The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 28, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 7, Image 7

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jt hnppencd .inst before I wont tip fur mjr ev-
nininiiuii isnm uiu cuum;. mo unit win nn-n
iliarpm, Ward, Andrews A Co.; and If anybody
id told nie iliat my none, would ever fii'iire in
u a pnrtm r, I should Lava looked op tlio lav
lallve to Iho confinement of lunatics, bjr vrnjr of
actice, and for person' apevial bcnelit.
ell, the houie Is Ward, Smith & Higgles now,
tnrt It may tic Smith, 1) glt t & Smith before Tory
llL If Mutter J k ilirre minds bis l"nMo'
I" JtWoses 10 work his way on, as his Utbrr did
i, ion; him. Hut to go on with my t .ry. 1 w.i,
u. out of icy articles; and ai Mr. Warllo Crd,')
TVarulc,v.c inpclili vous ymiiifr clerks mod U c id
Aim cur managing common law clerk, wan ill,
Joor old Mr. Andrews (win unlirtiek Hint
prn. b of tbo htiinrss) Fiskol mo to rum-vm mil
Jto Ins work wbilo be wns bwiv. An I Kill
ftnouKh I wai of the chance ; for, In fie (ir
ace, it kve 1110 an increasa ot -a'Ary, wliu u wus
i In pnriant ronsiiler.tiinn is lb so ilav. an I
letter Mill, it R ive mo iiraetiea and cin ri in. ... of
'which I Hood in een creamer nee. I. I MnV
nind owning it now, be nui'e I'rn t jo imo I an
Dlilnrn of .lii'k'b tii.iiiii u-v ritn to n.,ii,
will have a bad elln toii n,ii; Imt w'irn I wtt
tin ac I tliniiirl.t, hko nn th r lo i.i-li
fcouim fellow, tiHtlw.n to wonJcrf.i..y lUu-r,
jiiat 1 hhou.d tike to lutv m a dink tiki-, lo
- without the IrouOloof learning. n
a- hooifellow and nr-iit i limn of miiio on i
V, yley Ltiwriner, and bin so ioit mi l ex.uiple
r.eo'iytbinn but coodiicira to apiihc.iti in. 1 1 ts
JAJ t.iHI) a ypi.r of his on, aud was wailing lor
' a roriilfii-aiuii ill the mmo
Henri? every biliim.M.'f mv fortunn. nut. urn.
Sent and to come, had I. cm sunk in payimitbe
rrtmium ana sunup on my a, tk-lci with sar,ias,
lird, Andrews X Co., and so y.iu nr.iy suppose
at the con p iiiiouship of a kv youns; sodoe
ico like Cii.u ev not the i.,-,i thui ,. lo.
I-r'i dark on willing a year eonld hive chosen.
ieu me into ail sorts of scrapes and ex nua
nces; mid when, after eighteen months of
BUttirt; about tnirn. t'li ii uv wni ittii
tllim- Kn in Her MjrT's th rei'imoni, and
ieted off to Inoli, I found myself m di.Il-
tii . iiniler w hi. h I groaned for munv a vc ir.
.biithe wus a rich:. down rod b.'V
s Cliailcy ; aud if I bad hinted at mv tronliles
him, they wMilil vi'ry soon hare Tininlie l.
it i wus too proud for that: iind Oharler
1 tioiibiea of ins own at atariim;, wliieU
rented his thinking ab out me. Thcru was
Irl down in Devon -hire, where his family
id a c erionian's daughter with whom bn
d fiillm in love, and would have married
a'Klit oil', but her father, a pro, id mm and de
led worshipper of munition (outof ilia miluitl.
I oilier views for her, and iruvg my poor friond
com mourner, t never couia see any beauty
Iiaura Tn garvcn.tlic damsel in question ; and
i:r on am w uer lor What sne was a wlnte
odod little simpleton. witUoat a slnirli! cood
ilny to make hirself or any one el no happy.
Charley 'a eye?, however, alia was perfection,
I in one of their stolen interviews tliev vowed
"hi love and constancy ; and Charley carried
ti bim to lieneal her solemn promise never,
rer, never to marry unoiher.
'three years pased, and this brines me te thai
ia i spoae oi wnen i iiecan my story. I had
I finished prcpurini; a brief in a great patent
a wa bad for trial in Ouildhall. aa.l was thn
t In the office lor It was lute when in caino
1. Kbarpus wi h a Couple of deeds in his hand,
d,"0h Mr. Smith," he said, "I am sorry to
aln you, but the stationer hat been much bu
dband with rfce enirros-intr of this settlement.
1 at it mut g oir to-niRht by the mill
in, would vou be so f ind as to assist mn
lile iveriry it with the conveyancer's draft "'
Now this was mere clerk't work, and I offered
do It myself; but be wat always considerate of
:ere irouoie, nnu inristed npon holpinfr. So
took the draught and read It, while I followed
j In the parchment to aee that It wat properly
'iet. It was a marriage-settlement, whereby
, ra f hornbury, a nobleman of seventy years of
' i nnd anything hut reputable character, sot
i tGO.OOO upon his bride-elect, and this lady
s no other than Lanra Trerarren! "I'oor
arley!" thought I, at I walked homo, "how
1 1 to break to yoa this rupture of all your
pel i" And my difll nlty was not lessened
en, a day or two afterwards, I received a letter
m him, stating that his regimant waa ordered
ne, and bidding me wish bim joy upon the
i ispect of again beholding his darling constant
Veil, tlx months passed, and I board no more
I'harlcy ; nor, Indeed, had I much time to think
, 'Ut him, for poor old Wurdle'i illnoss ended In
" 'iR:atl, and I was appointed, provisionally,
naming clerk in bit stead. The assizes were
ai d we bud several heavy cases for trial in
iiient pant of the country. One of these, the
sTie of Btopperty vs. Moss, was entered
"ir trial at York ; ar.d thither 1 went by the m lil
-foa there were no railways in those dys with
ny biiefs and witnesses, and retained tho late
.jt& Csmpbcll as my leading counsel.
Now York is a charming old city, In which a
anger can spend a day or two very pleisaatiy
looking about bim. But a clerk In charge of a
Jw-sutt, Master Jack, must not go look ing about
m, or let uis witnesses cut of his sight; for he
ver knows, rroin one hour to another, when his
-lf-e may be called on. It may stand half a
.eu down on tha list : but if von nrneims nn
lis to go ont for a walk, or a row on the river,
others are sure to break down, or bo referred,
what not; and a pretty mess yon will be in
n. It may remain the very next for trial, and
m may be told that the one butoro it cinnot
t two nours: ana lor an that It may drug
tor aays. eucn a case, was mat wuictt
tipped the way" before Btopperty r.
M. aozen times it threatened to break
wn, and a dozen-und one times it got on Its
airy legs aeain. It was a dull atfitr; and. for
rant of something better to do as I darad not
.ave the Castle I strolled into the Crown Court,
here (as you must know, Miss Mary) the pri
mers were tried. There tat tho judge in his
rlet robes, with the high sheriff of the county
bis side, and before him three prisoners stand
in the dock upon their trial for burglary. I
an to chat with some young barristers whom
knew, and was paving no attention to the pro
tdiniis, when all of a sudden I heard the name
!'.oi d Tuornhiiry mentioned by the c unsel
bo was conducting the prosecution. I pricked
f my cars, aud began to listen to the case.
,lt appeared Hint a day or two before the bnr-
rv. Lord burnuury Dad returned wltu uis
in their continental tour, anu naa taken
ode at hit country-seat; that, in autici-
the festivitiet which were to follow, tbo
lis grand family plate and her lady,
la bad been brought down from his
ukera': bat one of the prisoners was a
Med servant, who know whore those valua
fweie kept; that the house bad been broken
.and tha whole of tho silver swept awav;
u that another of the accused was caught in
net of climbing down from tbe rool of an
ibouse close to tbe place where an entrance
i been tllcetcd. The case against this fellow
ao was indicted by tha name of Ulchard
nipson) seemed to be clear enough; that
4ust bis companions rested upon circumstau
a tvidence. Cine of them, named Arnold, had
'Hutu in company with Thompson the day
ore tbe burglary, prowling a'jout tho park,
.M lo the house, in a suspicions manner ; aud
a landlord of the ion at which Thompson had
41 staying twore that a man whom he after
:i roeognized as Arnold called for the prit
kr Thompson the followiug night, und tht they
ted iut (ogeiher in the direct on of Lord
"mbury'a park. The name of the discarded
'not was 0 U..ra, and be had been taken into
tiody in the house of a noted retoirer of stolen
Ms at Sheltleld, where, concealed under some
t In tho back-kitchen, waa found a ma-s of
ft plaio broken up aud partially multe I, b it
f ullukntly so to obliterate the marks whereby
I'mskjcutilitd as Lord Thornbury's property,
f t Jiiached o'd "fence" was indicted a'so; bat
f'liliHilnl uniltv. and was called SI I witUCSS
' fm't his cjjm'' Arnold and O'Hara wero
I ilfd bytfSrasel, and every d0ilf;e tuatexperi
Jir.l I,,..Aiillv iimlil d,.vinA was made use of
em off, aud to throw ull the b.ame on
i V T litre was a public pa'h ttirougn
Atijire tbe former had been seen talamg
.J'skj'i: perhaps he had merely askel
l e 1
OS44 1
iitug 'e uau acconipiuK-u uiui iu mo
kit k-. At in the burglary, bow came it
Jl,.-, k .....1.1 . l.a.l ....I al.i. lt.,Mn
T-'V , IIPUUCI AlliUlUI Ui m'w w-...
'll,.m l.A lurwii.0,0 WAS
''i of the old Jew "fence." No one hd
w firing tua stolen piai 10 opBiimm.
" else might have taken it to me Jew s
d tin-rowan nothing to "bow thatO'IHr
bad character of that mansion into
fo inKtf'sted In ilerenuets lie micm
In ii.Tcigled, and o forth, aud so on. Hut
were tot to be hnmbjgged, and after a
tosali a found Arnold audi) tiara guilty.
1 1 no doubt about Thompson ; had be not
' lieejsjv,U2i,t in the act f This prisoner
fv 3.1 hud &nkfl no niiesllon if unv of
against him ; and upon being aiked
to sT anything In hi- defense.
l ids head, "vtnniwni ne g.t.'
g barrpter in front of me, "Oil, ten
1 1," said the friead he addretsad ; "It's
but what a good-looking lellow tbe
tat York Cistl it panelled In at tha
msi-a a good height troui the ground.
1" tort or gangway there it to tne
d ooui,j ouiy ice the back of tho
oval tt C I
ua w '1 4
to k'l
ta LTt
ITlsnrers' brads; to when I hesithe nh.'T
n mark, I began to press forward, olf curiosity
tnscrwhtt sort of a looking man ' Ulchard
i ncmpson was ; nut my atenilont diverted
by a rustling of il'ks, and iho tt moment
l.nnra, C'onntess of 1 hornbury, csctd by her
oble spouse, appeared on the Mi. and was
politely hnmlcd into a seat on leit of the
judpe by the high sherllf Now think that
fandsouie, wnll-dressnl women aj ornaments
in marly every seme; but 1 ranni'eur to see
thim In a criminal court, and havio patience
wl'h the morbiii rurlosiiv whicbrinirs them
tin re. It was thi rt fore with no plant feelings
that I beheld my line l.rly lrfrng in her
Initial, and c -imp ising beii ken skins
in presence i f tbe poor devils wM'ero to Iind
tl eir wav to the bulks. I thong) of Chtrl. v,
end contra! tul his fine manly ill and op;n
brow with Ihc deerepi l Inn'. s id satyruke
f'litnres of Ho old icprobi'e whom sh
fed nld herstlf. There sho -a , nd and eold
benttid as ever, vi bl 1st the j n'ijiro e 'de I t )
puss feiiti on lit hind Thoron, who was
now alone in tbe dm k, leniin nv'ho fro it rail
with his face I nr'rd in b s baiulallo tin I st i h!
t'p Fternly enoiiKh during the triund whde his
i imipunioi s we e riceinni; sert 't; but n iw be
h i m. d to t nve tin. ken down His lor Iship
bru lly recMpi tila'cd the cvid. ncind o'iserved
that it was unpus ilde tor any in of i-ensj to
dnubl tlmt be I ihe p-is.oiei) was l!y, nnd hid
hinoneof the lenling perp tnrs. If not th"
hs l tig one, in that int serion. Imo. 1; h d
ciu'iilly bven i ar luPv plaiin. nd oHv too
me eMnl! en ' rici I out ; but the k I of th'i law
Iniil lenchid the guilty p.iribs, "i I sh mid b
s ri'l tely waniini! In my duly," d ihe jit Igo,
"it I ni t pa-s upon you a sere seiitcnce j
ti iid tie sentence of the court K lis; ,y c trans.
