The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 27, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 4, Image 4

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(Sitaing rlcqraph
Patee Twnar Chntd Pea Cnrr fl'nnwl Hhees), or
atiaw-rraa CwnTe l-KH Waaa.payeole to the Carrier, .ul
avsdlra to e)ebeorlliere oat of (he City at Mink Hollars
Pw Anif! One !! ami Pitst 4nt rot Tu
BloK-mA, nivarlab'; tn advatice for the period ordorrs).
Advertleewerta hsaerted at the maul ratee. Alili-ial
nl m9 far extended inePrtlone.
Tn Alerllnre).
Owing e the f -eat In'rea'a In the Clren!a'l.n nf 1 oa
Htbmiku Tbi run. on, ernn e-lltnif hi in t t"4 al i
eawSj hoar, we nrarttlf re ine.1 hat a,leittaoin.nt. tnav
M HiHl'd In at pno as lOad ck.lf secure
faeaa an eaeeruon tn all of oar rdiuoiia.
lilt: HA TAX A II ftl'MAK 1(11.
The itigar plum wlilith Siiicrmam Jrocil
into tlio national Blocking that Ahiiaiiam
Ijncoijc. hung up. ramo In tho scinbbni'u of
Snvanrifth. We havo all cnjoyeiit. We lnvu
admired Its roundneM and Its iwrt'tnnss. Wo
rrjolce over tlio one hundred mid (Illy lie ivy
griim, and the thirty tlin-e tlioustiti'l lial's of
cotton. The capture of Savannah I an cvont
which wo hiivc long aiuictp.itcil, an 1 are
therefore only :iii;tly enjoying it, liivu liui
on, as the inlrlligttiii'o did, on a day that w,n
mctwroloi.'U ally gloomy, It oiied an Interior
iunl!"l:t l;ri;;li er than a tinro iil.-ki:itial on.!.
If it Lo tnit; ttiul wlitit intiti litu done inn
may d i, it !, n;ua!ly truo that the morn a mvi
do o the wo expect from Mm. Siit'.ft
M an h is used up' Atlanta, has cmsrcl Savan
nah to fuccumb, and now lias the eyes of hotii
Kotth and (south eiiually upon htm, In won
dering expectation ns to where ho will next
go, and what ho will noxt do. Savannah
! gone, Charleston mtift follow. All the sophis
tries with which the Southern papers have
hitherto beguiled themselves, are not Hii.Ucient
to blind their foresight as to the ultimate fate
of Richmond, picceded at Its fill will bo by
dove-tailing triumphs on tho part of Siikum ax
and Gbant.
thk uiti. r lA.vtintv iirxr.
Once upon a time there was a certain Court
which kept a stag for hunting. Ho wan no
timid animal that sprang leaping through
glade and thicket, at the tlrst sound of tlio
banter's horn. lie was a solemn and decorous
beast. Long confinement in a cage had sub
dued his spirit and stiffened all bin joints. Uo
could not have run even to save his life; but
as his life was regularly spared, he never
exerted himself to get away from his pursuers,
lie and the hounds wero well aeqmilu')d, and
as they grew old, respected caeli other's In
firmity. The stag, considerate In regard to
them, had his kimlucss reciprocated by never
bobig pressed too lianL Thus, ou many a day,
did the venerable animol gently trot before
the hunters of the Court, uud they as gently
trotted after him ; and when the usual courso
was run, Court, hounds, and staj returned
sociably together.
This humane sport, long discontinued, has
Veen revived. It has lately been Introduced
Into Canada. Several individuals of a species
known as the St. Albau's red, having
Crossed into Canada from the United States,
were entrapped and carefully examined as to
their capability for affording spor. The head
game-keeper, Counaot., and twelve under
strappers, having decided that tho boasts aro
well adapted ior purposes of tho chase, they
were released. The latest news trom Canada
Informs us that tbe Governor-OenuraJ has an
nounced a great battue. We expect that till
port will be received with much favor by tli
Canadians. It may last for years, u the onl
limit to its duration Is the superannuation o
the game. Citizens of the United States beluj
regarded as reckless In their method of hunt
ing, are prohibited from trespassing upon the
Canadian preserve.
The attacks upon Jkfflhson Davia and
the lnuendoes which have been made In some
of the Southern papers in regard to bis Admin
istration, are still being repeated. A late
number of the Richmond Examiner declares
that the secret scioa of Congress Is a cause
of as much solicitude as tho mysteries ol Sa
vaunah or the unknown campaigu of Ten
net Fee. The rumors which are prevalent
of the Congressional transactions arc de
aciild not only ns vsgue but unpleasant. It
is intimated, in the first place, that
the nibfuse of the executive power hn? been
the cause of calamities to tbe country, and
that those calamities have themselves been
pleaded as a reason for the further extension
of that power. The lMchiuond Whiy, to be
sure, with tho mixture of tho highwymaa
and the gocd Samarltnn.allerknoeUing Sr.vr.
rulers may have erred In their jud;jmf nt of
Davis down and mangling him severely, pour
oil into his wounds, and arguus that though
men, and have been to mucii guided by their
prejudices, still that does not absolve thi)
people from allegiance to the can?. At the
same time it takes a most dismal and uiicon-
gratulatory view of the situation. 1: dwells
upon tho march of Siii:i:m.'.", and aJadls
its triumphant Usi mi nation. It laments
that Hood's army has lost tlio compact
ness, ctllciercy, and spirit which it says
tvere so evident under Jon.vHTON. It mourns
over the failure ol the Teunev ;ee move, n b.iits
that the battle ol r'runUliu iniyinvo linen
kruTaut, but was useless, and t'liu'.i lii.: ril
of tbe Yankees has the aiipesrunc ) of a sur
prise.. It is no wondev that th'? review of the
situation, coupled with the secret se-sious of
the lU'bel Congress, disturbs the equanimity
of the palious ul' Kichiiiond p'lper.J, lvals
to vituperation against Me. Jufjcu.son
David, excites disBatisl'actiou with his tools
and minions, and slowly undermines tho fabric
of Rebellion with a train of disgust and sus
An inflexible persistence In any course o
conduct Which eviDces courage, always exer
cises a degree of fosclLatlon. Even when our
cla?riUd convictions luform us that the
Policy is wicked, we admire whiht we depre
cats, and applaud whilst we denounce. Our
dulration for whatever partakes of valor
and heroic accomplishment blinds us to the
-- al taturt of the matter in contest. Boino
. axe o tend of perseverance, that they would
think less of Satan himself should he realize
Oriobh's ' haej and ultimately repent.
They would cease to respect a wicked beiug
who becomes a goo4 one.
What then are we to say to the Alabamlans
whom Governor J. II. Watts has called upon
to defend Mobile, and whom Brigadlor-Geno-raJ
Vvrr C. Giikk.v loudly calls upon to fly
' " to the rescue. Says the Brlgadier-UeueruJ
""You are exempt, and so am V The old toen
0bd the young boys are equally appealed to ;
Tiinr'n rosebuds and Deci-mber lep are on
even terms. Not only A Inhnmlrim on their
Inst legs, but Alnbnmlnns wlio have no legs at
all, are dimlraldo, Governor Watts' procla
mation Is addressed to tho old men and boys
of midillo and nooth Alabama. In tbe Itrtg.v
dlcr-(,'cncrl' apeal they aro nviiiPHtt'ti to
conn- In companies, squads, or singly. ''Ono
more effort." say the Governor, "and
our caiiHe Is sale." Safe at rots'., at
nil events. " A prompt response," con
t Indi ti the lirlfiadicr-lienoral, will make
our term of service short, and wo cai. return
to the enjoymrnta of homes, treed from the
danger of a cruel foe." What tho enjoyments
of Southern homes may be, the Itrlnvlier
( leneral ought to know belter than we. In the
North here, from tho overflowing plenty witli
vhii'h our homes teem, wo permit comforts
mid kindncHHcs to How into our prisons and
1 CHpiUl-wards. The suiiHliino anil the, dew or
charily full upon all, the just and tho unjust
t!ie patriot and tho traitor. In tho Sun'.li it
tippcurs troops ri'turn to tho (Mijoymt'iiLs of
In me, w hilst Union prisoners starve, rot, a id
ijo mud.
