The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, July 15, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Image 1

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"A A 'A VI TT : IY M
. ! . re ' - s 1 , xt-ft i -l - L- i
! Interesting Review of Its In-
ception and Character.
g dedication of "Grant" Moauraont.
Fourth of July in tho Uniou Camps.
iiiy'n I, osxul, I'hinnrlulanl
ev Conmicrrlul f?ri.
MftUil tO'ire'e-A re Tue Breiano 7WiV-tsrA.
IIaltimohk, July li. All Is iiiiol here to-day.
No armed It b ls aro heard of In Hie !sete The
.-.,- .. c, I... I :. I. . . r... . i
a j, '.. i-joiciii in iiwt. u.iimii-ukca uim un nit letevui-
Til nU Cllir.e.'llS. JUUHIliess IS UUIT ClCIHg licuvciy
resumed. Refugees aro gulag lnuao. Tho
accounts received from nil parts of Western
Maryland male Hie Rebels made a complete
sweep of hordes, entile, and stuns of ovrry kind.
The whole couutry is ravaged, utid the p"ople
arc unable to secure tin ir crops. Our authori
ties continue making arrests of many prominent
Secessionists. All the railroad companies ar
2 7lgi.rou-ly engaged in repairing damages, ani
1 ttgulur travel will soon le resumed In every
Washington, July 13. The siege of Wmli
ltig on. not nude as l"titf in eiiiratnui as tho s'c'u
. Of Iroy, and hardiy as glorious as DeiTy or Sara
gassa, has been at leng a raised, and there it n iw
a restoration of cuiiimuuicuiioii with you of thn
outside world, whose fears and anxlu.ics regard
itig the fule of tli capital we huvo b -en ahiu M
imagine. 'Ill iM morning it wai found that the
enemy had withdrawn from In front ol'tned'
f uses of Washington, and though they istili
how pickets ut lliadcnshorg and on the r i road,
tl re is guiiil reason to believe thai lha main
force is marching towttrds (he Potomac to m ike
good ibeir retreat with ad th loot that a wee it of
uninivnuptcd plunder lias afforded tiicm.
It is too early yet for us to make up our minds
whether we on, tit to laugh over the lieuoueuicut
of an ariiiir more farcical tnan tragical, or whether
we should feel a devout tlnmkluluc-s for a great
deliveruiice. There is enuugh that is droll to
justify the former, wire it not checked by the
rellcctiou of how much there is mortifyiug and
humiliating in the circumstances f this Uehel
A great nrmy is planted la-fore the linos of
Petersburg, where the vi'al interests of i he war
centre; hut l tic Rebels, by a inovoiiien'. of Iiliteh
less boldness, are ahiu for a time to iran-der ttio
seat of war to Ihe north of the Potomac, aro per
mitted to roam through ami ravage a loyal S ale,
and are able finally to throw the capital of the
nation into a siege, aud inspire others tli initio
lalnt-heartcd with leant and forebodings for its
Now that tt Is over, one can speak with more
freedom than was ercwhile allowable, and hence
it is not improper to confess that Washington
bits, for two or throe days pas:, liceu more really
''Inves'tU" than Ku hiuoud ever has been, it is
true Ihe l'uiouiao river, a great natural line of
ron, on, has been open to Ui; but our
d rcct ui-d cut'omary coiumuuicatio is witu mo
1 orth end West have htca and now remain
i vered j i nil this not mciely by the dam igedune
by tho n ountcd ruiocrs, but by the fact mat the
emmy )naieu iniiiseit on our cuniinniuciii ms
which, 1 ncl.tve, is moio than ( (Jraut bas
Jt dotie v. ith respect of the cummuiiicmuiis ot
ti -i inoi.d.
Nevir yc, in all their Invasion", hare the
Kciicls uttiiiiU'd anything sotiolil ; and although
there can I e no douot that Washington h is oc
ifore brrn in far more real dangerof capture than
(at any time dining mis lau altatr, yet Dover lie
fore have the Kebels been able to make the capi
tal seem to be in so much (lunger; uud for the
first time tiny have won the tcUit, whatever this
may be worth, of an actual investment of the de
fises of Washington. Cueap glory, but they will,
o doubt, make the tnu-t of it.
Thiee ouiionunitiis the ii.ubi.lH have hadofcan-
tufmK Wssinngton; the lirst was immediately
aficr Buil Kan, the second was alter the defeat
oi Tope, and the third is the present occasion,
lint ihe latter they I .at before even they retched
the frout of Wahiiij ton. II 1 1 tnev concentrated
antt u an. hid directiy on Wa-hiu'gtoii, without
v. a ting li.r plunder, there is no telling what
mi(tht Lave been ihu result of a vigorous b'ow;
bin when thryaiuved it was to i late. W'mli
iufitou was aale, not mil) in its circle of foititica
tions, but in the veteran dtfcndeis who stood
IhIi.liI tliciu.
Uuf this, and all other question' arising ou of
the laid, Cepend for the r deteiui'iiation on tho
ane cupual point us to the design uf tho Hub, U in
the ni" vi niei't iiun Marvlan 1. And trii a.iin ro-
ln liseil to a siugai; : 11 nj tne in
un u a strict.) military aim, or w is it innl.-r-tadei1
lor the i nrp'ise of plunder, together with
sucb In. idi ntal Uiil'tury idvautages ns might tiu
jtaincd? Altbuiigh I'rum pre cut up .eaiaiices,
time is oi j Utile ui id Jicate t:iut li.u It :. o i
tciiaiiietl Ihu former ili:sigu, and ulin stcery
thiiig to iLiWcite tint lliJy :m t-d their .uii'im in
to the littti r, yet Chern was u.iich, even us life as
yestciouy, to lead to tiie c u.ciu-ion ma' they
were uiining at nothing -hmt ( a .tcr uf Hio
w r to il c -oil ot tin: loy d Sti'v, 't.iJ t.,n eap
tuieo' tirapttal. The force i:i Ma. I md .v t j
cstin i.led even l y ii.ihier), at iio'.lmu
than ihltty llioiis.tiiil la n. tale it . ms erte I
(hut iiU'it' er cntuiiiu, c in-itnii? of ih:wi I-uf
liOii'tieiYs C rp, was o.i i s wiu Jr :t (i ir
lioi.bvil.e. Tl i'" View ol t':e in Iter . t ikeu by
the a-li r ;-.t hi h-.ic ot M i ,,iv, when that
I cr nindc ihe f l-r-vln.; ci irttio:! .
li '"I tie It. Oil Mill) n' h S I.V. I IHlVtl-ll ll S I!,,' Vd'l.'V,
V IS. lul . II. c. I v.l i -C C .is .ill , I'ii.tiT i- ,'icrnn J Ol
r uj.t itei" r.H ,'u!' ii i !''. icni '' ' .i.i. T.ii. n,T4ii nr..ii-
hri'lB":! ticl. -.l.-ti. li:-. I Vtt
Is... I
l'U.HI. ,;tc o.i I li-- i-t .
. s! 'i n I :i I .-ia'
li, mi I I'h jj irj.y-i.'
une . I' W i-', ;i
.Il ! J Ik 11'
t,.r-es .ii u i II imvl-Iii,
li III it U'Ulv HII h llll llll.l III II,.-
. a ii oilier '. I i.s c-. m u e y-i,
)!, una rciiiiliii: iri'tu I I- Inn jiiil In M.stinl.iti.
The tl k rv of a ii.luniii uf lie icl rclnfor c
mi ills imiviiiir up fioiu (inr Ion, v, lie. seem d,
nionoer, to ae pdre the weight of fact hy the
(siin.ony of a Uniuii scout, wlio yesterday
s irred 10 Secretary ISianlon that bo hud tne.
previous night slept In lam, -street's cunp, and
'tA that bis torces were eucaiiipcd near
j Jinciion.
