Gazette of the United-States. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1789-1793, September 18, 1793, Page 544, Image 4

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' ' T-'
tromtbt UvYAI. UitK/.IK AMtHICAI*
. i.
» { Awitvd C'JI St. Cltf:X-J
ful>fcHb;r having met witlj
the misfortune to ;c total;)'
shipwrecked, on the 12th day of
Kebroary latf, in ihe bay of Boft n,
culled Cohallet, <<n a ualied rock,
near a place named Brulb-Ifland ;
where he with his crew was' IVr 36
hours exposed to a most severe gale
witb frolt and a thick snow, through
which they could not bedifcernecl ;
but as soon as the thick clouds be
gan to "tifpeife, they inftmitly, to
their great joy, oblerVed in 1 before
noon, the people on fhoreendeavor
itig to come out to them with boats,
in order to lave theui, though the
sea run so high t hat their boms were
thrice filled with water, and one of
the boats (battered, w herfby fix of
the hands were nearly lolt. Not
withllanding this, ihe feeling peo
ple on the shore did keep up their
Ipiriis, and the Parfou tbete, named
Mr. Shaw, then pi'elent, encouraged
them, by addrefiiitg them ;his: —
•• l\ly friends 1 luted not to remind
you us the fervids, we, as human beings,
ewe one to another; being jutly con
vinced of your good dtfpofed minds, but
this is an extraordinary cafe, in which
we Jnujl Jhev.') ourfl-jes ■ there are the
lives of twenty men in quejlion, to be
saved. who will, mojl certainly , be fro
zen dead in less than an hour ; come,
my friends, 1 11 ent:r the boat Jtr one
/nan, although I am a bad mariner"—
and alj the re It followed theßever
end joyfully ; they" took us off the
rock, made t heir home, ours, attend -
ed us in our sickness, and carefully
saved what they could from the (hip
and cargo, even to trifles, as watches,
buckles, buttons, spoons, with other
gold and silver ware, belonging to
tlie fubferiber, which they delivered
him every night, coming iheir
work. The probity of these Gran
gers, affifling us in our diltrefs, 1
cannot express less in retaliation,
but by my wa.mefl: and fi.ncerelt
'hanks, voluntarily acknowledging,
-at the land poffefled by such indi
iuals, is happv, and the unfortu
r- man drove to ttieir ihore, can
lnr fall in t|je hands of upright
men. This I think incum-
U 011 me to publifli.
"Jutland, 1 793,
-M -; —————
Kt ngston (Jam.) Aug. 2.
the Printer of the Kingflon Daily
A'ivf tifer.
1 Admiralty Office, Kingjlon, )
July 21, 1793- >
c \3 ESTLE ft tN ,
to publish the cn.clofed
w , t . as the speediest notification
rendiake of his honour the Lieu
whicViovernor's inftrutflions, di
tbatc» 0 t, e given by rue to. the
than at, v. .. < n .
plies t U ers P ,lvate armed (hips
five use ~ et' f''°tn this office.
stand the very obedient fervanr,
study, asiju. Wai.ker, Dep. Ree.
I am aw, ' r b
will be in.
leges are nJ u !/- 2 7j »793
by mutual irv
bcoufe they ;fire of bis honour the
mutual interQveriior, that in the
(uffer their re. gj ve|l j„ f ulu , eto
dice» will vi, &
They will f.fl.vateers, they may be,
are not wjouh»l terms, forbid rifling
ing without pt, pafTengers or
4 i?'i. a< as may fall in
which rmiy be d J
ed either to ttfh proceedings bpi 11 g
fen fib are by no
itfelf i thai the U) j, e fautftioned by
tion of a count. gran(ed ' b ho
mtnt in Ihe c** ■*? , J
tereft: that 01)1 > 10 Pirate:
made to othci e is determined, b<
by individual 0 dil'couiuenance am
quenry, or ir
of a riifmtere; T
ed onl,bc, a r o » our lobe » S'r
nati.nsth.n tt obedient servant,
of the iiifliiin W. Aw> S ec
' » nd ,he P° ;,c /Reg. Ct. Ad.
gard to 12 '
hoped by th <
country can "OKCrS OtJIICC)
this point o» t| . llr „ ti New .y o , k .
been io copfii.e h|nifi:li
turned .he ASJ & SALE o,
*" cp f m^, c 'lMlS^loN,be i . s leave «,(,!.
t° n An,' istriendmnd olheis. u< th«
friendinip tov ■ .
friendOl, D **'!l P
disposition ,0 ! may
united motives of tn.ei th ' W utm °« hd«.
ill-will, could uige her.
