The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 31, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 1

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Additional Particulars of
ir Incidents of the Fo.mdcriax.
Inking of t!ic s'eamship An .1 men, vj.
r voy.gc fioni KtwdilijiHn Nov York.
Ith nearly two hundred of sin' brave soldiers on
ourd, is a caasttopbo which tills ho national
Brt with mourning. Moi-t of the .-old! iTS WITH
turning home on pick leave a lo-v having re
ceived tfieir Ul-cliarge from the I'll: l ante
service. Il li h hid reflection, to th: .k t tat in' n
Who (or several iinn,tliti hcrohullv bare I their
breasts to the common enemy, an ! end re I so
much in dtfeme of the country, shonld suddenly
kave met wilh a watery grave while, on thoir re
turn to home and kindred.
But no hopo soctns to lio now r itortnlne.d of
their safely. The Xarth Amrrim fomdered
M hundred and ninety-seven soldier passengers
D board, and no tiding !ia yet been given as 1
wleihcr a single one of them survived tao torri
kle catastrophe.
Burguoo K. McClintock wan in large of the
soldiers while on ibcir dip troin X Orlc ins to
cw York. The decnpive lists cuit lining nil
their mum s were lost, s t iut it is Impossible to
make public those who went dow.) vith the uu
foilitnaio vessel. It will probali y lio a imi d avs
befjre tbe-s) important fuels can in published.
Tboo wlio weio positively known us buying mot
w th a Wat. ry grave, together with the saved, wore
mentioned in yesterday's llrruld.
rrivate Charles T. Vowler.of the 11th Saw
Cavalry, was one of ihu p.sscmrors on
board of
the Aoi'tVi Ament a. ' i-iim Met a,
glean tome of the details cornice ed wall the
cm aslmphe. The terror noticeable on
Occasions Of this dcBcrilltlon urn llilt h..r.l , Kn
'und. At. least there Is p record of men scenes un
0tn tlm lima ll,.i I..- I..... I...' ..... , 1
v ..... . .u.v i. i, iuu miiri I illcicrt.
On Jrridnv. tbe Kith of I). r th.. v..,,i.
i America Miled fr,,in New Orleans. There were
Sn hoard two hundred and thret kf.-tr ani,urj
LtweUee, ..iTincfsengcrs and h iti w consisting of
lory-tonr. Ihe wcro ta', in from the
different hospitals in the vicinity o? VcwOneans
though principally lioin tlie one at iUtm House!
aijoui one huudtecl of them tie I 'tii'd to urn
lliliHLd 14th New York C ivilrv n-iunmitj urhiin
tbj remainder were ait.iche'i 1 1 vn. .us U'ostern
rK'Dienti wbieli ennnot Ht nrevfnr u ar...;...!
Teei . fn iuhieil witli n 1M -rn nf 1'i.rtiin
comidertd to h- very vulualile. '
I. Vor the tint three dava after h .i
'jf Hem Orkan. tlio neither mm iU lC favoraii'e. una time no inenjeuta ot uy descriutlou
Ceenm-d to dimurli tn n.n.i ... ,,.,...,.., r
.life. On the '20 h, hixvevcr, a tron ttale sprunir
pp from outb.suu'hwebt. Tue He. bjcaincx-
.a eoinply rrtuh. 1 his sort of weat'.er c mtinued
inline riii. when it beitan to,. n,,
niortiinfi, at eleven o'clock, the vessel was
n jMiit. 0 an le iklnu badly.
J bi leak wan dieoven d in the b i. ami vnr
xeriion made to prueut it Rininir, but all to no
,Tiirpoe. Uianketsanu other articles wore brought
i' Mnieruoiiia, ino crew unit paseiitfors nei
"'. out meir enor-s proved ui.ava He. At
o'eloek a Tessel hove In slcht. wh ich
the harqne Mary K. Libhy. K'ie wm iin ne. Mgnabcd todraw muraud he ivi.ifi.
igrrKwae at once retp nded to.
L.plwia Mar-binun. of tt... ,-ih !,......
.v.uB Micro were no nopes ot saving his
it.el, then gave orders to lower awav the imu.
o that all on board miht lie transferred to the
ia'y. ioay. i nut gentleman si., id at ttie snl.j
t Ihe vessel and threa ene l unv ni.i .n uit.m,.,.
ing to' enter the bouts witiiout his orders wi n i n
mediate death. Tub-bad t ie ell d of keeuiuir
perlect quiet on the decks of the .Vrth .Ln-nr ?
and no timidity or contusion of a iy desert ti jii
8t close did the Mir I' l.ihhu enmn in ti,
inking TOcl tbnt t iey - b ih ruu int.) o io
nother, but no dainaue of unv cnii.innii,.a
uttnlned on cither .i.Jt). There w ire iivu lu'li -s
ii board, ami Captain Marshnia i ana nr,i
:hat they should be tirst put on th'i barjuo.
1, Among tno passengers was M 'n M il lio Fowler,
Ui ur ot our When i to
ficcompany the four other ladles iu -he u.iat,
Uir'owler eueruetieallv rcfnHed t,i i,. ........j
? 1 1 j .uij.,1 in l. t.ii. i ...
...vnvu .w u.iug uui uioiuur uiou vim nor. stje
,u-, mereiore, coiupeili j to rem .in until t,i
eeona ot at. nils aciloii nad the result of savin
,h r brother's iile. VVero it not to' this in Lien
might not have beeu punmtt i to enter the
llin Fowler is a native of Serai u-A In ti.ia i,,t.
tie la-rs home some w, eks siaeo. r,.i orn,.i...,l.i r,.
i-cw vnraiis, wuero ner nrotuer n is tlieu in h;s-
iibi, akiieinig ironv chroiiie diairhu'4. W'lule
n n is dick otu siietenhd hi:tl wi i m,trlv
Vhen threatened with death. ili t I I.V tiirn I,.
re mat.; nn.l llinugn Ilerown III.! .. ,1,'ht 1)0 Sicn
en, sua o ill not shrink in w,it in r lir hi si le
nut the moment niie when t .ci wore b.itb la
" Ktroi oLeeunu watery grave
(Ju theae tacts hemtf kno v i by he aaved pas.
iey were transfers 1 on tin: J ' ), :i n tue of
"II UUBUKtU aUU lit IV l u kH . nn,i,.l,l ...
n urave g.n us a miiull les.iiu ,i il in token of
u cvui .ueous emu net.