This proclamation and tliis appotl to 1 ys
nnd old men, if they show how d 'sperato is
the course which tho Ke.bols aro jni ratlin?,
I rove, too, bow meagre are tlio ro:n:iiiH upna
vhii h their energy has to work. They were
if-Micd upon the 11th ol December, when ihti
J'cbols wtte In Imminent apprehoiision of liu
(iijilure of Mobile, the key to the Alihuni
mid Tombigbeo rivers. Jf all tho exoinpti
wt ro to be armed and equipped, no itnv'int
tii n can conceive of tlio amount of valor to b i
exi rci.icd, the quantity of cxcciitinn ti b ;
done. At the rendezvous at Montom Ty and
(rliha, Scin.a and Talladega crowds ol boys
iitul old men were wanted, In "companies,
Mir.utla, or t-hifjly," to furm tho bist army the
;-onlli wdl raise.
vr.i i i,i a it i si oils.
The customs of the Middio Agtss, however
natural they might have appeared to tlio
knights and 'squires of those days, certainly
I;i iir a ulnking resemblance to the ludicrous,
or ra her to tlio eccentric, when viewed by the
u.oio civilized eyes ol the nineteenth century.
Tho habits and fashions of that tlmo have
taken root, and woven their Ubrcs lnta tho
social condition and domestic economy of the
A'nglo Saxon peoplu. In Great liritain theso
peculiarities are much more prevalent than In
our own land. When wo broke away from
the mother country, In our anger we not only
abjured her Government, but also many of
those customs which have almost become a
part and portion of tbe English Constitution.
Hence wo escaped many of the absurdities
which have been grafted into tho society of
liritain, and like a new people, Rtarted now
doctrines, habits, ami customs of our own.
Some few of theso peculiarities still cling to
us, some of them endeared by time, and others
rendered nuisances, but tolerated by long con
tinuance. Wo propose to glance at a few of the cus
toms. One of the most remarkable Is tho habit of
tolling the State House bell during election
day. To the imaginative person It is supposed
to be calling upou the citizens of our great
country to come from their homos or business
and do'lbeir duty at the polls todovoteono
day to their fatherland and act not as indi
viduals, but as parts of tlio commonwealth.
But we are free to confess that to us it resoin
blcs the tolling which Is the usual accompa
niment of a funereal procession. It rather
calls- on our citizens to march behind tho
collln of tbe nation than to exercUo their
dearest right. Let it chime national airs
let "Hull Columbia!' and the "Star Spangled
I3aniicr"be rung forth to the people, and cease
that melancholy noise, every stroke of which
teems to be tho last, and th bearers stark
wheu the next ono breaks tho stllluoss of
our air.
Another peculiar and ridiculous custom Is
the fiigbtlul howls which are daily uttered by
tho criers of our National and State courts.
When the judges appear and take their seats,
the v. bole solemnity of tho proceeding Is dis
pelled by a large man with a long stick, seated
In a high chair, suddenly bellowing forth a
noise, which. may be represented ou paper as
"Ho yah 1 Uo yuh 1 Ho yah 1 tho'r Honors
are cnteilng the Court I" and Hot withstand
ing tho fact that every one in tlio building
distinctly beholds their honors, this culwpris
ing Individual continues to roar In this insane
manner until he sinks back exhausted in his
lofty scat. The sceno Is exquisitely ludicrous,
and turns Into a farce the otherwise solemn
cenmou) of administrating justice.
A ii est pernicious custom is that of ringing
the dooi -bells ou "All Hollowecn." We sup
pose it originated in the superstition in regard
to that night, and the nearest approach to
fiends were selected to persecute that most
susceptible class of our community, house
servaulH. We are glad, however, that all tra
ditionary support has proved iusulllelout to
protect tho.-cwiio are addicted to this pleasing
custom and the trong urra of tho law seizes
upon all who are playing the Imp, even on a
night specially devoted to their bene lit.
It woss long cus oniary to ring tho bells
during a thunder-storm, but as several sextons
vicio struck by lightning, and as no particular
C od has been derived therefrom, tho habit
was abandoned.
The most ridiculous wo can cull to mind Is
the cuhti m of nailing an aged horseshoe over
the door of the residence, for the purposo of
keeping out the " gentleman in black." Many
of our citizens will rltlieule the idea of any person ol tho nineteenth century being
guilty of ny such fully, but there ore at the
jTCM'iit time a large number of houses In our
city ou the inside of whose doorways is nailed
a rusty boishoe. With this, tho most absurd
of superstitions, we close our enumeration of
peculiar customs.
WAIt I.I I Kit t ri ii K.
When Mars becomes tho tutelar deity o( a
people, all other powers bow before it. Tho
civil Jaw becomes martial, tho doctor a sur
geon, the divine a chaplain, nnd tho citizen a
soldier. The spirit of battle, like an epidemic,
pastes over tie land, transforming plough
shares Into swords and pruning-hooks into
spears, filling the hearts of the combatants
with military ardor, In place of tho quiet devo
tion to the arts of peace. No more do tho
gentle strains of the harp and flute delight tho
listening ear; the nation demands the stirring
tones of tbe bugle or the iuspiritlng notes of
the clarion of feme. Every department of
aclcuce is more or less affected Chemistry no
longer exhausts itself in endeavoring to please
the eye with the harmless wonders of pyro
technic art ; all bur energies are directed to
discovering the composition of "Greek fire"
or Improving the manufacture of "gun cot
ton." The artist no longer dollghts tho eye
with quiet landscapes, or with fowl and cat
tle. The scene of strife or the pranciag war
horse are bow tbe field In which genius loves
to rove. Every department of the peaceful
arts has been affected, and It 1 therefore not
to be expected that literature, that most
mobile ol all accomplishments, should cscam
an Inlliienee so general in Its application and
o potent in Its results.
Tbe whole style of the works pnbliihed by
our leading printing bouses to-day Is diirerent
from that which Issued from their prcses a
few years since. To prove tho assertion It Is
only necessary to glance at tho column upon
column of advertisements announcing flu
publication of new works. Two-thirds of
that which flows from tho pin of an American
author has reft mice lo the war. Novels, his
tories, ai counts of adventuies, biographies,
and political text books nlike abound with
dct-crlptioiis of aocial condition, milil.arv
ability, future prospects, or daring adrenLnri,
Viblcli relate to c ivil war. The demand for
nub woiks Is Inordinate. I'roin the dime
novel up to the standard history, each devotes
its space to military questions. Tim romances
ol to-day have a stereotyped pint, ; no m rc
" si enl horseman" wind their " solitary ways
o'er distant bills." A soldier, of duh'mg
appearance, who has Just escnn;d from guer
rillas, is tin) hero of tho tain. ICscapil
Southern ihimsrls, seeking protection under
tlio lliilon flag, supply tho melancholy
maidens of bygutin times. All talent for
fii lion devoted to such writing, until a vasL
amount of worthless trah h:is flooded our
lending public, and threatened to cngulpli all
litiiniy lin to. b ii alb Its ericroaebing biliows,
'J he iniu-s. s are affected not so m ich by the
Flaiid.ii d works as by the cheap publico.!.! o:i
ol fictions. This is the channel through wiiich
tl:e common people are reached. Aci'i.i:
iorn "IOik yi lopedia" lias not. the lull 'ion :u on
the greater part of our population as h ivollm
iliine novels which are weekly published. It
is therefore, to bo rcreUed that the tastos of
nil our people nio becoming so martial. War
loses Its horror beneath uu inspection through
colored glasses. Tlio red of the blood is nou
tiidizi d, and a glowing plcluro of fame nnd
'in tune succeeds the bloody aspect which in
reality it wears, lieiiown and position appear
(O be tbe fruits of battle, uud forgetful of tlie
long rows of unmarked graves, youth points'
to the few who have succeeded, and culls the
reward of val . ciol advancement and
enduring' fame. Our people uro deceived by
t!'co liilse pictures. It is but right and just,
and necessary that tlio evil thus produced be
There is another class which, though harm
less in its influyice, has become insipid m Its
nature. This class consists of narratives of
adventures in tho "suuny South." Kvery
escaped prisoner, every exchanged captivo
thinks It necessary to ulllict the public with a
narrative of bis adventures. However enter
tabling such u tale might be to th family and
friends of the nuihor, tho general public take
no inlcrcbt whatever in their ordinary inel
d"iils of captivity. One work Is a type of the
elntis. '1 ho "Stars and liars" may bo takon as
an example of this fungous growth. No par
ticular adventure appears to havo occurred to
Uio writer; in fact, we doubt if tho production
is not a work of llction. Tlmo spent in the
perusal of all such works is timo wasted.
