The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 13, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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getting ffelctjtaph
riniRiN or BHimojrn ai pic
The army rorTesfKin'leni of the Columbia Caro
linian, writing from tho Intrcncbmcnti rotied
ltlrbmond, under tlnteof Novrmlicr 1'i, furnlshi-,
an Inlf resting letter, frm which we make the
following extracts:
Among all tho or tlic CoiifeilcntcT none
can more Jtintlv lay claim to the title of mctn
lis than Its Ixautifiil i-api'al. Although inroHtcd
by a hundred tliounand enemies, whiwc besieging
pins, morning, noon, and nlgbt, roiir out tticir
hate; allliough girded around by a lino of
Im'tle that nuiv at liny moment bunt Into llnmo,
ueh in the faith refused In those brave defenders
who have po often
"Oo death i at Hit cianhol with force that turntd lt eik-e."
that one mar look In vain for sign of
dotibt or trepidation. Pay breaks, and hunury
thousands nre making their way to tho wcll-tl.led
niKikety. Later, the stores open their sleepy lids,
and evory window displays tempting goods that
tell the story of busy enterprise and broken
Mor.karir. T lie restiiuriint-i, of which there are
oies kept inastvleof inngnllicent ntiund inee,
bang out their veuison, birds and turtle, and ex
r.e line shelves fiei(tlited wuh the choicest
l,nor ihat tempt tho bin riranl to certain iiiiHii
ral in n, 1 lie hotels and Wmrding houses pour
forth tin ir living contents, and by ! o'clock M.iin
Una ai d its tributaries begin to witness the
grand proi es-lonal movement which continues
thn'iieli the day.
Ladies and clcrVs arc wending their way to
their hi vcral po-ts 04' duty ; men with olhclul busi
ness plainly wilttcu on their faces are hurrying
in tbe direction of the departments; mothers,
wives, and al-tvrs, applying for the detail or fur
lough of somo loved one, or perhaps eoer to
(cam the fare of a missing husband, son, or
bro'her, uro also there; otlieers are gnllojdug
from the front to bring reports to tho
hcndOiirtcra in town ; quartermasters with
their accustomed energy, aro lnokinp; up the
day's supplies; soldiers from camp on a few
hours' leave of ab.-once begin to arrive ; men on
crutches hobbling forth from hospitablo roofs to
breathe the fresh air; tho fair sex attired wlth a
lichnessand elegance, in raiment that you will see
nowheretlse in the Confederacy, add to the attrac
tions of the stroet ; and thus gathering its contribu
tions from a tboutand channels, tho population out
of dorrs grows and diversifies, until you find
Tnnrac.f Dimmed iuto one of those cosmopolitan
ground swells that exist only in the great cities of
the woild. lly noon the tidu is at its Hood, and
yon may elbow the liest and the worst, tho high
est and the lowest, the greatest and the meanest
people Id the land. Might comes, and the lights
fl ir-li merrily from a thousand parlors, whre
reign peace, iilianiro and content. Hospitality
atxiunds, and with graceful bund the good citi
zens dii-peiiso its rights, not more among them
selves than upon the passing stranger, whose only
claim may be that bo is a soldier. The transient
visitor has oiRred to him tho temptations of tho
theatre and tho concert-room, while a score of
hells are ready to engulf those whoso baser
tastes best fit them for their enjoyments. Such
is Richmond.
And it is a strange contrast that one expe
riences In paasing these metropolitan scenes,
wlicro dreri utid fashion are the presiding deities,
to tbe severe associations of the camp, where
comfort at best is but rude, and every thought Is
tubordinate to the duties of the time and place.
Here eviry thing scaks of war. The place in
which I write is tho headquarters of ono of our
generals, and yet headquarters are but a deserted
no:ro hut, whore a sing 0 apartment, divided by
a strip of canvass, serves the purpose of olllces,
Chamber, and dining-room.
Justin our front is tho continuation of the
otitrr line of intrenehmeuts which encompass
jHubinot.d, and now bold the enemy at bay. A
lew hunuiud yaids distant glcum tie tires along
our picket lino, and a corresponding row of lights
beyond n ark tbe presenco of it Yankee division.
1 he woods have been leveled for miles, aud tho
gronnd covered with an abattis been
already nnsuccisst'uliy explored by tho Federals,
Across this simce occasional glimpses are allonled
of the iiitrcnchments of the enemy, but for seve
ral daysnodemonstra ion has been made by them
which indicates vigorous life. Still, wc know
tin y are there.
Our men are rapidly getting Into winter quar
ters, budding wells, putting up log huts with
that hid roofs, and nrouuriug lor the inclomency
of the season.
The most interesting portion of the entire line
Is urotind Petersburg, where tho two armies have
diiftand dug until the entire face of the country
between them resembles a labyrinth, which, to
tho uninitiated, has neither beginning uor cud.
Ne ess ty, the uiuther of invention, has taught
our met. Low to protect themselves, and you will
find them bumming like siiuirrels undor ground.