Il.filx lioatn. oi.tainlnir i i-k,!m ..r,. .c..i-
Jietd ou iiout.1 of iho bartpio. ' I) i of the b i its.
Litn ere tue purser aui b-iitul steward
never seen, and it Is snieins ,1 i ,ar .h.
d. Three hours wore ocemi i tiv tim L.-t
in rcachiint lli.i iir, .' ,;,a j ,i,
VI t bad t in, renderiuir it i no nible to m ike
y liirthr excrtlous at rthutiifl.
The mure crew of the ,Vu-'A mrien. with
feir mptain, es-earu d, togotber w, o lif'B. a en
iea men end tiv ladv p i .m.' . Ona tititi.
rJ and nine'y-soveii soldiois ere drnwaed.
be teuru IL remaineil in me vicinity of
ie Awwi Aim-rua all ni;:ht,sh Having reinai'u'id
iloat ntil an hourafur mid-i;; it, whnn sn I-i-oly
she rippe ired. Next m irning, at day -.fht,
March win ina lo for ti - missiuif vessel.
,,i uo of her c ui'd bo f.iun.1.
It is a n niurkable fact that ihe, a at a Nnio n.
'i lo lonfu-ion on board of ihe w th America soma
X j w houra privioua to her f.uin i ring; that is,
, t f bile mine of tbd nassenirera wnr.i h in t,.n.
M riftl it) the baruiie. i niu i
W .M.r irr.ti.l' tl.a l... .t... . . ..
i ' 'v tun reii ..nnif aoltliers
ere. not wire of the terrinia .1 1 J ti iar
Raited them.
Tbey flcntlvbeiieved the rih A n..v, ,r.t,i
!out the night, when they would be rejeivel
hoard of the Aury E. Ubby. But their atiliei
l(irii were doomed to bo wofully dissipated.
,t ihe poor fellow. iuel with fearful tad.
MoliK IN' Il'l NTS
It Is st.ilrt th ,lhiwpl'a'.sieiird H T) W .lk.T,
w ho is one m ihiwn iniionn. oil as lost, was to he
11 arrhd in this city 011 l,i.- return Icnie. What a
si tick rt ids the heart ol one who so fondly
awaited t is ( oining.
I'lir-rr IMtn was not the regular oTIcer on
toantoftlie orrl, Un ,i, a II- had lien in
duced 10 go on th s last trp to New Orleans a a
nilmi 11 e lor nioth-r.
'Ihe Snrth 'tt,j,i,-,i was a new vessel, hiving
I'd n bulit hi i'lii.H elphia this year for ihe New
Yurk ami New Orl. an Uto.unship C im.H'if .
Hie was a prop - er of sixteen hnnilrcl and Ii ty
Ions n gi er, built ot oak and hemlock, wis tw.i
Inn. die.l ;n, d 11 iny c gilt fctt in len li, thirty
i"ght li t t In width, and twontv-i igut feet deep.
Her cylinder ns li tt v inches In tlla'iieter, with
three feci BUoke ol p ston. .V. 1 . Ilnuhl.
AllJIIKtl, I'll II I I K'S OltllKil TO
N011111 Atianvc Situiuidx, I'Ntrnn Sttks
l'l AOMiic M i.v Klin, lltm-ruN R iaiis, D ice ti
t't r 1U, 1.101 The chart p an ot tlutpi.M, nel
a tuck in the baueriis of the iicint a'. ."S..v luet,
mouth of t;ape I tnr river, will epli.u i self,
but the oiilt r of taking lais.iiou Is as loliows :
It is tirt,t propicd to end avor lo para y.e the
tfirrisi.n I v an explosi in, all the ves-cls rein lin
ing twelve milt s otu from ihe bar, an. I the tr sips
in trttnspiir h tweive miles iimvn the itjist, rea ly
to sti an. up ami be prepared to take tlio worki by
asault, in case the huu r me tiisulile.l.
At a given all tlio bur ve-sels will run ofT
ehcre iweive ml e, when tlio vessel with p d. r
will go in under the torts. When tue ' Xpl i.i i.i
bikes p'aco all ihe vessels will stand in su ire, in
the order nmrkeil on the plan.
'1 he At tc 1 rtiii.i,lt! will stemn along shore,
mining trom the eastward, until the II igs all' on
I on K.shtr hears sou;hvest by w st nalf'-srjsr,
and anchor (chain ready to slip) with her nrtni
side btuiiug ou tlie largest of the enemy's,
und ( pen lire without Uelay. Tun montors wnl
come up astern, anchoring not more than one
length apart directly iu lino alorT the sti,r,,
having spaco on.y lor a gunboa' to lie outside of
iiitm,nu lire between tn. in or over tiiein. I'ue
- rir hunule and monitjrs will lie in int lest
uiun inrte ana a unit fathoms w.itcr, wnieh w in
place them about thn-e-lourths of a mile fruit
on ! i.-ner, nnu a lutio over u .piartcr of A luik:
Ironi the beach.
in the meantime tho lar-e ships will lie form "d
in line ot nattiti to the c inward of tan irci-cl nls,
mid heading parallel wlih tho bind in a sjuti!
hit t west coime in live fathoms water.
When tho signal is made lo ''take nuiti in "
ii. .intJ'iui iiuo sturiiinosi vej-el will gi
iihesd iiowly and iinchor about a mile fr.ini Fort
r inner, opening Ore tno moment sue pss s tua
Xew Iron-ides, and aneboriiig so tli it h tr stern
ftuti will lire Ju-t clear of that vessel. Tue .M i
iucan will then anchor ahead of tho Muinesott,
Coioruiloaliead of ihe Mohican, f iiiuaiora ahead
of C', Wabash ahead of Tusearor.t. Sus-
tticlianna ahead of Wabash, Hrojk yu iihen l of
r.uttiieuanna, l ownatuii aneail of llroiklyn,
Jnnutia ahead of IVwIiitan, with thair cable,
ri ady to slip, und with not m ire tnan tiiicen
fathoms of chiin, tho liueou fathotu shackle
inside the haw.-c-uole.
Ihe yeiicea, Shenntidoub, Tawtuxot, Tie inde
roga, Maekiiinw, Mauuiee Yantic, and IC in,ii
will uiko thilrpo-iuous oe wem and out Ido the
(iilleiuit vtsaels as maikcd on plan, anchoring
With thtii eatilc- to to -lip.
