence of fire engines, could have saved it.
The fi«, we lean, was first m the
ceiling of the first floor, having caught, it is
‘posed, from the stovepipe 1 whiph passes
through the ceiling. On cutting away the ceil-,
.round the pipe hole, the fire was found to
eitead to the weather-boardiug in either side
C f the house, having evidently been burning for
woe time. The alarm was immediately given,
hat before assistance could be had, the flames
v «re bursting through the roof and sides of the
ho hope of extinguishing the flames
, w uid be entertained, and the efforts of the men
«e. save thjyidjpining property. It
,» s feared that the storeroom of Messrs. Et-
Mgcr i Ullman, next door to the burning build
lCgi would Uke fire, consequently the front wnt
out sad their goods removed as speedily as
.poaaibie. By almost superhuman exertion,
,however, the fire was chocked before it had
burned lc- enough to be communicated to the
bouses. The store building was two
stories high while those on either aide were but
one E*.;ry, and the fire being above them, a bot
t,r opportunity of saving them was thus afford -
tJ. Tho aepid spread of the flames prevented
theming of goods, of which there was a large
atnountf together with the entire stock of cloth
ing of the clerks, on the second floor of the
sure. -Most ef the goods on thefc first floor
orew carried out, although they were mufcli
damaged by water. Messrs. Ettinger & Ull
utn'-s stock of clothing was also much damaged,
■baring-baeu.piled up on the porch of tha Logan
{loose and remaining there all night. Mr. O'-
Neal, occupying the store room ia Ktrr’a build
ing, carriedout all his goods and piled them up
on the opposite aide of the street, thereby dama
ging -them considerably. No douljt a largo
quantity of•the goods removed from the stores
were carried out by persons who forgot to drop
•them -until they arrived at their homes. A
number of persons were seen with their wrusful
of goods in local!tier farther from the fire than
esfety required. We believe some of those per
tona are known and will notified to ro
aunrthe goods and save trouble. Through the
indefatigable exertions of the me£ at work, the
ire was completely extinguished by the time it
'bad reached the second story, and the walls were
prevented from falling in. Too much praise
eto not be awarded to a number of daring spir
its, jwhe periled their Uvea to save the property
of their neighbors. Mr. Jaggard was in Phila-
delphia at the time of the fire. His loss is esti
mated to be in the neighborhood of
but we loflfn that he is fully insured. The goods
«f Messrs. Ettingor & Ullman were also insured,
lima though Mr. J. should be fully indemnified
fur the loss of bis goods, he will still loose heav
ily iu being deprived of a store room.
In winding up this article, wo might advert
U the advantages a good supply of water or a
fire cngii e would have afforded, but we think
ths absence of .either was sufficiently apparent
to render comment unnecessary. If people will
a«! ae taught by precept, they must be taught
h* example.
Carr. R. R. Peases. —This gentleman, who
far some time ha: been stationed here as an ex
tra conductor on the Pa. R. R., has been sent
by 'the Superintendent of the Road, to Harris
burg, whore he will be hereafter. Wcnrc sorry
that Capt. Franks has been transferred—sorry
*o loose him. Always affable and pleasant in
his manner—with a genial smile on his counter
nance and a nod of recognition to every one he
m»t, he is deserved popular with our citizens.-
VTith the ladies bin popularity is unbounded,
sod we have frequently heard a tender sigh, and
witnessed e tear rise unbidden to the eye, amongst
the/otr pf Altoona, when told “ bis fortune was
made —that he wu a married man.”
With such Conductor* ns Capt. F. the inter
«»U of the trarelling public on the Fa. ft. 8.,
*2l not suffer. Whilst to is on the trains—
eutful of every interest of the Company—his
address and manners makes him a favorite with
the passengers. May n e long wave .and Success
attend him. May the day of his death! hei far
elf. •• Tarda i U Ula diet, et nottro terior fevo”
Snuaunoßw&nnxnss is JBcbixksb. —It is
tbs received c. inion, that'men find straightfor
wardness the beat for business. it is thus that
Wood, Boot 4 Co., the succersors of Swan &
C°-i of Augusta, Ga.\ and Gregory & Maury, of
Wilmington, Delaware, have
6 pcet in public confidence. Their established
lottery has been for many years in
wistence, and during the whole .time their
straightforward manner of doing luts
pat money into their o*p pnrses fortunes
mto pockets of those whip have had dealthgjt
with them. Theirs is a legalized lottery, and
prizes are immediately paid on demand.—
7 forwarding $lO, $&, or to cither ad
®r*M,you will stand aohanee of winning
;*ro, the whole, half or doarter df thbu mag
aißoent prises, ' v
Fatal Accidbst. --It is our painful duty to
day' to record the untimely death of a fellow
being, the cause of which is justly traceable to
the intemperate ttse of intoxicating beverages.