Many ol tin in muke no pretension to literary
merit, and not only vitiate tho taste, but also
degrade the style of tho reader.
There jet remains another diss which
threatens to work a much moro permanent
detriment to our literature. Our beat authors
aro beginning to writo eutlrely on tho war
001 war matters. Histories of our contest,
pamphlets lu bound form on futuro prospects,
nnd a large cumber of political productions,
all of which arc lasting iu form and influoiiee,
are daily appearing. Such works as those are
read not by tho reading public, but by tho
writing few. Their minds ore Influenced in
that direction und their works In turn bear
mm Us of the j revuiling epidemic, nonce tho
public are assailed by the original ,.ork in a
thousand i!iH'erent shapes, and It docs its in
jury in as muuy various channels.
Hut although tho literary prospects of our
land look dark, yet tho futuro may clear the
horizon of the lowering cioulils which now
durken it. Tho fever for all such works may
lie but temporary, when tho occasion for their
birth is past; then tho interest which keeps
them alive may become exhausted. Tho
public mind, sick of war matters, may return
with renewed gest to the perusal of works of
peaceful iutcnt. Tho arts uud sciences may
again bo cultivated; tho pen bo again takon
up by tbe bund so lonj; accustomed to bear
the sword, and tho wholo of our literature
come out of the contest purer and more re
fined by the ordeal through which it has passed.
Tlio mind advances through blood, and let
us hope that the great improvement which
will lollow the war in our ci v il society, may also
extend to our literary worth; and that re
newed and regenerated American authors
will surpass the mighty minds which have
It nt their pens to enrich the vast store of
Britain's literuturo.
Oil t-UHeaj hikI Nlitiiia.
CorMiibsioncr Lewis announces the following
important decision :
HAL lU.vm.CK, WASiiiNor tti, December l i, tit4.
Sir : Your letler of 1 lectin Ixr 7, iu relauoa to
the sump uuiy on uu "oil luiuw," so culled, bag
been received.
"Tbe law makes the 'rent or rental valnu' the
t( ul which duiurniini'a the iimount of the stamp
duty, sail of course when the rent is tlxed at a
sptcilUd sum in money the stuiupdutyis easily
Ui teiuiincd.
"In tLe case of tbe oil lessees there is, however,
very rerely a fixed rental vulu in money r.;ctl
upon. I u S'-niu instances the lessee coo true is to
eiect valuuble miiulilin ry of sink shafts, as well
ns to i ay a cerl.un rule pur K'Olon or b irrei or
tteoil produ' ed, or (Uliver a certain portion of
tlie oil iiistcad of custi paj lucnts, and iu others
ti.e rent is to he a certain portion of Itio oil or its
value in uiuncy ihe machinery in the first ease
to I tcume the property ot the lessor at the end
of the term.
In mich c.iscs the annual rent or rental valau
can only be determined tiy estimation. If tlie
ItukO in of l ew and uutr.ed lauds, lucre is, of
course, a possihility taut it may turn out to bu
worthless, ho far as the production of oil is con
cerned; but It would not be sate to assume, tLat
ft would always, or, perhaps, ever be so. it' the
lessee lias oroctid valuable machinery upon the
premises, or rutide valuable Improvements whicb,
upon Ihe termination or auirtndtr of iho lease,
became the property of the lessor, it is evident
that be baa rmutcU a portion ul the rout or coiu-pcii.-utiuu
tor the use ol his land areud upou,
i though 10 oil is produced.
lie n ii'ul value cannot In such cases be
accurately Uctermiued, und of course tlio stamp
duly cud no nioie be accurately calculated, and
thtrclore parties in such cases are adviael to
apply to the Collector, under section li2 of the
Ac t of June 30, to Lave th stamp duty deter
mined, which of course involves tho calculation
of tlio annual rental value.
"If the land baa been worked beforo the le.ibC
Is lniulc, or if the original lessee in such case
underlets or atsb-'nt his lease, or a portion or
undivided Interest in it, the Collector will in such
case have some reliable data to start upon ; but in
all caees be should estimate, from the best in
formation be can get, the probable average rental
value, and of course in doing this be wil( have
regard to his own knowledge of the premises, the
information derived from the parties and Others,
Slid the stipulations of the lease; und if the rent is
payable In oil, the average market value of the
oil is an element in tlie calculation, and In cases
where be la in doubt, he will of course receive
such instructions us may be desired from litis
"Buch leaies, whether of oil, coal, or mineral
lands, are held to be subject to stamp duly as
leases, and a stamp as an s'rccincut or contract
is, ol couisc, IneuUiciifUt.
"Tpere are lntsnei of fnrma tn the coin rv
vhii h are Iraaed 'nKin share., ' It Ii fnni'it,
and It is of roe r )nipo-ir!e io delermlnj i
a-lien date what tba farm will prol'iei lur th i
entnlnn year: the nntsl raluemim be estimate (,
anil the quantity as well as value of the s reral
pT'M'ucta must ttceome elements In the, ca'ciila
llin.endyet no ditlb ulty aeema to ham an, n
in fitch caws. Tbe calculation In the cue of a
el or oil Ii ase mny he more complicated, but
the f rlrclple I the nanio.
" Vcij rr arHTtfiillr,
" Jcmarii J. I.kwis, flomm idoritr.
" Win. Ilenrv Arnonx, Kq., N. 1 3 N.isatu
Uriel, iScn Yotk."
Iters jitlon of Anieru-niiai ly the KtiastLaai
lloit i. mi llces', tT. l'l-.Tiinniieua, November
2K, lw f. I 40fniaetl In my sec md letter to write
you of llm prientall in of Messrs. Ni'ilcy aid
Col i ins (Ann i icun ttlcraphic nprnts) to the 1'. n
peror ot Kuksfa. It look place last evening, or I
oiqibt to ssy Inst nirht, for tho whole all'nirtlid
not ind until m ar morning. Iiwas really sjtl"ii
did in tvery particular. A magnificent untcrt iiti
nient follow) d the pre) ntatlon, given by the K n
pcrnr nt bis favorite p.ihicc, Tsarokoeisikl, twenty
mills from town. Vbc grand master of core
monli Intioiliii ed the gentlemen.
The order of pin etli nee was, first the Am'iissn.
ilnrs of r-1 a nee and 1 Hrkey, nixt foriitta nun inters.
Hint 111 r t c.iinr- the ili-tiitiiiNbeil Aniuncitis, only
pieti'i.ctl by ihoite two dignitaries, a'el having
pmst'Ociii c of all tlie lirst nliic, rs of tlie cniturc.
'I he (riteilninmriil as the inixt splendid that
con lit I it given ; the company the select In
pot) t ot rank sntl le niT, etuiira -iug all t ie lirt
11,1 n id the empire.
'I he ol precedent., ns-ignetl tho tvti
Ann rirttti gentfciiici', nc douoi linen led as
a i on pliu cut to our i inn y iu ri 'urii tor tiiu
kino ic i p ion ( i w ii the Ittssnn thct re.vnliy
in r-cw Yo'k. 'I ho f-nipe in loltl Mr .Sitilryt in
the rotirse nt his citiveis'U,on with him, ih it h-a.
loiti just rt'tiiritiil from N-ce, where he liatl s.-cn
tttc snips nf ill'1 returned ll-'er, and lis l le.true I
from tbe i Ulcers t ic grust kindness of our peoi o
to tin m every w In re.
'1 lie pret eilenre given to Messrs. Sibley antl
('olllns nt It e riccptjori, anil the m ined nttna
ticris ot the l .utpi ror, tiave pnidncuil the gre itest
woinli r hi re. I'eop o ssy no such, honor Inn
been shown to citizens from any country
1 fltro during the reign of this Kinperor.
Many tilings occurred during tho evening of
t ll 0 puseritiuion lentliitg to sliowtbn gio.n.rci.;e -l
1 the Hiissians enterinlii tor Americans.