When the h.rge ships aa.l Intcrtnediato ones
get liiirly into pot-ition, the, Unt.lrli,
Huron, a-ul lV iiiot will tal.o p ism m between and
outsid.- tl c lu'initors, in fie oider imirked on the
plan, keeping up n rajud lire wfttle tue m mitors
Hie load rg.
The following vesila will next take their
p sitions i.s inaiki d on the plan.
tomnieiiciug with tl.o Fort Jackson which
vessel w ill anchor nbead of tue Juniata, leaviutfa hetwieu of three leiigtn, .S.uiiia.'o uo
Cuba, lacony, Osceola,' Cniniewa, Sass.ctus,
Murtitanz.i, KhiK.'e lshunl, M mti tello, M.ntnt
Vernon, Moutgoiiiury, It. K. Cuyier, Qu .ker Cny,
and loseo, w ill pass ou slowly, uom uou tug ivi h
ti e rear, until they torm tlio Hue marked oa the
Tbo rese.-ves of each division will form In lma
as per phmj out ot gunshot, rea ly to act as oe
msion may requite.
This is the main plan of tlio bat le. Circum
ttunces may require some dcviition from it; tucli
us a parual a'taolt (noiore going eeri m-ly to
work), to teel tlie enemy's sti-cugto, ad ot which
will lie regulated by signal or by ord era.
Caie aijd Coolness will bo ic. i red ti drop tno
vesMda rn their right places, ami a too early c im
ii.cnieineiit of lire on the part of those go u' mto
poti ion h.ay cicte eonlusion.
As we know but litt.e ah nit the ct'i'irean l
niiiiibcj'ol He be I gum, the vessels must conceu
tiote iheir hie on tue heaviest batteries; but get
tue range betore lin.ig lapidly. F.,r is,;anc;,
ihe largu vessels and c iiicintra.e oa
Fort ! i-hi r, while the Vauderbilt, Fort Ja lttou,
and the vei-st lslu tho line with tho Fort Jackson,
will in en on ihe fur's with u their roach between
Fort Fisher and tho M , und.
Ail the teerve voiseis will prepare to attack
et k's Inland Batt. ry, by taning a p isition who' u
ll,y can cnlilsde It. which is wuen the f.i. t u. ars
nnrthwest. " Vessels drawing fourteen feet cin go
within a ndlo and tliree-.piartera wi h period
suleiy, and use their rifle guns with g iod ettjet.
1 Ley can also reach the loits ou Federal I'oiut,
and prevent their tindg ac. urately on the oilier
I ttlioLi ol tho Meet iu closer ruugo.
Ail tho movements of tlie UiUercnt liaon will
he tiade by smiling orders in a tug, as signals
w ill not bo seen in the smoke.
As it is deiirai.le not to have superfluous diroc
i.uur, cueu eouiuiBlluor w ii no lurunuc I with a
plan, and the unit ei lully discussed, and p uuu
"r'.a i a gt ucrai un eting o: colu mn ers.
Vessels iu di-iro.i and ti niing it necessary to
retire fn m battle will steer cut southe is , exeoot-
ii g tne hiuUiiioBt vessels Iosco, Quaker Ci y,
" ei, etc. wiiieu niu uet'str keep ou
itiutiiwe-t hall son h course, until they clo ir an
ci,dit tout shoul (at low wutei ) outside of them.
it is not disirablo tha the ve sols of the
niuiiuron should show themselves t,j the enemy
nii'll the lime conies for thetn to a ;t, wild th -y
w ill ketp oil -dime about twcniv live ml es, or far
enough rn, t to ho seen, wun N -w Iu;et bearing
west, in about the la Itude of 33 .VI, lo i-itu 0
(7 20-that will tie the remit .tvous. C i.nni m lers
ot divisions will a s. mi.le the visels of their
dnisictis, get them into lire, and keep them so,
iai h Uivisiou lieing Iar ennugu from tlie o her to
allow thriu 10 mtn.cuvre without intirferia.
N hen tha s is until n given to form in line
ol batilo, evuy vessel w II take !n r s all hi in Ii 10
acionlliig to iht p an ou the chart the First
Oniion forming bet and the others dropain
in in order. yy 6
As only low ttcaiu will be re i iif. d, those ves.
6el that move and w. ra I. .n il y wiui h f th ir
boi.ers will only use ihote on onu side, ketfiin
the boihrs (on the side near the enomv) full of
wuier and without steam, with water war u unly,
and reauy to make steam In ctse of n -cussity.
blow, iicliberme tiring is desirables there will
be nimke enough an, how. Ht;iij and iu lis.
crimlnato Ik lug will amount to littio or nothin,'
1 hope no shot may bo ihr two aay.
David I), l'omnn. H ar-A i nlral.
ComuiauUiug North Atlantic sS.iJadion.
Tho Ashland Manufacturing Cotnnaov has
nearly completed one of the tnest co:t in mill, la
New England, at Jewett City, C m ie tlcut. The
mill is designed to accommuda'n tiftji.n ti,oUJ.i
spindles sad Iwo bundled and forty looms.
The Providence Journal states th it Mr. R ie
ell Coggihall, woo recently died at Newport,
left o0.000 for the po ir of tout ci'y, and $ 'J ooa
to the Woman's Aid Society, besldos sums' for
otber charitaule purposes.
I ato Cavalr? Reconnoissance
Towards QorJontville.
Kir., Kir.. I'.tr,, Kc,
Wivciii -ri:H, V n . , 'I liurs.lav, Dtectn'tT 'il.
As the la, I Is g. in ru 'y know n, pant ala. Iv nv
tt e rnru.y, that our cavairi h i. recently in t le a
ii' to ihe vteii.lti (ii O ir l.itc.vilk.,
(liiinie county, there can bo no harm in giviug
si tne I the tit tails .. thai movement.