Now if these estimates could be taken as ro
ll blc, tLey would seem to in lleato, on the part
j of Lee, ihe mo-t terious tlcsiirns. It w is roc'i-
, Joiied ill, it tune were already in M.uyl.i'i.l i n:
eeiim and ot llrecMni liltio (two di isi'uns), tii
V wh'lrot 1'weil's old coni", iiinler cotn-n i'id of
(iein ml Ittily, while ut two br.gad s of
Jlill's corps neio umlerstnod lo have been wiih
diHn Horn Grunt's I'rmt more lhan a fortnigut
, la tote.
Tla se, wi'h the f upcraddilion of'sti eel's
r"iuinaud, would toiisiitute a force niu !i ton
foinniliihle fur a mere raiding parfv, while it
would be lair 10 infer that the detachment of so
la' ce a portion ol l.ce s nrmy troin In front of ih
held the
ia worst
t i iim'ii i-iip nmiiu imiurnnT n piii po-o on ruCjiiart
J ot the llebel General of giving up IVtursbitrs,
i I .and even KichmoiiiL
I 1 am one of those who have alwava
1, opinion that w hen the wort came to tl
1 with Let. when lie should feel it
t , I inueU loigi r to hold on to Uichiuond hu would
l P'ey "be lust n niiiiiiius; eaid attempt to ex
change the Kebel canital for the capital of the
. I r -ted Mates. And tin nigh il has generally been
tcd thata movement on Washington y the
fi I els, with the liniou army observing th"in so
i cl ely as it now does, would' bo nothing short of
t luaoliess, and must result in their utter deslruc
I I tion; jet ihe meee-s that has attended thcprcseiit
r Invatllag co itmn, the tecrecv with which the
inoveinei.t wus conducted, un.'t their nearness to
' clutching even the biKbcst prl.e iiselt, suggest
t ti e .lruilenco of uiodilylng sinnewhiit the cer
i k talu y or the tli, turn Iliat the Itebels never could
14 , Jui'Ve ou V'ushiiijjtou w iib Uio I'uiou uruiy wutcii
1 illg ttitiu.
:'"; .
Hat the movements uf tt.e re'iels and tho
natiirrof their uK'iatioti are s ; 'inn the pie-
11 1 1 1 it n Hat any sin h stiiliitlous i.roim t tire 1
thriii in tl eprisiut invasion. And nrsi uf all,
tin re is no cviilinie vil:teier th it thU fine
rescin d B'TtlortT the fin t"'th attri'mted
to It ly the nlhighi.d aunts uf usrror-s-.rickcn
fogniies, who have been the authors ol" most
of tho tiling numbers that have boen
uien out. It lia, in fai-t, liccn one of
tic gr 'Blest iiiifu Hi' es arili.g out uf
lie I111 II euney uf tie (ii ner lis wh up to tie
tunc the itci'tisiirriveii t'eioie Washing mi, weie rt with the dirhsof 1 he king thir ad
vance, thai ae have had no estimate even iih
trux mutely Triable of the enemy's stung li.
5ivl, who In id ibe clour of the valh v thruuirh
w Inch the Krl.els, as on the occasion of hoth their
prrrions invnlivn", enti reil the dominion of tho
lovnl Mates, h d his trisips so Inultilv dip -ed
thut l e was nut 1 Ten asare uf rhe appnia hof
the rtifniv, Htiil he was m vet a't rwards wil ing
iu pi t m iir cni'iirh to thetii to h am iheir nuiii
Imis. ( Wallace, ho met the en'inv lu
the el iel eng igi merit they have delivered on tho
soil of Maryland, put them at twenty thousand
nn n ; tin this again. Is simp c conjecture, it is
true that ihe report', of the Ke'iel prisoners them
selves have all assigned a i.-reit figure, in the
culnn n of invasion, ptittinir if invarl inly at forty
Ihoni" nd at least, ami canning reinforcements
as coming.
lint tl.eie Is the very best reason ti believo
Hist thr.e fellows lie e ther wittingly or unwit
1 i.g:v euhi r l'icati-e the) are told to do so, ur '
bee.. line they know no better. One of thes 'St.Ve
n.ents, I cunle-s, fur .1 ne nut tit tfiiggerrd me. A
lttbtl liiuteiiiiiit, iiiurta ly wounded, milled, in
his tail tness, for some wati r or brandy.
Smnc of the latter was given bint, and
lie then, with gtent solemnity, anil c in
tclons of his moribund state. ave'Ted that
the t'onfi derate fur. c whn h ha I fought Wal
lace ut Monoeaey ntiniliered twenty thousatid
men tl at this was but one h ill' their f iree, the
irinuiii ng ha f having diverged on an ther roi l,
ami thai an aditional column of forty thousand
iiinler General l.ce was on its wae up to jain tho
lorce thi n in Man land. Whether or not ho
Islieveil what he said I know not: If bo wis
ctiiliy of perjury In bis dying hour, bis Soul has
alriady answered for it.
Another Ibci winch militates ntriin-t tho hv
potl esis that tho Kcbeis ainn d ill the capture of
Washingion, Is the exiraorilinary drgreu to
wbii b their forces have b'-eil scattered. A force
ili-trihut:ng Itscll from 11 irp r'o I'erry to Illa
ilciisbiiig and lialtlmore, mav lm well calciilu'ed
fur raking inlo I s drag-net 11 I the spoils of tho
country, and for indicting the nio-t extensive
pnssililr damage ; but for elfeeiivo military blows
concentration is, uf couise, absolutely essential.
It docs not appear that tho Kebels were ever
really concentrated, iilthonitti it is not improva
ble that they bad the m .Jor sinlon of their foreo
massed ut Monocaey, and pe haps, also, they had
a guod pnrtol it beb ro Waalilmtton. In the latter
rase we are again co nlncied to the helief that
their force was Inconsiderab'e. Tney yesterday
made a respectable show iu front of Fort Stevens
ane Fort Lincoln; but eer'iil'ily nothing more
ihan 11 moderately heavy skirmish line -no lino
of bntilc, no such mas-csof men as were conjured,
up by lively imaginations at tho front, out of
'lo'timnsol dust." 1 should think that twelve
or liltc 11 ihon'iind mu-t have included the whole
Ki ltl force in M in land.
Fil ally, in evidence thut tho enemy was not
prepared for any serious attack 011 Washington,
the weightiest circumstance of all Is that lliey
made none whatever. The numerous little spina
of light they have shown have been of the m ist
feeble kind only the rencounter of lost evening
rehehlni; the proportion of a respectable picket
fight. Without doubt they would nave been will
ing, lunl lin y f iitnl the opportunity had tiny
found Washington defenselss to have entered,
sackrd.and burned it. and their cxped.tion in
this direction, was pro aatdv a reconnaissance to
see what the rban es were.. They did not find
them promising, and after this 'hey appear to have
confined their 1 florts to keeping our large force
couped up In Washington, while the rest of the
band devoted thctn-clvcs 10 an extended system
f pillage. They funnd they could do this, and
throw our overwhelming ntitn' rrs Into a defen
sive attitude, and this was 110 doubt glory enough!
What the IUbels actually accomplished may
lis summed op as follows :
1. They established, for a time, a base of sup
plies for Lee's army in Maryland. There can b
no doubt that they have been only too success
ful In the capture of stores, cattle, horses,
which they have nude. In this part of their
programme they have probably been ai success
ful as they could have hoped. If one coulj look
down the highways of S'irgiiila, he would soe
tiling adnwn ihem long turns filled with the
ijo.'ki ojnma of this raiding campaign in Mary
land. i. Hy cutting the rallroa 1 communications
Iruding Into Itnltlmore and Washington, aid
draw ing their forces up iinpudcrnly oefora the
tleltnses of tbo city, they won the prestigo of
having lor the tiiau being thrown the capital of
the nation into a species ut'-ni'e. Thefattof the
real hoiluM ncss of this tri'iui,,h wiU not prevent
its being taken abroad for a very significant do
nionetrulion of our weakness.