The facts in the case, so farad we can learn,
are as follows: —On Saturday afternoon last, a
man by the name of William Marta, residing
some eighteen milqs from Petersburg, in Hun
tingdon county, arrived in this place on tfae
Mail Train. Tl»tram>bemg some.three boors
.behind time, there was no connection at this
station, and Mr. Marts, with the remainder of
the passengers, had to await the Fast Line in
the evening. Being intoxicated, as it will short
ly be seen there was good reason to presume,
be mistook the westward bound Express Freight
and Emigrant trains, which leave this place at
half-past seven o’clock, for trains going east,
and thinking that be could arrive at borne ear
lier by getting on on,e of these trains, he m T ade
the attempt. lie first got upon one of the en
gines but was put off by a man in the yard.—
He then got into the Emigrant car attached to
the train, the heat of which made him sick and
caused him to throw up, whereupon the Con
ductor put him out at the upper end of the yard.
It is not known how he got upon the train
again, as he was not seen afterwards until found
the watchman, some two miles above town.
His own story was that in attempting to step
from one. bumper to another be slipped and fell
between them, bis body falling on the .outside
of the track, leaving his legs across the rails,
which were consequently run over. His right
leg was cut off just belqw the knee and his left
foot crushed off at the ancle. He was found by
ihe watchman, who was /but a short distance off,
immediately after the accident, and brought
down to this place and taken to the Altoona
House. On his person were found one or two
empty bottles which had contained liquor. Drs.
Finley and Christy were called in, Ond did every
thing - that medical skill could devise for his
comfort and relief. On Sunday afternoon,
the Doctors amputated both logs, which
operations he appeared to stand very well,
though little hopes of bis recovery were enter
tained His wife, who was sent for, arrived by
the Emigrant train on Sunday afternoon, and
was with him until he died, at 2 o’clock on
Monday morning. An inquest was held,
the. above facts were corroborated, and a ver
dict of accidental death rendered. He was
buried in Fair View Ceipctery, at this place, on
Monday afternoon, lie leaves a wife and two
PcnLic Meeting. —At a meeting of the citi
zens of Altoona held at Keystone Hall, on Tues
day evening, March Ist, in pursuance of public
notice, to take into consideration the propriety
of forming a joint stock company for the intro
duction of water into the Borough, bn motion of
Rev. A. B. Clark, John Shoemaker was called
to the chair, and on motion of D. J. Caldwell,
Andfew Cannegie was appointed Secretary.
The object of the meeting was stated by the
Chairman, who tlion called upon Messrs. W. 11.
Wilson and L. W. Hall, Esqrs., do address the
meeting. They responded to the call, after
which the following preamble and isolation
moved by E. B. McCram and seconded by John
Woods, Esq., were offered cm} unanimously
Whereas, The Borough of Altoona labors
under dnconvchlence for want of a proper
and wholesome supply of water for domestic pur
poses, and for the purpose of protection from
tiro; and whereas, all the, neighboring towns
have now the use of gas, therefore, be it
Resolved, That this meeting appoint John
Shoemaker, James Lowthor, and Thomas A.
Scott a committee to take the necessary steps by
which a Joint Stock Company may pe formed to
supply said Borough with water apd gas, and
to have drawn up the proper Act on Assembly,
or a proper supplement to the Acts now in force,
by which said Joint Stock Compos j- may be
formed. u ■
On motion, adjourned. ~ i
Axnaxw Carnegie, Secy u
We have! neither time nor r6om |o speak
of these enterprises this week, but shall refer to
their utility and practicability in our fitkt issue.
[Eromjthc Lorain Co. EAQLG, Ohio.]
tSS” Many kinds of Tonic Are advertised that
wo> are assured will strengthen the hair, and
prevent its falling out, but 'none that we have
seen used docs all that it promises, .save that of
Professor 0. J. jWood. This we'know is good
from having tried it, and witnessedip several
casjp its truly beneficial effects. Dr. iVdod was
kind enongh to send iu a couple of bottles, and
after finding thiit it prevented our hair from
failing out, *we presented a bottle to a friend
who had been bald for at least thirty years .* it
has restored his hair entirely, anil it is now os
thick and glossy as when he was twenty-five.—
This we .say in all sincerity, and we shall be
glad to have our friends try it for themselves,
as wo believe it is just what it profeses to be.
See advertisement in'this weeks paper.
The Value or Time.— -If time is valuable to
those who have caught a cold, so that they can
not stop from their ordinary avocations, we
would by the way of.salutary advice, throw in#
hint, in behalf of Du. Keyseb’s Pectobal Couqb
Sirup, a medicine that has many a time cured
a case of cough .in one night, by the adminis
tration of a tablespoonful or twOy-takbn at bed
time. Numbers of our citizens can endorse our
statement in this respect. It is besides a pleas
ant medicine to take, and every bottle oif it is
prepared by Dr. Keyset's otm hands. Sold at
60 cents and $l, by G. W. Kessler, Altoona.
