The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, October 19, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 1

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jjL tJ A Jj .yd.
reparations lor tho Invasion.
Reports of Prico's Movements.
Cor Wten. mall ycslorUy broat;!it Kin
IM p to tbu U'th, fr ,m wtiicb a leira that
the wboN. Fut! U in hUh r oii-itiion nf aUnn
from appn tu'TiMon ol inva ion by's ItolW
nny. 1 he Ouvurnor Inn i. m.'1', a rocIuiitt'in
cone rnii.t n-puKtu by (icnonil Curtis for tho
calling out of thj miiiii.i. Tho irucUraiUiou is
an fol o'A :
Fiti;if Kavhsi, riVK T)i i-mitm. nt,
T 1 h. . - i. t tur , i". - i,-.. na i u p rll. rri. f tnd
I' . .f hoc .iri, ,ti ;i ii t rt v- t n. K,iit rati,
T r O" i J ti , : (.it -if t t n f e iv
thf i I j n."1 v in mil n c ifiitii M tj T tie htjI .'urbifi
(V n -n s,li,.i -
ill AIXll Ah it.MN Pl.l'ABrMI NT !' K " 1 ,
ft.r Imu i h . h. to'x-i 1 - Mi F'.i-' hen v,
lio ii r ri '- I ,i- m- do f i i iKi i r ti- tt uk rri.-f
4 v mj!f . lur tier v h n ' w"-' Hrt. r.inniii i n-
iM'.riui'i. .cm h re idi it' tit r'ltT -nit :ri U1' "U l'?
O-ii h T...ti ( ti("'.l( n-'f t'fi'wr Ii "' r'n d y l.r.-
Klffl forr i'mtit H( I i'ii ml iWi-iW tr -jit t'i 1r:v
nn ImwhmI Kr'tn ciim r n tivi n,s.i will Iniluci'
fcl JilKlmtt lOliuWIT Kl fl l l -llM lilul Vi'!l"i'H In t lift
1n t rcvont (hi, n-' loin In . f'riH tn rxptt ih"i" hwi
d) ri frum ln' ciiiitry. f ! n- Unit nu vv I i I o.titu'
ci.lir uitl't . rr t', with iiicir anr. an t t u'n i'U'i) i,
fur it ft ;itut ") t l t a. h tcii mtu n dijI'J h' pfiv
itlt mu l ..iii cfn or li i' i n I'i'io .r i mf.irt, mit rt
friAwr-a f ii c i)ii k -villi im St i'';nnx'; - t i -u n.r
.im nr. I w:ttH C .Is f, f . ii'i!i(. 1 ii fn r,. n -r,
1. 1 nitnt r- . nni- wi it yro Ii t. ik an J ft, j ;i-, , i mi -y. J
t ' i ' 't" n. ' t v. a"!.
111 l'i ml tn my ipvv-r( i pr ivii' prTvlcn n d
.-b It- l'ti,":iirui'i". l-tjt In.! c , r ni m n -li .it i -r,
Mi Id n iii .t it'.ninif, .nci ri'i't tn ittui -! m in ; n mnv
rr . aii.lt4'i;' .,l,i n Miire 'n-Iis hi M m
hi 'Ji;r(. i.iu Hi u lvt i ,i,' , i,.-.,f tii-v i'i .if - i im
tlif uir rt-:1 hi . It i tu irv t- 'ii:iii. i w
II' m Ui--1 I u 'i i i ! (' :i r i ' if i- I I ur .irop'-r. . n I rirti-
- rvn wlthm tr.o wr.f,. nf iiiiM rip;(l)iN "mr.
p d i. limit r rn.
( Hf ,itlivhi , iJii?.iin-.-, rii'it vur 1 (.'uI'.mh y
1 1 ii fell I ul i-it' mm w.l c- ii' ur vi 'i hi" In tli'' r-i .i
f ti t rv i mf- r ft'it d .inn ml, int'l m li trt v
10 - frni on a "l a-.-.iht;ii' r, I h ivo th- h ttot rj ti ymr
very .'lu ili' iii - r nut. H U rlUtrM,
jf.iur-iic-n r.ii .' tpiumii'llii lti-iir!inent.
Vntihii Svti h M ri.i r a Y Ti.i.r.itu aiiip Four
I,i A i t on i ii. J. l'.'t.'f i. 1 -1 t ( .w t y f ' '.ii ;n- i : -1
t 14 l;tw oui M-lp "f Six .!.. TfiH ill li''a u
Hfli- i inum 1m' ( mu-Ow-iy hu'.uli, 11 iirry ni ti t
Itirn.i i a t k Mfu rwtv Ti I ko immi, F.ut
1 I t i'r 1 1(. t,' .- H. 1 i I ' ('4r,l v ' -
i re t:ru. ynu Inmia nin trail. Let tin- ml i. firii out.
If iifl a . ''tl ili'-y w.l , ii im.pif, b-t uis'-'wi, n Ih-r
.li h tin. rn.r hoii.o moI" ,. t i-st, 'i pivti an
Inp'MsiK to i ,.,! itirt Ir. yitir pr'i Mt rt'p t'i
U Ij "," tu n t"i..rc, t't ni;ri' wi Mve .iv.'il thf
Ktnlti '-m -b- 'IritfHi. I ft im t1- It tvity 1 i- m nty H
nv rcr w- ln:i., :r (1 .1. til is ji-'cte 1 tl tiri' t.t-n" t
'1 llWT. I Ti " 1 lit' 111' , l,-llll'M',rtlll t.TVlIU- (cp.l.
1( diy. fn " thej tm mrjvipLr iic;i'lt y wftn irJ,
ltlu, u rulwu. s, r.ri'Ki M, M.ri.r t. n.-r il.
K v ., r.i'ly! Vou wl I li t, nn yon have fi'wavn
fiMnji'l: ton" wh 11 , ,! ) luiv i i-ii invii'lt'il Tiiiivi'l,
U;li 1 hri., wl'l nun t vnn I. intop m . KiroiuiT, tmciiMt)
you I now ti e 'oi- hi c -k t i i-iut h' vi-hk . ' inon vnn,
Met him. tte.i, at tin- 1 fir - Ii -ul , .ml trik. i;Mijr
Itrih )" ii;-tn , ,'rtiii'it i. i.i.
11 t II b" nine-h b' 11 i-mU I. Tli" vrrk tn he d -no
now Ii tu .flifc" i!i-. St u.j a. 411.M nitiiMii'lc. .ti I uiuislf r.
I't.tU I'.t 11 VitiiJlIlit.C I W(t 'UUt it'll l ,1 H'M'llC'f Ulti lifiU
R 1iM.T' llltj
fcl'ii if K4iin, rr.v ! Our ; low, 0 i vit. nnlt-1
Mow, will I ill 'ht .nvti.J r 111 J y) t W-m f not re uy
li te. iht) ufiriiy S 1 11 1 hi no nv -ud lil iioiu ..,' it.w
1o ,iPM.tliti ! To .ir in . id tlni trtitctl ilcKl, until the
1-1 ; r, khA'l t hil, 1 ,rj lr sr 1 bc t.
fHift :in': I)-I'zl.-r wih Avti r m uad t ofthi
.riivr ' ibt'n 4 1 f kHlllitl, and vU'-in t nr t. r or-li-rn.
THOMAS t'.MtNI.V' .uvur.iuP.
ITi;apqihti:iih Dkcmitmknt or Kw-s,
Four I j;iV n wiHTit, Oft ib r 1 , lHtil. Tnc
(IrspatcbeB bclovv liavo been ruocwjti boro to
il.i) Atciiihov, October 1M, 10 A M. To I i.l r
'fn rii r irilf : Mfin'li .-.t nuvin.- In rnrn ol'tMiu nti
tli kf.tiMlli.l ml tit. I..t m ii-n. i. vN i) ttro -it, .ni wl I
ri j it lo-iijy. Iiim'in im t Cmu a r.Mit'xn
pfrw, h i ni t.r.en p.iuii"i bj tn- in yv .tunl .y and
lUAlt lull .' I!,
I. TH MH'V. Anit. Provost Marhif.
"Wis i until', Orto' tr 13 To r.l Mieii.iiit-C i ont-l
Sit4 - 111'- uijiiw.t t a t fii urm nit"- new ill -jo v, by
t t'i' M . i'li u h .hi m I- Wfll, a-' I'l'O h'l I il. i'lit'i II
v int'l wWI Kliiw Mat on I'ry. 1 1. oMkt t-vn : ttuuini,
1 -I--',ti fr t - -I,- Mut r iu fiv.-r wit Im n i,4
N nr. W ifftt U 1 r.n'r 'U.I. Th c .i niu'ft .ri in rn u nt'i I
11 J.!Mj K"i tin , mil "h Hy. -il! in :er -.n iia-ri i
UnMpiiiiK'. ' r . sri, i rni r y "t :l ii-k, tii n:,v .v C.t
l.t'! t Ii i't il , IidH IritH.'ti 1 i iriiititini.
J. . tiJrrioN, Aiii. it cruvutt Miriul.
HPlitl Jrl ilM to Kllllllg Ttill'glMph.
Wahiiiniik.n, t l'J.
Ci ji;. Tiiis W il'.ue, iclil, ami S-'Iicnfk urfl
h.:r. IKntral fviLin'k m u: the War Itop.irt
uit..i th! luuruiiii;. fJ..ncril WAlaceUUosliu.ut:
ili.ilfl cbarc ol bW ilcp irtn.tiiit. ..iiiIth; II-.. mi tu Vlo.
T1.S ANmhI .Slit ' df -uyi that it
Il B )'. j -Jt Uc iif.i rt K tlur N'uiv York and Viswt' noKlioi t will Im Hvnt lin iio tit tu e i i
iovi:inl'"r. o l'.ivi'riu'inni w.ll bo ti' to uuy
Art'ty ' ; In.