A I a rule j t s'enliiy upon tl n leturn of the 2 I
lmion, (li in nil I'owi II, tlie l-t Divtsi m, u w
in tkr the einiiiniiiiil ol lln.;adier (iaiicr il 1) vin,
ruuiiiiil lining tie duv. I'ue nvo divisioas,
li t.dt r (lent nii I,.r ,ert, iett camp on M tv,
tin lliih msl.j tliu' night th'- c iinmnid naitc I In
t'lcsi.r's O ip Toe-tiay night at Flock's, ne tr
IV errs viilr ; Wcilia sdiv night on Hughe's road,
l car Maditiin Coiirt-lloii e ; I hare, my u g'u ju -t
n rnss the liupi, an, near llioik's f'id Jack's
shop; Fikiay n ios-c i tho Hapldan an I
Itobin-nn's rivt'is; 6aiiirday night on lla.el
nver : Minoay niiiht at Vt uito Suluher Springs
Monday nlghi near I aris: ami ou I'litwlav maut
tbo 1st liuisioii at Millwood, the ill Divin m
itaciiing ttieir old camp that day. uud the 1st
yen may, as stated above.
With the exception of a few skittering shots
t xi nargtii wun guci iiia.1, there Was no tiring
uii.n me cominauu nail ttir vcd o?i tile llapi 1 in
t- uiv unit's iru n ti.rii"iisvdio. Hero
was lounil strongly posted on tho oppo-its
nilllR J.OIIIBX s division ur CU lry Wlttl
v. rai pice s of nitliery in p waioii. T.iwtrds
l igt.t, while the s.rcon 1 Divisio i, ticn. I'owell
tt oii.nei i spenari t it-iK ,iie un Uif leu), wis put
loiwaiu iticiiter a n ins eii' uiv ou tne piltuaul
Bouuitii ii iiir is. iiiviMoii.tiCii nev.n wctittjtii,
iiLht, i.eai Wiiliaiu's snop, at Kay's For I, a iout
in u nnu a nsii mii. s iioiu tlie pike, wtnru tue
.ii nrigaiir, ctiiiiutniud tiy Ookint Kelioj
rrossed, and by a sudd, n dttsli il mked tho euoiny
'ith -neb promptne-s wa tlio movciuent cva
i uud, and ihe enemy to completely taken bv sur-
piu-e, uiut im y leu preciiitatelv, abandoning to
pit cs of aiti.leiy. It is believed that then t:io
ci'iiiiiiniiu c nnu nave marched into o ,r.ii..
M ie with but little opposition, but night cuminur
. w . ..,.. nn- iu,iu luima man to secure
tue position attu ned
1 he briflgc across the river at I.ihor y Mills lud
oe, n nurucd oy tne enemy, urn! fie roa t lia I
uii.n wise ni rii oiisiructcd. In crossing the river
iiic.o n i eiinsy ivania cavalry, M ,jor rhorpa had
the advance, leu by I.ieii'enaii 11,'uut, ol
l)cvii's s'.sll ; in this Hank niovemctit tharcamo
upon ihe enemy lit the junction of 'be Mtdi,ou
-un eniii.tiMa io roaos, in ar Minier otijiiurcli.
in me enargo a lieb I'ain, surgeo a, and
seven non-coimnisfioned cfll ers ami privates
were captured, most nf whom were left bhlnd
whm ihe Command returned. Tin re was same
tighiir.g up to nine o'clock this uignt, wlioa the
iirmn eciistai on no:ii noes.
Tie fo lowing morning (Friday) the 1st It. i
gade, Colonel Mugg coiiuuainlini!, which h id
li giiuniii g the cross-roads, was moved for
ward id where the t'liarnttesvlllo and
r.nid crofes tho (iordousv ilie pike, and lue H
llrigaoo was theioupoii i.rdcred to advance to
vt inns (Jorili'iisville us far us posstilt.
1 hero was but llttleopptisi ,,n uiilil tho brig vie
lisd arrived within two inkes of (kirduo-ville,
where the pike passes thruugh S niihwest M juii
lam. Hero the road was barricaded, nil I tlie hill
sides were found to be well arranged, tii'ur illy
as well as nruil ially, for drlciisive operations.
More than all, the Worki, such as they were, wcro
occupied by iiiluu.r) .
aHa-iues tbo cavalry before metitioied, Ker
sbsw's Divi-uin ol infiniry was develope 1 here.
Mtcr feeling the works for s .l hours, the
( nnu and was crdete.l to retiro. I.ieuleu int
(.'o.onel AndcrsdB, of the 17th Pennsylvania, be
i avid with distinguished gakaotrv, leitling his
men in two se arat,- eliurgoi, one on foot aud tho
"tht r ou horni. a. k. Colonel Nichols, of tue u h
New York, took a prominent pirt ou the extreme
rjj-h', in a HauK movement.
on the rctii'n, hciring that Mosnhy wn
vvoiinded, and at a Ik iisc near bv. General Oilitu.
ecminuiiiln g Hex ne Brigade, sent out a dot tea.
mint til ike 1st Ilrigoons und. r Cuutain Cm.
pingt rof Cicneral I'orbcrt's stall', to tiring him
y in an ambii ant e. Thn ulaca m .
Donnau's Jlids, near I'pperv iile, but too lite.
Moscby had been removed, und was dangero isly
wound! d, arcorcing to tho stateiuents of t.iu
piople residing Iheie.
1 kei neniv gave 'ho 1st Division a few nirtlnir
slu is in Ashiij's Gap, tiring at le ist a h uidro 1
slots id tin command while passing through that
place. Hcvcra! hundred h ,r-es and ci tie were
npiurtd and driven iu, nut :liere was no sv-ifcvn-
aiic tempt mndf, lo capture or du-trov ortportv,
uve iu nne Instan-'i', where C .p uiu O ivor, will)
ihe4lh New Yoik. wont out, hut, gmtin.' I ist n
the tig, aiid,surrnuuded by an invisible foe, thu
command did not do much damage.
Antexed will be found a list of casual-ins :
Philip Kilns, II, killnl gt ,.rri,, :,mtr. ,.. n,.