Impobtakt Notion.—To all whom it may
concern, and it concerns every person to know
that Fettinger has just received a fresh and
large variety of plain and fancy confectionaries,
snob as bare never been seen in these parts';
whitp cocpannt and almond candy of the rich
est kind—preparations for coughs andpolds, such
as licorice, hoarhound, lozenges, Miller's cough
candy, |&c. French, gold and plain kisses for the
■ Chakok op T«b.'—On- Monday last, a new
schedule went into operation on the Pa. E. B.
It does not alter the running of any of the Pas
songcr -Trains, with the exception of .the Uipress
Train East, i which is now half an hourfatdr.—
'The most piaterial ebangc is in the running of
the Through Freight'Trains West, wWcb now
errivo jtir.O boors .carl icr.
German Ball.— iTicketsharc been issued for
a German Ball, to conte off at die hoosenf Al
bert Shulti, in thii plane, on the evening of the
7th of March. Of course our German citizens
will go in for 3ft,50 worth of fan and frslic.—
The fine room attached :to Mt.Shultz’honfe will
afford them ample room to “ cut the pigeon
wing” in the most; approved style. . Mr. Shultz
can get up a good (Kipper, fully worth the price
of the tickets. He w?ll no doubt have a full
house, as the Gefmanit are perverbial for their
partiality tOrinuaic and dancing and can epjoy
an occasion of thU kind
C. Jaggard takes tljis opportunity of retur
ning his heartfelt;thanks to his friends, who, in
his absence, on ;tho night of the fire, labored
hard and nobly : exposed themselves to much
personal danger to save his property.
Altoona, March 3d. 1869.
C. Jaggard; haji removed his goods for the
present to Ferrefe & Morrow’s comer, where in
a few days he will be happy to see his friends
and the public generally.
Altoona, March Bd. 1859.
Sunday School Teachbes v Association. —
In many places throughout tbs Eastern States,
and in some portions of -this State, the Sun
day School Teacher’s have formed Associations
and found them to result in much good. Com
mon School Teachers, have their Associations
and find them highly beneficial. Why is it not
the case with Sunday School Teachers % We
merely call attahtion to the subject this week,
and hope those of our readers who are Sunday
School teachers will think over the matter of
forming an iassociation for the county or even
for this town.
Errata.—ln publishing the marriage notice
of Henry Leister and Miss Caroline Mavis, last
week, we mistook the name Mavis for Wallis,
and so inserted it. We hope this may rectify
and satisfy all parties. Mistakes will occur
sometimes in Setting up names with winch we
are unacquainted.
Ho! for the Arctic Region!
If any of the Ladies are dissatisfied with the
weather we arc having, and desire visiting the
Arctic Region, we would recommend them to
call on C. J. MANN and replenish their ward-
robe from his beautiful stock of
which be is selling off being determined
to dispose of them while the snow is screeching.
January 13th* 1859.
THE HALL OP FASHION is still open, and
the Proprietor, in returning thanks to his nu
merous customers for their liberal patronage
bestowed on him since his commencement, here
desires to £ay (without fear of contradiction)
that he is prepared to offer for their inspection
the best assortment of handsome Dress Goods,
Shawls, Cloaks, Whitb Goods, Ac., Ac., that
can be found in Altoona.
Respectfully, &c.,
See advertisement of Dr. Sandford’s
LIVER INVIGORATOR in another column.
Dailey’s Magical Pain Extractor.
In all diseases inflammation more or less predominates—
now to allay inflammation strikes nt the root of disease—
hence an immediate enre.
and nothing else, Will allay inflammation at once, and make
a certain cure.
will cure the foil owing among a great diseaass:
Burns, Scalds* Cuts, Chafes, Sore Nipples, Corns, Bunions,
Bruises, Sprains, Bites, Poison, Chilblains, Biles, Scrofula,
Clears, FevcriSonjs, Felons; Ear Ache, Pilos, Sore Eyes,
Gout, Swellings, iheumatism, Scald Head, Salt Rheum,
Baldness, Erysipelas, Ringworm, Barbers’ Itch, Small Pox,
Measles, Rash, 4 c;., &e.
To some it may appear-iqcredulona that so many diseases
should bo reached by one article; such an idea will vanish
when reflection points to the fact, that the salve is a com
bination of ingredients, each and every one applying a per
fect antidote to its apposite disorder. '
In its effects is mj>Sicol, because the time Is so short be
tween disease and a permanent cure; and it is an extrac
tor, as It draws ail disease put of the affected part, leaving
nature os perfect as before' the • injury. It Is scarcely ne
cessary to tay thit no hMse, jvork-shop, or manufactory
should be one moment without It.
No Pain Extractor is genuine unless the box bos upon It
a steel plate engraying, with tiro name of Henry'Dailey,
Manufacturer. ■
Sold by O.W. Kessler, Altoona; George A. Jacobs, Uol-
Udayakurg; and by all the Druggists and patent medicine
dealer* throughout the United States and Canadas.
Principal Depot, 165 Chambers street, Now York.
Novi 11, iSSB-Iy C. F. CHACE.
The Ofiginal and Rat in the World I
All others are jnere imitations, and should be avoided, If
you wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, REDi'or RUSTY HAIR. Dyed instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or Black, without the least
injury to tbs Hair or Skin.