They live iu caves, boles, chambers Ingeniously
constructed, with bunks and lire places, and in a
word, extent in time of action, are completely
hi lterul. Hharpshootin, the pest of a soldier s
lile in the trenches, continues incessantly ; but,
beyond thirty or forty men daily killed or
woundid along the lines men only missed by
the loved oues of the home circlo all is quiet.
That this comparative rctt will not continue
long is a gcmrul impression. In epite of our
hell and shot, the Dutch Gap canal is supp ised
to Uc nearly completed, and the gathering of tbe
mammoth arinuda, ami ai rival of General Sheri
dan ut City l'olut with a portionof his forces, are
indici tions which certainly point to a rand eom
tmi d land und naval attars: within a few days.
11 Oiaut is unsuccessful, und no one familiar with
our pn parutions doubts the contrary, it Is sur
niiscd timt with his usual promptness he will
luovo southward and commence a winter eaiu
p.i.t'n K im wi re else.
Amors all the aniagonists that have confronted
General J.eo during the war, none have gtveu
Unit great chief' more trouble or occasioned more
anxiety than (St nernl Uraut. Although he has
ben leieatcdlv brought to the ground, beaten,
ai d discnmti ed, like ft reckless pri.e-tighter
covered by his own blood, and blinded by tbe
blows that wcro rallied upon him, he bus d ished
artiln into the (ray, and again and again sutl'ered
the mortilicuiion ol defeat, without once acknow
ledging that lie bus been whipped, auu tie still
clings with Ucuih liko tenacity. The resources of
an immense power are at his "back.
He calls for reinforcements to take the place of
the tens of thousands over whose graves he still k)
like the demon of death; aud they are furnished.
Nothing is wanted to make his success complete
but sheer human inability to stand before the
guivrior prowess of Southern men. With his
pecultsr obstinate, bull dog nature, General Orant
is a firm believer lu tbe "attrition" process, which
wears out by repeated blows what is not accom
plished by one. Hence tbe necessity! if keeping
our own army fully up to a proper level of
triBgtb. Heine the revocation of details; the
recommendation of the l'resident concerning
ncfro labor, and the measures about to lie de
vised by Congress lor a general reorganisation of
the atiur.
St. rATnir h'k Hodt Oofun. While the work
men engaged in the renovation of St. Patrick's
Cathedral, In liublin the oldest church in Ire
land were di;.'Kliig np a portion of the flooring in
one of the ainlos, they discovered a large stone
coffin of curious workmanship buried a few feet
below the surface. The eomu, when opened, was
found to contain the skeleton of an ecclesiastic,
aipoedto have been buried there (too years!
The skull was perfect, and the bonrs crumbled
ii to dust when exposed to the air. On the lid of
the coflln there was a full length figure of a lihbop
In bis robes. It was inspected by some antiqua
rians, including Doctor Todd, who expressed it as
bis belli f that ft was the original founder of the
church, tit. Patrick. It is iu good preservation,
and it is in every respect a most interesting relic.
When tbe church is finished tt will be placed in a
most prominent position, because there is no more
remarkable antiquity iu the building.
It bas been generally asserted that the Ameri
cans stolo the national song, "Columbia, the
(lem of the Ocean," from tbe Knglisb. From
the following Tcry Interesting letter, which ap
pears In the Chicago " Song Messenger," It would
appear that the reverse Is the case :
Chicaoo, October l!l, 1K04. Messrs. Hoot and
Csdv. Oentb'tnon ; Permit mo to give you a
history of "Columbia, the (Jem of the Ocean."
In 1st:, Mr. T. Shaw, then a cenoert singer at
tbe CIiImcc Museum, Philadelphia, waited upon
mo at the Chesnnt Street Theatre, with a request
that I would write film a song for bis benefit
right, producing, at tne same time, some poetry ( ? )
with tbe above title, which be claimed us Ins
cwti composition.
On rending i 1 found the measure sodefeetivo
as to lie rntireiv unlit to be set to mti-tc. We
arlinurnrd to the house of a trlcnd ( Mr. Richard
Ilarbord, Decatur street), where I wrote tho two
first verses in pencil, and at Miss lturbord's piano
1 composed the melody. Shaw was much pleased
und we parted. On reaching home, I added the
third verse, wrote the symphonies, and arrnngod
the sotg lor the piano forte. The next day I
gave Mr.Sbaw a fair copy in ', with the injunc
tion that be should not publish, give, or sell a
1 be song Immediately become popular. In a
few weeks afterwards I left Philadelphia to fulfil
an engngement in New Orleans, and was much
surprised during my stay in that city to sec a pub
lished copy of mu mini. On my return I upbraided.
Shaw lor having broken faith with me. Ho
miswcred "that the song had become so popular,
be thought it advantageous to buth of us to pub-li-h
it, and that be bad sent 11 hundred copies by
the hands of Mr. Pluinor." This Mr. Plttmer
indignantly denied.