Kyi hey, r. (1, tlCvU il,,ti..Fi.v.l... inerta I. meant! .;. tlmiitder Wa-liiavt in s 'Hit. tl, ,r,n
(.nil, r., W U.,w.r. knui ,i:,.rHi. Sua iter, ll.ln.
l ekr,, II sua I '
lici -y l.wni.C, nu i.'".-),Il,oli H II a s-, II, hlu
.lot-ati. silcl.s.'l I. b.ssNt'it l,.e, K l.tek in .rtsllv
i i.i ii lirnj t ii,s.?.,.r,i; s, k left at ila l oji-t
Abiat.aui hnn-ci vr,li.lliiht'r II .ins
K.e Vt t,it ;Kiiiinu"l Auburn, II, sliiiul-
.Isei b Ciilerrn I , Klltt'd ' .ler
inula li.'.eri.C.buei frank llaussr, I, head
1WVMIKTU t.NNSVLVyNIA M ..lull riMltaE.
a. In) lliuilv, a. kllltd
.Iniai llraat.. It. kl ltd
'I raiat il, Ion. I
Sit w s si'k li, i... t
s I uhiiil- g,-r, li. ih.vh
-i la II li, I), curat
I Nul-) Il l.ral-ril In eh, 'St
i'.ti' ( ' f kin iiw, B aukie
I r) I lank., F, in;
.1 111 ey, K, lisinl in, I arm
in Herat II I I j
t-'iira .leiiii Ku ni.ll wounded
A I'll lo 1), l I anrn left
near Inrilit ntvi Ih, in ,rtl
Vt'iu -uli. rt . M, hi( aai aral
II Sa.el K, dlnloiiiua
1) llird, I), inisains
The Boston Liberator contradicts tho repor
hat Ihat parer and tho An'i-Sl ,rrry StinitrH
are to he merged on the lir-t of January. Mr.
Garrison as: ''Such a union has, iudoed, been
under friendly consideration ; but n i tu b ooci
clu ion has been reached. If possible, it Is de--Irable
and fiblng that both journals should c m
i In uo until the Jubilee bell is rung in the Ian 1, pro
claiming freedom to all the iuh ibltauts thereof."
Tbe shoulder-straps of, a It tir-A linlral, by
tbe pieient regulations of the navy, are decorated
with an anchor iu the c u'.re, and tvo stars at
eilhir end. Tha strlpo npon the sleeves are
eight In number. The straps for tha Vice-A ltnl
ral will probably be decorated with an anchor
and star in tbe centre, and atar in each end, an 1
ihe sleeves with nine stripes. The cap front of a
Kear-Admlral is decorated with two silver starst
be vice-Admiral will probably wear three.
SpiTln! PpMputchin to KvimiIus Telosrniih
WAsutNo ion, IleceiB'ior ni.
Hip "I 'lorliltt"
It Is iitiderstncd ihat the llr.i.ilni'i Miuiiinr is
ferf. ctly sstllnil with the decUiou of the Uov
eri nient In tho '(.icii.'.i ease.
I t'll, r Krllv. ry Nyvlrm,
Tlif Icttir delivery system is found to work
lis. Hy, and It will bo gradually limited to the
huge eiti.s.
trvr Year's !''.
New Year's 1 lay will be kept universally here
us a In liday.
sss or f (tniiittttlorr Wtlktt,
The Piesideni's r mission of a portioa of the of tl inmoilorc Wilkes was in He in
ft ni tirreuee uud eon il lation with the Se rctary
( f Hie Navy, end lit tho time of its taking ell' 'at
(li signiti tl by l,im.
Ilitm'Oi-li riiriis.
The llr' regiment in Hancock's 1st Corp, will
be aruitd with Sharpe's rilles.
I'rtmrrss til lt"crtllllt.-,
l(i turns rect rcl at the Pr ivo-t II irsh il-'int'e-rnl's
llurean show the number of men raised bv
recruiting is larger now than at any period during
the present y car.
It ttrs Ahoul Klrhttiniitl,
It is reported on the authority of deserters that
tloHeliels Hreongigcd iu n miving tho heavy
machinery from the arsenals and other public
woiksat Hichtnond further (south, prcpurutory
to an evacuation of that city.
-t ( Kil l A III TKttJIIS.
l,oi isvn i k, December 30. On Saturday Inst
(ai plain Samuel Taker, of the II nne Guards, an I
Lis nephew, a Ind of lifteen years, were sur
round' d at his residence by seven of dipt tin
Praf's llehel gang. Taker mid his nephew liro.l
upen them from the house, killing Pr ut and three
t.t liisroiinades. The remainder est aped with the
less 1 1 their horses und guns.
Msjar John L. Shirk, Surgeon, and C tptain U.
M. Meinherwick, A"tlug llrig ide-Inspector or tho
7'h Pcnn.svlvaiiia Cavalry, wcro murdered In the
puilor of Mr. (Iribsy's house, ne ir II irdstuwn.
Kentucky, by a party of sixteen of Magrudd's
I'rinii New Otleativ.
XiiW Y-oiik, December HI. Tho I'rniinj Star,
from New Orleans on tho 'Jlth, via II tvaim, on
the 27 h ir.stant, bus arrived here. She brings no
Further Particulars Concorn-
ing Mosoby.
Kle., Kl., Kto., Kir,, Klo.
Mors, til Mttstrby.
1ABTI1 1 I.AUS OF Ills MOVrtl. WOf N III Nil.
r hi in, un Ksinitii, un ember 2 1. Tuo gallant
i...,.s,. .cieivtu u nangeiou-i, nut llitmona!
wound, lust Wednesday, lie is iu our hands,
n,,l ' PM II .1,1,
A ruiding nirly of tho enomv lniiiln I In wst.
u,ureii'.iiii on aioini iy, committed a good many
s.. i,iii,i,u,f., ani.i itit-u leu.
Till. Man " It I- (IF MIS Wdt'NIl.
Frtm fttc fit. htiiunit f: rn ninrr. 0tcemtir l'h.
1 lias la i n known In this eitv for several ri
I uui i.oiiinei ai .seiiy w is w iunded seriously
. . . 1 "uiimstiu in raii'iui-r, on
Wi (it enley last. The D.rticul ITS. NO far .j t ti
ll inn, rrpriseut uiut ne wa ana ked hi- a n..
of the t ntniy at a private house, whUhcr he h id
r. inncu to aviuu tuem, where Ihoy discovered
He, supposing that thev would know him. enin
meiiecd snooting at them, and, alter killing and
wounding four of the assailants, ho fell, serl mslv
wounded, the enemy having immediately re
turned bis tlie. It appears, however, that they
did not le-ognlzn hini.un l suppodug that be
ws tiinriuiiy wounneii, tiny Iett nnu. lie I
now Iu a sale place, nud it is thought will sjon
on tun ui uanger uom LI) wtuinu.
Fran tit n;-mon l Ktnmmr, DcetmbtrlH.
