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«nty, as msy feel it a duty to see that public
be brought to justice. i
*bat there ia no evl
f*wis .Piaher lathe
n*Ma by which he haa been returned ma elected
and we do not doubt that
aner the diaclogures which hare been made, .as
'■’W-*? I *** «d honorable man. and a food oitt
j? ** would acorn to hold theoffice. We deem
•tjbtoper to remark further that there ia no ev
****** which in any degree implicates any or-
W»wd political party, as a party, in this fraud.
wn the cyattax y, we are well assured that every
■ man of every party, condemns
.; , emphatically as we do. No honest man,
V we are certain, will stand up and
it. We remark further, and in conclu
' that the citiiens of Washington township
*«ftaaeh, (and amongst whom we know then are
gJWr oTaaworthy men and good citixens as re
.rf* > r . an f'7 h 1 erc in county,) are not only not
Tu have ev idence in the willing
-1,1,1011 thoy came forward and teatiied,
SMC they condemn and deprecate this fraud;
* he 7 will vindicate themaelveaand
Iv!. . L t f l lrns , hip ! by seeing toit, inthe future,
taat. their elections ; shall be conducted byznen
whu respect the law, and therightsof their fel
low oltiiens.
naw » discussed this ease Ip all its]
“Pfe.f 5 ’ “d given at length our reasons for bar
decision, we bare-only to redoidtfae judgment
of *® o court upon the question presented m the'
Mtition and complaint; which is, that Abel
fJojd, having ,as it is shown to re
ceived a majority of the legal tote« polled for
the office ofeounty commissioner at thegeneral
election held In and for the countyofOambria
on the second Tuesday of Ootober, 1868, is du
ly elected to that (dfioe, and entitled to.perform
the daties, and injoy the emoluments of the
some during the term specified in the low. .
S9th Dec. 1858 j By the Coart.
Jltomm Crttame.
THURSDAY, FEB. 10, 1858.
\* ■" ■
tatWhero parties are unknown to ns,ourrnlefor adrer
ttstng is to require payment in advance, or n guarantee from
known persons. It is thorefore useless (or all such to send
n« SdrSrtisemonts offering to pay at Uio end of throe or six
months. Where advertisements are accompanied with the
<w ten doUare, we will giro the
kdTtenuer the full benefit of cash rates.
idrortislng Agents, 119 Nassau .-street, Stow Yqrk,and
10 State street, Boston, are the for the
fWhuse, atul the most influential and largest circulating
Newspapers to the United States and the Canadas. They
are ndtodad to contract for ns at our loteett vuitt.
Philadelphia Papers says that
1 Imlay aad Bicknell’s Bank Note Repor
ted onjy the greatest Counterfeit
Batestorin the world, but the ahtorler
also, as all others published in that City,
with a single exception— < which is of no
aenount/have been merged in it within
the last year. Bioko oil’s Reporter has
been ftr thirty years, over the wliole con-
tin an t, as familiar as ■ Houshold fords’
' to the public, and will ever continue to be
an indispensable auxiliary to success in any
business. You who Jiave it not, send for
it at onoo, and recollect that every copy
received is Worth the amount of a yearly
subscription j in addition to which, all
New Subscribers, are entitled to receive,
without extra charge, a 'copy of Hnlay
and. Bicknqll’s Coins of the World, a work
of great utility and artistic beauty—now
in press.. i ■
A Reform.'—A bill has been introdu
ced in the House to allow Justices of the
Peace, with a jury of six men to hear and
determine charges for crimes of a certain
character. It is a fect undeniable that
charges j|re made against individu
als from motives of revenge, of the most
frivilous character. And yet the charge
of a simple assault can not be folly heard
by justice, or is not heard generally,
* nd ths consequence j B that the defendant
must be held to answer at a higher court,
thus overstocking our criminal courts with
cases which could be more satisfactorily
settled before the justice. 1 Justices should
have the right to decide whether the ac
cused was / probably guilty/ and, if so, to
commit, if not, discharge them at once,
without putting them to the expense of
going to a higher conrt.
Paedondd. — Got. Packer has jpardon
ed Dpaavan, who vfas convicted at the
late term of Quarter Sessions of Dauphin
county, of assault and battery, on the pet
son of J. M. Church, member of the Le
gislature from Philadelphia. The Court,
it will be'remembered, sentenced Donavan
to pay a fine of $2OO, undergo three months
imprisonment in the county jail and give
bail in the sum of siooo to keep the peace
for oneycar. This was piling it on
thick, taking the usual penalties attached
to such misidemeanora into consideration,
although it was not taore thanhe deserved.
Changb.— -The venerable
•Dr. McKinney, the able and talented edi
tor .of .the Presbyterian Banner and Ad
vocate, with* a .view to dividing his edito
rial labors, has entered into arrangement
with Eev. James Allison, of Sewickley
ville|and Mr. Stephen Little, of Pittsburg,
to cany on .the 1 paper as. a copartnership, i
The finn will hereafter be David McKta-i
nor & Co. \ ' ■ r ; . ?
♦ ; .V,
\ I
We publish to-day the whole of the
▼eiy able opinion of Judge Taylor, setting
aside the eleotioUiu Washington township,
Cambria county. We do thl»% request
ofmapy ©four readers who wished to see
it entire—-as the extracts from It which
we published some weeks ago, soarcegave
a correct idea of the Tile frauds
ted. Some action should be taken 3>y the
Legislature to prevent a recurrence of this
kind either in Washington township or
any where else. ' The ballotJwzsliohld he
kept pure and unpolluted by fraud, and
any attempt to frustrate the will of the
people, conveyed in this truly republican
and democratic manner, should be frowed
on by ovety honest Citizen, and tbe perpe
trators severly punished.