1 immeolately waited on Mr. WiPIg, the pub
lisher, who inloimcd me that he had purchased
the song of Shaw. I showed him (Mr. Willig)
tbe oilginal pencil copy, ami claimed the copy
right. 1 then proceeded to Mr. T. Osborne, music
publisher, Third street, above Walnut, and ma lo
an agreement with him to publish tne song In
partnership, and In less than a week tho song
was placed before tho public, under its proper
title, viz., "Columbia, tho Ocm of tho Ocean;
written and composed by Thomas A. lieckot,
and sung by David T. Shaw."
Mr. K. L. Davenport, the eminent trngcditn,
took the song to London, where he sang it nigh'ly
for some weeks. It became popular, und was
published (without authority) by T. Williams,
( henp-ide, under the title ot "llritanma, the Ucni
ot the Ocean."
I visited London in 1817, and found the song
claimed as an Knidish composition (perhaps it is,
I being an Knglishiuan by birth). During my
absence, Osbome gave up business, and the plates
of the song were sold ; thus the song went out of
my posicssiou.
1 am, gentlemen, yours, etc.,
1 iiiiitiH A. isr.cKt'.r,
Wood's Museum, Chicago.
Author of "Columbia, the (Jem of the O.-c ju,"
'He Died upon tho Dattle Meld, etc., etc.
K-wr I'sps for I'nsser.
The war has famlllari.ed us with talk of iron
clads and tln-c!ads, tut who ever dreamed that
paper would ever bo used for tho plating of
war vessels, or the material of guns i ot re
cent experiments in Europe indicate that neither
Is improbable. From trials at Battersca it was
ascertained that rockets made of paper tnbes
were as strong as those made of metal. Paper
boards of one inch in thickness were tested by
ball, and found to be superior In power of resist
ance to ten inches of solid oiik. The bullet, which
made a small round hole in tbe paper, perforating
so far as to raise a projection in the rear, would
have passed through the oak, making an ugly
fracture. So far as the process of manufacture
bas transpired to the public, it consists in placing
upon each other sheets ot paper, dampened wun
a solution composed mainly ot zopissa, till the
required thickness la attameii, ana exposing ms
bourds till they become hardened. Zopissa is a
gum-like substance found to a considerable
extent In Kgvpt. It imparts great hardness to
any surface upon which It is placed, und bas en
tered extensivelv into the compositions employed
for preserving tlio stone walls of public buildings
in kngland.
The uses to which this paper maybe put pro
mise to l multiform. The boards nre said to be
well suited for the platings of ships, being lighter
In weight than oak, and easily fixed tt the frame
work. They do not require Bheathing, are non
absorbent, incombustible, and will not sustain on
their surface any form of animal or vegetable life,
and, in addition to these rucommendations, are
cbt aper than oak and irou.
The Inventor has used it succssfully In tho
construction of light field-pioccs. It is also snit
alile for carpets, which can bo mado from it in
every variety of pattern and color. Experiments
are In progress 1 1 show its fitness for nouse-build-ing.
Kxcellent leather fur boots and shoes aro
mudc from it. In fact there seems to be few uses
to which it is not applicable. Hartford Cmrant.
(School In I'nrlsi.
l-'rnm statistical accounts just published It ap
pears that there ate now In Paris ono hundred and
nine schools for boys, containing twenty-eight
thousand pupils, of which sixty-three are kept by
lay masters and forty-six by members of the reli
gious fraternities ; one hundred and eleven schojls
lor girls, with about twenty-seven thousand pu
pils, of which tifty-scven ure managed by lay mis
tresses Bnd fifty-four by sisters of the religious
communities who devote themselves to educa
tion ; eighty-four Infant schools, with lifleen
thousand children; sixty-two classes of male
adults: eiebtcen of female adults: fortv-nine
ourriert or workshops for the employment of
poor females ; and six special schools of design
for men, and nine for females. In addition to
these there arc forty-four now educational estab
lishments authorized during the present year.
Of these there arc elevon for males, of which six
arc directed by lavmeu, and five by fraternities ;
and nine lor lemuies, 01 wuieu six are by lay
mistresses and three by the communities. These
arc maintained out of the annual funds allotted
by the Department of Public Instruction,
amounting, for lHtll, to over four million francs,
including cost of instalment, repairs, etc. In all
there are over sixty tnousana boys ana girls re
ceiving instruction. One circumstance deserving
ol notice is tbe large number of schools In Paris
directed by the religious Ira'erniiles.
besides these csuib tsbmeut supported by
State funds, the city of Paris pays sn annual sum
for the maintenance of nine free schools tor boys,
seven of which lire directed by tho Christian
brethren -, aud eight for girls, all directed by nuns ;
so that Purls, with its University aud its normal
primary schools, counts nearly as many cungre
gutiuiiisti us lay ones.
The daughters of Tliackeray have pr?senti'd
to tlio M'liolursol tilt-Charier llon-u tho iron lictl
stuud which hi Icnu'ed to their father, and no
which he eiiid. it in irnw In the nU'i-pititr-riiotu of
the head monitor la (iown buys. On it is in
scribed a legend lu Latin, from the. .en ef Ari-lt-dcucon
KYI VArilA. A l.aierou Dia ii :a ol Mnrril
laland. Nniilli I al-illr.a." Kill b rend i-ioio Hie Sonut, by
Ci.lonol W. . H. I A VI -, oi li..nt.i..w o, at Ihe 1111,
All.enn-vm Biillillns. hl'l'll Nlrit. beluw Walunt, oa
Mnlnea.lay eviniiiir. II. e Mtb Inaianl. al H o i-lockJ
'I he regular Httiti-it .Meeting will be belli on MouJay
ntnli.the 1'Jtli inatant, at S ii i-...rk. .