3. liy tho fact of the iavasi in thiy will proba
bly guln, furthermore, the credit of having shown
H at a bile wo aro besieging the llclicl capital we
ar e unable to protect our own noil. This also is,
of course, nothing mure than specious, but it will
be accepted as Gospel by our cuuiuics ut home
and aoroad.
4. They have produced a great scare through
out ull the country covered by their operations,
and far beyond. 1 should except from this
Wushirgtou city, wuh h bus throughout
maintained a ceitain dignified composure;
but from Ma'liiis'.iirg, llagerstowii, and
Harper's Ferry 10 Baltimore, and even
north of that, they havd spread terror wher
ever they or the report ut tii-iin has gone.
In llHltimorc, e-p.ciahy, :li : exuibitioiis h ive
been pi'iful. There is no c. i.lunfo that that city
has ever been line itcn d by a aything more than
a cavahy party, ami a sma I o ;o at th it. Aud
yet this sipindol men has bj -ii uble to ct)p up a
force strong enough to tin. w up the Rebels, or
ten times their 11111111, r, im.iy mi l hints, while
they have device 1 itu riisi It. t to burning house
iu the suburbs, nn 1 h-ve c . 1 - i itnred ,i4rUe of
our men within the I. mil of ihe city iiselt.
d. 'I hey have Imn . s ' 1 lievo their 'lues In
fruut of Petersburg tor 1 i,.'i,.f jionoj Bt icist,
iiuin the piessuie ol a o k i v nutuber of Urau.'s
oi my.
6. They liave gbt" a tin ieal demiturration
of one of the i-un iimr dtng'trs of putting our
annyoutof the posi ni i . over Wa.hingtou,
Ins It is h. i,.i jVni'si Hi.) tuiuely, th tt tho
ei eniy cau. by a ve-v n n : to vards the capi
lul, throw ihe v. hi !. 1 crc n alirm resooci
ii g lis safety. I iiin.1,1 ti "10 is state of fa 'ts,
foi It muuees 11 pres-n-o !. it becomes Uiill
citlt tor a;. !1n.i ciiih" to ". 1' :-t md.
The movements of tin U e's from M moeai-y,
wlreic lb, y 11 rc l. sr. S v, ( , n a appear t i
have been dct i'c l by a iv u In r con-i I11.1 Idas
Iihii thosu alreiuiv en inn r red. Ooneuil Wal
lace diil right m making a li, i.t at M nine icy j for
it is ll. c pniiii ot iitvei.i;. icv ol tne roads leading
i.Otll tO I'.'.lil iluolll ,;U 1 1.1 H.l hn.gvoii. II id ho
'Lin able to hn'.l ' i'tt and repnlsti tin
llcl'ils, i hey revcr c ai d i: i- e gotten any furtiior,
till iiiii.! sou,:'it t -A'.i their wa a-tiuss
die rctoiiKic. Hut "he'll '- fi'iini the inul 'ipnita
ipuin'.r.y, or the tin t'l :. n ' , ; 1 ity of bis tro.ips,
or fur oihtr i ::.srs, lie t i.-, unfortunately, uot
iin'e lo do so.
The division of the 1th Corps which had arrived
to Ins a d, and Inch held the left of the rainoa 1,
tutight with tneir usual style j bat Tyler's troops
(mo-tlyono hundred days' men), 011 the right,
could not bo held, and broke In disorder. Tins
opened the road to tho enemy. The lleliels, on
1 Ids, seem to have moved with mast of their force
oinctly towards Wusliiugtuu, uvoidiug i! ilti
ihin c ultogetlier.
'l liey inarched bv the straight rou' fi) Widi
i: :'tiun, nainclittho (j'C'iretuA'n p he, h 1 1 .11 r
ii 111 Mouucacy .lull tiuii, ihriitich li ickvill: to
W - ii n.'ton. On .a'.uid iy ni:,rht iheir advaii'0
leiuhvu iiockville, fourteen tni;ei I'ratu this
point. Hero they bivouacked. On M in 1 iv
nn ining, a cavalry force under Colonel i. vv -1 1 ,
was thitv,ii out to feel the enemy, and skinui-h-Ing
toduwed near 'j'ennnllytuwti, bcyo 1 t which,
however, they were hcld'at bay, "ibis point
forms the left of uur Hue.
During tho forenoon, huo clouds (,f dust.
rising beyond the Kebel sklnui-h line, gtive evi
dence ol the movement of uoinddi rablo bodicj of
liel el iroops. In coulinniiti ui of v. .is o in
di-eovered that the enemy, diver ;ing Itoni Iiock
ville, were moving round toward our right. 1 11
fact, at this point of tbo line, In front of Fort
Hevens, formerly Fort Massachusetts, a con
sidcrnb'e lorco of Itcbcl cavalry showed them
selves Monday morning.
The point at which thev appeared wus In the
rtelgrborhood of Kilver Hprings, old Francis I'.
II uu's residence, jut over the District Hue, In
Montgomery county, on the (seventh street road,
md just beyond tbo lines of our fortl ica'lons.
Here skirmishing was kept up during the morn
ing, and at about two o'clock in the altnrnooii, it
became, somewhat severe, the Kebel sharp
shooters, under cover of the luniscs in tho
vicinity, having advanced to within twenty or
thirty lods of the f irt.
Iu the coune of thu aftcrnuoa tue Kebel in.
flint"- begun nnlvinx In fn nt of Frt Stevens,
w 1 ere tbey snun slioui d a strong kV e. In con
si i.b niruf this nmineuvro on fh' part of tho
em n y, the 'lib Corps, wbMi h ni Just arrived
an 1 bad been ile-tii cil to take position on 'he left
01 01 r line, were transferred to Fun Stevens, it
bud been expected, Irom tho men' in move
ments if Ihe eiieiny at this point on Mo i Ijv
eviait g, that nn a-sau't would lw a Uviip ed
curly tie lol'owing mo'-iilng, hut nothing but
skirmishing has o cnirvd.
In laci it win a ready too l ite for the He'veN to
attempt ai ythit ir. In addition to the tw divt
s Otis 1 f the Cub Corps, tho 1'ith Corps, hi h had
Is en ordered up from New Orlcnn, and had on
pnituneiy arrived in the Janus river, was di
verted fiuin I s intended point, was shipped wl li
mit tr ih-ler directly to Washington, whue it
was put under the elHcirnt control of General
(iilinnrc. A bet tins no ui 1 sound nerves hid
the slitlitcst npi'iehcnsii'n tor the suietv of the
Dunne yes'irlay notliing oecurrrit except
skita i'liicg, w hi h, tow ird six in the af cnioon,
bfcBine ipiue s, vere. H'dwell's Hnguleot I'm
Uil Iiivi-ion, nth Corps, nn 1 a portion of Whea
toti's Rfgade. engaged the enemy aad drove hitu
I"! upa ard 1 f a mile, wlih a loss to us of - nearly
;ti 0 men. 'Hie eni my's loss must hnvo been full
11 great, as he left eleven otllcers and ninety
11 en, too severely wounded to lake away, at the
res ih t i', p, uiair, sr.
'I his little nllair was sutllcient to briST the
Ki beis to a ilcterinitiation. 1 ins was tu rctr? it.
ll wn expected that they would il l so during 1
11, e night, and the recrniiois-aneoaf this mominc
thoaed that they had withdrawn. Il is expects!
il at they will cross at f-Mward's Ferry, though
there me tbo-r who runceivr that the Kehs's m iy
tsks advantage ,,f the ir interior line lo deal e
bl'.w at Hunter by the way.
