The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, September 17, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 8, Image 8

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PATCRDAY, 17, lMf.l.
D4M.ADH ron Rio nmomM.
A frfnndil xrno tit forward by persons
fkril to pit l lite derlariulun "ibt the r would
be dflO-bud, If tlioy eon u I ti'nirmi.rrth wor-.l-.'
As word". 1" i ho in-n'tit My Id hi Hinaiwr, il"y
ult.r ty Hull', r (iio "the foil .win),' nw '
M !i'pie it the kin. I ol tl i i tliut ma ln'smitf
ptoj'li1 with Oiort iin ii'urie s.
Oh, If t bml a liimty Im.i timifv tinn !,
1:) Die Ittinl ot the olive mil ftf ,
1 won,. I mi ft nl Uiu Iuii:t Iimu tuinri to you, p! on my tlitngunijr-jy.
A n. I if io llieliimfy turn Imulo I full,
A ilium urn's I lhl 1 '' ;
Ob, bury mo iiwp In tin. wh itvouinny r:ill,
Ami lit lit ilii.ignmljnl.s over my gruYv.
In rare thin tlinuld In: too i?n'ut n Olnrt lor
tie miniuiT, we tuiv (la'-linl oil tl 10,
t ii.'r, in h lii. h, l.r it i ll nr a .u lou.l d. livrry
tlir cnilf i l il' lim, tire In urcr will iui.iiuc li.j
iLiri b.u It l.s all nljout.j
Purity, O'nity, rtnnitv, love,
Ii'imty, ilut.ty, li.tiirt,
Uuii.ty, dnmrv, tliitntjr, ,nm',
Dumty, tlliiiy, jiiut :
llunity, dnnitv, ilninty, meet.
1ii ruty, lnt jy, eny,
llutt.ty, unify, iltiiut.v, uct !
D.nniy,, joy !
Dumty, ilumty, cliimfy, btis.,
Dtiiny, Utility, stuno,
Dutnty, unmtv, .lninty, kii-s!
Duu.ty, diddy, nnuo!
TVe bavo received a letter ti ,aking In Uii ies con
Mining the origin urj.l history of tho Ur.lor. Ui
ks: "Are tli. ro any ground for rUiinitig th :
tifetrm-p of Musourj in the, period preceding the
lilrtli of CtrLt? or that Solitiimn nnd llnm,
KingofTyte, worn Masons; or Unit it had Bny
oiiiieriion whatever with the Klousmiun Mys
teries "
The subject is an intoreHtinir one., bnt to ent.T
Into even a cursory examination of it would re
quire lar more time mid apace than wo have at
our co u.B.ii ml. Upon no mi) .jeer, probably, have
iearuril writers moie w idely differed. A cerium
clnn ot men, it little ovi r-anxlous for the dignity
of the Older, bave represented It eoevil witn tbc
world; others, inriacneed by an O.po"ito rno'ive,
have maiuUiued it to be the invention ot 1iikIi1i
Jesuit,, to pT mote the views of that Iritriitin
nd di.njteruus iismk iullon. Some philosophers
bave labored to prove thut ' Frcemanonry uroso,
tjnrit'g the Crusudes; that it win a secondary
order of chivalry ; that its forms originated from
that warlike institution, and were afterwards
adapted to the pence fu I habits of s.ieiitiilc men.
bo rue lntve iiticni'ted, with conoideruble Iiiro
nuity and learniinr, to deduce Its origin from ttio
institution of l'ytii.ijtors.
M. barruel, in bin "Memoirs of Jacobinism,"
nppoAts it to be a continuation of the Templars ;
Bile others, with a dey no (Vina I lee nnd audacity
rarely to be lound in the character of ingenuous
men, have impuK li the oritjin ot l-'reema-onry to
accret askociuiious adverse to tho iutciet.s of
good government, and pursuing tho villunous
and chirm ricnl project ot Icveiin? the distinc
tions of society, and freeing the human mind
ftom the sacred obligations of morality nnd reli
gion. The precise period when Freemasonry nrosc
muht ever reinuii a subject of mere von lecture:
it is Mitllcient that it can justly lay claim to an
iifiin lar more remote than that of any other
:iety in cxistcn. o
,rj ' l(J)tl are pood reasons for lielieving that the
' CHterie of Uionysta and Kleuis were societies
re- ma-ons, formi d lor scientitic improvement,
onih tinctured with the doctrines of Egyptian
. About fifteen hundred years before the com
tnencenient of our era, the Kicusinian mysteries
were instituted in honor ol Ceres, who, 'hiving
come to (jreico in iiirst of her daughter, rsi led
with Tripiolrmns, at Elensis, and Instructed him
in ihe knowledge of agriculture, and in still more
irDiormat knoxledgo ot a luture state. Anout
the same time the Dionvsmn niytcries were in
stituted in honor of Uuccbus, who invented tlieo
trcs, acd it struct d the Gtecks In many usef ul
rts, but particularly in the culture of the vine.
The striking similarity in the external forms of
tLese secret associations, and the still mote strik
ing similarity of the objects tbey had in view, are
strong pro.. is thut they were only ditluretit
streaii.s l.njing from a coixinon source.
Those who Were initiated in the EleuMiiiun mys
teries wire bound i.y the uio-t awtul engagements
to co. cent the innru.'tious they received, ua 1 the
cereroonin tbitt were performed. Nouu were
admitted a candidates till tney arrived at u cer
- tain ate, and particu lar persons were itppuiutcd
to examine nnd prepare them for Initiation.
Those whose conduct was found irregular, or who
bad been guilty of crime, were rejected us un
woitliy of initiation, wbilo the successful candi
dates were instructed by siguiticant symbols in
the principles oi religion ; exhorted to .juod every
turbulent appetite and passion; und to merit, by
the improvement of their niiridi, and the purity
of their beans, those iuelliible beuclils wuicu they
were siill to receive.
Significant words were communicated to the
inembers; grand otlicers presided over their as
semblies; their emblems were exactly similar to
those of Freemasonry ; and the candidate ad
vanced from one dcgreo to another until he
received all the lessons or wisdom and virtue
which the priests could impart. These are some
of the features of resemblance between the iileu
sinian mysteries nnd tboee of freemasonry.
The opinion of Freemasons that the Order cx
ifiteu and flourished at the budding of King Solo
aion'f Temple is by no means so pregnant with
absurdity as some men would muke it appear.
From authentic sources of information, we know
that tbe mysteries of Bacchus, or the Dionysian
mysteries, wtre instituted about four hundred
yeurs before tbe rmgn of Solomon ; and there are
strong reasons for believing that even the associa
tion 'f Dionysiau Architects existed before the
bnilding of tt.e Tcniptc. It was not, indeed, until
about three hundred years before the birth of
Cnrii-t thut they were Incorporated at Teos, under
the .Kings of Pcrcamo, but it is universally
sllowed that they arose long before their settle
ment in Ionia, and that they ulso existed in the
land of Judea.
Dr. Kobinson asserts that they came from
Persia Into Kyi la und Introduced that stylo of
.architecture which is caded Grecian, and since
we are informed by Josephus thut th it species of
architecture was .used at tho erection of the
Temple, wo may well Infer, not oniy that these
jnchiiects exisfd before the reign of Solomon,
but that they aslicd htm in building that mag
niuctut fabric which lie erected to the Uod of
Jsotin'ng ran be more simple and consistent
tl un the rrco.l of the F'raieniity concerning the
state ot ihu Order at thai period- The vicinity of
Jerusalem to Igypt the connection of Sjtuuion
with tL.e n) nl b unlyof that kingdom toe pro
gress of th Kgjptiuus in urchite. tuial science
their urru. to mysteries un l hieroglyphic
ntbolK, nnd the probainlity or their Ocitig ctU'
ph yid by the King of Israel, Hie aduilijual con
uleuitius weicli wrrobo.'ntu the sentiments ot
Freemasons, and absolve them from the charges
ot ciedu.ilv aud pride v.ithwIiicU they huvc been
o irtiUently LrHi.ued.
Ill Kiimirs' I'orlrnlt Uullery.
V wi t'f .V. . 1 1 jf n'tnU
Thieves ore us thick in Xe York as leave In
the vale of Vullombroin. Their ranks uro not
tbiuEcd by war, because they tre generally
cowards and tiaitors, and do not enlist, save
tihtn tbey can poiket the bounty aud escape the
ervice. Uetecivts have classified these wretches,
and taken the portraits of hundreds of them.
At police lieud.piurtcrs there is a picture gallery
of a vast multitude of burglars, highway -robbers,
tncak-tliie ves, and pickpockets, males and their
fcnmle accomplices, with a brief rweotd of their
Iiiatui y.
Some facts and reductions In ailatioti to thntn
nd their of operating may In erest the
gii.eiul render. M'i'.h few exceptions, they urc
loreigncrs, or the iinmediue ilcscciidants of
h ieisijir-i. The sharpest und I. est educate I uro
Americans. A 111 ijoiity ol tin in arc the Inblicn
of uruuken Slid dishonest parents. '1 heir heals
and f ees indicate a bad tin. Thero is
an lnitcseriljatile something about tlieir pr. senee
imm which juiie thiluhood aud virtuous womuu in.tin,t,vely shrink.