1J lMt H.-cur Jinn Secretary.
-u CBbMSVr lrt.
Im-aitaaa I, ISM.
Ttie atated Annnal Meeti.g of ilie t'oinn L'-ajne of PbHa
dilnnia wiU b htld atlOK'Kltr UAI.L. on HON IIA ',
Li'i mlit-r 1J. at Ho rim k I' M.
1 kketi, BdrnliunK ineniliei'i only. can buhad nn aonMoa
tlrin to Mr. Clement K. Wr liMile, al"tanl IttHTKlary.
ill I lit (ir'Uti.K II. IIOKUK.He. roUiy.
or Hi nil, nw tun rotimliiitlotiK inc aukum i, I'so ;
sfiHM ISari'tetn Htntin
Sim on
Mm Funn v I 'lark
'I tirimuh W. I.lnyil Onrrl"in
A S ii, t.S. Iliroiiyl. liruol W. M"irn
Mr,. AKin llow
H . Ilobrria..
Iieriitl umiay t4ihol .
.Vhin Wilt
I'-''' frnin K'linl.M'k-n H'n kly fi'rCo'orril Ka-Iukoi-,
UirfMivriMii. W 'filttin
A S rlrti'l. II reukh J. M. McHlm
A Krlfm', ihri iikli Iti-v. I' tltojk
Mis. (' H. OMffi
nil hunt Mmri
W. II. All. II
n ' liobi ns
V Its .Miimoi l.i.liunlriil
Julia W. Kn lcl
Swindle holiiHil, t.'hiiri Ii ol' hailnr. W. l'lillaU..
f ah
Mr-. II. II II
C I arlia f. Si.
t'snh.lliiOMih l;iv. Mr. brinks
J iKTllllll .MllSHl'U
1 rms. II. W sttsiai
Mrs. v.. thriii(;li lu.S .la'-ksnii
It. II. Ilnnnl
l.i'U ,1. tiros
Mia. t-VM.'Ol
.O l n Si 1 1 nil.-
Hi', ri Ci.ri'
AI1H.H .!'
t II l-.-l.l-
Tims 'i..l-
W lliiwluiin, thrniikli luv Mi.t u..rr
O. I. ( ., t.i lu
sirs. Man:nret 8lilpirn
H. rnlnml
Allen.. 1. nil l.t
J.-l 11 A. Vdlli-t -,
Ail. I'l.c 'I h-.inaa..
A Srii-iil II, ran. Ii Kb, . I'. Uriel,
l-ri-e M.'i.fs
J Mi-M:ilt li-tiiv
F.lw.iiil Ili.rHl-i
1 hntnas MiM
.lai i.b I' . .loiii-i.
.1 ( A I 0
K, W. 1 link A r
l'li-vii.usly ri-ei Iv eil
iki un
'in no
III" no
1 00
1; m
: 711
.Vi IO
hi tai
m no
;.a en
j:, 111
t 10
I i no
4:, nil
10 lal
A i
mi irl
Inn lal
1 1 Ms no
?(i no
i m
21) IKI
lno s
1 1 mi i
.4Si no
:ji no
an 0
.11 l
is-n lit)
in) I'll
,11 nn
2( n 1 st ,
.vhi (si
; ml
1 1, 1, 1 '.'I
Total ls.'i; Si
I'. W. ( I.MtK. TrcaMrrr
l'flins) Ivanla Fri-Cillm-il a Iti-liof Annsi-I it.nn,
Nn. :: , N. I ill un sou. I.
111 'I II K.
cut ok riiti.Aiii.i riti A.
Tlili Aasorlatlon has cmi etril 111 orKaniiitlmi, afti
v ill oummence Ha res alar aesalom nn Hie
Tim a.UnwIug art tht oltli.ora aeloc'.e-J '
l-KS SlliKNT,
T. 8. HF.ItKIIX.
ararl Till filMMHTKB.
HIHMAS R. BKIlltll.l.,
BOtir.ltT J. MKMCI'K.
Cl.rMF.NT MAItl'll,
JACUII llllt llSMtTB,
AM.IH rlllU.HM,
IIKO It. IttttltAM,
There will he two regular aimona of tha l'ubllc Board
!.: At hair-past VIA. M.and at half lust 1 1'. M.
wlrr-n a regular call f atocka will be naa, Inr'udlrs the I
Iratofoil which tlino tho public-la Invited to bo
present. Karri ai.-saion will ho fur una hour oolr, union
the tlma Is extended by a voto of tho member! pn-aetit.
I'ropir notice will be given ol th location of the new Stuck
THOMAS 14. SRKUtLL, Preaaient.