Anniversary or I lie siiirroniler of tho City
lleillrHllon or Ihe IJranl SlnnflulriK
1 lie "l oiirlli" Iu YlrkfthnrK. Ac.
Fl-m thr Vftitburj ilirmlU.Julnt.
The historic importnm o of tho Fourth of July
to the city ol Vn kstimg, sui gcsts that the day
should have Is en eeleiirmeii 111 grand old stvle,
but w e are sorry to suv that there were no general
ariatigi 1111 nis made for the celebration uf thn
nr.-t aiiiiivi mnry of the surrender of the city ami
the rij lity-eiKhtb of tho independence oi" the
United Mutes. This was a subject of nimo.t
universal regret on the pari of ninny 01 our
citieiis, wlm si 1 nied to have anticipated a grand
pala lny. Why there were no prep irationa f r
agt urriil celebration we arc not able to stite.
Fairly 't the turn ring tlio ei'y exhibited somo
signs uf putiiutic ilemon-tratlolis. Ihe. streets
were crowded with persons anxiously inquiring
the prugrunimo ol the day. The greater nmnber
of busmiss bouses ill the city displayed the Stars
and Stripes.
The day began vcry"plcasantlyj there was no
dust to add to the discouililurc of travelers, 11
fine shower of ruin having fallen one day pre
vious. Ihecoutinst between this day and its
anniversary is ipiito noticeable. Tho wbho Hag
then lluati d over I lie city, and a victorious army
niurclud thrmili Its streets after besieging it lor
forty-seven days.
Well do we" remember the grateful relief felt
by b- siger and besieged noon th" capitulation of
the city. What a grand s ght it was 10 the Ciiion
soldier to fee the white Hag Homing in tho brecie
along with the S'ars and Striics, and when that
noble ensign of American liberty was seen waving
from die ilomo of the Omit House, the fiiiaii
soldirr, so deep were his emotions, could do or s iy
but little cbe 'tlian to paint to "that dear old
flag" and exclaim, "long may It wave."
Feeling the necessity of rome kind of a demon
stration iu relievo the tedium of the day, an im
promptu celebration was gotten np by Lieutenant
F.. S. Johnston, l'ost Unar.ermustcr, wha turned
out the lull lorce jf bis department for.rhe occa
sion. There were six twelve-niule.tcarus lu the
prorcfuon, headed by e brass band.
The procession proceeded to the headquarters
of M iijor-General Mtsu nowhere it was halted'
and speeches made. Captain J. W. Davis, Com
missary of tSubsimeure, was introduced and made
a very aiproprhite and patriotic speech of an
hour's length, dining which the Captain was fre
quent ly cheered. We regret that we are not able
to give a synopsis of bia speech. It will be re
no aibtred that the Captain is a War Democrat
of the I'gun and McCleruand school, and ia
wholly nevoted to the cau-e of bis country.
1'iivate Oregg, of the l'.Mth llcgiment Illinois
Infantry, was next introduced, and speke for
ninrly an hour In regular old-tashioiied Fourth
of July stylo, drawing forth rcpeitcd cheering.
Major Itart cs, I'ntted Statos Army, was loudly
called for, and resismded in a short and telling
piHicch, utter which it was announced that tho
Grunt l'enibcrion monument would lie erectal
ut t luc e o'clock iu the afternoon, under the dt
rcction of Major McKee, Provost Marshal. The
ass mtilnge then disiersed.
Own g to the ill health of Major McKco, the
erection of the monument was given by him in
charge to Major llarnes aud Captain Anderson,
United Maus Army, w ho proceeded to the site,
and loiind that every preparation bad boeu made
fur the ceremony by Mr. F.dward Miner, f ire
man, in the employ of Captain William Kinkier,
Assistant Quartermaster, and to whom belongs the
credit of having originated the scheme under tho
direction of the Cuptain.
Unite a large assemblugo having collected, the
monument was placed in position at half-post
lour o'clock, under the direction of Major llurncs
and Captain Anderson, assisted hy several other
persons, among whom ihe editorial "e" was to
be found. Tbo aflair passed olf spier. didly, aud
every one engaged felt as though be had per
formed only what duty required, witiioat display
or cercuioi.y.
Tl e iiiouument is of white marble, surroundtd
by an iron lence, tbe whole presenting a ncuc but
rather imposing appearance. T here is a square
base, upon winch S'ands the mam ah ift of a'nut
eight feet in 1. ngtb, whi"h is surmounted by the
ornamental ball. The full height of this monu
ment is about twelve feet. Upon the western
face is the inscription
Major GiKcn .i. 1. S. (littKT, U. S. A.,
I.ltl TtKAKT-OKKrilAL J. K. FtuusttToa,
July 3, IH03.
20 1 11 of 12 Monih, jArAKttKi: itYkho. My
Dear fir: I have the repect to write n
few lines to you by the caro of my
yorn g icholur, who Is very good yonng
hicn, and hoping lo be very good friend
to you as I had, w ho shail give you this lo ter
in a person. There are three young Interpreter in
ibis nn busy who have In irned F.ugl.sti in my
room, i bur l aun s are Yntio, Ma uda, Sekcii.
lldpe yon also he friend with those men.
1 have long been intended to write you for the
answer tin. I you sent to me by the care of To.v
pend llunis.a American tuini-icr to Japaa. li j I
its you know thut Japan ure not so free to send a
letter to Foreign CVuatry. It was tborsfore not
Iny pui'posr to have so postponed.
1 have nor forgot that 1 have had delighted
Willi you in 1 niied Sn.tes, and al o I have re
miiiibir ull n y good liieud and many things
thi.t I h.ivc set 11.
I very sorry have hi art that you have very
bad trouble at home, lint hoping tho Government
will 101 n put Kebels down.
We have also a little trouble tit honi". 1 sup
pose you have ulremly heart it thut. Somo bid
prince lited Bt defenceless American iner ba it
ship nnd many other foreign ships, Hut was glad
Hint your men-of-war, Wiuuiiug, boat this priuco
pretty hardly mid sunk two or three ships.
Japan uiii now going on very badly, but will
fooii I e settled. I have lately entered into tlio
Mlimiry Si l;oo.
1 have now therefore send by my fiiend with
the Catltiopiio to gel Military book for the K iv
criimriii's Ac'idimy. I request that you will
Lelp them to get books if they inquired to you.
I em expecting to had a good opportunity to
tee in tlu so days ufter vour pittoeaiid ours.
1 wish to have your likene-s very much, you
w ill tend 111c one. And also copy of my hea l
description (I forget the inline) that I have taken
by your recommendation ut New York, and 1
hnvo lelt or lost in America.
l'lcn-c this pour toes give to your children with
my kind coinplinu ms. Here is in this sin ill bux
w lint wo eallci wilier ilower thtso you shall get
glass of water and put this little piece in tho
w ater, and then that said little stud will suddenly
swell or i-pi end aud shows you what it is.
I f-hould like to send many letters to my
friends, but 1 have forgot their directions, thoro
lore I ilo not write, l'lcasc tell iny kiml regards
to nil friend who Inquire after ine. I shall now
close my note tor 1 buve nothing remember to
tell you. 1 am remain your Uospet tiully,
Tatmsn Onooiuo.
To William W. Lcland, F.sq.
1'. S. Fleuso tell your lady that I remember I
have rode on carnage with her.
tome lad) s or guntli nun h ivo sent me lettors
after 1 buve return home by ihe care of custom
bouse that I have beait. Hut they did not do
liver me tin refute I cannot answer. You will be
kind enough to tell to (hose gentlctucus or ladles
by the newspaper.