. OornwmCanM of OwWribaiM.] .
TUimroota, February 8, 1869.
“indemnity for the past andse
eurity.forthefhtnrc," both Iloases are about to
wince »moat wonderful economy of-time. He
ScnatcnowmoetaßtlO* and the House at 10
o'clock. Hot oily this, but the latter also in
tends holding afternoon Sessions twice a week.
Thisisall verygood, provided the time Jp not
«P«Bt in performing' wind work, or discussing
the merits of Passenger Railway lines in Phila
delphia—* subject not any too interesting to
outsiders from the rural districts.
The Sepate has now before it a General
»»8 [drawn with a view to remedy the de
fects in 'se present law, which are alleged to
ezist afla* many years tinkening.
Its fateis sealed, although every one acknow
ledges that a General Hanking Law would not
only improve the currency, Hit it would in a
great measure cut off banking legislation for the
Th® .bill in relation to the sale of coal by
weight, has .been reported in the Senate as com
mitted. The provisions of the bill are that each
oari delivering coal at a customers doo,r shall
be adjusted in such a manner as to show the
weight of the coal. Ido not consider the bil
of much practical utility iu the country, where
coal dealers arc known to be honest, but it will
beofimmense benefit to the people in the cities,
where, in tbelanguage of a Dutch farmer, “ tey
go about all toy trying to sbeat one anudder,
tad call It pishnass.”
Considerable of the time of the Senate was
taken up on Friday, Saturday and Monday in
passing what is called the Germantown Supple
ment. In the present mixed up condition of
affairs, pertaining to Passenger Railways, it is
not easy to give yon a very lucid explanation of
the bill. The great bone -of contention is for
the Fourth and Eighth street line. Some six or
eight cpmpanies want it, and the Coats and
Green, as well as the Germantown, each offer
to swallow it at a gnlph. Both these compa
nies were chartered lost winter and neither is
likely to prove profitable without additional
privileges, and these the Senate have awarded
to the Germantown Company, by a vote of 20
to 8. Of course the measure has to go through
the House, yet It is all a matter of dollars
and cents, however, for the fortunate drawers
of the prise, would be able to sell the charter at
an advance of $50,000 over prime cost the day
they receive it
AiLeffort will shortly be made to charter an
Association similar to the Cosmopolitan Art
Association, to be called the “ International Art
Union.” In support of the claim for a charter,
it is alleged that $lO,OOO a year is sent to Ohio
for the benefit of New Yorkers and European
Artists, froiy Pennsylvania alone, which might
be given to dor own artists and liurateurs. This
is plausible argument certainly, and the bill
will, in. all probability, pass.
Some time ago a petition was sent here from
Blair county, praying for the passage of a law
to prevent cattle from grazing on the Allegheny
Mountain, And to-day a remonstrance was pre
sented against the same. Those who petition for
the law, state that the woods is often set on fire
in order to collect the cattle,'and some times
people take more .than properly belongsio them.
As it would be a great waste to let the pasturage
rot upon the ground, would it not be as well to
enforce existing laws as to pass new ones?—
Any person driving off other than his own cattle,
is liable to a conviction for grand larceny, and
any person setting fire to the woods designedly
he imprisoned and fined for a misdemeanor.
Petitions for) appropriations come pouring in.-,
The Polytechnic College of Philadelphia wants*
a school of mines established in that city, and
asks for aoapytfp aid them. The Howard As
sociation petitions for an appropriation of $4,-
000, and the Northern Home for Friendless
Children wants a little material aid. All these
arc local institutions and afford only local ben
efits—still if I was a member, the Northern
Home for Friendless Children would draw so
largely upon my sympathies that t could not
resist voting in favor of a very liberal appro
priation. Why does not some humane man
■tart thp subject of a State Orphan Aaylum—or
an Asylum for children whose parents, by rea
son of vico, are incapable of bestowing that at
tenhon due to their helpless condition.
The . bill repealing what is known, as the
‘‘Sheep and Dog Law” in Blair county, passed
m the Senate finally, to-day.
C. M. Doncvao. whom I believe I informed
Sen« laS ‘ WaS in jaUlTn obe
by Judge Pearson, for assault and battery
Joseph M. Church, is out again, having last
evening received kn unconditional pardon,
whereat his friends rejoiced exceedingly, hut
none more so than he did himself,.
Mr. McCurdy to-day read a bill in place 'was
thorizing the courts of Common Fleas, of Phila-
delphia and Pittsburgh, to grant oharton to
Passenger Bailwoys, under .proper restrictions.
If Ibis becomes a law, a vast amount of Legis
lation will be saved. LOGAN.
■ lt is rumored in Washington that the
Pennsylvania delegation are preparing a formal
remonstrance for presentation to the President,
uigmg the importance of tbs removal of Cobb
fromthe Treasury Department
Six school boys, with their teachers,
| skated frera Middletown to Jlartford. a
I of twenty Imiles, in two hours, including a {stop
of twenty Iminutes. ,’ y : -
gQu> The Beading Railroad Company, is
placing gas fixtures in the passenger pare. The
trains wrij,.in a short time, be lighted ia this
wayjme a oobstitate for oil lamps..
j3r ABkr or Oeesb. —The Toledo, (Ohio}
States that a few. days since, a drove of
O.OpO geese, intended for the New Tork market
weftvput on a train at Winchester. Thsy oeed
pieAtour cats, and paid freight at .from 15 to
20 cHato-eadh.., ;
Ahlmpobtant Piscovebt.—The editor of the
JCedins -Gazette tells ofmakunk being captured
in a house by a dog, with, the. nsnal result of
disgust to the victors. The terrible scent was
neutralized by burning tar npcn live coals of
fire, by which the air was purified, as if by
magic. ■! - "
jjgp* A young man named Harrison Sanders,
elopedoa gridaynight.with the wife of his bro-
Sanders, from Springfield, Vermont,
camb to Bellows Falls and took a room at the
BeROwS Fills House. The husband and sheriff
panned them, end toe parries, finding them:
selves caught, took strychnine. Young Sauders
dieffin twenty minutes. The woman is expect
ed to reedier.