1 lie leliowing Yankeo coininiHi onod o'llcers.
ap'iireii tt various mini s, h ivn hi nn rei ji..r..,i
nie Liooy since ,-Miiulay lus' : Co onel .1. s
iiuu on, ,i,;i Ke tiici,y M iintod Hitlus:
l,,i,..n, f'..l...l II fl .....
H"..iqi.,., ,vl II. tl. It ll'llll.J sj.,,u
ors t.avinv: tJl',tn O. N. 11 mtill.l,l
ti ll l avalrv: (.'amain J M w ,n... a i
piini, 2d New York Mounted Hides; 1st l.ieu
... K,n,t'ii ; i.i'UtCtllInt I'. 11 Tr,,..
it unto vaimii r-vans, a, in rvov v,,, k I A
iiwnk. tSuigeon-in Cninf of ih 4,1. ii.,.i..l
Division Sin rnlan s Army of the, Valley.
in a luiiiuu to tbe above, lift v Yankee,.i.
TT V V 1' (mtvivw. TO TUB UI01IMONI) I'AI'KRS.
l't.w,r v ...
...i..,ii,u.,p jecem-ier ill Ida cneniv's
fe.tiirew up in linn of ba tie in fruit of F,jrt
. i.i.t., un.i oi eiieii on mo lort ul half-past one
o clock, P. M , lo-dav.
'lbe Iromi.lf came llrsf, and (ltv othars fil
lowed, it is rcporti'd. Keverai irs ami other
lltiu eiaos itie iiuioug ilium, ihe ligut is Sllll
lirngressmg ut three o'clock. ,
AVilminuton, December 2(1. Our line of c im
i nicuiiou with Fort Fisher bus bsen re opened
. me two or three nssuulis have boon made on
the tort, and all wore repulsed with loss tj tuu
The tight appears to be still going on.
The ei.emy are believed lo be retreating.
There is uo cause tt excitement or apprehen
sion. Wn.mNOTOH, N. C, Dscember 27,-Qoneral
Brugg telegraphs from below that he has re
opened communication with Fort Fnher, and that
there is no occast m for alarm or excitement.
Tho enemy landed with only three davs'
radons. 1
Two feeble assaults ky the enemy's tossoIs
were made last night.
There is bnt littio tiring on Fort Fisher to-dar.
The fleet Is reported to hare hauled oil'.
B tl fTI nt n a urn se as
wel'els negro il v slon forms part of the
ft'fnty s Irnr on tho Nort1! Csrolinu cuas.
T' tir nt iko ett niv's ve-s. Is have certa a'j
, en m a -i' o on uie iioanotc rive ".
PilKiners admit a lo-s of three gunltoats on th
ll""iii ke.
Wii mimiion, Drcemlier 27. The sltualio i is
ni" i. iigeu.
t'i'miiitinic dlou open to Fort F. slier by Inn. I
nt,'' null".
i t o iii"iny still hold their p .si.Ion on the
nc'.i n, t'liiier rover ot ibcr tl et.
The ii'tnck on Fort Fls'u r bis not been
netvcil. The f r1 l nnirjiired.
tiur loss or men un h r fifty. The Fed -als
sum riai snncn.
Fvi-rs Iking looks well,
vVn MtMiii.N, December '. fictiera' f! r.r,
te'tetaphs from Muw Hint Iho encnv hiv. tinned their posiiiou above 1'ort Fi dmr und
re-i iiicB' hi'd.
Onr troop, und ofil-ers behave 1 well thro r'h
out. 1 ht enemy has been defeated at all p lints.
Till K CIIANIK OF I'll I so 1: 11H TO HVYE llKliSt
F'om t . A,K,ti, A'iflni.nrsr. brrrmhor .'s.
All that is known of allairs near V i Im in-'oti is
eoiii.uniti in our telrcranhlcilcspafhes from that
i" .ii.. a very lar-e Idea or the geography ol tli
I l'l" "'" io prevail Willi some ciltl'e.npnrtry
I' liiiinis, nnu a gn ni neat morn import in o has
... i u B iiicnco nv rncm to tlio landing ell 'ctcd bv
ihe enemy near Fort Fisher than the matter
in i rvcu.
The exchange of prisoners is about to be iv
snnicii a' Wilmington. It is singular ih..t the
etii'ine has t ern allowed to ch mseeverv portthev
a ' i m attack as tne point, orexch ingii. II it
w ilh the t'l'llllllissioncr of the Conic, lent,, si,te..
they have always appeared to dd as they pleased.
I'm- Ailditionul Locah, 4'-e l'.ighth Tue.
Sta u: or Tn cRMoM KTUtt To hat. Site A. M..
Ilk. Nocn.,'i7. Ono P. M..H7. Wind V i,v v
Tii a Nf.w The year is very noar its
close. Hut ono sunset more lies between it a id
the daik gate out of which It will pass Into obli
vion. Then tho purple dawn of a now year will
bteik upon us-a hulo und lusty traveller, witti
walk t upon his buck and the light of morning on
his young face, will uppesr upon tho highway of
Time, trmdii g with buoyant feet where tho wan
"Id pilgrim, now so near his end, has gone bef .re.
I lining tremblingly upon his broken stuff. The
days and years puss more swiftly thai, wo think ;
and with nil our clutching at their robet. we pan.
not stay their progress.
It. set mi hut yesterday that tlio brave year
1M'4 came knocking at our doors; its bright f.tco
beiui ing kindly salutations; but puns ng 11 mo
ment now in lllc's busy round to look anout us
hrhold! this bravo yenr is bowed and broken,
the snowdrifts if age lying upon lis furrowed
torehead, und the light almost faded from Its
m n ken eyes. And whut, since It came and has
passed uway wi h noiseless footfall, have iett been
rk ing I in what have wo grown bettor and
stronger? what st ry of triumpns won or victories
shamelessly lost will it, boar of us to ihe As-l.t
whi'bir it is Minim, mod f Wnat record has it
lelt in our lives? what memories, whett it has
gore forever, will it leave In our hearts ?
Iluvo its spring smiles und summer rains
grown (lowers there that shall bloom through nil
coining jrurs, or nourished only pestilential
growths? Dees It leave there affections p trilled
and matured, with Hopo still undimrued, and
Joy still wub psalms ? Happy thev, tipod
whose lives the year in going has left no sh iduw;
who, steing it pass into the night that is sUrless
and eternal, can say, 'Tt was unto us a ye ir of
fiiitLtiil p. rloruiiince, and we fear nut to meet tho
record it may write among the stars."