On the fuppoikionth!'
to claim the guaranty, ah' S- ' 'f r '
before we were afkt d, on &VL&LL fciK
her of being the aggrt ITor
in »h#ratalo£Tl
To be Sold
il «'
.< r y it iv a rt: s.i le,
A Valuable Lot of 16
Acres »>i i, \' D. lyir*«j ott \he rud irad
i«lg lujfii "ivi i'ii 10 1 r«rn on, i V from
Piif i-cii)!. ; *'nn -j i?il- y ill(i | h£ k.-fioulc, au<-
no-j|. iind c*i;r Utiiug ft-ram
of Water ipnn nj iluougit. the fame; a
dv-rli r.tih ait efttty iwn
on tiie lower ;hre oil ihuupy-i II >>r ;
a 1 l ch<n adjo.nuiy. w» t |> a cellat uod#r ( thc
whole, ud a wull of water 1} tfce door; »lfo,
170 hearing jpple-trrej, aqd.two or th-ee •• »
of watered meadow. There will he an ind.f-
I'irwble Any person inclining to
i<u>cM»\ [iff# know the let pi-. ot laic l<v ap
plying ic.thv Subscriber on ibe dich ilrs.-,
Sephwler 14,1793 (tp 4 w)
September 9, 1 793-
THE Commifiioncr* of the fedeial B..Minings
having received onlv one or two days pre
vious lU th'c dine MfJpointed-tor the commenc,-.
in <h of the drawing of the, H'u/ktngton Hotel
Lottery. a nuniocr ot Tickets
which had tu-en di-ppfhcd f<vr Tale in the hands
ot oeifons at a d -lbnee, v. ere IhlJ Unfold ; and
there bemg no fund ttiaUliihcd to pay any loss
thai might In (piia'ned b.y keep :i£ ihefe. tickets
1 lie ,11 fl; o! the City, they Coio?n«fl}onjL"is)
detcrtqyicd to defer the drawing until ihcy
con!d be all fohi. *
Under these circumftancvs, a number of gen
tlerpr«» <rf ti-.»s to>vn, and the City of Washing
ton, formed rhenjfelves into a company, and
• ook upon ihemfeiyes all the tickets remaining
on hand, on the express condition agreed on by
tie Comnuflioocrs, that the drawing of the
Lottery Ihou.'d absolutely commence
Mijftmt, anri bccQnlioued wttliouc interruption.
The SuOlcrihers haye been. appointed a com
mittee to mat -. o the dotitcns of tfti's cl mpanv,
; which was formed on public, not pfivwic mo
t lives-And in purluance of rheir initrutkions,
.iiey uo* jufoccn. the public; that Tickets will
be depomecl- with the following gentlemen :
G. Scoit, Baltimore I'own j J. Djvidfon,
Annapolis; D. Crawford, Upper Mailhoio';
b. Lowndes, Bl?.i 4 .eniburg; B. Turner, Port
tobacco ; J. W.lJcinfon, Calvert County ; J.
Fonwtck, St. Mary's County ; G. Mur'dock,
Frederick 'lown; H. Clagete, Hager'& Town ;
M. Watifbg, GeorgeTown ; W. Hot bei t, Alex
andria; W. ThumpUm, Colchetier ; J. Muf
ehent. Dumfries.; R,. Jfntton, Frederttkiburg ;
1. j Caiupbejl artq Wnaier,
i J e ; S.iin. Love, Newgate—
Who wifi fc4l rfir fame until Saiutday the 2lft
inft. at the original price of 7 dollars.
Ifp contrary u> the exp; of the com
pany, ~>y ol ti»-n remain unfold
when the drawVng a mreflaiy at
tention to feye tfiemwfvv* from loft, will com
pel them to advantage of the rife in price,
vvniCM will cenaitily take place.
.. . B. STpDDIORT,
w. TV A R i \ G,
f (
1 . I. l'
; - t ,Y r,,i ' TvBETBH. •
! la
,tn« P:i(J.pttiya of cacp of tfic ptuicipal t»wqs
! on ihe > eb«tSn«M7irQ&c*faw lift <»f each day,*s
|dtawiiig pirns, wilfhr
: e< Wt»»"fl4 that no out
ma y be imtjoled ,©jib* ifljt take <« plit«h»f« of
drawnHicWts during the drawing.
iOA S<Ale, EY
f . ;..M A T JH.JE-W'..C-iA R E-Y,
I "h'^is«*.• • Mjikct.ftreit, ;
Hr%E- • fWji,;.
.1 : ' domituWfineiit'lO JahiisrV, 9787;' to! fS '•<
lertninliioivm':BL<Jciinbei r , iǤi, >iitwflvr : Va- '
a I*4 lejocfedj liiiwi.