JlSto -A gentleman in St. ■. Rouis, who vu
apprehensive thet be wold be visited by bur
gmrh» fixed » pistol in the basement window in
stioh & manner that it would be discharged, by
an attempt to open the window from
Towards corning he was awoke by the report
of the pistol, and on examination he discovered
a burglar Hying under the window dead—shot
through this brain.
Alp* Two hunting parties went from Sarato
ga to the northern woods this winter, one com
prising four persons and the other seven. The
first killed land saved eighty deer and one bear.
The second, seventy*six deer, four panthers, one
otteT, three minks, five martens, and one fox,
besides I,soopounds offish, 800 pounds of which
were-brook and lake trout One brook trout
caught weighed three pounds andiwelve ounces.
B&» Tfae inhabitants of South port, N. Y.,
having beein much annoyed of late by a gang of
theifes in that vicinity, have organized a Vigi
lance Committee, and aotaally hung a fellow
nanted Odell, on Tuesday last, for stealing a
pair sof boots from Mr. Jones’ store. After
hanging a spell, they took him down: bat on
his refusing to confess the theft, they strung
him op again, and on being a second time re
lieved, he pwned np. They then took him to
jail, i
Death only a Chemical Change.— Monsieur
Biot,'; a learned frenchman, gives the following
scientific view of the' immortality of man: “ You
do not die—you only change your state of ag
gregation. It is true, your nitrogen, your hy
drogen, and your carbonate separate; they are
distributed through the atmosphere, penetrate
plants and' animals, or are absorbed by the
earth ; bat: as no atom perishes, you continue
to exist; the only difference is, that you may
find yomsd/ reduced to a more simple expression .’’
Neoho Sobkbstitxon.— The Vicksburg Sun
of the 4th of January states that a runaway
negro was caught at Black Hawk, a few days
previously. with the band of a white man in his
pocket. It is said that the negso confessed that
he had exhumed the body, and cat the hand off
the dead man’s arm, to act as a charm in keep
ing the dogs from following his trade, on
the strength of his confession, he was hong. A
white, silk glove was on the hand when it was
A challenge to skate was given by Miss
,of Salem, aDi Vernon young Lady, who
saucily .gave out that if any of the male gender
could catch; her, she would forfeit a The
Boston Htarld says that an athletic negro bear
ing of the challenge gave chase, and soon bis
am encircled Mr waist, Her brother, how
ever, averted the impending smack by present
ing ithe fellow with a $6 bill—telling him to
“ slide.” The African started on a “ bender ”
with; the finds, remarking audibly that he
“ wouldn’t give $5 to kiss any wite, gal libin.”
Andersson, In bearing generous testi
mony to Morphy’s powers, says he is too strong
for any living player to hope to win more than
a game here and there. He never a
mistake, hut as soon as bis adversary commits
the slightest blunder, he is gone. If a player
makes a move “ approximativement” correct,
but not “ exactraent" the right move. Morphy
is dead certain to win. Andersson has also given
his opinion that Morphy would have beaten all
three great triumvirate—Philidor, La Bourdon
nais, and M’Donnel.
A;Sthax Uusbasd— A “duck of a wife,”
whos« husband went off for a few days to enjoy
himself abroad as he could not at home, thus
advertises him:—
“hosr Sibayed ob Stolen.— An iodvidnal
whom I in ah unguarded moment of loneliness
was thoughtless enough to adopt as my husband.
He is: a good looking and feeble individual,
knowing enough, however, to go in when it
rains, unless some good looking girl offers her
umbrella, gnawers to the name of John. Was
last seen in lefimpany with Julia Harris, walking
with his arm' around her waist, up the plank
road, looking more like a fool, if possible, than
ever. Anybody who will catch the poor fellow
and bring him carefully back, so that I may
chastise him for running away, will be asked to
stay to tea by. Henrietta A. Smith.
SORTMENT of good* adapted to the season—which
wm w add m cheap m the cheapest—eon*l*tfag of *heet-
Muslin *> Print*, Barred Delalns,an
awortnjont of Trimming* for Ladies Dresses, with ban.
areda of article* too ntxmeroiia to mention.
■Fricnds and oipxens call and see before purchasing else
where and saveyour dime*. * “"““S
Clothing.of MI aorta cheaper than the Jews.
. lot of Germantown goods ever offered In
Shoes, cheaper than the cheapest
and Pump Chfim anaflxtnret.
[Tobacco and Segnrs.
j. Hats fend Capo.
t ' . '
Hah Dili
XUx-aeed oil, .
' ' Sweat OU.
_ . : Castor 08. ,
Good Cider. Vinegar. ■
;■ Coffee Bbasted.
, Cdfliee Green.
' Coffee Ground.
The jwy boat Coffee in town at 1211 eta. per lb.
Call apd aee at i: L. ICKES.
kj SDBffIASCBiYAKES. The place togat
Likenesses.. Time from Ito 8 seconder '
Pletnrta oopjed op wenoableterms. '
Ploturtsaet In jewel} r at Tory low rates, the price de
pcsding upon the size of the article. r v"
««nrea always Warranted before they are taken awaV
genUanen are inVßod to call andexamfafe
in clpndjr aa ikir weather.