Ft f.i. Sot This Institution has
commenced Its good work for tho season. Tho
Fuel Saving Society was established in tho your
1S2I, and received its uct of Imorpiratlon In tho
year 1X37. Since its comment oinent it has been
going on with varying success, but on tho whole
piogressiug within the last ten years rapidly. The
object especially which promptel the organ!, i.
tiiin Was that of assisting the Industrious poor to
purchase their winter wood at less rates than were
charged by dealers when winter caino. Tuo
Such ty bought weed In the wa'tu soison at sum
mer rati s, nnu furnisher! It. to tho-o who were en
tilled to it at the oilgi inl c ist. The- ro i no its
eniiiico menisciu's lo the fu. l by paving in tie
apru g and summer such small sums from their
t urnings ns luey could we'l spare, the anion its i
paid being pjuced to fheir credit in pasluoiis
nil Ilinut'U infill.
The attention of the Society at tho rtr.ssenl
unci un io tue purchase or coal i'lstcal of
n.'..,niiu uniiirreu not so proar a i i 1 u-eii
nciwt en slimmer anu w liter Dr cus. t in uniei,. i
t oiiitacreu ror iu tno mil, und liirnlshcd ti da.
p isitnrs at tiliy cents per ton below the contract
price, n enn scarcely no sua that this 8 iciety is
I assd nnon charity. Irs chief ohinet is tn,,..i.i
the poor to help themselves, in leaching th in
h .tuts of care, industry, and economy, by giving
tht 111 a lli-cet ObieCt and a certain r. tii,-n I'... It
The Moekiy bus dono an immense amount of
gtioii.niio its uso uiness is steadily iucretsing.
Ii has claims that should arrest tho attention of
tne industrial classes. A small am it paid
weekiy during tho spring and suniiit r will
insure a hanpy r. turn lor tha Investment ut ,...
inosi un icuicui season ot mo your.
Staiuhno ApFAtn. Tills mnrulng Elward
Burgess was arraigned before Alderman Milkr.
of ihe Twenty -fourth Ward, upon the chargo of
iiavmK sniiiiiou jvnen.ei itib y. Thn latt.-r re
""in a revertj nun uaugerius wound w l'i a
knife in the stomach. Burgess wis held to
w hat W a I'.at. The numlicr of beeves.
sheep, swine, und cows sold at tho Puiladelphi i
move Yard during ltiol, and slnughn red In this
ci'v, is as to lows: Beeves, luili;.); sheep
;iu2,27.); hogs, l l.a,d7i; cows, 8i7l ; making a
giaiiu total ol ,)k(,,)du head in a population of
ti tt nun A'.ni, ,
Damauk to Tk.i.kiai'H Wilms. Tho tclo-
gmph wires between this city and New York
hae Inen deranged kv the storm. It Is sup
posed that tho wires have beeu so burdened with
sleet as to cause them to break down.
Tho new City Councils will org ini.o ou Monday
morning nex', New Year's Day. Dr. Ulfler, of
the Twenty third Ward, will nuli-A- nl... tt..,.
Ginnodo, Weaver, Paulin, Barren, Ilaird, Croc'
keel, and others.
AssAt'LTtD and R ii iiKD. About 12 o'clock
hist night, Mr. John Specht, Uvern-keper at
Washington lane and Ridge avenuu. was ass.iu'iii.l
and robbed of a gold watch and chain, by two
men in bis fcar-room.
Paymkbt of IirrnRF.sT.-Tbe City Treaiuref
will commence paying the interest on the city
debt on and after Monday next. Ha will also
redeem loans maturing ou and after tbe 2d of
Fkub Cotton. The cargo of the prlzo stoamer
.ilium, consisting of 1117 bales of cnttiin mr,n nr
it in a damaged state, took nlace vnsturdar. It
rougUt iroiu Hi cents to 11lisj per pound.
An Ivi'Iiovfmfnt: PRKVFNTATtve Astrt Rw-I
mi i, v. A few days since ono of tho steam-cars
on the most popular of our Toads w is fil ed to
sntl, cation Willi Mio fumes of sulphur, all tha
s -
.ws wire riiisytti, and tho chilly draughts of
a rainy day f ,nmd the hunted p- r.-ons of Ihe
iMTupunts. Sudiicniy, an old e. ntleman who
had been mot iiiTI ii-tcil with spasmodic fasp
ings sprang up, thin f his b inds Into his
, 01 kets, anil dr. w iir ti o ir astonishod
ihrec In xes nf Incjif r m itches, all Jn a stale of
i tic n tiiilon. The llieot ihe hol.irr of these
i uissncts, the health of nil the passengers, were
bus oiidangeii',1, and the c ir undo disagreeable
a. i ovt r sn hicr.
Ibis tun bo prevented. The introduction of
'I e patented mm, Iu s so gme rally in use in Groat
llriiiiin h is jusi lieen ell. eu d, ami our poopie are
I ovt pit sent, d wlib a match which will only
ignite when struck age lust a ehcMncallv prepared
plate attached to Hie box. They contain no
-n i-hur nr phosphorus, and c n be used with
-attiy, i on. ft ri, and eiotiomy. Tne introduction
i t tin in into our land is ono of Ihe greatest
blcs. in domestic cconomv ; nod not ou y the
In ti el.eep. rr, but also all "lovers of the weed "
will bait with j .y the arrival or the "Vnlversiil
'lately Match." They have long nern in use iu
liieat lintHiu und ihe Ucntinent, and in in tsiof
'le c .untrcs of K trope thev are ttieonly form
..I mutch a'lowid hy law. In tm lr m.sniificture
the Inghllul loss of life und lemble attacks of
iicctosis, or loss of lower jaw, rcsiiliiug from
II haling thu fumes of sulphur or ph i.i.tiurus,
in the safcty -mali Ii, are ail avoided. No
peinuioiis subrtance is allowed in the f innatiuu.
t kemis ry bus lent her art to pcrlcct the little
ins rumen', so titling in Is imp arm 'o, so
k ruble In lis influence. The ilr ti-h Government
m order lo testily their high opinion or the Inven
tion, nllowid them to boused iu the International
Kxhibition, w here property- to the amount of mil
Il ns nf dollais wns lying around. An Invention
In seldom como to ns more strongly Indorsed.