I A ruit it itmii-ing met iciit occ ined nt t!,e
' ih pot, w In rc 1 1)0 guots who Ii 1 C me out f-n ii
' tticciyncro to ttke carri igos fir the pst:ic .
The royal ra; riagts wir" iu waiting, and toe to
for the anil'S'sadors and in i il t rs had ptc'l
d in c, hiid tbe i ne for the two Amei icatis c uue
1 in. st. 1 bese were nil sta'.o csrri.tges, and no
! st, tie larriage t kes mere th tn t v p Tsons.
j One ot tl.o Jt mirror's ministers pruposed tt
cc upy li e thitil t int i life, when lie was oldigetl
lo liar the place with his carriage, anil nnothitr
wa- bniiight up hli a splendid piir of tl.ijtplt)
grey Lorsi s, richly caparisoned, drivers and foot
men iu royal liveries, nnu the announcement
jtivc n, "Cairiugc for the Americans."
You would have 11 anin-ed to see two
bundled men, all in the most splendid military
uniforms, epaulets, swords, spurs, etc., waiting
nnd wnudiring who it could bo having pre
cedence of ILcm. Whin they reached the pala e
Key wire shown into two rooms to dress. I!,i.
fore tiny conld get ibrir eo its off, In cama an
n.d-clo-t and announced that the mums fir
the A mi mans were on the next lloor, und ma Ii
lii rr, und they wcru r:.iit8ted to go to th iin.
Jderc wc ro three rociins, ojiening rn suite, fitted
up in the Biost tuntptiious style. A royal
uu i ndict nee ol decoruiion, and a regal display
of elegance ai d taste perrudod ull the appuiut
iiunis ol los'ly pictiues, rare works of art, and
liixinioiis turn turn.
'I I o F.mpcror's privnto tlicntro In the palace hs
bit n opt md, and, besides other plays, a beauti
ful bullet w as performed by a select number of the
In st tlmisiutf in Russia, or perhaps ia tho world.
To the exclusion of others, the "tlluttrimit Amu
i nam ' were tende red the best scats, and it w is in
the hunquctiua ball, where a most sumptuous ro-pH-t
was pn pared.
The party asse mbled at tho palace cnnslitcd of
shout time bundled persons, including many
bcautitul women and the finest looking men one
sees in any country. It Is said here, by those woo
ought to know, that the unreserved conversation
ol tbe Kn.pcror with Mr. Sibley, and the recital
of the kind reception of his lleot in America, was
quite extraordinary, and occasioned much sur
prise. liovh. Vnion and Am.
nannlty ait the Tlilr.
At tbe seventeenth anniversary festival at the
Royal General Tboatricul Fund, held in Lsndon,
recently, Mr. Iluckstono, the woll-kuown come
dian and dramatic author, rotated the following
Klghteen years ago I was playing at the I) im t
fi ics Theatre, on a balurduy evening. Tho ho aso
was well tilled, jiaittcularly tho dress boxes, but
the occupants ot that pint of tlie houso, instead o
being ltst.i ss or Inattentive, as they sometimes are
in the London theatres, wcro uproarious in
their laughter, and loud in their applause Kvory
joke or humorous passage was taken by them
with immense expression of delight, and the play
"went oil," ns it is termed, triumphantly.
At the end ot it I remaiked to the munsger what
an excellent audience it bad Iseon and how every
point was understood and appreciated, but parti
cularly by the purlies in tbo dress boxes; they
luuglud louder than any other persons la the
theatre. "Yes," said the manager, "they did onjoy
tlicmsclviB umn.ingly. Do you know waut they
all lire r" "No." I answered. "Well, sir," said
be, ' they are all mad people. It Is tho system of
our doctor at ihe lunatic asylum here (tbe Cre h
tuu Institution) tu amuse bis patterns in every
way in bis powtr; so be took pretty well all the
seals in the dress circle, and brought tlioiu hero
to entertain them, and be afterwards Informed me
how much bis puny bud been dcllgued, and bow
be was sure tbuirj eoniiiig to the play had idoue
them a great deal of good."
The Continental Magazine is dead. It began
life In 1861, under tho editorial management of
Mr. J. It. Gilmore, and proprietorship of Robert
J. Walker. For awbilo Charles (1. Leluad, one
of the most versatile and genial writers In this
country, had editorial charge of it, but of late it
has been edited by Martha i . Cook, a sister of tbo
owner, Mr. Walker.
The aborigines of Australia are fast disappear
ing before the advance of civilization. Already
Ihcir race has become extinct in Tasmania:
whilst in tbo other colonies only a few scattered
families survive as representatives of the nume
rous tribes who some years ago roamed at will
over tbe wholo continent, from Lake Alexan
dria to Ihe Snowy Mountains. Along both
banks of the noble Murray river, the yunyahs of
the black men are giving place tn sheep farms
und cattle-stations; and in another generation,
no traces of their existence will remain, except
perhaps, tbe bark -covered mounds which, mark
their buriul jiluces, or tbe weapons preserved in
public museums, or lu tbe collections of tha
Flbi ologis's suppose that Australia was lirst
peoplid bjj Btray voyageia from the In li in
teas, who iu their snmtl saiiiugcrai't drifted along
fioin Island to island through tbe hasteru Archi
pelago; and tho hypothesis is strengthened by
the fact, tli ut although the dialects spoken iu
various pans ot Unit continent dillur very mate
rially from each other, yet they ail bear evident
truces of au eastern origin, and many worjs of
Titiiiul and Malaya may he recognised la most of
them. The aborigines never composed w hat may
be eiukd a nation, but have always been only a
i,tiinlier of Heatotreil ivr.itina. each livimr under ii
I form of L'ovcrinucnt. havluir its own
territory und its own language.
Tbe "I.eitebiio-lcitclioos," "iliirri-hairis," and
"Yukku-yukkas,'1 inhabit the vast tract ol
country known as the Lower Murray, (district),
in.ii tiny muy be t.iken as filr specimens of the
riit e. i.ach tribe has its owu special bunting
grounds, und the o dest mun of the party
geoeiully issues directions us to the place of
encampment; the duty of providing food Is
Bksumed by tlie mules, whilst tho females manage
the munyvvi, (bark canoes), and get ready Ihe
gmiyahs' at the appointed station. At sundown,
tarh evening, the various bunting and fishing
putties tome into camp, and the produce of their
labor Is all f iled up in one common heap; from
this the chief assigns a fair proportion to each
family; but first of ull be lays aside an ample
provision for the childless, the widows, and the
orphans of the tribe.
V hither game be n arce or plentiful, all share
alike ; and If a stranger, even a white man, come
uputtue time, be is sure uf a welcome, and a
portion is at once cheerfully offered to him. Tbe
greatest reverence ia paid by them to old age. If
a youth become the possessor of a steel toma
hawk, or a bunk of llsbing-llue, he is not per
mitted to retain it, but is compelled to band it
over to one of hia seniors; and be must give
ample proof of bis courage und activity before be
will be allowed to join in tho councils of his
tribe ; then his admission into tbe ranks of tbe
warriors is celebrated by a grand feast and car
roOvrry, at which two ot Ujs (rout tyeiu axe
I nocked onl ; and the loss of tbee Is his certlfl
i str of manhood.
Opossums, w all. ible, anil f)h are their chlof
sill, in of food, varied by the eggs of wild
lowl, or an occasional emit or kincs
roo. Wild rucks, te, are often taken In the
liillowlt g inanner. When the rivers arc fuli, the
waters fioni Hu m How lo a cwnsidera'ila disiance
Inland, formii g large swamps ami lakes, which
are Hit' resort t entitles tlocka of h ack swsns,
wild geer, u nil the other genera of that elm.
Iho creeks by which lite war. ra of "ho niln
rivers aie rotidiictcd into these Inguorx are gene
rally liordcred by fofiy while gums, which nt etch
Itu ir tiraneliea lar nvrr tho streams; the til irks
to-naliy releeta spot In ttie tiarrowe-t p-irl, w.iore
two of Itici-e trees gto on o,nolte side.; nnd
from llti'ir lepmi t Immil'Iis, thev sus(sn l their
Mta acrcss, at Ihe height of forty or lifiy fe.ot
above the aurlace of the water.