PecwnberlB,lB6Mni.] J. W. CT.awaTwiif: ;
I' 11 ?*® 16 ® 1281 PRICE IN CtSH
X. Beef by ,j f x. iCgKp,
itfj'ofßinir Co,, Pa, from the fourth day of January, i with Blair <Jnatty for School Tux.
A. : H. 1658, up to and including tha sixth day of January, J _■ , . Bit.
1660. . To amount received fromJ. W. McCord, Into
' DS. Treasurer, ■•• ■
The Treasurer, (Samuel Hoover, Esq.) charges “ “of School Tax collected on unseated
himself with the following amounts, to wit: loads, 'i
To belimoe on hood at last settlement $76191
Kb cash nosivsdftain-r
I*s D. ftldvdl, Collector, Oayvport, 11* Sf
“ JacobLottes berg, «... , Lacan, 130 6
1867 John Safer, « ChSartoe, *lO C
“ Jos. McPherson, « Antis, W
“ Jas. 'Williamson, ** Alleghany, , . 3*o
« HH*h sum*. *• Half. *tt
* P. Brideabaagh, " Tyrone,' s , *OO
“ Jacob Good, \ Altoona, MJ
* J. 0.8. Black, « OtaenOaM, 6
* John Lowe, • Gaysport, If
44 Frederick Foust, “ , Huston, X'
“ ■ Frailer Harlln, “ Juniata,
“ Sam’lghiffler, « Taylor,
■ “ Geo. Elliott, “ i Frankstown,
“ John M’Clure, “ HoUidaysburg,
“ John Marks, ■ “ Snyder,
44 John Anderson, “ Logon,
“ Who. Kennedy, 44 Wood be try,
“ Henry Bnrget, 44 N. Woodberry,
“ W. F. Brldenthal, “ Marttasburg,
1858 Geo. W. Patton, “ Altoona,
44 Peter H. Wilt, 44 AUegheny,
pavidHenaboy, “ Antis,
Ofo. Koon,
Jacob Dell,
Philip Bitemaa, “
John Mawkiiman, “
wm. 8
John MoGtaw, “
Oeo. B. Bsveti, “
JPnilerHiriiii, “
John Weatley,
Henry Bsrget, “
Wm. R. Plummer, “
Sam'l R. Shiffler, “
“ Andrew Miller, ' “ Tyrone,
** Alexander Bobb, « Tyrone Boro,
“ Charlee Blttle, « Woodbcrry,
Redemption money on Unwetad Lendl.
Texei on Umoated Land* recelred,
To balance due County in the hands of the
Treasurer, 8. Hoover, 1
$lO2 42
The Treasurer, (Samuel Hoover, Bsq.,) uki Credit to r the
following disbursements, to wit:
- By amount paid—
Grand and Traverse Jurors,
Directors oi .the Poor,
County Auditors, 6 days each and mileage,
Road and bridge views,
Criminal Prosecutions,
Fox, Wolf and Wild Cat Scalps,
Physicians at Post Mortem examinations,
John R. HcFarlaae, Commissioner, 128 SO
James Hntchison, “ eg 00
David Confer, “ 164 60
E. M. Jones, “ 38 00
James Rpller, . “ 5 00
H.A. Caldwell, Clerk to Commissioners,
Gas used in Court Homo,
0. A. Traugh lor Printing,
J. Penn Jones, “
Jno. A. Lemon for coal,
Daniel Bolinger sundries fur Jail,
George Port, keeping, clothing, Ac. and taking
Jno. Wertz to Lunatic Asvium.
Geo. Port for taking J. Gatos to Asylum and
Blair County Agricultural Society,
Jos. Baldrigc, balance of his acccount for 1847,
J. J. Clyde, docket for Prothonotary,
11. M. Baldrige, lor new index to Deed Books,
Michael Dorn, damages to lands by rood,
John Oorley, Esq., Docket costs,
Sellers and Snyder, for draining Jail drain,
John Dipner, repairs at Jail end Court House,
Geo. Port and others at Bennington,
Bird O. Eaton, repairs at Jail, (
E Hanupond, bal. of account as District Att’y,
■B. Bissett, Gas fixtures for Court House and Jail,
William Johnston, horso hire, -
Joseph Fogle, building oxen at Jail,
John C. Johnston, for painting at Court House,
Dr. ui. T. Coffey, for medical attendance on priso
ners in Jail, from Dee. 22,1866, to May 16,1858,
Bird G. Baton, repairs at Jail,
H. B. Martin, hauling ashes, Ac- out of Court
i House yard,
B. B. Rorabacher, sundries furnished for C. H.
and labor done,
John M’Cl are, for Coal,
John Bollinger, tin ware for Jail, ,
'Daniel Bollinger, do do
11. B. Martin dry wood for Court House,
Joseph Fogle, repairs of parement, C. H. step,
and planting truss in C. H. yard,
M. McKinney for Digest of Blection and Tax laws,
C. V. Pony, two Dockets for nse of Sheriff and
Recorder’s offices,
Mrs. Rogers cleaning Court House,
Wm. Williams, Jr. ground rent,
8. T. Murray for auditing accounts of Prat’y, A
Reg. A Recorder, 42 gr
John A. Wier, 5Cr. of S. L. Asylum, 296 50
Alexander Johnston, interest on Loon, 120 00
John Ake, M « isn aa
Michael Black, « « sh no
John Campbell, “ >< gn An
James Roller, « « 42 60
Joseph Kemp, taxes on unseated lands refunded. 26 60
Western Penitentiary, 577 7 B
D; L. He wit. District Att’y, fees in Court cases, 110 00
George Port on account, 1049 00
George A. Brooks, v assessments, 1889, 33 50
Sam’l ITooTer. Treas. expenses on unseated lands, 102 25
Jacob Good, refunding order, 15 <uj
James Funk, Esq. on account, joo 00
John Lowe, taxes on unseated lands refunded, ' 18 77
8. S. Biair on account pros, eenriecs, 14 so
Redemption money, U. Lands. 43 in
Coroner’s Inquests, i*,,
Treqanrer’s per cent, on $38,007 22 * ‘ son hi
Balance in hands of Treosdrer, jq2 42
A B, oF*> tte undersigned. Auditors
of Blair County, in the State of Pennsylvania, do hereby
certify, that wo have examined tlio Drafts of the County
Commissioners of the County aforesaid, and the vonchere
for the some, up to, and including the sixth day of Jann
ary, eighteen hundred and fifty nine, and have settled and
atynated the. accounts of SAMUEL HOOVER, Treasurer
with the said county of Blair, and wo find a balance in
the hand* of the said Treasurer, of Oao Hundred and Two
Dollars and Forty-Two Cents.