FltOM Till' FRONT.
tVpcrlal to The l:rnlDK Trlritruirti.
vVAsniNdTON, July 1ft The mall R'caiier
Kryinrt arrive. 1 here this morning from City
Foitit. She brought up the army mail and a
number of men belonging to the l.Vilh Ohio one
hundred days men, who are sick with fever.
There were some indications Hint the II 'bo's a-
nieditnling an attack upon General Grant, an I
they appe ar to bo eiiutioHsly feeling our liues.
Coii-idernlilc skirmishing has taken place
within the past few days at different points along
the lines. The Itebels seem to Imiginc; that
Gem nil Grant has been so much weakened by
sending troops to the relief of Washington, that
they can risk an attack. Our army Is much in
hopes that the Kebels will como ont to mako nn
aituck under that Impression.
The Kebels have taken advantago of the with
drawal of fume of our gunboats from tbo James
river, and yes'crday uiorHlug they BroJ upon
the thinners (lenr,je II Vents and I'nitrtl Statu,
from a Held battery near Wilcox's Landing.
1 he 1 1 Venn bad a portion of her stern knocked
ofT, nnd three shots p issed through the Cai.wi
Mutet, not indicting muc h damage.
As the A'ej'porr came down the James river,
she saw a large body of Rebel cavalry on the
bunks, a short distauco below Wilcox's Landing.
Tho Ktyimrt put on all steam, and passed them
with a full headway, but the ltxbcis mado no
demonstration ugainst the bout.
Nothing bos ns yet boon heard from General
Sheridan, w ho has 011 another raid wbh a
large force of cavalry. Uc will doubtless b
heard from favorably within a day or two.
Kebel deserters continue to come within our
lines in considerable numbers. Tbe he 1 port
brought up twenty-ouc.
Et-., Elr.i Etc., Etc., Kle., (.,
rsT. John's, N. F., July l;i.The steamer Cale
donia, from Glasgow ou the 6th instant, passed
Cape Hacu at 6 o'clock this morning, bound for
New York.
Her news is tlirco days later;' bnt Is unim
portant. The Kmpcror and Empress of F'ranee were to
leave Fontaineblcnu on the 7'n, respectively for
Vichy and St. Cloud.
Humors were afloat that the Confederate
steamer Flmida was waiting outside of Cher
bourg for the Krunaryc.
The United States steamer Siajora was or
dered from Antwerp to Cherbourg.
The Germans uro eroctiug ballorics opposite
the Island of Funen.
The Swedish squadron is ordered to sea.
The steamer Olympus had arrived out, and the
Canadian mail stemier from Quebec arrived ut
Novilic, beluw Londonderry, ou the tb.
Nix SteainlMinla llnrued Imhh H'100,0IO.
Bt. Loiib, July 15. Tho steamboats Heirom,
Cantjow, .Vunsiitir, Chrrokw, SoriUemrr, ami IC,
F. Lht were burned at tho levee early this ruorn
isg. The loss wiil probably reach half a million
DKinr.DATio.N or the Florida."
New Yoiik, July 15. Tho schooner Ueorgn
l.atimer, captured and burned on tho 18th of
May, by the Florida, was from Baltimore for
Pcrnnmbiico, with a heavy cargo.
The captain, nitito, second mate, and cook,
were pnt aboard Ihe .VoruVueiini, Juno 5,lu lat. 22,
N., long. 42. The remainder of the crew of the
schooner were shipped on the Florida.
I.nlCNt from l'rts'rwItMrsr Sihrtioi Ins;
and Nln-lllnir Mnlioue'a Capluina, Ae.
From tht Hichrwmd A'af ulrer, July 9.
Yesterday was tbe quietest day Petersburg has
enjoyed during the siege. I'.irties wuo lelt at
haif-pusl lour o'clock state that few if any shells
weie thrown into tlio city during tbe day. They
beard of l oi, e. The only lauuouadlng of any
imporiaiue occurred Irom itveral of our batte
ries, which operated at periods of the day upon
the liues uf the enemy.
The Kx)irea$ ol yesterday (July 8) contains the
It is literally true that there Is nothing stirring
along the lines of the two armies iu front of l'e
U r.-burif except dust, whicli in clouds and vol
umes tills the roadtidos and evcy conce ivable
p'aee trodden I y mau ur b"ast. This, added to
Ihe sweltering bent, makes il iinvthiug hat com
fortable eulicl lor pedestrians or equestrian to
go to tilts front.
Tut this is not all that is un tonifortahlo about
a walk to ihe liout. On hoiuo pans of Ino 11 acs
the shuipshooicis on both sides hnvo an uy
practice of .-h'Siting at cwrytkd ig tuey see, and
then Bruin tho she. Is those awful miu.'is are
ever aud auou hurli.ig through iuj uir to tin)
tt rrnr of all non-ccuiibiituiits, Bad to Ike oc.-a-notnl
uiiiio)ii. e ol tbe siMggiiug suMicrs.
I'HISONkliS A Nil Til UK HTollIl..'
Ycstcrdny several prisoners were bro njlit In,
among tla 111 11 lieutenant of cavalry, "jut uii tno
way liotti Cork." llu represent the c.valry una
of the Yankee service as being in utiytlnug but
the best plight. In other words, ho says it W
"utcd up, und v. Ill nol now number oue-loiirth
ot what it did w hen tho eumpaigii comineucdd.
Their operations oil tho north side of the. Ja nes,
and ou ihe south side of tlio Appomattox river.,
w ill iuy on the shell', and teudcr thorn ue
li ss for wee ks lo como.
1 he other prisoners say that Tarnard is slill In
our trout.
The battlo (lags recently captured by General
Mttiione, ten iu nuniiair, were yesterday sum to
the Via Ollleo in itichmoud. by tho hy, this
division of Anderson's, coiuinundod hy .M itnmo,
lias captured tiuoo tho c.iinpaiga bwan tiiii ty
six hundred prisoners, litte.eii colors, eleven
pieces of 111-tlllery, and nearly three thousand
stand of small anus, besides putting out of tho
way immense numbers of filthy, lousy, greasy
ursFiirLKS trom ouant's aumv.
Frun a gcntlottiun who arrived In this city
yetterd..y liom Ivor, we learn thai the country
thcie and from thence to Sutlolk is lined with
'stragglers and desi rtcrB from Grant's army. Ilo
rcpiesciita tho nuniliers to be extrouiuly largo,
and ihe men are exerting every etlorl tooscqio
unest. The country around l'etersnurg does nut
suit them. Tho weather is too hot for coinfuit,
good v. uter too source, uud Coufederatii buliuis
too ui.erilng. )
Tbo liinltid crops In that section liavo boeu
eoinpieiciy destroyed by the eueuiy's foraging
panics, and bui liule is left the remaining m
habitants to subsist upon.' - If Grant's Army
remains on the south sido much longer the coun
ties open to his troops will be desolated and
iioav tiii:' i:vii:i.
Special to TIi Eirnlnir Ti'lrarnph.
WAauiMiroN, July 15 I'tie cneniy have sue-
ccedrd In cflcctleg a sale retreat across the l'oto
iiinc, vthic h thrv began hist Tuesday afiet 11 kju.
Our furc rs followed them 011 Wednesday, but the
1 urmit has as yet accomplished nettling beyond
the pu king up of uruggleis. Kockv lllc was the
Kebel banc of opciiilious, und its poses-i m se
cured their safe retreat. On Wednesday noon the
Itebi Is pa-Si d through Koekville.
When they were leaving tho town on their re
turn to F.dwards' Ferry, they were harassed con
siderably by Colonel Lovell, of ihe 2d Massachu
setts Cavalry. Hi force, numbering about V)
dismounted cnvnlry, driving them until their
rear guaid was reinforced, when he was obliged
to fall back, before doing so, however, ho had
quite a sprightly engagement with them, during
which lie had seven wounded aud 0110 killed.
I he Kebels lost several killed j a colonel, be
lieved to be mortally wounded, who was sup.
posed to be somewhere In the vicinity of Rottk
ville; two wounded w hom they could not carry
away, and a largo numlcr or others, wounded,
w hom they took with thcin in the carrliges nnd
wagons they hud stolen.
The rette at was simultaneous throughout their
whole line, or nearly so, a small portion passing
down the Hivcr road, and the remainder of tbeir
force concentrating from various directions, and
passing through Kockvtllo, rn route for Edwards'
Fury, whue 11 most iheir entire force crossed.
Tiny commented retreatiug on Tuesday,
and their front lino passed Ksickvike
and other adjacent roads upon a line with that
place at twelve o'clock ou Tuesday night, and
was continually falling back until twelve o'clock
on Wednesday, when the rear of their miln bixly
bad gone. They retained their pickets at Koek
ville and ut the cross-roads, and on river roads,
as well as upon tho road leading towards Frede
rick, nutil between live end six o'clock ou Wed
nesday evening. Almost their entire force Is be
lieved to huvo crossed tho river on Wednesday
The foe consisted simply of stragglers, a con
siderable number of whom were captured by our
dismounted cavalry und the advance of uue of our
corps. Last evening, our advance commander
bad bia headquarters at 1'oolesvillo, about thirty
miles from Washington, and tlirco miles from the
l'otuniac. It is much 10 be regretted that we did
not know as much about Kebel movcmoiits Tues
day,!'. M., as we did Wednesday afternoon. Had
such been the case, our men might have gone
out from the formications, made tbe reoonuois
sance, and on Tuesday evemng made a guuoral
forward movement, and caught tue enemy in all
the details of a retreat, but fortune smiled upon
tbe foe, and while we waited fur Ihe assault upon
the fortifications of Washington, our shrewd
and wily enemy was making good his escape
under the very nose of our army. Ho has gone,
earn itig with him all his stock and plunder.
Tho North bus been a third time disgraced with
invasion. If tbo enemy should a fourth time
appear in our liorder, will wo have one good
militia regiment to oppose them i
tJuerllliui ou me Jnnita Klvrr.
On Wcduesday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, while
one of our propellers was going up the Jatuos
river, the Kebuls fired upon her from Wilcox's
Landing. Two solid shots struck the vessel
just above the wuter Hue, but failed to Inflict uny
material damage. A gunboat immediately
moved up and shelled the Kebels, aud theu
landed a force, which pursued tho enemy quite) a
cl'rmtklnira of the Wlaeaereo.
There aro hundreds of people here who are
trying to ptovc thut the Kebel force lately in
Mary land numbered seventy or eighty thousand
men. We wish, for the honor uf tbo nation, it
hud been co, ns we should not now bo su during
from tbo di.-grace of our capital having been In
vested by twenty thousand men.
Somebody was to blame first, for tbe advance
of the cneniy into Maryland, and again for allow
ing a greatly Inferior force to threaten toe very
gates of the capital. Who was the man ? There
is 110 leather medul largo enough with which to
rewuid him for bis military ub.lity.
AuotUt'r Ari'ciasl.
It siems to be generally conceded that yester
day most ail of tho Rebel forces cr isscd at
Mulch's ut.d LMnarcIs' Fords Into Virginia, Our
fences eccuplcd 1'o.ilesvillo last ' uLjht. Tuo
fViiw.ic'B this publishes taiuo semi
oflleial facts going to show that the late invad
ing force reached marly 40,000, and that it was
fully planned to ni.e the Capital.
Oli ecis fioui the f.out say, Fuily's aud 11 reck
intidjjc't Divl Ions were all Wednesday forenoon
I asiiip from the north of Washington to R j k
ville. Tbe Wa hu:j;teiii markets this tuoruiiig
were nearly dctiutto of provisions, owiuj tj
llic devastation of ihe country northward.
'I lie MillllH ul IHs.lrlc'1 ul olniBlii.
Hy direction ol tho I'rcsldcut, the order calling
for the services of the militia, and volunteers of
the Disti ll t of Columbia has been rescinded, a id
they ure accordingly inu-tered out.
' UKSillU I OII-.Hl lit IllCOgrO.
The I'le'sali-nt has recognized II. Clauss;nl ns
us Consul of I'riis.-ia ut Chicago, and Giovanni
I.nizo Avctiunl as Vice Consul of Italy in New
A Ite-hcl Rialeiiient.
The titional JuUlUiencir understands that a
Major (or Cuptain) Spencer, of the insurgent
I .ire is recently demonstrating iigdnst Washing
ton, 1 11 brae d the opportunity before they des
c. mped ol addressing to ono of our citiz'ius, wiiej
is a rcluihe of Spcuecr, a letter, in which he
states that ihe Con federates crossed tho l'owtuec
with tjOiiO uicii for the purpose of obtalulng
horses, rattle, aud other supplies, and having
accomplished their purpose, they were 011 tlio
innrch buck lo Virginia.
Only 11 uniiil puitiou of theso forces appeared
In fiout of Washington, while their comiadcs
wero collecting tbo booty for transportation
aerott tho l'otuiuac.
Tlie lluliliuore Mtllllit.
fivrrUil I'twch to tilt i wnlni? Tct'iraph.
Daliimoiii!, July 15. Tho Baltimore militia
continue enrolling, and tho authorities aro deter
mined to tnnko them como up, regardless of poli
tics. No doubt General Wallace will lay contri
butions on tho Secession sympathisers to pay for
llrudfurd's house, and other Kebel damages.
Slenuirr NpoUrn,
St. Johns, N. B., July 15. Tho Burnn'a, from
New York, for Southampton, was boarded oil
Cupo Race, at 4 o'clock ou Thursday morning.
Iti h l Hope hiiiI Fe lrs.
Wasiiinoion, July 15. The A't in' (n.)
Apiunl ol the 4 1 li of July has J 1st barn received
here. It airy:
"A more p obab'c solu'lon of 0"n"ril Sher
man's 1 oil y is that he will make a detonr so no.
ward from Marlprta, with of dos-lng the
river and r, ae lnrg the rui hctwoen this
and West l'oint, and such movement on his par;
would, lie sup; use s, compel General J ilinst ia
to move to the I f , uud tli ti 9 liavo Atlanta un
covered. If such be really the design uf the wily Yankee
cnnitneiiili r. we have an abiding fiitn tint ho
will be fc'inl in In? pis 1 poc, nnd I iron it tit to grl'f
in Bctvni.c. of its u.a'ouipli.sbmciit. Wo are Dot
w pin u t the hope, iiion ov er, tint r Inlore -rri nrf
w ill eel ce me 10 the aid uf our a inv m sulle errt
sin ngtb to rnab.e It to drive buck theinvadois of
our soil.
"The trsns-M-'ssl'-lppI nrmy !s r.ow lying 14 la
with Do cm my to a tnov it, ami there I no
rra-i n wh) It might hot bo trinserrel to tin.
sale of tue river, wh 10 its services are so 111 u h
Lee 1 1 d
"Whir the runny are concentrating all I'iot
roree s. i bi ho V s us to do tl 0 -a nice iluiig, ot 1 tr
ie se there is 1,0 a'ternal've left but to cumin 10
10 nn render to tuo doinination of tho invader. '
Tin: uoiMicn i thi: Tiuiir at
Ftiti'iiiicK Cnv, July H, via fiettyi'iurg,
July l i. Tbo wonnded liavo been broug it
from Monocaey lo this p'uee, and nro now in the
Govt rnmcnt Hospital, Tho exa t number of
them Is not yet asccrtalnea", but they will proba
bly reach eight hundred in nil, the m.ijority of
whom are Rebel wounded.