J. C. Johsaos, Secretary. 1I U-J
Au. w sj. Kuiunt BTlitr.r,
rioi-AOSi no.
tr RaWrlptton rtooka will be elojoJ no Tburidaj,
Di-ci-mbi-r I-'i-
1 iiefertifleatea f fltork will be leiued an Umday, 19th
Inal , on U render ot the ri-celf ta.
WII.I.IaM MtVX, PrealdTil.
Thomas Tolman. Secretary and Treaaurer. li D ili
f2?T- PITTPUUIUJ, 8th IKCEMBKR, 18(11.
a" -IUVIHr.Nll. Tho Dirertnrs ur the ROSSOIt
COMPANY hnve thia day di lar, d tholr tlilnt monthly TtlKhK PKH CiCNT.on tua
Capital Stuck of the Company, pa able after tbe lr,t laat.
to Ihv riillail- lpli auni-rlDers ai tne onicc oi aim iiiai'wm
Collln, o.HUH. JTH'iNT Htrrot.
W.H. M- i I'lLllEOK, Pratdlt.
KOIU'.IIT WBAY, .In., Merrelary. 12-10
The Illreotora have rhla dnv dei-ian d a
i wo era
in Rlockbirih-rl of rocord,
paval te en and a'tT ihe l.Mb Inat.
Itouaa aluaeou WEDKH1)AY 7th Inst.
O. W. WILLIAMS, Tranrer,
No 14 Vaniiibar ltulldinici.
Pllll.Anai.rnu, Derember &, lsi.l. li-.i-lot
Ksad t'oiiimlmion, Uummonwaalth llulldiiis,
Mo. 613 ( lltShLT H n-et.
PiotAiiHi no a. liwemher lo, iv.t.
Kntlcr is bi r.'bv Riven, Ihat tlm Itoinjiv ollerml by the
City ol rhilauripiiia waa wltl ilrawn on Htlok", lie. -em-bi-r
ti.ainl tt-at no boinily will lie paiii to mi'a mustered iu
or i-nliau-il atli r tliut date
In luture the t'oinmiasloners will meet on TrK-sll4Yt,
Tilt KWDAt M.and SJAn ItDAYH.from l :it' 4 III I". M'
r.'-l'J-r.t Heureiary.
Committee for lli-crilitlnu Colored UegluieDta, No.
IJlOCllH.sJiUT Bircet.
I'liit.Aiiei.t-iiiA. Iiecemhar 7. ism.
The Hnpervlaory ('ominltlci- lor Itec-rinuns Co.ori-il h.-nt-nn'rilaliuvlntr
reaotvi-d to adjourn aluo U.e on tl.e-ltat
instant, all nersoi. a havinR ciaiuia a. ani-t the aald I'oai-nil.H-i-
are rctiieali-dto present tiu m for payment lo K. U.
ORSON, Aii-lU. ut the Koomiul the t.'aaimlttee, oil or
bi foie the 2olh iuslant.
Vt-v-lil CAUWALADKH IHUDLU, Secretary.
rini.Ani.riil, atovemoor l, l-wt.
nTir'K TO HIlAllKllill.LiE Irt.
Tho ahan-hoklrra of Itila cmiiany aio notified that,
nnderltan. lutiiinof the llna'doi liirect-ra they ar., o-irJ-tled
lu aiibM-r.lii- to ilia atock of the Comriany rho amount
Ol IE.H I R I , on their reapecuvo iniereat.
ahofvn ov their birfika of the tM matant.
fa. Ii aharehnlilrr en IMed Hi a Iracllanat part of a ahara,
miilerthe ti-nna uf tbe lii-aoliiiinn, aiiall bine the prinv
Irue oi aubacrlaing for a full at. are oa the payiueut ot ufty
oli an.
Tula Stork will be laaoed at tbe nar value o' fitly dol
Ian perilmre. aecrued Ii tereat at hi X I'Klt CKnT.wIh
i- cliarued Irom the lat Instant until payment la made.
TlipHnnka Inr aaiiH.iriijMi.n arid Dainent will bo oaea
on altiN I'aY, the 7lh luaiant, and will close oa Hie Hat
M December neit, alter wlilcn nofuiUlor aabacrlptloul
ui lit- rerelved under tre rei.ilutlon.
U-lKtH-31 THOMAHT URTH Treaanrer.
office rini.ADEi.rniA
WOKKS November ml lKllt.
Proponaia will ha rei i-lve'l at tlita Ottlca an'll noon of
tnr Int oi .lanuary next, lor the anli-ln tne 1 rualore 01 tuo
i-iiiiHiie.piua a Wnrlia, of alork in tne
Houihwai-k and Moyunientiug i Works,
tli-riuantown do
atiinrounk do
nd Kli-kinnnd do
'lobe UhOd a luieatinenta lor the linking fncdi of aald
12-tl-lin Caalner.
:' FlIB.l Civ
'iiraliiUalun. No. 7 l H.U" MITII H II AL.I.
l.IHIIAItt Hlrn-l, l-hllaili Iplila Ko-anlialed Valeraix.
wl.o did not rei'i ive an Ward BouthrY.ore ealltlid lo a
Cry llouirr ul I'wetitv-llve DolUra. The 'iiiinUal.iaiera
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iimmi i nth.