J* TESTtMOsr 'whereof wo have hereunto set our bands
ahd seMs this .sixth day of January, A. Dl eighteen hun
dred and fifty-nine. s. MORROW, 8 ft. g 1
A-c. McCartney, L*:]
r m . ' JOS. r. HEwrrr, h_ s.i
Tkshuost of the correctness ofthe foreeoimr aemunt
of SAMUEL HOOTER, Treasurer of awf(o£S3iSf
the said county with him, wu hereunto set our hands, and
have caused onr »ca,l of office to be affixed, at Huilidavs
bnrg, this 6th day of January, A. D. 1859.
£. M. JONES. ft «1
Mtat: H. A. Caldwxix, Clerk, *•’* *'
JOSEPH BALDHIQE, Prothondiary, in Ac
count with Blair County.
*■? l f r J ®’*** received in Common Plea*, no
| Gas,, for the year 1868 up to Hot. £S, g
U | i “ es a "d jury Foe* in Quarter Session., 2? 00
Bal*oco due at Settlement, Jan. Bth, 1859, 210 M
$276 U
By amount of—
*™/or certifyingelection ieturns and recording
Fees on Inquisitions,
Fees for certifying road and bridge viewers,
la Sessions and swearing Grand Jn-
1860. Jan. 6. By balance in few of accountant, $2lO 06
GEOROE PORT, Sheriff, in Account with Blair
1868. To amount—
lUcelrodln coah for floss and j U rr fe«.
J " “ from Coonty iSLnrSi
G Not*3o. 18!^ herir#offlC ® ,, I , ““ d deluding
Batata doe at Mttlemsnt Jan. 6, 1859,
$1537 05
Sj Balance at last settlement, . M
“ *,££ > for • nnuwmln F o«nd ud Traverse Jn- V W ® B 08
“Oonwiag on.eoj.Tfct to Penitentiary,
4 °- 79 M
2 WMhlnff lor Jail, Ac. ’ Jj ;g
biding for me of Jail and clothing 48 05
“ bonding prisoners, .j*?
taking ashes out .f Court Yard 77
SJfcoSS 7 ” 4 iDS
“ AdTer&ging annual election, 7 S*
u J? 8 * In nlrter Sessions, M
Thmp W c Wl t.onslo6fln««dfce. w 7 | $
1869. Jan. 6. By balance dn« accountant - •«. on
We, the undersigned, Auditors n . *? 8
Bta*a of Fennaylvattiajdo —
ftmined the acconota of th» .**
of tho county ulbroei^^d
eluding the JsnuaTv PSA" *»■«»and In
our *>»»»
N. Woodberrr,
$1i,204 87
$2036 37
820 u 00
1233 00
42 26
77 97
798 97
163 90
60 00
434 OJ
196 00
617 00
310 06
807 27U
46 45
SO 00
174 62U
11 25
13 14
71 SI
27 10
160 00
270 43
12 00
60 00
CO 00
4 00
2 SO
7 88
122 42
0 02
160 SO
3 00
6 00
16 00
16 00
87 15
6 60
2 60
0 64
60 37>4
6 76
8 61
7 04
8 00
3 00
10 60
22 00
10 36
8 89
3 06
6 67
7 81
4 SO
$lO5 00
1048 08
6 08
376 90
“wSrtiILi 0 w" 7 m
TOESBAT and SATURDAY*** ," or * toß:>r e. on
Monday and Friday eroSnaa ta anL^'.v* 1 * 0 atten<l on
*Utarat tfoit thne. DgS to ”*& SS*? " h ° P«fer
Altoona, Jan. U, 18S8.-3m ITWIhO A 00.
$1537 05
than inwrjit . «ft&*Jatett IWkjfew,chcann
■ UwB,lBs* ! v V W TOCtfC
$lB3 80’
18S9,Jui. 6. Touomnit liliddi afoeocmntAal, -jMB 30
By amount !ix,- -CM.
VnaMmlh>S.lH(trM, .''f, v<-> ,-$39 23
Jtmteta “••=. M 28
Greenfield, •• • ■■••,■.«• '••;> • 8008
TNmntXStmaiMa, 4 99
Amoant in bAnds of Treeearer, 49 30
SAMUEL lIOOVER, IWatufer, in Account
./ ' with Stair County for Road Tax, .
■ ■ DR.
To amount receired from J. W.McCord, Uts
“ “ collected on wMentod lands,
UW.Jaa.Oi To balance in hands of accountant, 9?
\ , ■ .
By amount paid Supervisors ol Greenfield tn- 20 00
•* Treasurer's Comminlon, s •• j jj
“ Balanca la band* of 7O VT
SAMUEL 1100 VER t TVeantrer, in Account
with Blair County for Dog Tea,
1> amount of Dog Tax ree’d from Collectors, 28
f mlum da* accountant, , . B*9B
I sso OS
( By amount paid— ! CB.