At t e present time the city swarms with pick
jujci.ut ,, mhu ply ti1(;ir vocation day and night in
Mage-ci aehts, in omiilljuv s, in hotels, iu tlil'it
In s. in cliur. hes, in stores, ou street-corueis.itnd
in lionioi new,imr bubeims
T he telliirs, garreia, ,nd kUIeU in wh, h ihcv
l. d-'e are lly toeat.,1 in ,Ue FdtU and
l.i j lilh W aius, and paru of Moeke.elville. Tbey
lu .y l,c seen neqiKuliy in f.oi.tof i,,u hotels oi
li oadway aud other thronged thorough! ires.
Kt.uing ladies cut of eounUuauives, sud Wutchini
raugeis whoarn siiiposed to have corpulent
jo kel-books. They steal rings, piu, cUjIus
svatihei., purses, nnd whatever aitiueaof value
t Lev. ai jiut their hands on; so that la ties ami
p i tlciutn who inske a c.relc-s display of their
je niry n;c;a Iv cast their pearls before swine,
Mho turn auti ivi.d them. Sometimes they travel
I jiit)'. l", toiut-lltuva m pairs, sometimes singly.
refcc'lves know the mi rltv of them f.r lht,
b ft riet know" It's parl-tiii n. r-, snd are fami
linr with the MHitv of runny of them.
In the path rj to winch e refer, iherc are por
trnits f men, wrnien, and children even, who teen arri"ted. tried, nnd found guilty of
a no "t ivrry t riine IliHt blackens tho e itnlogue
ol vl. i- SMI si S'ne. That widl-ilrrsaed young
nii.n with avl ilo haf, w hi. h looks likeuiiin
Ycrud iilil oisl, and a rutti.n in his hand, Is a
nob il pfi l.p ki t, who has just s. rvert a short
li ra, nt Mi p Sing, llnr ncerone state s that he is
St I is old tin k again, and is closely wa'ehcd.
I nvat. r wou.d have pionoiine. il sin h a pin, as
In- vriiri the ii tl. ot a coriept . hn acfer iimI.t.1
tl.rre ure lew tac , in this v:i-t . ol (ion tint are
I ft al. oiiit.l repnl-iu-. 'I o .r. M nt nco-oition,
ini Tit oftbrm ...MM, or wl.or grin, or pull
tL. n i n s ilon i v, r ill, Ir Li. ws h, n n,,.,r j)r.
tic h nic 11-0". The women g. ueraily dr. pllicir
vc. Is over Hi. Ii I'a. i ,
.New nnd t
a tilil lirn.uv ll.ii.r 1ia
ioiii o, w i n rasi s j ains m rppenr to the hi st ad
vi nicv'e. ( thing v roud ol his picture, and not d ol Ins usm.. lines. Th .-re is u m irked
-it. 'lar. ly i f tc.itnies in in. n nnd women wlciiiro
miii icn d to ps i tn u lar i nines. Those w ho malte
I nrili.i a s eci lity tune bul'.oas heads, with
en .ii iillh I i t ecu the cars, r; c- deeply sunken
in il'p Ii n-tin i.crallv. ' r icpiiies inoro
I I I.I:., e to -toi in A -tore . r ,'W; "in" !,omc than
; l i.k n n hp's ioel,ci. r.ur.rlurs n mill v go
inn ", in..! wi I i.i. I i.e- t .( to l.n or st.i'i any
j ( r'i li ho Mai (Is In tl.eir path, f-'t.p ili-tlii.'Ves
lie wi !l 1 nici il, and n Mrnr. r, with nr.liniry
powers ol i li. i a i. ii , a i . r seeing i no, wl.l be
I lc to i out c ut o'lu is vc o li.ivi: i.imle a choice
t.f tl nt .n C 11111:1 111 of iln ft.
T l.e in ly be mcl i f .ro'.;,-'(iiili.loiice., eounti lie t rs, i,i;d et! i r ills who
I ue Ii It il ir sluuii ws (,,, ilcw.'Isol Miii gl
hiy. in i.ot a lew inst.ince-. -psvt:. ii'ur eriines
s.iri to f rm ii fnmily tr.i'.i. Hero are two
bn Ibrrs win etr sent to Mate prison lor for
gery ; u father nnd s n were found ituil v of
l.ifaktitg. A luine ni of tue uick-
poi l ets nrr Irorti London, end some nf the'pro-
iftyiisoi tnetro pic'ines liuvehicu recogmcd
y lr.spec:or 1 urn cr, who iccent v came to this
ci'iil.tiv to nrrest Mu lcr, eh irircil with the mur
der of III isgs in n carriage, in KtiKl uil.
lielnnd scpiilies u consi'lciutilc nuuiber of high-
wuy tiiiui ; I uiiice nml Oeiinniy are represented
nun rg the coi'i tert. iters.
1 1 e dnsl.v in ad of the nerro is heve ami thnro
visible in this croup of rriminuts vindicating
bis rehit.orshlp to the human
nt d wicki d, i. a well ns on the siinnv a. id honeful
side .f life. It is a tact win thv of uoU; that even
now at a time when so manv women have been
di priced of the support of their husbands and
uioiik is, who are in the army, they arc not mi
metonslv represented in tliis'eollcction of pic
tures. This mm- be attributed teirtiv to tho gal
lantry of the iillie, rs, nnd t.nrilv to the fii-t that
tin i' crimes do not demand the exposure of their
poltni.ts to tbe public stare; tmt it must be ron
ci di d thi. I miin is by tar the ;ro itcs' trau-grc-or.
Iter pus may be ihc loathing with wuich we
cotiuniplu'c these portraits, it Is impossible to
sti piess a feelingor pitv.or to drown the inward
itiurro(iiitor) How mum is society responsible
tor whnt society punishes ? Of all these critnlnals,
how mniiy were burn to bo nuubt else ? We say
their tacts arid lends tietray them do we con
sider that, in n large meiisnrr, they are as little
responsible for these ns they would be for a de
formed spine, or hand, or toot, with which they
might have er ti red this breathing world ? Add
to this natural Inclination toward vice nnd educa
tion deiivcd from drunken homes nnd filthy
stttcts. View the lot of the young in t'ie haunts
of poverty of a pi cat city like' New York, and the
wonder is, not that so many grow up deprave. 1
nnd r pi; for villanv, but that any escape; not
that the metropol tun world is governed so badly,
but that it Is governed so well.
PY A I!Al Ill:t.OU
How It poured ! Rattle, rattle itgainot the casc
m. nt ; splash, splash on the ground underneath,
all night; nnd now, when I awoke here, it was
raining awsy harder tlinn ever, as if a second
deluge were nt hand. Confound the breakfast
boll! I do wish there was no such thing as a
breakfast on n rainy morning; for then one
might lie abed all day, or until the storm cleared
off. l'hilosopheis tell us that ruin Is necessary
for the economy of nature; It may bo true,
though I never troubled myself much about such
things; but if in, men ought to be made like
dormice to sleep In unconsciousness until the
rain sees fit to cease. Nature never IntendoJ ua
to he nut in n shower, or we would Imvo been
born with patent oil-cloth or Indi.i-ruMier skinn.
Down it poured I W hat on earth was I to do i !
The dr.y Inline bad been the brightest one of tho
bright month of May ; nnd us I hud a passion for
walking in the country more fool for it! I hid
trudeid awuy oil here, eight miles or more from
tow ti, to see ii country wedding, after the or ler
used unit tig I'rici.ds." I must s iy that the thing
aasvciy handsomely done, ami that I was tnucti
edit ed. So much so, that one of those days I
shall tell how tbc parties deported themselves
how many new ha s there were in the we. Id tig
eoinpuny, who drove th.1 finest bor.-cs, and all
other mattirs of gossip, so inter, sting to young
ndi scs und old bachelors like myself. The day
passed ml', with a bright blue skv, until towards
dusk, when a thunder shower came up that lusted
till bed-time; hut 1 retired fully res dved that tho
moiinng wou'd see a c ear sky over my heal;
but the in. ruing had conic, at d here it was, pour
ing down in one duik,spltt-hy, continuous stream
lor ail tbe world like an out mum i objurgations
when her tongue gets wagging.
I low n l hurt led to the brenktast table. 1 had
just buttered my breud. und was swallowing the
first in (jut lit ii 1 ot cotlee, when the horn ot tho
couch to tow n was heard, nnd, looking out of tho
window, I saw the vehicle, with its lour smoking
horses, dashing down the turnpike. It was my
only cliunce to reach the city mat day. touted
my bread, gulped down the cotlee tin my throit
was scalded, jammed my hat on my h. ad, and
made a dive thiough the door. Tbe driver did
not n c me ; but cracked bis whip with a tlourish
and went on. 1 snouted ; sil'l the old villain did
not notice me, but with another tlourish of li s
w hip, set his four-in-baud on a brisker trot, and
rattled down the hill.
l)e.-p rate with the fear of being left, I pitched
alter him, scattering the mud around at every
step, and shouting at the top of my lungs; hut I
might uave shouted on till diKiiusday, ha i not a
1 usurper k en me, und stopped the old sinner.
O nt ot biruth, wet to tbe skin, covered with loud
from head to loot, and not in the be-t humor from
the lis-, of my breaklu-t, I mounted into the
coach; but the instant 1 placed my font inside
ihu veliiele, all my sulkiness vnnishnd, for one of
the loveliest nt gels tbat evi r blessed a rickety
old roiuh, or wanned the soul ol u sour, break
lastlcss bachelor with her presence, sat upon tho
hack sei.t.
Dldjonivir fall In love? Of course And
the ludy Wi.s the l iveliest of her sex f To he
sure J'beii the singe-coach beauty was twi -e as
handsome ns your swei tlieart ; and If, afiwr tbis,
ou don 'i think my fellow passenger a cherub,
then I sivc up ull hope of musing you appreciate
her. Such e , such teeth, u id then lips egad !
it u'lnos! n ukes me eray to think of them. I
pui n.yielt down tor the luckiest dog in tho
word. She was dres-ed in a plain stouv collage
ikii, r. er w uu a glei n veil ", list s icD u (Ostium),
sunt 1 "a; a leal ludy .tuns when iravuimg"
n nd she f.-ave me su di a sweet, but half
ropnish siiillc. as 1 tiimli'cl into the couch in tho
pl'gl.t 1 L..c tlc-ci il,. ,i. ti nt 1 knew her a' ouce
to he a puragou in the war of education, t isi.
fortune, und ail Hint ; nnd I resolved w hat kuow-
Ii g one w. u'd t.ot r to make tho s'Teeable oil
hand, lor H ere is no'liing like nieeiiugan heiress
in a slckc-eocoli. v here she thinks she is uiiknau u,
and dicariix tln.t every attention paid to her
s rins lion, true line--uhi in ! on tour purt.
I was in clover. What cared 1 fo" rain?
t plash, splash, splu-b. u.c! rain away there, like
i. mos -win. car. s .- line doe-n t Pet a I. l.-a-t- U
with a pret.y girl every nay ot the Week so I
in ti i inn id io muke flu1 tn st ol it.
Ai d, lidtli. wuh a lew sly compliments, and my
i xicordiiiury g. od looks, 1 soon pot ns cosy with
mj unknown beauty, und she n un me, us if we
liud la-.-n acquainted' since the days of .Noah. W'c
tall. (I ot the h i i. dim.', lor she too bud been there
nl Ihc .-c p. 1 1 ot th - rain nnd of whatever
clue npi a in.' ! ; and ihtue was -ucli u charming
fiiinl.n. ss in c'i she said, that 1 re. il y thougnt
hci the most iiiiiur little cicatine I had ever
sci n ; nt;! J . r y believe il' tine lloor Jnt l Ic.-n
soltcr, and 1 hn.l k now n the. ac ura'e nunilcT ot
bol.s. s ot ul,;i h 1 vviaild be tLl, tut, ill cnm't j- y, 1
siiouiil Iikm- ;etie dov. ii on uu- knees to her ut
mice, i hate - how ing one's le .rui.ig cdi' in puV
In , .-0 I moidiii anything like literal lire, tlioii::h
I s.iiv by t! c inieliipent eyes of ihc charmer, that
si e hud u tolil iinve to u 1 the liner suu-iliilily of
At h nplli we ; ol on the si.l.ji t of house-keeping.
Now , il there is inn thing I hate, it is a
wntiaiii tliut can't keep house, und 1 trembled ut
(very wi id, let my charmer stiouid confess her
ipnoiance of tlic.-e matters. Shade of Apicitis!
how my heart leaped when she told me that
I ai illy a day passed in which she did not in ike
lirettd, or pii s, or sisinue cnke, or some other of
those sldiiishaws that delight the heart of man;
ai d in expatiating on such delicacies she rose to
a pitch ol eloqin ucc tlnU 1 never heard surpassed.
I could not icslbt my fcuiing-, but suatclied her
Inn d to my lips and kissed it.
Yes! licit that she wus destined to be initio,
for if there is anything thut u wife ought to know
it is this. I come of a race of caterers. My
grandfather lunched on half a doon rabbits, aud
died at lust of a surfeit produce J by eating two
roust pigs. My father can break his last on a
brace of ciipous, or devour a pair of ttirkevs
without having to pick his tei th ; aud a bro her
of mine can tuek;Ui a hundred oysters aud dishes
of clilcken snliiil. which doe s honor to the family.
My own exploits In this line my tno'lcsty fori. ids
li i o to mention.
No wonder I lovcl this roy littli heauty, who
could get up such a choice fry, and bake such
delicious cukes. Ah ' what a lite of domestic Ii ip
plncss rnc betore rny vision, when 1 pictured my
fc f returning I" me from conrt at nii'ht, to in .et
a hcclslcuk ready Isro. U d.or n bow l of itie richest
tnitle soup, served up br the fair hand of the
at iel nt my stile. I resolved, if there was nny
viitue in a pair nf whi-kirs, in nu ehupunt
tongue, oi in my nev blue coat, t win this
1 il Il Ol pie-l Ill-el S.
'I I ei e is no pi, ice like a stage coach for in iking
It VC. I' c ti e nn'iiral' Yon do It, cm I, In u'l
en-v, ilo'.'t . iiie-for-iii yt'img style, tint von
c u t loi the Itf o' you ii- unie in any oth r nl i e.
W luit bctw il si to g on the nine sest to t Ik
more ci nvenii titly. and putting yout ur.n aronml
In r w.-ii.i to keep 1 er trout jolimg o(l, you
get to he woti.lcrlul io, and Ii u t i oie
Cot 't cntih Miur-clf sipieeing her
n Mid.
I efoie ) on lire iiw are ot it.
l or in v pint, us I have sn,, i r..jv
n i ill r nt disc. i tu.n, and I aliem- ( ,, n-d mv
si If lightct.tiii! the dear ere.-ifjr,, in- ot ihn
tn ublesf me lu y ot eolte. ;4,lu, tll0 M,nt. f ,.r
vnr uns I ne I on-1 s. It vifl, ehsriiftig t i ihink of
the irngKss I bad M ,.(. j r,,.r ,n,. -lions. Won
a i ilic.te y rosy c,,,, k (t w, tn 1Mt lh,.n
sljiy k'-sid sl'd mushing the de.pir at my
v nt m'h. At j uu.,, ,ei sain v, pou'ing lips ; nnd
llien 1 er I -i.p., juhi tlic sic for a in in who hated
voi.rtl' ,n wea'cl shiipcl winm: luis-e- a lie hated
epi.'., piles. Ah, whit a' wife she would make '
l.itw 1 ihniil.ctl my srais that I had liulierio set
li. y la. e like u Hint iigaiu-t every teinpi.atioii to
marry lor Hi w my firmness was rew ir.lcd by
this beauty t its heiress eliopplng into my moll h.
Ai d tin n I )'li a. hi d to inyselt u mental hoin' V
on ti c si i rt-s'ghti dn. ss ol in in, as I ventured to
steal iiiiolber k ss from the conscious and tvmh
ing I ttle lit pel in m -l ie. I was about to pop
the question itself, v.lun the coach slopped, .nd
II e in ver Hi feetui. d ndoetied the door. My
churn er ro e I wast. ken uliubick.
' I'd you get "lit heic " said I, in surprise.
" es !" suld shc.-l sec Mr. l'owell is waiting
for me."
"Mr. l'owell, " said I, lor thut was the name ol"
a trie! d of mine who lived up tins vciy la c, u it
ball a u.ilc from the riirnplke ; "do voi then live
w ibbiin 'r I'ci haps you're a relative ? Strange,"
1 niutn red to mvseit, "I never heard him speak
ot tins charming creature."
lli lore 1 1 ould iiu-wcr, l'owell npproii 'hed, und
while he hat ed me. mv fellow passenger spra:K
to the ground as if by nuigtc, and the next
minute was inmv friend's vehicle.
'for Inavet.'s sake," suid I, half mad that the
hearty gripe ol Towi II prevented mo from has en
Ing to his whio's assistum e, " i ho is th it angel ?
Is she a relative, a ward, or what ? I'm dyin
lor love i f her '."
l'owell burst into a laugh, nnd lanirhed on, till
tears rumc In his eyes. Confound die fellow, what
did he nit an ? I began to look angry.
"I'oinc.tny dear i.oy," he said, don't get in! )
n passion, but consider how o id it Is that, von, of
till men, should fall in love with my cook."
I never niaku acquaintance in u stage-coach
now, until 1 have cxi hinged cards.
Forty-five years ago one thbusiind bushels of
potatoes were delivered at tho .State prison in
Concord, N. II., at ten cents a bushel. They
don't sell potatoes at that rnto novv-a-days.
A young womnn in Milton, Wisconsin, died
lust weik from the effects of the sting of a beo ou
her wrist. She survived tho sting only twelve
E. E. LEE,
Hut now open
One case CHOICE KIIAIIKS) rtnuli'o Twilled
11)0 pletel DA UK lK LAIN EN at .'SI Ctnts.
A full lute of
LADIES' HKMSTI I CIIEl) 1IH1FS, from 38 to tl 25.
AT l.i:K8 THAN IMfOKTlill'S 1'ItICKS.
C () It K K 'V h, t; n S K T .
A.MI E1CAN MALE dn. do.
JiEW SHAI'EH, warranted beat 'iiallty, mado express!
lor (Jiir bulca.
H No. 4.1 H. KI0U1U 8TUKKT.
11 nt iV tn slfirt us tl lmve aiaiict J,l am uuw
fctllipji Ht Ii m ilirtii itiv n-j-ulHr inark' t jrk"c.
It tm hcl MtioMn hi if. 8 . nl .)c lull yurtl wide,
nl Vt nnd .', itmi ro n4i muni fur the mom'y.
AIm Itliv iost;r), mull is New Vurk Mill, WiIilmilN
vlfle, AVaiiitiitiu, liav hiato Ml.M, White Hnck.itc., H ict-
ItuB. JS, 2. 5 '.it ami V'i yttMs wide, tn mo
Uet matli', at Itut iinceg than ihfycAii bo madti jr
imw .
Hhi-ctliifis and Hhlrtlima In all thnvurlotiB
WhllliH hlltl iUklMi(K.
i'HJitoit Khun H. hlea -hrd. uuhlt-aehod, and colored. In
the yeiy htuvlist guoils matle.
No. 101 1 M UK KT tr t,
ft 17 Aboo TcMith ttri-ut.
t;lannei.s.-my stock of tuksk is
j now compu te. lh'if.e In ii-ed f unyi'nr the winter
will nave Honey by huyluu them now, ai all MnJ uf
wuolent wl I timloiibtedly ( higher.
I lmve Huhirtivu 0 fi, and yard wide,
fr 111 To cenm up ; alto oil er nut e, that am od, at lower
I r ct s.
Iltuvy luiker woods, that ae very durable, beiiiK very
wide and lu a v.
A iuryv variety of striped, plaid, ami pliln double-w idth
yodtiH, tor t-hiii", heniK 01 the best U'ityv
lleut y lilue Twlih d for -all. tit' use
Iit uv) irav, white, mid red i with d. that I bcli'-ve are
cl t-aptr than the Mine, tire teli soi l at.
Ku. V'l.l AI AURKT Street,
l'-17-t Abuve Tenth.
A ITS V St nt !. en Harfciiiiih iiom Aurt'un.
if ( oltired Allium, douhlf niiith, To nnd Fine.
1 lot Kit v (Unci do do !",.
1 t 1 inl.' seotcii Ualmtirnl SWttn, $.,
I l t Mfen co 1 o do f-.'-.'iO.
) lot l.edi V ;.iuntJt mo'knkln tlloven. l M.
1 l"t do Id u xi K htd HiiWts ,'i nuh hordt ri,60e.
1 lot do Iti hi bt d uni) HroH n loiu Hose, uit t'ic.
) lt (it-nt' ti nt town t Hone. t.c.
1 lot lt f blcRi l.rd K Hour, v:,c.
1 lot tit nth' vit ti n. v Art-tn- iltTlno Prawers, tt-'.O.
1 I'dluh co lent, 1'isiil 'elvt.'i Kiboiii-t uv., or W pnr
-.' 'uiu him k A Ipiifit Bniid, :m: ard pb-ces, f 1 7K.
1 bit 1 hi id limine! Liobohn. No -ti', tij ,c.
li'ib I'Ih'u untl Imj-'Ii iitortt lionnet it'b'JOii, VM t 1.
A Imp stick uiui Hlnitii liannelh, tn-i lico J, ( 'raih,
Ni.j.l 're. Ti.l.lf I lin-n. Ac
k li - I ini hth . oli m I'hiitU, 'or Misites' wenr.aU w- ml
IllllPif Tie. lt
i; all cj o t j t .
n i; y g o o i) s ,
i miiiiai in.; nit;
lowl.k-l.f.e.v I" He n. H-l". i.t
flai letei'iJ h.s 1AI.L IMI'OUTAIIOX ttf
With a few Cl oJ- c FAI.1. GOOIS, to uhu.h the attt utiou
ol the hadk-l 1 init(d. ae7-l'Jt
wi;avijn; ia;iiini:s.
Y!' Ah MAVI HKKN HPKT ' K Jill Hi rKHflirriOW,
A '
1I1K FOLI.OWIN'. Al. N TAlii.S C'l'l ANY AV-'I
A I It KIH.'.KH -
I I; 1 Ih'' or.Iy M i ' t1 V m rrirf ft r nc
!of III U-f lr.l. 1
r- it ,,ii" j.-'r .i;'-t. vt -V .'..., It k ,
"'I, hi .mil i;xi k ii"' (hi "ti) ant it? wn-no nm-Chim-
r.H-h ntt. b -.l':' '' I' oi: "4 :? il. u".r! ,
ai'd n ')() fr t f 1 111-m lil rn' I.
tiT" t tan tin- r.-". 1 utic."..';l. the
pfra:or, ly .niIy ttitrn n a thiimh lcr.-Wtto t iv
wi.ili run tllfKT to ihr rljil ' r l it to itj any i aft "f t'
1. f in nr fri-t D (be 'nli of tfi m arni, i:t ill'- liirrun . tL.
ialrl(,'7 '1 ' it ,til"tttftfi? I'trr aU'ifftrrt,
I .f ( hmi'ni; tin leii; T li oi the Uk h, and Irom rn- Kind
ol st It h t" MDilitr, cttn ri-ft'lllj he dnno v. hlh- tht kf hirii'
R lu action,
i, f.t-1. it 1-r-: ii uriKiiiif th-' ft it
scCiim at d uni'i.nii
ttf It In aiiiio-i 11 ",. In it b njertf.i.i.
I r" lis 1111111T11 ar- 'I r1 liirrr tfiTi- irf w- ,,i ,. (.!
vut nut of vt r. ami If thnplit ity p.iMck tin- m..t in -
lHiD-pd UMitnTiltr ll.
C j tn ill t"t "il If" tc.-nof HiP oi'criiiur, an nil (ho
niHrhhu ty f on the tp oi" the tiilHe.
B H n th nt-'St mi-i'i $. i-tr tn V" ir-r'-l, U'r.tnt( flvo
it Id he tu crj r volutin.
r Its tttt' h is tl-" "n-.Vr " -(''.hoouiro of iti eoia
Llr.fd flu tr i.'v, .ti cU'j'.htnl ''C'l'itij,
6 it 1 tv' s ft. f'"i i- or r' :u:t! c ,i l w ith C jlliil facill)',
vitt.'.ut f.nn-i. nf htnion.
6T Every Mn hluc has one oi'Ji-nvk putrrit hemiiM t
at I m 1 cd (the rijJit lu ds' w hh.h we otitrol), euuhling tlio
operator t' (urn ami irt-ttmf h m nV.iro.
KIT There Ih no other Ma' liloc whlco Will do no Urgi a
ruiienf work hb tin- Florence.
I" 11 iK'OK i."t rrfjuite finer thread on tho iintl'T Fi-le
than it ihiiA nn t1 r iipcQr, hiiU tite.s an) kind of Ihread -r
g if- The n .illfis more cas'l udjintcd than In any
other Mi' liiiic.
Bi It will ow (icri'f-f! the hcavl(34-t scnmi withm
ttiaim 'f leiuh.n, or brt akliifi nf thread, or ki(;tinb
B'It Is fully prctrutt d by nine l-tt ri patent, ani
licet sed ty KIU- Howe, Jr. , and hit itftftoeiatei
Z?f To awdd the ttnnu on the "., t?nt, 'h.-e
(tjt iratt'nn, und fnivjuing cixtv, htrettiforu on
a luie proporlh n oi work done on other Hew ln Ma ea
we now f 1. rnhh cjeli Maelilno wlilt Uarnnm s Silt
8?rt r," " "( niti'li-t the v ork ifse.'f, and Ii ot value
espec &iiy to tncjki crh need operators.
( fWhiN- ii'Bses8li.(f the uhu o, and iminy otlitT atlvati
tni-ws, the l lop-n- v is s ld at eurre sending rl-e ,U
oiln r Mi -it-i last, hint'M.
B? 'Wo rci'rflin I'mmiPtiblifililOKHic highly eompJtmeutarv
potlees ot'thu press with which we aro daily iuvored, and,
plut c our .Maebine before the public, knowing thai aa In
teil.K nt examlnutiun of iti merit will full-Hiihs anMut -all
that we hae ehmm d lor it. and iuitfy the asertlon we
now muke, that it In 'ftt'Ocst .S'-trii'j Machine in the. M'.r.'
C .' Wi-wurrunt very iu.u.-hin-to be all thut wc claim
fur it, u:d will iivt a ritteii warranty if re-iu r d.
rot" (.'ircultir n:id Samples of Sewing, encljbe a nturnp
and a'idu -s
No.(i'U) CII I : S N I IT HT KK lT,
riULAIiELrillA, I'A.
N. K.-It Is the out) Mae hi ne warranted to kWo entire
b.ttislacllun, and kept lu order for one year. Full instruc
tions accompany each kla nine sold ; obllRlnK lady opera
tors, with or without machine, sent to the houe nf pur
chasrrs when d'Blred.
We lake pleiihiire In reb-trinif to a portion of tbe list of
nauivt. and residences of persons who have pure hand the
since Nov, mbtr, 1:1, tlu- time the Compiny opened their
Mpleml.d Wiireroomt, ttt No. tuiO CHEHM'T Street. Tho
"FbT' iue" is universally acl:iiowieded to be the Iest
Family Hewing Maeli. ne lor ail practical purposes, pns
icshln in tiny ud iint.ues and improveineut over all
others'lni!e". No r.Oi; South Tweuty-flt street
Allen, Mrs, No H i: Tuphtr utreet
Ab xiimli r. V r-. No ;,' No th Heventeenth street
Ambler. M . No 'I l-'r ukila ttreet
Alb n, M f, No n ! N th Kitth street
Abi'i-tt. ,Mi , N' 1H.' South Seven h street
Aiiftinn u. hiiuhi ill, No 114 Vine street
AbUiei ii, t'lipiMn, N ITt Ho nib rtixth struct
A kt r. .) 1, N ...: Nin ili Ti lid street
lim k ey. Mm Ib-w.inl ireet, between Twenty-second
Kin) T vn; -Mi-.rA
Ittiriou, Mr II, No 11" virt Fourth ntreet
Uutr. .lii- s, N:'r North I mm street
Itm-h A Kurt, North Third street
lltrvt-t Id. a N 4 ' .mh TwuMth street
litii, t, N ' i TweiitF-s-Joni itrc.-t
ltri.nn, i 'j i'1, N- A W .illb tlroet
Vt r. , I . . '7 I ir street
lint, i . ul; iuv, t. Hhaik;imaon Ut
1 f.ii'i it I., N" i Sortli Fi ti-entti Mrcct
Hi :t. t i, Not,. . wtmrton slro-t
. 1 1 1 1 1 i i ' i it. i wriiileth and Tle'u streets
l.i!-, M . ,1 in- . o 1" 10 VVulniit btrt
It inn r. ' A . V , I- 'iChiiut street
;.iKm". f , N.y.'. N-Tib T entiLth street
V.i . , Mi N" 1-1 iniiuer direct
Itioun.H A , No 1 2 Wallace tr.-t
JKn.'k, Jlit- 11, No IK1' M 1 "U fcircct
Jtramh ck, Ellen, I r, Koad, below A'lunn atieot
l;l;,tk,it' A,N I1 I ('hriMinn stn-it
Jfii) iii:tn,,'Ji!iiitr., No .i'i Almond struct, b' lou IT; nt
liaiio s, T, No lito i Vint Htrt't t
liiickliih'.' i', .MiN Frnnkl'-rd ainl Units hlr "!-,
r.iol.i.-M, uiiuu, No 11 North Se-Mioi a tret t
)t..rt, fitM-r. Hi p iwi jil-et'i, I'c'tm Nor.'it
P. Mis S.i Nil. I 1. No Mi Hi k-. I ..ilf.'t
I: in ler, I s. No s.nit h I'h.ii t cut li j.t ret i
i:ro n, h..oiin-l, lr, No ci; in l . in h ;-l i i
(.'oltiiir-, I , No :J 0 V rlh 1 Vnih btiect
t aoUiwni.r C, N"4ll Nith Klvi-mh tr. - t
it.t -tnnl. W, N" Ml Wali.oc htu-t
I jmnut. n, l' r . No lHi North Eh vci.lh ttUe t
t hew , Mi. No7U HouthtUh htreet
( uoiuhs, ItUbrrt. NolliW MulshalUircet
Chm.dKr, Mint, No J-'.'.'o Kace utroet
( othiali, I Mine, N' 71 Houlh Kmnt at net
( nl) i , S A , No .'"' U.irkct street
Irtjiieron, William, Nu Norih i-i,-L''' t- '.
( hiy, iioin1", No II W North fl'-''"iid fil.tet
(.'ariui: e, H J, ht-coiul itieet, it hove oik
t'otih-j , N, No Hl'2 (ilraid avenue
t'l !,e. i, i aril , No KM! North Ken. ml str-cl
iiduiilrtt er,Mr, No l.ViO Nuilb Hroad t i c l
Ca dwell, MlfcS. No I ds Lombard streel
I'ooj er, Mr., No'-'i'lfi I'lne htn et
Co tmitii.l.eore N lo.'H North Sosenf -
Cuiii-, Willi-ou, No 7H. North .Seventh ti-et
l oiiiland. Mrs, No 1 fn; Kprm-e tie. t
Conway, It A, No.iitf K -ntb llmd bliuel
"o.k, Mr. No l-'.'ti Fra-ikUn ire-!
Curn-r, lli.aiti. No I ah I'lne am-et
ln-nuU, aim, No Vil 'oei ry ir t
iMMur, Wra, Ni. fit! I..mtel Mie t
Dennln.MlstC, Vo.T"7 Qu. mi str .
Deil rr. W main, r.'-. I.ann-I street
Iiennf, ft i. No I'm ft oinh ititi -tr-t
Iienal ue, Ht riutntowu fond, tntv. ru Klaitir and
Davf.H. No '.1 N irth flfood Mr et
Prnnman, tt, No ni Frit tVlin t r.- t
Tain It A 'M', v.. in !o-ith Vr mt st t
Iteuiy. Jjmes, No 7'W rayunV ten 1
rlnnals W It, N'nS Hphrg ; ,.-et I.
Intvit, Mm. N''2"2 Fronklm T'--t
Pteki'Uf.n, M, N.t i IJi "till.. 'i Mr". el.
Fvnn i, .l.imei, ht iitlriu n'reet, ,,.,, t nirt.-enth vre.
K'lw rd, J in e4, 1 iRi ,iiin j v -hv. 1'nlip
Kn M.l ,.l.iini, Nii !irrsh n-r
K K i.h, dauioft A., v N'.rh C, wn.ti -ti
E nei. Mr- Jvi No th '"r ir -t- t
r"j ''iti-m i-. V'.Ti N inii F ".-ill :re t
Km r .1 W, No i.m v in" vreet
) irtri Mri f, N-. lo- tiri'i lir.-, Iti fun id
J- Iftk L ll No l.( I (ill ild .L t il :
Fofl, TM"Htii, so 1 -I t in ,tr t
F.dd . J No 7 Krie n :.
v M.irttn. :-Vi Nor:. .-nd stun t
r l-tyd, I . No V-r h r en-y iMid mi t
F nur, Mi No . .'. h' iry -in- i
fount .tlii"- li, NoI'' ivt
Km Mr, No I 1 .' ' a V. .rir.e ire
I f "tr k . M t -, V " 0 ' ' lU -ll' i I
I r. M 1 . No I..IH ti ' .
F.Tle.-, Win. NV 'd i , ,.t.r, tr-vl
F -ii.' , -I.t'in 1. n,i I'i ion tti e :
I nik. . It, Nov..'.. N .rtfi I 1 fh tr.-.-.
I oh.- , Mr N. l.'.ii Fop ui stent
t r i hu., A M , N i b :n , ii. re. o str4.;i
(.o din .11, , No vyt lie iry -ireeL
lira ion. J ', No I'd.' i m; nirv-f
l.fl N , N i H. I r run's hn stn "t
l.e ri(e, Mr, N l,-uiiiittd stie-t
li Hat., Mr-. N..;i I Hoiith rtlttenth -tp ft
( nhtiill, Mi. t;. No H (,' MAlk'-t street utrirt. .Mli., No ".".l .wr-'ii" tr tt
I er I' tii,.iuiiti- No 1.1 i Wv i,. tr..'
II ai'.' thi'-r. f. No :sl.' M.. nit Vernon t i e -t
Hare. Th inii, N I". I Sorfi Stxfi e r-et
i b?'-.K It, No ills ilrard avenue,
li t K"l. A l, No Il.'7 Su ited st'e.'t
II re V W. No K.-ntliHeve:it-tl: s'r
ll itrtl , V r-,. Mot. ii iiory nv, he ion .uikird road
Dili i er, Sr No ll-.' un r tr. et
J:offu au,.l. ni .ik; ,r' h 'tre'.'t
lli tinan. N L, No pn ;. I'ljiiioinh tr i t
If. w son, K-No I'M'.' Pmr street
J t - t, Mrs r, No M I F.a .hhii Mr. ft
I ,i. In Ii n , ,!i.o b, N j 1 1 1 N4rth Sixth hfreet
Ih II, H F, No l.reen stieel
Hot lift . I' It, Nn;t-Vi North Front it reef
ll i.mji f, (I. I'liiuborlhiiU 4lret, bj Ainbei
III h, M s. No M! Nonh sH"o-id un -t
It trpe . I H -t nd -tn "t . w ir i 'lie j. V
II, d. son, M . l'ltt enth an 1 ' '.irpiiii r Htreets
B.iiu, Mm, No '.Ti e utr. et
I.nbbel . W W, No Uhristlm dtrcet
II nc Kn. K.I, N" I '" ' itrar.l aetine
l)old n,.l, I innkfotd roud
11 , n l crer, .', N vOlo Kraud;. win'1 tieut
Illicit t bur. J K No -Ml .la "Ohy sti etd
II nnd A; Itntntier, N '21 North Filth Street
Hawkins, Mrs, No '2!ln tirvtui tr':'t
Irv iti, Mii, l ull n Motel, A'O'i street
Ivnih K N'lm Manhull sinvt
Jiiliint, f np'.ni.i, llrujid and I. miburd tre. is
Juiihcrt M A. No IV17 Lolnlnnl strc t
do vend, W W, No 1 1 I'i Mount Vern.m --treet
.hm-,l'haihs. No VO Wntkin- sticet
Jack miii, SI A, No stil 'tw Mnnttt street
Kirk, W T. No Mm Poplar atm-t
Kemb nlitie, l, I bird tiett, b"hw ullowhill
Ken-ill, Mr, No Til Norm 1 liirteenUi strnct
Knrn. Mi s. No 4 tl VOt k nvenue
Kriitu, Mis, No .'HI Htsuioti street
KeartiB, Ju 'oh, ot'0" M' ss ntn-.'t, Leiow WattldHton
Kirn, Mrs. No 1 ;: ilreeii utreet
K' hler, Mis. No H tilmid avenue
Klot, tieorue W, No --'lit 'ontei street
Klnderhn, Mm, No Ifioli (Jreen ttrert
King. Ml- Kaie.lvth nnd (lertuant.ian mud
Fee, J'ojt ph. No l21 rinealiecl
l.uaf, H.ninel, No. WO 'iteon itrcet
l.iimpltinb. Mn. N 2W Wlli:--.u.soii street
.ukcns,C H, 1'Uiny rhai Hotel
Levy, O, No T'H"i I arriiih ntroet, Mrs, No Vno Month Fifteenth street
Lewis, F A. No ll'i Vilieitreet
Lmthn p, Mi -, No ll 'i North hihth street
Lu shawtaiisHB, No. I' in North Fourth street
I.i'Wffi, Lawrenei', No U'.iCh inni stre-l
I.tproan, h A, No 1: Mount Vernon sirevt
LontfMro'h, WIh, N l '2 North Kl''vtnth fttrett
l.amb, Mrx, No '2t North Thirteenth utreot
Moiitleth, Thomas, No MM I'.nnkion -Hircoi
Mint zei. Miss, No lsHi (Joates Ptrct
Mjern, S M, Noi'i K ir:z fsireet
Moore, I'iiliih r, N'jti.'i H Tiiirteentli itrert
H iiili, Mrti. Nu L'r ti Franklin street
.Mel llev, M A, No fait. alader street
Muon, AiTb, No l7Ji Hpruce street
Mntchett, It W, No Ufa Houth street
H. t reiti. L, N U12 Site htreut
JInklioue, .Mrs, No Hil i Mon.roHO tr. et
.Met'uiioigh, II, Mhlwr's Hotel, b'-uut itivet, below
Al.tnn, Mrn W 11. No .Ht:i Uraen s'reet
Wi-C'U ley.JiilK-, No '2'.'V t'oitei
BlU'f , S, No Wi lieorKO Ireet, above Toplui-liorti.-in,
Mrs. No Krlc Hiret
M'Ti;an,Mrt. No Kmi-j Olhe street
aicMaiu my. air, road and tier man street
.Mutiny. Mia, No 'Jl'" ;,ouih I went-ilrat ttreet
Haddock, Wil iani A, NotW7 Federal street
Miller. Wi ilium A. No I2A t'oaios s.rcet
Mutphy, Mrs, No 4 lb lii bm- n 1 stteat
Miilnir, IHmi, No 2i) South FiKhtlt htreet
AloneM. Aim, NollHKouib Nineteenth street
kiti hell, M rs, No 1UU!I Clintou street
Normon, t aptiiin, No -U'J Wtiarton street
Nb hot, J allies, No I ;V! North Hecond street
Nok B..1 tl. Mo LO H l.cnrmrd street
oeI, M F, No fit North Ninth street
Nassau, Wi s, Nu H -'l't North Fifteenth Direct
NetT. t ol II. Nlne.etnth and Mount Veruoo strve
Na)lor, Mr-., H N. No..'), York plnco
dnlii'.Mlsa No LU North Ninth atrect
Outer brldne, A A, Nol'tol Oreeo street
Under, 8, ( 1'ftoii htntiou, t'entisj lvanla
l'enihtan, H, liroad and Keed htreet
Pi ice, J 0, No Mouul Vrnon str et
IN inr, J M. No 7;; l'oplir street
Tutt, t;eor e, Castor load, Oxford, I'a
V cntxell, fa D, No llhjs Njrth Twelfth street
fat tee, J M,:il4 South Tenth street
1 eddlr, Ml-s. o lo23 spring Caiden street
I'edr'ck, W F. Nu UliTllron street
Teltz. !., No TK' Federal street
I'niteri-on, Mra, No :t.'ii North Twelfth street
reiirotc, W, Nu (iuo Nuttli Uroad street
l'inmtr, lttv Dr, No UU Spruce street
rani, Kdward F, So lJll KprlOK ilardua sine.
J'l.lllipi-,!. W, NoMI Varahall slicot
rblllipiiCli tile-. No ltd) North Eleventh street
Feurose, T Ji, Twentlet'i and Loiuurd streets
lu-uihiii, t.torne, Nu bb'i North Filth sirve:
Ki-es. Murv, NftM 1'oplar street
iieinhj;!, Kun.iKl, tjodiroy avenue, between Y urth and
litchey, Mrs. No V-ft'.' H,irme itreet
Itta.J.. N Tt'l North Nlnutetntb street
ltu.heitoru. T C. No '.'.'0 Norih Juniper street
KubertN M:m Notr.M l ear street
hunu-au, No Locust sir. ot
ilcio.nbun-T, Mi it, N'i M14 North Meventh street
id b hut un, k r, i.hert street, bei w tu Eibth und Ninlli
Hitbii ioii, .Mra J , No oU7 Nortli Klevntli Mtteet
Ittinuuy, Mi's K, No jnt Mount Vernon btree;
Itt pplief, 1), No V-r22 lACUhl street
lt 1.1, John W, N(. faii 4 ticny gtifet
ItifcS, J, Nut Not 111 i U-Velith btfret
Khelly, S. (.. o -i."! I.iiwreiice street , above It row u
Kluiiner. .Ml", N -' No-th Third -lieet
fcharp, w I., No I -7 I ill-ert street
Maph-r, J W,N'o7n:i Wanhlnntoll aveimo
tStiitu n, fvnioii'l, No is a ii n. m street
Fl ru j-ri, It. I'.ioiid stieet. l.eio Whuiton,
St'ickt.i nu , C, l'ranl.iord road and Alleghtny aveii e
hui:t)i, .1 A, No vnll Loiiihard itriet
Knti:e( Mrs. N 7l0 Wood btreet
hi m i n, Thomu.-, No J '. I North Front 3: net
Fehhi;t r, 1. 1', No lw.'ii Vine-yard stu-ol
H wan, J ll, No VAi Hwnlti btreet
M.eiiiiai). 11 .tie. No M2 Suatb Juniper street-
Mil pi t , M J, Nu North Tenth Mrtet
Km. tli, M i:. No 1 .ol N,,rlh H. veutli tlrCct
N. l'ii !t 1 , Alrn.No lliu Tulip iiliei-t
l-cl.i'.ei'e-, Mia Chin lea. No FitMArch atreet
tiiuith, Muii , No ,IJ Moi'i ni street
Mr. I i. nt and Vine uri-eta
t,.meiB. Mil-. o 7'S .Ncv tlect, M, No I .! t prueo stleet
Mu'in, Mrs K, No 1 ttl Howard eireet
Mal.orJ. M:
Sluilli. l . .
S.' t.l. f. ,
;( .A n, :i
! 1 1 1 . , -M : ,
M' !tb. A. N
r ;. inh: tt'i
MriUK 1.. ?
hi. lie. lb
Ittllll, U n.
No U'J i,n,.n. - itr'.et
! . t'l't M-'l'T treet
. ' I . l J it :. f.;ieet
, No .j-'i ilui'ieel- it!o- t
! Noit'i il.hl'i -t'-cu
N r,i' .-'un ., ! .itu'.'i,
It. n; 1, No ,.i'S No! lIl hecoiidbtifi't
'. S u'l, s, v. eolith Mud
1. ? N, 1 th '1 hlitei'ii.h .sft't-
). -s Mai i-t atu-( ;
N 0 .' 1 NMl i. le' tlili. stixct
1. -H .ic II, .. ,uli . tieel
.;1 I'.lh Mleel
.1, N't
hi.-1 u h, .'..Lu r .
Kd nh, i- M, T.
Hm-:.. r, MinN'.'T
Monuket, rt. lo:i Nori b Fteenth btnel
hw ienv , il .1, A,, 4:,; h, .in II ir 1 ati. t
UYci..vii li C, No . .l Hotl h SlMe. iith -trcet
H lair, W I :o I eio Fun stre.-t
SmhIv, Nt 10, No liti Kit Mrcet
hhott, A 11. No MS N..rili a;Mh ot.eut
Ktt eii, John. No lint, N-rib Seioiid direct
Huiethurst, John, No li'll Klde avamtc
Toy.jhintB u, No K1.' Mount Veruoo street
Tin). ill, A, lhMiphln atieet bebiw Tulip
TeI, Mr N, No J j North Eleventh street
Tay-Ar, Vf, No 111 I 1 in Mrert
Tieinnin, Mra. No I lot 1,1 nid -r( ct
Tliotupi n, Il A 1 I ti mi 'feet, n jovc Fine
TUiy,MiaN"'.C'H UU'.'Ie st eet
Thomas, W It. No It 41 Ror h 1 h'rteenth strrt
Troth. 1 , No 7ii' j r h atreft
Tepp''i, Mrs, No 2 l N orth J inlir s-r -t
Trtey Ai re, No ,rM N r h .Viit 1 T. ' t
1 1n.) er. , 1, No v.V. h. uth L e eptn s ff t
Tl i.m'4 it , 1 ier,e, s uthw t corner Li.wi'civ 0 ai d I op
ler Mtt ' tn
Ti'un r, V
Wii.liy stl el, bel.ov Vienna
lomliti'ti'i. Mr?
No ; i N - everto n h strict
nr r t ranKiord toinl a il tumbejland
Tm r.- r. MuH, . nr r
W.11. Mt- V,N- M
W oo- Y:i- 1 5 ' f
eiiwi. b street, hriow H- oj
u .iw'niiii-i1l'Vp-yfie t
W.i o,.-r, u-fo-. No N'-'f'b K-t.h ti 0 t
V Kn. , . i , N-. ..'"I h Mteet
V. 10. Mrs.i:-"'- I no rNo.'h ! ll-. wn s
,la 011,. 1 1 h. N 1.V7 f .i o vrel. i'iov. C -a'e
W if .'I . I n II' 1 s s' reet , Ah e Frnty
W.ili 1 1 . W . V, I !.t. nrii -4-stb BT.''
W.i'.i.i ". Mn .(thai !ti-, I r.
ikfrd nu I .-itvi Ar or
atf et
WI. I". W II. N.i v.' .!
...t. M. ry. N
l'f .' 'ite-Mi 'rt
Tin Mo-h r.- t
'. -J I'M r B'rfr.f
1, o I I t:; 1 id.-n tic'
N., 1 -; , N r'!i K ir : s!f
v lion. r , N"
Woil II". Mm N
mv 'erSt t . lit
h .r .l.r.-i h
M Mtmar-h. M W.N -:
IV .M 1 ,.!-. I a. N . t Mm
Wnk tl I ', n in, No I .
1 ;onnt( .id- u s:r. et
in k cret
Ne 4tret
W ti er II, Mis-. N
U'.,.,. I. Coin1. M'O
Within, ("'nt n,
W. aver, l..-is. N
7 W.-t i) thodox -tr"4 t
'.oiir-r ll t4'', ixth sir- et
o ui, N'orih r h ve in, street
.'17 H -uth F ojrlh stro-it
Wi-rt'-ll, I v' I enth jiid Hprhi.' i;ird-Ml trett
Wr ar ht. W II No N rtb hc ind street
Wlky. Mn. No I il-- ll.-w.iM s r- et
W eavt r. V II, N'-r-hw-t .-.tii-t S'-'or d and New streru
e .hi I, V. 10, To'itv-flt:1! att,i f4prini;iarle'i sirt'et
oi;ti(;,.l' h" 11. N.. !."." tliiard .i-.eiiiie
Y I. II, No .;l l.v-"''y tie-'i ntove Vim?
Yetk , Mis .hoo-ph No Jt 1 - 'tit!i Nm h etrttft
elU, I ted, No l.h.'i 1 .11 :il.n. ton n Hoad
Wl SI rim.MM LFiHA.
Alb n, J' l D W
Motler, M-s M
llrunnell, M.a, i;nrden treef
'orell, H , No il.- M irk t Street
fVnovr. W ll, H,il.lluitMn
tottt-r. A S, No pk :; Lo4Mt trett
Frei eh. .fames. Ilettonvllle
r.iiodwin. M, lhirb Kmd uiiI Walnut street
Hunter, Samuel, Hestum file
Mtkhnde, lr, Frnnyh ania Insane HoipiUl
I.ewl-, Mrn, hpinre ut 1 eel . heloW T'lll ty -iiln tL
Lvii- h, M 1 , crm r I'res'on and Uk
tie vr, I'll, 'thirty '.e.-oud and ll.nuiltoii
Mehwin, Mrs, M' ip n strc-t
Keiileni.n' h, F W 1', aster pike
hhnrtletl. Mrs.Marke'. si-ei't, above Tl irty- se ntli
H.auldi!'r, Mi. Uio tett street, above Th rly-seventh
fllmpsm, Mrs F'-ar Ntree-, Hoitonvillc
Th.-rpe.J H, northwest eornerF..rtieth and Pinp
Trulll, K.I,Hr.di.e tie?t, almvo Ihlity-sUth
(ii.HMA TOWjIs
.Airt'-en,.!umo M
Hoi -kh a, Fdwiitd. .Main fi'ieet
I'.l-t. khnm, C, Tulp .Ilk-ken sir"l
Itrcwn. A r, Seiiuul la-ie
1'or- hull. K, I'm e street
( ope, F It, Fa t.t Wulnut lane
Iiiinath, James, Cheicin avenue
Ijairuch, Mis, l.reen sticet
Fii,ke,.lohn li. Linden street
lit IteiiMeln,.! C.t.reen street
liii-sb r Ma v.Ct-ntre street
Kr.use, Mury, Township l ino
l'je, Ilei,ry,''nnihrlutid sticet
I hipfS, K K, Main t.eet
Htoever, Eweil and f tin struf ts
Wilson, ! hn, North Ariuar itreet
oddio,), Mii-s, Centre street
W itl.'iihd u,.)HU.e- Il.ttcbool lane
Yaiulcy, Wiintn, ;iieit.-n avenue and Chew street
lint khfi-dscr, Mr-, corner Fniikford ruad aud Unity
Craiikstmw. .1. Fiiul street, below (.'reen
Cr.ihtri e. Mis.i, hell- ri sir.-ct
Kinsley, .Mis A, No 71 Miln street
Lentier, Mia II. Ortho lox street
Miller, litiieeea
!')r(.un,( buries
Hwope, haiiei. Fan streel, below Oi ihodot
Wut rsChaii';i, Uu-ileion pike
W etn rill, -Ml 11, No 7 Orthodox sir -et
Walton. Israel, Heller tieet, above L'ulty
Yt-rkes, Mrs J, hxi'ord street
AmbruMer, Mary
llartlne, L W, No o'M North Second str et
Jtitimitd, F.J. Linden street und Fr.eude arctm
Clhtord, 11 A, No 11, Merkley -tteet
Co,rer.; M
llumtltt n, M It, editor "In-taocrdt''
llellinilu ad, J C
VcniH)i, t, 1 hrd and Federal st recti
rit.e. Amy, No Mickie Mrcvt
Tiolor, JCIb u, No. Ill I'luinb street
Abbott, C F, FalU. Schuylkill
Acker, Jiimen, t heater valley
Allen, Saiah, Falls of Sejt.ujlkill
Arnj'trr-im, W ilier, Fenn Station
ItaeJ man, A F, Maueb Chunk
Itrown, Kii k.tiosben, Lancaster county
Itrown, t F, Heading
Bentke, Mrs, Wtssuhiekon
Fallow, M ias, Koa borough bt low Ceruuntowu aaue
Itaiinon.d, Fotttvllle
Buldle, W F, Lewlatowu
Itrow n, Khther, Fulton
Itutkr, M, York
llrinun, Mrs t'heltoii Hill
Blake, fctoh. ri H, Ilolincahurg
Brown, C F, Fitf-huu
Bukk'i Janus, tViuhohocl eu
Chamhi rs, I T, Ni wtowii 4
ChriMnur , J"hu, Fin nii. v 1L
Conrad, .Ml Hon, We-d tirose
Casile, Aanr, Upland
Chadwlek, Mr, I pland
Cno-wclltM, Feterahui'K
C)-)k.Charlct, WaJlintord IStation
CoLover, Win It, Ilt-hlliiK'ton
OH (lord, Mia, Nicctown
tcavtr, lli'nm, Kpread Kagle
heimis E 11,1 nil) town
In-wee-, Miss, Uoxboiouh
Fiona Id, 811 nh, Main atret, beluw (.rape
Italic, in, W F,il7 Machines, j J Auoaa'.er
Dickey, fa ihiJ, Hopewell
iJoiit'luar, James I,, Hedidin
iiouO 1 William 11, fahaiuvkiii
lu-lcm-odc. 4ivt.)sburg
Knu'ee. Joseph. Mount Nebo, Lauetttr Caaty
FetheiolrtMt L,(.i, Tamaina
Fetheru IT, Wllium, ('.',) Hamburg
Feaiw eil. Lev, Cresor.a
FoMr,C,(.l,) Aihlaiid
Fltae'u d, J, Mill Cnek
tiiaham, lfr J.Chester
t.ulden.B M. ( ',) l'olts IhV
tjreeu.U F,tlhn Milla store
(.,! a. It. Linden
ti ilideu, It 11 Fottavihe
ti.iube. Hamuel, N'orristown
llee ner.Mia, Norrlatosu
llal', Mi-a I., I idoimlie
Ilein.,.I bn.l'errjMlle
IIUie , f'i ;i, N-'irlctown
liare . E W , 1 limntrtom iile
lilTsl.C, Norristii
Jliilubu t iii.C, KlkvieW
Un ti in, J W, beuderaon street, I'a,Mia Wm, Luvermton Matlou
Ihiiitl. y, J J,( hesiiut Hill
llHiut-i, .e,.4,e, Avir.Kion
Illhhs, J P, IlunibburK
lli yfluim, lr, Newton !iiare
Thomas, tfurah, Firt Wnxblugtou
llak-tt, M''s,Chatuberhuifc'
Hu Jsiiiun, J, New ton S'iiiaro
Uvtii,l!. WiK-nhhkon
Jlallowcll, Mio, llridcihurg
Ihiopes, ll L, Av "tulaU-, I'h
Jiubaoii, Fiaiik, Frui-i.ind
lutpl.u-, I W, rotiMkillu
livin, Jul. ii A, Siiojuial.i-iTowu
J(,ue-, M 1 tiiiu-uiinon
J. iie-, Jonutiu.u, 1 '.', rhtlloii Townjjhlp
Jni k-on, We-t Lliovo
K erst, Jacob K, IVrt Clinton
K"l 1 r, Mrs, Toiii.tsd.tle
Krmias A Urotl er, (,'uakertow 11
Kuu'iiiiiin, (' H, Colun, bin, Fa
b 1 1 1 f , t' M, Watstinlown, M , Sclu-ylkill Haven
b u.v, Tbciiuiti, . plmnl , Mra t , 1 IH t in -liurA
1 Intoti, A, ' it CrtMt, tVieattr Comity
1.11 I lij,' el , F . I hi unhiir
Lt r., W. Spi-uee Ceek Store
1 awituee.J l',Aveudale
Tvc, '1 I.t lu.tF. t. hebier
Ft wieiice, F t , Miiitravilie
l.iwicM e, J s, Aiiiicibville
L)t 11, Mis, Moutourivlllo
Lill.v.tieiieinl, Main h Chunk.
Lncke, John, Lew h burg
Lynch, Hubert, Lewisvllle
Luke l'livid, Cutueroiita
Mat. J F, (lu machines,) AnnMlle
McDowell, L, (i.) W llliamapoit
Mend ul all, .1 1 1, Doylestowu
MorrjhciitW N,Msiiayuuk
M- moe, W M. Cb
M. i.r, p.,r( t , tti l-inl.-i',;
Mafha'i. M II, ."ii . oklu
M.irtow, John, Wh te Hall Hatu. t
Nycnm A Ron. Kaj IDH
Jiickiim. Wm, vi.) rt-'thitbtm
Vave, Mil J, Iltiil ch m
Fote , M , Nu.'it i 'ti.M.rjt -tr- N rr,t( t
lb rt e, Mr-., Wat reu
Faul D. O.) nni'itn
T r, M's T, M on I s I He
ralmet, Tn"- . Me H i -
Palm. r. John, In' ) tov u
I'srrmi, .v CnyMih 1111 ,'!,) WdV. a'' ir'e
Fotf, '".ip'rllil K , I'o' t-v
lte.-s, snide-, Wll'ow :mi
Itei pil-r M, d- X fo, .-b!md
Itti, MmI-'iui'hi;
M cs. r. Mr-, Mii.'M i".ti
Hhn'p, a " n. t sit-'ii
Hi.- .b-, Wto.oln- y
Hi lis, t. W, ( iHi. -nn"-,) lli.T'.la.. si' .rs
K i-ry. Mi-. A I lent n
h ah It., Lev I. Hinilit.i y
rTl tt.,0 H, N-TtiiUll b(
Ni hob , Me :tf , It iso-ir outi lieoM, ItiiHile.oii 1'ik.
W ll'.o M-s .1 Mdton
Wlnt- rs li"i. Kuphri'a t i'Imti
W.-iit'-. y, T ho-, ( I .' m.irh!ne,; N o r- .wn
1y. r, Ii M , ( l1 -n.i' 1 nt t ) v .'s t 'l.-'ale r.
NKH jkkf.y.
i s i: o'er. Itrv.I M.iliK'its.o.- , New J'-f
H'j. i' (i, ,1 I , wiihain-,1 ort
HUeKt.-ii), W m, I anierr ti n
lliiii'.'tk. J S, Kay hu a F.ltit
11 - n. Jam. Lrvh e on
rlinrc' tern. ri, Mnrhiik'ton
( lark, D A.T.ent'iii
CiH-h , J, I'l tm n
CrU, Fo, l 'nrkh 'ton b
Corn, w.Ci.iytiiii, F-lo Hsl ip
Dli'-oi". Mrs J , r.r.'teton
Dlll.ui.-, b'obi rt. It idvefnn
eton, D.iac. Horovtituwri
Duhot'. J, Kmltfctoil
Kvnr.a, J. Oitkltud Station
F Iti. 1 1 Mls. Itordi titown
Fitch, .Imnfi, in land
Field- r. (1 W, !ll;f taiiMvn
Faiklnbur-, A'.il, Itui 1:iY'"D
s r 11 , lie. , I isbn ble
I'atiRio k. J II. HurihiHton
llinchtioiii, M, Chirks opoili
)':i'. H F, I U mhul. u
llai urd, Jrhn, I'.nnb alow 11
Haines, Mit: tha, KhI iiiP dnt
Lai. mi, J M, Hitieui
J.nkms.D W, Vlnel.ind
Kerr, Wm J, Mount Ho'lf
Lippit cott, A T, CUniatnonson 1
1 ipplin ott, J K, Hnd loutle.d
I.Ipl Imotl. John, Cr-Mr.wl.-ka
Milti-an. Mrs, Haddontltld
Muliord. J. Br dctnii
Ivdri. k.Char,ei, I'ecrh'ktown
I'aiMn A Mount, He-h'.-tow n
I'h.tro, Miu rt, Ttickerton
Fenioek, M H, Loim a Coua.n.'
Fettit, Mra 1-, I lyrenro
Ferder, liurh-s, No s I Ferry slrc-M, rrei:'(in
Hti ph 11 aen, New Brunswick
tttouh'cr.Mrs, ( ilaaaboro'
W (odwa.rd, Thoo, Mtlford
WoodrulT, F D ItndKtou
Weatl.erly, Mary, -Mill. tea Hill
It. II, W M. Smyrna
Itudd.J D, Mid-lietown
Cornlt, Mrs Chnilei, Delaware 'lty
(Mrtion, J bn, Delnwure elty
Knon, Thomas, Odessa
F ItGerald, M, DehtwHrn city
Hadawuy. Clara, (3 ) Wiltnltmton
Janvier, W iiliiim K, HttUorncs
Lncb, Anio, Mldtlletown
l.ecM'iu. K M, Ilavtrlord Township
Mavw 1 11, Airs, Ee.uware city
tauudera. John W. Lewes
Wicl-e. bt nm, 11 N, Wilmington
Allen , Mrs D M, Jamcatow c, N Y
If mt, Dr William 11, Washington, D C
Benson, F T, HojdH'aV, Md
Cltlna' Volunteer Ilop;al, Fhlladclphiu
Carfou.Ctii talu, Wu-liintfton, l (J
Cruikhaiik, Mist CccFtown, Md
Clements, David t'heste mile, Md
CairiUKtoii Jfc Seynit ur, (J ) Fulton, N Y
Cafl.ero, Cap.aln (J,) Italy
F.vans, Fred, WushiuK'on, D C iett, tieoTe L, Council Haiti, Iowa
Hull', J, :i,) acatocui. Mexico
Joi:es.Mrs J, Adams Centra, N Y
Jones, Fbin, Adums, Centre, N Y
I.oialo.Ciiptaln V 8 A, Weal Fuint,N Y
N e, A F, Mdiletta, Ohio
D Dilaroll, M.a. Cincinnati. O
IMeitlcr, Mrs K, Wehinxtnn, DO
Fipi r. Jot n, I. ne 11, Illinois
Itiifn-'luro, L. Fi.i Italy
Ko;ertA Ouk.ey, No sit Peotl street, N Y
Niueallle, Itev James. ( I,) Da enpori, K Y
1 racy, H C, Alexandria, IrK'iita
W.'In,ilry Brutbcra, (IU machines,) Haltimore, Maryland
tV AT peraons havlni; d-.uhts about what Sewing Mu
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s'.riictlona given without charge.
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1'hi.i,hisam ls hviioN We are lost im amaxeuaui
w hen we look around us and contemplate the numerous)
inveutions and Improvements that hive been made III
labor tu Ting nine iluer) within the last lew yean. To
ennmertte ll e wonders that bavo been aoc-ompllshed to
thihMirtitlofi would, ihdetd, be a herculean task. Could
our fnrcfutliers leave their peaceful graves, and revisit the
scenes of this "mmdaiie sphere," they would certainly
think they bad inat'.e a mistake, aud had eoltjn Into
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lloiior and tbanka, then, t the u -b'C iu a who have be-
imathttlto ua and p- eterhy iuuh liteailojablc blessings,
and rerdeied labo: a p eamiie rather tbn a drudgery
L t "Mc'biiton auu hla ateam engine," "Fulton and hi I
t an boat, ' 'Mono umi hla tele rapli," "McCormlek and
b' reaper, ' "iic.,dyear and hla ruboer K-iods," "Hoe .itid
hla pieas,' und all the liivcntois amt inventions that have
contributed so vuMly to the coii.ioit and prohperlty of the
liutioiiaoi tl e em th, ever bo held In ttra et ui remembrance-.
To them are due univciaul tluiuka! And let the "g-Mitler
aex " the lair dunchtorn of America, e-p ciall' uui:e la
tpnalnK tlieir Krutiliu'e to one w ho, anxious to emanci
pate them from oithiutit toil, and ath-i'd them opporiunity
tor In tilt lit ul recicition and lntt 11 liuproveonent,
,'tnn.'li d w 111. i nt tl r. uli inuny uiry mouths in tho
pursuit -f hla - Ik ridded oieet-. t ili- iu ever remember
1 luia llovt e, Jr., it 11 4 hth w omtertnl i vv ,uy M;i. hine,
Ot all muihrn liiM-i.liona 110110 have proved mre fin
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have be n inoie fcin-i t ptihle to iiupiuve:aviit F. r yeare
hlierita lutiodiicuoii, tbough e oonautlv autiiceted to I111
pr,if n t nt In the l.aiuU 01 bkilbii ; It retained cer
tain crude, hupeih ct leutiires th a uutit:ed It lr geiiernt
uditptH'iou, Ihu time and talent hive triumphed, snl to
the "Hi renco Sew ing Marli nu C tiupuny,' of l oreme,
Miaa- biiM'tis, be. 01 ik a tho honor ot producing the tir&t
iu ftvt Sev imj ifarmifi u uia- blnu that as ttir excels it
cot u.po'arie as a chronometer does tho old woodeu
cloek, or nu Kile railroad locomotive doc a Conestova ix
cait ! Indeed, Bogi tat ii our faith in the "Fi.Mti.M'K" that,
were the ciiterpmiDk mmnii'.u turciatoluvoke us tor an lu
icriptlou lor ill "eoat of arms," we should doclare "tho
A nte of Prrt'ertion" the moat appropriate.
liuudteds of the "Ki outscK'' are now in practical opera
tioii In FlTladeldiia ai.d vK lulty, and II thrones of people,
busy c'orks. and runs ul cases awaiting trattportatln,bo
at all indicative of prosperity, then uuat the "Fi.okescb"
Cr mpany be on the bigh road to lortuue, for their sales
rooms daily prmeut ouoof the must active, business-like,
acetic In our city.
In conclusion, w e would advlao all those who f -el aa
Iuteiet luihe "wonders oj the nineteenth century'' to
visit the "Iflotenee ' aalesrooms, at Xo ti 10 Chesuut afreet,
and examine what may Justly be tenuid the perfection oi
BowiPfc Machine.