1 1 rted bi iondtliO s. as lor tho fi of t se i'y
Vis." Hun Ihecmvit Ih i-ufli r.u;e 1 Ins
I end, Mid tinned to o,uit the il ill an 1 h h'
tin in (I, bis f. a ures were reieale l me. Th y
eie tl o-e of ( liar'ey I-awri iiv !
I Maried back iu Hiini.e and lion! mid a vni.-e
bevde me exc auied, "(Hi d aileir, look!
'flat charming Lady Tlioru' funted!
What a Fhame It is that there is mlu tt r veati
lation in llii-sc courts ! They are liy Mill ne "
K dlling, li.deed ! 'I nev seemed to 0 as thou :h
they wire being whirled round 1 in too
cia er of a vokuro in a ive irruptl.
Moppi rtv vs. Moss ended in a idiot for our
client the plaintiff , and I received' .r commen
dation on my return to town fore manner iu
which I had managed it. 1 deseti n i praise at
all. lly some Iu ky ehmee tu's went on
Mtioo'lily ; but 1 was all the nine iniorC'liarley's
cell, nnd knew no nn ie about whiwas going on
in ci. iut ilian the man in the iiiou'i
1 was coining from the o.bee ot . governor of
the gaol, a here I bul been to get ivo to seo mv
fiiend nnd he was being escorti d'oui tbo place
ot ilctttilion under tbe dock, whewe met agiin
nndir such awfully changed eirnotancs. lie
rcn guized inc in a moment, tued aside and
sprang lightly past me not sucsing tint I
knew bim into his ell, whiclwas close at
huiid. I followed, and then heurned rotitnl
upon mo, almost savagely demtlliig what I
meant bv intruding uikjii bim. ' 1 j't you think
I am sudlcienily punished," he atd, in a cold,
hollow tone, "without having the lends I have
displaced coming here to glint ov me ?"'
"Oh, Charley," I n plied, ' you ununt think
that I have eomo with such a mole. Uc-idcs,
you have disgraced no one. Tiro is somo
horrible mistake; you ure not giy, Charley;
you know you're not." I
"Were you over yonder when I 4s tried ?" he
"Yea ; but up to tho Tery last I d uot know it
was you."
"Have you heard the judge savoat It was Im
possible lor any man of oeuse to debt my guilt ?"
"I did ; but "
"Hut what?"
"Charley, you arc not guilty, on a thief!"
A faint suiilo crossed bis face 1 1 spoke thus,
but It iiuh kly vanished, and hesiwored gravely,
"None of nsean tell what we nf become; you
fee me as I am."
I had rushed to his side to ge him mv sym
pathy, to lie indignant with hitngaintt tha cou
apiiucy of which I Mipposed in to be the. vic
tim ; und to sco him st indin before me ihus
coolly, without one word of thiks or greeting
explaining nothing, denying nbing, but rather
gting mo tacitly to under.-taucbat my preseace
was unwelcome, a nil he would adly be lefluloue
vexed me, and I replied : i
'You muist have changed ndeed from what
you were, if this is your rsrption of au old
friend, Charles I.awrinco !"
"Hush!" bo exclaimed, sclog mohy tho arm.
"Never mention that name ariu. Charles Law
rince died the same day that jchard Thompson
tbe burglar found hiin-elf iu Jl."
"lio you mean to tell mo nit yon had act or
part in that robbery ?"
"A jury of my countrrnii have found me
guilty of it," be unswered, iruddy ; "Is not that
enough ?"
"V liy did yon not writo tone f Why did you
riodetcr,d yourself Why, It, Charley " I
itnpprd, not knowing what tfav.
"Wbatwas tbe use?" he epliod. in a sot'tor
tone than he had Tiitherto ted; "I wat cau.'lit
ill the act. What could I sti.r"
"Charley," I a.iid, "look min the face."
lie did so.
"Now, tell mo," I contiued, "and tell nie
truly, I implore yon, by the nemory of our old
friendship, what wero you olng that night at
Tiiornl.urv Hall ?"
"Go and ask the judge." ,
"No; I ask you."
"And I will not Indulge yur curiosity; wait
till to-morrow, and you will nd all about it in
the newspapers. Confound '., mau ! is it not
enough for ono day to be tied, convicted, and
condemned, to be transpoitcl'or the best part of
one's life, without having aconlossion wrung
out of one, like this ?"
"Then you refuse to tell me be truth ?"
"1 do."
' Then it is not true that you iarticipatcd in the
burglary r" I demanded sudduiv.
He Hushed crimson, theu trrned deadly pale
and stammered, "I you I-dli not tay so.
"Hut I am sure of it," 1 answered; "so sure
that I mean t iseek Arnoli, and Hud out what
you really were together aoott. He can have no
object in concealing the trub now, and then"
" Well ?"
"Well, I shall beg an interVew with the judge,
and tell him what I suspect." :
" And what ao you suspect ?' .
"That sou wero at Thoriiburyllall at the time
that tbe burglaiy was commuted but were in no
wise engaged In Its coiiimls-lou.'
" K'nr guzing, I suppose " i
"No; you wero thire toseeibrt false woman."
"What false woman ?"
" I.nura Tregarven that wai, Lady Thornbury
that is."
"Dab !"
"I am sure of it certain "
"Well then, look here. Jack imith," he replied ;
"think so if you like; tay s to others if yati
dure; but remember this hntcvcr story you
may get from Arnold shall bellatly contradicted
by me on the first opportunity It will be ouiy
the word of one felon ag.lnst the word of
another," be continued bitterly; "and so it will
end. better leave it as it is."
"Charley," I exclaimed, "ytu are tho noblest
fellow in tbe world; but pause, I implore you.
Think of the life In store for fou; think of the
mcrillte you are about to m iki!"
"I have weighed all that."
"And to screen her will you jo to the hulks ?"
"For twenty years ?"
"Forever, if need be."
"A woman who jilted you ?'
"A woman whom God bdp me ! I love, Iu
tpite of all." And here bis loved reservo,gave
way: his long-pent-up emotions burst forth, and
be tank upon the prison-sent, t Urie l hit faci iu
hit bands, and lobbed like a ch.ld.
For three bonis I remained diere, expostulat
ing, arguing, entreating mm togive up his rasu
resolve but ull in vniu. He uiiiuitted that my
suspicions were correct, but wa determined to
play out to ibe lust the part he bad begun. .Sooner
than breathe ono word that witild compromise
Lady Thin uhiiry, he uau prepared to end his days
us a felon. Mi monthi afterwards, when he had
tasted some of tbe honors of hit situatl n, 1 tried
again, ai d again failed utterly lomove him. At lust
Hie tune arrived wbun, uiulur the regulations then
in Ibrce, be should be shipped oil' to some penal
settlement; and Iu despair of saving him byoiicr
melius, I it-solved to see l.tuly Thoruhury ;
loher humanity if she had any and implore her
to cuve myliirn l from lrmself. Sha had left
F.ngland shortly atter tbe tr al, having evinct I a
preference for con'inental life, nnd was living at
l'aii! l ot upon the best terms, so scandal said,
Willi her lord, no wat maiuy leaioiisot nor, am:
I t pl ber iu cous'.ant torn.r of tveu personal vio
lence. '1 hero were those who said that he had
jjone beyond threats while lie recommenced his
old nay jf living. I sought her in I'aris, and
found that iu oueof hi jealous his be had spirited
her oil to Lisbon. I followed ; but found that
thev bad left iu his yuchi for a two years' cruise,
and no one knew w here thoy had gone. It might
be to Constantinople ; it might be to Copenha
gen ; no one could tay exactly ; aud when 1 re
turned to London, 1 discovered that the convict
shin with ('barley on board bad sailed two d lyt
belore luroutu Australia.
Tbe nndctrrved reputation that I bad gained
in the case of Stop) ny vs. Moss procured me
prominent apiKiiiitment as managing clerk and a
ji-oiiiifo of futnre partnership with Huarnus,
Ward. Andrews fc Co. : aud business poured in
a pun me to fast that I am ashamed to lay I forgot
poor Charley; when one day, abo::t two years
alter his exile, a lady in deep mournl.ig was
ushered into my private room, and the first words
the said were ''Oh, sir oh, Mr. Smith, tome
thing must be done do pray tell me what to do
for C har for Captain lawriuca."
"Caiitala Lawrlnee," 1 replied teverely (for
after the lint moment of surprise at luting thm
iahrnptly appealed to, I recognized my visitor)
" Captain Ijiwiincp," I said, "ha been trcacd
.st a iru n lor ncany mrce yrars. it is s nnewinu
lats" now, I think, to inquire what can bo dono for
bim "
Oh. te, yt," tbo cried, "it It sii it Is to;
ut ion do uot know Ihe life I have Inert led. I
noii Id have dunned Places with bim willingly.
In k I ere and here; and she turned up her
sleeve nnd threw hack her hair, dltclosing two
lei p tears, one on her arm, and tho other on her
le. "lie struck me there for no cause at
II,' al e sa d blip rlv ; "he has often struck me.
f he bad known about Ch it ley. be would have
killed me."
1 L n r be told mo her miserable story. It ap
peared that, l.i. king c ursg i to tell p or Charley
of bcr fa si hood, i nd iho approaching marriage
i nd winch she bud l et n lured by the d vzle of a
con ret, the bad wiitten to bim up to the that of
is departure from I ndio ; tti it h iTln la Jed at
a tin ulli, he mile to bcr father's house, and
there h arm d tbe truih ; that artua'ed bv a m id
re to see her once, agtln, he had h t ike n him
n il In Thortibiiry Hall ; Mini, having seen her In
the grounds, ami not daring for her sake to ap
prom h, bo wioto a wild desperate Icier, lin
I I'.ritig bsr to seo him once more, if only to tell
. ! . t.
mi that she was h ippv. and if sho weto not Ms
he knew loiiic'liirgot' Per husband), to lly with
ti i ii i ; that by id lin k he intrusted this letter
r ileimry to the man Arnold, who was
irpwimg ri out for trs own purpo c ; lb it bo
iiciivid Ir in biin bcr uns.ver, iu wbici slia
nlid him a 1 .si interview in the iialcmv
f Iut bi ; II nt she bail part dnith liuii
tin i lib. nt oi.o o'i luck ; that the alarm of
roli'M-rs was not git en until nearly three; and
lio t up to Ihe moment when she Ik ml him
si nit u. eii as i ne f tbe burgl n s slie n.'ver s.m
I ( i le but that be l. i l depart.'.!, a id rem n I t
bit h tn . 1 he 'u t was, as I ui'i. ruanls f.ian.l,
llu.t wlii e 1'ii ssiiig her to lly wit'i him she had
tMii from lin side, and ro'ired without
ill. Ing bun I. ncwell ; nil I tb it he hid wind.
i urn hu'ainst In p e that she wou'd return, till
the alarm i:ien, end he was raptured, as
In f. le lit -cnl.ed. it a'so transpired that a ser-
ii. t in the hoti-e wns i'.iiir.i.-.tte m the roll ierv :
that li e pla'e was oiip tlv siinpud out of a side
door ; and Hint the window near which my fi iou 1
had Pei n lahcn had iiten liroKi u only as a ruso
to avut suspicion. Hut aftn all, the mo t imp irt-
lit Hi loi in ot H in that l.ady l liornoury v' ive ma
was that her brute of a liitbband was dcjid,
and she could now disclose what would save
poor ( hurley.
i e 1, to make a long story short, 1 took li.T
straight oil to Il.e olli.-e of the I'll li-r-Sccrct.iry
f the Mate tor the Homo lleptrtmcnt, an J alter
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I in i'oii w;i in cordi d to lticlnird Thompson; tint
is to s. iv, Her Mar. sty was graciously pie iso I t
panlon nn innocent man lor his having been
wroi gfully convicted as a felon! Hut tho result
a, Hint Charles l.iwrcnce came homo, was ro
iiist.did in bis regiment, and
And married I. a lv Thornbury ?" cag;r!y ds-
nun. di d lilt e Mary.