IdamJW, 1 j $22 80
loun Brannon, i ka
U**c Sparr, 53 28
peaturer’i CommUtloD, 1 38
, • 850 83
W., the undersigned. Auditory of Blair eonnty,dn tbs
lute of Penneyl vania, do hereby certify that m haw ex
imined the drafts of tbo County Oomsabaioners of the
nunur aforesaid, ana the vouchers of tbs asms np to and
"I 1 ?”?** i h9 .? t! L3*y ** A. D.JB#i and have
ctued and adjusted the account* of SAMUEL UOOTEK.
mca in the bands of mid Treasurer of Forty-Nine Dollar*
md Thirty Seventy-Nine Dollar*and
vl “ t ,y^ eT » n Cont« of Road Tax, and that there is due the
told Treasurer Eight Dollars and Thirty-Eight CenU of
Dug Tax.
. ,l T l 2£ nder our h * u,d * *nd »«al» thle Gth day of January.
A. D. 1860. 8. MORROW, ' fi.a.l
A.c. McCartney, h,4
JOS. R. HBWITT, [l. s.j
A List of Outstanding Debts due the County of
I Blair on the Sixth day of January, 1869, for
i the year 1857, and previous years.
{Thomas Brown, Snyder, 1881, :
3 atcr Boyles, Gaysport, . 1852,
>Villiam Burfcy, Snyder, 1853,'
Timothy Davis, Gaysport, 1854.
lohn lillery, Blair, «c
Javid WaUou,Hulliday»bnrg, 1*
■iraon JU Cooper, Frankstown "
lugb Dunu, Catharine, 1863,
•amui l Jones, Snyder, “.
Sohn Shinefelt, Woodbcrry, •<;.
ames Alexander, Allegheny,; 1860,
osepb Irwin, Frankstown, , «
. S. Nicodemns, N. Wood berry, “
'ohn Suler, Catharine,' :1867,
antes Williamson, Allegheny. «
Cltj*h Feme, Blair, «
’bilip Bridenbaugh,* Tjrono, “
lohn Lowe, Gaysport, «
F rederick Fouso, lluaton, “
Jeorge Elliott, Frankstown, “
(John McClure, Hollldaysburg, “
(John Marks, Snyder, , o
John Anderson, Logan, . «
;W. F. Bridrnthsd,* Martlnsburg «
$lOO6 09
'■■A List of Outstanding pelts due the County of
Blair, on the Sixth dag of January, 1869 1 for
the ytgr 1858.
Geo. W. iktton, Altoona, ISJB.
Peter 11. Wilt,* Allegheny, «
DhtUl Btnshey,* Antlik «
George Bdon,* Blair, «
Jacob Ddl, Catharine, “
Philip Hie man,* Frankut'n u
Jno Mnarlman,* Greenfield, o
Wm. Keiermon, Gayeport, *j
John Mcflraw,* Huston, “
Geo. B. B) went, Iloli idn ynb'g, “
Frailer Jariiu,* Juniata, “
John Wjstlej,* Logan, “
H. S.Cn4fford,Martin»bnrg, “
Henry target,* N.Woodbr’y ; •
W. B. Ilhmmer,* Bnyiler, «
£amT EjJhiffler,* Taylor, ' «
Andrew lUller,* Tyrone, <1
Alexander Bob, Tyrone bor. “ '
Charles Httle, IV ood berry,
Total outstanißg, Jan. f s A.D: 1859. tn. 475 51
All marked IMi (*) hare since paid part * ■
February 3,1859-11
and Pharmaceutist,
under Keywue Hall, N. E. owner ol Virginia and Aunjo
Conatanly on band a spletidid assortment of
coaiisfinp'of all tho Snjwrlor Kxtrncts for the Hiuidker
cb,vf, Poitades, Hair Oils, Colpgacs, Oriental Drops, -Cos
tnetics, FAugipinl Sachets, Fancy Soaps, Bongos, rtc
Brash*, Hair, Tooth, XallJ Flesh, Paint and Clothes.
Porte iennafrs Pocket Books- Parses, Pencils, Courts,
Knives md Violin Strings.- ’ *
Glow cferery I**? * loum * J “ *«»*>»
Carton, linseed, Sperm and Lard OIL.
IMand’. ifcnnan Bitters, Bosrlmve’s Holland Bitters,
1 9 h ' I T* Pectoral. Snrraparilla and Catlmrtic Pills;
i “r L TC f In^6^ tor; -Blmlsoy’s Blow! Searcher
Clarkes Female andDuponco’a Golden Pills; Wrichl’A
V“r McLane’s, LeiUy’s ami Corbin’s Pills; H’olSe’s
, Aromatic Schiedam Bcbnaj>j>s; Merchant’* GarjtiiDtr Oil*
Perry Davis’ Pain Killer. Four-fclO. Arabi«?Me^f«n
WUh “ ,l «****
light Onard Opera,
La Kortuna,
H Erening Star,
La SaJradora, ;
1 Cigarette*,
La :tr«nacwoG,
th VO,T J S ,Uj L£? P! ° toother
J! bnnds iDiiijirktt> • .
A IWI KhlgMVi CeletaUed KUrorte* Kx
s£&? ******** Powder* anJ
/ FLUID conitaht ly on hand.
Altoona. Doc. SO, 1868.
SAT‘K.—By virtue of an order
of the Orphans’Conrt of BUircounty.tbe imbscrlber will
cell by public on the premises, on WKOXrmuv
following Beal Estate, ▼!*_•—A IOT ~
GKOUNp, 50 foet^tontby 150fertdeOT, '
having thereon erected a two and a half A
HOp 8«. »°d other^DutbSl-MBlll#
the confirmation of sale.