The delegates of the Christian C immisslon aro
herewith hospital stores, clothing, uourishineut,
and stimulants, a I of which aro much needed hy
the wounded. Mr. Gideon Hunt, a Union du
re n of this place, has furnished tlio Commit
s on's deb pates with accommodations for them
selvcl'Bud their stores.
At Gettysburg tbo delegates were furnished
with transportation to this city by K. U.
Mi Cieury, I-isq., of that placo. They also re
ceived cci sidcriible accessions to their stores.
The railroad between Gettysburg und this
place Is not )et in running order.
Frederick City was well drained by the Reluls,
und many ol its clil.ens dastardly robbed, even
after the raiders had received iheir levy of two
hundred thousand dollars.
A number of Averlli's Cavalry wero In she
city lust niht, and ure hero yet.
Cnnlfngr-lloii at, Jf. V.
Nnw You a, July 1 o'clock, I'. M. A large
fire I- lacing In F1111111111 street, Uiooklyn. 11).,'
Iiinibcr ynid, and rhe distillery ou tho opposite
side i f ti e sucet is burning.
A nuiiiber of heavy e.xpio-lons have ocrrT'1 1.
lie hns-iiin frigate, and other vess Is near
here have been lowed away safely.
Two f. M. The fire in Hrooklyn .s not Rnsa'
lumber y mil and tho distillery, but the n'"
stores in Fin man street, hotween Rtato end
Jorulcinon streets. Ono vessel is burning.
NfwYokk, July 15, 2 31) P M WnodruiTA
Jackson's Mores, in Fuiman street, Brooklyn,
coutuiLirg nitralc of Sinla, saltpetre, sonar, hid .,
Ac, cumin tiro at noon, and are still burning.
The Russian frige e w is towe l out of d inger by
tour tugs, without damage. Tbe 'rfgf e",n ir -nd
IU tin' aud a bar pie are destroy od. Throe terri
ble explosions occurred.
( Few I. INTr.l.MMP.NCR.
CoctiT of Qcaktf.k Skssioss Judge Allison
In th'S Conr', in which, during the past week,
Utile or nothing has bceu done, indictments
agsliitt parties charged with selling liquor with
out lie rute were ibis morning taken up. Tnre
are between two aad three hundre d bills pending
against offenders of tnia class, and before the
loon is doi.e with them, they will be of the
opinion Hint both time and money would have
be en saved by a compliance with the require
ments uf tbe law. The following panics were
tried and convicted :
tSaonuel Laugtiiugton, No. 211 Dean s'rcit
tsold porrer and 11 lo. llecxeiHed himself by say
ing thut bis wile sold it against his orders.
Owen Reynolds, tavern S. W. corner of Currant
alio and l.oens' street. Tnedef ndtnt prod iced
a license date d Juno 4th, but tue C'ouit dod doil
1 hut the lawroqnircs that thn license ah ill be
laken out during the month of March.
John htubi-r, No. 1303 Gcrnianiown road: He
sold Inger beer, und offered as an excuse for
having un license, that he bad only bcou there
se ven weeks.
Thon as Hamilton, Fourth above Shlppeo. Tie
produced a license dated June 15, but this, under
ilie ruling of ihe Court, did not avail.
Patric k Moore, Fourth and Sbippen. H9 pro
duced In ruse dated June 16th, but was likewiso
Charles Shorts, No. 4 11 S. Eleventh street. He
bad 110 license, and was of course ro ivh'ted.
Neal O'Douuel, No. 14 Cadowbill street. No
license, and wsa convicted.
John Miskell, Front street. Ilo produced
lictme dated June tith, but that did him no good,
and be was couvlc cd.
Charles Dunlup, Twenty-second and Cherry
strecs. He was retailing liqu ir under a whole
sale llci nse. This is a clear violation of law, and
he was convicted.
Jacob Mioiln, No. 1(119 N. Fourth street, also
wus retailing under wbuiesale license, and was
Richard Murphy, No. 20!) Rice street. Ho
firociU' cd a license dated June 14, and, be ug too
a'e, was couvlcteid.
The cases were still being rapidly disposed of
wheu our ieiioit clos d.
Statu ofTiiermomhtkb To dat. Six A. M,
60. Noon, SO. One 1 M., 81. Wind, East.
The Union Aiitim.kuv. Tho Phil idelpMa
Vnion Artillery was aceep cd by the A iju'anl
Cenrral, July 11, ai a Ilatlery Company. On the
lilih tin y offered 'JXS men under Major Fut
wnter, a regular oillccr, but neither city or State
r nld furnish emu, lie tits. One hundred aud
bit) -one- i f 1 be number then volunteered 10 ga
with their own bowl i re out tie so n i tieinj re-
I nmd, they were ii.'nn di-app iu cd. Thursday,
lph, inoix"b urs' time, an icfinlry coaipniy of
iil b )-t'vo un n wus recrunetl, iis,io to I, and
II uMcrcd n, uud will go as a coiupiny of tho
.Sal 101 ul fiuin d.
A Ci i.itMiiD KitbiMi sr. We call special ut
tciitinn to tbo chiiins of the 3 1 C il ltegliueur,
w hich bas so r.ipi lly orgiuied that but U i
lni ie compuuirs nrc needcel to complete the regl
meut. Wc have peri.otial kiiuwledgo of several
of the otl'cers connected vvlth the organization,
as slso of the cliarncti r of the men that have thus
lar been culi-te ei, uud are contidcut that iu every
lespeet It will prove as lino a regiment us ever
left this ci y. Itiiiueiluito application should bo
niiiiie to Colonel Juhii U. Hislett, No. 2U-51 Wal
nut street.
Facts. Tho business advlco of our eminent
townsman, JolniGiigg, Esq. !f you have uny
tliing to sell, do not fail to acquaint tha public
with a knowledge of tlie fact is one of the
reasons why wo make reference in this spocUl
manuer to tho Gre at Central Clothing House of
Wniminiurher A llrown, S. K. corner of Plx'h
anil Market streets. Wtiihi day ufer day those
gentlemen have not failed to announce in our
udvc rti-lng columns un account of all the vari 'd
articles of wearing apparel displayed at their
famous establishment, "Oik Hall," yet, at the
s.iine time, for tho benefit of those who boast
thut (hey do not re ad newspaper advertisoiuouts,
tin y avail themselve s of a volume, that, iu those
days of cracked skulls anil bloody noses, people
cannot reluseto read, if they would be po-tod
upon the stirring events of our local a well a.
national history.
Notices of which (lie above Is a type are, In
newspaper parlance, called "pull's." This fact i.
fully admitted by Messrs. W. v 11. As the merits
of a cigar run only be tested bv the puitlug pro
cess, so the cheapness, durability, aud excalleuce
of tLelr goods csn only bo subsuuiiatcJ by di
ree ling tho attention of customers to their estno ut, which, olCO entered, the most satistac
torv sales to pure baser, as well as seller, aro sine
to succ red. Tho sales at this h.aiso for the past
years have been of the mast extensive clura.'ter,
and tho descrirtion of ihe goods disposed ot have
delighted all their patrous. Strangers visiiiag tlie
city will bud that the most advautagoous bargains
are to be made at Ibis CA'lc'jrateiUesublishiueat.
