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1 V
1 Candidates of the Peace Democracy
to be Nominated.
Another Convention to bo Hold
Nfw Wovfnifnl,
Tree Ihe Kexe fork Dally etr$.
i We arc happy in being able to state that pre
J llmlnary steps am being taken by the friends of
I Peace to call a National Convention of tho
i mocrary, to place in nomination candidates lr
1'ieaidetit and Vice-President.
. Islaora-nnlintloii.
frm the N. T. haily Sen.
i The It'orM, a jonrnul that claims to be Dcuio
- cratic, lays down in yesterday's issue a new plat-
form. Ignoring altogether tlie platform laid
k down by tbe National Convention, it has placed
' In It leading column, at fall length, that otll -er't
letter of acceptance, under the head of "McClol
' lan't riatform." This repudiation of the rogit
f lariy ennneiated doctrines of tbe party in favor of
d me aruttrnry tlirtn of an individual, is one ot the
L tnos t extraordinary act. of disregard of party dis-
vidimus; sum wtj uisve ctoi anuvvii iii mu cniu Ol
a journal that claims aluatico with the Ucmo
, cr.icy.
Oar Ponlllon.
I from Ihe .V. J'. Daily Meict,
a at is am our purpura to ins wiiuiunwn m mis
' assailants of the Democratic war press, or tlie
canmuate wnom tney are supporting, In the
' temper and spirit with which it deems their policy
to attack the proprietor of this journal,
j Nevertheless, it is no part of our intention to
lit quiet under personal denunciation and slan-
dcr, nor shnll we permit ourselves to he disturbed
I In the maintenance of the great principles aiminst
I which Ocnenil MeClellnn and his advocates have
. arrayed themselves, by any squcamishness as to
the pain which well deserved blows mny Inllirt
upon the candidate or his followers. If General
WcClellan is wrong at all, he Is grievously and
I faulty wrong, and wrong with deliberation and
j foreknowledge. We believe biio to be so, and
; he is not entitled to be spared.
Tho World of yesterday, with characteristic
' duplicity and feebleness, attempts to delude its
' readers Into tbe belief that tbe great and the only
, objection of the peace party and ourselves to
General McCiellan ts what it calls "his Union
" ism," or, as it otherwise is styled, the "invincible
, tenacity with which he holds fast to the Union."
No one knows better than the editor of tbe World
' that this is a dishonest and nn worthy clap-trap
f a disreputable perversion of an issue which it has
, not the manliness fairly und openly to meet.
' Tho question between peace men and the war
' party has never been, and is not now, a question
, of nnion or disunion. No men have more curn-
. ehtly, patriotically, and persistently struggled
' lor the Union than the advocates of the peace
( policy. They have adopted thut policy hcc.mso
, they nave believed war to be certain disunion,
and have teen In puritlc counsels and the cossa
P tion of carnnge the only hope of anion ever
a urrcn.i cor. it ib true mwy are nut now sanguine
t enough to see, even in peace, an absolute
!. certainty that the huppy tics which once bound
ns togctucr win be re-ostahlisued as ot
old, but they do believe that peace will rcstoro
j them, sooner or later, if anything can, and tbiit,
at all events, the nearest possible appro-timation
to their re establishment will be secared by its
blessed and healing influences. To thut part,
- therefore, of General McClollan's letter which
' promises to exhaust tbe peaceful resources of
statesmanship and civilization for the restoration
i of the Union, the Peace party has responded with
T its whole heart and unanimous voice.
' If Oenerul JlcClellan has developed any genu
V Ino "Unionism" at all in his letter, it is in the
I portion referred to, and from that no word of dis
I sent has been uttered by this journal, or by any
I other which spcuks the feelings of tlie Peace De-
.. Bui the advocates of oeuco are wedded to a
principle which goes side by side with, ami is in
separable from, their devotion to tbe Union the
DrfAt nrini-inlsi f.f finlf.frnvprttntAtit ttiA rnnun.
crated American principle, that all legitimate
government is derived from tho consent of tbe
governed. Heating upon this, which they believe
to be the lii-torical coruer-stone of ihoir free in
stitutions, they believe the idea of a Union
.brought ubout by force to bo, Intrinsically, a pro
fligate absurdity.
They belicse'thnt war can never re-build the
blessed fabric raised for us by our fathers, which
the blo dy hands of fanaticism and violence
have alrondy shattered into ruins. They believe
that we cannot fight free men into loving us :
I that we Cttnnot beat and chain them to dwell
with us; that we cannot slaughter and trample
them into brotherhood wiih us, and that, even If
we conlrt, we should be iiumcasurubly more infa
mous than they.
The Peace Democracy believe, further, that
the armed coercion of States is a constitutional
j heresy, and that it cannot be consummated with'
t out striking a vital blow at the first principles of
I the Federal compact, and consolidating a despot
isi t Washington, In the stead of the benignant
am mi ted power which was meant to foster the
peuc ul Union of happy and consenting Status.
S Thf. 1 Punitifllfiiiii u an urmin nf Uta l.iti,m
, ... ) ' n " ' ...u v
s Tlpninprttcr. 7Vjj limlu Vmci Ifia navni-
I ceased to promulgate and defend. They are
the solemn creed ol the good men and true
for whom it speaks, i'rery went of lite accurted
war tchifi it upon ua, ha illustrated and continued
t their truth, and if the World onrf it cnreliyionists
Z in blood had dedictrft d themtelreg to the support of
; such principles, instead of scattering the infernal
S feed) if lnti'uuri!yand lute, we should i'4 now beat
the melaHchc'y point, where the Democratic ;wrf
ana us eantnauce are atspmtna, wtin arioutumism
and Us representative, the palm of di lation to a
. policy oj trier minuiwii. it e vse lut tunauaye
f deliberately and adrineilli. General MeClcllaii's
t words ai d purposes cannot be mistaken or mis
t understood. After piouiising to "exhaut the
I f cation, from the exclusive doty which we one to
t I tlie great cause of humanity and peace. Nor do
I we propose at any time, except la so fur as mar
t be absolutely unavoidable, to strike at our
moment. liv neraoiuil resentments or en f.vlm
J i rc"""a" ' statcsniausuip to re cstaotisn tue
J "If a frank, earnest, and persistent effort to ob-
f tain those objects should tan, the responsibility
ior uncriur coimriiieuiCB win iuii upon mose wuo
remain in arms against the Union, but the
Union must be preMi vod at all ha.ards.'
i To what "uhcrlnr consequences" does he
11 allude, and to what " hazards f" He means
war, and no honest man wilj pretend tbnt he
I mians anj thing else. IfTe had been trank,
(be would have used the word. He means that
if he cannot reconstruct the Union by nego
tiation nay more, to use bis own language in
J anoitur pan of his letter if the people of tbe
I bomb aie not "reudy tor peace, on the basis
f of the Union, as a condition precedent to no-'o-.
tiation the conseUenees will be upon their own
( bends," und ho will m ike wur upon them until
Mbi.y yield. They may have solemnly declared,
' oy htatetjonveiitious or otherwise, thut thoy will
not re-enter into a common (iovernmcnt with us ;
j the peoplo nmy be as tlxed and unanimous us
their leuihrs; they may have resolved to have
i independtuue or death, as Mr. Davis has recently
declared ; still, (lenrral UeVteUan is pledged iu
oret throw their resoli es bu Hie and twoi d. lie is
j plcdyid to liyht and slay ihem till they turremler
I the prineijAe of choosiny their own fi rm of (Jul -rrtimtnt.
lie is pieilyed to an interminable strife,
if there is permanent resistance, lie is pu tlip d to
carnaye una aerostation vi nu me appliances
i of ruirl and overthrow, which are wiilun the
I'hs.urdt" and curses of civil conilict. lie his
y fixed no point, but Union, at which he will stay
the tide of blood.