; Altoona, Fob. r * M,aika Sunter ’
oi artoona.—-The subscriber offers at Private Sale, a' lot
T7m!t! n ß n^i OnB T T* CTO °S fflth an elegant Fnune
,tloß * * * n^Mln^
how * >ld b r**lst of February, It will
“t&Srl 10 £ aaE*
.$B6 78
\ .
' 193 80
$67 22
34 38
$lOl 80
$93 00
40 22
280 IV
69 41
33 90
81 81
65 66
11 66
32 44
St S 3
14 76
20 17
18 43
47 04
60 41
03 68
101 56‘
, 22 77
“ 220 77
3U 17
78 48
61 6u
88 82
10 20
718 22
132 39
425 TO
521) 08
251 28
1046 65
73 32
379 51
720 27
064 80
318 61
607 46
106 04
640 05
475 67
452 05
484 87
V 280,40
713 77
.1 PRBPARED «Y DU. AsivnV U^Tf if H
Udd# oftheiKit QCy, m
tor# the rab.ltirfimt act* as a Chtftartie. 9
MOtp iffoct%attliiu any other *ili£ k |l
only a Curtarffebut ft i»Vcr rcnipj* n * 8 - Ii
■ Z»««r tOTjecl ifS morbid matter, then o» ,‘ks WSfe
Kbowea to carry off that niuttsr, thus
,JNW effectually, without any
.experienced in tl«s operations c f uLV -<
•treUgthcns the system at the same d
Tina iriien taken daily in moderate » *
and-buitd it up with unusual rapidity. ’
The Lmn is ono of tlio• ,'rrincitml ■■!
human body; and when it ■ ,performs
the powers of the sjMcn.j jin. full, d/“^w V e|
H »Wt P'rfcJniSN
l»ch is M >a
G »y»trm
w I Liver—hash!?, ** £ *
dy is at last Wa K
Q Oosimw.
| tie, and eonrict^Jr
y.-their place a S -4
. (Stomach,
>Wd, I
r I nery, reinorin. u? % $
•7 1 radical cure. IUI, S a
od, asb, w«« : : M
H «wnal oseof
tUmaeh Is almost entirely
Action of the Liter for tti'e
functions: when the atom
arc at (halt, and tho whole
queue® of ono organ—fho;
its duty. For the diseases
proprietors bos rasd® it his
than twenty yean, to flndi
counteract, the many do
To proro that ‘this reme
son troubled with him
forms, baa bat. to try a hot*
total u
These Qvpm remove oil
the system, supplying In
of bile,; invigorating the
digest welt rtnurtwa ras
health to the whole machl
of -the disease—effecting a
Bilious. Attacks are cur-
TRSTEXTu, by the occa
One dose after eating is
maeh and prevent the food
Only one dose taken be-
Nichtmare. i
j ; Only one doee. taken at
ala gently, And! cures Cos-
One daw taken after each (
49* One dose of two tea- j
Ueye SiokllkaiUohe.
Jwttle taken for ft-1
tke cause of tbs disease. I
Only one dose immediate-!
One doee often repeated;
Mouses, and a preventive
49* Only one bottle is
•ystem the effects of medi
-49* One bottle tOen for
lowness or unnatural color
v One dose taken a abort
vigor to the appetite, and!
One doee often repeated!
its worst forms, while Sum
yield almost to the first
One or two doses cares
in children- there is noj
remedy ju the world, as It
A few bottle* cures Dropsy
We take pleasure In re
ss a preventive for Fever
all Fevers of a Bilious type,
and thousands are willing
Its&vor^'*** 11 *** giT *" glh ** r *■“■•■««• t-u-tn k S,
•jaiSsßs&*—" * , “ o "
working cures, almost too great to believe. ItcLlzl-l
by magic, notthe first dote giving beatJU, and'sdSif "I
than one bottle is repaired to cure snyktad ofIJvSI?
plaint, front the worit Jharnfas d, &
Headache, nllof which are the rcsiflthfahns.s4,
all Druggists. IMay ||
More than bottlsi fi
SOLD iir THK p
■ tN ON 18 YEAR. , M
i Ths Restorative of Prof a i. Wood for Restocks kt
Iterfcctjyandpermanently, ha* never yet hsd■ H«L»I
lime| after volnma might be gfron jiwt. bfl
tbo mort latelQgnit to proreth»ta£
» -s
UaUv—Pecple Ham for ceutarks been sling
with held heads and tl» only remedy, berctofin Imh
hM i** 0 ft* & recent dimTirrit
Professor Wood these iirtidd m Hmff flint flhenatilii
but a greet many persons rtfll patronise thtSTCS
they have been to pften imposed upon by fSb toofas
different kinds. To we earnestly mb
the request, that they win try once again, for la
K«tom‘iv, theretonojmeh thing aa £u W# know A
lady who was bald, who naed thf article a abort tins,*
her head la now covered completely with the tlaiMul
most beanti Ail enrta faMginabfe, ’ We knowo/mowne
cases where hair waa rapMly foUlog oat, which ft rested
in greater perfoction than It crop had been before.
It is also without doubt one of the beet.articles tor W
ing the hair in good condition, making it soft and (hair
removing; dandruff; and has proved itself tbs greet* m
toy to ail the Ills that hair to heir to.
It Is. the. duty of every one to improve their penoulu
pearaaco though some may differ In regard to the *»«(
doing Itpmt every one will admit that a beautiful bads
hair, either in. man or wpmau, Is an object much to lab
sired, and there are no means that shnnid be loft untrWii
obtidn such aconsHcrarti.n.— Hbmau’s Mroeate, Pblk'
ft t w/vftft t «« . iOnahocton,Ohio,Kov.l7,MSt
J; 4 As I have boon engagnlii
selling your Hair Restorative the last season forbwrf
yonr agents pi M. Hackinson.) and baying ei*.
enced tiurbeoeActol effects of it myselfe I would like to*
)tadn an agency for the State of Ohio or some Stale is lb.