A par y composed of their most expert liunt 'rs
remains in umhiish at ibis ipi', while the w itiDn
aril children pitx-c il In tl.o head of Ihelig ion,
lioin whence Ibey drive Ihe wild fowl wild shuts
under Its. The ducks, when fsirlv siartled, tly
towards the main stream, and invari l'dy f dl ) v
In their li ght the windings of tho creek. Wnca
I lie-e have remind Ihe vicinity of iho Inciters,
one piuly Imitates the shrill screnin of tie.! lish
liswk, w-liite some of Iho others throw e:r -ul ir
pines of bark Into the air; and tho ulfrigh'o l
wild fowl, f wet ping suddenly down M nriid they believe lo be their dreaded foes, dirt
bin dly, wlih nut-In tcbed necks, into the t dls,
wbi n they are fns'antly knocked on tho head by
their watchful r.iptiirs; in this way, lifiy or stAty
air t ttin taken in a lew hours.
There are tuo methods adopted for hutting
down thermos. Sometimes Ion nets arc s t at
pi ii.ts wln io ihey have been remarked to re ort
io the w: tci ; nnd a nnn erniis piny of th" na
tives lie iu wait fur them as Ihey rutin- in fro n ihu
b nek plains, thin showing themselves In hi "ees
ni'ii in varions points, Ihry contrive t drive tho
nirpi-eii emus right into the nets, where they
(cli on tin hi wlnl-t rn'angled In the nc stia;
but even then some of the hunters nre
cd-sldid, for un c mu kicks as luri nedy as a
I I t-e; hi d I have lietiiicnt'y known a hunter to
t,nvr si me ot bis ribs hi tike n hv a h'o fro n one
ot tic ir I et. At other tines f 'hielly during the
litrulitg Uttsoii), n singe bla k tnin cruris
nut into a plain frcpinmed bv these,
l o'inug a birge bush in ftnntot ltltn ks he .ni
val. os; and by n, cms of a hollow bnnn, ho
imputes the note of the malo emu. This attracts
nny of the nil ers wli cli are fcodiig nesr t icm.
Ifoiieof tin in approaches, ho sli. ikes tlui hush
n peabdly ; und see ng this, ihe, foolish bird runs
I'P cpiite csno lo si.tisl'y Its curiosity, and is at
nine silcmly truest, xed by tbo spe ir of its un
mid enemy. Tbollehof the emu is considered
u gtcul Utiitucy by the u'joiiginos; and lint In'o
flu kn.en gl illy live them tci, sugar, aid to
biiei o in exchtitige for its marrow, as they con
sider it to bo a speei'le for rlietinniiic p lins, which
ire vciy prevalent in Australia Opossums are,
however, lor many months tbe chief sucpirtof
Ihe aborigines. Aimed With his torn ihi k, tie)
I) in k man goes forth into the forest, stepping
lightly and rapidly along as Lc gl luces upw ards,
iiniidst the branctics nf the box or gum trees, in
starch of dead limbs nnd hollow stems.
When be moots w ith any of these, be first ex
amines the trunk of the tree, ami learns, from
the scratches on Its hark, the probable number
of opossum dwelling in it ; then t utting notches,
to assist him in bis ascent, he climbs tpuckly up
in til ho rcaclns the entrance to tbe civiec In
which ho expects to find bis prey; intithlshe
pushes a long slender twig until its end touches
the sleeping opossum, (for these animals arc
n ctiimal In their bab.U), then, withdrawlsg ft,
he measures the lame lot gth on tho outside of
the limb, anil cutting a hide in with his tomahawk,
be drugs ont bis pri.e, which he kills by dashing
its bead against the tree; nnd then goos on to
n peat tbe same process until be has procured a
Milllriency of gatno. t 'hamhtri' Journal.
IIATFN-YOHNO -tin tlio evenlnpof tl,o 2)d Instant,
lv Ker. AV i 11 1:1111 McKlwea, nsitsti'tl Iir Itev. .Itilitl tl.
Auuliev. Mr. till vltl,l:s K. 11ATI.S lo l.a MAlllllK
Yltl Ntl, bothol Plillmlu phia
JAc KSi)N-WKI.I,s.cni Diet '."1th Instant, bv Rv. W.
'I. I unki r Mr AJlllH .IAt KSoN. . I Hilrliiisn'm. St. J.,
anil Miss HASN 111 WI LLS, ol llolineilmrs. I'a.
QUI' N I1N KlWAIllM.-t)n tho 'iil linlant. at tlio
rv'sKleiiep ol lite lirlde's liiutht-r. In t uatltivilla, lv tlie
Iteiv. I.i nrse Klrko. Captaiu J I'M Its K. ot! K.VI 1 M ot
tut-I'l ltea Mates Army, tu Sllsa Jo.sKI'llINK 1'. K D
W'Ai.DH. 1(1 Kb-llt'TTOS. In JIPIvllls, N. J., on the S th
lli'tiilit In tl llntitisl l liurch, Iir llm Itev. Ilenrr IV.
Welilier ilIOMA - K. It K I f. M Ii , ol flit a le plila,
aild Miss AMICUS K UUITON.OI Mit.vll e, N. J.
HKt'K On the Slith Ulstatlt, Nr. PKl'KR II. BUCK,
aiti it Its yenrs.
1 lie ri'luuves and n-lends of the family aro respectfully
Invited to attend his lunoral. frnm tlio rosldmiite of v.
li. Ho tioliiu-r. Nil IIS l alliarlne s root, on VVoduosilar
ntoinliitr, the 'isth hist., at It) o'oioek. To prouaed lo
W I arum Mrout t kuruli Vault.
LAY. on tlio IMIi Instant, MvttOAItKT lloYD
I LA V , youngest child of ii. tt. and Alnrjjarut Y. Cla,
liki-il f) litontlis one Is davs.
I'lto rt latlvos and tr,omls of the famllr are Inrltod to
attend the lunoral, uu Wuduosday uoxi, id.h lust, at 10
o'cioi k A. 41.
t I. AUK On Sunday morning. December lsih. at five
o'clock. sKlditK L. ( l.Altk.dauitbicrol thelausOeo.
11. li. t iark, uiied .1 years.
UU KKON iin Himday. Iho 2Mh instant. Mrs KLIZA
11K1II J Ull KMiN, In iho 4Sili your ui Uor aue
'11,0 IrionilN of this laiullr aru Invito,! tu att'ml the
tiiiicnil. fruiu hor late rosltloiiue. No. 612 Plan street, on
'1 litirsday morning, itith lust , at 111 o'c tick.
imiNKIIOt sl .-On iho nioniliiK of tlio itith Imtiint,
I.IMIA. ilaiishlerol Wililuin aud Lllzabetli Llr.likhuuso,
lu ttio olovoiitli year ol lu-r ai:e.
1 ho relatives and irlotids ol the family aro roseotf illr
Invited to attend lior tuiiorul. imiu hor harotits' ronl
di me, No. !ls s. Kourtli street, on Woiuiesilnv aitcrnoun,
at 'i o'clock. rl'o prcHiood to Idilon liurlal tlriiund.
ll!VAL-)n Monday, 20th instant. K.VI LI N K LA
VaI.1.1 111. liUVAl imaiit daughter ol Alurgurjl L.
aiidlleorKO W. liuval , as'isl ISuioutlis.
'Hie Itieiiils or tho iHiiilly aro rosoootlitllr fnvltid to
attoiid iho luneral, on W othiosday, 'sih insUiit. at 10
o'G tstk A.M., irom the pruaent residouca ui Uia laiucy,
No. ts.'l Wal aco struot-
Dli KHON.-On tho Md Instant, at Madlion, (Via.,
CIIAIiLK.n N. lili'KMiN. iimiicrir ol lids elty.
luleruient ut i'srrytoviD, N. Y.
I. A M Ai;i.N On rrlday morning, the 'id Int., OKO.
WOOLKKY A., sou of Jatuus it. and .uiuia a. 'Uuais' in,
asril II yoaia.
r'olH H.-on8iini1tivevonlng. Slth Instant OEOltUB
W KOIU si, In tlio 75th year ol hlsano.