Fifteen Medalsand Diplomas bare been awarded to Wm.
Ai Batchelor since 1839, and over 80,000 applications have
been made tothC hair of his patrons ofhls famous Dye.
WM. A. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE produces a color
not to be distinguished from nature, and Is WAiuustsn not
to Injure in thajeaet, however long It may bo continued,
nnd the ill offectjof Bod Dyes remedied; the Hair Invigo
rated for Ufa by?thls
Made, sold or applied (in 9 private rooms) at the Wig
Factory, 232 Broadway, New York.
Sold by Druggists In Altoona, and by Druggists in all
cities and tqwns of the United States.
jfg- xh c Ocniiino bos the name and address npona steel
ptito engraving bn four sides of each Box, of
253 Broad way; Sow .York.
,Kot* 18, 18S8-}y :
Impoexanxto Females —Dr Cqeese
iux’s Pius.—The combination of ingredients in these
Pills are the resuit of a long and cxtcnflivcpractice. They
are mHd intheir operation, i and certain in correcting all
irregularities, painful menstruation*, removing _oll ob
structions, whctWfrora cold or otherwise,' headache, pain
in the side, |»lpitation of the heart, distnrbed sleep, which
always arise from Interruptionof nature, inducing with
certainty periodical regularity. Warranted purolyivegetar
ble,andftee from anything injurious to ilfeorhealth.' Ex
plicit dlroetiotuli which shouid be accompany each
biix; Price sl.' Sent jiy mail bjy enclosing $1 to any
authorized; Agent. ~ j. ;
8.8. HIIXCHULNaS, General Agent for the United Statge,
166 Chambers slrcot, Ke)w
ft softest anWhotitcdt order* tkotdd hi addrimtd,
{•old by O. ,Wi’ Altoona; Geo. A, Jacobs, Holli
day in the CnUedStatca.
, Call on the Agent and get a pamphlet free.
KoT.W.dMB-Jyi .r ; - V: 'V-
Celebrated Female Pixels.
Prepared from* tntscriptien of SirJ+darke, lit. fl, PKy
riftfeß Extraordinary to the Carnal
This Invaluable medicine is unfailing ,n the' core of all
those painful and delicate diseases to which tic female con
st! tntlon is subject. It moderates all excess and rcmov%
all obstructions, and a speedy cure may be relied on.
It is peculiarly suited. It will, hi a short time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity,
y.,T, bottle, price one dollar, bear* the Government Stamp
of Great Britain, to prevent counterfeits.
That Pills should not be taken by females during the first
three months (f Pregnancy, os they ore sure to bring on ihs
carriage, but at any other time they are safe.
In all cases of Nervous and Spinal Affections, Pain in
the Back and Limbs, Fatigue on alight exertion, Palpitation
of the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, these Pills will effect
a cure when all other means have failed, and although a
powerful remedy, do not contain Iron, calomel, antimony,
or anything hurtful to the constitution.'
Full directions In the pamphlet around each package,
which should be carefully preeerved.
Sole Agent far the United States and Canada.
JOB MOSES, (late I. C. Baldwin t Co,)
Rochester, N. T.
-JI.B. $l.OO and 8 postage stamps enclosed to any au
thorized Agent, will insure a bottle, containing 00 Pills,
by return mail.
B. L. Fahnestock, Pittsburg, Wholesale Agents; also, far
sale by all Druggists. S (June 3,1865.-ly.
They are elegant. light, easy and durable.
Fitting to a charm —no turning up behind—no shrinking
off the head; indeed, this is the only Establishment where
those things are properly understood and made.
Nov. 18, 1858-1 y 23? Broadway. New York.
This disease can bo curCd by Da. Kitser’s Toothache
Rjulruv, prepared by him in Pittsburgh, Pa-, which is put
up in bottles aud sold at 26 cents each. It is un excellent
medicine, when diluted, far spongy nnd tender gums, and
is worth ton times its price to all who need it. Sold here
by G. W. Kessler. (Dec. 9, ISSB-ly.
Flonr, Superfine, bbl., t c - 50
*• Extra “
“ Extra Family “
Corn Meal fl 100 lb*. . w
Bran 4 ShorU V 100 lb*. J-'jV
Rye Chop. “ { “
Coru and Oats, “ “
Middling*. “ “ _ , l ou
~Oash paid for all kinds of Grain. FIJI! and Food can
always be had at the Mill at the prices quot'd afr've.
On Thursdav, the 2Uh nit., by Rot A. B. Clark. Mr.
both of Huntingdon County, Pa.
On tbe 2*2d Ult.. by the Rev. John 11. C. Dosh, Mr. GEO.
'W. CUNNINGHAM, of Altoona, to Mias ANNA K. IRE
LAND, of Hollidayaburg.