Am 'UK tim )r..jj'.-iiii t- u tin; oilii'O of
io luurt rriw'rr-J.:iicril, for tlio wc!c onaiug
Ctio'ucr 17, . ue tin- l'liowlii(:
'Ijlnr Co., riiilul:l!ii i, P iriylvmiia, iro
o,) to l'ti.n.h i.if hiuiiinoi .lyltvreil t.n
ve.B. ' at I'ort Ki 'Lniond, IV line vlvaim, :it S'S 12
lrta. C. C'o'euiTi, Alli ;ih' iiy t' ty, l'l nusyl
vnula, oft'iTd tj fiirnih from lift to live liuu.troj
iuiy wngoii.t i ujcIi.
t'nrlllVl.ifc Mii'ttHiMlouli t Hllry.
r, IJtul.'oluu :1 Aluxuailor, of tliu l'.ni?i
ncrT, Clilcf of St iff tn IUruurd, hisboeu
itined to duty with Kliuii.liia, Ut nupcrvlhe tlio
furtiiiiutioiiH oi tlie rul ti.i)i, HMi tho eUi)
; llnhment of tLte furtilitU 110-ta almut Suasburb'.
HcImI mull llirougl) tbi: .tShoniiml:ih valley into
Hwjluii(ldD(l Pciiiihyk in i arc vnilcj.
KuUHi,t ( liuulril Wilt,
IVtiV ) WiirMlinl Ocuorul Fir hx s'.irHol
mndry illstrictB vflilch bii;i)i)BC'l thciusolves out
of th druft iliiip'y lieriuiu lliclr quota bvl bo 'it
.. dritfiod, by dtciiling tUot ruuiw.iy draltu.l mcu
1 are not to be credl'ej on tlio qiioiu. 'o dr .fio I
miin It rrcditvd uukm bo U aciuully mustered in.
Bpfcittl to Uit The Ecch ing Tvl'jrnph.
UiLiiMoitu, Outober l'J. Tho nomination of
ThcuiM Bwnnn for Governor oT Maryland, by
the Union party, gives unqualified satisfaction,
lie II a brother of Dr. Hwunn, of Vkiladelphla,
will the belt Mayor Ilullimorc ever bad, and t!io
mail who, at resident of the Baltiuiore nn J OUio
Kailroad, jiuxhcd it tli rough to tlio Obio rivor. A.
dozen of faceleii luoiiuiuentit and grand reforms
aro erected to his memory In D.ibiiiiorc. The
ciitiro ticket, including Dr. V. C. Cox, for Lion
tenaut-Uov(riiOr, could nut be beaten. M iiyluud
nn y now claim the K'oiy i f heln numbered with
the lice ImuIc", Ub the in w Coiutitutioii has becu
ratitii d, fuiever willing out the incubus o;
U'he new iusirument gott lulo operation next
month. Olllcers high in iituk, who ucrived tins
niorninK In the Norfolk boat direct irom Grant's
and Dialer's heudquurtcrs, inform me all i well
. vith the nimy, In health uud spirits, men, mual
tlotia, conifoiti, aud hopes. The fall of Kicu
moud very loon is considered absolutely certain
There ire no more Kcbcl guerillas or robbers
In Maryland. Moicby bus been, obliged to
Harkcta b T-leeriU.
Kaltimohb, October 19. Flour is heavy, with
a di't'linliiK ll:di'DL7 ; ejtlm, $10 74; 1I(.mji Htreol
tunuilim . lli 8T.. ( "II' e mail) ; IU" ban or llic ai
' Shv. Hunk., owtnK to lie- iLellue In fr.d. WSInk
Mkw Yhhk, October l'J. Flour hat advanced
i.nrvie . : tan. ol lc.twu l.m l l ia'hw: w i.,r ht.mj
tMHioll-.'u lur Olilo: aud llu-i'wlt m tor Hngihuru
V 6 alH'i d ?c. ; .air. iiiainponalit. l ull) llrw, wall
Hi. .0 If.. Ilnldull I'ork Hi ra ;.!" ol ll"l ti.rroi.
mni ui.t.i.i. I.ard duU l ".".'lo. Win. 1 dull,
hsw Yon. Ocuilwr l'J. lckt are belter.
t'b CaHOai.d RVck Island. hUW:l.'uiAlrfM-laBS nr.rfrr fM.':
lUinol. (Vntral. 117: altrliian h.
: Jlr.l. 117 '.. Hi nd Hf l i Hu.l.i.u Hirer. IJliV ; (.'anion
J ,8a; Miaa..uii a.n; Crki. I'J. ; Oua Vaar l vrtlrl..t
i. !r , it L A V,"' f"a l. vi
Latest War News,
llood's Movement an Election
eering Schomo.
Gen. Sherman Pursuing tho Rebels in
riuu: moving into kusis.
Interesting from Baltimore
and Washington.
Grant Trcparing for Battlo.
IIahiikiii ho, Oi to'ifr t'.l. Tim oilliiil Di'ino
crmic majority In A lnmn oomity i 111, lioiii a
Di mocrHtlc gain or 1H1. Fulton county, o.lli
I)cmocrtic majority, ; Diino 'ratii'. loss, 3".
Tbe otlkiul voto of tif-y-nlnn comities h w been
reliably tabled here, which a Domooratlo pnin of
lfijyj, nnd L'nlon gniiis of 2'U!), ovor t!ic Qtiher
rati rial voto of lw;.1. Ibf cxo- of f!iiiu9,
13,3!'3, deducted from the Union majority of
18ti3, viz., 16.3J5, leaves a t'ulon majority of
l!'.'i2, with the counties of Clarion, Forest,
JclfiTfon, Mercer, Vonanyi, Wyominc', and
York )ut to be beard from ollici.illy.
Heavy Cannonading on our Left.
Rfiorliil to I'Ik. KvenliiaT Ti'lt'iErniiti.
'WA1I NinoN. October 10. Tin) mnll ttuimcr
II biter, liora City l'olnt, reporU th it early ye'.
terduy morning tho RcVels opentd a lively can
nnnu 'c on the leftof our liue,wbi.:li was uctlvely
returne 1 b Fort Sednick uud other batteries in
tin- v.ciuity.
No purti.ular damage was done on cither tide.
Trie Wel iUr brought up tho bodies of Captain
Williamson, of the Maryland Purncll Legion,
C. p'a n J. W. Kimball, Firdt Massachuscttj
llovy Aitillery, und Bergeaut Hunt, l'20th Now
Ymk ttato Militia, recently ki.led in front of
I'ett mbarg. 'When Sergeant Hunt was killed
l.i. time wii out, nnd lie was to have been mus
tered out the lollowing day.
Fiivuto liitciliKcnco from Richmond represent
t a , n bis boldicis n telling bio v upon
the Y'ankecs speedily. They buliuvu him to have
some iinpurlait movement in hand.
. . ...
Arrlrnl of III. Sluniili-r " t'oliimbln."
Nkw Yoiik, Cctolnr 1. lly tliu arrival of tho
Ftc mtr Columbia, llavnni dates to tho l itli
iiisiant have bc-n rocchod.
Tho revolution in Venezuela, so f.T ns tho
blutes of Aragrca and Oiiarlco aro concerned, is
at an end, the loyal citizens having driven tin
rebilmwt. Tlio Ktato of Unayain.n still holds
out, dcninu'ling to be recognized a.s an imlcpcn
dont Power.
There Is no news of lntore-t from San 1)j-
The etcmner VnriWu arrived at San Nazuira
with S.OO'i.OOo fi'iin'3, l.OI.O'iJ beiu for tlie
French (Jov: ruincni, the lint fruits of the inva
sion rt the Mexican Republic.
The yellow fever was Oalveston.
Two blot iiiulc-runiicru not in tliera on tin 1st
iiiftunt. Colonel Ford is s.ilil t bo mill In greU
hopi s of ruupturing llrownuville.
The anxiety coiiccrulng tho sleanior Rxiwitt
is incrca-ed. It is eonll lently asserted that she
h is been captured by her Rebel passengers.
t.nerllln Heprr.lnttoiiMln Kcnturky Tli
l:xiloslou urilio Mciinier J.I. Ir win.
Lot ihvii.i.k, October Is. Tno New Alliany
(Ind.) ,'irof this evening gives a report,
which it diems reliable, that from ten t'i twelve
bandied eucrillas, under Hinds, liuvo concen
trated in ilHMiciahboihonil of llran lenuurg, Ken
tucky, und a portion of them had entered the
town and robbed the citizens of largo amounts of
goods and other valuable propirty.
The same paper ."ays tlio steamer . C. wi'i,
lying at lidgtvillc, at the tow bead of the Cum
bcrland river, exploded her boilers, making a
v reck of the boat, and killing a large number of
persons, including Captain J. 1. fmitli, John D.
Elliott, nnd Mr. Hurri'On, tha pilots ; Mr. Graves,
the mate; Mr. Ferguson, a passenger, aud twd
deckhands. Five paiiengc-rs and a soldier aie
Tlif) lts-bcl Inviillon of MUxoiirl.
S r. Lot is, October 11). ClitFgow, in lion ai J
couuly, was captured on Saturday by a lurgo
Rebel force under General Clark. The pla'e was
held by six companies of the 13d Missouri (twelve
months' men), uudcr Colonel Harding, who
fought bravely for fivo hour", but finally wore
overpowered by superior numbers and surren
dired. The enemy had four pieces of artillery. Tho
steamer It 'esticard, which was lying at tlio wharf,
was Mink, and tho City Hall aud several other
buildings were burned.
The town of Rldyely, In Plat to county, was
plundered by guerillas on Sunday night, and
Smithvlllo, iu t'luy county, was burnoJ on
Thornton nnd Thrallklll, notorious guerillas,
entered Platte county with a lurge force of Rubelt
on Friday, and business was suspended at St.
Joseph and Kanas City. Leuvouw orth is being
From New Urlau.
New Yokk, October 18. The steamer Conti
nental, from New Orleans on the Uih, arrived at
this jKirt to-day. fiho ban on board the Rebel
General Pago aud many other Rebel prisoners.
No papers Lave been received by tho Cun
tintiilal. Rfituru of Uosllue'a Zoniiv.
IUltimohk, October Id. A portion of Oo
line's tZouaves left tills city at 8 o'clock tint
morning for Philadelphia. The rust of the regi
ment had re tn listed.
Coaa-sfeaioaMl NoutlnttUon.
Boston, October 19. J. S. Sleeper nut been
nominated for CougreM In the Third District by
the Democracy.
Appeal Wrn liiflln.d fn v. t(..ltr..t -IXIer
froirt fror. Nnhnn.
Hor, II' r v J. Ha mnd Dear sir . Tn n in
irownin .. D .nidway nn.uibus, vi stvr lav. 1 found
m 'i ll ii .-in to niic of j our m l wealtin citi
' . i II known for tho o ogn ;ce of his iVics,
his courteous bciirin", snmp'umis s'yln of living,
i n bis Inti'lilf'i'ncn in runllrt ma't rs, i tti at
hntne slid niiroiif. In the c mi sii "f n lni t an I
often lnterrupicd roiirer it! in. ho s iil to me that
Mr ruin nnd m ral M Clrllvi h 'ingrq ial y
it il tn r nt to bun. froin an ciMa1 want of e ni
dence, on bis part, In their litnrss lor the Prei -n.
i" , i.e liniilil iibs tat m I'mm voting; and in it
tr km w niKiiy i.eisous uf h s way of tlnnking,
who would do tne sntne.
Now, tlionirh no politician, nip rty ma-i. never
having raiffd my voice to give a v.i'io, nor to in
lliicuce til" vnte of otliers, iievertlicle-a, th il. e i
ratunof th s Ti ntn man. on bis o vn pirt, ami
that of Ins a.-'iuaintnticea, thinkinir as he d j-s,
is to in. xpili.iiilc, in a eti, the oii in
which the rornirv n .w limi'i Itu'lt'. It'c.ei tfiere
Wrts n loiidiliini of Ihinva, in any land, to .vbi :h
Ihe lnv ot Hoi, n tin- pronounced ih'- man wli
iu a xi 'lit ton, stood aloof and took I' irt wl h
in ill rr Mile, to lo dlboDoie I and h s.'.
was sppli' iilile, surely it is lli onu in wun li
we nn-l nni'. elves at present.
Try to blink this que-tion as we nny, to do I re
it, to g, t round It. we are sri I nu t wi'h tin' a ' r
lluiive, wur to tho hiin-r end, lor na'.'on .1 mfe
gtuy , hiMinir " a e and the lulure proim rity aud
lie. ijotn nn IiSi'i oi the biiin in t v ; it, aa
inmislirr, then diMininn. then a rhrnnie at in ()f
w.r wltuotit, witli anarchy with hi, then r.ii:ir. trv-dc-pntiht",
a tor-e, II iit cm be, thin s avery
ot tbe w l.itj raco and the general sercid of that Jl'
the Mil. k.
That nicn, intellli'ent men, thinking mn, who
In their w.iv inte id well i,y t'l.-tr ciiintry, who
have even given largely of their means w "iiv'niii
the (Jovcrtitnrnt In the great struggle nmv rfnin
on, do not see this thing, is to mo ineoinjrrelien
llile. W hy, my dear nr. to uiy iippreheiiHinn,
no Miuheain was ever clearer. That any one, wii
knows a 1 do, J. th r-ou I) . vis, Uo, llrag, lleim
riard, nr.d other otl'.iets oi" l:k -tamp, in ml)l
lli'ii a,"a n-t their tinnier .sovereign, should lie
llevc that, whoevi r nmv bo elcotnl Pre-i lent, he
can tif pot into a pea n with the South onany other
terms than thomi of separation, and yiehliu ; to
ili luaml- that nin-t degrade the loyal Stiles hi
the eye-; oi the n st of the nations of the iv.irl l,
and dot snot ace thb, is moro than incjtuprc
h( n.-ihle.
Who are there men ? Aro they low, ihuilllng,
tiicky p irty politicians, wno are "playin.; a miser
able gamu lor the spoils-of party ? N.i sir; no.
They arc Hebe's, It is ti ue ; determined, desperate
Rebels j but with nil their sins, they urn acting
cnrnenly, in tood f 4.1th, for they aro, however
wrong, inenol integrity In their way; blgh-'onod,
lionotabie gentleini u. of sterling Individual pnnty.
Their past lives attest this ol them. It is useloss
for men to deny it. It is narrated of I.leutJin'int
Gei.eral Scott that, on "ooieon ailon. when Jetfer
ron Davis w::s nceii'cd of dlhnnnrab!e prnlice Iu
his presiTKtc, he replied : ".Sir, Mr. D ivis is a gon
tlinmn, a mil Icioiis gentleman, If you pleisc, a
tuaiignant gei t einan, but i f the in'llions th it
nmv have i -afit'il through h's hands. 1 do not be
l evc that the leat particle of t ictr du"t has stuck
to Ida lingers."
No, llii-e men arc not pi lying a merepceuninry
pinne, nor n paltiy paitisan game. Tneirs i ttin
gunie ol Lucifer ru e or ruin, is'o ono ought to
know this hetier than olllcers who have -erved
with them. No one better than they ought o
know that thoe men mean what they say, and
tlnit any attempt ut diplomatic overtures, which
aro not ba n d upon tho ncktiowlcdgiiicut of all
t nt is claimed by the .South, would he d.r.dd
by these men, aud will only subject thoso who
mnlie them to their contemptuous Miners.
V'lnit giiglenicn who, like myf'ii:nd la tho
omnibus, aieVor pluymg neotrall y bewocn tln-e
who are. lor war nlonu, nnd tboVo who are for
peace at any price, hope fur, iu the foturc I am at
a loss to conjecture. Deforo the Reheili o wa
wcro a united, powerful nation, although with
only an army oi moihc In teen thoimand men, and
a llritof a few Teasels. Pence with tho South,
aril consequent disunion, would leave us Impov-iri.-lnd
in population and in wealth even were
the loyal Htaies of tliu North, East, and West to
cling togciher wlh the neeensiiy of miiinniiuin
an ai my of nt lenst one hundred thousand muu,
und a large licet, on a peace establishment, to
curb the restless, encroaching spirit winch has
ever animated the South; even if these could
pievcnt cullinion be'ween us. Hut it is umiIcs
inn.tir ug n this theme, the cinscqiiencos of
which all who are not wi fully blind, or lor sheer
party put poses have determined to cotlosco with
the Smith itgiimt tho loyal butca, cannot fad
to sec lor inciiiioivo".
1 hat ai y man not blinded by party pn-ion or
Fl.tcr K-hishni ss, hopes that pea. e, at any pi h e to
mo nam u, win at lenat si euro to HUD Ins posses
sions, tlocs not see that Ji llerson Davis nnd tbosu
who fo'.lnw his lead in the aspiration of fonidiii,
a great empire, wiili -lavcry as a basis, to b i gov
eiiicd by an oligarchy more exebmivo aud arro
gant than that of England, inasmuch as they
will seek lo nui-taln tliem-elvcs by military foreo
alnnc, having ntaked their all In tins Kiibcllioii,
uud made up Iheir minds to abide the Kmc, will
I ot cone. de an iota that shall, in tin) lo im, unr
theto ospirat'on', can only bn aeeouutod for on
the supposition of infatiiuiion In wiui i one idea;
or of itolal ii'dilfcrence as to the re-ult.
I'tueel Who does nut groan for pcaeo ? ear
ncstlv pray for pi acu ? Hut who, tlist has studied
this Rebellion, that h is analyzed th , c.iu-.:s that
b d to It, that knows the U elim.'S that aetua'.e tliu
controlling (Hii-s in Hie Hoiith, tnat h a person
aliy known the leaders of the Rebel army, is so
deluded as not to know that iln ro cin be no
piuce until the loyal States or the South cm dic
tate it from aomu impr. gnable vantage ground.
Until that moment arrives, it mini bo war, war,
war. To talk of armistices, t talk of cessation of
hostilities, to talk ot diplomacy as a step toward
reunion, before that paint has been roicho I, Is
to hold out worse than false hopes It Is tn
piopnse to the loyal States self-degradation, n i
lional and political suicide, come from whatever
quarter it may.
'1 lie question has been often put to mo by ex
cellent lo.ial nun: Hut in seeking ti obain
I'cnro In your way, wonld you ruin t'm South?
My answer is unhesitatingly Yes, If It Is n cc
nary tin reb to mve the na'l ni from dismetiibcr
mt iil. ilut I am not very credulous on this ruin
theory. F.xcoilcut loyal persons thought Ku r
land ruined when Chai In I was brought to tho
Miill'old ; others when J, aues II fled be: ore W.l
Mam ot Orange. All lluropo lauiiglu Frtno
mined when Louis XVI was guillotined, and all
the nobles either shared the same la'-J, wore
murdered, or went Inn exile.
Many excellent persons In Maryland, and in
that nappy inV fur men! class in il and Vir
ginia, ko felicitously described in "Swallow llani,"
l John P. Kennedy, who u lives are ono lon
holiday, that live iu to manv of the Sleepy Hol
low nooks that ate sprinkled so plentifully along
the shorts of ttin Kiia'j th, tho Nansemon 1, tin
Jiiine,the York, the Potomac, and th ) two sii .s
of tho Chesapeake bay, look upon Virginia and
Msrylnnd us mined. And as the v:;w it, fo
they are.
Hut there lies the fair portion of earth railed
by these nuuies j the soil tcemlntr with fertility ;
the interior of it inexhaustible in Its mineral
rii lies) its rivers alive with luxuries, both id' lish
and fowl, that epicures purchase at any price ; its
climate unsurpassed by that of Greece, in all that
mates brilliant, versatile men; und now, with
the burden, which their forefathers called a curse,
partly lifted otl, are they ruined i In ten years,
how many of the names, even of thee excellent
persons, cow Rrouuiuy over this ruin theory, will
be remembered ?
In ten years from nnw, what a glorious tido of
prosperity may not be sweeping ovor this evcr
lii' tiiig herllu.'.'e of a swiftly flitting race. I would
ruin the South as I would ruin Ireland, by un
loosing the grusp of tho English oligarchs upon
hcrtbiout; us 1 would ruin England, by forcing
(Ms sell-tame small, soUisli fraction to do justice
to Ihe working classes, so long down-troddou. I
wi uld tuy lo tho few hundred thousand wealthy
nluvc owners, "Your rclgu is over;" and cull
upon tho while nou-slavelioldiug population to
mute for themfeSes und children those institu
tions which, in the free States, have raised tho
workingmau to the Intellectual aud moral level
that culth onee claimed as its exclusive domain.
Look at England ; what is she uow, aud what
might the not be now, as the Stuarts full or rose ?
Look at France ; what she was before her great
revolution, what she Is now, and what she might
lie now, had that great political flood not havo
swept away king, noblue, aud feudal institution.
llndMicnot then rinon op, in her unexpected
might, striking, like a young untrained giant,
wild blows on tue foul that sought to diainumbor
hir. where might she not uow have been
No. I have no faith in any ruin theory hut
that of the necessary anarchy of disinomlrniBnt.
That would be ruin. That would be woe. That
would wring a wau irom every Dntrlot'a In-ei4j.t
more heait-rendiug than the cry that arose from
the en-lavid Jews, as tlioy cast back their lut
Elanre on Jerusalem at too uaorionisu cantivitv.
Think of this, ye genUemen who are tor sluing
with folded bands, aud exclaiming with notable
equability, whilst this uiomeutoul question is
pending :
"Trot Tyrtuirt nUbl aulle diiorlmUii mxtur."
Remember the declaration, that to whom much
Is given, ot nun mull niucu also oe reriulred.
Very truly yours, D. H. Maua.K, P oimi, Friday, OcWbot 7. 10I.
News from the Sontli.
Devastation of tho Shenandoah
I.arcfi Rrinfrpriiinl of Drtalloil Men
lent to
From M.' Rcmrntt kn ; hira. , tht'brr 14.
The In tul Male', with the of tie)
wcr.d (ipen lo theru, rmplov H0,iy(K) mini In tin)
I u-ii ess, while under Ihe charge of ihe Ni'rj and
Mitnig Pun an of tho Confederacy, it onip oys
but luM'O. Thi so employes of the N.tiu and
Mineg buna a aro composed of near til'U
ninicaand WOd whites. Its operations on the
lioniirr, und utten wiihln the lin-s ot th 1 enemy,
have compelled lis ntlicvrs to withhold fa'ts tin',
would have corrected misrepresentation
prev.nlcd grof Injustice. This bureau wis
called upon by ut to revise its li-t of doituls and
send ad it could spare to the front.
We are advised mat out of its conscript force
of foui thi uhund men over ono thousand live
bundled are, and for a month hav i been, doing
civicc at tie front. At Nattiilii tin y ft, in; m
won the commeudation of their oili. ers for g ,.id
coi duet. In i ennesfee, Ueorgia, and Ahl'ii ui,
they have repeatedly re-ponded to tho ciil lor
troopa, and have invariably done the service
The locality whera tho principal operations of
tins lain nuaie mostestensively carried on w:ll n it
peitiiit the empinyiuentot slaves, und every cil'.nt
to procure In e negroes lias failed, nolwiibsiind
li.;; reistatid tcquitinus made lor them. Our
pur) (.so wa- not iu intimate tun that tins iiiifa a
whs withholding men irom the front iinpr iperly,
but merely to Impress upon its Int-Ihgeni eln f
Ihe n. ce sily of tho most caiefiil se.utiny and
rigid iuspeetain to see it be, too, eoui-4 not render
additional s rvu e to the ciiy to tho.e inv ilu.i de
and iinlis)cial):e scrvi' cs be and bis sulmrdi
nates have reieh red to the whotc country. Ve
are most aratilied to bo ahlu to announce th it
lilteen huuilrcu men luivo been scail to the front
from the employes ol this bureau, and the public
will nmlcistauil that the nicessilusol this somen
require that no greater drain should be madu
upon lis employ us.
'I bo prompt ruponso which all don irtmeuts
aud bureaus arc malting to the call for men has
already changed tho ass'ct of affair below Rich
mond. The activity, zeal, nnd energy of Major
Gt neral Keiiipcr has already hurried to the front,
a lining reitiiorci incut of men ; and daily, almost
hourly, tho tido of defenders pressing to tho
front Hows st.adily by. The liit of "indispcusa
bli s" has I ei n contracted throughout all the (I:
parlminls of Ibe (inverntuent; and It is sur
prising to see how few men aro absolntely neces
sity out of the nrmy when tlio eui my aro
thunder ng at tho city gates. The )veoplo, too,
are itlive to the occasion ; they come forward with
aliicrny ; and s, ,n the country behind tho army
will be too hot lor deserters, stragglers, and
tkniki rs to hldo from duty. The noblo women
of the country are ilin liu-t polieo to send back:
nu n to tho army. They will not permit strag
gling. ta.-u. rnl Wtcklinm'si t'rtrrwcll Addrcisa to
lain Itriiado.
from the Rithmonil II '. V, "-Mtr IS.
The Lynchburg injiniun has been furnished
wilh a ropy of Wl.kham's farewell ud
drcs to Ins brigade, pr. paratory to taking his seat
In Congress, which, assemble next montu:
tetji l; t mm I.i t.'s rwtlev InvHioy, 0.-t.'i'r I,
In. I - 8, liners or ley lln i-ie: -IHitlcuil.Hii whli Ii I In
rnnoil inevittis tn mi aiieieirmeiil as your eomui.uiilHr
lini.iMi utsiu luoiiuii.'i ttluenleua no loutr wall io-i-r
e-y n.leet
Ii Ii wlm hinecre rejrret tlml I sflvr my connection wtm
a c inniand thai lias leial. rt"l iu li eiheiei.t .ecvlie to lia
counli y to it Hiniineil .ut Ii citviauu r.itniLitl.oii. 1 slisll
wad h yntir litlllic i'iim-iT ' I'll as iniicll liilfrrtt a i It ( Llill
rniiiiiiaiiileil you. ami "hud lot It fur a reiMjlitmn of Ihn.ii
tlt'viis . i und ..kill wleeli havo already reudeied your
oiinm lni(cili'l..ilili:.
It itn rvret that I fuel at I'uvliu yim to
Vnnw lliat I i-i, In a .I'h. ia In win Ii, ramlllar wit i yi.ur
want. a. I 4i3. I may I'ti ubtn in aavate-.e ll. uilere.ti. uf n i v c, ana ortHiue le.ailauou lo wiuoa you
aie jii'll, .iniet'l.
Ii. Ii U'tiliir liei I'ari'W-ell. It H Willi ttie kindest with., fir
filial iridlll llie ntin'i'l lt.(J ..I ..o o. Slant day
n l.tiiicratile I'l-iiei' tvlll I'tmltle ynu tti i. lurn to .tour 1..1111
lli and r nn (lii'-r rewind, anil tnWltuti ro.t w ai-ti y..a
lute well fir- .il In ilie I'tiri i'.ic .iirvlre nl y eir
country. Vi M. C. Wte'h HAM. llrUoiJi' T-IJcuural.
Alhilin In tills Klienaniliiiili Vulley.
Vein lt? Ri- h iiuitj lhl-tlt'-h, O' tvbsr 15.
Pubsengcrs from tno valley by last night's train
report uo news whatever from Sbendan. Kvory
day, However, recoris some new ueveiopmeut or
his Inlerual nctiuns.
The iiou works of John T, Itwis, near lli on's
Gup, wcro di Htroyeil by Sheridan's troops, and
D. h. Lewis, a son or ttie proprietor, nnd all nor-
bi ns conue-lea .Lit tho woiks, wuro taken
Fi vtn the Hi hinouJ '.roiai'st'c, Cl. to'- T ft.
The Charlottesville Ch.-oni 'e e its somo pir-
ticuhirsof our lucent to -called "reverse" in tin)
Vttilcy :
Ja.inax (execnting Iniiiouen s lirigaiic) wr on
thc main pike, and Hos-ur, comuiaiitliu l'i i
larii's Divitiun, wat on the middle ron I, parallel
with tin) pike, near the base of North Mountain.
i'.acti uivisioii was unveil oaeii, anil eaeti lo.t
home urtilh ty. Uos er's command fell ba :k In
good order. The eiien.y did not cutuo 1'urtUer
th in Mount Ja hsou.
It. Ihe light of Friday la-t, wo learn that Ilossor
fought Uu-ter's llrig ide. Heciptured fifty-hIjc
nri-oneis, nine forges, three wagons, tiiree amiiii
lauecs, and killed and wounded an unusual pro
portion lor a running f ght.
The Yankees told the citizens in tho valley
that they would go back to Harper's Ferry, aud
thence scud oil' the army of the valley, for warding
cue corps to Giant, one to Missouri, aud another
to Washington.
Hit) Iirvmslntlou of the Vulloy.
from thi- itiVAmnii. H'h;., o. ., r 1.'..
Sbeiidan n ports to Grant, that In moving down
the valley to Woodstock be Das burned ovor tw o
thousand barns Idled mill wneat, hay, and farm
ing implements, and over seventy mills lillud
with Hour and wlioat. Thii was donu by order
of (I runt himt elf, commander of all tho Yankee
nrmlos. It is only the execution of part of tho
order to destroy everything in tho valley that
will sustain lite, i lie leu worn is si n going on.
Now, it is an idle waste of wonU t ) denounce
this sort of war.
We havo simply to regard it as a practical
iini'.ier, and u-'t ourselves now is 10 no met.
There is one ellectual ay, and only one we know
of, to arrest mid prevent this and every other
sort of utiocit, und that is to liuru one of the
chief cities of the enemy, nay lloslun, Philadel
phia, or Cincinnati, and let its fate hang over tno
oilier as a wuruiug oi w uat may uv uoue, uuu
will be donu to tin in, if tho pieocut system of
war on the pint of tho enemy is continued.
If we ure asked how such a tiling can be done,
we answer, nothing would bo easier. A million
of dollars would lay tho proudest city of tho
enemy in ashes. The men to execute tho work
nre nlieudy there. There would be no difficulty
In llmllng tin re, here, or in Canada, suitablo
persotiB to take charge of the enterprise and
nrrange its details. Twonty men, with plans all
preconcerted and means provided, scloctlng some
dry, windy night, might lire Hoston in a hundred
places uud wrcp il in flames from centre to
suburb!. They mlht retaiiato on Richmond,
Charleston, &c. 1-el them do so if they dare.
It Is a game at w hich we can beat thorn.
New Yoik is worth twenty Richmond. They
have a dozen towns t" our one, and in their towns
Is centred nearly all their wealth. It wuuld bo
immoral und barbarous. It is not Immoral or
l arliurouB to di fcud yourself by any means, or
wiih uny weapou Ihe enemy may employ lor
your duMructiou. They choose to substitute tho
torch lor the sword. We may to use their own
weapons os to make them repent, literally In
sackcloth and ashes, that they ever adopted it. If
Ihe F.xeeullve Is not ready for this, we command
the matter to the secret dolibcwtloiut of the Cviu
rtts ahout to meet.
Ilood'H liiTiwIoti lo lh) Rosmlt tlT
llie Ivlei'llou In ftvTeniber.
from the kiebn.otid Euauirtr, Moher It.
On the Tuesdoy next after tho first Monday In
Noitmber, which will be the bih of that mouth,
an election for President of tbe Unitod States
will take place. At present all the indications
that usually precede such elections point to tho
doclion of Mr. Lincoln. The Pennsylvania
elections, which took place on Tuesday last, the
11th of the mouth, have not yotbeen heard from.
For twenty years as tho October elections in
Pennsylvania have gone o has the Presidential
elution. If the present stateof public attain bat
not entirely dismomlerod parties, we may in a
day or to bear from that election, and be able to
form au opinion at to the result in November.
FvenU roust tuke place between ow and the
Presidential election which wiU greatly aliect the
result. Penasylvauis way have goue for the
Kepwhllwm on last Tuesday by an ovefwholin
ing majority, and yet Moril
amies in Oeorgia and V irginla would chanije
ti e aspect of attain in the Unit4 Statvl to cwa
pleteiy as lo uturly tleloat Llncola.
The tiTKS'ffnl.itT whlrh hanei over tha
fnt" of F her in an bss not been porulltcd to mi
k i ll lo ihe )0 le lit tbe Gil led W sU'S; the
am horn les ,.t W .hlinloi keep I nan ihe public
the t.ic that Si Ci in 111 Is 'h'i- up In Atlanta villi
a i arm v Is" ween lln and Cmi'tann ga. Tney
p b i-h I'll I I'tlns to'how that P er-t b it hr ie l
the tc' grsp'' nnd ra trends, and preveut't d"s
pi'che. fn in AHaiil.l IV nil h. Ing ro-'iovcd ; they
rs'lii ve flip public anxiety bv war g'lzett s fr nn
Stanton, tha Th' m and Morzau. and Rius
sr an h ive corneTi d F'Kr t aed driven Mm oil";
that the to'ccrnph would be rep tired lo Alatoo-ia
that ctrninp ; tl a- Sherman was believv t ubo it
to iut'iet tome terrible blow upon limit.
A II tuch stud I-merii whlsn ng 10 keep their
rour. ft" t'P'. 'he Ws-.hinir'.'n -nt'i'irtiies nt wa't
ing fur s. m hint' to tarn tin that mtu b lo 'he n
out. Should Ihe present sl'untion In OeorgH
Im come more, nnd s-rcn'er disasters ho fall
Sliciu an tlian those rniMirtcd alroidv in HI' h
irond; shi nld Shcrdnn l e with. Ir .wn froTi tho
vallci by the i:cccs-itle of (Ir int ; sliiinld Griut
fisfau'taiid b repiils. il at 111 -hmo'id any or
all of there ('Isnsiers' are po -si'iln tne res'tlt of
In" I'n 'i''o' tial flection would plauo MjC'iellaii
iu tl o White House.
Thii rise In th ionli
.1 ol ii i lira nli, I loam of the, Alnliitmi
V . the ii.-.'tiii'in.t A. lio'-.t,() ter It.
Whi rr is, this General Asu'inb'y did, on tho
7tli , t nu,l, su.:l, a,t,.pt Its Iw.l r.'l 'Intl. ill. tel'ntvhij,
la wit.-
1. li i i.'tc K lly ths e.'iiain aiM ll-.ii.s at H. ;.r n'a-
tlv. . orilie H'ft.' ff Alsh on I la U.'-ter ti i'ithro-i-v.'.d.
O'-iT tt ti ivnr nntv I.. Ii a t ,ieeit lln' n- '!ni
and iri...r;v tn Ih. t'onle'l'ra'e Slit.'., tiy fis I' illf I
h at.'.. li unip"Vi k"il au 1 'on i.i, ana i. h'lin o iilie 'f-1
ttv " r '-I'l-ti'l. . m inter t!-ref ira "I llie ni nii-l ''"-' vv'ii (i
.lnai Id rniinl ,Hx rik'nlate roil pil w il 'a--'': Oiat nif -n-I.
nea purr r n -t u snniuli fo b ol ' n r il" n i n.
ni' n ll at unr ial.. rv.- n-a n ai.r'i'iil iii'i'l ' mv
w .'it .,r iit'o-ie .rir si.-r il'-" in "i r ip or nnr
lira' . nrail.--. slinnt't u a diseaiira-.'n ear ir"tle ar npi I i s
dniilit. a. lit ttie .uei-c. ; and I'ult w lirresv tt-'-l
to Hi" t' lii-enf iii'lDnr. Iitn'tt an I iiirtietnil .niiitrali m
finin ( e latiii'd muic a all the rtiioiiieat of ilia Hlaio o
A l.i b una.
'J. Its it f'ti-thrr lfili ?it, T1S, In nr-tpr try li.-tr.. t
.lirilf trniniitli "f niirrai..i and llie rtrm p.t t'lll-ti-w-nt
(il i nr inilria uil','ic'. ih Hip naru'iiaa it dal. of .ivarv .'in as I
In the r,niir.l' ii'n "tliri to a-tin. Iavi., ail I fiel r
f fTrrllt e a' r t'a'l.tiii ft rmi". lo itn- enl es tent 'if in. alt' III v,
I'V ere "ir-n. .1' .' ''nll-iin,' tn. Iiv -iiriii-'iln i H'in.i.'eiif.p i.i
Ir e liiiiilllr. ..I" the ."'itliT. at frci.- eoneait in llnir ivi'n
thn in an. ef - a Ii I iinul'--. nn.t nv Uii'toi niu III- rrad t
una , " i , r tli - ,,, -". a., a e ' luv rniu-n ; ind tli t e.'.r i n t' e rn"-eil" an t tra ..Cillers at n"i i"1 Ilk.' it.l,
to . nii-i'lile I la- .nrln. or a,-'i,iii x d -U.-if.iv fie .l i-i.-ity
r.nie-l'elo is.o .ui erl'ir t . tha pret.iiie of adyura ' etr-euiiil.iii-eB.
ia to s'rllto ihe m it I'l.i'i'.et i . an I rot thi
nn .1 Liety at llie v,-ry '.if.' ol the VitifediT'i'-y
M. nil iiiu; lM'. rlers I'liriiiiirli t lie I.lnea
Fi ma 'hr Hi ft.'uia't A'., it miner. (J.-to'r II.
Several hundred Ysukeo deserters who have
been for some time held at Salis'mry, N.C, were
received in Hicbinond agiin Tester. I iv for tlio
purpose of being sen through the ll ihol lines tj
their native states, under tho recent ordtr of tin:
fit Is vcrc singular that tho Rebels return our
desoiteis thtougli the lines to its. Eo.J
Ptat or TiiKnMOHKTKa To dat. Six A. M.,
V,. Neon. 57. Ono P. M., ,17. Wind, N. N. W.
Sai h op Rfal EsTAiK, Stocks, F.ic. Tue
following real estate, etc., wcro sold at auction
to-day, ut the Philade'phli Exchange, by Jam I
A. Frrcmun :
7r t ar.a -in k (vn'iimnn) Itiiiitin.Tou and Itrfiad Tap
ltttl'ri ad ( t tni'itiiv, t In per .lui.e.
1 llll'mo. (ll'iird Mtnini' 1 i'inp mv.
1 wn nhnrei, KtocK lii ihe K ('n-iinwuui snit Oxford Tnra-
plke ( 'mi. i 4ii) , .Ml per Hlari',
liwiuiiai :o, 'Jill Catharine , tract, lot W by 81 feet,
lle.r SU.O.
'I'l e li'ti.r f,;roii id an' .oven tiri.-lt thv.ll'nu. ths-aan,
BtcealK tr. .'.. IV'iitl Ward, tfi lit an (i'r, clear. , n).
TLref-.toiy nr i k dwelling. No. 7ia I'lo-er -tract, 'iol w
U u stun. Ion utt-nne, II1, li a t ,'iear, t-yaj.
Twnat'irr l.ri-l ilw I in(. V... 10 1 vliitio III
fVie ? Int lie. l,v in trel 4 In, hr.. e. (ear, e.'6.i'
'l he '! mot v brlrk re-Id n. e. N..!iln i-'ransiln street an 1
In' .' l,y 111 i", t, sulieet to SI'iO per aiiLUin around runt,
7 0.
(ioi'lnr! rent of I-'IJO per nnnnirl.etit nf a lot wPh tni-friiv-ni.
nts. Crow n i.ieel, b-ttv.-eu Kace and Vlnesire-'f.,
K-on ami il" ' til ip. ollt'iwe-t i-nrner of Fautlth an 1 Lo-cii-l
sire, li, fret l.y II V fart
A two .tiny lirli'k dwelling, alinp. ,te., parlhea.t
of tiai'l.-n nut Nub 0 llruets, No.HJ'i, l-' feet tiy IG liie',
Clear. I r.
A iwo-atnrv brick ilel"n and l it, No. S.'3 Snble itro.)',
ll lift tiy III lute, rlnar. SI7nn.
A rent nrn k rottiea. Ko. I7tl N. KloventU
St. n t, HI Itei bv tli fuel elo o.tM l.'.l).
A ti.ri-i' Ht.ii y br rk dtwlUtif, so. lvt w. Front .irea,
almve .leltara. u, 'JO tif SS lo".; Mili.ccl lo t j 6d sroaiid
He ihrea atrry lirp-k rlwe'lln and omn. No i. S, S ami
MIIN fourth atr.e-, botwi'i-n tl ro -v au I r .. a rei i.
In Ii. I'l li et to HjllO'il atret't ; i.ili.r'et to t ) aToae-l r"ni.
;:isac-es of Coal, ll-oa-l Top fteiflon. (I-. tf r I
a. an'y. ihe e-tulu or J.kll) .ll. I ' .III d".ia taed. Ii7 ..
A liarl of 111 .rr." il tl . inr ti--a Ue 1. lie t-l Can
town-tini Itcdlord couuly, rewrv lif the cod, the sutd
ra-ate liO
fillet et O.rre. and 117 p-relies nn 1 alloai lit, 1
jotnins. b'-loruintt to Ihe aa,iv e.rale, 9J 0.
l'oi.mi At,. A largo au iiuueo assembled list
night at Conceit Hall, to listen to tlio a Idress g
of John Ilibbird, Ftq., of Del twaro coun'y, mi l
Thomas M. Coleman, Ksq , of this city. J. R.
Fly, Kk , presided, and Mr. il rger out jrU u.' I
the aii'iicneu with natl inal songs.
Charles E. Lex, Esq., will sneikat the sani
place this evening. It is on'y nec.ess try 1 1 tn ike
Ibis annouiict mint to secure a cro.vdal ho i-c,
Mr. Lex's patiiotiHtn und ability Leiug wild known
in this city.
Major Harry White held a livee last night, at
the rooms of the Union Campaign Club. II i
addrpsgxd his soloier friends on bis cxp'TirniV) at
tbe lloicl de Li .by. M ij ir While's conli'ieuiont
Ihcrewas the eiuoof tno non-org ani. tuou of
the Ktate Senim f r two tn mHis, In wiirer.
A i.liico n nnd Johnson tl ig was ilir iwn to thi
nice zo last evening, at the c imer of Hute'iiiiso i
street and Guard avenue, a.nidst great en
thufiaim. Governor Plerqionf, of Virg nla, nnd G meral
I.amott, cf Delaware, will ddibesl tho citiaeus of
Ciuudeu tiiis evening, at ihe Court H u-0.
Tun PoLi. ii. This morning the police raturn
wcro barren of all Items of iti'crcst. There is
quite a dearth in police newt ut ihe presont time.
Tbe city, thanks to the police depirtm ant, is quiet
and orderly. The only cases of uow reported
this morning wcro tho folio ving:
Matilda Johnson, colored, arrested at Twentv
second and Market streets lor the larceny of
tiiz i Williams and Kll.a Walton, hot'i colored,
aud retidingat Sixth and Iludfmd B r.-ois, were
am; sled upon a similar charge. bavin ;
obtained Ihe plunder, one of the thieve rob'ntd
the other of her share. The di satisfied Party
complained too loud, tho police ho r.l of luo
theft, and both weio irctcri.
Michael Primie.r was nrraiened this morning
b fore Alderman Tolaud, ctmrgod wiih pissing
coiinti r:olt li'ty-cent fiaettomil cnrreiiey. 11a
had pas ed tev. nil, and had almut twen'y in his
possi sslon when arrested, ilo wat commute i in
default of SH'on bail.
Numerous assault ami hn'tery rises of no pub
lie interest whatever wcro also reported.
Fatal Tkiiminatioh of a Row. This morn
ing Ihe nun named WTli inn, who wai stmbej
on Saturduy evening lar.t, during .1 row at a 1 iger
beer Baloon.nt Iho sontbwest corner of Eighth
and Christian streets, died. A light occurred
among a party of thoso congiegnted in thesaloun,
during wui. h Williams was stabbsd. If) w.n
conveyed to his residence, No. loll Bedford
trcct, where ho lingered until this morning. TUo
Coroner was notiiied to luvestigate the m ittdr.
It seems that the saloon is kept by an Ituli in,
and Is a resort for that class of people. List
Snliii day right two of tho Italians got hit i a row,
when a third one Interfered, and attempted to
make peace. Tho latter finally bocimo exaspe
rated and secured a gun and threatened to shoot.
One of the Italians drew a knile and made a
tbrut at the third party, who jumped aside, and
tho weapon was thiust Into tho stomach of Wil
liams. The deceased was a cox-driver, aud was
a quiet and inoffensive man.
Sk i and Wot.'NDEnSoi-niEiw. Last evening,
3 wounded aoldieis urtived iu a train from
Pultimore. They wore properly cured for by Dr.
Kendcrdine, the Medical Director of Transporta
tion, ami aie to bo removed to the Cheanui Hill
Hospital. Hie onky Pennsylvaniuns in the lot
were W. J. Hums, Co. K, 1-lth Cavalry t David
CamplieU, K, ln'nh Regiment, and Fred. Slaloy,
K, 137tii iUgimunt.
ALDRiiurrt'ii Fines. Aldermen Planklnton,
Cloud, Welding, and Paucoutt are the only
magistrates who have complied with the law
requiring them to taund over to the City Treasurer,
monthly, tho atuouut of Hues aud peuaitie re
ceived by them.
FVKKIUl. or MAOa-GkKBRAL Bihkbt. We
are pleased to learn that the City Troop, and
Compmles A and I of the Gray Reserve Rcgi.
ment.vrill form a part of the funeral escort of tho
late Major General Dlrney on Frlduy uext.
St icini! by a Bolbirr. A loldlor named
Rcaiick OutUtig hutig Wtusolf In the guard house
yesterday, where be was confined on the charge
of carrying concealed deadly weaponi.
Citt Taxi. Tha num. of 13,155-21 wtt
received last week from Uxel. Thlt is rery
mall. After November a penalty of three per
cent will be added to all niTpaid bills.
Asm HaoxKK. Jame Hagaa. a lad, wa
admitted into the hospital yesUrday with a frao
turvd am, caased by !.
Tim Foi.ntKas. The return of thd so'dh-rs,
to e are coming In slowly at ihi otTi -e of the
Prothonoti y of th C ort of Can mot Pie',
and upon being counted show Increased ITriion
nn jor ti. . Vp to thi morning the vot, a
cuiiiile I, 'bowed 710 Union and HVl lm rttic.
T he louiriis thus tur received In. tiro the ele -t on
( f M. Kii-'ed Thaier, member of '"ongress f-uu
thi II ihDI-trlt, without doubt. The bono Tote
itands at lollows .
1,1 11
1 I'l
Mu 'kseonntr
'I weiitv-s. coli.l Ward..
Tw nly-tliird Ward....
Tweiiiy-tifih Ward
Total IO.iJU
Ross' minr ty on home V' to 3i
1 bo soldi, re' io n, as conn ed up to tilts m iru
Ii f, shows 11.1 f ir l'lmyer, anil 17 fir ll i s. Tim
git.a Mr Thsyer, thus fir, a nnj iri y of AH,
which will l e la g-ly Incn oscd when a I Hie vo'es
uie c Minted. At) ml 1UU packagiS uf soldiers'
vo'rs are yt tin be coiinied I tie wors 1( hetntl
performed by Mr. Thorn is fl. Reeves, of the Pro
Ibot.otary's olll.e, to whom this arduous task hut
been assigned.
Foil Kv):kvHiHH Wheeler St Wilson"! High
est premium Lock Stitch Sewing Machines uro
tbe simplest, cheapest, nnd best. They are
lighter and ni'ler to opora'e, simpler to learn,
quit trr in action, and less liable to get oat of
order than any other Sewing Mm bino. They
o-e Use than half the cotton of in i-t other M 1
rl.ioes, and do urn li b Iter and finer work.
I. deed, no human testimony could be stronger
than that which has been accorded the Wlidolcr
Wilsvn Sewing Maehiuo for superiorl y over
nil others fur lauiilv use, and for general mantt
fac.turii g purposes. To show tliu Immense and
grow ng piqularlty of Ihe Wheeler H Wilson
Mai blue, we would stato tint OTcrJ-W.O H) iifthem
will havo been manufue ured this year, and over
6UIKI have been sold in I'hil.nli Iphia alone.
Iislrtielion given at tho resficmes of pur
ehasi rs Kvitv mnehino warranted nnd tho
nioLey rclurued if not ontlroly sic 1-la lory.
Ue advise all to go lo toe eleg iut s tlesrooms of
Winch r ft Wil-ou, No. Vl'l Ch-simt s'r ct.and
see these wopderfiil machiu -s in operattoii. Our
trie nda out of town shouid seal lor a circular
und apeeiuiens of work.
Ri.n rn oi- a Ri:himi:nt. The 9'ith. Regiment
rctinsylviin'a Voliiuteirs (Oosllae's Zjuive l,
will arrive in this city this evening at ok o'clock.
nr tur nsitn nr ntsrita nn.t
PoBDS Well. .IrsKlTs, nilnn'a a dolefal caetj
Two hiinilreil lost by Unit raih bell
And ueltdioor lluows I 1n.1v eni'iraci)
Iu the same Hat wherein I'm set.
I know bo was on the same si la
IfJi n'e, and that bn liette I too;
l?o that If cannot be denied
Wo both have cause our conra to rue.
Dnows Friend lionua, you alittlitly do tul.fa'iei
True, our side lost hat 't's mz claa
Wben these election bet. I make,
T o on the other min.
Theu. it tlio enoaiy we beat,
My loss Is southed by trlujipb f.y,
An t, 11 we sutler a detest,
Ti e money's won uiy gifrf to pari
JSMiISS I envy not vonr policy
llorc than 1 do what T)obhs lias lost,
t ucb sport'a too doaperulo tor uie.
And purchased at too grc it a uost.
A certain profit I have aoitttht.
And mindful of tiriin wlnter'a power,
I 00k my anrplus va-li and houWit
A i.ilcndM latt at lin-ineti's 1 owcr.
We can fit nny one from our stock of ukaoy mad
Qasuln i. nt ouce, without deljy or t.oubie. a. wull or
better than ha can Im fltto t to o'.lnr. l.i so id oj ial In
every rrspret-lfy V, mut -rt ,1 nn-i teork tanhip -f- any
made to ineasata. at to 60 per cent, lower prion. We
have ail il.'.lruiiin styles ol k""ds in all aUes, Men's,
Youth.' una Hoys'.
Tuwsa Hall, No. 918 .Market street.
Ginti.i:mi.n's Hits. All tho latest styles at
Cbarlei Hon'., Comm. ntal llutaU
SoMl.1 H1NO LIKH A "Dl'AD HoitSP." .Toll' Tll9
(loverriln. rl new, InMead of paylni; S.V'.rSS) a e r ir
Ink Ins awav Ihe tie nl h-irsel a uuiid W.ts1iu,;tnn. I sir it.
an. ll.."'Viikl ' la pay it 'il,"iiO fur llie pilvl: , i
taking tlieni. boi ln tlifin down, a d tlritina llieir on n
otl. I lie tale of these -li:ed. s".ll, very uiaca Hie poe.M .1
ItiAf r ui lie ir rla ts
- 1 hr Ir lined .word, rust,
Tln'lr ttredt are .fli'l,
AuJ iticlr .oui. are with tha saints, we trust.'1
Il no .le nld r.-.el l ilia :
"Tla'lr f in la ,iol'e t,
Their nieetls aie b .11. d.
An ' Hie wat i tn y r.i tene Is nlcly oiled."
Thlt I. the ontt M. ad lio-ia'' ieh thttw-.t eeer heard of
that paid A e'li-le. si.,k,i A Co. a ro-iel 'e I' ilnif
tun-, under the C aitlno uat, (hero aio no ' duail horao"
T. a m fh' Fciih. An e'egunt n-sortmont at
Cliurlte Oakfortl tt Sen a.Ciinl nuiltal II Ut'J.
Mr. A. P. Sciionkman, Gas-II Iter, N.i. .137
Itai e atteet. has lust shown U( no ue'lto I oi Ua-hling
,'i'- hi . let ll ir iiy.
T lie far irket la made Ina hu-hly orniiinetgal style, anl
ferta. a lire ,-l and ilns'i,t K,a llatine.
'I I.e llrackel e ill lie aura 111 opr-ratlon hy Ol'llnrf at till
eitubll.lia.ei.; in paracn.
CimiKfiiAxn Srot T Mis Pauline Cmbmnn,
the Wt'oui tr Ilia Ouilibarland. will g va a luailuea tl ma'inlily llnl'dlill's tin. rt'ieraiirin. H e will til-ia
tin. eseiima. Co and hear the Diajor, and sue
Ho! Ho! Yor'Mi: Oi.tiino Dii.ii, aiir You ?
Well, that is a iuil'".-i ino, and a crime ; hut in re
iwiiln Inild when S i (liie an iip.ioriiiiifrv ..1'T. t-i r'-.tnrl
vniir hair, by a 'nl'hliil ami I ueol use of Dr. II. Java.-1
flair 'lo .le. I. bur llltln .hnn . I'.'iline. Thi, val'i tbltf r"rn
l ariillnn .x.-lies the arnlp fo a new and lit tlibv iti'-l'al,
cletoiM.a It lion, acirf uil aniidriill. .ri'.vint. fin nnir
Irnrn fs'liiiu .iff enre.tlia e erupt. ve di-ea-if. wli e'l el'len
Hpiniar on ihe hesil, and In a niaiirity uf prii'lu.t.'s a
line hi'i ih i I'm w liitir. Ii alai liirn ilie h tir a rici anl
heatlf ffnl apneariim-e, lln. quail, d by .injlliins ol' the kind,
rtepan-d only at N.i 'Hi ( iitsiiut aire'a'
liny. Hinia.
liireru.'Cj.ilhlnif. I
llot V Oyertmaaa.
The laree-l and hi-.t Ssaertueiit In 1'ie -Hv.
At. Jl Co., ku I .N. K.-bu. lureet.
Ladies and Cim.pnin's Hatb. Ltitcst Style
St Cl arln Onkroid s, u s, l onllnental liotel.
PipciiAsnns may rely upon petting the host
Fun al Cbarlea Oaklord .k sou's, C'oiuliitu.tai ItolcL.
riiOTOOBAi'iia, )k nuli'iil styles and life-like
pVlnrt's. ll. K. le.-lruer flne'y eie'-nred porlrald, llfu-st.a I'll. ln.alei.IOi s, iMtrj type, aud wuriaa da Vl.ltu.
(Jlieiy , fto. i.-'-l An Ii sireel
Mm. M. O. P.nowts' " Mi'tnphvtlcal Pit.
eotaiy." kills lh rn.rt of av-v dlaease. I'rlee as. No.
110 Aieh I'rtet. bea advHrli.riuent lu auothar ooluiun,
i.MsAi, iMi:i.i.nir..v(E.
Dimtiuct Coi'HT Jii'lg" Shnrswood. Catha
rine Hilu arimd Andrew K 11. ll .c-. aim nl.iralnrs n- J.ihq
Fln-ei. An a tl"n In recover fur rent In arroari. Verdict
lor plain. Ill tor M.H no.
Ai arllra I'al.ihorp, trustee, va Benrnir kfuehleok,
Araeiii.n lo reete ei rent I he Ueleuse tll.Dnlaa the cor
nel. ie'. of the ainnnni elalined.
DihiiiiiT Coirt Ju lge Hare. Williams At
fifokra vi. taulkuirav Hooper. An action eu a boos
slcvuuI. Ou trial.
riIII.AIi:l.l'IllA t ATI I.E MARKKT.
Wftinehdav, October 19. Cotton is extremely
quiet. Holders demand $116 for iiilldlln.
Uuerrliron Hark la riniot. Iu tin absence of trauiac
tlnni, wa quoi al m pr ton.
Tbe .demand for Ck.var.eeil la mnderat , and thsr It
very little orrt-r'nv.. It la worth i'M.i,a-J6 y ut lb..
Tlmutl') - sell , la a small way, at HW. I'laxsved Is firm
at I.I 'aSii 3 i.'. per bsithel.
The Klour Market Is estremelv quiet, the de. line In tjold
and iiarliiiK bavins a tendeu. y to l.m l Iran. aeti iiii, anil
boll, buyers aud sellers are ap.rl In ll.elr view.. The de-
mana inr ep.rv is u. mn ..i-,
n-aice liMltili hhla.l'.w srade aud g'sjj aura at SKI'S
lu jb; nxtia lan.ll) al lli...ll Hoi and fancy lota at tli i ,;
tie drained Iron, the retailt-r. and bakers U steady at
loan 'e7t. inr U erlllie up In Sii -'s) f u b-Uer liraiola. aa
lii Duality. Itye Haul aul Coin Meal ara without e,iu
tlu t liunee. ,
'. i.-u a..,. m.rkai la oulet. there bains learcelr any
deuiaud fiom unt aonree; pi litis are weak, Ihe .ales are
routined lo list) buah Pennsylvania red al .'), and
H iulhenil-' M. Kn isle of whi'e bava boeu reported.
W ou.. I the aril' I "t ll'"l' "v K m builied
.l...,i.udall (a. lorn l. le.t litUe aousUt aiir. Alter
the cloie of our report saala of WSSI ha h PeunayWania
n.ied W ealt lii wa. icporled al II . II wa oiTr.d Uns
n".min at adi cllueol 1 cents, hut without lalol. OaU
are .in rl ra.i buaU. I'eoneyli auta aold at le., aud fiou,
"'iv il' U in limited demand at l'7ejl-7i fcsr Pa. hull. :
CiatAKED mm "OBHrifO.
s.t r i( iirunton, Herrlck, n ..te. A. "ouder A Oo.
Scilr la', ""rk. li..'". HewturyesKb Aon Co.