( mm, no, n piled nitu : "but ho never
nmrrled any one e'se."
No. lio ?Tnrkf.t Ptreot
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tnd n;enlo lrafli, Ttipalar Patt nt MrJfr4non. f ftluta.
oaJ OU. WHidow Ulam, Pr--r tintton Vlabt, ., at ai tow
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For C7Wfcin, In foil variety, aud nt lh bM4 qmmitij
CfxinHi, Bca4 lDJlh, MalJur, 1'nt Aih, OndlMar,
Krxia inh, A him, Oil of VHrtol, annatto. Copper, VAiraot
1 I,onood, Jt., FOU DMLUA- , tlwaji oohatrd.ii
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Or1ni bf mail, or city poat, win mi wtth pnp( aU
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Whoiwttl Dr Warfaa,
MU-lT K. 119 KAHXST tftraM. abOT Fc.A.
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Irf , whlianlni', and prnon liu the eompiealrwi. Ii la pra-
pmrd (ram tut white , hnce hi extraordWiarjrt-jia
uaa ftr prearing ttie ikm, making It aoft, fair, a'ux(a.
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aa. ajt-rk, and arnui. Price 5. 60, and 7i cpn(a. BtllT
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HA.NDAI.a I I tTR, No. U HtuU
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LaatM KtsonM bv lfrs. a. C. VftSKTT. mm If
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Parflv ImtiOrUi! rRI'.NCII Tf.MAl.V. Mf.'l'in snt,
KSnaiiUd In all run. Mrs. CIIAHI.VW HU KR r, Ob
toitr'eal fiivslcian. rntisrft asd ifll-i prlvaia tot
Utiits A toil j w ia hot amu iiauu troaa,
No. 1019 COTKIi Bl'RKKT,
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th'a. i.d ia b.srf, hoinai. F'r tral wkAil
Abovs PINK u-el.iin SatU'tAT. ininbaf M. B0i.
I'll sitallistup SAM'S, Mi.lUil-wt, will SAIII rom Plitla
di li'tuslfr ll.iaiuii.oo Hs urdar . litxeiuiii-r HI. at 10 o el his.
A . U 1 sn1 the it. amnii NliUMAS. llaasir, Irum lioiaua
for l'laldi-lilila,uii ,ly.l i P. sf .
Tbfsa ntw nd tit.awntuU cioaniaarpa f STB A ragaltf
taia, aailasf from mi:- ,aiiuallr oa Saturdays .
tnaaraitta air.atad at bn balTlba araaaluaa m.Vil as
aia Tuaaala.
fraialiu labaa at lair rait.
Miiviiara ars raiaaatad M Mia BaaetpW and Blot
Laitiu. wlui tbalr si'siaa.
tut riaurtilurraaaaaia bvtiw aa aiKsrmn-iaBl)
anlta HtXMT WISS11H A 00.,
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ni'THiiiK .sr..
audci iiiuctlct tr a.l Xoari ami Ea-'arn nlilo tai
hear irii.a. vhiiik aiary
from Ilia CVmiai; 'a wl-.arf. t r,l ai va Ka rm-it, aa4
Ntw Icrb, fis-ui flfr 11, biorth Knef, oa saule Ana, al
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r.a - r;b,'hl,vhUli will tw rvselvtd itallr. hAiidiol in tl. ra'foil ti.arn.-r. aol diioau.1 anb U.0 ,rtsa.ts.aaj.
lid' h, al lair isin. a... iv 10
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:sd. 'i.u :n.r.b IV iiA .
1110 3m
-Ji-a poal. Uinil.lnv at Ijuasislown, Ooik il
I lit w ,1. KMiaa ao.ttii.trt of U.a l.oaiiMI, Mia .il,
aud eci'adi vf.:.i, Hiiui.ab,p i&mpaD are uiuucd K
aail ai a.llos a :
K ANiiAMiO, Patunlnr. 111.
I ITT OK ealurrlav. Janiuiy 7.
Qi-ITV Of LONIiON, aaiuiAay, .Uma.rH.
and averv ,ueciUiis-bAlurUaj, M auoa, rroua Plar Nt
II Mi.r-I. Rltrr.
rtrl Cabin tlAeld Wiiv tuO-W
rtral Cabin lo l-t l.doD 170 IX, Hltra' 10 I.orulou... ss 0
1 r.l al Tl k. I ana.. Hai W Kuarasa U !, SO-Ot
Fliat CaWn toltioniii-tiiue Bta. K lo llAiah'irit. 71. W)
I'aaiHintfvra alao roniardasl u ll.ra. Loamtia, Hoa
taflajii. Aiitwari,. Aa.. al aiii.alW U. rati.
Tama fr. m ijvaTpooJ or ijuaanaU.wai First 'alila,
ttw, tl'". Vim. rs-earnta muo l.oereool and wih-i-ks
town, 10. rh'ta wlaw wlah 16 al Iut Utaif IrutuAa aaa
bfiv tifl st, hart at klina ralaa.
iur luitlia lukirauauua a,'tr at tka Cemnany't aMoaa.
."ilia itAi.a, Asia,;,
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for, wtioh win ba tabfa na tronBimMttinc
twrmt, uiWlLUAal at. tlalKO 00., M. mtP
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Dn. w. n. MFmvfx r, ro -s columwivo,.
TllCHIKoKr MfcDIClMil. ,ru
ooyr.irfiir.ii rmv R ion, dabk, ai'd lcath
ohKiioacR Rr.Mcnr,
lh raal In.llaa ninrMtt
nrra all dlaaaaia ot tna
rinarv nriar a, anrh at In-
toi.tinrnra if lha I,,
Inntmatloff nfthf llla.tiler,
Iiitlammailon of tb Rki
Tify t. Humt In lha Hisdriar,
Htrlrtnra, (Iraval, ltflt,
1 nnrrhT s. aad It t tpa.i
at y reeommrrtita.1 In thos
asea or riaor Alhut (nr
vtHtra (a rVmaieai wt.ara
1 II
it M vt H
aU tha old nauaisius uiedl
au.a bare faiird
n; cr
ft I preptrM In a MM
enrntr riled mrm, Ibe loia
aid) ht'lhK from me w two ta
iP'XHfui ft-rf Um-- per ir.
It Ii dlarrtlo and alterative
In lt ctitn; pur-finr and
cla'Mliif the bl.Hj 1, cAiitna
it u H-w in all Ita orinal
porlly and Tltf'T; thui r'iiio
ttnj rmm turn H?.trm atlner
niflu i'vi'm wuioa tiava in
duced dmeaae.
pmtmiKr.11 "vjfa!.
TIi in la Uitatiilad as an ally
ar asii'tant t tbarHF.KO
(F. 8f M FUT, an. I U1..0M
ha aard In noi'iina'ii.n wub
lhal niaillrina Hi aHraiaai
l..rt..irt,.i a, l.lrt, yiinr
A Ihita or j'hltaa, lit
ara halint, t'soUiiiiA, aiid
daip.ilraiil ; rarnnvteg nil
ara dtiis- host, (h.rili a. and
pi'n in-u-ad .f lha luirn na
ati1 aliinat anandurati a pain
U at la aivrines.d wilh
n-arlv all U.B al.etu quas-a
n th ne f the (TirO
KmsKK I ll')N ih
(nn ini'-liilii'-i nt the il'u
limn a l !,tir pr iti
( t viT"i r r-mo !. ani tfii
wt'kcitf.1 T.'lti irr at.rf.t
i ri'-t'-n-J to full vlrf r and
t tr full paii.-ninr- Tt nnr
pami-ljltt fnm inr Jnikj
mi. (n tl.f cotj iv nr. r
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nutnoKpit n ur.-An
nf'ftnirif rnre r ri(in-l-'rr'
.1 "im nl tVi'alu e",
!t, ctun al rnn1i n, and
nil ! r-. raii-d by Hc.i'
n- iimMni, piit h a L""1
VtiTintY. liutoual l.-ta.i-turif,
linj in t: I'-t-'k,
iMitinan of in. l'rina
.1 r. (iUl A(.t W.aW Nrnn,
r-irt't uiiy uf H enttniw,
T'eiiihliUbl, Vi riAjinr-m,
T mt'Mi'n- --n t r, t'a
Vvm iitt-nni i't', 1 ii-m(i v . Cmi -
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in im
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1H 1H
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ui tl. a. and all f I ! ji ul
. 11; ollitN 1 Hl' l V.T 1 1 a' t-
.iiftfi'Mi. ti' path uf nature.
Thit mMioine 'i a -imple, q etlf,t, and oie
on wtiUh all tn rriv. ai It
hut brcu liiM In onrpiao
tlf' f-T many ,vpnr, and
1 ! trat"'l. It
h n i f.iiifd In inrl
lntnn e, lit cirtv pow
ere aavo tN-eit luitiol"!)! lo
gun vl'tnryuvcr Ibo m at
alut'lwira oa-e.
'I o th'a" who hve th'li'd
ith itijir voiimiuitioiiM mull
llifr tMnk tlafmrtclre te
"tid U T-H' H of tiit'dli til
a il.wo would av iR4aih
.NOI ! the t'HKKOM.K
Cl'KH will nature ki t
btaiili and vk-.r.aii l aAr
all nimt A Joe tort oae railed.
r 1 f.tiii-1- h.
t K
r Ml
Fhm fiKe ot lA.t'. rn'rared
fn in pure V'Dt'tabi K .
tract, rontamii n thir(
If 1 1
injur ioaa to um mmi deli
ihn Ki TnaMn riiMr
Ia t(.a rt'mili of inoit'Tii
dl.-co fi'a In ti e vriceia
b!e kiiu'dtira t being an
entire!) nevr and a fit taw I
meiiii'd if curr, lirriii.c-tivei-f
all ti e old and wvra-
out i it -iui.
Thla medtrina mi hfa
te-ioil iir ine mrMt ml
nntit m'dtcnl rnn of the
Ay, an I by tiifiu pr
nuitnot'd to ht otifl of the
prfsUrFit nteilkal diaewTariaj
iaf tho aas'O.
diivto te wUltun Oona-
rl rx-bil tr.
A ff w il' it i core UjitoHta
In aMuiaiea
Doe little enrra palpMa
tlfii uf ihe Heart.
A it'vf ilitFtcf, restart tht
ortaiiH r Kf ntTaii-m.
ruui one to Hi r i -a hot
ties retre tho maull
nt aud full vigor of
BlU klift
l;kK Kit I.
It Kit T.KK
Kit It
It If II
A few doiea rstor tha
1 ur noniri rare ice wi)ia
care of IrDputonrT
A f'w doattj cure tue low
1 '?
tne btttw restore! men
tal power.