L V' e T'i 0 " •>( tb f. of thc-UnUpslr
Jsta<ts, tW a« iyllowY:
i -*l A Wnifcom has met
jwrtji fay.» : Vith<uoi«rfe] *p
!ptqba|io(j| tfvnijcowMieni jydgts - ¥ for I at„ ;<j
w* ii>lVetu4«ui&-
jcalcaMtdw tiifirmiitaYi (finical, agricJtuiaJ,'
jp<Yilof*{>iiiC4i, ajxl ;r
Tout thar it has bepit unijormh can&uttxduxiklafie,
>attcntion t andp/ppriflj;.' J, I to. i Mivpojum
lh« n»orc in»med»«itc de
figft of refciiifyr public document* fiaoi obJi
'vion—l will venture to prononncc, 2s ray fen
;timcnt, THAT A M(Vr F. USErt'l literary
( p f;' A wHAJ K£ v , li.CJi.ltf uMD (IfAKKU -JK
CA, Of OIIC More D€i 5L% V i't» c Of py
j l jß £ |" cc ; AC&^EN-r."'
(jL3 IHE hoi to r prvpofes to continue the
publication oj the G*ztLT'y,t qr the United
,STATEs,>r dijlant circu/atjov, after the jiijl 0 f
\Decetncer next. on tfie ftjUvwinp ten/is y viz.
It Jhallb-e publjhed on Wednesday's qnd
Satt rd a ys, on paper oj the Medium Jize —which
ii i«rgcr tlian the p-njlvt.
77it priUy Three Dollars per ani)uip,exqlwfive
of pottage.
Suifcnptions to he received by the refpe&ive Pcji-
Myter, tH,,oU£iiMt Uu.UtiU J or/nth other felons
as may fee .firopa to colled them.
7he papers to be forwai ded b\ pojl.tuice a tctck,
mpadetsto contain ieji than six papers- and ro
litbfcrtpHons to be riuivtd for a lefi term than h*
months. Payments to b( Conjtand) Jix months in
■ advance. 'I went} pei Cf nt. jiom the prut
'"r.i'C ** * * IT+ *' u '' "Uoiced t u thoje b,h o col-
Jed and Jor uiafd thcfitycription money, jree of ex
f pe'je, injull oj all thaiges Jor then trouble in the
; bujitiejt.
1 hepubhcition h'Weonfa■ n a\ vfual, a variety of
I* "g'"l epys-Jo/eijn and dom,Jl,c inWUgeiu,
' and a fnmrnary of the prtsctedines of the LeeUtaiusc
>of the Union, Qic. Si .-litert,on zoill be paid
tv dijpaichipg the paper 1 ! with punttuality, and Sub-
I enters m ,t depend on receivjnr them as reaularli
■ a.' the pa/ls arrive.
,y, -♦!
June 8.
-~j ift ""
To the Public.
r Editorof the GazettjJ of t 7 NilEi>
JL States, propoles pubiilhing the Papfer,
.11 xlci thai Title, every livening,Sunday's l
To render it interesting as a Daily Publi
cation* it (hall contain foreign and domeltiC)
commercial and political Intelligence Es
says and Observations, local and general
Maritime information Prices Current of
Merchandize and the Public Funds. Alto a
l uminary of the proceedings of Congee fs f and
of the L?giflature of this State .—with a
jketch of Coagreffionai Debates, &c.
Advertizing favors will be gratefully re
To (* printed on paper of the demy /ize
but a larger lize ih»ll Ue substituted in Detcju
t>er next
xe Six Dollars per Annum, to be
paid hajf Yearly.
When a fufneient number bf Subfcrtbers is
obtained, the Publication stall commence.
hi the interim, the Gazette will be publl/h
---ed twice a week as ufuai.—Sublcript-orts are
refpeftfully solicited by the Public's humble
SidlfcriprroHs are rkeivtd *t the Cits Tavern,
South tiecmd Stttet—iy Mr. Ddfin, at the Shut*
ttker ferjdml wlit trein ptjft/fu* tf fui-'
/riptitui pa/itri, and by the £*luoi , fit kit hmfe,
AV 34, A'urih FiJth-StreO.
MOST earnestly requejts those ofhis diflant Sub
cnbcrs who are in arrears for the Gazette, to make
payment as soon as pojjible.—l hofc persons ivho have
receivedfubfcription money on his account are dc fired
to remit the fame. The arrearages J'or the Gazette
hive accumulated to aferious amount—Serious, us
th/ty are the only resource to discharge very serious
engagements incurred in the prosecution of this ex
fenjtvepublication. Philadelphia, June 26.