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1-Al'L J. KH I II, UKU. W. H1MUNH.
tHWlM Ultr.BI.K. U-l.'i-ltt
Kallroad Company, (illloe, 7J S. r.ll'lti II s r.-el
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Tl.a Tranafer Ttnoti uf thia Comiianvwll be eloaed on
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li 1-tat . llRAlrrOKn, Treaaoror.
OlothlnK embroidered St ouldorStrapa, Wraatk
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Moephant Tailor,
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In Every Variety of Stylo.
llotdlni: ftnm Twain ! Two fliindrail rhotoTratttii, QV
larirat and I oat aiaortrasnt Id UiS elljr.
6. YV . (or. Finn and C1IKUKY St.,
Mail oa hand a largo and (antral asaort merit t
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iiaintard of ailvar.
A larita and goooral aaaartmont
o( snaarlor PlaHd
Ware, ao.
OI.I) Sll VrS bought and taken In exchange. Hl(hei
prlat-a gtvoo. It 1 ISt
JJ B W 1 sS L A I) O M U S ,
Uaa oa kand a largo and splendid uiortanaot of
Also, a baaatlfnl aaaorunoat of
Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry,&c,
Oliver Warn la great variety, soluble Sir Bridal aaa
Holiday Prtaenti.
M y aaacrtuaent of ntamond Jewelry la oomplets, aad at
leaa price mao eaa uo iobdo m tnia uny.
Old Gold, Silver & Diamonds Bought for Gush
1) 1
A M 0 N I) S
Faxaos I having Dlamnods or othar prarioeu atoaaalo
41pM0 of, will do well by calling oa
t Ko. HUI CUKHSIJT Street,
Who will glre rite hlghait eaih prlooa.
lVt-lra ALSO,
Old Cold and Sll'tr Iliiuslit for Itvita.
l! U K "S NAM ,
fc-IIAIilt WAlil'l.
Diamond atinga,
KLoo Enameled Itraieleta,
Fine Oenta' Chalae,
Flia Ladlea' Chain.
Ileayy Long Ouaxdl,
Ataethyit and Pejrl e-j,
Coral Sots, 11 0 1 on
lilies' Chatelaine Dm,
iJiamor.d I'ltia,
Dlamcad Kar Kiaga,
Ametb.MtandDiam. Kiul,
Fine Seal Rlngl,
Flue Purl Klngi,
Oenta' Plant. arf Plru,
rnE WATcnrs, jewelet,
Ttroochea, Ulcar IJuttoni, Armleti, Braoe'ola, ftoarf
Flu aad Rlngi. Tea Beta, lee Pitohers,
Walton, Oibleta, Forks,
sooni, gie.
Walaaai repaired aad warranted. Old Gold, Dlamaadi,
aad Surer Bought, ll-IS-Sia
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tn.t aUl f WLuteAttt HebnlAUl C'otU, mi $7 Xf per
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Wllion JewHI, M I).
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Win H 1 rr,
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DrlVlO W H( lllT,
II U ShM.liiHfnrtl,
Jntin M(-loweil, Jr.
H"lrt Marirc3K'r,
1' fy i. lirii-miin.
W V, lioilbtoa,
Jdl.D huitr n A Hon,
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I Alfrt-d Yung,
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.1 M Kilt-y.
Ilunry A It Rrewi,
lirttrxe reiermri,
Matthew J Itraily,
Hath Me'Vanrutil,
William U Halum,
Whliam 7 flmctliO,
Amul A Mlllfr,
William Killing,
.1 t Wiikimon,
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Cra'-lnn II Mathej.
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Wall Mailn,
HuJiahJ K Millar,
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:Ir W Uolioway,
John K Wallace,
'.Urooa D Brady,
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Ituhcrt Howard,
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Matthew Millet:, Jr,
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avid Hum,
Uorge 1 Keller,
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William II Kaxun,
Janice .leaner,
J mepli it Lynilall,
MU Uael OiinnuiKtigUn,
Danu l MeNloholj,
Mrs M A HinaU,
Jwhn Uddboil,
1 William Pit I it,
William UUmauw,
C M Iter,
W Oardlnor,
j.It'ise Laws,
J I'aul J Fltild,
Ili n yJ Iteet,
John Mc Arthur,
K K Kaley,
: Alfred kiiK.
t rfderb'k K dwope,
Lewi F. Ken ai I.
Jamea M Htawart,
Obarlmi Oomell,
W altt r Blonde.
I em' nt1 licatli,
Tuiila T (:onway,
Wi.l lam Lrbartlt,
Mary A A btrnlh,
William Andresi,
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Henry Haiiit,
iWlllUtn C lUunl.
' Kobnrt Jordan,
Jam ii Clark,
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'John It Aonlnjr,
'lnac K Carl,
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Kranna Urehtu,
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Jacob H htrflch,
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harlcii Thnina", Jr,
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1avi(1 K Ihouibiou,
John I Urea,
John 1'iaT,
Kniiy t a'orrow.