. On the 22d ult., by the Rev. A IT.Taylor, Mr. yisILLI AM
GARRET to Mias LIZZIE TOMPKINS, both of Uollidflys
On the 22d ult., at her residence in Northumberland, Mrs,
K. P. Vi ATJSRS, aged 35 years and 4 mouths. The dcc’d
left our place on the Friday before her death, for homo; and
on Saturday evening, while sitting at the eupper table, she
took a cramp, and on Tuesday morning at 5 o'clock, she
breathed her last. Surely, “in the midst of life, we are in
death.” —Tyrone Star.
At his residence, iq Logan Township, in this county, on
the evening of the 16th ult., Mr. RICHARD GLASGOW,
in the 80th rear of his age. He was among the early settlers
of the “Logan Talley,” and was at the time of death one of
the oldest men in the community. His life and death was
a complete exemplification of .that passage of Holy Writ,
which says—-‘The days of our years are thre<H>core years
and ten; and if by reason of strength they be four-score
years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon
cut ofl. and wo fly away.”
List of letters remaining
in the Post Office at Altoona, March L 1859;
Brown, Joseph Kelly, Wm
Black, Sarah A Kuhns. Barbara
Brice, Wm Eloyd, Gideon
Bechtel, John O Lockington, Wm
Brliieiibaugh, J J Mcaley, Bridget
Bakins, Peter Bliller, David
Brown, Hannah. Moore, £
Brooks, Margaret Mordin. John
Boehm, Mr Martin. Robert
Crawford, James Morris. W A B
Collier; John Moran. Ann
Cnsoday, Susan McGnngh, Martha
Clark, T A McCaully, Timothy
Denton, Oliver C McCulla. Michael
Douty. Mages 2 McDonald, Patty
Diamond D B Kossan, O
FobbathJ John O'Conner, Bernard
Fritz, Catharine - Potarf, Geo
Felton, Wm Reding. Frank %
Fitzgerald, Thos Rood, Sarah Jana
Gray, Kate 3 Sweyna, Jno B
Gentner, Ludwick Stewart, Wm J
Gerigavin, Jho Seller, George
Gilmartin, Michael Smith, Philip
Uecht, Daniel L % Singiser, Henry
Hamilton, Alex 1 Stewart, Clutrloa
Harbison, A K , Souisbay, Matthew
Uarxled, Geo ’ Teatc, John
Houseman, Levi , Thorne, George
Hitchens, Jos Wochcr, Daniel
I tel, Arinio 2 White, Patrick i
Jones, John Wchn, Lottie
Kessler, Somnol C 2
Pergong calling for letters on this list-will please say
they arc advertised. JOHN SHOEMAKER, P. SI.
Altoona, March 3,1859.-U
mentary to the Estate of RICHARD GLAS
GOW, late of Logan township; Blair county, Pa- deceased,
have been granted to the subscribers; all persons indebted
to the said Estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment to Richard Taylor Glasgow, Sr., Logan township,
Blair county, Pa.; and those having claims or demands
against the Estate of the said decedent, will make known
the some without delay, to
Logan township. Blair county, Pa-,
Ansomvllle, Clearfield county, Pa.,
March 3,1859-Ct* Executors.
formerly occupied by A. Roush, next door to Lo
rn Parsonage, is Possession given immedl-«
ately. Apply to C. J. MANN or W. F. SELLERS, Sabbath
Rest P. 0., Blair Co., Pa,' Altoona Feb. 10-3 t.
Land for sale.—the sub
criher offers for sale the farm on which James Mat
them now resides, near Coleman’s 'Mill, In Logan township.
It contains about 34’ Acres, with two Dwelling Houses, a
Barn and a good spring of water thereon.
Also—“A little more of the same sort’’, in “ the Jfbttla",
on ten year’s trust. He will exchange it fortocm property.
Also—A good 14-horse power STEAM ENGINE, suitable
for a Flouring or Saw Mill. JOHN BROTHKRT.TNR.
Hollidaysburg, Feb. 24,1859-0 t
-11 XNG themselves indebted to the undersigned, previ
ous to the 20th of last April, are requested to moke settle
ment soon —either by cash or uotn. My circumstances re
quire, at least my individual accounts, to ,be closed os soon
as -
Please do not neglect this notice.
Altoona, Peb. 24 tb 1869,
(I*l /V RE WARD!—lost on sat-
UM)AY night. Yob. 19th, 1869, between 9 and
10 o’clock, oh the street leading from the offico of the Su
perintendent to Dr. Ickes’ Store, a Gold Detached Double
Cue Watch. Any person finding and returning the same,
will receive the above reward and the thanks of
Yob. 24,1859. ; ’ THOB. M. MeDERMOTT.
Eor rent.—a good house &
• DOT On Emma Street. Permission given on the first
of April. Apply tb : JAMES IX)WTHEB.
Yob- 24-fit. '
sfsvr Medical salt
Kg' See Advertisement. "631
Jan. 20,1650 v : \ . 1 ,
P ahd Curtails in store and fcrsal* by■ , ’
March 25, J sBly] 191 North M street, Philadelphia.