To a policy so wicked, so inhumanly absurd
wit cannot nor can any pein e Democrat subscribe
without rcnegautng from every conviction und
from every instinct of self-resjiLCt. We should
be false to ull that we have learned and
all thut we have taught, if we were no
to spin n and denounce it, come what may. We
covet, sincerely and unleutly, the unity of the
Democratic party, but no cannot cotin-e
and we will have no part in its dcmoraii.n'.iuu
and disgrace. We do not believe General
McClelluu's sentiments to tie those of the parte.
AA'n L-TWkur tliar t...v u r. in I.a.., mn,..n .nljni
ithe spirit and meaning of the party-pla'.foriii,
and we are lure that they cannot be nude to
1' comiiiand the sunction of the party except by
' aopbislry and fraud. These, it shall be our bust
.. bus and it is our duty to unmask und to thwart.
John A. Lowell, of Huston, has made a rcgii
tlon bull of silver, appropriately engraved, and
valued at $150, to be contested for by the base
ball clubs of New England, the winners to hold
the ball till beaten.
A perfect Laud, formed of nimbus clou Js, in
, an otherwise cloudless sky, w.s seen at HldJe
i, ford, Maine, on Wednesday night. It appeared
in a northwesterly direction, and the fingers
jiltl eastward toward the tenitU.
To Take Place Next Monday.
Nisrrlal to The Evening TcloKrih.
IIarrisiivro, September 1,1. An otflcial des
patch received hore to-day from Provost Marshal
General Fry, fixes next Monday for the draft in
Pennsylvania. We will have some twenty thou
sand men to supply.
Details of Friday's Success.
nrwrlM to Th Evening Telegraph.
I Wasiiinoton, September 13. Tnemall-stcamcr
Daniel Webster, from City Point, reports the situ
ation at the front unchanged since Friday night.
In the tight on that day we raptured ninety pri
soners, and killed a considerable number of the
enemy. Our loss was fifteen killed, wounded,
and missing, Including three olllcers.
We still hold the skirmish line captured that
night, and the enemy has shown no disposition to
make another contest for It.
Ei(jht Ttebcl deserters from Hill's corps came
up on tho Daniel Webster. The recent order of
General Grant, ollcring protection to deserters;
from the Ilebcl army, and promising to furnish
them with employment out of the reach of tho
Confederate authorities, has had an excellent
effect, and squads of them como in daily.
The Rebel olllcers experience great difficulty In
keeping their men upon picket posts, for they
generally embrace that opportunity to desert.
The Oold Mnrket.
Nbw York, September 13. Gold opened this
morning at 218 and at 12 o'clock stood at 223.
Special Despatches to Evening TelPRraph.
Washijcotov, Ssptomlicr 13.
Ne Army mws,
The City Point boat brings no nrmy news.
Governor Andrew and Governor Smlth,of Ver
mont, urrived to-day.
There is nothing new from Sheridan.
The Victory la Miilne.
A despatch from Congressman Blaine, to Mr.
Stanton says Maine's Union majority is larger
than that of last year, and that all the Union Con
gressional candidates are elected.
tieneral Mnrnlon III.
General Mais ton lies daugcruusly ill at Wil
son's Landing.
Tall And ia:hnni.
A private despatch received here to-day states
that Vallnmlilmm considers all Is lost. Rightly
interpreted, this means that all is snfe.
Vnlou Meetinir.
An enthusiastic meeting of the Lincoln and
Johnton Campaign Club was held last night, and
measures were taken for active demonstrations
during the campaign.
Taxes In North 4'nrolinn.
Messrs. Ficncb, Totter, and Sholcs, Tax Com-mi-sioncrs
for North Carolina, uro receiving their
instructions from the Treasury Department, and
expect to leave for that State next week.
KorrcKt nt Motille.
Information has been received here that the
notorious guerilla Forrest has tinned up with his
command at Mobile. This will prevent his cap
ture by Sherman.
Veteran Corp.
Men will nut In future be enlisted into the
Veteran Reserve Corps unless they have served
two years in the Army or Marine Corps, and are
unfit for active field service.
Paying Noldiera rirat.
Contractors tire pressing their claims upon
the Treasury, but tho Government is determined
to pay off the soldiers before all others. This
cause a temporary delay in tho payment of
General I'remonf.
Information, deemed trustworthy, is received,
to the effect that General Fremont has placed his
letter of withdrawal in tho bands of his friends,
who will make it public at the proper time, and
that before long.
Ijtnd Stale.
A certificate of dcpo-lt just roceived at the
general I-and QHlce shows Hint, during the pre
sent month, tbe Receiver of Public Moneys at
Marquette, Michigan, has deposited 81H,tH.5-32
on account of sales of public lauds.
Knglnea fur Uiinltoat.
The whole force at tbe extensive machine
shops in tbe Navy Yard, heretofore nt work upon
largo guns, are now excliisivclv employed upon
engines for gunboats, a very I. tie double engine
being now in hand.
From Umnl.
Colonel Dowers, Adjutant-General of Grant's
Stnli, arrived at II o'clock lat night, twenty-four
hours Irom tho Army of the Potomac, on short
leave of absence. Everything quiet around
Petersburg. The army is renorted in capital
-pit its and condition. The s earner on which
Colonel liowers came was nearly foundered in a
ftiit in.
A delegation of influential gentlemen from
Mirsouri are now in the city, r bo think they will
bo able to hurmonl.e all local differences batweou
the Claybacks and HadicaU of the State. They
have had an interview with the President, which
has been most cordial ana satisfactory. The
executive branch of the National Union Com
mittee is now in session here, completing the
work of organising fi r the Presidential cauvuss.
Chungem lu the Oriluauce Ilnrenii.
The delay of the War Department announcing
the late changes in the Orduanco Bureau grows
out of a claim made by certain ollicers to bo pro
moted to the position of chief, who have been
overslaughed by the proposed nomination, of
Major Dyer. It is understood that the War De
partment hius decided adversely to the claim, and
that tlie orders reorganizing that bureau will at
once be promulgated. .
4 otlon Trade.
Parties who arrived from New Orleans by the
last steamer are endeavoring to obtain a modifi
cation of the policy of tho Government in regard
to the cotton trade in Rebel districts. They
allege thut panics would dispose of their stock
to Yankees, nnd thus woaken the basis of the
Confederate loan. Secretury Stanton U, how
ever, firmly opposed to tbe business.
l ort Stunner i
Colonel Dana, of the 143d Pennsylvania Regi
ment, who bus just returned front under lire at
Charlcton, reports that he was assured by par
ties who had been out to Fort Sumter, that it was
rapidly settling, and iu a very short time it was
believed the water would enter the lower tier of
embrasures. It is a fact well-knowu to our en
gineers that this fortification was erected npon
quite a thin point of sand, which strata of sand
rested upon a toft, pulpy mast of dvbrU.
Riwonr.n withdraw!, of ukk-
Ni.w York, September 13. It is said that
Ocnenil Frcmout has placed in General Cluse
rct's hands a letter withdrawing his name from
tho Presidential canvass, and giving as bis
reason for so doing the well knawn thesis, that
any success on his part would only injure the
Union party, and assist the Democrats. It il
supposed that this letter will appear in the ir
at ion on Snturday next.
politico in tm.srrK miv. Churtkr, Reptcnihcr :J. The Chester
county Nominating Convention is now In session
here. Tbusfarthcy have nominated J.M. Broom
all, for Congress, and have voted to support In
conference, the Montgomery county nominee for
State Senator. For Assembly, Dr. Nathan A.
Pcnnypackcr, and William B. Waddoll have been
Market ty Telea-rah.
Nr.w York, September 11. Flour tlrm. Sales
o' 14 hhln. $ i o I.V for Ht!, I(I .'.-SIS I.T
lih-o. nd Silri.M fr Coutn.rn. Whnit i't.i .
Willi Ulllliipuliint osli'S. I rn tl;' .'.I.OMi Imi-Ih'Im IK)lil
at SW.i'i. Hrfrlull. rork tt-at r ; isle nf I MS) tihl. at
c. I."-. f.r n.-w. Lara lU-.tlj at a.i-ci.'.T.c. Wiunky
It.'lv si tl Ml.
htr-li'ta Of Flout, 7ncO bbli. ; Wheat, Ji"0 bil.htl-;
l rn, H7.HO lul.l..
Nkw Yoiik, September 11 Clilciuro and
Itccli IhIkihI, Iiii.S, ; : rnnilii riand prt'tcrn-il S '1-, ; tl tictt
ivntrut. l.'i;; MIi'IiIkbii MtMithiTti, 7'4; Svw Ynrli (v.
trnl. i lii-H.nim, I?;',; iiui.n ICIvcr, ill . rani n
I n,.'1.'! Krlc, l".(l, , tiiii'-vrar Ortirti nt,-.. !U; I'rv iMurr
;"M, tic, t Kits 1 wrnlj O ui'ims lie., ; Coiii'ua auU Iti
Klttileil i . II.
BstTtMoiiF, September 1:1. Flour very dull;
Hnlrs el Ohio nt Slvm H lO. tt lcnt .lull and vcryliemi:
new red, S."V;,;;i'.'.ft; niiv wl.itf, f.' r... Corn .lull au.t
clr.-opiij' : .die. of wluto Nt f 1 s.t.,i.t s.v ; ami Si i lor
.ii-l, o. Wlil-ky dull ami, at SISIoil'V,
Krit's inacUve, wltli a ilonnwanl ttoai ucv.
Virginia to SuLTor Severoly.
From Ihe Richmond Eiamiur, .,'Vmert.
The news is important. The enemy's campaign
In Georgia Is llnished for the present. That im
mense army which left Chattanooga four months
ag:o is 'buttered. Although mecessfiil, it can do
nothing more until heavily reinforced, rested,
tupplli d ith new clothing, arms, and ammuni
tion. It must remain at Atlanta till completely
reorganized ; and that is n work which cannot bo
effected iu a day, nor in a month.
Hut tho campaign in Virginia is not llnished.
The full of Atlanta Is the signal for a desp-.-ralo
etfort against Ki. hmond. Ail the troops of the
Mississippi are in motion towards Virginia.
General Grant announces tbnt be wants one hun
dred thunsand fresh men to capture Richmond;
but with those fresh troops he will certainly suc
ceed. That lie will get the troops Is quite probable.
It is still more probable that ho will expend tbe
force under his hand in an immediate, desperate
(ftort to push his lines through the South-sido
We hope that It Is needless to call attention to
these prospects. We hope it Is still more need
less to dilute on the importance of holding our
own in Virginia at this time. It is easy to d i it
easier than ever before, If no fatal blunder is
made by the Government.
W an ti ll. One lliindreil Thoimrtiul Men.
from the Richmond Examiner, September t.
Wanted, a hundred thousand men! only one
hundred thousnnd ! Just thu little mutter of a
hundred thousaud men is all thut is required to
finish up completely and handsomely this job ot
subjugation. What are a bundled thousand
human cattle ? It is a mere triilc ; it is all that
General Grant demands.
What a slander to speak of that excellent man
ns a bntehcr! What a rebuke to his Copper
headed rcvilers is this little cull of his for only a
hundred thousand more! It would take lilm
fully a forlnik'ht to get them all slaughtered
only a fortnight; let him do his host; and he
promises ihut this trilling requisition shall be his
last positively his vory last.
Who will grudge the glorious Grant so trilling
a hecatomb as this hundred thous ind more mere
human beings, counting negroes and foreigners,
(ivc him just this many more, and think uf the
return. Tbe glorious Union will be saved all at
the inconsiderate cost of this dimiuiitive addition
to the slaughtered little million or two already
buried In this war.
Since King Richard's advertisement for a horso,
never has there been such a chance for saving a
kit gdom at a small cost. What was a horse to
a king What are a hundred thousand men to
Stanton and Grant T It is only a fow thousand
more men than Wellington or llonnp trte bad at
Waterloo. And what woro those little Napoleonic
wars to tlie grand alfnir which engages the atten
tion of the universal Yankee nation ?
A hundred thousand are only ubout as many
troops as Marlborough ever commanded ; ttie
man who conducted some campaigns iu F.urope
which the vain glorious English are iu the habit
of exalting into undue importance. This lust
demand is only for double as many men, or such
a mutter, as thut roving bandit Ca-sar was in the
habit of taking with him in bis raids into Ger
many, Gaul, and Britain
Kveiybody knows that the Yankee nation is
mightier than any potentate of antiquity, and yet
it is notorious thut Xerxes crossed Into Greece
with at least ten times as many peoplo as Grant
now demands to be sent over to Petersburg; und
(s Xerxes to outdo Lincoln,
wlini a reasonable demand is this! A hun
dred thousand men to complete the capture of
Richmond, a town of thirty thousand inhabi
tants, the capital of Rebellion, now absolutely
and without any further doubt, on Its very last
h gs. biuce A. Lincoln called out his first seventy
live thousand militia, and beniguuntly advised
the Rebels to disperse, the proipect has never
been so good of crushing out tho Rebellion.
This positively last und merely supplemental
requisition for recruits is only twenty-hve thou
sand greator than the original army prepared for
suppressing the insurrection in a campaign,
"short, sharp, and decisive," which was not t
last, by nny possibility, longer than "ninety days."
The Yankees never were deceived by their Gov
ernment. Kvery one of its long chain of pro-mi-ts
has been realized to the letter.
It is, therefore, a moral as well as mathemati
cal certainty that the Rebellion is to go under
with the forwarding of this last squad of a hun
dred thousand reinforcements to Grant. Slier
man has taken Atlanta, and thus hall the Rebel
bun is extinguished. Grant calls fur a little
mure help to take Richmond and to extinguish
the other half only a hundred thousand men.
Well, the North will supply this lust cull; the
Administration at Washington will raise these
reinforcements; they cannot utford to fall in so
lnqiortarit a maitcr; a thousand million of dollars
u year in patronage tor four years, are at stake;
und what me a hundred thuuund lives to faur
thousand millions, or even a wentieth pin t of tho
nun r 'ihe men will bo furulshed; but what
then? Lid the tirst army of sevctitv-livc thou
sand men subdue the South ?
Did thu two millions of men subsequently
iec rultcd accomplish the undertaking Are we
then to lull under the on-et of a hundred thou
sand recruits, Inferior in every moral aud phy
sical uttribu.e to the hosts thut preceded thuin
Such contingency is not pOfsiWc. lint we have
sattd our cuuse heretofore by standing manfully
to our duty. The tame recipe every man to his
post will save us uguin.
It is commonly said that Admiral Farra,'tlt
is the first commander on record who during a
battle stationed himself at tho masthead. This
ih a popular error, und it is but simple .iu-tkv to
state that it is claimed for General MeClullan
that during the battle of Meh em Hill he occu
pied a similar position uu one ot the gunboats on
the James river.
M. Gustave d'Fiehthal has published in Taris
a pamphlet on the Greek language, iu which he
maintains by vurlous Ingenious reasons that the
Greek lunguugo would be admirably titled for an
international universal language. In order to
attain this end, modern Grtek, which dillors but
little from the ancient, should be taught iu
tcbouls with its proper pronunciation, which
is very nearly tbe same us that which
pre vailed in the classical times ; und
ihis, the author thinks, would bo sufficient
to place in the hands of tho coming gene
ration lu ull ciwll.ed countries the Ine-tiinuble
treasure of a universal language, calcilated to
nici t every requirement of tbe human Intellect.
A somewhat analugous system hut been urged by
Prolessor liluekio, of (ilargow, to do away with
the Inconvenient effects resulting from the Un
gual troubles of ihe builders of the tower of ilabel.
N w Yoiik, September i:t. The steamer finis.
c(, from Havana on the Kth Inst., has arri ed,
with dates from the city of Mexico to the '.huh
ult. and Vera Cm?, to the 1st.
General Mejla entered Victoria City, and w as
jo'ntd by the troops froniTampico tinder Gem ml
It a reported In Vera Cruz that General
tnqiiay bad defeated a party of Juurists near S.i.
tello, losing, amonpst others, his Chief of Artil
taftn - -
(iencial Mejia'it said to be marching on Mata
niortiB. B Various skirmishes arc reported In which the
French are usually victorious, but no reliance
can be placed in these reports.
The Mcxii'an vessels t.iherador aad il rinmo
had been captured otf Manr.anillo.
a It unreported that the Russian fleet in tho Pa
cific has been ordered to rendezvous ut Ac ipulco,
and salute tbe new Mexican flag.
The Spaniards are not making any more head
way in Santo Domingo than tho French are in
Mexico. They sudor severely from slcknes.
The Reliels at Puerto Fluta had been attacked
and driven out of their formications, losing ten
guns; on the other hum!, the Rebels say they lost
only one gun, nnd hold three forts.
A cargo of sluves was successfully landed n ur
Remedies lust wik.
Bt. Lot ih, September 13. Tho officers on
honrd of the despatch boat, which arrived at
Cairo yesterday, report that fifteen hundred
Rebels ure concentrated at the mouth of the
Red River.
I'lltR IN nANSiAt III NF.rr4.
Woucr.HTF.u, Mass., September 13. The retort
house and coal shed of the Worcester Gas Com
pany were burned last night. Twenty-live thou
sand dollars worth of cotl was destroyed.
PiTTsiii RO, September 13. Ex-Governor Big
lcr has been nominated for Congress in Clearlield
Slrclnl to The Trlr(rrrh.
Wariiinotsih, September 11.
Nrrrrlarjr Nraaril.
Secretary Seward has returned to Washington
from bis visit to the North.
The Treamnry.
There It official anthority for contradicting tho
report that Secretary Fessenden had decided to
place a temporary loan of $ 0,000,(X)() in the
niai tot.
Th New I-oiin.
A revision of the bids for the Loan of 1831 shows
that the whole amount is taken at a premium of
four per cent, and upward. The large amount
hid was exceedingly gratifying, ai tho Treasury
Department hud not dared to hope for an aggre
gate of more than forty-five millions. Tho de
livery of bonds began yesterday, nnd will bo con
cluded In two days. Many large successful bid
ders arc paying back Interest from July 1 Id coin,
so that their bonds may begin to draw Interest
from tbnt date.
RtllliiK Ohl Thlrly-Twoi.
A number of the old 32 pounders are now being
rilled at the arsenal. These guns are not rein
forced, as was proposed tome months siuco by
the Ordnance Bureau; and their endur
ance, even if they were, is considered doubt
ful by skilled mechanics. It has been
long established that these guns arc. un
serviceable without reinforcements, and tho ques
tion naturally arises, w hat otllco is responsible
for proposing and ordering this change 1 It Is to
be hoped thut none of them will bo mounted in
our forts, lest our soldiers should suffer more
fiom the bursting of them than from the enemy's
What Irora Met ielliin Nuat
Considerable curiosity is manifested hero to
know what General McClcllan means by tho fol
lowing sentence in bis letter of acceptance :
"The Union is the one condition of peace we
usk no more." Is it to bo understood by this
that if the Rebels will agroo to live with us
again in the Union, the people of tho North
will surrender all the principles for which
they have been fighting for the past four years ?
that they will return to their masters all the
negroes emancipated during the war? that they
will assume the Confederate war debt ? that
they will Indemnify Rebels for losses occasioned
by tbe war ? that they will agree to Jeff. Davis'
tproposltion that the minority must rule? or is
he expression intended simply at a "glittering
generality f" General, please explain.
The tophomoros of Harvard displayed their
indignation at tbe suppression of their annual
game of football by the Faculty last Monday
evening by a procession round their playground,
a mock funeral of their favorite gamo, a transpa
rency, and a small skirmish with tho freshmen
und faculty, In which some of the college olllcers
were slightly bruised.
Stah or Tukkuomktbr To DAT. Six A. M.,
57. Noon, 51). One P. M. .Vj. Wind, North.
Sai.kb or Ukai. F.htatk, Etc. The following
sales of Real F.stutc, He, were madu to-day, ut
the Philadelphia Kxchangc, by Thomas & Sons,
auctioneers :
9ll?:i tmiidv I'amiten nnd Atnbjy Ifailroadi'ouiaany.due
lit Hrpttuil or, thiil. Il'-.
'V.-n hliiut'b tli und Tup be nil-Anthi'S'-lte Toul Co., fs .VI.
.fin do ilu dn do I'MiJ'j.
6U0 do tin ad lop InJi-rtivi-niPiit Ctiiupdny, 'i'7.,.
i ti, aiiiM-rh' and -Mf liHiilcs' Land and ItiitiditiK
Atsociutliui (itratz etat).t l
1 llmteAiadeaiy ol sn e Art. fill W.
1 do Man iiiitliP l.llaary 1 omimnT. ttl 'iO.
Tim a. .'ot v orick linuLiug, 'iMrtosulu struct, north ot'
Oliin. Slleo. . .
i l.iei-.i. rv brim Imolllutf, 2o. 1110 Marvin airuit.
hv.ld. ncs. with !arc I ol. R' E. corni-r of r rty. fourth
and Eaiilr strei-m. Wol 1'l.ila.lPlplila. ll,'JO B: !.
'oor mory luli'K .lore and dwelling:, No. l.qy Locust
strfH, .l ol Twi'ltUi .Oct, wltli 2 llirue-slory buck
dHfllins''1 in 'ho ri ar, SVI o bid.
f our iloiy buck building, Nu. ,i N'urih Second street,
I.wcliine, No. IMS franklin street. t'ilCd bid.
three .tiny ittoio and iivelmiy. No. Hit 8. fourth
sir et. tJHHrtiut.
Ttnei -.tory brick store and dwelling, N. W. Cornor
t'umili iiuil Hi. kor..m alreel., .7m hid.
Coal l,au.4s. riuc'uroie aud Iteilly low inlilps, Schuylkill
county, fa., lol pa sue.
Biunkv'8 fiiiAiirsiiooTKits. Colonel J. W.
Moore has succeeded in filling his regiment of
sharpshooters, to be attached to General bit tiey's
eommund. 1 he Colonel recruited .'too men ovor
his number. These he will transfer to Major
Brisco, of General Diruey't staff, who is now in
this citv, for the purpose of raining a regiment of
sharpshooters. Colonel Moore recruited his
legiinout with great rapidity.
The Dkaft. Orders have been received fruit
Washington to enforc the draft in Pennsylvania
on Monday next. The different wards in this
city which are deficient in their quotas, should
go to work und eudeuvor to furnish as many
volunteers as possible. Tho city Is yet deficient
several thousand men, and renewed exertions
will have to be made if we wish to escape the
Railway Tost Orputs. Tho railway post
i fllce will go into operation this week between
New York and Washington. If the plan work
well, the post ollloe ears will be introduced ou all
the piiridubi railroad, 1 (be country.
Soldiers' Union Camcaion Clvb. Last
evening a monster mass meeting of officers and
privates of the, army was held at Sanson Street
Hall, for the purpose of forming an organlratioa
to be a component part of the Union Campaign
Club. The hall was crowded at an early boar,
and a majority i.f tho audience constated of
soldiers who e we ithcr-beatcn and scarred faces
piocliilmeil them to be veterans who hud faithfully
find devotedly baoled for the honor of their coun
try. Aftor a short steech had been m ule by the
Pfosldi tit, Colonel Wm. A. Gray, Major Sellers,
of the 00th Pennsylvania Volunteers, read a
series of resolutions, In w hich the present Admin
istration was fully endorsed, ami the wish ex
pressed that It might be continued. Then fol
lowed speeches by C'n plain ls.uvc Neil aud I.;eu
tennnt l . Reeves, fjrmcily of tho Uh Penn
sylvania Regiment.
The follow ing Committee of Superintendence
was next announced by the President: Colonel
P. ('. I'.lltniiker, Colonel John F. Glenn, Maor
Richard Kills, Majxr A. J. Sel.em, M ijor C. (,'.
Knight, Quartermaster William 1 icrs, quarter
master Joseph F. Ford, Adjutant J. II. Allen,
Captain J. I). Dc Haven.
Gn motion, the President was added to tbe com
mittee. The vat assemblage then adjourned with great
cheers, the line was formed, and tho march was
taken up for the Nutionul Club House, whero the
parade was dismissed.
Any soldiers or tailors dcslrons of joining the
Club may hand their names to the Janitor of the
National Club House, No. 1 lito fhi-snut street.
In a short time a room. specially prepared for the
Club, will be opened in the Commonwealth
On the 15th of next month the frigate fhatta
nooya, now under way at the ship yard of Cramp
ft Son, Kensington, will be ready for launching.
This frigate is one of four ordered by the Gov
ernment, three of which are being constructed at
the Navy Yards. Tho Chattanooia Is 11.5 feot
long, 4ii feet beam, and 24 feet depth of bold.
When In lighting trim she will draw 17 feet of
water. T he same tlrm Is also engaged in raising
the deck of the light draught monitor, built by
them, 22 Inches, so as to make her lit for service.
Four steam transports, each laO feet long and 3'J
feet hold, are under way for tho United States
Army quartermaster. 'Ibcso vessels will draw
but four leet of water, and will bp capable of con
veying n regiment, with its wagons, cannons, be.
A su am propeller of 700 tons burthen, for Fluna
gan v Co., of this city, will bo ready soon tor
launching. Two propellers for the outsido lino
fot New York, recently built by this tlrm,
are now at tho wharf receiving their machinery.
Thhss of Philadelphia. This organ I
tation is already very strong, and contains a ma
jority of those persons who write for the newspaicr
prets in this city. The editors and reporters of tho
following journals are membcrsof tho club,
ldycr, Inquirer, Vf est, Aye, S'orth American.Daiy
Xcwt, Jlulitin, TKi.KOHArit, Sunday Dispatch,
Transcript, Mircmy. German Democrat and Free
l'rtss, fimiinertial List, JUal, Programme, and
other papers and periodicals published here.
The club is now a permanent Institution,
nnd bids fair to elevate the new spoper profession
to that high position to which It Is entitled. It
bos ulready obliterated many professional jeal
ousies which, had they been permitted to con
tinue, inui-t have caused Injurious, if not danger
ous, feuds. An adjonrnod meeting of tho club
will bu held in Select Council Chamber to- morrow
(Wednesday) afternoon, for tho transaction of
tome important business.
Skventeknth Wahd Draft Mbktino. A
largo meeting of Ihe citizens of the Seventeenth
Ward wat convened last night, in tbe Harrison
School House, Muster street, below Second, to
facilitate the praiseworthy exertions which aro
being made to 1111 the deficiency of the quota iu
tlie Ward without reference to a draft. Mr.
James M'Muncs presided, and great enthusiasm
and harmony of sentiment prevailed, it being
now evident that with a continued and renewed
exertion the Ward can most assuredly be cleared.
It was reported that credit hud boen given for 11
naval recruits, and It is believed that a still greater
number will yet be credited upon additional in
quiries being made by the committee. The sum
of S UM wrs last night contributed on the spot,
and another meeting will be held on Thttrsd iy
evening next, which every citizen of the Ward
who is liable to military duty should attend.
Ahmiktant Knoinkkks op tub Fiiib Dkcaut
m ext. To-night the delegates from tho various
lire companies will meet at the hull of the Board
i i Flic Directors, and elect Assistant F.nginocrs
of the Fire Department. The following, it is
thought, will be tho result or the election :
Fiist District Terrcnce McCluskcy, of the
Moyamcnsing Ilo-c Company.
Second District JoBcpu Robinson, of the Vi
gilant Fire Company.
Third District James Adams, of the Dcatur
Fourth District Jacob Conovcr, of the Frank
lin F.ngine, of Germantown.
Filth District Hamilton Scott, of the King
tessing Hose.
Union Offickrs in Rkhkl Hands. The
recently released Union olllcers from Charleston,
who arrived in New York on Sunday, state that
on the 4th of July theie were twelvo hundred
I n Ion olllcers held as prisoners, at Mac.on,
Georgia. A voto for Mr. Lincoln being taken
among them, resulted iu the polling of one thou
sand votes. Of the twelve hundred Union
olllcers held as prisoners ut Charioton, none of
Ihem are desirous of exchange save on teruiB
that will be advantageous and highly honorable
to tbe Government. Six hundred of these ollicers
are in the jail and workhouse, the whole number
being under lire. At Savannah, Georgia, six
hundred of ourollleers are confined. In Charles
ton only three or four stores are open on that
once famous thoroughfare known as King street.
A Hi'mane Movfmfnt. A borne free to sea
men and marines, disabled In our naval service,
Is contemplated being established through the
instrumentality of the National Sailors' Fuir, to
be held in Boston the early part of next month.
The navy of the United States now consists of
not lest than 33 vessels ol all classes, and of
from SO.imiO to 00,000 olllcers and men. Ships of
large tonnage, now in the course of construction,
will greatly increase tbe number both of vessels
und men, so that in a very short time tho naval
service, at a moderate estimate, will require
h5,(ioo sailors, or nearly nine times us many us at
the commencement of the war.
An AM'Kal. The With Regiment Pennsylva
nia Volunteers, which urrived here in August
lust, and some of the soldiers belonging to the
2Hth Rcg't Pennsylvania Volunteers, who have
been at the Union Refreshment Saloon nearly
seven weeks, are not yet mustered out of the
service. Will the proper mustering-out oill or
be condescending enough to grant these men
their discharge, and (bu-allow them to visit their
wives und little ones r It is hardly courteous, to
say the lenst, that these men should tie compelled
to subsist upon the bounty of the Refreshment
Suloi ns any longer.
Samtaiiv. The National Quarantine and
Sanitary Convention will hold its tifth session In
this city on the 25th of October noxt. Theenllght
incut of public opinion on tho sutiject of health,
and the ink ption of laws calculated to conduce
to the improvement of the social, moral, and
physical health of the people, is the object had in
view by the convention. Dra. James McCree and
AVard, and Messis. Juntos Steel, Arthur Hughos,
und Peter Anubrustur, w ill art as delegates from
tho Hoard ol Health uf this city.
TiikWronos of Skwiko Women. At Kater
Hall, South street, below Sixteenth, a meeting of
sewing women was held last evening, lor tho pur
pose of encouraging the formation of Unions for
the protection of their interests. Addresses were
delivered on the subject, and mcusures adopted
to carry out the proposed object.
Smitot s Cuamoe. Three men were committed
by Alderman Pancoast, yesterday, to answer the
charge of assault and intent to kill Frederick
McCoiinlek, tlie sailor who was lotind iu an in
sensible condition ou Sunday tnoruing, at Twelfth
and Vine streets.
St iciiiK. A woman, named Julia Colbert(
forty years of ago, residing in Mortou street
above Washington lane, Germantown, com
mitted suicide yesterday by cutting her throat
with a raor. She wat laboring under temporary
Insanity at the time.
Disorderly Hoi si;. This morning James
l'ollett und bis wife, Ellen, were before Alder
man Mi Cahen, charged with keeping a disorder! v
house ut Front and Dock stieets. They wore held
to answer. Two females, also arrested in the
house, were belp to keep the peace.
Political. Concert Hall has been leased by
the friends of tbe Administration for political
purposes until the expiration of the present cam
paign. Nightly meetings will be commenced on
the 15th instant.
Tub Sixth Uniow I.p.aocb Rsoimfnt. Thi
re gimr nt now numbers over eleven hundred men,
len companies being full. It Is proposed to raise
Ave more companies and make the regiment fif
teen hundred strong. The regiment is under tbe
command of Colonel II. O. Slckel, late Colonel
of the 3d Pennsylvania Reserves.whtch organiza
tion was mustered out of service on tbe 10th of
last Juno. Colonel Slckel was the senior Colonel
of tho Army of the Potomac, and at tho time of
the pr motion of General .Meade, took command
of the latter'! division. He hat been acting ling,
d cr-Gcncral for the last two years, and has been
in the service since the commencement of the
wur. The following is a list of the stall' olllcers
ami of the line ollicers, where organisations are
complete :
r,l..n. I. II n. fWratt latf Cofana! of 3d Pa. RaKrv.'t.
1 Irutrfai.t-ColotiiO, Jofta U Murray.
Ida or. Kdwln A. lil.'iiu.
Ad mam . I. MrMin.
Vnnr.ctm.iiO r, R. K. HnUW.
HurifiHin, lleary A. Ilrlm.
An.ia ant hiify'cm, .lul.n Wnr1.
IVuarterniM.tpi'ii Mfrni'anl, Owirirs W. Dauifhrrty.
t'uIuu.t.Kai.v McrKeant, William K IIowaII.
O 'li. I'anv A Captain. John Hianton ; Kirsl ntensnt,
Ihfo. K. Vosel; HkooiiiI 1,'aiitmatit, Arthur J. t'arsff.
I'oinpMi? U -i'tipiain, John McNi'iKht: Klr.t Lieutenant,
Xilwln liMllav: teeond Lloutananl, lurtlr C 4-tnnietB.
I'oiiipsny C-l'allnln, lltMirve W. MuKiey; first Lleil
tat.nnt. The.. lMI'ct'fll; Hacond l.lriiiaoaut, rurtirt lurch.
O. nuany Captain, l.aao Kchrocdari First Lteute
nsiit, AOaiD F'au.l . aMond Lieutenant, .lain. Lt.
I'ointany K-Capialn, 1 nomas I'. Mpaehman; First
Urine iianf , Amoa if. tfeilxinscr; Becond Lifiiteuanl, Jaa,
Cemp.iny F Captutn, Powell NtAi-khnusc 1st Llenten
ant, W liltam A. Uarkin ; .M Lieutenant, (leoiTv (!. f
Cnmp.m II Cipialn. Wllhaia r . Ilunntlier; 1st Ueti
tetiBSt. John B. Souermllch! 'id Lieutenant, Jeremiah C.
Ceinpnnv H Captain, Chris. IT. It!ifiia; 1st Man
tinaiif, William Eioouinn; 'id Lieutenant. Oeorga w.
Company 1Captaln. James P. kfclHmatd : l.t Lleutan
ant.C, t Wnniinle ; yd'iilenaut, Tomi'my.
Cotiipany K - Captain, I-iilntt W, Kimbelli 1st' Lieuten
ant, Wiblaia It. Tfitu-tier; ltd LiauUiiant, l.tmrxa Januey.
Tub Colored T roots. An Interesting alfair
w ill take place at Camp William Penn on Thurs
day afternoon, in the shapo of a presentation of
flags, by the Supervisory Committee, to the trith
United Suites Colored troops, Major Bates com
manding, and the 127th United States Colored
troops. Colonel James Givin. Tbe Hags aro
decorated with appropriate designs emblematic of
the cause of freedom, and were painted by the
colored artist, Mr. Bowser. The North Pennsyl
vania Railroad have providod an excursion train
for the occasion, which will leave Berks street
station ut 1-30 P. M., returning at 6 P.M. We
understand that there are from nineteen hundred
to tw o thousand troops at this cam p. These men
would serve as an excellent reinforcement for
General Grant, and should be hurried off to the
front without any delay. Most of the ottlecra
commanding the trooot arc gruduatesof tho Freo
Military School. The Supervisory Committee
have received authority from tho War Depart
ment to organize another regiment, to be desig
nated the 41st United States Colored.
F.i.kction ok Ansistant Enoinefh. Jacob
Conovcr, of the Frnnklln Fire Company, wivs
elected Assistant Kngiuccr of the Sixth Fire Dis
trict hist night.
Payment of Citt Bounty. This morning,
warrants were drawn by tho Mayor for the pay
ment of the city bounty to 65 men, live of whom
were substitutes.
We woi 1,1) call the attention of ri.adkios
to look in to-uiorrow'a "Inquirer" for Dr. Von Mosehils
ker'a advertisement. Thnse who suffer from donnic,
caarrh. throat diseases, a.tltma,or Imnnlred alsrtit, will
rind tioiiie of Ihe uio.t lailMnrtory testimonials from welt
known cltlr.ens who have been truated aud enred by l)r.
on Moichatsker.
We see by the foreign papers that a D actor
Paul Bert tans tieen irrartlus animals, that Is to say, he has
Hen piutlra a chicken's tall to grow on a dog, aad a cat's
paw on a monkey's Its. But we htveseme monkeya here
that aie made a "eat s paw' or, wltlnut the palu of
ratlins:, and some pnpple. ttiat show the Mwhlte feather"
is naturally as r it view there Not even a suit of obta
ins trnni Charles Htokca A Ca's "one price,'' under the
Continental, wiU disguise such characters.
execution, and exquisite coloring-, made at II. K. Italuier'i
cnllery, No. t'.M Arch street. Life-size I'lio:.. graphs In Oil,
Ivorytypea, aad Carte de Vlsltea.
DH. RoilF.ttTSON'a NllRVOl'S CosntALi OB,
Kature'a tlrand Itcstoror. The groat remedy fur all Norv
0ns Complaints, debltltv. prostration, lowness nf spirits
Ac. Price II. For sale by Uyoll Co., No. 'J-i'J If. Heoond
Jay Co3KiE&Co. quote Government Securi
ties, &c., to noon to-duy, as follows :
neOiff SilUne.
U. S. fls, 1S81 107A itwi
U.S. 7 3-10 Notes 110 112
Certificates of Indebtedness, new... !HJ (tit
Quartermaster's Vouchers l 91
Gold 220 225
S-20 Bonds 10!1 1104
Da IIavf.n & Duo., No. 20 S. Third street,
quote at follows :
Buvtnf. Selling.
American Oold 2J.J tiS
American Silver, 4's and Ps 1203
Dimes and Half Dimes l'.is
Spanish Quarters P.l.'l
Penn. Currency dis. 1-5 dis.
New York Exchange 1-10 " par.
Quotations or tho principal Coal and Coal OU
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day :
Mid Atk.i BU Ait.
Curttn it', a VenanicoOil
(Folie i'i 3',' I'iiI.iii I'eu-oluura.. 31, H
kork OU 4' ft Heneca Oil 1 l
Hull Creek (',' . ( imasle Oil IV 1'.
Corn I
Planter 4', I1. Franklin oil 1,
HIS Tank ill. 1', Howe's KadjiOll.. l's" ..
! xci'lslorOII I' IS Irvine Oil SS 71
Fulton Coal HS 10 Pope Farm Oil t','
HI Mountain Coal. 6 7 llutler Coal Is
N.Y Mid. foal.. j'J is Keystone Zinc... J1' US
Oreen att. Coal.... t lllensniore . .. 14
N Carbondale ?S Mal'altotl II V
Mew Creek 1 ' Molihenny t
CllntonCoal 'i i'i Itolwrts Oil IV
American Kaolin.. !l 3 Olmstead i'i 'JS
I'enn Mining 9 Notle,t lc!auie!er.rS IS
OH Creek Al S Petroleum Ceutre. i'i 4V
Manle Nhaile Oil. .17 l?';F.kln .', 44
Mrt 'Untuck oil li i, II. .e Island '.'S
Pe ylvuula I'et.. .. llil.l.aril 7'-,' t si
Perry Oil ', eltory Farm S's
Mineral Oil Vi llruoer I1-, IV
Keslone OU 1 J I
Tt'ESDAY, September 111. No tales of Quer
citron Bark have come under our notice. Clover
seed comes forward slowly, and sales are making
at 813614 4P c " Timothy meets with an
active demand at Si"'-'' ti'.W W bush., with sales
of 000 bushels. Small tales of Flaxseed are re
ported at 170.
There is lest vitality in the Flour Market,
owing to tho downward tendency in the price of
gold. The demand for export is limited, and the
only tram-action to report is a sale of Blue Ridge
extra family to the extent of lObO bbls. on pri
vate terms ; sales for the supply of the tra.lo are
making at SI075 for superfine, $ll(n;ll'50 for
extras, 12( 12-50 for extra family, and fancy
brands at higher figures. Rye Flour aud Corn
Meal aro scarce and ipiiet.
The demand for Wheat Is limited aud there It
very little ottering. We notice sales of Pennsyl
vania and Western Red at 2 o1(i;2-uj, and
Southern do. at 2-5'JC'i2 iiO. We iptote White
at Jf2-f0i 2-00. Rye is in limited demand at
$1-H'j(u 1-tiS. Corn is steuJy nt $1-72 fur yellow,
in the cars, with sales of 2000 bushels. Mixed
Wcstore sells at tbe same figure. New Pennsyl
vania Oats are worth H8c, and old do, 95c. bar
ley and Malt are without change.
Whisky is dull, with talcs of Ohio at $l-8G(o
1-87, and relilled ut 1-81-
llriu Abbott Lan ri-iive, fuller, boston, Hlakiitoa, tiiael
tl Co.
Prut Wuniioo, l..ieii, :i dai s Hutu ha j uii, in bklhst ti J.
K. 118ley A l u, l(-u..rts that Uie brls Agile sailed Lots
haiiea lor I'Uiidt lchia ' ult. t leil.b,triae II. c.ihird,
for H.iHtnn, In 'i days-, bilus Nebraska, for Pblladet in das; John Chiystal, liuiu t'Uiladulpbia, anoed
r.oli, ilisi h-irli f .
rlelirW.P I hilllpi, Smith, idays from Prorldsace, at
bnlluKt to eaptnin.
HieaiuerKew York, Davit, M hours from Sew York,
With unlseto W. P. Code.
Htcaiaer Jus. llsn.l. Hinopliiro,3 hours from tiow lurk,
with uidae lu VY . V. de.
Cnrretfiowlene of th Dila.lsihia Etchings.
I.i xse. liel., September II. The llrlllsh sleauter Josle,
Cai.lallllli. ui.oll.lloui heir York, ostensibly bolivil to
innl.nilus.euuie to IH-lnwaie Itreakaater last ei enliiw and
coaled. One ol her rrew deserted and reported "
blosWade-iuiiurr. 1 boaidedliar .sis tsiundaj) nioriiiisj
and. on examination ol her papers, foeint alia had neea
eapluredasa piuo.aud sold, her uauio at ab ma, and
l.T'iteiert".lTlie. InimeJia elr atte- my departare .lie
UiJ.ted IllilKh colors aud pr.Hded to sol.
1 he t..llulns vels aie al alienor III Hie Itoadatoad .
glvaiuerKiulcss.lor Fortre.. Monroe l lirls Asne., tr
n,l sehrs Siuuy.tor f..r. res. Monroe; Aeklaa,
for Pruvldenee; It 11-lfartleU, flir lleaulorti O.fcuiia, I ir
lliwtuu' t. A, Cuuiaila.'s. lor Waahliih'ton, luwellier with
tiro xioare-rlsst-u ves.eJi sunt about forty avuoouert.
Wtad nene Iresh iroia the M,
Vusut, Ae., Aatoa MaaaHALr.
I'nlted States luspeetvi ut i.uusu
Ornc.a or Tut KvKtsnrq Tei.aotAra, t 1
Tuesday, Heoteuber la.
There is a better feeling In stocki this morning,
and the market is steady, with moderate transac
tions to notice. In Government bonds there 1st
not much doing) r-20s told at 103 coupons; off.
which is a slight decline; and Os of 1881 at 107,
which Is also rather lower j 7'30s are rjnoted at
Railroad shares are st eaJy, wit h salos of Read
ing at 63, t Camden and Amboy at lASJi Penn
sylvania Railroad at mcnm.ti slight advance!
llarrisbnrg Rallrotd at 72 ; North Pennsylvania!
844 ; Cattawissa Preferred i0, a slight advanoej
and common at 20, it;l wat bid for Little Schuyl
kill; 3:t for Philadelphia and Eriet and 48 foe
Long Island.
There It very little doing in City rataengof
Hallway stocks. Itldge Avenue told at 16; 70
was bid for Second and Third ; 62 for Fifth ami
Sixth ; 60 for Tenth and Kleventh; .and 39J fott.
Sprnce and Pine.
Canal sharct are father lower, with sties ot
Schuylkill Navigation preferred to notice at 38
(W 39 ; com mon do. at 32 j and Susquehanna Canal
Hank shares are firmly held, but there It llttlsj
or nothing doing. 162 wat bid for North America,
62 for Farmers' & Mechanics' , 68 for Commer
cial, 2$ for Mechanics', 40 for Kensington, 70 lot
Tradesmen's, nnd 4fl for Corn F-xchange.
There it a fair business doing In Coal Oil
sharct, and prices are steady, with sales of Oil
Creek at 6J; Organic, U ; Dabscll, 114; McClln
tock, G ; Mcllhenny, 8 ; and Irwin Oil at 7J.
There It lest excitement in gold, and prlceeT
have advanced, opening al 220, fell off and sold!
at 2181 at 11 o'clock, ra iled and told at .226 at
12 o'clock, and 2214 at 124 o'clock.
The Money Market It tight, and the ra'es h ire)
advanced ; loans on call are taken at from 6(u7
per cent, per annum j best paper it tolling at from.
8(i 12 per cent. .
A despatch from Washington thlt morning
says, prominent financiers here lay that gold will
soon be below two hundred, and that beeao-ea
tbe excess of our exports over our Imports let
rapidly increasing, and the confidence of mo
neyed men, both in the military and Presidential
tuccest of the Administration, It daily grosriag
stronger. .,,';
The New York Timet of this morning eays:
"Tbe market for Money is steady to tho Stovtc
linkers at 7 percent. The demand at call to-day-was
fairly active on the hypothecation of Miscel
laneous Slocks. The negotiation of merchant
paper is made somewhat by tbe rapid
tall in Gold and Exchange, and its conMqueneetJ
upon produce ami merchandise. The payment
for tbe New Loan were commenced to-day at fio
Treasury Office and National bank, but being:
made ch Icily iu Coupon Leual Tenders, they mdej
no strain upoL the general Money market.- ' J
Uported by Clarksoa & Co., Broken, We. Ill 8. Thirl nts
fiO h Itall Creek..
l' ah Alel'llniock.
Hush do
ah do
leilsh do
IKi ah ferry OU..,
li'ish do
lll all do
lHllh d
100 ah do
4li.h do
lousli lyemraare li
nsisn io...... ... H'i
1HI sh do
im-sh DalzeU tnt -l'Osh
Us) ih - do
tssisli Keystone 7.lnc.. u
l') sk Ueesllna h..b 44
tmtlsll do.......... 6t
lnUah do , blAM
lUOsh do.... ...MO tlif
.... S
.... J't
luC sli OU Creek.
p-fnO U.8.&-90eeoooil ln'IS,'! hlfcllheny OB.
a.ssi no ina
ttlssi II. 8. Si. Dl 111.'',,
KS0 I'enna lis !IK'
S iSiClty lis. new.... 100 j
1141 sh nr. Mount...;. I
SIS' lb Oil Creek ,
1011 .hOriianle Oil.... I'i
4011 sh 1 mlell Oll.lwm In,,
'JiS'shlleUlintock.... SmI1
Mtlih d. bo t'.
14 n Huki. Canal... IfilT
101 ih do tkaj "i
Kslsh do tu
. li ill Cam Anv....tW
lush do.
ino sh Penna Kit i.ii
Josh in.....,..., t,2
tsh llarrlsh. it. K.. I '2
100 eh North fa St.... it J
l sn Catasrleiapr. .. l'i
ItlJlh dj, a-Ofo?
ltio ill CaUwIssacoio. vi
too in iralii OU il'i
U) ih Kldue avenue., lit
HI. '. N. Central ,
4 th Iiel L)l. H
till ak Perry Oil 4
IKI sh ReaiiliiK 11. B.e.'SI-Hl
inn do. .......o 1.0,
Hsish Seh Nay pi....
MSI sa do use mi
iUSi sh do -. .. . r
leOsh Seh. N. com.. b.-. aa
Reported by Clarksoa 41 Oo, Broken, Bo. Ul s). Third SH.
, . . ... r,r" Co". aeeo4 Cali.
e nitro Riaioane, innt. mi on. ttm.ll)i Bid
Hock Island liallroad hid
10A saiM
i aajea
114 saleel
.- saleel
.. sale?
Iteadins Hal In, ml bid
Mllnoli Central Itailroad bid
Kortliwe.iern bid
i Verk Cenural Railroad 12'' V bid '
Krle Kallmad Kei, bid
lliidiou Railroad 114 bid
(lold iw hhl
Culled Stales fr-2' lloW bid
Market eiteady.
Quotations or Oold at the Philadelphia Odd
Exchange, No. 3 1 8. Third street, second story:
"1 A. M 220A 12 M 226
11 A. M 21HJ 1 T. M 22 (
Market fluctuating.
The following are the receipts of Flour anil
Grain at thlt port to-day ; Flour, 1700 bbls.,
Wheat, 8700 bushels, Corn, PHX) bushels ; Date,
4100 bushels. . i
The Export of Gold and Silver froinNeei
York from 1st of January to 10th of September,
amount! to 9'I2,320,UOO
Against same time, 1803 30,373,000
Increase to date..
1 be Customs Oold Revenues at ITcw YorV,
specifically pledged to the payment of the Interest
on tbo Funded and Fuudable Gold-bearing
fublic Debt of the United t tales, from the)
1st of January to the 16th of September, amount
to $' 1. 272.2 ;a
Against tame time 1803 3tl,0tfJ,llJ
Increase at New York alone..... 910,182 itX
The following table shows the receipt of
Gold at the Uniled Stales liruuch Miai initial
Pruncisco during the fiscal year ending st.tla
June, 18t4, and the sources from which tue trea
sure was derived :
California H0,2-.ii
Oregon 12,2i
Idaho Territory 7I.H .7
llrlllsh Columbia UMf
Washington '1 errltory . Jott
Nevada Territory twej
Arizona Territory stl.'i
Mexico 3-5
Foreign coin 2,313
Total ounces 1 ,0 'J
or alKiut eighteen millions of dollars.
The weekly averages of Ihe old Banks of thej
City of New Vork, ou Haturday, lepleiuber IJ,
18i .4, present, in the aggregate, the follow1-!
changes from the previous exhibit of Sept. 3 :v
Decrea-e in Loans fl.Vi-) ot
Increase iu rH cie 407 .1 1 1
ccreaae in Circulation l'l 'I'la
Decrease In Undrawn Deposits 3,HHlti2ti
Including the Clearing-house operations of fio)
week, winch show the inter exchanges lietwd.iut
tbe bunks, nnd including also the biilt-Treasury
balance at the close of the week, tbo following uf
the general comparison with the previous exhibit,
aud also with the movement this time last season t
Sep. l'.. IHK4. Sep. 10. 1HA4. Sep. 3, ls14.
Oai'ital Mi . 4rf -1 , at ii'.l,'J.'7.T t$:.rn.Vli
l.'ium iivf",'0 I7,'is6.1lt7 ltel,4l4,ait
S.eete ;Cl,iils.lti7 9.'.ttHl iO.lMMi
Circulation o.4o7,K4) 4.1sl,i;n) 4,'Ai SSI
liross i..osits....2l.tvi,iiW hOT KS.7ll,ssJl
Viehaiiuei lll,!lls,4t 7J.B -ttfiM H.TM.IH
t n.lraiMi 17S,,',w.i;j'J H7,!S!7,H4'2 lSI.0BS.4isl
la Sub-Treasury.. 2i,nlii,in8 W,((sw,4 e,7We,04
The condition of the bankt in Massachusetts,
out of Huston, tor tive weeks, eadiuj tieptembcC
8, is reported as followt : ,
Caiilul stoi-k s. iotw,s-J0i
Loant and discounts Vi'VVi
Specie in llauk V'Jd.iyj
lialancet lu other banks payable on
demand 6.671,?'1
Total amount due from other Jfe-nkt. . 6tu ,lt'4
Totul amount due to other banks 43.i,ON-i
Deposits V2.27ti,3T,I
CireulaUon 21.677.370J
Tbe following table shows tho movements ot
breadeiuils in Chicago during the week, ending;
nectititt. Shifnentt.
Flour, bbu i:,l .1 :I DM
Wheal, buth ai.'.iViJ luti.-J
Corn is;l i-l Mi. UK
Out! 7 '.7,1-1 ' ' l,lit
Rio M.S. I H'.n.t
limi.y bs.'J'ii) ' . , . v,h
The receipts and shipmentt for tbe teasoit
correspond with tbe movements during tfustauitl
time last year at follows : t
KkmiiIs v Shiftmen!:- sf
Issl'l. 1.. leel. . '-
rionr.bbli .... aw.iu 7.;,W 7;s',M-'t
Wheat, hush .. llii,t'7 1M;. h1 .' 'J
com i.ii..iiw .e4 ..; ITitli
O..U t.7f,MJ .tW.4ss ,'!',' tm'".S