Wwt* should you vish (o make such fin amoctmfnt,ul
oni couvincjcd there (iHothfag equal tn {tin the VeiledStk,
for reitoriilg the hair. I hove been engaged la UuDni
business fop several years, and hove sold various ptepm
tions for the hair, hot have found nothing tint restore! lb
secretive organs or invfeoretos the. sculp as welt u yew,
being fully convinced that yonr restorative is wkstyoe
represent il: trtjl*, I would like to engage in thowlirfH,
for lam aatrsfivd it must sell. Yours truly.
8. T. STOCK*!*.
„ \fayland, Umm, F»b.4, UR.
PROF. O. I. i CQ^rOenU: Haring restart to
go.*! efl'ccts oryonr lfafr’RtWomfTe, I wi<b to itatt, IW
finding;my hidr CTowtag thin, as well its my, I mb
dticcd from what I read am} heard. to tiythsartfeh**
pared by y0u.1,0 promote its growth and chaan to «ls
as it was in youth, both of which it has rtfectedcomMt
ly. In the operation I have nsed nearly tbrwMlba
Yours Ac., JAMXB VftASCnL
O.J. Woop t Co n Proprietors 312 Broadway, Sewfah.
(in t*e great S. Y. Wire Reilihg EetabUahnwaO iadM
Market St- St. leoiia. Mo. n
For sale by Q. W. KKSSLER, Altoona, sad by snaul
Dniggfats. f June 3,15J»-fj.
at their cheap Clothing Emporium.
If you want a cheap coat call at
If you want a cheap pair of pant*
call at BTTINGEB A DI-tIU- , «*
If you -want to buy cheap Under*
ahJrti or Owehirtt call at BTTINOEB A CtlMiS*
If you want a good and cheap
pair of Boots or Shoes call at .
If you want a good hat or cap
If you want anything in the line
of Gentlemen’* dothiac—cheap—call at ....
If you want to get Clothing cheap
call at ETTINGEB A CLLMi> ?
If yop want to get good Clothing
UndereUrta and Drawers, Cotton, Woolen
wiEJrerytoir, at H.TCCUB
Sac. ft 18*8, - ..
*° 4 , 6. wiJOiW
sufficient tv nlienii !
from rfolnr aad*JlS
' fcw ' : wt W»6 *JU
wight, loosen* th« a,,
menl wHJ cmr.
•Voonafkl will
.Tmalaobstmtio* '‘M
• pasassS i
B&aar* ,B *i
• [needed to throw ow a I
Q, cine after a
Jacj*wc« remove* JJ:
from th* skin. * |
W Uni » before eatiar j
make* the food dl»L2' >1
Q cures Chronic ’>
rj attack* earned b» iwi.'.i
* SMS'.* *sa
commending tk/ZJ? i 3
to testiQrfo ib |
CQrT - i „
Wo i \
oS ** n
P* 55« r
H** Si i
i** p*'
w . 0
os g
Pm “oS •*
OQ <503 J
bnK “a'SS
5 M 25 IS
OO a 4|
w»y«f JWlttf
hfjp*, w«
daylS H
junto* paftn
up street, at
door to bio o
clerk# who *
if they
feeling wlllli
for the mono,
in the hand
handed over i
no change in
pooled to our
go hb securi
taak, the part
of manoouvrci
which wound
. ejectment of s
Jew clothier
made. After
refused to “ y
twitted the bo
As a matter ol
the rig waa or
gnuat bo some
tarn the Übl
fairly earned t
(before Esquire
the junior clot
■covety of the
mediately issu
model Cons tab
tlemen up “«
ever, exactly u
thus sommaril;
case, by the Jr
from their eycf
which the Just
icr waa bound
ing rant to son
ousness” of tl
i compromised hi
gad the junior
| amounted to ‘
I well played out
tho young man
to pay for eject
side, and waa in
Obbat Tuiai
LA gentleman w
tho art of lUti
match worthy o
Altoona, on Tin
[lBo9, a cast stc<
original cost, ) 1
Will bo entitled
phots, (ns may I
her of shuts to
and the shortes
pwner of tho Rif
[he purchase of
[ho successful n
to engraved th
ho Champion
|festmorcland, i
ingdon, Clenrfie
ferry.’' It is
prgo surplus oi
bto second and <
Now, all ye wl
fend and prove y
ER uold voub r
The Rifle can
IROIGB IIIBRICI to the 17th i
f made.
for many of
■«. indebted to t
not be Btid thal
r* M f
ißosoron a^p
pday, 18 th ins t.,
P townships in t
[discharge their
leers for the - c
appear like a;
|t it is that w!
km. The nctioi:
I®**® come Lomi
F oppress or bo
Itho acts of mem
|turc; consoquci
bpetent officers
Spring as at th
Iho attention tc
I Township offict
to, bare no right
not act to the
community dc
1 the actions of
*fore they shoul
es far as possib
pi predilections,
fos of the candii
in this place re
K be the case h
[ out of rotors or
t a
1 ’-Is
BK *r Nominat
last wee
township n
last, for
pdales for the i
township elect!
?~lBth insL '
appointing Wm.
’ Gwic, Secrets
feket was placei
'! iceo Sth t Peace,
Ktoi/,--Peter 5
h‘ tojfc
L:. ho '!-Rocs, Ab
[/* -Election
r ,4A, -P Clerk~A\
r 8 sup PEII ,I
r nefi ‘ of the 5
pea nntil Xbu: