The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, August 11, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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Grrmngi SMcgrapIi
Leading Editorials from the New Tork
Faihts This Worttlng.
I!crnl lcpatclcs from Mobile, At!mi.-t S,
announce tin- tracti ttinn of Yuri
aud the "timrulor of Tort Gaines. Thr furtmT
it a fort iiiminilng Ik'cIvd guns on Mttto Ttti
ptiiuc it-land, commnndiiig (irant't l'ass; 1 1 o Lit
ter a powerful cnwimtr'rt work opj'O'.ttc 1 ort
Morpar, wliL about t.sty puns of nil cali!,re.
I'owi II blown it nn rriilav lint, nwl tt.tirii'S
aurrtriilircd on Mnndav. There rriiianrri only
Kurt Mi.rpiti, with the rnpttiro of which A.ltnlntl
Farm put will tame eomplete pov. -tion 'f the
fntraneo to Mobile Hitv, mirl iiinr thenrelrtli
opomri- Bt Ii iurc hiioii the ritr.'
Tli' re is in.thlpR In thu upai-h to show why
Fort (isines stirrvntlureil. but nmch (Msxiiilc
rrlwiitt hnmillalnn rircumst me s, Sc. The tort is
hi'I to liuve Ihtii prntisltuii-tl for six months
and there seem to be suspicions of treachery on
ihc aiile of the Rebels. Hut their previous tcle
aram to tho elfect tluit a bombardment of
Guinea wiis.goiiiR on, und unless pnitcrttil like
Merman by exterior Ciirlbworki, the misnnri
miiT enclly have been knocked to piico by the
lie nry arm .mint of Karrn(riit's Hoet.
I'liinskl, a fnr stroni'tr fortirieBtion, reckoned
seecud in Impregnability on tho Atlantic con-it,
was forced to capitulate In eighteen hours ol ac
tniil tiro from very inadeo,uae ba'terles the
hiavi. st puns in Oillrnore'a works belnj? two I1),
inclt ( olumbiads. The rent were rilled 42
ponnders end .').pnunuVrs, i-sins! .lames and l'ir
rott tirojietilfa respeetivcly. rind there were in
fact but ticvin guns Hint ctVocted the breaehlnij
of the pan coupe, and compelled the surrender
Cf the fort. It need be no matter of surprise, ;
therefore, if Admiral FarniRUt, with a fleet numnrnna iipavt rune liat in '
days limni-lit Gaines to teiins.and the Relel Hag
ee oii'.i.
No hint i Klven of the effect of this surrendor
upon Kort Mnriran, w hich lie right opposite Kort
Gaines on the vast slioro of the chauuel, within
ea-y range, hut it learly must hasten materbilly
the reduction of that formidable w ork. Present
news is to good that wc can well ufford to wait ,
for further liitclllprnre, secure that the successes
whic h Admiral Furrtrut has already achieved
are brilliant and solid, and that the indomitable
Old beio is pushing bis good fortune with rapidity
and rcroltition.
Fnm Oil Timu.
Ilumors continue to reach ns from Wnshlos
ton of actual or impending Cabinet cbangct.
One of the latest asserts that Secretary Munton
Las resigned, and that bis rcsipnntion has been,
or will be, accepted. Upon whnt ground, or for
what reason, this alleged action in taken, wo arc
cot aware. Possibly something may have hap
pened to make it necessary, or nt leasr.expedient.
But lacking knowledge of any such caue, wc
venture to hope that the rumor is without foun
dation. We may be entirely immiken W our
estimate of tin; practical working force aud vigor
of the I"rdaldent's Cabinet, but in our .Indian nt,
that body cannot atl'ord just cow to loae tut)
ahilitv, industry, und indoiui able energy which
Mr. tstar.t.m tiring to the adiiiiuiftradon' of the
Var Department.
It is not easy to form a Jtt.t idea of tho pro
digious amount rf labor which the conduct of
the affairs ot the IVpar mint involves. K.oon in
time ot pence, wb but too skeleton of a very
small at my 10 lo-ik after, the po-t wits not con
sidered a situ cure; und it need luu li tic re
flection to mtl-fy any intelligent rsou of
the hcrculci.n nature of the tn-U which is no
iniporcd uion the man who lills it. To con'rol
nn army m tune of war is always and at beat
a Mrioiis and lanorious alT.ur; tint to create
i such atmies lis are now in the lieid. to orgauie,
oinvtr, uiiu s tiii tiiviii, vi uiui uutei
the consti nrlioi:, pri pnnniou, purchase, and die
trlbntion of nil the uinieriil of wnr, to watch and
direct the netual operations of thU vuorinotis
fcrce in the Held, beside originating and putting
into working slmpe the sc ire of new ncuclcs
ubiih the novel ici.turcs of this war have ren
dcicd niies-ary 1. 11 iheso rmiuii-emimis eou.-tl-tnte
Mich a eondnnation and ccuiiiu!atina of
labor and resp"Ui"ilny us h.ivo aeldom devolved
tf on any cue man in any country or ia any age.
It would be extra vagunt to say that noo'Uer
man bttt Air. binmon could d'ti-narge the c tuani
fold dt.tieo; nut we certainly know no man who
baa proven his ability M discharge the n so well,
lie has it rapid nrd comnr henMvn judgment
an iron conMilti'ioii tit tiring indu-try, a. id the
must enthiistasilc-enuigy ia whatever he under
takes. '1 l iit he i.cvt r makes mist.ikes rob .!y
prttendo; tlu.t an) other man in hi place would
innke leff, wiMvery tous!y doubt. We tliiak
ii very likely thui some chunges in the Cibiiibt
won id con Mice to the good of the country but
we do rot think they would wisely bogiu with,
the War lkputtincnt.
Rebel lMcltirr ut tlin Ollleer In John
tonN Army.
Cerrespondfire Cottiwhtan Carolinian.
While ct CaHiville I saw a picture worthy of
the brush ot Vamljke. General .I .Un-ton's
quarter.- were in an open wo ids. He formed the
centre of a group of otliceM immediately re.'og
nicd. Op; O'ile to dim, and holding cue
of the nmp, wastbu nuc-looking solalcr and gen
tlenmu, L,e U'tnaut Uemral l'.dk ; aud on I'n'k's
left, uiso boldiuti and examining the in tp, s'ood
a .i ntial ot letc wncd reputation. His snjii.l
grty eye. sharp fiaiuret, and earnest look pro
claimed Olebiiiuo.
bending over the map, and weal ing a black
fur bat, looped up on one side with a tar, wis
another widely known tu fame. The h it, with
the dutch under bis arm, and the cane in bis ie.l
hand, dec aico the dathuig Hooit 'he lUnker ot
this urmy. Yonder, roeiiuing in the corner of
tho lii'd, irt a grey uniform, is an oil 'er whoo
grty tard aud singul.irly (hupod bead one
would readily rceognlro. even did he not spriag
np nt Ucntrfcl Folk culls out, "llirdec, come
tere !"
These f leers are tricing a road on the map
nr.d IntCTitly watehing them, with uovnnd tnena
quick tosso' the Whc Ifr; while Jackscn
ienne iu.ily back in an attitude that bespeak
the love of Ms ease. Yonder besty Oeurde I in in
is Stevenson, the best otflecr la I'. tuT rt ia's
army. He it talking to Hu wart. The oltieer w ho
apt roai hes mid raises bis hat so oohtely is Hind
man. Tin re stand Walktn.nd Ixrini.'in e irwst
cor.vtrsi tion; und Ofi'eral Matkall. "chief of
stall," Is wai denng about, turn greeting some
ijtatl t fllcer, r.d now dciiitfh'Eg so;ne con rler.
The giitbmt Hate, the jollv but tlcry t he,
4ind the toiinsni'tl, dignttied bttwart, form un
other trroup, Cheatham evitlrntlv co'iiln;; to the
point. A guy r. tinua of Kiall olllecin Mir.o iu.l
this dlHiigttishcd gatlicnng of the moitofthe
Jcniill. - spiiila in the gadaul Am y of li oacseo.
The Mttunltoii In Amsswi.
The li 'lit ry shmtion in Aikinnts is not as
uiitavi r .li't at bat le cn supposed. The Kebcla
nat nil at an v time l en v .-irlilu lifty inilos of
I.ltde It k, wbieli is s nuig jr l.triitled and cai
hie i f r istb g any altack, baviog I'dtv plee -s of
nrtiilir int.iiiited on the dcttn-e'. I'iuc Ulufl i
simibir i lottliieit, having for y pi tea ..f c tiiuon.
.Small lends ol gueiillus, howevfr. ;iej still
oprijiii (.' ct various pohii-.
An in tr Las been issutd by the ".i IkI nutlui
rlties etiiitisestinff ail the cotrun In th s.i,nn t.n
the Hib. I Covernment, and tbrcutmrir win '
Hi at li ai'i eiti.i-n wnornall sell any or the ild.iie
to the Fideritls. The reorganized Sinto (' juris
will go Into operation ln Septemlier. and the
Veiled States Court will hold a session t'.ai
month. The Hoard of Tax ts for
the (iuveuinient will org.mi.e and go u work at
: tho Mine time. All the olllcers bavj han ap
j oii.Si it.
ANi 'l'e apk Soiio' time sin;'1, ih te up
pmnil it, tin' i'aris papers an advertisiiuiiit to
tbia Ibft : Tho Sultan dtuires to obtain pe Is
ot i n at value, puro, without sjuit, and of go id
color; tbiyiiiusl not be piereod or strung, f ir
Un v am o lie wuru as solil.ilre. For further
pa ticuluis.addreM llarmn, Fort Kestante, Far ."
Mai y marl inorehutits wrote, but got mi reply.