Nonca—This is. to inform thopuhlic, that we hove dis
posed of our entice interest in the Lottery Qrai>ts, beld by
us, ns chartered by tbe Statoe of Delaware, Oetetpb Kn>>.
tacky, and Missouri, to the ffrm of WOOD, KDDYiOO-,
to take effecton the lst day ef December,JB*S.'V-Aihtwa
most cordially recommend our ’succeetort tooUf fcrtner
friends and patrons, feeling assured that the business Wilt
bo continued with the same integrity andpromptitude
which has bhareeterized it as condnctw hy ottieelres and
predecessors for the last thirty-fire years.
Wilmington, Del, Nov. 16th, 1868.
The undersigned, haring become owners of THB ONLY
the fallowing scheme, to be drawn each Wednesday in
February, 1869, at Wilmington, Delaware, in public, un
der the superintendence of sworn commissioners appoint
ed by the Governor. ,
Class 158 Dfiaws Wednesday, March 2,1859.
Class 170 Draws Wednesday, March 9, 1869.
Class 182 Draws Wednesday, March 16, 1869.
Class 194 Draws Wednesday, March 28, 1869.
Class 20G Draws Wednesday, March 80, 1869.
Nearly one Prize to every two Tickets!
IS Kumbers»ls Drawn Ballots.
1 Prize of "*37.600 is *37,800
I “ 25,000 “ 28,000
1 “ 20,000“ 20,000
1 “ 10,500 “ 10,500
1 “ 4,000 •• 4.000
1 “ 8,892 “ 3,392
40 Prizes of 1.000 are 40,000
40 “ • 600 - 90,000
300 “ 260 “ ttMMO
65 '• 100 « 0,500
65 “ 70 “ 4.550
66 “ 60 “ 3,250
66 “ 40 “ 2,000
4,810 “ 20 “ 80.200
27,040 “ 10 “ 270,400
32,390 Prizes amounting to
Whole Tickets slo— Halva ss Quarters $2,50
Certificate* of Packages will be gold At the following
rates, which Is the risk.
Certificates of Package of 2G Whole tickets* $119,50
*• ■■ 26 Half “ 74,75
<• « 26 Quarter “
Enclose the amount of money to our address, for what you
wish to purelm-e; name the Lottery iu which you wish It
invented, and whether yon wish Wholes, Knives or Quar
ters, on receipt of which, wo send whut is ordered, by Hi st
mail, together with the scheme.
Immediately after the drawing, the drawn numbers will
he sent witii a Written explanation.
Purchasers will please write their signatures plain, and
give the name of their Post Office, Couuty and State.
Those who prefer not sending money by mail, can use
wher'hy money for Tickets, In sums if Ten Dollars, and
uuworu.-, etui be sent us
front any city or town where they have an office. Th*
money and ;wdcr must lie enclosed in a ‘•GOVERNMENT
Company cannot refci'.'e thorn.
■*s-Orders for Tickets j: Certificates. by Mail or Ex
press, to be directed to WOOD, .EDDY A Co..
Wlhnlngtui', Delaware.
Youth and manhood.— just
Published, the 2.lth Thousand, and —, r STahm »
mailed ip a sealed envelope, to my address, jfjfM/JUjtL
post paid, on receipt of three stamps.
A medical essay on the physical exhaustion a/mmsktSf
and decay of the frame, caused by “self-abuse,” Infection,
and the injurious consequences of mercury. By R. J.
Cnlverwcll, SI. D., Member of the royal college of sur
geons, Ac.
9S- Spermatorrheco or Seminal Emissions, Genital and
Nervous Debility, Impotency, Loss of Energy, Depression
of Spirits. Timidity, Diseases of the SexuaKOrguns, and
Impediments to Marriage, are promjitly and effectually re
moved by tbo authors' novel mid most successful mode of
treatment, by means of which the invalid can regain pris
tine health without having recourse to dangerous and ex
pensive medicines.
(From the London Lancet.)
Tbo best treatise ever written, on a subject of vita] im
portance to all, well worthy the author's.exalted reputa
Address, the Publishers J.C. KLINE St CO.. Ist Avenue.
Cor. K'th street: Post Box 4480, New York City.
Look out for the new store.
—The subscriber would respectfully announce" to the
citizens of Altoona and vicinity, that he has just returned
from the city and opened Ids store ou the ;,
Corner or Axnir and Viboixu Sireets,
Where he offers for sale the largest and Cheapest stock of
Ever brought to this place, which he will sell, WHOLE
SALE and RETAIL. He will also keep constantly on
hand a large supply of '
and X'ountry Produce of dll kinds,
1 which he will dispose of at the lowest cash prices. As be
has bought his goods for cash, lie will bo enabled to sell
them low for cash. He would respectfully invite all to
give him a call and judge for themselves. .
Oct. 2Sth, 1858-tf.j LEWIS PLACK.