A irw annn orini .ne roia
to thf ctieek.
1 biB mlu-tne reiiorra
to vgor and rntu-
ht-altb U.a poor d hill
taitMi. wurn-dtiwn. and tifi
palr an deHMi u( iuiiku
pica a 1 a.
trrta,(loneral IVMltty, Pal
pitation 01 ti e Moan, and
lmxU'n(r. It ruetoma men
tal power and tne appetite,
and canaa mo rote to m 'int
the vhi-fk of pallor, and tha
at'titmiid mau or w-.tiiao
to iwi vIvotomfi aud atrniiK,
tho rutin and ainl'l-J-m
t'Uxnf to courta tJiroiiti
erry vtln, the nfcvra to
lia.'onifl airooit, and tbe tliea
taf new liio and vt'or l re
an'rnaru the entire bmly,
buiUliiiiC up iho coniiUntlon,
raeio,nia' y and Ufe to in ny
a Dad aud dakaued flieorUa.
r0 oti'1
04 N)
IF.VAl Fa Kfa-il'LATOp,
i't.Hl AIH AND HAr K.
For lha nnoal of tb-
Itrtirtintiv. and thn lnnr
ane of RatxcltrHy In lha
K.eeiretirti uf Um t au.i
It loda,
1 htjr cure er nbTfate thoM
atuiacnitia ulaeaHt'-a tnat
tfrtrirlrora lrren ularlt T , by
ramuvLog ha urri'uiai'V7
Tht'y cura noprvtd,
Kxoeinive, and rau,iul laoa
tiuetioa. Tiiv ure Oreva Hlck
nePA iOii.irlj)
1 Iney cure Hprvan and
Ppmal Aife.'t'ona I'ain iu
the hark and lower parta
ef thf Uot I, lnaik
Fal Kue on Hik'tit Kavertmn,
Paipitutlou of tne Heart,
LiHnt'ni of Hpiritii, llvi'
rn, ttlrk Mfatlaohe, (iiJll-rt-ea,
Ao., Ao. in a word,
h removinuibourrnijuiarltr,
ttm? rtiinovit the eaue, aad
with It all tt. tuaxii Ual
apnug from It.
K& KK.
KK Klk
KK ft
Oottipoied ef alrap'a vera-
tabia emicts, iftty ctintaia
a-ithlr deltHrl yfl to ay
contiiuMrn, however dell
rate.tlielr function bt-diK to
ht)Utu:e atrviiKUi for weaa
pai, which, wlit'B pro? ily
URt d. tbry never lall to do.
1 hi'V may ba anWy UDd
at aay aita and at any peilod,
4.rctpt during tl4 rtiar
fiofiaa, dunnK which tiia
nntktllnit natnte of their a:
tln would InfaU bly raa
vnkT pruK nancy.
PFFKM r h t-.K
k f F.RR
etnri, the tialurMiuiie wlu
find a 0y of dMietame
fr m auiirrinit and pam. r
day ) I Ddid and
hf a fiiv thai no kMrAr
u(er without 1'ffcB'Hion or
reprse, eitiier Uirounh intr
acfiarr quarki or m- tH
tiintyciuauoui prepaia-
The k,niarrkaaMedirtni:i"
aiw'i.D.pllkb ibvir rauaoui
thulr Miianclt'Atfun. An
tiua''el a'lun a nr. a ,o a
BDitabie. aud to proitti of
anlrai k o4. 1 niedl
ernes wri u:te. In tiy aad
vriy t ae. fiiii!iil and
ru ir-fMI ni fiiii-.U Iu Uo
tiiLt uf ivetd.
Fft v.rrm r.
i Ki.r.i.ti.Ki:
y v.vyy:
r t- l.r.B
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i t.n:vv.i: i:
K1K1 l Kh r i i;
Trleae of the Piernke
Me. ii uiea -Cherokee Keme
iiy, ti a botti.ur 3 bottiea
l'r$ t'herofc.' Ir-e-'tion
tl a bo'tle, or 9 boit'ea for
a. hfroke Cure, $i a
t..LtJ.-. or a hott.i-a lor tb
I.r. fVrl,'bta K!n:r, ? a
bottlf. or J botMea r b.
Cbnolfce Hilti, tor ftjuinlea,
$1 a ba, or loa fur .
V.l'.M.KV.t. td'.ti
r L.
K r. : l . K
Kr.KKF.CKI r i
We tai 1 a 1 tre iMKKO-
Kr.R X r. Ut IN t H hy K.
i rri ( xrvpt tne 'i.e-okta
ruU, tf.i a.'C tint !,
In v t.fputtiwe), on r.' 'pi of
it. i e. Ut h'i v p irt f tr . l
llit'J world, it cir ly packed,
In u'-h a uijtiiiiir till; no
ine thrdUKh w.'U'H' nundi
tl ey mT yt wouid know
the iM-aionitJ.
MtiMi r Kntlemon can
a.larti u in niriti't runn-d-
i.vv , and wv will In all
i . fmukly anavr tint?
It iter, aU tl rfivt- "ur L'latj.'Oii
i l.sMt .tit- joid i 'j, ..11 fi.-.i r- tt
in n k tiri't.-' n t.i-
lit-il w r 'l. Potre ut j-rm-t
id il d i a, liov. i-r. ti y
lo actl wuiiMt m ton i-:-t
in i hi. 4 te v v Ui' o
whu lj tt ay run t t a
rttup tuh. and Ti.-kt' linTO
htont y by SftjrK ll .in U.t r
(Mi ,,n tho t'HKU K KB
Mr M' lNKtK At ou vah a
w ur rien th- ni. the bt-tittn
I )dur cff'piu t' do not Imj
dfft-unl I y t-ui-h ui i nn
(ill. tl drr 'ft. Af.v ii f
tt ll ndi -llJall s.1;.' i,
ft .l.i' no uilo:.i.
t-i una
ttiki' no utlitrt.
PatHpts aiMrfavIrp; na will ptat'e write Font OiTlea,
Court) . Mate, ad l ama vf wnur. piuu, aduicla poat
bfc p lor reply.
It the ImnftM will rfrt Inr trier yoii.fendto na
arti w will trnd M o an yon by Kipreae. Partita ad-
drefirfiu tboiild tiate tha dut-naeand nyaaiom. and,
full t-nftt-ulara m rn ajj to tnair cata. wa vi au uia-
auaA. jrf Ba ,rif.l4. ilMlllJO UlUie Of N ll,ala
'a lenit lh ini; at a dihttince a-d not ht'aitHta tA?ania
fullv (laiieuu k all pnitDi of tie civ tiu' U ijlo.
aii,ih(o Mr,d avary readar oX tKla pap our thirty-
Iwo i e pta p 'Itt nta.
Aal 'rial a'llttttri and order tf Tr W, B. MTHW11" A
X . Ho. fta LIltKKTY Htreet.iiew Tork.
Kniai whaskaale and wtttM by ItYOTT O.,
y-ii .,tu Jv. Mt N. irMJrt'v tUa4a
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tva 'rlnir ayrt :
nTV'ain'"1""" alsBai
i!H b"'-'-i)lnt 11 "a".
'""",,, k,ir-nrfTf I
If .l,'"Valffrl.B)t:
I'-ia.vT.s '""a am. n, It I
mart.,. "wfl la w.
1M .s ' " ta.l - WBAI.TO I
If tab tai. tw J' -"'- '.
If a.arv cmi,,,, ,,;,,'. '"a ;
Take inr a.Wlta. vTSZ,'
Ttian, htvlat lt alis,ir,vw "
Tub I D prpar.l l..r avar, ,,
Ur t ear-in! parntal nf Dr. 'II, 1,1AM Vfiiin .
Bock. INK M ll I AIM I. Ill IU. aril, k
S ftpr, lit B. lil I'r MookiflliM-a alfan fc
IW!..ri ono, o. lit lil'KUi II nrKRtt-
H A M A HI TA N ft dim
Ti Mrtar rm.TAiN ( i ki Evan Laat.
Ta. a positive wire lor
t If INOKKM' I A, til.K.P, T HntICTrKF.9, AC.
Cntairn no Jhlnemi, n ttii-n. no Mcnarr,
Oiil tvn pi Da to be taken to 'fret a fure.
nt ri ir ii in two lo h-tir dvj, trnii refrnt ra-ea fen
twenty -tnar hi-nra. ' I't feared h? a uradnaie of the Utw.
i ajri'y of r i'nnay. atii., ont- oi um uijit e'nuient 1' JOiori
an J eh' nitnii f te pr--. nt da v.
Mi Bf, Ko TK"t Bl f. HO CM I i ; H WiltTIMR,
L'-t tli.nt' who a v dfi' rrd o(T''Miti fined, or who
HTo h.'.-n purged wlili Knit to Copajva, or iluroury.a
ot e trj tne t
Hfl isii r 'Ml- I.
Hent bv mill In a piiiin vrirviope.
1't.i.e, uia.v pC'.A,ti, ti Kt'iiialoi, $1
Itl hl
sciinri i a,
m oii::t
m.o Ml t ! M
r:rrc ita.
Ac, Ae.
.MIA I K , H It I S.
vvr n i until j cirrn
la otv-, ni I t-e pn'l r a a p""ii n tut-w,
RVPH ll.ll UK V k SP.IIK M, 'I -K HK,t -tin (t tM
kllAI .. U'tOT A Ml Mh Kit .11 t- K. I t e m "t i-t-ttt,
t,i1 errriaai retuwiW ror nrt')! riht-d : ifu'viVl
ar d Arm' ir-itr. rwr.f paitb-e ef tU vtmri l nolu,au
Hta the o irt-la 'horouh nnd p'Tin tn .it. Take inia of
Una pi.r.lTiiii; ri mens nnl l h'Mtli-l, Mini do n K U'I-mii.1
to ur pi iiuu) u.dt or wit I oh jou iar iu alt
) Vml.
Ahhcapb von ma d prnntntii ncifshte. the KAMA-
til l AS N Ki'iiTtiul ItKillt Jl' H it; r.iutv,t ovory
i i in put r i'i 1 1 out Uie m iieuia aa waU as all U.e
bad eiTrfin ol tiitrcuty.
tn inan nn.--t(oni wit wMch nn'ii'vi'ri ui p -iti
uiVr. Ut Rtinl ANi'lIKKIl Jl I C Ki .rc m 1 it tpi'tlt
rapii tl. in I If d t i. tii. 1ti I "tirnr ii-i . in ! trtiia!
own. f rtliinn nt tho M niuli, I ebntt y, an-l t jt a Li i-omplaiuta
tii-M i rt li ilij (,..
bia l-y espivit. Pnrc M a ht'-', or C Nrttlea firj.
S tM Vlil l'AN M V ll
fn. fn rnifi of flvnliilU, nnotl in coiiiii'flfm wMh the Rn-d
axil Jir?i h June f nil ttlrtM'tioitv I'rlCf 2 rvntt.
1 lit' ert-tarj of ilieai- rt ino-lli-i e nlike nekuowlrda O'I by
iv irint and p;it t nt). 1 h y uro utt-d in tha I niind
h . si en H.piifiU, U ni roiVMitt lu-alUt u luaiLT d Vur
hi rvwe fflii:r.
I rviu th lMl tnioe"f nn
"l'. i ll mi'i i a i., Fintr M vHmi,i ,
"Haitimoro. Md . February 'JO, lt. (
t bave prtat net ,alation In ataiiiiK that 1 ha p uaed
Tie Samaritan Ki iut cir f t Vt ntri a) liaae In lu
most rae'omarT furint ; I Imva nt4d them with jU'U
mrnt, d'am-lion, and (Topxriv, an-l have found thenrj
iep'nij to my antic pultons promptly anil etfe etmvlly,
Knt'WitiK Utfir coiupomiiou, 1 ha the fulieet eoniMenca
tn Uiftr ellrncy, aiol an rr aatitywAeof Omia extends,
raruiiiutord Uivut alrvnHly.
tAeilatant HtirBH)0 i h New ork ota.'1
f M K be nndoi atooii ibat iliie rtot'd'e arc arevom
naciiilt'd, ant will puiittveiy ouaru tbe dttt'taoa for wltieh
Ui-y am otTerML
Sold by K.r.rPIIAXf,
yo.'ftS. KMIIIH Stroot.
IK?tM(Ml) A Ov,,
10 1) -tn ho $li KACP. Bureet
pin (tut irrl d fVmali-i hava brva hunilmyirti 1 Iit
I'li.atrtia, Al.ilmiiliial alMit( ra, ,ic , fbr ma cure ol
P ailing nf lha IVotnli anil iii'narul dahfiltv, frhli'h mian,
in i-nly tinivn pallifti Iva, If boi Imiirliiua. Mona of Iir.
Koaa iiatmrta h ii a tai'Q oslr if tin & abiiirilillaa Tboj
rt j i n Lit liulilt-n I Ilia, an. I thereby uli aid aperrcl
cutr ),y Uis ate ut only a law boifst. For these com-
flmnu one ls-i Is worth a hnnj a.l lb l.-mlpi! minor :rrt
'rice. ti eena p--r boa Hole As-nis, UVO I T I'll. Mo
at M. t-iAVHJ .siiiot. 10 1-lni
'V H K
i. CAM 1'
UK KKI.II l 0 !
avslll F Al 1 .8 TO CI'KK!
no rfiwiiir ok ni k r kki.h'ikmx
IMS I.F. I si ll wmiot r utrKcnuAl
I'llie tt, Msloor leiiia'o.
M nt liy luall U auy aililreat.
D. PRf(. Itoaai,
Box 'Jn'si foil Ortli-B.
Wile As'-nU, lVl)l T ,t (HI..
lo l-i'vu Ho. 2M K. SKCUNI) Mlreel,
S M IKI r N 4 ri. KK.
his vkir wrt ri'UK.
HAM.VK1TAN 8 1 lilt I'..
The only aura ai..l safe nmiiHly fwr iloonoiTh.i'A. llleet,
aiitriuir, Ac Curt-a tn alt i-aata la Irotu la, lu alx
da) a.
I'rlce M ala or Female tenl hf mall.
LIVOT1' Jl Cll.,3 Jf Aiiin a.
ISAM A ti I T A N I t'i'kK.
hamakitaS a ci'UK.
HA.MA HIT AM S :rltl'..
THE llltFAT NI F.CIr IL' Foil HK.CKKT lisE.aKS,
."luilnal Weak re a, llonorrho a, lili-at, Ao,
Ki rh hos i i.iilaliit iu 1'llla, ami will i-urv in Irom two to
ala d.tia. I'rlce $2.
It it also i-i-italn lo restore tone ami iv.rer to th-ite who
aia di'blilttleil byesceat or any other t-iiuso. Boil will
re.Mre a 1 to lull vik'or of youth, when the I'lllt an- ilteil
wiltiout the uijectii.n. In thesa Cisct, una ITU tlireo Utuea
a ilay.
(.is ni by mtil )
C. THICK ROSK, Proprietor,
II. . ioMl I'oal Oilli.
Pol., i n:, uvorr . CO.,
No III N. HEl'ONl) Slri-ot.
lie tine .1 iisl ask Tor
8 M MtlTA N IT1HK.
IH ,Kll AH g I'l'UK.
ha varita.n a rrtiB.
HlMAIilTsN ft IH KK.
SI Itt'l1 TIF. Itll llllli. 8YKIM" lR Itll'Oltll.
ST It t I IIU Itll OKI). HYIU'P UF. Kl'-Olill
Him i hi. itic, Ki), Min i' ih: hi uki.
hi in I' f.R mi Uitii. HYitiir UK iti.'.'i;ii
Itt'l1 I'K hi'"'III SYhl fHK Ull OKU.
M ill I' UK Itll Oil I .
HYItl P IiR Itll'ilKI).
HYKI 1- UK Ki' iiKll.
aviti p n. BiciHiH. NYitrp dp itniYin.
SVIICP 1'F. IllO'lltii. 8VIICP iF. Klliltll.
HYKI P I'F. HU i.K'i NIHCP HU Itll.'Olt .
A i-erla'B oure lor all rorintof Veio-mMl et. UaJ
tntl.e iBrors'an lioip tula, and lha armtst throng llonl
P.nro.e anu Ani'i ira
Ihupreiara Inn tutnoo.iBil a, aa eraills-ttor i r this
tonBOl Qiaeaao. ami strt uatlians the roli.tltlli ion Benaral.y.
Il will rura an Horet, Hnoi,, pimoiei. i i-ners. or any
niillcii, i,o n,Atur from w I. a: cauie or ho lout ituu.l -
l Of.
I'rlce $1 er boltla.
Vole A tenta,
Sole Aliens,
Mole As'enlt.
Bent to any addrtte.
C. l'atl BOap.. ProPr etor.
1)1 ur r i I'D.
niorr a id.
Na. rl N'.SaVJHNO Strut!.
1 ll.ll.l i.MilllK KAII ItoAD.
1IMF. I Atll.E.
Coinmcnt lii? sIOM) I Y. Ileri'iaotr r. tsl. Tralnt will
loa.e li,...l. i.iiiir IlltuAH s riat ana WAhlUM.fl.1
Air.ue, as lollowa
lai-ics. liain at 4 IV1 A M (Mondaje evcant-d) ttir
llaliiiu.iie au.l M aanl . tl.'ii, toiivin al WilmlnKti-.n,
l-tirviille, Havre oa Ora.:e, A lerilcail, t'eirjiuati s, blU
Way Mall Train al S l.i A. M rMundaya i xai-ptel) f r
Hal no. ii-, siio pn a at nil rsii.a. t'a .oi.s. i-nn'ie.'toiii win,
I't-iuvsuie Kailioad at '.Yiloi,ot,ioii I.r AM orO. saiuotirr, ia..r.l
I IP, eat I .am al 1 l.i 1'. II fs.iui i t' fie Hal.
i a. nl lYasmnuoi. t'oi'iil- K at rli -Her, vVil a,nfou,
l.lsloi., Fctr, .i:i' llal rt- lie lirks-.
F.i ,1.1-. a if Jin al l-.sO i. W. i Hi. a J... a i-a -,-,.'.i'0 f ir 11 il
t.rj.sie and IV ui lli-n. slupi'ltia- a I IV'. I o). Hen s, k ,
i'lklu , N. Ill) Kal, I'l-rij Ui.e, ii Hie Us; ..rsd', tvrty
uial, klan.ioiia.
Ni).:.t ai 11 1ft I', at. t.r luiioi..- auj
'A...1 iij.',.n, a ii..ii.s' i-l I.' i.e. it l. .ill. , tJ ti a ' li lil in..'
and In .ist in n , .i--fiijir-l, IV n. NioLiik, KA
Ui.t, Ni.rtii l.a-i, I ii rl mil', uiui II a. ilr lr.ii i'.
Fassi'iittt. lor Fi.itri-ee Mwiitoo will taka il.ti .s I" A . M.
T'"""' A COMMnllArloN TKMSS
H'.onilnsat ull stations loi vo a I'h tide i.oiA aniWtl-
lii loli'U,
l.,.ie I 1. liiili loll tl 11 A Mo 4, i 10 nnil in P.M.
I io 4 1'. U. 'I i. .in ii ni'i: I ns.'.Ii Htii.wa.a usilioai lor
M'lft'l.l .nil O.ti-Ito' I'll. ....'I. lis
1.. s a. ', 1 . aiu H I" A M , 3 ,.1, au.l o HJ
I', il. T,:AI,'H FHf'M flAITIV'lort W I,.', w i i.'. ..' .-I , 1 I. :i -i r. ,d.
I llF - in. I'Ht llll I, MO'i. '. I I t.
i.. i..i lii .il r mo I.., iu'U A Al , i. .ai. i.1,4'.'.', i ill
i,liu iu i' .11.
F.artt-ss Train ni lliA M l. r'lioioe eml
.likioii, aui. io lit Vi rnilli" I't-ri s oil!, llaira Ue
iiii.i'l-. AO.rdio-n, i'l-rn in in M imj : . F ai'tust at 1115 I' al. lor l.,n;.o.o a no t It Al h
intitl.ii, tloililnt al CI i-tli r nor l;sll"u.,.v i.-ol IVahin
vii I ..!. iir i, Vt i.niiHT,rtn, Naivsta, Kl. .tin, North
,u,t , ariysnif, and liasr- do Itra.-e.
Aan u.inoilBtMU iraiu ul lol'..l. d r Wllluius'on and
A ay r lain ii a.
iiALTiMOKi-: fur riiiMiuunu.
I.oBie liatuniore at-ti ll ) r. M . itu t'l'M ai Mavre tie
liiait. l'i n iiliie, and v lluiin o i. A to si...a 1,1 l.lh
li n ui d N wurk (to l-.M- li"t.l lur i'li. iiili'lii'ila and
',ui, bns.tnorra lit.iu Wulit .s ion or l.almi :'i0. Had
.'luatoc m li-ave fassenura rr m Hii!l oioru orVioi'i-
II aton.
lve Wiiniinfin For hl!a-!"k'a at ii n P. M.
HliU llAl.llMOill. in I 1 1 1 1. A I it . Ul'ii I A.
IcBia h Jo A. M., Wav M.i :-. I l.i I'. l.,rs
tn; 4 ii I' M-, Wii ; b j P. -M , hxp.i'bs; VJo
V M., Kapl-ett.
Hlisn IU, BALii oiriiri
Irsve Cl,i al.r al s .,; A. tl.. I t.! mi.l ) I-si P. .
I e.iia w lirii nei' ii m o iJ.a 1J a. Al.,-- I'.is un.l ti
t. M .
r rt lyfit 'I rain Tt itB rataent'or Car aHsoh..! will leave
Vt'iliiiitiiiiiiii For Irtiyi ta bio Ui.urnai'.liaut .itutiooa nt
. i'
, f . K K "slV , F 0 . Ill It nils ut,
1 T Fw Arr-tnic au nt.-On tnd aitr 1 (TKailAT.
Nnverabf-r 1. 14, trrtiua H1 le tve from Wain iltt
Plet aa Ulr-wi
lor (Wt Mar and all alaoea eoitU of MilWfila at I
A- M end T M,
F-w MiitYtw. finniim, Paiavn, ani an interanadlale
alaooe enatk o tnitm t A. 1 un l 1 f. H.
W iilUdaiXfr,, ai v an . IB Tl ., rui,! A r m
For WeUiarv. UionraaMr. Ae . at A at.. 11 M..I and
Leave Cape Mav at H A. M ami II 4A A. M.
Miilii at H K A. M aar F. M.
ltrittaafrai at 7 I A M , I
M htjiai at 7 A. M., and 1 IV M.
WootMtarv aa 7,rt T. aawl M 4.M..M4 4 ft P.M.,
andt'lftF f - to Cam. en onlr.
Will attend to aK tbe niual brannhee of pfabaat.
nrti, rveeive. dabvor, an J nirwartl tnrouiii oumr fvapon
atldeFanreaa 'fifnpwiM tn all parta o the enntry anj
article entrusted to liMrn. A Bpeciai aMwj( tHtvuv
paatM eacb thittuan trnin.
j. VAN k ft V A P. LA KB, Snpealiitendant
PMUea'phU, NoTemi I, liA. U M
atar.V 'rit,rtF,l1 lOT I KTOWM. KAMBOlt,
LiAMwVv.Ht hUAil.KTOM, W ll-KMliAatkia, WU--
Oo m ..TM '. AUU&VilF.MKNTH
Trninn win, "J't'VT. s iftmi-r U 1. Paa-eeuray
Thempnon, 1 hUWali'??1 -'r. TIUHI rtlret, Uvt
IULiIM in j niU! a&oele l), M
Al 7 A U. (.b .
JMaucIi ct,iu k, wiikiav,,?'' nHhlohem, Alieatowa,
At K A. M. (A.-.'or,iml!,iT, "Vi"!-".
At I It. P. M. I4IO.BHM, l,,',rj''''a
A I X to I'.M (Kspr.asi lot ni,u n rt
ori aiji i tut aintnavwu
1 Iui train raTtai-ht-a K sat. U ktia-M. !?, 4 0.
eonne -ei.m vtlh f J . ew Jeift t Ari.'.Vv!,,,-' tJo"
Al 4 k P. M (Mall) lT lHtvU-..iwn "w Tk.
A t A U) P. .M t At notDinoiUlkMi) A Bethts. ...
IT'd Manrlt t'rinjik. aaia-
S Li I' M i Ao'N.iiinnidatin"!) For linadaia.
1 Iil.'Ui't. 1 irai-ta ine 4 ho tiriwiiii',1 at the TVVai CtaA.
THIKIl Hlns.1. or I1F.IIK S Hliosii, in ivdi-r to iien.J
T K A I H rt roll I'HII.AnF.IJMIf A
Lenre PetMo'iein l'i'.' A. M , auJ 0 It P.M.
iioskal .wn at ti .-SI A M.,and I ii P. At.
avnsiisk at .'IH A M
I orl Vi aahinitlon at i m P M.
HI HliMllVa
PI. Had. If i-1 for l..i B-loian al !-; A.M. and I'll P. M,
l .vlestown F. r Phila ilnhlil?A M tisl J C. M.
lIlFlinalt't lla- arfo P.spri-as will i-all f r aad ileHrwr
baa'sia at tile nop. 4. onlors may bo Bl No. lit
H. J IIIHH Hlii'rt.
II l" Fl.t.H CI ARK, Ailoot.
S'KIVil A K It 4 N' IFsry srp.
On and afttir I IUMAT, ApiU 1, L-avi, Uie rralaa will kar,
as toUiota
I esse I'htU li'lph'a frnm lha Dftrsit, rsTner of Tin KPT
PI KIT anil M AKK P.T Htrixli.t AM, 11 i A. M.,t 9t
I'. M .4 .-ai p M. 4A P M
I lilad.s,.hia Hri ahaviva.f from RMJMTF:KNTIf anal
MM.kM l-Ui'.'U lo IIUU TV HIOT and AllUivkT
I anve We. flii.ster, from the Depot on P.aaA MIKKKT
Me."jn A. M.. .' 4 A. M , II A. M , j I'. M .4 4AP M.
'Iheiataur M.e Wa.t I' 1'aasonsor Hallwa,
Citnpan) (Marki4 atrraOwlll ootivev t'aateaitturt to But
froui Uie Philadelphia Hi-pil.
I istve PlilUdalfhla al S Jo A.M. and Mn P. M.
I sail v.. at l li.aier at H A M. and I ' P. M.
T .nn. leavtna I'lillaile'rilna at H A M. and 4'SO P. M..
and Wrat i-kMK'r al I t . 4 M. and 1 11 P. M., oonnoal
v. ilh tr't.nt on the Philadelphia and Hallliaoni Centra
kAllrnnil IbrOaSiid and liitoruii'dlale potnta.
Ja4 1 UKMit WOlil). Itauaral Hupartntanitent.
uxmiaroN TtrKPTa m, i.ooii poh tiireii datfj.
On aad artor MOI4HA Y, Aatu at 1, lw,4. trains will keart
Poot of V INUi ftlreat, I'hllaitolpbtB, avory nnwnliia at A 4
M. (Butulara aseepied ), lliarca by Uie Oaimtan and At
earillu and ltahtan and Halaware llay Uatiroaitsto Poai
stonniiiiitk. and by the ..trunodirMie staamnr Jaata Hnyt.
lotiloF Allantla elraet, )troot4rn ; retnnilnar, leara At
latilia hlroel WltATf avaryday (baiidaya eacoptod), al U
TrBi-aira Fn tha ettv nf Kaw York art notified not t
applf for paeeaire by thla bna, the Hlnie taT Now aBtay
Ihavute uranled to tha Cnioilen and Amboy raonon-ay tha
Tarhialve privlloire ol earrs luff pasai-niiera and (reiirta ba
twtsia Uie oiilPt oi Ph'liuteii.Mn n.l Saw York. t7'Jt)-bf
W. r. IlKlFrir' H. lianual Bnpartntondaaaa.
tave ftsaa Ompanv a al TIltRTF.FIVTTI and
CALLOVYliU.t airoiiia. 1'UaJa.loliiiiui, at Uia fottuanaif
koiua :
Al BOO A.M. for KibiIuik, luamrfl, HnhraU, Utit
Coin mills. HarTUbiirn, I'onaTliie, Pineirrove.. Tajna.iuB
Mnbbury, VI liliainipori, F.imira, Koehealar, truism Falia.
lluUaln. AUeiitoon, Vt I kiiliarre, I'lttalon, York, Cartlloa.
Chanaharaburr, HaRi-rMown, Aa.
Thit train aotineeu al KKAHINtl with Rait Panntytra
Bla Kadioad traint lor Allentown, A.. tha Kaallng Bod
Columbia Itallraa-t T l.pHra'a. lAlli. and Uolaiutila. and
with Uie 1-lianon ValU ytram Foi llarri.barr.Aa. ;at PtFUf
CLINTON with Catawiaaa Kallroad trains Bjr Wlikesftrr,
M illisrasport. los-k llavea, Elniira, Ao.) at IIAKKla
flHKU with Northern Contral," "I 'irmharland Valley,"
and "HaBiiylktl! anil Husiiueiianna" tram, for trnrtannt
bertaDd,W dllamspnrt York.Ctiaiihorsliurf, Paksriv6,JM
T eavaa PhOadi Iptua at l-.'l P. Al. tir Raadlni, Potta-
vtllo, I'inavnive, HarilahnrK. Aa , ooBnectlntf ai llarna-
bars with Peajnsyl ama Coulral tralaa fur PittatHiru, A..
Noiliiarn Cvatral Kallroad tram. For Hunlmrr, Nsrinuill
beiland, Flmlra. Ae , and at Portt'Onton wall Oatawtaaa
Ksllr.std Ualut for Milton, n llliaintjon. Kliulra. IJiuUla
Leave, Beadiat alit'TX) A. M., eionptaat at all way ata
tloi a. arrivii,. In 1 alladtlphia al 9 Jl A. M.
KiluriilHii, U avea rbilasialphia at t M) P. M. ; arrtvoa tt
SeailkK at I- P 44 .
Ti am a ror rhitadrif haakava If arriahnre at i-oi A.M. an4
PotKivUle at S So A. M , Brrivlu( In rruiirtaapeias aa 1 DA
P. M. AflarniMiD Urania lease lliirtiaioarit iu 1 4A P. M.
Pottsvllle al I'.mr. M., arrlvlnu In I'bl adol-lila at 7 P. M
llnrtet ualna. wpn a paasisrujer ear attached, fcsay.
Pliiladi'lphla at I P. M , Sir Kea.lins and all way atBlkHUll
leave aaain, al 1 .', noon, anu ii.,nn;uwwi al II Jur
M ft Fltlla.leii hla ait't all way itMtona.
A U the above tralna run dally, Humlava aoapiaa.
Hunilay tralna Uiatvs PolUvUla at 7 JO A. M., aud rtuTa-
dolplimatj 'A P M
I llt.e I r la I ALI.r.I il. I L.HO ia.
PasesHufera for l.'owulnsti.wn and iulenna-Hatt) nolatt
taka ihe s ic A. V. and I 3fl P M. trains Fiom I'hHadelnhla
ntMmlng From l)owuiiuiUvra at 7 CO A. M.. bim! U N
l-avoa Now York at OA. M. and 7 P.M., patting Reatlina
at lliniouwhl and l-iis I'. M., ami ooiinaoltna ai tlarrta.
hnnt with P.awiaylvnala Railroad Exprua, Uaioa tut PlUa
bnrs, Ciitrairo. and tha Waat.
ateturnii , Kirria trnin leasee tiarriao.jra.oei arrrvai or
tke PennayivaalB Espieaa from Plttabura aa 3 la) and
H-Csl A.M. f ettin? Keailnul al 4 ta and Isi iO A. M., and
arrlvlna at w Yo k at In A.M. and 4 tu P. M. HToop.
Ii.g Caiaaei-ompany Uia.e ualua Un-oatlli,btwaan Jersey
div aad Piltahure, withooi aliaore.
Mull irotu ror New York Iratvea ll.rrH'ura at I U P. M
Mall U-BJn r llarrlshBriv leaiet NawTorkalUM.
HCIIIil 1 Ml I, 1AI.IXI Ktll.Hii.IP
Tralna laave PotltvlUe at 7 It A M. Bad IklP ,
tum" Fr-.m Taanarora at In A. M. and 4 S6 p. M.
HI ill in I.F 11.1. ANU Hl'HOI'KIIANNA KAN, IK) AD.
Train, leave Auburn at 1 U A. M. ft PltMtrova and
Harrlskore, ejid at I'M) P. M ilir Plnor.jvt only i raUra
ti t 'rout Harruburir at l'3u P. M.. and trota nnejrrvvB al
7'tu A.M.. aoo i P. M.
Throtu-b flrat-elata tirkota and mlirran4 rkskela to afi
Ike prlheipal ioUit In Hie N'irlh ami West andCtnailaa
Tha Piliowla Ui ki-'ls ara ohlalnaolai onlv at iho ornoa
llRAIrnliU,Tr.aiu;ar. Ho i'J7 a. FOCKTU rttri-at.
Phllulapi la. or of U. A. NlOOIXti, (aoaarai aupsicuataa
deltt, Eeailliia :
A'M para't. doaoiaat, batweam aay pet ox, detlred,
tor iaadllea aud dima.
Good A .fJlo uka, baiwatn al polnu, at J1 IjO aaek
fur feoiiliaa and Uraia.
Tor tFree, ttc, time. or twelve uaualAa, ftsr baidars oaly.
to ai, poliita, at radaeed rataa.
I 1 ,1 Itll t H BH
Keeldlne on the ttre of the road will be ronttahad wttk
mrde. euiiUwa Uieu.saivee Bad wlsaa is uaaeta a bast
p in' irwn . w tii-k am
mat Phlladelpl la tn pnnalpal taalioiu, pood lot ftator
dy. Fiiiniay, np.t Moedsy, at reriues-d Fare, lo ba had onJl
st Ihe'lRAatbmi'si, UilKTaMaN 1 at aad UAWWlilU
tlooata of al deaerlpikiitit aowardad to all tha above
po'Oia. From ll.e Compaay'e uaw frathhl deast, ilJIaJAr
ana Pi ILtOW burela.
l.'nve PtilUdaJplita dally at A. M., 1 P. M ,and It P M ,
it Kiadtas, l.ebtinon. llarrUborj, paluvUla, Port CVlB
toa, and poa-iu beyiid.
CTi.taat the PhBade'rb'aPoa' OUrt fnr all plaoaa on Iht
rted act na brarii hea el t A. St., and for lbs pnraBJpea'
ttauoBi. ouiy at 2 IA P M.
TiHK 14 111 K
Ca and tthf Md.HiAI, May 14, ttU. tttl tanbai
FOR tre KM Alt'O-A-N.