Bits a E. K"Jdy. M XtA
"iT... cltU-w,lk ia-
WirlM baUaal
a?b,' j'iVn atock-, "i. fr V. I Uit to
ihr'iiiswfi . raorr, aJeoM, tress WMluastoa. la
bTl'y&'&'b',' saa't.U baluwrt
ebr'aeadlnf Railroad Ko, U, BDArth, ttMa (Sataryi,
M4..H baJUst 1 lS ala,
Ornoa or Twa Kvera Tsuariarsi, f
Wdaay, UHoltm IU. I
The fluctnatlont In gold and itoek yesterday
artcrnoon were Tory violent, the contest being
rnrrkdon with great earnestnnst o both aides).
Gold touched 210 several times, and rebounded
to 210 as often, but the tendency daring the day
was manifestly to lowerflgare. Tbe sltuatlow of
army ai'alrt b tween Sherman and Hood point lo
an rarly vlc'ory of ihe Union arms, and Ih most
violent bull has grim foreboding. Henc the)
lapld fluctuaions In price, which yarlo with
each rhrnot from t to 6 per cent. A decided itS
ccts will knock gold below WO, and if Grant
f hould follow 8h. rman with a Tictory before Rich
mond, we tbould tee It below 180 lo short metre.
Stuck were unsettled, and prlcee varied each
hour. In New York, Erie fell from 96 to 94 and
ro-e lo tin in a few hour, telling flnslly at thej
Filth avenue at 93, and Heading wa a lively at
the mcrohry In a thermometer, confounding tha
udgmcnt of bulls and heart. The old operator
stood still, but tbe outsider kept baying' and
telling all day long, without apparent profit tn
any transaction. It Is not win to operate lo toeb.
markets, for the hourly changes defy alt ealcala
tioiit ; and except broker, wno bag rornmunton.
nobody is benefited. The tendency of goad
dividend pnying stocks Is upwards, and holder
have but to stand Hill nntil this bullion war la
ovi r to n ap large returns for thoir Investments.
The rl.-o in gold ha put np th prk'4 of petro
leum oil, and the moro valuublo of these share
show an advance in price. ,'
It is staled that Mr. McCalmont, the lar
owner, iu F.ngland, of Reading stock, arrived
yesterday by the .Scotia ; and holders look now
for Mime ai Hon In regard to the January divi
dends, as ho has a voice In the matter "potential
as a Duke's." Th large earnings of the year
warrant large expectations, and the disposition,
on tbe part of tbe management to gratify the
stockholders Is known to be favorable. Ovr
$1,mio,(XjO bas, we understand, bee deposited tat
the Mint, at 5 percent, by tbe Company, reserved
to meet the forthcoming dividend. v
TUo Stock Market continues very dull and nn
lettled. Government bonds aro rather better,
wlth'saule of 5-20s at 101 l'iil02, coupon off, aad
Cs of 18S1 at in.,.
In Railroad shares there is very Tittle doing.
Heading sold at A0J, which Is an advanse; Mine
bill ut !); and Lehigh Valloy Rjilroad at 77
CthJ was bid for Pennsylvania Railroad) 45 fo
Little Schuylkill; 30 fur North Pennsylvania;
18) for Cainwiiaa common; and 64 for Pniladtl
phia, Wilmington, snd Baltimore. .
New City Cs arc selling at 102. (
City Passenger Railroad shares are very dalf,
and wo bear of no tales. 21 was bid for Oroea
and Coated, and 20 for Oirard College; 70 wa
asked for Second and Third ; 50 for Tenth and
Eleventh; 37 for Spruce and Pine; and 57 for
Chctmit and Walnut.
Coal Oil shares aro quiet, and prices unsettled.
Oil Creek sold at 6 ; Irviug Oil at 7; and DaUdll
at (. J.
Hank shares are firmly held, bat thd transac
tion nre limited. Farmeis' and Mechanic' told
at (Mi; 103 was bid for North America; 130 far
Philadelphia, which I an advance of 3; 68 far
Commcrciul; 08 for Northern Libortie; 29 for
Muchanicr.'; 85 for Western; 28 for Maautac
Hirers' and Mechanics'; 70 for Tradesmen's ; 4tsj
lor Commonwealth ; and 40 for Union.
Canal shares continue dull and rather lower;
Fu-qtichanna Conal sold at 15, which is a decline;
was bid fur Schuylkill Navigation preferred;
97 tor Morris Canal common ; and 78 for Lehigh
NuTictttlon. '
I he Monry Market continue easy. Loam en
tall aie freely offered at IS J?7 per cent, per an
num ; best paper 1 tolling at from OJf 10 percent.
Gold is more active thlt morning, and price
have declined. Opening at 211 ; fell otT and sold at
2(17(1 it 1 1 o'clock ; advanced aud sold at 209 at
12; and 20!a tit 121. i .
Boportcd by Clark. A Co.. Rrottri, N. Ill 8. Titrd Ot,
tISJ rdlCoin rillltt'l..
'.' U.h ltia.llii(H..rr. S0V
o h do : m'i
h i' rh
in rh
7lli all
ia sti
1' ii all
n li n
Ii (III)
VK i nn
HO ah
im all
Ion an
.'f.ti ill
ii .a
a -n
no .a
urn o-'
do 60,
do oio si
.la ftn
l.'s. lb do 8C-V
tro.h McF.ltlonyOII... S'J
' 'J sj
o'4.....ni9 e.a
b.1 T.l
Vsn do MO
l' an Keyiton uaa. t'
... 7'i
.b-1 7',
laj 7x1
lao.n uaueu uu.... tx
FUtlsT IlOAKt).
rycon. s. -ol 1117
inn .h Irwin on.
l.''llt,b 6 s 101
l:4'(l (I ti'4.1 I),
yif.0 do new. ml
tliiOf'lty nil new ....lai1
lii'i.i I'ii it m .n Hi)
1 0 sh ou Cieek
wish iraiaou va....
avian ii.aa...auai..c. 10
14 -h Muiehtl! 6)
U .11 lai ilK-h Valley.. IVi
11 ih II. A H.rop. .. M
lOO.n lUaalaut a.... titu
Ouolatlona nf Oold at tho I'hiluilcliUU Gadd
F.xchungr, No. 31 H. Third street, sucoud story :
HA A. M 211 12 M.. ,......m
1 A. M .'07i 1 P. M 1MI
Market tteudy.
Quotations of the principal Coal and Coal Oil
stock at 1 o'clock to-day : , -
fl.a au. Mi JM.
Frjlton coal 7 '4 n namea 011 iH 1.14
hill Mountain coai. ! 04s orsauie v... .. jl
K.Y A Mid. Coal..!.' l.'i Franklin Oil
Orrru Sit. Cal.... 4j t'i Howe . F.idf Od,
ca-bi tiualc .... i S Imiut Oil. ...... ,
Kew Creak 1 l1. Few ram Oil...
tieedar liain Coal. 7i lien.mora
Clinton Coah Hid 1 Dai.ellOi:..
liuller Coal II 14 Uclvlnaor
Main, nil '.0 31 Km-erta Oil
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Mil Creek
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ktaple Hhade Oil.
kleClinmek Oil...
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I'airy Oil
kllneral Oil
Keyatune Oil
Venanso Oil
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Hull Creek
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a1. 'Com Planter TV
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'Keb. Oil Co L!
L'per Economy. ..
llcacop DU...
The following nre the receipt of Flour aad
Grain at this port to-day : Flour, 1140 bbl. ;
Wheat, 6100 bubhels; Corn, 4'JOO bushels; Oats,
ClOO bushels.
Compara'lve monthly statement of earning
of tbe North Pennsylvania Railroad Comixkny :
Earnings in September, lSti4 $14 IM-Stl
do do 18C3 49,171'2d
24,9.11 tW
Earnings In 10monfht,endlug8ept.30,
Itvbl 9l2.1,fM28
do same time lost year 414,633-37
Increase 208,526-2l
The New York rniuns thi morning says :
"Money is quoted easy at 0('t'7 per cent., chiefly
the laltur, 011 call, for commercial bills ther i
uiore ale, and upon better terms. Host name
Hfrrtt per cent., and secoud grade lOoilJ. In
some quarters fears are expressed that ihe pay
ments on the loau are to make mouey dearer.
The Ooveniment does not take five per cent,
notes in payment, but exacts legal tender or
N alional Hank notes. The pay meuts to the arauy
are showing themselves npon the amount of
capital tn the commercial centre, but the supply
from that source ha been underestimated. It
now stated that the army has bought full 15 -Owo.OCO
of 7-30 notes, a paymeut which greatly
diminished the e of currency, and take froia
the market an element which wa expected Vo
produce nuusaal ease."
IdLV Octtibar Is, 1SC4.
A mural m. en rut of th BteckDolders ef U'.s Daak
will be bald at th Hanklna. Itouae on MONDAY, u
vial day of ovember aei.1, at l'l o'clock II., to
r.a..,dr and docida whUtur Uil Batik abaU tsa-
Per Ui bualnaaa ol llauklul.
iina.T the law. of lb United iSlataai and wliethar 11 .half
esarel. (be powera ooul'erred by ths Act of Hi tl.l
turt'l Lhla Hlate, entitled "An Act anal. 11114 the ban,, or
tlill Oouuuouwaallh tu becotua aaaotaaUtuta It baakia
Uldet tbe law, of UieL'ulled Rlutnl," approved JJ Aa
iruat. lsM and to Uk any funaar aailioa 104 uaj H
el7eueB for Wrectors will b held at th Mia rdacj
on Ik aeaecaj,aoviul4f al,lelo lb kvi4 4"
A. M. audi f.M. . , .k4u ,pjev lb
Th annual tuteUDf of tin toboiot. " JL4.
w 1.. L-ia -1 ,i,a UaiikUil ll.'W5.
HAS .tli Ut Oar ot 44Vtiil, al H l')viArFE.
10 laVwha-aell