The subscriber would respectfully inform .the citizens of
Altoona and vicinity that he has opened a store of the above
kind, near the corner of Adeline end Julia streets, East
Altoona, where be will keep constantly on hand a full sup
ply of everything in his line. His
are all fresh and wi,ll be sold at prices as tow as those of
any olhcrcstublishiueut in town. His stock of provisions,
consisting of N '
Flour, Ilams'j Shoulders, ' Sides, &c.
will be sold a little cheaper titan they cOn be bought any
where else. Bis Flour is obtained from; the beet mills in
tito Western part of the State, and is warranted to bo what
it la represented. ! . .
All kinds of Feed for horses, coVs and hogs, always on
liand. ■
I intend to keep each an assortment that I shall at all
times bo able to supply my customers with whatever they
may need, and I intend also to sell at prices which will
make it a saving to those who patronize tuy store.
July 22, I?SS-3m. HENRY BELL. .
Did yon hear the nows from Europe? If yon have'
not, wo will tell you what It Is. . It Is that HENRY TUCK
taw just returned from the Eastern cities with a large snp
consisting of all stylet and qualities of Dress
Coats, Vests,.Pants, Boots and Shoes, and everything kept
in an establishment of the kind, aJ* of which ha offers fit
unprecedentedly low prices for. cash.v Having purchased
his stockat cash prices, be is thereby enabled to sell vyry
He invites alt those in want of anyihfogrin his Una. to
give him a call, feeling sure that he will ha able to give
satisfaction. HENRY TUCK.
Altoona, Sept. 30, 1568.-tf
3 AGENCY.—Xho undersigned, Agent of the JJlalr
unty Mutual Yite Insurance Company,; la at all
times ready to insure agalnst ioes or damage by fire, Std M»
ingt, Merchandise, Fumiturt and Property, of everyfie*-
cription, In town'or country, at as reasonable rates as ant
Company-in the Stale. - Offico with Belt, Johhston,Jack t
Co. D. I. CALDWELL, Agent.
Jan. 27, ’69-lf
Employment —sso a month,
AND ALL EXPENSES PAID.—An agent la wanted
in ovary town in the United States, to engage In a respecta
ble and easy business, by whtch the above : profits may be
certainly realised. Ybr further ptrticulars, address Dr.
J. RBNRT WARNER, corner of Broome and Mercer Sts;,
Now York City, cnclosingono postage stamp. [Jan. 13.
I J of well selected LIQUORS has been received
Srthe“ LOGAN HOUSE," HoUWajfbJW* t*
sold at the lowest cash, prices, _-whole«W ot tcwL tht
monwfco wantabaaonjy to call. >
draw nigh and hear. JOSEPH RlJtOUTjwnonfir
ces tothe public, that he is remly to diiharge
ttpaoAucUoDo©r^ri?oo*7*B.®aU®dtii»oiib,j/1 ‘
J\ undershirts and Drawers, Cotton, Wotflen snd i - H.YOCU-8.
Dee. 9 186*.
SjMtIMRNT of Scots «ld and pslt
■Dee. 9,1858. , : ' ■< L /
aYSSSSiIA, ...
And the variousaffection* Conseonehiupdtt a^dUotdsnd
STOMACH OK tttfMMt ~ ...
Such u Indlgestiotf, Acidity of the Stomach, PafasA
Heartburn; haU of Appetite, Despondency, Cestlvlsiu.
Blind mod Bleeding Pile*. In all Nervosa, KMnatUnaad
Neuralgic Affection*, it has in numerous instance* proved
highlybeneficial, and in others effected* theidedcns*. a
This is a purely vegetable compound, prepared on ItlMll
scientific principles, after the manner or the cetehraled
Holland Professor, Baerhsve: Because of it* gteatencoeee
in the most of tne European States, its introduction htto
the United States «iw tatCnded~more especially tor Jkoaa
of our fatherland scattered here and there oat the free of
this mightv country. Meeting with great succeae among
them, 1 now offer it to the American public, knowing that
its truly woaderfid medical virtues must be acknowledged.
It is particularly recommended to those pmuii nHS
constitution* may have been Impaired by the continuous
nse of ardent spirits, or other forms of djaatpattnn. Qeno
rally instantaneous in effect; it finds Its way directly to.tha
seat of life, thrilling and quickening every uarve* railing
np the drooping spirit, and, in Csct, Itiftiswig new health
and | vigor in the system. . ■
CAUTION.—The great popularity of this delightful Aro
ma has induced many imitations, which the public should
guard against purchasing. Be not dersnaded to hnx any
thing else until yohhave given Bocrliave’s Holland Bitter*
.a fur trial. One bottle will convince you how infinitely
superior it is to ait these imitations.
4j- Sold at $l.OO per bottle, or six bottles for $5, by the
a.i acturing PharmaeattisU andChemitU,
i'lrraucKQU. ,pa.
T. W. Dyott A nns, Philadelphia; Barnes A Park. Now
York; John D. Park, Cincinnati; Barnard Adams A Qo..
St. Louis; A. RODSU. Altoona, Pa. And by Druggists
and Merchants generally throughout the United States
and Canadas. {October 14,1868.-1 y
SOHTMKNT of goods adapted to the season—which
will be Hold as cheap ns the cheapest—consisting of Sheet
ing's, Canton Flannels Muslins, Prints, Barred Delates, an
assortment sif Trimmings for Ladies Dresses,- with kss
droda.of articles too numerous to mention.