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M L II -li.. woll .fc Son,
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Jnllll (krit,
jllenry ! Yoiinir,
J William Jonea,
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Jnraeti liuraell,
haiuuel It Howard,
John H Fiirhctt,
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Julm I'hiUlpi,
Mri nearer,
;.iit',ili John ion.
Kobert Hunt.
Aioert Htuart,
reorK F'Hppi,
Wm K Harpur,
0 rt Kt iitiT.
Henry M. Neely,
John Mobile,
RT K.nU,
l.ewia ! heritor,
Jolt'Utl H Fox,
Jii iu llentlor,
Jtuiiei A Kurnlnr,
AlohonauO IreUnd,
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4'barlt-a HBU kin,
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K. T I) 1 Mai I n,
John Wlle.m,
1 huniaa Hallau,
l rekton lniimgton,
Ablu Wo n,
Atwood, KalHtnn A Co,
William K Mttine,
Anna M Mt-icrel,
('hnrliM H 1 1 ouper,
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rherVet M brana,
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William fl'oever,
t J T. fimwgi
J J Tarhnry,
!r Vandyke,
' WHHam I law,
W'ation Dpuy,
iJamea H Heat.
i.eore II Album,
William I) I'eiiiberfeea,
K W AMerdle,
r,ih-lh M Fufh
() L McCrsrmi,
'j-teih Mi-Mullen,
Uirhard bkea,
iseorte W Wifham,
.i.i.orh ti Mitchell,
Ilrtl-ert M Moore,
JrnTih H Fiher
Joeih f Cmiper,
r.cma'nln K ThnuuM,
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Mm K K Htarr,
.Henry Hanniela,
(lenri:e Wrlty.
Hr t' r Matlark,
F.tuabUi Lneda,
harith Ann Fell,
.tolin Krankltn,
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lir Wm M hurry.
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W m K Herta,
' Wm H iwer,
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I it J moph l.enly,
Hxrrla Jk hrniktM-S.
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M A HleiKwnnU,
John AltnirtftT,
i hoinai I. I'Mre,
Mian ,tiiMiner,
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Urania Asju-m.
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,T .bn H P nl H.
(icorue K Wills,
Jamet M It wit,
.I'liin lrikei,
Wmd MiMUiiaa,
.lamri it Dvaa,
M K Tnunr.
Mman M Miller,
ii ()ee er,
J ft Wtiipenny,
Hrrward Worrell,
F. 11 I'avnter,
Jane A Wait,
haute A QtiiKly
John P !,
Wm Kennedy,
Hamui'l T Foa,
John II bbeu,
F. A Clark,
I, W I Ml Ml.
Jnmei Itourne.
K I) MoKtte.
(,'hR.t e)lmp"n,
Oi C'niper Wlitisr.
Wm W Winter,
K'lrnbeih J t.lbba.
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W V carteo,
l P M)ire,
Andrew Jackhon.
r A Treao,
'I nu mat Fealda,
Wm Csady,
C M Mullla,
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Huatn lark,
John H l.ime,
II Cathral,
Jiunfa HlierTAn,
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M F Htlekner,
John ltOark'er,
Kobert Toland.
iTnomaa T Finn,
John it ii Hon A tfona,
John nation,
'.Major 0 Joliiiaou,
;Charlea H Hart,
ill It Roland,
(ieorKe Micholt,
J W M. Matioe,
T Ackerman,
Jamea 11 Maree,
John U Hnder,
V. et (Tor.
Charles llnrlo,
Mrs II Hllooa.
Mrs J R Cheelham,
J rime 4 Caineron,
John J Carbury,
John HmJih,
'I noma Tweed Ate.
John Wlllfatna,
.lames Itnlt4n,
Allen: Wilson,
K btrt (ilbou,
II U Hotlpt,
'I h imn It Vr ugstretb,
1'hiHo H Fretts,
,C l' B iynrd,
John II Wylle,
K.liftlia Heninry,
Kli bard Hell,
8 T F.tdrld.'e.
Mrs 11 1. Wells,
TUs J Husband,
Jsmes Mi'ler,
Iuac K Ittshnp,
11 11 Hhil.iiiKtord,
Jnhn I. Ktieker,
M H Kohler,
JanieM Mt-Kaney,
iMari-'nrei McDulloMgli,
Alireil KuuenbeiK,
( itiliuriiii- J Onliler,
llenrv O tieisler.
Hod Lennnrd Myers,
James Oiterhon, Jr,
Win C'liiron,
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Mrs Ami MrKeniU
Mrs Marv Motiih
t,e'tve 1 1 M wr,
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Atent In Mrti'ayunk
Stxiii In i.iTiiiaiiitfiwn HPKV Fit KltltKKT.
1 ho ftllowiiiK com mil ii lea tlons, elected from ft lara-e
number, stiow (he apprvcwllouuf tbe euterpriso by Ui
ritlzonsnf I'hlludelphiu
No 4Jf N Hixrn meet JAMfr ,tni F,sq. rear Hlr :
The Coal 1 ifci'lvedtromthe consumers' Mutual Coal Coin-
Siiiny, cri my siihsciititlon, has given us ei.tlro satin faction,
t Ignites rtadtly, burns well. Is free from slate, depoult
white jtuhes, and Is not etisby extlnKnlhl !. The fire In
onr klicben prais nas not been ut lor e.xht or nine days.