A krt n detective at last answered : "Kir, you ire
looking for pearls for the Sultan. I have a pre
cu us earl, luil sixteen years old, by nsmo An
liiiue. I will sell yon this pearl for 0,000 iVanei. '
The reply came at once, requesting a p io'o
riipb. The photograph sent and approved, an
InUrvlfW wim appointed, the pearl" to w Mr
clu rry eoiun d scarf. All went well ; at the ap
pointed time a tine carriage drove by; a mail
wearing the badge of the .Medjidie got out, mi
ttp to the ) oung girl, took her by the h.inJs, and
tu gan to compliment ber. Suddenly from bo
hind ihe trees near by, appear a soloiun perion.
"In the name of the law I arrest you!" lbs
Saltan's terr tied agent auti'iuticed hiimolf as the
Ct utit of Si rluaru. More than a hundred photo
gruihs if joung girls were found at hlj lojg
Inns.nml It apieared that he had m.ide laeg)
mi i f n.oney by selling the originals in foreign
a s. lie n uow eonsiiloilng bis way lu thilor
reeili" al I'rim.n of Faris. The father of this
. bi in rai.le pijnouge appeals tu be a cattlc-dcular
in Wallachia. x
TIIK t lftllT AT lir.W t'HCKK.
Cksi k, Aunest S M hid a very pretty
little fkht yesieniav-if Hitio ace mnt in com
parison with the Army c f the I'o'omac and the
"big things" of the Sot. timet tint we are s itis.
Ctd wi'h the result, altnouih we mourn the loss
f f tirgnilentilend. The force nndcr McCaus.
land and liradiey Johrson.who were sogjuri'itiHly
tit tested at Cnml erland bv Ironeral Kcllev, ma le
a rapid iimreh to Itomnev to esepe bli blom.
cterOay mtrnlng they siartinl from the Wire
br'tlec for this place, nnmbrrlrg over three thou
sand n:en, and about 2 r.viork drove In our pick
ets with a wild ruh. .lohnion made the direct
tnavi hup the New Orn k naut, whi'e MrCaus
lai d sent a portion of Lis force npon Ft rt I'iano,
cemmanrtiiig the town.
'I I c bnlante f bis men trc tci t around tho
M l to the ie.t md of the plttec, and abo it four
liuidrcd li mutinied and den oyed to the west,
in'tnitit'L' to snrrnond 1 ort l ul'tr. The al rtu
wis suililtn, but not a- comp ile a-tlif It hels
at tie patcd. Colonel S cvcnr-i il, f the l.'.lt'i
It'cwc'it ( N. O., asltd by I.teufcnant
Colotiel .1. 1. ll'y. (llii Viririnis.ltn'meillaiely .nt
rvi ri thing In pcsiti' n for tlih ne. tieneral Kc'
lev was lulecri'pbeil, and he ordered ( nl.nul M .
verson to tight to the lajt.and riintorcomenH
w mild be -i nt np.
The li'bels bi.d the brow of the bill and fin d
rd chef r ri with greet ignr and tietermin ttir.n.
The guns of the tort, under omtm ind of f iptain
Holmes, of ISattery II, and I.lcutcnar.t Iticlor,
crmmembnu-a fertlt.n of Hattery I.. In' Illinois
Ait.llery, win tt.rred upon the adVniicitiic coin inn
ot .fnliiisnn.nnd they hesita'ed. nnd tinahv halted.
Mi ('Biisliind rode tip on Fort t', unit a force
of three or fonr l undred were sent pirtof the
way down t' esldeof the mountain towards onr
little fort. 'J hey did not nppcir to under-tand
wby the force sent to the wist did n it oporn'c
tlleitunllyi but thev were held in clu ck bv two
(mp.init s ol thetith Virglnio Cotnpnnii s A md
O who skirmished with them for t,n bour or
more, nnd krpt tltiiu in a piece of wood , from
which they did not seem disposed to mnkc their
Outside skitmii-hitig and Cghting from the fort
continued fur three Lours, with no derided a I
vnntage, eecpt that the KcbeN wcrf repiilxcd in
cvt ry attempt to advance within reach of onr
guns. I!ut the ri inl'orecmeuls sent by the gil
lant defender of West Virginia enme up just in
time. I our companies of the Utli Virginia and
one company of the btb. Company A. tlie whole
under command of Major Simpson, of the Utli,
disembatked from the car and reported fordutv
to Colonel Stevenson.
Three companies of Ihc Tlth, and Company I,
of the Cth. were ordered tocharge the enemy on
Fort l'inno, and they did it with a yell nnd a
rush that drove the Uehels (rout the Intrenched
position, driving them into the rillc-pits on tho
opposite side, in the free of a heavv tire. Uein
forcemcnts compelled our trallant men to retire
part of the way down the mountain side, when
ti c foit opened upon the KcUIk, tiring over tho
Iliads of our men, and die accuni. y of the shells
diove them down the hill in contusion. It wa a
complete n ut und vicory for the little girrison
of a t lion mil d men against thir y-lhe hundred.
At N o'clock thei enemy r'etrea'ed, picking
up a part of their dead and wounded, tu the e
teiit of four umbulance aud three wagon loails.
Flight of tht ir dead left in onr bauds havo been
plekid up to-aay. Th. ir wounded probably
urnonnttd to fifty or sixty. Their wounded pri
soners sny tin y were apprised th t the romi nest
ol New ( reek would be but tho w.irk of lipeen
niliiiites, nnd then they would march to Ctiin'tt r
1 n nil and take (it ncral Ktdley upon thcothir
Hunk, nnd aicomplish wlmt they interded when
he drove tin in out of thin section of Maryland.
At the house where he nmle his head piar crs
McCatislard epn seu bisdisiipiioiiituitnt at (hid
ing so ofictniincd a reilstance. Uo had bica
apprised that C.eteral Kollcy was (tuetly wat di
ii.g Cumberland, at.d New Creek, with its stores
abd ticiisuus, prisintid an inviting mors d.
The dead oi the buttlc-tield w e inoiirn. even
tbougli they nun.Kr but a fraction of the siuri
lice to a wicked Keliellion. Hut their
places in the social circle will lui none the less
I'liinlul, la cause a greater number have tieen
sinugburcd elt whi'i-e on the huttle-lields of our
country. All honor to the dcud !
Colonel Ncvenson and Major Neil, liilth Regi
ment Ohio National Unwd ; I.irut.Mnit-Col.irul
Hoy, (ith West Virginia Infantry, eominanding
the post; Lieutenant Daglog't, " il.ittery I., 1st
Illii.o s Light Artillery (who d'tl some splendid
tiring) ; ('upturn lloluies, U 't'ery H, Wirt ir
giniu Light Artillery; und Maj.r Simpson, lltb
Viiginia Infantry, were pHrticuiariv coiisp cu.iiis
in ihc tight, and were uctivo nt evi rv point. Lk"t
t mint Mclveny ie, of Itnttiry L, c tuie up with
the ri lniorc mi t'a from Cuiiiberiniid, to aid in
luiiking the tight hotter, if necessary.
Another "lecimcnt, the 10.5th Ohio Natlonitl
Guard, rtacln d lit ru nt un early hour this morn
ing, and Oi ucrai Keliey abortly after, uccoinpa
nud by Capiuln llaiiisou, onr (juaityrmastor.
Captain Maihcwe, Captain Frank Kentev, nuil
others, lint the enemy had gone, disheartened
nnd dett ated. It was toe prettiest little tight yet
lind In Westt ru Virginia, and resulted in a com
1 lite nut. Fut we have a strong arm And a stout
bcnit 'o nerve our gallant m n in our connn -Hiding
g.m tal. When be tu Is the ltobels tuay take
C i.mbirlai.d end ew Creek.
, 1IUDN.
All artiilo in Chambers' Journal discourses
most divertiigl; on a subject which all reiaeta
ble piople (t-KCept Kilicrsl approach nightly, at
certain or uLtcMain houra. Wc make the fol
low ing reautd le extrsi ts :
liariy history hows us the bed as an orientil
iutiiti.lion. 'ilieie wire beoa umoug the star
vtorsbippers of I'nbe'. and the sirange pulnhtists
of bouM F.gyj t. Nor, so tar ua we know, was
there the slijjm it In twee n the cor., li
ot Fbarnoh ami that of Solomon. Change is
haelulto the Asiatic mind. This bed, the bad
eoi.Mui.t'y a luned to in the Bible, exists to the
pre-cut hour. Wo mnt with it in tiie
se'Htulil. of a Tethibh niansion, tu tbc woodcu
bouse o' a Sj i inn Christian, in the tent of a sl.eik, alwavs virtually the same, ft is
I ut a long cutdiit.n, tbi.t Is laid s. nun lines
on wot eu tliian, sonietuuts oua crsry frame
work ot or cne ; and there are pillnwi,
ami a utii.ieii ctitinterpaoe, to which a sheet is
occasional!) rtin lull. Bui this is raiviv the cise,
laaktiM- liastems do not utidicss tosfeepj tiny
oiry ui'iiri ss t r the bath. I'stiully the divan
runs roi.nd the wall (! a l irpe oeingoii il apart
intut ; ti c si. 1. 1 Lustily adjust the t u.-h. .ns mid
nuiits, ihc male numlsrs ct the fiuniiy untwist
tin ir tin bans, Lick H their slipptrs, and sleep
as best lice may. At tiawn the rugs are folded
up, the pi low- swept i tl to recondite cupboards,
and the brtl-rotiii lieeomes a reeeptio'i-chauitu r,
bbii ,tni ha) , alio sntiug-rooin. Of co irsi, nun
a couch is lighter J poimble. The paNy-tri-kcri
man, a.-, wc all ntLcnib'-r, "Omuianded to
take up bl' ltd and wulli." Tne foriii-r in
;unci. ii P u..u'. In itself to imply a miraculous
exertion ot fr-nptli to th lusands of F.iiropenn
t'fiiigrrj.K'luti, wberics lit. ckccihIgii wusatnctly
iioiiKKiiiii w IhcuHoiu. An; adult, aiih tne
frecoseot Lis limbs, can tarry an oriental r-d,
and lie hcii'idmnn wassiuipiy once mi re on a
tnr w uh b s bi Hiihy neighbors.