His trieuda and ilioHB of tho tauinv are Invited to a'
Ii iiiI his tinicral ( liliout further nolltti'l, t'ruiu ins Into
residence . No ltrzs liiiuu stroitt, ou ihursJuy uiutahiif
ncxi, will Instant, at 11 o'cluck.
IIUA VstllN On the iMIl Instant, ALFKED OltAY
htiN. ill tlio I 'clvearol his aue.
'the luni-rai will Uiko idteo Iroin tho rostdonce of his
nrothfr. Fri'd'Tlck M. (Ira-son. Portr-second strt'tii,
above Walnut, West riilladeiylila thls( 1 uosdayl uiorulus;
at 9 o'clock.
tililKHIHH.-I)r. JKSSK W. OHtKlt-ITIls, late La
raretto l'tiisician ot tlio Tort or I'ldiailclntils, on tlie
'itiii liiHtant, at his residence, in I'rovldouce township,
111 cmtiioiiiery county, t'a.. in tUetintii yoarol his aso.
Ills roialivos und Irlenda aro rospoctltilly UivHa'cI
to atifiid tils linn rat. Iroin Ids late ro-cdouce. on Wott
licsdav, 'iSih liisunl. at 111 uVlock, A. St., or moot tha
iuuo'-al ul tho c hapol ol tlio .Moutl'nmory ttoutity Como
tfry, at Norrislov, n, Alontt'oiiicrv enmity, ra.. at 1
ii'cli'Ck P. M. Krteitds In r)dlatlplilila w It uiko tlio
Norrlsiowu cars, Ninth aud Orfiiu atreota. ou Wodnes
tiny, 'sih at II o'clock A. if., and uitiei Die luuorat at
the ceinotcry.
1IAK I On lh2tti Instant, LAVR V IIKtL, daughter
ot Hiuuuo! and l .lleii Hart, in her Stb year.
'1 ho rolatloa and iriomls of tho taiullv are Invited to
allontl Uu lulieral. Iroui tho te-lduiiea ol nor pureius,
No. Ills Citron street, uu luursday tuorulna. al 9 o'clock.
Inn run ut at llarron Hill.
How I LL At Kordham. K. Y , on Doeomhor tllita,
l:i.l. It., who of It. s. Ituwe l, and dauuhior ol lanlul
Ho smau. docoaaisi.
lilt.M.I.AMl -On the tints. Inst . Mrs. M Alt Y HOA'J
LAM) In tlio H'ti vt-ar of her bko,
Tito n-la-lvos and Irtonds ot tho Dimlly are tespocuullv
invited to alti-iid the iuiktsi, Iroin the ol hor
soli-lu taw soionioll Ji Nolios, No. li.U Potts street, nri,t
atrci't ho ow i oalos, ou IVaduosday, tho iSlU luai., at I
u'c ock f il
M 'sInc;hi on Sunday evenlna Pocomber 2th,
El.lZAbl I'll M )'lsv;i li, In tlio Mlhyoar ol hor as'o.
Hor rolntlves and iriomls aro roseoi'tiuliy luvlted tu
can nd her luttorsj, Iroin tcr lata rosltlonco. No. Ii
hlriithi'rs -troel, iin Wetluosday atlornouu. al i o'o ock.
Dim 111 1. 1,. suddenly, on the 'itith lustanl, la MtY,
eldest dailiilltor ot tl. V Miteholl.
'1 lie roUittvos and trlontta are invitoil to attend the)
tutieritl wlilinut further no loo, at tho Hmad Htroot M.
K. I Itiircii. llurllntiiii. N. J. . al S o'c ock on Vi eiluodtiy
ultoriiooil tlio 2-lii Instant. Persons Iroui l'ldlml -'plila
Hill take tho 'i o'clm-k trulu iroui Wa nut i'roel wharf.
eiUIII iho lunoral i rv loos of WW H. sMIIII,
I 'lilted 8 alt s nvy, will ho hold at Ht. I'otor'a lliurch,
'i'htrd and 1'lne street, this day, 'iithluntaul at I Sj U.
H1IIKI I'M.-Ou Suturdnj, '-'Sth lint., ELI.i SIIIKLD9,
rcl -! ot .loi.u Sli Wil", In lior 7iat yar.
Hoi iit.uos, tnd 'iio.a of Ou tatiniy.ara Invitoltiat
tnic lior f'uiuiil, l ull tier late roildotice, No. s-M M. H
voi.ti .'root, t,n W.diiibdsy afiom.KD, its'ti iiinL, ut i
o'ckiok liilorniont al aiouaidsuu a t'cavlary.
-1 HI IN In the 'ilth, Mr. IIENKY ISIMON, son Of
llUuhoth aud tlio 'ate Jacuti himou, ae-d as j our..
A sou boiovt'd. a brother kind,
litis inne and ,cft us all botitnd;
'1 Its chain that bound our hearts In love,
M o Oust win bind in heaven ul,ovo.
Iho relatives aud Irlouds of the fsuillv uro roapoettully
Invited to attend tlio funeral. Item Ids late rosuloueo,
ttopo Kerry road, below tlio Luthoriin i Inii'ch, ou 1 Inirs
tlui a:tiTuoon, tno 'itith lustaut, al 1 oVock. io proceed
Ui I'hilaiitliroiilc i i-mi'toiy.
Will IM AN. On tlie evening nl ttio Sllh Instant. In
liuikliiKliaiu. lint aaiounty B I KI'ilCN V II IT Al N,r.
Intorinoiii al iioy.valuwu leuivtvry, ou Wednesday,
2stli uistnut.
WII.HoN.-On th 55th Instant, a'lera lonit ami w v. ro
l trie art. v hlch baltted the ssdl ol tlio best pM -icions ntttl
nliic-lihe lHro with c hnstiali fortitude, Is n W1L
SJtiN, tu Iho Msl year of his aito.
'fho n-lutlvoa and tthnus oi the lamlly are invited to
attend the lunirid, iroin hut lalo roslihnco. cornor of
1 it lilh ami c befoul slroota, c SUidcu, M. J.,oa Wcluos
day aiteruooD, at'i o'clock.
e-S-' Stork holilors of the "WILLOW l.l.KN I'K.TKU.
IM!M COMI 'AMY," wilt bo held al tha Ottico. No. S'.'f
Wat HI T mrett.oB MONDAY, January i, 1st,',, al li
o'ekK'k M. IJ-j:.:
EVLLU. ruir.AbBt Vina, fiorombtr ltsil.
Tlie City Treasurer will pay tho interest ou City Loam,
duo January i, ou and atUi- January i, istn.
H-M ft Idly Treamror.
Pun Anrt.pntA.liaoamberJt), 18X4.
Tlie City Traaanror la prepared to pay loans maturing
January I, ItSio. and liia lioalora tlieicuf aru roijuosted lo
Sioinit Hum at Hit olhve oaand artar tketld dayuf
iiHivl . ' . tHy'1'n.aaurcr,
jjoijpay rnnsnivTs
roil I.MMIiM.
RI( 11 RMllROII)KRI',l
Tiano and Taljlo Covers,
1) A M A H K (J It ItT A. I NB,
MAMONll' II 11.1,,
No. 710 tTli;H?.UT HTllIilil'.
nr.w 8TYLP. s.
. ia:i
nr.w Rivi.rsj, KELTY,
at " CAESDIGTON 4 00.
at low ramus.
No. T:i
Ir. JftynrV. Ilitlr TahIc, Klcfrnntly IV r
ftimfd, enn ht h in white flint kI1 t ltlf, with to -pori,
ui Italic for Vc lollrt table or dioniinir Iiutpmi. Tho
rill Kill Ins of thli c 1 bratctl irarutlon aro ao w1 known
nd to learcely ro n ir mnt!on; but wa will iay.lf your
head la bald, or nrtlaily ao; If your iMr Ii Itanh an 1 dry,
failing off r tuniliiff (irey ; vr if your head is oovorM with
dandruir, aourf, or kin diicasos, Jayne'a flair Tonio li
llifl article to rrmody thoao evili; and to
l:Tfl0DlT to give It a trial, rrepared by Pr. D. Jatub
Bos, no. 242 Chciimt strto.
Uvurgn Nl silt & Co.'
MAMONT Al Hntitsa
FOai l.H
11 A NO
aiii to: r iikiians.