Friends ami citizens colt and seu before purchasing
where and aavdyonr dimes.
Clothing of all sorts cheaper than, the Jews.
.The cheapest .lot of Germantown goods ever offered ia
this place, consisting in part of Ladies Hoods, KigeolsU,
Children's Opera Hoods, Childrens Talma* and Zrphys
Capes and Costs, with the neatest and best assortment »'t
Hosiery to bo fouud anywhere in Uimo mountains.
A splendid assortment of Groceries, consisting of Cincin
nati, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston and New York Byt>
nps—delicious —New Oricai s and Mnscarado Baking Mo
lasses, Sugars of every variety.
Dates, 10 cis. per B)—Prunes, 12U ct*. per lb—Pie Rai
sins, 12U oU, jwi lb—Figs, Citrons, Currants. Dryed, Peach
es. Apples, Oranges sod Lemons, Almonds, Mince Meat
ready for use. \ .. ■ -
Boots and Shoes cheaper than the cheapest.
Hardware ol almost every description—Nalls and Spikes,
Cutlery. Green River Butcher Knives—the best- in the
world—Pumps and Pump Chains and fixtures.
Queens ware.
Tobacco and Segars.
Huts and Caps,
Kieh Oil.
Flax-seed Oil.
Sweet Oil.
Good Cider Vinegar.
Coffee Roasted.
Coffee Green.
Coffee Ground.
The very best Coffee In town St 12J*j ct*. Per B>.
Call and see at 4. L.TCKBB.
Head q y asters for low
PRlGES.—Thankful fbr part Giron, the in bee rl bet
would respectfully he# leave to inform the cttisenS of Al
toona and vicinity, that hr lifts Jtirt rrcrived and opened
bis stock of .• - •
which ho will sell at very low prices for cash. Itconrists
In part of ' / " •>
Detains*, Robes, Pat it Chenes , plain Metinos,
figured and striped Merinos, tTooi Plaid*, Union
Plaids, English Merinos' black and fianry
Silks, S&akls of every description} Sheet
ings, Muslins, Flannels, Cassimeresf Sat- .
tinetls. Gingham», Chintz,
Gloves, Emi/Touleries' embracing
Collars, Setts, Bands, Insert
ing s, Edgings, in fitter
every article of Da-'
dies ITehr, ’
Also— An excellent su.irimcni of faaKiOftftbta Qnente
-I?&retQlasa-waro,e t Qlasa-waro, Earthenware, Ac.
BOOTS and BUOE3 of all sizes, qualitin and styles.—
Radies’ and Misses’ Shoes nod Oaiten. V,
The very best assortment of GROCERIES may >e found
,at this establishment,
Come one! come all 11 and examine the above slock.
Altoona, Oct. 14, 1858. , J.B.mUBMAjt.
Look gut for your heads!
—The subscriber would inforp the In- ,
habitants of this place and’rjciiitty that hV
hfts jnst received the rtylcs of
among which may be found the best Black Mole Shin' sad
Silk Uats, Black and difirrent colored Wool Hats, caps of'
all styles andi prices, for men and boys.. Person* in want of
anythhjgin theabovßllno wllljlndlt to their' advantage
to call on subscriber before porchasing elsewhere.
gy has alp on hand an excellent assortment of Lsdifts*
PURS, df different colon and prices. Those ip want of
the article at once..
Store on Virginia street, opposite the Lutheran ehorcb.
Altoona, Oct. 14, 1858.-Jy , JESSE SMITH.
II ED would respectfully Inform the citfcseoe of Altoona
and vicinity that they have purchased the etatire-Stock and
Jntwl to carry on. the
BVTCIISRIh Q BUSINESS In hl» stetff. We will ftlr
** * h « lowest poatfblepmL
DATS will br the same u fieretofore.’on
TtrESDAT _ SATC>»,iay. We will also attend on
Monday andFclday fevening!) to supply those who neflir
calling at tbtt ii'V. " . EWING.* 35*
Altoona, Je. n . I£, 1C58.-3m ' x ~. v '
V_y KINO Soft Soap, and Boap Powder for. WaMjiloftvOD*
wound equal to six of common Soap; CVatQe Soap, Palm
Soup, Chemical Soap, etc., on bond and for sale at "’
June 10,1858.-tfJ A. ROCSH'S.
V_y Ready Made Clothing, o X the Jarett Rathjona. cheaper
than .ever, at- s. =‘-IlwifcOH>
Dec. 9,1868. \ ■ .
—Caster Oil
CO £ s ' .
«s- 1.1
OX ■tf'S *
*| |
£! 3«||
a I g§s B
r-K o Vi o
w a M • ►
P 3 • ■ss |.‘6
•OQ <!=33S
bd ® wCTE g
Saiu I
9 53 |s | S
tj 5z S g
L 3 a ss} * J
S3* |l
sn-s h