~ '"fifsT ev*imir
By Thomas Dobfon,
Sookfcllcr», at the Stcnc-Hovfcy in Sccoud Jirect,
Y O L U M E IX, of
On a Plan entirely nsxu :
arc digested into the Form of Diftiutl,
HYDROSTATICS, Hygrometer, f-Jiftory of
Japan, I.eland, jrrufMem, J ow s.' India,
InJcCts, fhlurance, 1 #eland, Italy, KemAjfhatka,
Knighthood, L»ogu»ge, Law, LegrrdWmain,
•vis li a gn at variety ot and Mifa<■ 1-
la neon's Articles.—lllullratco wjjl,h thirty-one
elegant Copperolates. *§" ■
I. -Tbfc-york ■ is* printing
and new types, (cast tor the pu-pole) which
will be occasionally renewed before tbty co,i)-
tract a Worn appearance.
11. Trie work, is furn;fhed in hoards, in volumes
or half~vo<ume*, as fobfci ibers chafe; the price
ot the whole volumes, five dollars each, ot
halt-volumes two dollais-and two-thuds ol a
dollar each. Ten dollar's to be paid on (üb
fenbrng, the' vMumes or half-volumes frnffhed
tq be paid lor wlkiv delivered, thepriceofone
volume to be paid in advance, and the price of
each (ucceeding volume to be paid on deliver
in% the volume preceding tt. No pan of tbe
work will be delivered urVl'efs paid for-.
111. In tbe eoui fe of itie publication will bedc
li\ercd about five hundred copperplates ele-
ganily engraved in Phi)«uiclpHia : which by
tar exceed m number thofic given in ajiy other
fciemifn dictionary. At theclofrot the pub
lication .will be dfelivertdan elegant Frmntf
piece, the dedication, preface, and proper tj»
tie pages for the different volumes, '
It is expected the work will be compiifcd in
about eiglueen volumes in quarto.
The tubfenptiun will continue open on the
above terms tall the fir# day of September next,
to give oppoiumity i 0 thole who are uot yet
labtciihe.s, forwent.
Thole who have fubfcribcd, and got only a '
small part ot ttje work, ate requeued to com
plete their, feu*, as,t>ar as pub'lilhed, as soon *6
poflible, as aker the fijft ol ne*t September, by
which tuns the tenth volume is expe&cd to be
; ready, the publifhdr will not consider hiinfelf
bound' to make up those felts which arc not
completed u»p to th?t period.
Phi/adcl&hjfli lu.r>e K|j 1 793 V
Seat of War.
For Sale, as. M. CAR,EY's St or:,
No, 118, Mariiet-itrcat,
A Sheet Map of the
Flench, Austrian and Dutch Netherlands in
.Wuch the flWgrefv. of the prefcnt
b€ traqed.——, , Ja three eighths cj a d6H ir
And a Map of the No,Uiern Diftrift.
of France, divided into Departments
rnce %'oj a dollar'.
Maps of the United
: ~ A "- V fpi'ited gentlemen, pof
(elfca.ui mater,ab so, correcting and in,pry
ing the Maps of the fevera! States, will lay
r Cafe - V undcl ' ver . v particular obligation',
by communicating them. H<; is l„ immediate
want: of iome tor New.Jersey and Delaware :
ot winch States he is now preparing Maps.
Guthrie's Geography:
_ The fubl'cripfion for this wo. k will be com
doU^T^ a V^. prefWt rate twelve
dollars, t, 11 the full o;.v of November next:
alter Which, It Will be raiied to fourteen d a l
uy s.
Auguji 14..
War Bcpartmt::*.
T.V>'ORM.VI lON ' "J!
I 1 Mituaiy 1 <i» of i, » L -„, . rt 'V /'
I • 111 fuini 10 which ihry ai« iutitud t„ "
March last, and which will become ,i„"ur,
5... ol Scp.cmbr, „c*,, will be paid 011 th , f "!
day by .he Comn,ifli ulieu ol the Uw. J„~
... the Sta lt , refpcetivcly uqdc, the vfcu J''
By Command of the
ii. KNOX, Srerttury ct'lVan
N B. THt Pmntrrj.iv tkt refti:(!i vl
Treasury Department,
NAu&ufl 10, 1793.
oT j'^ E 13 l,er eby jjiven, that PrnpoAh
will be received at the Office of the Se
cretary of the Tl-ealttry, until the I4:hdav
<>t September next inchifively, tofurnifh by
contrast tse fallowing articles of Cbadiing,
»ur the use at" the United States, viz.
4,800 Hats,
5, 120 Stocks,
J, 123 Stock-Uafps,
z£j,4Bs Shirts,
5,123 Vests,
5,120 Coats,
9,600 Woollen Overalls,
9,600 Linen ditto,
19.230 pairs of Shoes,
9,630 pairs 01 Soclts,
5,129 Blankets,
320 Caps,
320 fmrs of Leather Breeches,
040 pairs of Boots,
320 pairs ot Spurs,
640 p.prs of Stockings,
1,520 Rifle Shirts.
t0 de "veredatthecitv
of Philadelphia ; „ ne fourth pai tof the whole
number of IniM on or before the 15th of Fe
bruary, one fourth 011 or before the 15th of
April, and the remaining half on or before
the I sth of June, 1794.
T he articles must be agreeably to fiich pat
terns as (hall be direfled by the Secretly for Department of War. Payment will be
made as soon as the whole of the articles (bail"
nave been delivered. ej>t!4'S.
Treasury Department,
Nnrrrw , v 1793-
U l ICE is hereby given thai p.upoUs *111
be icceiveo UM ,il thc i-j-h diy , )f
n C «, inriubvely, by David Henly a, Kuoxville
M» ihe XcJTitory Sou, h Weft ot.the Ohio, Jor ,hi
iupply of •'II ratiuns whicb may be requirid to
the ule of the Uniied States, liom the h ft c?av i
January to the, ft ,l ay ot Dccembe,
1 794' both days inclusive, at the plnces, sr.
within the diftri&s hcieafter mentioned, v
1. At any place or places from the mouth
"J TeßS.ffi.-c-~u* CL:^J.. rr , o. Bear
Creek, on tne laid River inclufivtiy.
2. At »»y place or place. S from the month of
the nv&i Cumberland to Nalliville, on the laid
rivet, and at N'alhvillc.
3* A* anv place 9/ places within th'/ty miles
of laid Nashville to the Couth ward, weffwaiu.
of ncirtli wand thereof.
4. At filed foe'* Lick, or or place*
between (Ik; said Lick and Nafbviile,
5. Ai any place oi places from Bledfoe's L'ck
to the doffing ok Cumberland rive r, along ihe
new Trnccj-at or near the great Salt Lick, and aC
tlyrfaid doffing place over Cumberland livrr.
6. At any place or places along the said trace,
nointhr crofiing of Cumberland river to the
mouth of Ciiocli river, and at the said mouih of
Clinch river. 1
7. Ac any place Or places between ,lh* said
Tiiouin ot Clinch aid Kuoxville, anil 41 Knox
xille. 1 -
8. At any place or places on the north-wefty
en frrmi'.ers °f Walking!on and Hamilton dif
tritts, in the Teintoiy South oi the Ohio, fiom
Ihe mouth of Clinch to the Virginia line.
9. Al any pljcc or places on the fouthem
ftqntieijrol ihe said diftndU ol and
. 10. .»l any-other phicriir ptac** 1,1 I.K Ull
- Suuih of ihe Oh-.0, no! herein mentioned.
1 he rations to he fuppltcd arc to confifi ol the
following articles, vi?.
One pound of l»«ad or flour,
One pound of beel, or j of , pound oK park,,
■ Half a jill of brandy, rum or whisky,
One quart of fait
j Two quails of viuegarf
Two pounds ol soap £ P cr 100 rat >° ,,s -
On pound of Candjes^
Tberatioiis are to befumifiici in fuc'h quan
titiKS, as that there (hall at all t„ ms , duiinif the
laid 1, rm, be (ufficrenl for the confumprtdii oh
the iroojjf at cach lon or cither Itatumarv poll,
wliu.h is or may be elhbl.flled for the fpoce of
at It-all three months in advance, in and
wholelomc pioVifions, if tbe fame (halj be re
Itisiofceutt-lciftnod in each caff, that alt
Jolif s fuilaincd by the depredations ol thf enc-r
---nj'ej.prby of the t.onps of the United
States, (hall be paid for at the prices of the ar
ticles captured or deftroved, on the depofuiom
ol two or more creditable charaftrr-, md the,
ceriihcate of a commiflioneo officer, alccrtaininff
Ihe circumjUncw of the lois, and the amount o£
the articles for which compension is claimed.
l-hole who may b«oror proposers are «■-
qu lied to trmifmit without delay to the Secre
taryofthe 1 rcafury duplicates of (l.tir propofalj.
Ihe propolals will t,e decided upon at Knox-
V '', a where the said p av id Hcnly wilt
make kno* n the ofter which is «c"cpted, and
will conclude the coiitrsft.
P L A~~
City of Washington,
•Sold by the BooksmxeHs,
N- S