Laava PlotaiWap' la a. :, o.'J 10.11. Ii A. VI. ; 1.1. S II
.. 4 , 14, II, 7, s, V, le). 1), lj P. M
UAva rv.Ts:w.-. B S 7, I . VVS, W. Ii, IT A. M
1,'J. S.4. ', li, a. Ill, 7, . Ii, Hi. 11. and l! P. M
1 La h FT) dow. i, U.t 3 arid l tralna up, do mn ate
Ml U.4 Uuiiiii I "Vi ii
t'HGsKI' V Hil l. K til KOA'l.
Inva Pi.iUd. !pl .a,tl, t, iv. II A.M.; -i, t,e.t.l
aod II P. M.
tease CUmul llll), T'lo. ft. 9 4", li 10 A. M. i 1' .0. t'M,
e , tti.ssii. n. j ip i-i p.m.
l.-ave PtillaOilphM l,is), 11 iv A. M.l IS, , 4 '. IH
S.H no. ami II S. J'. M. . .,,
lava N .ma..viB,t',7, T'M.S ant) !l A. M i IX, H
III, and VP. M.
I.: trnif OP, 1H Slop !,t W, slab!' Aod, Mwayauk
aud AvLcb.K-sao rnlv M.I NAYCNE.
I,iavel1,i!1.i'!,,.i,!H4A M., ' S, , 4"-., SaJ.
'VaI.!t ttwaVliaa . f.' 14.'. f". ll'l A . . 1 .
BI,U tl,'. ' l .
U. K.NMITH t-'iaj. rlr te.,s,.il.
n,ti ks ot. IN PI i i-'.J F Jt s, .-oi !e.
ISIUl. h.iiK
Tele pi. ol line tr.ivoi. ne U.e atorlleanl and N. iidwctl
COBSilloa !' Illi.vlliUi-t K' too. ,l, II l r.. oil Lsll- l.rlt.
II uiiwi, b ased t i the Ft.NMT I VAI A JtAlLHO SD
4'lAIPeY, aad litiUor their aueptota a, DA K rapidly
otieiMHI Uir iv..ut 'la I otlia kauaih.
II la Bow ,u i ft r I'aaavoier end Fraf'-t)t hnsFnaia evopj
riaerisliurr to Foil" oh." ' ndiesi ,n tue Ki,atarn HtvU
taon aad IYmm kiiwnAod 00 lirle (ib Bull ), ou UiB lls.srs
iimk op i-A4iiswcr.a TrtltwAAv pH)tAtirt.nnt.
Mall Truuikatne - S
F.kprtr,. Train leov. a ko .p. M.
Caja int. li r-ineh wiTHtil't tiiAMiiH istk aail ml trt-,
tralna beta,' a I aiU-WlpluABad Lotat,, aatB Isolweaa
liaiflniire luni iaia ILaVufl.
k.kiaBt tors-, iVa ol tha Kkprraa TtbIii both waa.
tor tritoriaaJOH rvhiseaiuiy Paaaeiitir baaiiirst. appi) a(
tliaa.! of Fil.r.VP.Nril ar.d MAKKri SKiaeia.
Ami tor ttleUiaee ol Uia Couipar.y a Asaao '
H. i Ktti'.a'.n.Jr .LWuarHnTbEVTUaBil tuttalll
tlll.U, I hUaslalrlrht.
1 M. L,,!, A.u.t, . . C.BHrnsp.
h nnrar'oai.
fieavral rraltrkt Apant.
I.EiVii. L. Ii.n.l-1.
OtneralTtekti Ajrni, Pliki., i..'i.ul
jonKPil D Porra,
74-tf amijkuabiar,wauaaiBTM
10V4a lukK IJint JOtHa
lha Caiorinf, BMd Anshoa and t iirtailansWB Baid tfwrt.
aVaUeoad !' mi-aaata' lAnaa frota rkliadakilila W Maw I or
ana r ay rvare
rasiM wAi.mrr n-rstatlT wiliar,
Wll leave aa t.anwa. aaa. tAaa
At t A M.,vutOuvoea Bn4 ABibor, 0. Bnt A. A-
eoamilatfr.a Wt aa
t A. at , via Canvoea Boa Jaraaf UHf, MoMlntj
At 1 1 'SO at . ru tOataaea ant Aaahov , 0
eorenv dalloai
Al 1 r. M. aia Oanadaa and Ala boy, 0. aad A. Bx-
At It P. M .vla OaraiVaa aaul Anaboy. Aaaocnaaa
aaOi. fPralirnt and paaawnr)
Al P. M., aaa Cmd.i and Atnlary, AieatnodaUoa
IPrMakl Bad Paaeirer) IH IMaaa TteAel
titllaaa do
At J, P. IF., rvm Oamdett tad Aiaaav AeooTAiru,4a
tlon rrrelabt and i'aaasintioe), 1st (Vta Tkdlat....
ao , naaa oo
For llulaalera. Aaloa.
I.amMrtvUla. rim-mtlo. aw..
r .r I.amFaa4talna sod tntormedlat atsUoasa, a I P. V.
Por M.aint, It. Pa, P.vanaaliia, Peubanon, and Tlaoaar A. M., i and P. M.
For Prrathoid at A A. M. and P.M.
r Palmyra, KJverton, Hesaaen, Haverlf, Kilfewatar,
Par Ft nt. n. PI.. ranee, llril,aiti,wn, Aa... at 4 an, I ! to A.
V.. 17 'si ' t.H and 1 1 it I' V. Ibe 1 SO aad P. M. Una
run dlrea throbrk toTrrmnai.
F..r P mara, kU wuu. lipr.eo. JViiTarlr, ao4 Barttag-
trll BI 7 P. M
MNP PRM KP.Na.lim" tlRi-OT
Witt leave aa pillows :
Al II It A. II., via Kenttncton ana Jaraaf Clky Ba
piaa I'lt
At 4 P. M., via Kiaialnicton and Jevaay CMrs-
preaa I 'tt
Al t-s.. P. M . la Kistrf on and Jenar Oltp,
VI ashllMt- n and New York K.aoraea I'M
Al 1 J r. M. Inishtl, vat Kenalntftau and Jora.iy Clly,
w'ashhiKl. oi ami Ni'W York
The r, ti, p. ,. hne win run dally. All o here Manday .
tor ftnllilo, Tiunklrk, Kll-itra, fihai-a Owiw-s. hoehas
ter, llln.hairpian, ISri at Iteiut. tliiiiirote, IV trkaalMtrtw
. aanioe. HlioOil.bioy, Water Hap, Maui) Chunk. Aiu-
Sns.,,, (, hlaaani, lleivlili re. Past n. tainliari vtlto, PWtra-
iisost, Aa . ej i ll A M 1 sia tea o wiio lilt vmb
"asint ksaaioe t.r Maooli Ch int at t i p. M.
' "i l s,i..rtvllie ai t P. M on HMord ivt only.
a1U,'". Pr. nlon. c al I lo and II U A. M., and!
rt !; n.l.lnwhl.
Pi iioiia.,4r, I .,., vn. .too ml rot, Prtdaatinrt, aa4
rraaki.rd.!,'- i, . A. 4 andsl'.M.
a' . i l i '"t andWav Unoa learlnt KantTnirtna
I. .t, Hike M. asrsn v -,( r,.t, als.ra Walnut, haur aa
hour l.ofl.iB depart.., th. I'.ra run Into lha H pot, and
on arrival ia"oh train , ,,, r,Cp,.
F my rooinila of h.tnik ,nowod each p,atenirtr.
Pass. ntai. an; p.t.hil,,!,.. fr.,kma ansU.irw aa laas-a
but their w,arln apparel. AH !,.,, , nriy oonnAa
to lo. raid for aura Tho t ompurSunlt Ihalr rosponel
bUn For batata tn Ont Dollar pr Sou,,,, ft4 will not ha)
Sal'le Tor any aauounl bond tllAl, ajtaayt by apaotal Boal
traot. tiiaham't Pntfoairr Pvpraat wfll eanttr aM 4llvwe huM
save al lha Hepola. Otdai a to la la1 at Not wai. NUT
tueet. Wl. U. UATZMFJl, A,,!.
I'ls-amlior I. lt.
rmm Fbol of Conrtlan-1 ttraoi at Ii M. and 4 P. M., via
.terser t Its anHt'ainilan: at 7. til, and I i .Ft) A . M., t
M . and IS fcotrac. via .luraer Cltv and Kenalroitnn.
Pnxn a sit .x Hareiay tirnat, at A. M. aud 1 Li M., rla)
Ainhiiy and Cnlmlen. 3
From Pier No. 1 North River, at II M., 4 and f P. If.
IFreltht and I'asteouorl via Amhojr and Caitnlaa.
all tae ttntion, on at a Catudsui and Aiuooy aad aoa-
cestui, JtaJiroaila.
I si n tiar.ii DKniaii ii.
ThaOaaioVn aud Aniliov Katlroad ard TraatDOHartoal
Comiaay't Praislit I Inoa riir New Yoafc will leave WBlrurt
imw. i aiiarr. on an arvor e-anuary n. osuif inuuoaa ax
aepter? ) al 4 o ajo. k P. U .
Ketumiiu:. aha Bbivt l.lois win leave Hew Tork atl aad
4 P. M.
Frvj.M mnet ba osdlvared bafora IHP.M.a ba) tr-
Mi dad lha tame day.
Freaarlit a Trenioa, FTtneouaB, .irurtioB, new Hrona
iak, and AO Dolnte on Uie Camden and Amny Railroad l
also on lha llolvlUere, Halawara, and Plaraiaittou, Uie Navy
Jersev, Uie Freehold and Jamoaburtf, ami uia 11 arUnstoai
aad MokiiI Hotly Kallriiada, rtioalved and Farararded up a
llSoVliit P. M. HiuaB paokatfM Kir Hoaot ILuHy retMivaal
Bp tn l o rioea r . Al .
Tha Halviilra-B lielawara BatlroAd aoaneeta at PtifTrtpa
btiry with ttia l.ehlb V allay KaUroad. Tha New Jereef
Kallniad eoaaocu at Klitabeth with the New Joraey
Central KaUroad, aud at Newark wiUl Uut Morris aud
Ettea KaUroad.
A aUp mamorBBCaai. apariryifwr the marks and nana- .
Beta, ahtppeie and couauiioo a, niual In every loatatioa bej
aaait whhearh load or Roiida, or ao receipt will ta tlvaav
Inoreaavil rarlllrlra bavin, been made Sir the traaaporta
tliwi of I.I VE lOCK, invert art Invited lo try thla roaaa.
Wheal the ttoek la fiirnltiiail In iiiaiitltlaa of TrYO CAB
LOAHH or more. It will be dullvBrait al tha fieit of KorUeUl
atreet, Biar lha Drova Yards, or at Plar Mo. 1 Norut
wlvor, aa ute abippert may deeumaie at lha lima nf tat
alutMuant, W AI. TIK FrlF.F.MAN, Frehrht Aeut,
Ko. 14. Di laware avenue. Philadelphia.
UED. R. KAYMIISH, FrelKht Aauut,
Jaf. If Plor No 1 North Hirer. Maw York.
ItlvHU .V Mil. km;
EA11 U0AI U now 1 'pfttc-l f the Nrr Paf-upr le(Mit
mf tne ('..mnniiy, T111JC111CTU Slid MAUKHT Hta-MU,
'J1IK l'MILAI.Kr.rin K KXPRESft Iaitai djUlj. TII
KhlK MAIL lcac ditllv ixcit h-.lunly. AU otiirr
t ruin p. 1 vp or it Tpi.t S'inilAy.
un ami afttr MiMAT, DKcmbtf ifu. IWt. utmbj ma
1'Utlaauiptaia M roltow;
h-OO A. M.