Orar &CC1 of onca of irioso Ana
Intel -aoienta navy boon a ltd by
Mr. ll., and Ilia demand la auu
alan ly troroastrff.
lor saiauuly by
J. B ootjtn,
BeTonth and Chasuul atraota.
Old Oovernmont
' jAVAOnrraa,
And all the finest
Urcan and lilatk Totu,
Constantly en hand by
Dnvia A KiuiiAans,
A rote aod Tenth.
Wa raarfctftttiy lalu ear friandi ad fha rubUtteaar
aHy to aaQ at onr wararaomi aoa4 eiaaiM oar asfeut4ra
aaaortaMiit a klUy Uuprarad Haara and (lrad rtanaa,
Wa aT noalrad Ua falfhaat a ratal uu al ail thagraaft
axliIktMowi arar hald ta Uda aoaatry, lnaladiag tha rrl
Uadal at tha WotM a rair,OrytaJ PaUoa, Saw York, aod
u rona taatlmouUla (rata tha baat ariiata la thla eawiUy
and Borvpa.
m tlitcd thit taaca ara aa PUaoi mada taU
oaatry anparlar U ear owv.
ia rhnaarphla mamrfactqrtrra wa prfda analvaa ta
fciTtag achlaTad a rapnUtioa far ar Inau-umanu hmi
a'ltdby aayotaor nakara la tat aouutry. Itlaawalt
bjowi fact that wtr riaaoa hara for uaay vaarf ntli
Uin4 thair high rapataUoa, aatwlthitaadlag tha oarfat
aoviiMtHioa af tLa Cf tara mahara.
Vaw York and'Hoa an Fiaaoa hara ba flaaaed fcata
UUj atarkat thrai h thair agcncla, an haraJdad bythaaa
aa lha only Flauoa la tha cauatry;yat at tha aama Hbm
thaaa aama agnft rary aaldaaa rontlnua U aall aay ona
aukar'a laitrumenta far any laegth a. tiaia, r lha raMa
that thay ara Infatior, aad thay ara aea.ialie4 U taka
haM af athar makara', aarliaaa atiU aura tafcrtar,
alUaajh ax fed up by tltoai as celebrate riaaaa.whoa
at tha nai itm aueh nakata hara oavar haaa
kaawa or heard afln laairown eltlaa. Tha aoaiaqaaaaa
U, that car al tlx ant ara rta laducad ta barchaia aoah
tnfrlar lnitraavnta, wltboat taaaldartaf thalr awn or th
gaaiaral hiteratti of Uutr city.
lha adrantagra aar cltlaeas hava hi anoooraaing hoaaa
aaaafactvrea acitaiuly aboald aai haioTarlovhad, for lha
fcUawhig raaions;
rirat. It ta aohoowtodgad that rhlladalahla to tha graal
auumihrturhBg aitr of UU aaantry, aa4 albrata4 fbr Ua
a)arloT aad iklUiil worhmaa.
Bt-road. Tae pnrchaiar abtatf a tha piano dnaaiiyfrMa
, tha maaaiaettirara, aad tavaa tha ana ant made by ttia
agaat. wb asuaiiy aiaiaaa graatar pradia thao kha uaaa
feiitinr. lima Tha agcat a raapaoalbtltiy ataooata ta nathtag,
th ara la no radios; the tninimr,l ha aaua li aikd far
tht mark. at, aad iha purchaiar matt nto) lha rtik. Wfttraaa ,
oaUie athar hand, wa, ai tba maaua)Marara, ara bald
rMpaajibia, aad eanoot ikhk lha raiponilalllty Uka tba
agaat. Our rajwiUoa ia at ataka at all Uu aa, and it la
tlitrafora ta our la tat ait to tara a at Dona othw thaa Arat
alaM Uaitranauta.
Forib. A4wUl)bi that aaeh taatrnnianta ailabi ba
qoalbaoar owu wbca naw. ifeay avni.vt giva tia tarn a
auafceiloa, ar war tba aama lanaib af rtma, tot taa
raaca that tha aitaal drpandi aou othara to kaap uack
piajioa aa baaaUa iaorajr, aad wtU of auaraa aot aapand
aity of hU preflta lu do , whiiM wa, iha ntaaafaatiu-ut,
hava oar awa aacaJai.t woikotan, who fully uudf uutd
Uia bii , ad will prontpUy glva thair aMwutk. aud
tka plaaoa ba u iu waar atacb krattar.
tiar aatablaabBMiat la ona of tba nuit axtoatrra la thla
atiBiitrv, and wban obt aaw improvcuMnu now la pru.TOa.
araooanulcad. li whM b oua f tao tar.4i la tPa world,
liar otxaot la m awua thla broach af tudoacry ooa lit
gri biiliiitktii of ab afty.
Oar luatniaioat aiaa piaaaa gvat b-ovamati ove
athtf. aad car oxtvunva faotlJtiti tor mnu'clurnx
MatiU ui to brep aa band a larga rtotk of lualar.!, aad
picture tlie bt maolwnary, Aa.
If partona daw tuna to purdiaaa will gtra aa eall, wa
will prwveaU that wa hafa aaid In Mgaid to our planoa.
Iharvara, of loume. alwaa dlfl iroiicaa of opti.Kw, and
rijurHA td lutnda.aad thoaa who ara ittirtratd la tbe mia
cf cilir piaaa w b in a ? AWt tuna aa ; to aauh wa bav
only lo aay, that) wouaul g v a aa muib piaaaure, at any
tiitta, la tt mu inatiuiaonta with any other uh wlilch
tLtj ntav rbooae b aame.
w agia a"k onr ritaada and tha pobUe to oall kn1 ea
aioina cur auptiir PUooa. Wf ftM) aauaflod Unt uo
liouao li. this city aaii wu.iMia w!ta li, uux ivos lvmg
rtatwuatb.e aiU tirtut aLtviuim-t.liatta
N. D. SccocU-hnnd Piaaos taka in exchaDge.
Orders for Tuning promptly attended to.
11 -ft-wmU K. 1(01 CHCAITPT iTliFET.
X Llty sail County of I'Mladf I'bla.
fci I Al E Or JOHN IU TLh R. Paoeaed.
KotVa ia hray given to all partlea luteremad that
I'II-li( K 111 "ILi-.K. survlvlnr Trusfo uuuar tba iaat will
and tfiunuiit of J)U6t bi TLKU. d aed, has lud In
!litnicof Uia C'lt-rk or aaid Court, h s account as stieh
H rmiMi and tba sama will ba premnted to tba aaid
Court on tlie !Nth dav uf January, A. I. f )r conir
Uiailun andaUowauoa. tlWlM A. MKKUit'kt,
li b -UU Cl. ik o.o.
lOlt A HA Kit MU IIOV1B.
On ttio r tr.t Klm.r, balnn pli,trt( llht, looaajod oal
rtf-ai fH.J and Fifth atroott.
Alt,, ta
" P . II B TH Rl) Itraot.
II.! O I V
wan 'i un
rartlo., with from 't., f t, 0. tn form nrlalnalnra la
a (
iii,nr now totiiiina. un o r lh annHooa ul aamla-
inan of t Aii.ririioo at d und ii','-d atainliiiL'
Ti'i r; P"i I-n.,w jioiilinf :() ,or canu nat rirnat aji
0,o I'tirci.s.c numo. 1
A paly ta
.,.. w. A. niMti r
Jlo,7VAI.MI r NU-aat.
anWi; oniio. No. :; . 1'liifi n r,.
Pun. ,i.,i t-Mi., Ii romhr4.1sll.
i.iUwanlo.t t., ,,r,l mil, o ,i! Newliarn. N.O.,
and Ke y Win, Ha. I, rpa:ch riv. n.
, J'OIN It JKNMinjiH,
r ll Mi l ami A It. W.