Ad Knrnpe acknowledges its eilicicncy, and we
tioubt not that America, that most progressive of
lands, will at once seize on the Invention and ap
pn piisto it to her use. Let every family buy a
box, t'V their illleieni v. and iuilun r..r ti. ......
Klves. Mr. George U. livuus, Nj. 03) Cicsnut
street, Is tho General Ageut tor Peiinsylvauiu.
v Tt u Tho bad weather will noi
prevent a full attendance at the watch meetings
to-n ght. Tiny aro iilways visited by solemn
throngs nnd animated with Impressive Si ones.
lo-nigbt th.'y will prukably be of mora than
ordinary interest and si leiiiDi'y, bee.tu-e they
Villi usher the first day of the week wi Ji the tirst
day of another year, und beeaifse wo have so
much to remember ami be r.itciul for, to antici
pate und exuit in. l,et all who love to witness
lellgloiis lervor, even if they do not possess it,
be ou bund.
ANo rui.n AutirsT.-P.itlck O'Rourke has been
arrested and held in the sum of k), by Alder
man Cloud, to answer tho ch irge of oeing imnli-
catid In the recent riot at the Richmond coal
w halves. is alleireil. was nmit
durii g tho row, und olf re I to net one lino Ire 1
dollars that his sou c mid whip "auy mau of bis
weight and siio iu the crowd."
Hi sioNKU. Wo learn that William M. Bull.
K'ii., Commissioner of the Iljnrd of Enrolment
of the second draft district, hus ton lored his
resienu'lon to the Secretary of War. I n eons.
nucrico of having been appointed S die, tor to tliu
newly elected 'lux Rcceiver.Cliai les O'Neill Esq.
Mr. Bull's resignation takes effect froat the hrsl
of January.
O nes or The vrtsivi Tai.r.tiBAPii, 7
Hiu day. li.orDih.r at J
Tbo Slock Market is dull and stealy this
mi ruing, with the exception ol Coal Oil shares,
w h ch are nctivo iA about former rates. Govern
ed t Bonds aro rather iiiict, with sales of 6-20s
atltlekj; (Is of lfsKl at l(lj, coupons rifTj 0A0
ntldli; and new 7-oOs atauj; New City 6s are
soiling ut 1)9.
Hal'roud shares are inactive.
In City Passenger Railway shares there Is little
or noililng stolug,
Bank shares aro flrm'y held.
Cmi, nl stocks continue dull.
Coal 0.1 sti cks are actlvo, but prices are Irre
gular. Atlas sold at 2 j ; Com Y .inter, 7 j Cald
wuld, Mingo, 4j Dalr.ell, HJ ; Olmstead, 2J;
Pciry, 4A; St. Nicholas, 4 ; Hlbbard, 2 1-16; Ex
celsior, ): ; and Cherry Hun, Ml.
iteiiorteC hj Clarksull A Co., broker,. No. Ut s. Ihlr J Ht.
ino ,h Kl. Nleholaa. c ' InOsUOUOkAJhH.,
tuiti Vt'aliiUt I....c a-ul
nitsT no aud.
SlO.l'Hlt'R S-91S) ins'i. iMI.IlClldwrll
. 4 il
Cklil II I hi.s.'Nl. X Cl...le!l
frl.isH i' h in --tn,,.it.K.lM V
tri ti st 7 ;m tiiiv,
n. n i ft v as tc,
.' i isi do lilt..,, n.1
S'l.ilHI Uo Hew... till
lml do new.. , lift,
'.' I UO Am h s.l tld.llll 1
f ' Ml, I'lelu.V lint i,,
lIH'ili Alius '','
f..ra- sit di '2;i-iti
It II h Com Flam 7 ,
I " th txrt'lainr
Villhti di biK! I'j'
1111 sh klnk
IH( hh do... 4J,(
snith' d l,:io 4',
4Uilb du b.RI 4'.
... ru truiiNinan
SlUsh Olllk At,' 11 K., 4'.
i"ili d-i twin. 4-.iI
11 sh do h.1 4V4
'.,lll do bit) 4V
H'.H sb ItalsaU oil.... !is
ytsi ,h un uiu sv
Mi sh Prrry Oil 4','
,'si h J, i,ed,in Oil... S
tl'si an Si. .Vcllilaii.... 4 xf
'J'sl sli rnrrlltiiiis.te.ti 4V
b sh II bi.ard.... IS
20 s'i Far a Al"0 Ilk (il
J ,h Msnu A vlttcb II tin
4111 sli Su,,, Cansl.,.. Ilk
a() thl'inu. A Am....ll'lk4'
lev ,11 K..lius...e Ap il ,
. (Jiioi'itlons of the principal Cool and Coal OH
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day :
Alti Ait. ftaa a.a
nut sionniainuoai li li.', lllhliard VJ
liiaitT (as
.. II v.le Far m. 41
t'lliutin Cosi
( 'nnnectleut
Illllllll'llll Coul...
t U UU.I
(lri't-11 Mi. Ci'Sk.
Mi.uneuey ll.'l).
S (.'Hrbtur'aJu .,
New Creek
' Si
'. ';.
4 .
J, Irvins Oil IDs)
; Kersloos Oil IU
IS', Krotr 11
.. 1 SI sola Oik. 34
4',' Wel.'I Dioek OU.. .. ','
Jlo. Mineral On 1-,
',, kll iuu 4 '4
.. MeF.nanv b'-
l'l H I'ri l.Vlierrr't . 1
1 Nat,l,s,ui'.r. in
10 it
Allin. t 'I .1-10
Oil Ort ak...,
IV a
Allt'r'l.t'lijr ii Tiac I
lsi .1rva1.U1 oil I I K IV
Hill 1 anl.
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Unoiatlons of Gold at tbe PhlladelDhia (iMc
Exchange, No. 37 8. Third street, second auiry
10 A M '."2ili 12 M hr,
11 A. H K2A 11 P. M 'Uia
111 A. M 224,
Market dull and weak.
llAiii in, Dtt(i,NKY 4 Co., No.SS S. Third street.
quote as Hollows ;
American Gold 22) 'tliX
American Silver. A s and Pa 219! in
Dimes and Half Dimes. ,. ,. 208 212
enn. Currency 8.10 JL ii
Mew York Exchange l.j "