MATT. TV ATX, wVh th fononfitr enno?tiai Ar-
rl.e Al 4MiKsi..K I NTEKh KCTI M .0) A
M., and rnnncet with Hut CuWf KaUna1, r
riTffUi at Weit rhtr J 1 A. H. At !W M HUCO rY X
l aA.M., cinnrtit.K wt(ti train for Wajri m!i ric, an4
rpAchiiiaT thertt 1110 A M. At O'l.lUHIAll W A. M
iNHunf riit'K wtth NuriliiTTi Ontral Kailrt-a-I, and ravri
U.H lrk at '.' .MJ P. M , Hanorvr Juncilon 31.
lim.ovpr 4-wW r. m ana irttvDiu-f r i r. . aiiu,
wiUi train on Kradiiiif and Cilurabia KWIroail. UaTlmr -VIM)
P.M. Artnenl II A U KIM HI H I P. H connutlMC
lth Ntirtiiam Cffl'rul train. North. thm Leum M irtlt
but 1 4 P. M . atnva atNunhurj JO P.M.. Mii-m)Hrl p.
M., VVIiiloiuipari f-li l'. M., laoci llavctM I'M) P 1( flva-
ex for Klmtra, hot'litMiar, OaatuiitaUtia, HttirvA
rallr, Jke , reanh fcimn-a a U V P. M., and UtuWloai ft It
A. M. ilPaacttCi tr Itanrlila, Kutxrt, l-ltxiuil)tirf ,
ftajrwfr-wr, Htrf4.: iiavon. siaV. t, nny ruootll. llltnu,
tytiinivf, PKiutcn and herunioii.ute Uia Xarkawavnii
ini i'U4 uiibur-A trj g at nhviufef.afid. , At H Alt
HiHlirKii. tut lu-iiit 8ulhon N'ottfiurn CenaU Hailwa
l4t at I V. H , nrii-rp Yuri 3 47 P M , IUu rvr Juno,
.loo y ' P. M tUnnTiv 41 P. M.. and OttiyitMint 91 P.
M. At H All idHliUiiti, tsT foru In 'wntttr1fuaa ValMy,
It nvlrx at L u . M., an i e taiiiito t iS P. H.. H.mtK-t t
hi rg ISi P. M . and Htfrntoftn 1 IS f. M At TfHDSH
CIS P. M . (".wmrvtm with Maid Kta'o Valify Tra.a.
liavliLdta. 7"0 r. M .and arri-.n at KallafbaW at l mi
P.M. At A LT M) N a 7 40 P. M , ouiMrti with Uianan
train for Jto.i Idu j ur rrirriln; t:i.-Q 8 Jft P W. At
( UJCHHON H .'IH P. M ciiniiani'ndj with Branch train far
Kiiii4.utt. -uriMDat ttrfw 140 f.M. At fl f r-ll,UIA
I MA l , and tlinfi oiiaw)tliigftf allpuluu VVuiCW rtU-we-t,
and ouUiwcnt
lO'OO Aa W.
FArnj ACiOMMOl'ATlO.N, ho 1, arrfving at Paoll t
i--fiM in.
FAST LINE connect! at LawOVIT.T R ? i0 P. W
with train on Ittmiu' and CulumMa Ita .tMad, anlvtnf
U:s 10 l. ai . r.pnraia a .14 r. ai., ana .
Ui? ml 4 i P- M. At 11 IKKIsHIUIUO, wiKk an AoomiaGV
t1ttito 'I ralu on Nrtlinrn tvotxai KaMwajr, lr HaniSnr
aj.d Inurtik. 'lia'a pit;ti, n-aoiiiinj BunwrT at r. h.
At H A HKI HUL'H'i wl'h train on Cumbtarlarid VallvT for
t rlilf,niir tliwr at 4 I- P M. Arnvea t Piiabrf
I Mi a. Jrl , and ut)i U.KW cloia euiuioiiju lur aji
110 P. M.
PAHKIslUlltll ACl liMVOHAI lOl.arrrvee al Parkaf
burs at ok P. M., atoiipi: f at iuleimed.aMslauoul,
FIAKIIIKIlt'RH AltOMMiiDArlOV. makes eoenaa-
tlra st HowniliKton at 4 04 P. M , with traia oa w'ayaas
burs llranrh, leavlnff at 4 P. M.. and arrtvius ai
w at)rsburs al citai r at At tnii.t aiiti a, bi a e r.
M..wun Nurthiin Caiiltal Maflivay tor Yutk, kvavlna
WrbMavlllf 7 i' P. M . and ariivlus at Yolk 1UF.I,
Airiiaeat Harrl-burs at 7 4A P M
!!) P. M.
ttreet, d.i ly, t tovpt a .nduy Arrlvee at llarrlalnu-n.
4 0b A. M ; tumin. 9 47 A. Mi Alloana, SKI P. Ml
BBd Pitta burs, 11 1 0 P. M. Tliaiaaare eoiolortable. arui
aiLlaranla or amulet aolng- Watt, will nod live ratea
Ion , and l av, liajtir.iri'. ror on oat aie aivfrn,
iorwBidMd hy ilie aama train. Por turiher partliTtilara
apply lo FttANt'ia Ft SK, Kinlprant Aitenl. N... IJ7 Ihjok
sinrt. huiwisKi ita'Tialiur and Pittsburg a llrst olaea
oar it attaalimi to tiua tram rot li'cil uaval.
aj-llll P. !H.
I AMCASTKU ACi Oil MiiIiATidN. reaahae I aaoaater
al I .- P. .11., and Columbia si S inP. M.
1MD P. M.
PAOI.f ACCOUM'ibAl IOM, fto.l. rcachet PaoMattta
H-3II 1'. M.
1'imiirB'l ANU FKIH Will., srtlh the 4l
loallR eoooai-lloiit A rrlve Harrt-bors, I iY A. M I
Sniliory, Alt A. M s Isortnaatiieraiiil 4 41 A. at.
Ft 11 on, 4 .'ii A. M ; V llllauitt.ort. o is A. M ; L k davea.
7 'it A. M. ; Piutioiluiii, ll'O.s P. M : Mi Ma y's, ll ni P U i
i.rry. 4 .8 P M ; and Pile, Fl-M P. at. ( Al U..rry BkeeB
cm nei'ili.n ta madi. v-iiB i ll irret a. R . lor inuavtlo a-d
eihaller't, ttie cieaent teroilriut of the liaal., ante by
atana or ttrat t i li City and iraokiln.l P ..aml.rt F.r
t'aiiv Ita. Moperl.'. Heroics, Ue-'f-D liavetl.
aiiiCinlnny. I'ou onth, an i:ton. 'yi'ioi"R fit ai.B aad
Mere ni ob is) a Hi- Lav-lBMaui a and l' t iia-n, al
aorii.un.ber anu 1 i leeoo:art FirPiwla. K.haa.r,
Canan:aUna SiaiiiiraFal e.e'n.. rs.:S FJ'nu-a at li !
aid Hu'ta tail -."i P. .11.) At il sKumai'K I, ai h Sortli
ain i tnrral ta louy, Foi ii e fsn.ii'i, laavmr at 1 M A el,,
arrhaa York ,4' 10 ; J tinner Julie I , 4 4s A. M. I
laiavet lisBsoer liincii..n Hid 4. kl ; arrive ilaiii.v.-r,
II IH A . W . u. nl liMlvtbiirii. I '.'. P. M. At Ullltlsli
( iill A. ll.. Willi tr .ill on llrosd ri r il. t . arriving- , II A M . V):. Hills.. 4. V! . ii.lo..u-
liei-'ibr ti.ama F Hism- ' -r At T'iK o
V. o.'li .'it l.i I b 'ra a on Il.i4 F.4N- Y. la, K sd,
Iraslos Ttrni't l! ' I r ll-i eia HHl.
M . an' Hsu vr;'. l'i ."o i. M . t.e.iv.iia V . rone jii ' leartlo d
K. K. 1 1 s A M . aiol iir .'buns .itefl isj A M.
At CKF-s'-liN. ', :i '. . M ....'ill. I i"-- "I '' T I irl) Irsht
or .l. ,. it Sill ill "I."... 1.' -' I Vf t It. If KM.
HIIA IM1F..H ' . l'i -SI A. M . ' o irsy-tlnx v. nn.
I- rsurh train wno-h al r.Tes. na ra III". Hi 4-1 A. 11 , and
fin-ten i.-l"!' M ilius ire a b!." arnoU at M wra
vil a with tVtst P. rm vlvaii'a K 11., arrp. lux f-altsbirn,
II- ti A M ) ,1,-iln-i PI ITnUl Kii al t UU 1". M., Jiii
cofiiitittt li-r a.l jit-mis WosL
I lall) I. M.
PfMLAI'Kl.l IIIA F.API.tMt, tu p' ouJ' Dowu.
Iiisin. Uli- a.icr. li. M b .rt. Mwy.vllW. New
uin, AHl 'ii. l.i.M, M-turUig.toa, .viiooiia, 'al
SAzin.i.EuC. n.iri.iifli. Al HI F 'IT M' I H ' N . v, ,t u llroa.l
Tow l I. . ri-asniiT a"' w. ti"l nrrivtia at
j.nul.y A M ., Ml, lii.l. ha A. d , auJ tLwnswa.
I.v net. to 11. di .t.l. .ki -.VI .1 ov'N . at tri A M., an.
io.i,.i, i..ii...i'. w.l.i tr..i i.r F..ii.U-'il"F.'. raaeiuug at n . . a M..S.-A i-.o.-i brtacit. I' Ar-rui-a
il pi'.tu- in P. M . ini.i-4 ilo-e. roiaiei'iloa
v. III. I l,i ,. Pih i. nil ,n all n.v in.'. Ut 'I-; ri
i.o'i.l Sorll. B. ir. Iata. Vt.-tt.. !.- Vll'ait.i; :! and Ho
FJU.S..IOI i, s,i mil an- routh wosl lo aM poiota
ai . osa.l 'i t.s rii.lrad
Ft.r Linn, r u.ii aiit'lon. aiiply at il" PaaaaoKa- kMilllotl,
eorr.n 1 1 .111 ii. I '- I li and l mis 1. 1 ism. Plttia.
nii.i '. ,..SLl-.tiii. Jr., I A..a.
X -iiai i a . i 'fi. oi f;n lo oxioitu Pitik't
A Kt A N i H i "t S i
Ut. Mill aiasr t K1DA Y, Apr". I, Vrl.l.lti tramt wtD tea,
aau.l. as - ...,...
Ut. A l Ai K r. tsT WAUL). .t t r. a ssis
si: ni. ... a. u. .' W4l.ii:. a.m.
r. w.
4 .4 ,
4 'A
b il
t 41
fikior.i ..........
l a.l i.islar
Avolio sle
t .taw t Fu ll...
Ca-iv lil
vi . i:. . Loritoa.
PV.1i l iv"i
.1 '
F -. r- l..le..lii... F tJ
k it rt'eal - I oaler... 7 1
tol ,V.t.' Jvineuoii.. 'J .si
,1". ,'. 11-.r,l...r..J..UJI
I !'. i F.,1.1 i Feril.T.. !' 41
r.-tri l-.eiinvil . .. , Iviw
tt Avon... , - ii' Jl
4 ai tVes-t tiros.... to J
B lo tlsr.ird ....llM
.7 '.v
7 '-F-im
ltii l
. tii'.Mt in Philade'oiiia Be. hoetl ev.Aud Front
li, ii. ....ii a., J al.ik' l t.. PHIKM PIH4T aa.4
U.kkK.l u..U, Waal i'vus' 'leipli. Market tauae
fats. I irer Sailiia . Jat . I'lUtasUajaj, IS aa.4 float
Uia On..-1. , , .,
paa.aiia.r, to tti ror,'" uient ohan.-e of ears.
)t, ; AiliKlil W ioJU. SiivatUiWi""' ,
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