Tlit-retsire, In eiiiwr to our iiuestloiis, I may lay to at
my eiperienee Uius fur at to the turn Hy oi the coal is alto
fct llier laxoriib r, whl e I am iunhy well Impreswd witl.
tiieenierpilntaba the ad antiv. s to each subicnber as an
U,vt..a..,. , truly,
0 tober24,lsm. No tin N. Sixth street.
1 iiii.Aiin.i iiiA. October 5, lni -Juraui l.ynd, Hs..
Deal Sir: Until I bui-ame a Stm-khiililer In your Com
pany I liedaiwajs breu In Iru. habit m burning 11. 1k
rnal. Suite irvli.K oura I llnil It, for liniiMliuliluurpnera,
rullv a.iual to, ana a ver Mnerlnl- itrilrle iridiiail.
our iruiy, hA.MI KI. llKNn.F.F.
n. Ill.'ill Cnutei Itreet.
riiii.Ann.i-in,.Octi.ler?'l Jamea l.vnd, Ma.., I'ra
Udeut ul ir.el'cmaiilu.'n,' Mut'ialCuall 1.111111111)1. My Dear
Mr: ourroal baa i..nte tii linml, allingid order, anil
baa tieon uaed In both rangi-HU'liurriire. I am lhl"ocmad
tbat tUeiualitr la all tliatrn ikl be ileilrc-il. Yonn truly,
JOHN Mi-altTlll lt -Vo 11M T l.orut atr.eU
Pmr .anst.piiiA, Orlubnrlll.lsiil. Jauu-a l.ynil, Eaij., I'rs'nnatinieri' Mutual Coal ! Vruiuiu. Iear Hlr:
1 oi,... ,i.-niti Ir ,1. anil find it a moat
epliliilld article. I emu lnui-li plrav d Itli It, that, If
liot loo late, 1 will lm-rejac dij mliacritloa to oa hun
dred eb are. Itr iM-ciMiily.
Al. I.F.N C. W ILH"N. No. Innsciheanut tre.
Oriii-diniia Haniih biun 1 IIai L.Oob.bor Ji.WII
Jauu-a I.Tnd, I'raa di nt Cuiinnii n t nil Couinanr
I han mncli il. aaure In elating to you
the entire aall.fui tl. n the ooal krlv me that I nan m
eeived Iriuu ,our Company. 11 niaki-a a atrong nre. ana
lumotriun ilato and cin.lera, audi ran conllUonily ro
connnend It to a I houke.era Inr d.mieatla;
alao to mauufai-tuiera, lor neiioruilng nttanr.
V. pra atnrerelv.
CIIARI.F.H T.HtTimll. o r,10 Uanlom Itmt.
Plill.Ali:miiA.TiUlh Bioalb.'JO. trtH.-l-rl.-ud Lrnd:
Tbe coal lurniKlied uie a. a aio. kliol ter In thy Conipan?
ye entire aatii lai tlon. II la writ prepared, aud burna
freely. 1 could not lb a t.el'er arll.-.e
It. K. ttal.F.I . Nu.-tJ . Tlilrd aUeet. -
rHIl.AnKl.l'IIU, October lNit.-Jamia l.n.l. tin-,
Vreildent, o : In amwer to iour ri-quoit to know how
i like the ooal pur.-l aai-d irom your t'sinpenf. I rei"F "
It baa proyou aatiaiac;ury iu ever) particular. Ut lamuy
think U 0.,IAKR 4 Ho . Bixth itrr.t.
Jamf.k :, F i-, Preim-ut Oiniumcra' MU'iml O al
Comaaii. Hear Sir; Tlie caalsippled to msby sur
t'oau-an, , 1 am fcuppy lo stale, ir satlsiai .-n 1.1
every respect, and is emal loan; 1 bhTtftver used
resp.ot.ully -""J "WAI TOVi No.,, . Third street.
rmiiAhRiMiu, onoOf-r W. 1bG4 -Jamk- I-vkd, ;!..
PresidenU'onsuitiers Mutul onl onpany,-lar Bit.
It atlordi me urt i' i.. asure lo announi to yo my ierteH
eaiUfarllon wltn the foul receiM-d fmm your t ompnny
upun order a. a snbserlher. 1 liuve b.ten ae. ustomed
to ime ("ol from tht oi vpur mine and from
It when in otuer Lands. Its tuoerJority '''J,r " "
ilcrb edly mrke.l. but in lu pre-ent hstid I II ml the article
1 no way det. rivaled, but to th- tonuury, so far as I am
ahletojQ'Kf.fro..mesti.- purpntK. t'lUr eiul to any
that I have ever utd,or have er aiialya. d- 1 am, ve.j
!.jt";tr,,t,M WM. M. HILK11, Kalltof Behuy kill.
u.m H.u.0.....