T(Iir.lOllT C(M)( (:T(lltS AND IIRlKR
I n on Waii'o.l.-Tno IUIttm,.io an-l O ill Iti'lrta4
f 'ontpany statu a ntinili, r i,f ouportotiooil ranrtiad man to
rtiii I'piiri I a numiT'iMA I r ' , l, t, t ttnl ..n it tl.o .ovoral
itlrlMi,ii l . ioro- n I n Ui,i ro and Who,-Una: nS I'arkara.
tnta 'Iho ho. i waul., will tm paid a it, I rouUr ti-pp of-m-ill
filvon la .aot, mot, na Wi irrl i oll'ir nf I' o f
,oa uu ouopti.. w,., a to on hoflft tn lalo Ih-m ai lulr ;
A J IAIKI1ANK Aarnt I ir.l Ulri.lm, M )unt Ola
rsta'l-in, l alinniMO i ny Md
1. I Al.'uy, Ai.rnt s.rond fiislalon, Martliiibarc ona
am dn it m l-, fp in I'nl'li-,, ro.
.1 r WALL. I I l,i.-.l liiTii,-m, I'll, Im, ot
w. f'AKH. Aiioat at tlraftoii ior lha ra4.
ar l
J II. rtlltfl. Anon! a' Wlioolloa f,,r Iho roat-th. f)ln.ra.
W I' -.KA ril Mi or ol TraaH"ir-'t"n
ll.Hamnro. Md., Iioconiutr H, Istl. 11 li lot
mr ((Htrncy pursue, nr utiid wph tlio world.
And uaver m tn Hrl utill
'1 til we arrive at
rirtn Ittnlra.
1 ill we arne at
at'itin rinir'a,
So hrre' lo Firm It -air,
11 II niti a lie tn re.
Anr wo roili v.iuh k'0 for totuealhjia,
Korn lotidt r f K.jr-N'-gi!:,
f'r a p' d ta oi'uniw.
It ill ui- ml iV) hard to boa', hlra.
At AkCH.'Y.
'j I f ti' t l.'inche youT nee
'J'hht ' be li j h of iDii my emi roll ck In,
r-'nr Clirii mis you il rti.d
Is k'p up t-i yonr mlud
At tne lar-tauifd ' Motr-nio ltn."
t ly two ol the IV yu.
1)0 N A Is I) S 0 N
100,000 Sharon nt 00 oncli SiibscrintloB prion
$1-00, fully paid.
JAMES Kl'.I.L, York, r.
M. L. lltJIER.
Office Koa, 333 Walnut and 330 Harmon Stt.
Twonty thonsand aliaroi liavo boon rt-.arrrcl for Um
wnrkltgcai'lul, which, hy a rainlutloo ot tha Roard (
DircoMri.miiat ba .old befora aariiflcaioi oan i.ina U
orlki.ial auli.cribora ; aoina of tlieaa aliarea have alroady
boon inld at a con.ldaralila adranca.
The Company own and have perfect title In fa
simple, clear ol all tnoiiinbruacei or loa.ea, nfty-ibur
aue. of oil land la tlie heart of heavy oil region, la
ltiKkland Towu.Iilp, Venango County, Penmyivanla,
situate on the oat bunk of the Allegheny Iiivr
aliotit Ave nilloi below rranklln, having Dfly flra rod, e"
IroutSkO on the river, all of whloli Ii admirably adapted
tor boring purpose), and airordlng latjillllu. for cheap and
easy transportation.
af There U evldontly a; four foot vein of coal ruinlag
thiiiugli a part of thla tract, a. one lias boen openoi on Hie
adjoining taims bouuning it on the nurth and toutn. Co.
il In groat doniand at thi. point, and at present bring, tlfty
llve conta por tiu.hel.
The oil Indication, on thi. territory are of the most flat
tering character; a natural oil airing rise, on II aud Howl
into the river, fioin wliioh oil can and ha. been gathered by tn the vicinity, fur many yean, lor inellclnal aad
other purpofe..
One of tlie flr.t-clau Fabor enjlnt. ha. been ordered,
aid I. expected to bo ready fur (lilpmant witlila twtt
sioeka.andupon It. cnniplotlun it ia purpo.ed to contr.ot
lor arotlter, with a view ordovoloplng the laud thoroughly
and aiiorgottoaty.
Tho dl.eclor. have e:nred the service. of a respoail
blo, pract oe, and reliable man to superintend tha tto
vclopuicnt of the land.
We belltve that tha property of the Donald.on O'l Oom
panyoncr Inclu.'omoitta eiia', If nut auptrior, to any now
In the niaiki't, trd In Hut belief wa contldtnuy
the.tockcf tola Company to all tboae whe de.lra aueh
The reports of the coninilttoo., and .urvey. of the land
can bo .at n, and sublet ip tons tukenat the oiilco of tha
Company. 12-27 -tu-lh.-tf
are daily mining their hard, free-burning, and .ub.taAlial
Blark lloath at d l'lliainse foal.
If our ( oal anlu jour daily wants, which by a trial of
one or two ton. you will ascertain, then wa can alloc
advantage. hl.-h no other dealer oan. Wemay.noplj
jun directly from tha mine., ur dally from our yard, and In
either case you recelva t'.nllormty Ihe .atna kind ol ooai
and corialnty in weight.
If you bocome a stockholder of our Coal-providing Com
pany, the coal is .crvod at flr.t co.t ; or If you become n
cu.tonwr, we shall give you advantage, nowhere elt)
practieaity obtainable.
Our bu.inesa as miner, aaek. reitnlar ou.tomen. and onr
work., when all completed, will be able lo deliver cavern
hundred thousand ton. of coal to tho doors of eon.umerf,
who all, by becouuuK cither atooklioldora or regular pur- '
cta.era, enjoy Hie advantage, of betug directly connected
with our mine..
Hharef, eaeH, aid: four .hare., tss; ten .hxe.,:S);
twnly .hare., $17t; lilty .bare., nl'Ja; one hundred
.harea, a6; aud two buudrcd and tllly .bare., $.'llnUi
pavabte half on .tibacrlbliiK, and half dtti January, trie,,.
Xavh .bare entitle the bolder to receiro annually ono
and a half ton. of eoal at co.t, now Jh'-oti per tun, n,r
sinconMve year., and also to Cash lilvidcud. ol lite proiltai
Iroui Hie .ale. uf ail .tuuia. eoai.
Wo have yti.t eoiupli-toil an important alteration la onr
Work., and by It, wo have ihe prood eatl. taction ot'uiler
ltK a better prepared coal liotu ibe msrkol baa yet pro-d'.i-odi
the ijiiaiiiy of wbkh i. by all our cua-
Coal n ines worknl on snob a priictli-al bn.l. are worth
Ij.oie ll .iii i",d iiiiiie,, and pay lH-tter divideu ta lltau
niunv lat'iiloii. Oil wa, a. Wmlo our Coal Wurka will pn
iluie Ibe lllack lnajiioiB iniutorrupt, dly for a dead cer
tainty, tl.o li- Id unties a.w Oil wells ni.iy atitiiiond sine di.
Aa liiTc alliirnt in a sound CoAl-produclna fiualnea. Jlku
our., I. almost oblitcalory for every providing family, at
li-ual so far as lo prolific lor the yearly demand of coal for
houielioli! piirponc. In tiiia a.ped a divklend or Inturaal
ol 40 U Ml por cent, on Hie money invoalod oan cor
taltily be realUod. without placing one dollar of tlie prin
cipal at ri,k. islliely dollars, once tor all Invented, will
isovtile at least for twenty year. Mtlccn tolls uf coal per
ytur, at tbo ai tiial cost of mining, tranaponlng, and de
livering the same to the door ot the stockholder : on wtilctt
la will receive the interest or dividend immediately on tu
Itceipt uf lliecoal, by pa v lug aoiauch laaa tor tho aaine.
W e are aapplyiug lliouaaad. of our citizen. Willi onr
Cl'a'l but wo have .till room fur thousand, of stockholding
and cu.lemora ; for. Ihe greater Ilia nuaiher, tha more pro
ntable ti c bualnet,. ; aa by it, tlie production aud dell'e7
of coal ia decidedly cheapened.
lieae eall at our oitice, and maVe a trial of ona inn or
enr coal, and you will .urtly beoomg aiockhuidei or a.
" 'I iitTcouipany 'l cUar of debt, and eondncti bualne.. oa
Oi'llcel tuflJl'll. Tlltrtn Rtreot (oppoalre Olrard Hank).
u ' HKNUV aUUanUl.K.Treaauror.
Ai Last B. Jjunaa, Becretaiy. l-W-aiuiii-luirp