ANC II NT l'I UOl I,A hi us.
It is no cm m iration to say that, in nieilieva! h nil, Si iiiuviU,iind tLut va-t legion where
the I.ow-Girmnn linguage prevailed, to siy
l.ol lui g i t 1 iuiii.1 north ol iho l.niie, Ih' Is weee
In I .ti the most iinportaiit urtielu of property.
Our i t.ccHti i.- no fasliio.iaiilo upho sterer to
tiiiipl H em v ith I ce-hive cbuus and lounging
silt's. Kvtti an oaktn chair, with a straight eiiu
i uootial l it' I to it, rigid itutt s h ir l n a noUT,
wa-1 uly tu I, tinind at the mn r-boii-e.'oc in
m.v It id li e ubtai.'s parlor. A lc a s lite ', a
halt i'oi n of ilin e-lc'.'gt I st o. p i-sinly
civi rt d i I. nil- it li iitiier, und u h -tich or tur.i,
with beuvi i I lls, and a c.uiopy of d t;s, nude
'li ibe ioitiitiiv ot a comtoti.i (e a-mifm-n'.
'1 in 1C v eil 1 o Ii oklt g-gl'isscs, ee pt, perhap',
t mi litre r nnd mirror fuun 'e Ice, bought at
a high piiee iroinihe tr.ivjln l.oinlnol. r.m
Ibe In ds were olien very inipo.iing rufiires,
with lavender scented sheets, damask curain,
cuunterrwues of wadded silk or scarlet elutb,
down pillows, and polished oakon pillar , wha
smooth strength seemed to defy time. They
did defy time. A bed was no upbamor'. alfair,
it went dow n fi out generation to generation, the
pride and palladium of a family.
MoDr.HU im:is.
Now-a-duy", the Hon. Alfrud Trumpiqguin, or
li. y Lord Frederick Canax, very lik dy sleeps in
a little brass lied, no liner or higher than that
which seivul th') purpose of the into Uuka of
Wellington ; aud Jeames, who olieys tha behests
of the liou. Alfred, or John Thomas, who we.irs
tho Ci.rux livery, kas a little bruis beJ, too.
Hut a l uutln d years ag'i, tho gsniluiiidii would
have sli pi in a hues machine as pompous as the
chariot in w hu h the go -J fairy "koines on" in a
pantomime. 11 woulj nam dangled around
tnui, lac would ii'ivo fiinged bi pillow if d j vn,
(ihactiy ostrich feathers would have tnxl led on
the bedposts, ami ou the tester would have been
pain'ed the most highly tinted Cupids and
Veuu-es that evsr smirked tbroue'ii golden
clouds. Down nlliows! bo r honest 1'r imping
t in, who likes a bolster as bard us tho r .'i sipiab
ata Brighton Icdlug-house, would swoirntsuch
smothi ring luxuries I Faintei mytbul gv ! 0r
lax wc uU gl.o It a eout Oi ur, if not of leathers,
aed Ifot it o it of slant forever. W avo in some
things more manly than our gi-eat-granjfatiiors.
A lltD WI THM CAMr. t
The Aral n Introduced Into Hpain a bed f pecu
liar eharactir, welt adapted for c. ui'i use. This
eoutl teJ of four strong pillars, with iron-tipped
aud sharpened tuds, which could be ihruat lull
fie ; round with trilling el) on, and uu oblong
piicu l leather or cloth, wbiv'J was hooked to
thfse pillars and stretched as tight as the eanva
of a drum. A saddle or va'ise supplied the pillow,
a cloak the conmtrpsne. nnd wh it could as ildlcr
wsnt more ? It w as a desire to escape from the
dangerous damps of the earth which first caused
tbi. intention or the "tent bed" In br.tss or Iron.
Mc'al.ttwas discovered, was lighter, more dur
ablc. ar.d cleanly, and better fitted for the rough
work of rrmpa'gningtban noodofequal s'rength.
lint to srpply soldiers with a raised bedstead in
ramp ami bivouac is a phllanthr inic prudence
that must be reserved for some Secretary of War
in the far future.
A saii.ob's tu n.
The bammotk is an American invention. Not
that Ilrothei Jonathan basmy right o insert its
illtrnviry in tho caialoeue of the Wishlng on
I'atint Oftiee ; it was found out neither bv Old
F.rglnnder nor New, tint by the copper-skinned
nlMirgine of Siiunish Am-rie. N itivo h.ttii
innkswire mmle sometimes of cotton, some
timi s of plaited gr is ; tin y were supended L'otu
the houghs or a tall tree, by ropes of the same
material, and they sorrcd tho Indians aliko tor
bid del chair. TLc Cathol'c contpictors wre
not sh w to perceive ihc tneiiisof sin ha device
Inn Lot anil unh. althv cmntrv. and to a;ipre.
date the luxury of swfncln? in the tlcviMu r.nd
roou y e neb, et a helj-'ht w hich insured the en
jovment of t verv puff of c.Kil air, antl which
pmirdtd tho sluinlieror, at least in a tnciis ite,
Iriim sniisc, imec's, nnd night dews. It was not
b t.g before the bammoi k was sdoa-ed in the sea
st; vice, whiro a bed which yielded toevcrv way
waul motion of the', nnd which ciiiltl bi
ro! rd r.p and stow ml nwny liuriii!; the tlaytimc,
piotcd an it valunlile ai.oit.on to the nilor's co'ti
forts. Hcfore liaiem cks were invented, the
marini r inii-i Lave had a sorry time of it, lying
on u tlauip plunk in bis medieval blankets.
miNni urns.
A great cbani-'e was inaugurated when tvbat
was called the French bed begun to appear in
l'.tlti-h chembcrs. 1 enmo in, at first, In a
sntaking antl apologetic manner; people wero
ashamed of their French bid, as they were
asbnmtd to exhibit cottage pi mos, one-boric
can Isgts, and tli-ctm-pl ite. l;ut tin inn-n
wi.s thuip nnd convi nlent, nnd not ttglv, though
the angular prodiictiuiis of f.tii;li-h upholsterers
nevtr etial the gnu'efnl little tents which a
I'aiisian wirkshop ran turn out Then suc
ceeded w hut was dubbed the Arabian bed, pre
sumed, donl.t'e-s. to he modelled On thst willed
sustained the graceful form of the s'ory-tclllng
Princes Scbi n.railc. Nixt, much to tlie detri
ment of vested intiTcsts, arose the light bed of
bra-s or iron, much patronised by school bnvs,
subalterns and miscellaneous bachelors. And
then some Inventor in pertiuioua Albimi devised
spring mattresses : i in', though his rountrj men
evctibim coldly, h iving a routed alle.iion for
gtiose feadieis, the lively Cauls mapped un tho
tli-civciy in the nie -t eager manner, anil clnba
latt d it into a bed so firm and so clastic ai to
apptoacb i erl'ection.
Ft KH4S Al..
The venerable cx-Prcsldent Pay, of Yale
College, cn'crcd his P'Jd year on Wednesday,
havir.g been born Angtist 3, i;;,",. A number of
gentlemen, emong whom was Professor Siltlmau,
enibrnccd tho oecasion to call upon him.
The sons of Ulchard Walsh, Ksq., of Y'onk
crs, on tbc Hudson, have, through hira, doiiutdd
to the I nltcd State) Sanitary C'ointnissiuii the
(tun of the thousand dollan. Theso gontlonien
nre at prescr.t resident in Japan a fact which
adds .-onu w to the interest of tho gift.
r.ol ert Carter, V.v., the accomplished dc
sceminnt cf Peter, the first Christina 1 inhcrmun,
and, in tb. se lu'ter da s, editor ol the ltochestcr
Ihiitctrut, denies tlmt Ms paptr is "Dcmoctatle"
in ti c (-iittisan sense t f that much abused term,
(in that subject, the Ihmcrmt speaks oat lor
Tbc Pnb'in papers announce the dc ith of
Mr. William Ki mmis, Solicitor for the Crown
who condi ctid all the Stub- prosecutions during
half a ctntrry, from 17W to lblli, iududlng those
li.siitutid Hgniiikt the Shears, Robert l'.mmet,
Drnicl O'f'otincll, Jjbn Mitchell, and Smith
OTtrien. He was n ctuoricty In his ow n line.
John Metculf, of Northampton, Massachu-
t's, one tf the oldest printers in the State, huv
it g followed the busiiifcrs liliy-bcvca years, died
on Tne; dny iitst, aged st venty-tix. Ho printed
tbc Vvmpsh'rr Guztflr for two years, and nt dif
ferent times was n btaik atid job prlntor In most
cf ti c oftlccB In Massachusetts, as well as Ver
mont, New Hampshire, end Connecticut.
Smuutl S.Ni'tithiird, agent of tho Adntns F.x
Ittss CVmtit,ny nt T' rte H-iiitc, IcdUnn, com
niittce! suicide in his room by shouting himself
through the Lea.l with a pist il. Ho left a letter
wi tch tu?: ' Li Uor has tcincil me as well as
tl.fusanda of others; I hive tri d bard to ipiit,
but fad I' Impossible to do to. I havo drnuk
t ithiufc' this tuulne aid am perfectly calm. I
hutti no iinkitid word or feeling towards anyone.
ILut ct rso i f nil t vi's, ruin, takes one moro to
the grave, who might have btcu esteemed, and
t rjojed the CGLhdt nee and respect of tho corn
n unity. My poor f-milyl O God! I cannot
tl.itik of thtui, or write of or to them. Mj cup
!s full. May a just anu merciful Ooddcal kindly
with them."
The PsuUing Oaultt pnMIshcj the follow
ing lttu-r liom Mr. CI asc, In reply to one fro-n
Hon. Josef h C. blc, inquiiing for tho reasons
which led to tho fonncr's resignation. It was not
designed fur publication, but is now published as
an act of jnsticc to Its author :
Wahhinotom, July 11. My Pour Sir: We
have not w i men each o her ficqueutly of Uto,
but my regaid tor you has by uo iiieuns iliuiin!. Ili td i t oik,Ibiivc not had time for
ct vit spondcnce, but my heart still holds to my
clu tr:t litis.
1 tiust there Is no ground for tl.e fear that tlio
ci until is ugalu to he cursed with tho mi-cUa-lirons
cnrrxtiey of local corporations, bat It is
iu.possii la to foresee what is to come. It was
one ot toy strongest ill sires to give the people, a
ui. If ci in euricnc), in.iitc iu the end equivalent
to gold tver) where. My etforts were stou ly
riristtd outt.ii. e and I. ail not iHri.est sympttl.y
inside ot the Ailministrntion. They were steadily
I rmai Ing, how ov. r, when a sense nf dittr to lnv
sclt anil ibe oittitiy ulonu coiupcllael me to
iis'gn. I bin -In y will net lie abandoned.
Your tiieiid, S. P. C'uass.
Hon. .It gi i ii CvitLF.
KOOMS, No. 3.'6
V CiftryoiMi, iti'Nirs ftttuftni n CuvrintK tu a
.m! f ii qi. ,IHif d to If utli it.i hivlni' KiH:.l"iil"iti"ti- ;
hi( i ma' i!ii n.' h'4 ti intj'ii.'. N"t ( tl hi u
Ii-He lit- i-ii . tod iclerviiii-i cfn, If rO'iutf. d. A.4
f rt- Vi I'.vci. it,' TtV.iiipli (!', so. It! n.
i Mii.n Hi-fi ii
pi?. I'oiN'r, tie.
it i lli.riius
" YiNXim.
:ll Ti-nmtir,
r,a AVlioelvv rlMtits).
BO lllaoUtmil t )n, antl
SO Oftrrlauo rFrlmmer.
Wt.owlll rfcsiie the kishsit rales of CfOvrnni4ut pay
rations, sail m4ul attaadsnca
TraatportatUa furnlslicd by apityfos at
Csp'.ln, A 0.. M
alo-lm Qnsrts rnoiur' A jt nt.
JLXslrpil htiuoH In coinpUas urilsr. Ui a goutt looaiwm. U.
uiu.i iioems:, ui uti, fo-i onie. a.ti-et
V' BALE. Cottage oa Lafayutu street, II rooms. Lot
tfihj ttltese.
Li vlatt sous windows, aad docJiiug. Ht. M. l:Lt
Si)iTH hum. t-.'l tr
Houses, larffK sail suiall. uw terms to alt parchsMrs,
r with ur wnliSnt luiainibrsucti. far r-k uul huuI
Uada. lr.Uti- of. frnin In lo H ooloi'll AM,
tUO. M. fUlWXiN, .No. sPJl . iOLMTM ftmot.
ON MO 11 I H Kill-
W irftind the monr, If ln- ', tor i ory lot of atikts
wbicti fstl It. say rosssict.
ctT Lr.miTnwtsK. or Mpauw.
ldc eT Kw Tork Mills Mnnlln, sd rrrr a Unot
Botonis. Orly !!. fitisl p-tcf Sfl'OO.
Wtnisinailllr Milts Muslin, sn.1 flro IJnrn II'oms,
Onl; II 1(H). Vstial rite v,10.
tnyt-sra Ko. I'A'IO t'ttr.HNlT atrsot
" 1041 1 HKHM T HTHT.Kr. "
Tlie sttsntkin of nt'ir.a VtRtTtNO THB
rn V . or thoM shorn l.KAVI.Mdi f.r' '!.r
Ini l lsc,'1 pr tn.-t Minirr,' Ii rfps-nnlljr
llirt p.l tc ths t.t'llllr,. rt..-k Of Wllllfe
iMiisi ml'l.c for SI'WWKR wy.llt.for
Wllllt KOIHU, HlHNtNU W R.vfrKUa,
An stl-rm-s sstortmsnt tf MTifd tn 1 ArS
sail Wi rfcisi ICiIk.iiii. una lnsnlnf,t. Votls,
HsBiiki-rrlorii.. t'ollsrs, Sl,vrs, sn.l Inj'sln
and tanff pisia. H'ni si. .ml riiirsi w ! AT ri llTa m i ll 111. Low TIIKIB
rtlf.sF NT sl.T .11 VAI.I'K
lio frrUH LtirtHi I rtc Iltvisrs.
I' o, 1e'k4, wisatrtpMI Mas
Um. 11. m. is'i:i:iii4.
I.N l,oor SKIRTS. ;no
Atiora HUth Ntrt.
, m I'LHaU1 tilft.
Thitwt fomrW tftvortiiatMit of l.aili, MhttAt. and
Chli liwii t fl am J-kin in ih city. In cvbh ruMci ttr
rlnt. t.l f-T ninth, durtWHUi, mid oLefcp:..,
b t no rnmi in tltt uiarkt.
ffklrn nutlt tc ot14tTi fcl'trtH. an3 rpirM.
M-iy M.M.T. nnpkiMR.
HOOK Oil o O M ! A. N Vr.
Incorporated June 29, 1864.
Cnpttnl, snoo.ono,
0.O fcltAlU.i A BIL1KE rA.
IVtXK' hari fnri( $1 nh dc un npon ubacr'tiUi.trh
tv.o tLct lnataimia cl 11 ch, pi) i on tbc KLUiJ ly
Tb Uud pnrrhttntd tytheVatnc 0rwr1 R.xk 00
ConifMi) rutitidnt uiift huiicrtd ua thtn-(vuA mtii, ui
t. in.v core oi iho oil nnu-n.onr thi tinnu Jtiithun
drtJ muiU'ii Iff, va Ui At t ttht'iij river. In C'rAmxsrr
torWihtni, fUi'MliriA' a r'maultihblc ulslAiioe tiy inrx tit
swltsi tif iht-Lo t-f Twr. Mii ltuu.coDinioniy CHiltMl Tsin
If'iirn It tin, m cuci (f mhet ticw I run Mia. u Vcnanvo
octint .r.ntityliai ia. Tte AUphrnf ltivr Torr1irj U
y inhii abundant Ami trtjiniif nt hrw ! (af aa oe)
ll,t Miau7 ot OU. UtP MUDicroii wrtlfj lKrdirtuit, Oankj
pn iinctrt Oil ith ivea mU grattiar rejiiiajitU.aD u,
wnli aumt; Oil t'rwu.
I( Ik liolifii-d tl.f flow ot O'l Mow tftr borwitrh ofrrtnk
lln,oh AMrkhPTi rtMr, will imtMij tirver Nwim
xLatiHtrd, lcvAnf tt;j Merit iii ntiin, or vt-laDMi ilnrup
tk-not rck(lla in a aoi.thm-atwarill) dirtwunn ; fmt
Qiiftitly tl lJ of ntl wnuL. he uratur Uic ui-(r t to
tpi 1 1 tittl, hny ot ( iu., a i'd well wrkt ntulrt' u
Lfted i5 otr in prtrtnin lovrara id nvtr, nuar,
b t,r, tlieic wt-uVi m-t tl y t the titoat rvrmanf nt,
and m mioh grvAior u,ij4v nup;rlnoiimDaiit oodr or
kiwt 4)11. It b cfrtain tht (conof wtt:ii un U:e rivtr,
lit tU intnuHltf.te vtcltilt of Oil land, have rniinuol pm
di chtB anritiB Uie past pin- or tour jaara an udnitmuii
Slid iAty iXA'.'t ylid .( oil
A itiArc at il map w ill dmonatrat th tact thai lha
U.wtr Tvo Mite Kim and Oti ( rtvk arm on tt.r amr
iM tuft r kail) auatlit tinp, and vuy t II slant, on a rn
ituiinritn fttf iijtutifa' rant ir-t't fctv'f n ttit1 ranif
of hilla. frotn eAs-b othtr aoont thtra miit a ai-n ia ett
fuoi trif ame It would, rturefire nut boa.-trat-rtllnar)-,
il by bfritii; wnlla on toll tiavt a aattlciiit
dtftibof ptrta.a fUin httntlitd and Uif trtt, lit: Ut
4-omraii a wiU may otii -a) 'Itoao cf Oli Crvea In
tiirlr uipiu a of hnndnd ot liarrcia rt oil dAiir. aid
MttrocL proflia would thui be tie lortuuto rvault w
the stiarholKM of Mus omnpunr.
On tf;l paiitcclar tract of land thirt bM tff M
Uaoii tor twenty Toars. a well nnm numym j m rir nrnini
c! ootid (hi, aiil.ptvli lib diM'lN ot Dot is ctuihidbred qnit
InMifi'iCisN,! ic limu n lame Mow: tilt per coat, of tha
Oil at tl ( wi ll , mount wat. ronortyd ai a rvalij tu tua
fornvr owrrr of tha land, and III at one inura to tha
bem Ut i'4 U.pdmi'rtny. Thrieai- alsto tw oUtar wtlli
Lri HbVw hmir d lartdrep rich, hut n.tyitttnted,biitln
il'ca ipit HfiPit-ra.t tthon I Oil ; a burri'laday t'antrcna.'ahy
I bc wi out )t Uin. nnd n' dciiiii atn.t to oaUt tlmt
U cy wftl L, tu pit'Vt' hiKhiy riio(totratiiir vrtlla hon btn4
a rtMt.fthk' di'i'ili. Aniihj well i Laif but ad. aal
pnui iit tt a hhUnliict'.rv v clu
Sntii.ic of Oh pnnnina nm th'xa wttia can he aean at
Uif rutux of thi- Compiiny, t JU W ALNKI atrttt
Tlirfrt) of tin vauiHlit) oil lnnd,ooiuprtnlnK(ite hi'
drn mih) ttil'ty-one aiiTi, mcluellni; ihf royalty M Ofty
M-t cvnt. ol oil I' r tin- i?atd w U, note puv.f it r, anc Ui
flit. ii rU:M o ttf thT witil.s .vflal'T dfV'h iMMl, la
put i ha i-t d ! lilt (Vntpanj dl'V t I'roni th ownor. tor tha
tii'mi i f ir 'lire 1 1 (-.'k;, with a isi Ut Alili la flae orJor.
a aiuih Iiouab, o ; altr pAtehaa ft Uraiw.
Tin rah-t.ffctf rk will .svs rttcti tur u land la full. an4
leiwe tl t- auui f ( t.U( ciuih WfrlvitiK rnpcal on hand,
wiihwalch to cnn'l' t tn- th cc o:d rU, and atai to
crc nc if fArll, Ai!h Ova ntPAin nt:ins, Ac,
to t ir nitinuu "feiw wltln a fnw month-; arratua
lit nt ':i I u iund lo i.iil!-h th t- vt e ta lili .itt
d toy Mo t iibcrl U i will be acCfpttd tur lta tham
i!ft liAffji.
T ;.e t fort'ma rvaped hy IWk Oil C irpanla astab
ItMird hbic Miid rit'V In rt ait n -tori" it Tba Oi' trath- la
it t iti iu iniit0T. and tdo del tsnd constant -y Irtrn ftiw.
it rl f- iwi.w j or tar rvi at tht wll duou'.h.acia
al c t ibt rak.
LarKf wo a will douMICKi br atrifk at the d'pth of RtV
fif-i, 8c a U tthc- the cl Ir J Nttcd Pif K'"lt V ril- ha-1
Wen bnrt d tftc4i re to the di pth o;il of ahcut 0tOfrH
Id iiiti icimt It n prfptisid t hvr t wrnty aritlii ra
li.' pn port ittirlfift U iis -nt 'ivr Tliita !a r.o:.i for
oiif liui.d.f J will. A pffft-rt titK. th a- nf ai. Incftai
traoua laooutitivatu aamuidU Company.
LUU of nSrHUoo arc new opn i:atl! tao 60 XW ufaant
are auMKJibtd, va)nttv$t per 'Jicordorof Aidar
ccaaJAWi; U C AHIrN.Utf Trfflurr or tlia Joni-any ,
Wo.40f. WA IJSUT Mt"CH cr at So. IT, WALNUT HfrwU
or at tlie oflico of tli Coii.i( Kq. ilS WALll
The puhHo arc Invited tcali (tr a rro'potui, Jyv-tf
4 A I L VN 'I'M' ( ITV, V...
kKAVFST IlfM'M: 'lit Tlih HFM II.
ThU M(l(-kuoHii lioutt h in w opi-u l'T tl rMfptlon of
Itttitiiu oeci" Whi bttr.
nuM lm J.WO'jT ION, ProrflPtor.
GEO, X. ti!il.MV. Proprietor.
(Inr ar d raroratdy ki-nn aa r'Trtau of 0YSTK1
lA, HIM il ui.d C iKHM 'I WtrU.
farit-a a'oorumo-iaiod wilt I oatt. a-U('(iw I UsCi,?., Ac,
1 art run to U. iuuac tvery tweitt) tcmuua. fcs-tl
j 'l'h auharrlber, for pait favors. tWRdata
tlianka to Id's pal rot a and tl:e public for tha rtiMiuw cua
aoau nUn bins, aud b-K loava to Uiat bo I now op
lor ti.: a-rtMii, and ready to rt.-lvtu ooatdora, paruatjaat
and iranilcDt. un Uil. moat t ; ltrA' tiruia. 1 ut bar will
alwa k t aiitpliMl with the rnolomt wln.n. Uqunra, antl
ciKara.aid nnprt-rtld ala. Th wbki will ba aat wiUi
Uit t't-t-t tht luAriat atroidsi.
Ki-tiiirK Unt-a and tackta alayi nn hand
AU the eoiuktru of a Low eaa aiways b found at th
J tmi l? per aumru, 0t.0UiK II.TIAY,
Jri (f 1 roprtator.
EDWARD DOYLK, Proprlatov.
Tcnsi to ault th Urnaa. )
CAPI5 hUSl), CAf B M AT, V. J.
rtUdren nudwr 1J rtra of av aud narvanta half arte.
fluiMfsor acc'-ninit'daih'ttfi and aoiph' room
)24-?m AAKOX OAfcaVKrttO, froprietar,
wry Hoards Mhool)llu fVutoaibaff 1. 'ienni
vory modVraaa ThorouirU c our mo hi aiathMuailoa, La
iruair. anUi tudi. Ao. Capita bava UmiMa of a
Koata. WAvUual lafe aa la 8arvy(ar aa4 Civil lftotoaaiv
ID-. Boy di all aa tair a, Addiaaa for Clr,..
liUln VliistMoOrv, lUwar Co.,la.
WamlPi i4 VtiAttot rauio fiofldlaaa ax4 frV
vai JLaaldaucaa,
Vanofotnivd hy th
oy fBUUDi.l-i'iii A.
Ko.41 H kOUUTU HLfM-c.
aV It. llLLi WaUaUU(yiUaVMdkV
N 13 w
AT lAlt.
Interest 7 3-10 in Lawful Money
Tl( principal pnyaM In lAwfal tnoniv,at ttir-ad of
thrc?rar8. th !.:Mr ). lUs rtnt todrraaitd at
Uiat Uaae
The 5-20 Bonds at Par Instead of the Oasb.
11. I rrlvllrfr ta taluaMs, an thr f.-W Bondt a-p o-ir
Bft rApuUr Loan, and are rw if ting at elrht pot cent,
RBtiacrljiUoni rfclvrd In th nitiAl mAnnar, anit th
Ari'C. and proinatd of the Htciaiaryaf (ha Trrajury,
fc-rtlirwlih our Cifculan.and all necMary laforma
1on.HU tMronUstiM on a.opIh aUon at oar cTc.
JAY COOKE & 00.,
JviT-IKH No. lit H. T1IIUD Httswt.
PI1IK. 1'Uiail Sr. CO.,
COt. aiLVEtt, Uit GOVSKh-MEHT asCnUTlE.
Boroirr am aot.n on commission. iiiai
I A II K H O N A C3 O. ,
No. 121 8. THIRD STREET,
OcTtrnnifiit (ecTirtUt. of sli Ihjhoj Pdir'isseil n4fbr
Pl Blocks , Hoods, shiI tiultl Bought snd bold on Ooss-
fVllclon rromptlr Mad. M-tf
P I 11 BT
FSai-mcial Agrat of the United States,
rilrlntnii tlon from th Tr.iury Itiarttaont, thia
B:mk U prcparpJ t) ru-clve auhicrtpttona to the Utw
I'a rlotlr I-nau. lasu.d la the form of Threr tar Trottaury
Note, tfitrlrg In tor ft ! t..o rat of 7 -l par ont. rr
aiiM-oi.t nynhla acml -annual Iu Lawftil Moucronthe
rthca-aof rhniary and August rcapoctlrel ,ot avh
rar, 1 heao Trt-amry Notn are couvrril il at maMinty,
nt tl. p oft ion of the hoidrr, into hited Btatri 6 cr n.
roi cJ-, Iiitcrtt pa)Mlr Uiti'OlS, ar4 redomhlo aiior
five and pn rblo twr:ity J( A' from August 15, 117.
t f upon Kotot vl I be Utned In bUnk or payublu to onlrr
at. may hi tiincttd h tho lut'.crlbtr, tu hums of A-Xi,
fU ftlUnt.aod l-VXKi.
!rt t(M !U li allowed from thorta't of thr iulcrlt(on
t ti I'-'h of Ati;iut next, tho dntd nf tho Troaory Not
Ihrte who tuny ml-scrlbe artcr the l'Uiof Aiuuitm-xt
iU bt rctiuitcd to i ay the accn:cd Interest r. the !Mea.
Any ore s.;ibBtrlbin rVrnot leaa than $.'6,0K of iti t-an
at any on ilnu-. will bea.'oT1 a cominlPiion of omo
nnart"Tf on percent. iaab: tr tt-c Triaanr I.'iart
inert ob tlie rccoln: of a bill ft the amount, apnrovud by
tiie iiiba ilptloa aaent.
It.tVmi.g to ttc aonefcfd appeal f the Secretary of the
Tn an'ry, I A al! thoie de.slrou of MUiff tJeitovevn
iitr. to'icribc to tii Loan.
C II, CliAIlK,
U. S. l()-40's.
or: l'jl i on HALE Tne
feamho rrrE Pth cekt. u coih.
RH)cioai d t irt srur TbK TKAkH, t ui iwiii
of Iht (VTCRiairnl, sod )! robTY VCAUs) aftsr
v frr tau Loan, of sua dinaaiUuiUoa s U HW
Ttrli.Urot on SV's and aiuos payul feortyioa at
outer tnrBajitur.t, yvirly. To ll-40 bunds art
eu Marts I, U4 Tl.t Lair j-eartrlDtrtlflliigdut
Htpitnoer ltt and at rol. Ut ot tack rcari onlll 111 Dap
U mt ti, tat aecrnoA Ir.terui from lit of Mitk Is raqiilre4
to ( paid ty porthr.MTS lo cmj cr la ti Git ocuakcr.
oVUin.-; ttljr pcrotnt. fr promiua. ontil frUir notira.
all onirn oovutsMttrr wutikmcii bouobt
J AT COOKE & 00.,
tnt.JI-t 3to. l'.t 8. THIRD 8TKI.ET.
UANKUUS and unoKEita
Baodo.Btm'as Quart er-.asrn'ToiThrl and OVckJ.and
ail Ooranmtnt 8car(ttti oatt and go!A tahU
aul t ,
V. 5 8. TB1U BTUHT.
BtocU BomcM 0oU 00 CvmmiMtou. OoltocttoM
BtXAVsptl B&AOj. AsNt-tf
lWe-tt n"' HQ I. fulfil atfAaUX
' t If NMNl I VVU, M.T.
till. l'Rt.siiir.07 OrTIIH IMWTi fiTATFa
9 T'lt- '-M' TUfc KAblKKH JllSrKKT
BI'll.'KAK Tit Tll.lrkt foirtorCiafnHrd Htattn In
mliortlir Kntn I t.t'lrl i.f I'rmi.iivnnta. rlarl.tlr and
niuj- ,rc-. AH on a l.ibH. iiir,i u nmnr , ,'ni,,!
HlnK f! Am. ri. a, l.mli ntcnvrt a I i,.t...n. In Ki-nral lio
l.uit, nr irtl.i.O 10 l.sva , aiijr rl.nt. til Ir. ..r Intpra.l lo
' i'i ' 'l'l"""-r-ll Jalt.M i-.4tnn.and (Itl-tn thnu.
nnd dollar., tht i.rrx-Mi. a ti , tl.r.i. f..nrt and
l irl.i .Mt. a. ..a I., -II.C- l.r.,ut AllA. ak. Krl.inrt "rr.nVt.T
Into t.'ii. uutrlct. Ii. L. tu.,t.ilta, rn,u ,..".,1
lo itirlknu i.t, al Ihe tun and (.inr, nndrrwn ten
and t ti t tirrrt liprMft, r titirt.a), tinMict .o
rt-iuirinirt. fn art thtn-r-rt onannii and .trir-tlt
T..Klii-l mill ii-inaianilf-il, ( you omit nH. t.rrt tlmt
I V MIKIn jj ttii'-t lri-.rilt. Ill at CA.1 toi, fit rtallt
li.--1ai m prtmtd and ptibh-.lind In tkt vttir nf ft.ila
d t m, aii'l !n tho tn ni I'l im'rr, vi-u 4 montiti ti.t.of cat t tr I t ntr himIi. d and ctti d. ptrtianto.
r... til iH-r'li. Iii.,gantral l.i hnvt. i rrttaiHl
In l.Ai t, ai.v t grit, tiljt. nr Inti-rtut In II mldtitf niy ih a
MIU nr.t tah tiiili nf t-iitlmt and ttlittn tlimirtn.l I'ntlari, (
mi-i rivi-.1" in ipt 'm iiirn-ni, in ai-t-tur nAinrt flit
I inn. -ui .1 JOIIM II i A I. A I -KK tht Jiiilntnr Chr .aid
Ci art. rn tj.i IMirlrr t'ntirl r'M.ra, i.i tl.o cll nr lhiiili-.
pi U. nn Ihr iim rid Ih iia a ttr i.iiMh-a-inii of Ihri.t t-rt.
.ftr. tf if hi a n-tltt r. or tl-t on flit nun! r..nrt ilajr
Mlnifut. b.ttn tht n.itaJ linnri of htalnt
nf d tl -ri- to .linn t nr a'ltsr. In d .1- f.-rm t law a rra.nn
ahit anil lui fnl tM-n-t.lf ani tl.i- Imvi , wh thr oald
iw. -tint riinl ono ball hair. i.f ri-t'on anil rtf.rtn thwii.
ah ml di.Mai s. the ppK-ii-d. of Iht ta't tlitrwi?, mald n .t
l.r t-roiiouiii-i-d to .r-lonir, al tbti tlnir- nf l-it caitura of tht
.mnt. to ilir iiir-nili-i r.t tht I ni-til K atf-t. an.t a. tfxMla
nt 1. 1 Ir tr.i mic. i-r r-thtrwlit. lial-'t ami .iitiiri-t to con
it.T unit..!.. t. br adlu tiirl and Mimlrinncl ai K od and
In nil rl't.; ami luitlitr to rin and n-f-e it In this nnhalf
a. In Iti.tli r- shall aipattnlti. And lliat vi.n ilnlv intimate,
or cnii.t to In1 ii'tltniiti-d. unto all otriMin. alnrti nd. atnt
i.ill t to wl .-ii. hv iht tennr i.rtrn-.t prt.inti It I. alho
Int.iniittii). ff-nt If 11 mmll nnf aDtar at 'ht t'DH-and
I Hci-tiiT'i 0 nii-iitirittr-ct, ur ariKiar ami Hiiall nnt an-w a
tintc f ilit ritititn of thi' annu. to ih' tviiitpn f the
1 nJti ij Ht nt i i Aint rkii, and at gu. tla of tin Ir eni'mi-io,
fr oihi wim , ha'i' nrt't utiir t to roniWcaiion and cn
(ii nnnitii't). t lie n'tjudyotland ro dcuviMl ai lawinl nriae.
tin ahii p. c or tniVtr ioiiti) o ih erjn. nocfttMl
nnt lohtnaied ip anywip notvlth"rftiiihir, nnd that vnu
1 11 1 nitiv tc the hhIJ hU'n t Coin t wi at you aliali do la
trif ort nilp, tnti'incr w llii ine ft'e-i-nta
W nno a th
of thr aa J fourt
?lr, i'-J ? !,l,p,l,a..,h", m,i d'V..M
Aiik'tir.r, A. I. WI, and In tu iaht n ntli year of Ui
iiitn i t ot Lev 01 tl-t' f-ain vnit.Ki Kin:, a.
jirJOJl R.J O , fieri, of lUtrl(i Court.
Of n Nfn l. a MA, .sr T
tiht r, r;.
w Hi;i(K.H. TU M.trirtf onrf of the IltM Hate H
ai rt l.r t:r I an .in IHMrtnt of I'tonr aiUs., HvMir
and dn prorcMli c on a LibJ, filed In the name of ta
I'tiltid Mutes ot America, huth decroed all rona In
genenil who tae, i t 'rTrul to haM, Any rV'ht, title,
or lteIet In tho ate nor IDA, whert-of Wl ttra Poa
tU 1 nmatrr, her, aiarH. and furnliare, and
the cttrfro ot the naht ntramer, caotund hy tlm t'niird
Hiatt u HauitT ro vM.. nndt-r eommand of Llmtti nant
(onniMmitr I. omit MmUmwh, to W momshtHl,
r'.t'-tl, a: d c'J d to ju nim-nt, at ih time and place u
ilwil ten. and to the rfleot nerrftftcr exprritanl (iui
tee po iT'tntrlnKl. Vta an thvrrrir rhrard and
trlotly et .'olm-d and comntmndt.Ml, thnt you muit nnt,
I ut that l-y fuMKtiiiiK thoor orranla In at least two
o' the a Ir tirw5fmrr! f nrted arid p'lbUihed In the city
f rbdatUtphla ai.d In tlie l.rnnl intcihxjtmcrt you
do nioioah ni.d die. oreau to ! monihbiMl and cited,
leieni.tirily, all piraoni In fiueral, who have, orpra
tend to 1 a , anv rlirht, tl le, or IntortTrtt In th aald JIA ard carvo, to appear bflorr th Honorable
JOhN ADU Al Alil K, thr Jude ot th aaid Court, at
the L'Htrh-t Court room, In the city of rhllhdciphia, on
tho twentieth rtnj Ait or ptiMlcA'lon or thr pre
arnrs, II ft tw a court da-, or elnr on the next court day
follow Inu, hetwr-tn the nual h nr.$ nf honrlnn cauna,
thin uinl there to blmw, or allege, In due lrin of law. a
reaaoi.ahh aid lawlnl kukd, it any Uiur him-, wh
tlx- .'mil htiamer 1IA and carrot ahoutd not be pro-iiouiii'i-d
t tHlon?. ut the t urn of tha cApture of ih
aitiuo, to tlii 4-Uftnii of thr I nllcd Ht-ttea, and At Kooda
of tl.i ir eneuihftor otlcrwlne, linhle and anhlect to toi
(fmiiaUou, to he ad odeil and cundf-rnnrd ax good and
Inwful 1, rlzt ; niidfiiriJer tn on nod ncelve l'i tlu lw
hHlt as to .iiink-o hail npM-rtsiin. Auk that vou duly
lntli inri', or cn ic to ho linl.nated, uii'o all pemona
Aii'ii't-aidif'-nerally ftohom b the tenor of thoc ire-at-i.ta
It In aio uit.matwl), that if ihr ahatl not appear
at the lme aud plane iiIh vo -inntljnoil or aitpoar and
l ill not sIioh a r Hrormftie ami InMul em o to tho
coi trr.rv, thru said Itnct Vm.rt doth h ti nd and will
pi rrad to adjudtt aiton on the aaJd rapture, and may
pioiioi'hfM-Dmt tiT ah! Md niuer lit., and earwo dd ha-h-t
jt.ttt tltf i.tito of thr capture of the aa r.o, to thr em
mha oft v t nUen 8it.tiH i Ann rOa. anrl aj c-ut-ia of
.;uir nirnint or oiitrrwTe. iinoie aid minuet to con
anon an 1 coxci'tniiatton, tn b
atiudrd and eon-
ilamotd ns law nit Ustxe. the abNcncc. or rntbir rmm
ntacy, of H e prson a dt d iui-1 InMinatrJ luuwi
I'otw ;thtamlhiar, aod that von duly cctifv to tic aaid
Mntrx't O'rrt what you ah ell do m tn prrinliea, w
g t' t r wtlt tht prrhrnt.
Vitoc-athfc lltinorahlo JOHN C A f W A I. AT f', R , Jud
of t. o eaM (out nt I'tailioh-lphU, thU aiMht 1 day of
Annint, A. I iHit, and In thr eUr ty ninth yearoftlw In
pii i ( tier of thfbaid I nitrd Htaioh.
m lb-.'tt u. li. rox. IMork of District Court.
TUfc I KKttlhKUT or TIIK I'KITKH s rAn:s,
TdTlih. MAI Ml a L Ut' 111. J, Ah 1'itiKN Or
wiit.hl'A I Ii" District Curt of lha United Stat In
nstrru liiairlct of rtvntlsr
ai d i lily i iooeodlnffon a LHol tiled Iu llie nam of th
1 1 li' a Mutch 01 Africa, hath deni ed ah puranna In
teuornl to huvo ot nrrtoinl to lia.e. any rtuhi, tlt.e, or
piutrra. in aixiv oiia UNiaa, tnroe nair naira.axd oacka-
Bi-Jtol cotton, (t-nrio ol a tenner iiam unkiuiHM.) tj-
lurid by thu I j ated Matt' I Mi amor KKVSrOjK
HA 1 K. a vrt..of-Aar cf tl 0 United 8tae.
ird r the etiuitn.tmi of He ce Crosby, otmuandtr,
and biotiflu into thin dlHtrlct, to be moniAhe.t, clod,
aid alert tu juditinfin', at the tlm and piar.e 11 n
diiAriukii, nnd to Uiu eMn-t hur'aflor cxpitaied,
(tut. co too rriiulrlUK) Vou nr tiorlore char-e4
aid atiJtll i-iiKiiiCil and Miiiini.nli d Mm' uii timt
rot, but ti it hv p'lliil-hinrc prrMtnn in Ht im.t
two of the I nil im w-niera piiuud aid puh't-hrd
Jn ihr city .f F..ilu.lei:d,la. Had In tie J.vat Ir.tsti
jrrtrrr, j oti do tiiotiifih atid cilo, or caute to 1.0 aotii'dirtl
anil cln-d jic.-i in. teijiy, m' irrs'Mn In kih ml wiu have,
01 pi eu nd ti: havH. tin v rl-ti , title orlniorei in th- a-d
ai iy , im-l tU il.ret it ill baloa aim pm l.a h or c t-n,
r HP!' ai I fc.i"i tl.o Honor. he JOIf X (aIIVAI.1II- li.
Ill .'Mtilf'.' rtl IHC Mtttl (V-iirf . at thr iJUtlit t 4'o.irt llim.n., 1
Iti tie city 01 I'hiliidrlphlM.ra tnr twrnii-iii Cuv ailor f
piibi ta'.i. o tl. h. p encuta if It bo a o-mrt tiiy. or iie (
oiiii.r nr.i c .nr uv l'inirg oeirtntlii UMililiOira
i f hrnritx? taiorst thi a .md U irr tn tbo', or a h due
fomr ih.w a n aoi ahl-eiHl lawful ecti-r. i any taov
hve. h tJr Miid iiK.iv-('i:e bl0t. throe half btir a (id
m ;. of cloit hl.oultl 1101 br proiir.nnoiti u tn l -yj, at
the litii of tlie cn; tun-t' li e Kan t.i ihe rncn ea nf th
1'iiiiro rta'i-.aiKi an cimhIb of thir em ta oriohir- 1
lc, MhI-k- and hill i-cl to tondciMiallon to be a tiud.rd !
and c-(ideuint-(. a tti.od and luwtnl prln; and fur- 1 to to i.iiJ rc tia la tia hi'lhwli aa to jiuiice '
liiill apt' T'ttin, And that you only intlioKt. or eaii4
to be ii tit atti!. uiiio uU n rn, atm. a,M, trnrrally. (to
win iu by the tt-iior of 1 lie prt.Htnia It U aiao Inti- I
tnatid.) luu it thiy n' aJI not apptar at the time and j
plci.r iIkc mcnto'Hi, or a c r und anait not alio a '
ir.iMiiahn- and lawtid cimie to th i contrary, then aaid
at'iTtri v hi win un fun n - 'u t iti ir vmv- w noiti(ioa(un
on tl ml I 0 ipt nro. iw.d mav pn-no-ince thul thoaa4
aix' l.t a. thn o I mt buica and puckHket. ol ctton
uk b loRtf. a tbetloioot the capiMreoi th am( to thr
c.irn ten of tl" I iitit d Mitti-aof Aimi'lcn, a 'id v no da of
tht-li !, ii.icM, or oil.ei o, Htihlr and KuOmt to totiflr-e-llon
ana ciiiiiimitimi,lo be totjiii'ddd and coudeiuiud aa
Jan ti.1 pn.i' th- a 'fence r rather coiuuui v of Ut er
1 01 h mi cited and intiniittfui In anywise iioiWilhiUiiiilliiir,
and Dav yoti only ctrtlfr to tho said lUtni t Court
what ou a bail do lu ho pieiuliOB, together with theao
pi tarn r.
Ulti.oat! IlHi.t-rni lo JOI'N f ADW A t Di-R, Judjre
of the iW. Cunii, at thia eltihia d of
Auvuaf, A. I. m4, nod In tl.e i'h.-1-ty-iilnUi yiar ot the
Ind; pei ili'iicoid Iftc id'l I'nl'.cii Huuea.
ault,- t li. It. G, Chirk JMitriet Court.
THK I'HKIM'I.M or TH K l"KlTi:f 8T ATI".
10 l kit Ml(-.11, ill' 1UH tAnri K.N iilMCtttlCT
oi 1 rvssk lva&ia,
curt. 7A
n MKl'.H,Thc oUtrlct Court of O e Unltrd Mat3 In
atid 101 tl a KaK ra li-mrirtof rciii.ayWaitia, riKtttly and
pn-reiiott nn a l,irc n-ctl In thr namn f th Ciilf 4
t tat cf Aoti-iia, U-ih dafnt:d ad ri-ot)i in ifiorrai who
fca'i .or prvtctul to hatf, any rikM. til'e, or intt-n-ft In
ti irt; fiiir bniMot cutb-n and ei'vnitot-u thouaand dol-lir-,
ai'ti I'ju. ttrdr. thi- pioi'otdaof tbc wale int-roof, fe und
nnd t'iid frt a by tl r banjor W ILI.lAV
a N is A Al oi!. m d I r-iil.r into thla fiistrp t, to b
Mh uihd. ciifl, aM railed tn hil;int'nt, at tttr tlao ami
pla e iu.dervritt i, and to the etttc btitAltorepresMl
(justice oi rm 1 oir I iih 1 oii aro. ti e tfra, iharited aad
Kirk tlv cn clued ai d coiniuniulrd, thut you omt not, Imt
tk-at bv pui,iii,l.ii p ihoMt pronta in ut loAht two of the
dm'y 'i.iwpaiara primed and putiM-had in the city
of f I'i'ti'U.'pl''"- nd In th Lt-ntti luiltiotnrr. vou
donn-nah citr. or laufcu to he hunikhod aid cited,
,n (i ininorilv, all pirrtotus in f,'riiul Hbn havt-, or pceo'iia
tch:ir,ai ri'. ht.ttiie.oi iiitrroHitu the atid ihlrt.-lour
hktlcp. oi niton and iMtntrin tlioiiuaiid duHa-a and
lipwutds.. th urm n df sitl' anlc lliorui , to aiM. ar boi'oro
tt.o lionorahle JOHN C ALAKt It, t .HoUe of ti e
aHld ( ourt, l bei liiati let Own I mom In tin City of IM.Ila
di'Itliia. on tne mi ti th day aiivr piiU cjuiou of incao
pra t-nu li it he a cotirt day. or eine ou the itex.t curt dy
lolh win-. t'ttueeii tiua utuut hoiirn ot ut-arlnr cniiKrs. thott
and tint 10 aiiuv.-, or all-Ht in Uualoriii of lair, a roiiaon
ailfaiid lawful fxnuo, II any (her havr, why the aald
)iny-l'.orbaleif cotton anil a vrntrcn thwimnd dt'lai a
and op aid, t-c piicr-ilM 01 the tlo
ehould i-ot br pioridDouitl to ht-kiiu, at tli fihiu of
Ihr caeturr ot tho aitrue, 10 th eiwiidi-a of thi
I utird htntc, ae1, ua iar-da of tin Ir dUaraioa or
oiltrw!.ir, Ihthe ai-d subject to oondramiitin,
to be nii'advd and enndt luurd aa no d and la
iu! prints; and furtbrr to do and ncalve in thin
brlia.i aa fn jtisttlcn "hull apprrtatn. And that yott dniy
li.ltinaie, or eue 10 be Intimated, unto id- araona al'ora
aid, uorerally (to whom hy tne teuor f three praarnta
It ia alao intitnaiad), tlmt ii Uto iball not a;poitr ai th
tluiv and placr ab-jve d, or apoaar aud ahali not
fcltaw a r ai unable and luwtu uaiu to tb oootrary, tiia
aaid IHatrtct Court doth Intend and will proceed toadjn
dkaiiou on the aaid captura, aud may prunounc that
tba aaid thirty iour buloa of outton and vuutn n ibou-
and dolla-a and npwaida, th procaad of al thairaof,
did loeloatr. attht'tfiuraf tba caplura f tha aaine, to tba
eiiemleaol the Can ad Htate of Aavrlca.and a kmiAcoI
Uitlr vnmila,or othrwsa,Uabl aiul au'drct to oaiuuca
tlou and c(.udciiiuailn, to bo adjalifd and id. tuned a
lawlVd price, tb ttiAd-r, or ratnor eontHUi. y,of the pr
ona a cited aud iaiitaatrd In any wIm noiwhhabutdUi,
and that 5011 duly ortlf) te iha aald DlftrW-t Court what
you aball do in tho pmMUea,tottir with thow iiruata.
Hiluoi tba Honcrabla JOHN CAD n XAIKU, Jut
of th ld CvuK at rhiladelphla, thla naoun day of
AHKunt, A. I. lHrM, and in ttwj oiRlity-alath yoax ui th
IiiOm prad4 ace i the aaid Cidted rtntja.
uuli rt . H.OX.Ckark DUtrlotOoikri,
I J Aithla ialeap yar and IU aoo leap out, lo
not kp aftar anjr other but
Ai K la an ait--! that haa b-a baplnn about fnr tho lat
twenty jcaia, wni it provra it i woruwapiun aiver.
Ta'iij oeo' per bolUa i
JiantifaiHarwr iad IiuKrtir,
aa9-t i(o. loOl iia.0L.iH auL
Al ourcaarrd to offar hthiw Iha oott pt-o of a mparkia'
artlclo. KAMI KL W. Wte. aoABir.i,alo. uao.
oa.t aMa, oaila tho sennno tA.lJS !. aod
' luiaod A., aud twit sUM,vlt Aod aai
toini'r. Dioii'ld auk Ihotr suroAaoo. a f.Vt
Tloaa to aiMilhar UraiKH. u-s
uanwauraiid uor, fcaa roovrod hi, ,t. troaa
i..i,.i. n.t alj Bulklliia. liavliur tucraoaod
IWiirUM lur crrjui oa tb bu.bjou uuioarty, ta bin
tu reMr a IWI w ran paw(o. I M
ri-annia-ut tun mwtiii rantt v 110 nmtratj , intnill 1 a,,,-,,., iN,t i-i.n. aud .itrin, i,ir77. ... .. . V T
l.lMr,U0urt.nthl,,t,B,l.dwlon,-,lt,,u.l.-,t,o ll'aiVaftb,.;";
i n the ihiiI i nptnn-.and may p.vtmunct thai the d 1 .. tl . i,ni riKi,JLi .1 V. 1!?.
.rh.y.t,v,..,,,1.h,l-l, tnanlcn.,.., and dttrtn .houaand !',;;, 'U pV', ThtTnJ w"., ht?ln? r .MraVi Hni 1
i hp 1 mi tv mr iirix i-t'iit ii - iir anir ntvi r., nm UflKmii, inn ' B ,,.,miA nam ah.. stn. i.i...
IHtonmAii you hats, CAi'S, fluoas,
ir (tonaa. Htirtn Mat. flala, -,
U'l(l Aunu.- diTiii'nn.1 or fTAaifinflTntr,
Oirii or t.'Mtrr uAniraWAaTKff.
Writtfti iimmi'i win tit rtrrlrts at Iklt otnio an"
rnrttiti ii lr, f,r Airnl.hlaa Uit . InWiar artlnlts I
intnl romrabaad man, woBito, aod chlldiea lo Utla Ibs
fiartromt :
limaaii. (rnsrtt, c), and otbtr spnrlMabu Boots aod
alinra inr tptn. wsmtn. at dohlhlrtn . wtar,
bir. rclt, and woolm II ata, ami oloth fan..
hi iftr. t,ln. v,t,lnLlnirn, Callc. s, llltaarti.aad otkof
wonlr-n and roiton mod..
Ilii lnrv Hlrlot (fnr tkino, Rtd llcallK, nhloaofcoA
Mns in, wnolf-n Pt-llf and Hnr aim
htKiol C'dinn, tiiar and wmtt: f.totn Thrtad.
tini.e Huai-ttidr-r Htittnnti laraa llutton. for Coat..
Vint rnrt-rlaln ftn tnaa, Vam, MtcJlia, and ofkts
atn tna malttni. and frlnimlnjr.
H.n,lf, .hnnld lit on with tach MJ, ot Iho iimih of
tin .rt inrwn-dl Iht aaanO
Aiiiit-li of alii siani t alniid arr-nmpany oar-h bid.
n irti tin.xi..iin win nt tntrnamtd. hul tTerrkla.
or rnndiN-a.inn ,,( tht nmt. rn it bo Id wrltlinr.
Purriia-tt will bt n.adt from timo tn time at tbo t)n4
an- n.-niil.tMtiittonlrartocolhorirlj, as ins Iri.lrwio
ot tht .rrt n,., niilr.
fhHl ..Mint) will ht t mlrtd frr tho raJlhfttl fuldlrata
ft am iontrai-1 mafi, Bn.ti- ad trilK-mtnl.
li rntK,.,i, ..Nan btlf, nn arhtrt'tod tn iht oodtr
, V ".. V 4 ', I'rupoaali ftc l nml.'ln ih
t, .i r u . . t HA8. . CIKDwIK.
w ani intmn. j.Jfc tm
1 R O P 0 18 A 1. H rOR l,lTH.DIJa SOUTtt
A. I" ln lo havy llopartmant lliaidi.
. . KAVr frTWTIT. limn 1 1a.u '
ni-avfl prorwals. ondorard l-r....u tu bnlidiac
an. 11, W IM tn Na.y l. n. rt,tnt hTu-lln,.-w. aa ra!
Will (Wlsrair toa
iave (he uihhiia o mnh trd and rridv fhr Atvunatl k.
n.idHlli hU must be avoninpaniod by Uie ftiUowiuf uara-
Tl.e undr-rnUn.-d. -.of . in the Htata of , n4
of , in the Hiate of -, hfn:? trtiarant that I
ta-. iho mrtvnln h'd of for hniMini ton tit
fffli-e nei--ot th. ir remd.nee. exeeuf the oontrar 1 t!
enitis, with fn-d and auiTlctfnt aaeurtt i and in eae U
amd - tii it II fnJI to endT nt enntrart na AftnTi4, w
iri'ai'nfe' to mnko irood th drfTfrrnoo 0trao Ui oiTrK
the tahi and that w hich may b acceo'ed
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Judge, nr Attorney, nr Ool ertor. auo miUN
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Ordnamr Orrirr, Wa Tr9KnrurT,
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Br-At.Vt. rROPOA,8 will be rtjeld at thia nlNn
Until lAATi:ilIAV.AMaiiai,lrH,t 4 O Clock,!', af.fnr
the delivery at tnr 'oliowiin point of the ndnrj'nUoao4
(jmihtiih't of tuALoable-lroi. uinuaUwa for eavalrr eauiav
At thr New York An oner, Hew Tnrlr, 80,000 U.
At thr Krunkford Araenal, lO.WHt ata.
At the All. reny Ammal.VdOOO erta.
At thr ht, lsOttta Anenal. 1 ,0uo mk .
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but k tooBi.aa and roller muat conform atiictiy to tli)
atamUrd nauRra, which wilt bea.pted brfora ja.mnirln?.
Attrr InIiim tioroiiKll.i ckaned and frod from all apfnea
mid IrriyulAiUU, tht aie to b apaand In Ui beat
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141m ity. atiJ marked aa ma; be rrii rttied by tU laapeot-
Tne oik I tn be aabieet to tnapectlon attt amaow
fot r in all atayea of 1: pmtrrraa. and 00 icooda ar
to Ihs ncK itvil or paid for which bar not paaaod injaxaa-
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Itii0'-ra will etate the ftreeaal or arenat rhr tny
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Iht 1 1 own Mtopa the woik propowod for.
loin a oT biau can b obtained at th abor man4!
I'"f i'sah not ptatie ot cn thit form uitt itol e on
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ThrhdtrrTWllllvnqiitnd to accopaair hli peapal.
tlon with a pttarno'eo, aiKnod hy two reaptmaibl pura-ina,
tl at In rakt-hi 1 11! he accct 'ed.he will at omt rurcaia
the contract for tbr Hra with good AOn aiifnchnt attra
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Ihrr the ar( Vit a proiroacd in conformity with ibe term
ot thr aovrrtlurmont : and In cae the a aid bidder abonial
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: Kuirenioo, In cam' tlM-fori'Ao.iie bidnf be ao-
t-cp'ii,ihflt heoi they wM! a' ontv execute tn contra)!
for tin-usuue, l hiondand irticieni aurftioa In a a Him
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Pioiimkla will t f addrenaM to "Brlsadlor-0orai
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:.." and will bo mloratd "lrovo.als lor Malloakla Iroa
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Abo to Obosoat, PhllAd.lahiA.
Politic ai UamsaUB Club. ud on wlUl Laotanu.
ftadaot, Sanuors, and flara. at raaMaaUlo rata. M Sol
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No. fill to No. 028 CHESNCr Stritt,
Ha v lot puri'tii'tl tl.o stork of JAMBS ItTJKKK, Jr.
(riirmiri) ltrJrui-'), whtro ho wilt offor to I U eustoown
ar.d Iht riuMIt a Urgo axi oleuaot aaaortMont of
DteoratioM and Wall Papers Qenerall.
hj slung Lin f-nonal atuntion to tlio orUinf aod aana
Ins llieteoi, Yin hopes lo oentlaii. to roolvo tlio lltxaoi
liatrooase of iha pabilo.
rutens and tlalton art rospeotrtillj InrHad to taaitoo
tbo varli-tj on hand. 1)3 lot
jKdvmaawoii paintiwoii
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