What Nr.iT ? By the applicatlo ef a rsesf
prr psrntlon, called the ''Email de Paris," lasrlj
introduc ed to the ladles of this city, it is said
that ihe most rrpngnant features can be trans.
formed into the most beautiful. This lei prove-'
inent on nature is the invention of the Trench :
Chi tribe, Jares, end the result is attained
washing the faoe with peculiar kind
cnamil Ibis i newi-yle of ariiecial fare
end one likely to hrooroe popular among ladire '
of arntaln a aed old bachelors. If the in- !
ventorof tbe-KinsU do Paris" oonbi only die- ,
cover sc mnhli g now wheh wou d bleach
blackf nc rl ehsra, ter, his Invention would be per- "
fee t. taut next ? r
To tub Travrlimo Toauo. Io conse
qnrnce of the burning of the steamboat John
I'otter, at Tier No. 1, North River, fw day
finer, pBssengrr lines from New Ywk to Phils- t
dephialiy Camden and AmMT Hitlrtwil will
undl liirther notlcr, leave the ptr foe of linden'
son street, at 6 A. M. and 2 P. M. dally, ftuaetavf -'
exirptid. 'i
Kxrt.4 bj Clarkaon A Co., ilmlm, Mr 131 8. There Kt,
BF.ropp. eoARoe. -
SCO ib R. ti R.H mun IS ti lit ah Bwllnf I. R. t1
yob cvy HOit en ssv
liflsri d Si la SeSKk d.... bie t, 1
SiS.h an S",v,i Jnri es. si
Ii" b un S;ii Xlih So bt r.I
vi.k d bsAinre. l, lnhPhil. strts ... as
luusa Sa .101.7 1 iWibMutBesiutlH X
STiro C. B. , Ht....c Ina' tva Wav nf,... SB
"' clo I'JIVt. s sh Morris I'm SIX
tr 01 e tr, a. t-Jcn 1 tmi .h sn.n. c.n.i... 14
teio Be iihv Hi ih riiii K B.... 7ii
3n an US',1 an .a a.i 711
1 SSei el n.i Ion .1, f,.rth r,..m j
:ser. A nisei Il'ii, ina.n Italaw. tf....Ul fl
tllisii'liy S. rss in.s in 110, w
'.'n.ii K le.ntc Ksn..HS I li tri Phil BrtfctSM illt
Uti.t liln H-!m..l,o aVi full do tu 1
Us in ei,i i ri-sk s nn K.als .ti nV
ISxli Useviolll..., J I leai.a do.... ssv?
1 mi.s I'hii . Oil C'rk. 1 lev ib do... bSJrlest asw
lifl.ri M. -KtiCrkt 4V1 UJ S7
n. a.'n. Brnrk (,niml..sra Rfekr, sTe. t Far
.iiw Buiieiiuii., w .i.ui irp, miiow 1 .jra
I'llll'FSl OK STOe'RH 1)1 HEW TORC.'
3 I
Kcpnrl.d liv at Co., Bmt.ra, Nn. Ill a. TseM at.
., , . Ftra Call. Mfn4 Hull.
fnlisrt ai.irit.lii.lntorT.....ltu kid HV
Kink l.l.ticl Ktlni4 kid Jure, .alcvi
llrselliiie Kst remit exsvf kid " tiV .sis.
Illuieie l'rnir.1 ItmneMl , .. , k d , lVeW Mla
(1. 11-11A Il.llrei.el hid 61 ..l
New Yeirk (Vuirai Ualtreiul 1M bid . I eSH .aim
trie h.llua kil tu.i
Iiarlein llsllrosd uro kid SOD
lied r.'J bki ... ,.iw
I mli d sum 6 20s ll kid ln'l'
l.rkf acini r- Blea4.
Jer a Co. qaut. ilTniBeat BmbtHIm, to
boob to-day, bs r.U.w.:
tuytnf. Billing,
V. n. , lSKI le ,ot
Mil 10 N.itm 114 ' KM
('rilSralM ul Inelrlitednus, M w SIX
1,'iiArrsriiiastrr's VoB' lisrs 'VI SI
o.a.i sen w
t-nriouii. 10a sf . lex,
IS-IOCoutxii Flonil. rradr Ibr Urn u Jium tl lncl.-
slve. ' 'l
VuoUtlofi. of riold Bt Ik rBlladalvala Oald Bxahaate -N.
S4 Tlitrd .traat, aaMBd rtary:
?X a is '.-ir tit ?4a '
11 a it i.Hl ir.jkt Md r
at at 1. 1 weak.
The Second National Bank of Frankfort! n
Issued tho follewing clrcelar
tsaeosD ITokai. IIavk or PiiiL.brn.rHiA In ae-a.
eeirc.Bi'R wlib s a provlslims af tlia N. thereat CurraueeF
An. and Ike At.alall4a of 1I1I. llena. It lias
life a lei mere...' ti, sat Ital .vmiR ot en. Haas.
10 1 wo Hiemir.u ana rip y 1'i.aui.aiiil uoiiara I 'i mau).
bubpcrllieleiis fur tr.a tnMifi. I- ara.a ef e-Al al will
lie pa.vat'l on ar la-fnfatha nr.r day of Hieettamssir next,
and win b rec-'vesd in ibr uiauuar r,rovida4 lor lauie
l.y-iaw. al lha henk, a. fallow.
i-eelliiB 13 "WlioneFTsr ao lacrraas ef .rork .half aa
drtitnlnrd npfn. In accord inea wlin rhe pravlale-e. f tha
Ark as it A ..oc .nan or thu Back. I. tktji baikadnir
01 tho Jioa'd 10 Dotifr .11 ilia atackb ird-rs of ts s-iuid,
ard to cause a subscription in k .seaiied par aoeS ino oaae
orraieitnL In tha lucneaaa of ra.lla1. each .locklealdr
skail bavrrhe af. ukarrlMaa Bar acioh asajaisK asf
sliarr. ut lha new ..oc-k ae ke aij be anullcMl lo aacrtle
fur, amonltrs labia ei'arlsf stock la lha Baak. If aor
aroe-l.hocsr akanld fa I tei.ukaclewe ane lha ainannt nf ataoat
to vib-rh he may ba andtlo.i, lha Hoard of Olraa.ara na.f
eelenulna hat dlapoalclon shall ba made of Iba arivUeye
of niiti.erliiliitf 'ar the unsubscribed stoek."
stilia.ruilcns raoalvtd oy av.ll. tiy ardaref the woar4 '
arblicwicra. William U.kaAwa.Oaalihjr.
Tub Vamcb Stbwaht Oil Coupakt The
Vanoe Su wart Rock Oil Comissny is one of the
best located on the Allegheny river, lying In vba
lDimcilinin vie inl y of ibe famous 11 ,vr tarrn,
the wells niu n which have been yielnlir? uninter
rupted ' for about four years. . The foduermeota
tu iiivistmcni on ilie A legbeny in prefei-enco to
01' Creek urr nunienius and wrigbtv. It is true
larger In medlute return may be lookeal forupoa
the cree k, hut the wells there do n it hear that cha
nieier tor a ruianence and ateody product that
t h wells ou tbo river. It Is tbe true
policy to pnre huso largo tract ef land as she
8 e wart C'oinprnv have done, and thus insure
1 In ir wells ug On t the encroachments of neigh
boring lessees, thereby making them permanent!
rniLAisci.riMA trade bepobt.
' FmiiAY, July 15. There ia not so mock ae
llvlt) In Trail, circle, la iay.awlaf to Ike daella. In ibe
rate 01 en.ld tud t areliro Cichanse.
In Provisions there I. but little doing, and Bxxt deeerlo
tloDt remain wlebout any eliansa la prtaee.
In Flour the .ale. for .hipmut amoantad la aalv a Ikw
hundred .nr. (Roil y at 111 Still I 76. Bales lay
the trade-1. rue rrciui $900 uplofU'SO for suparflna and
f.ncy. Thais Is nothing dolnf la either By. Fksar ar
Corn Meal.
For W heat tliere Is a lea. aetlva deaianl, and yasaor-.
day'. Aie-urea cannot be oialnUkied t IffVIOUO be. fair an4
prlnie ise) at llvaiioil M V ba . but at ta cloee tha tonaer
rate a a. all that oootd be BBfi.tainee. Bra Is eearee anal
Penni. comatand. (I 7(K1'75. Cera la la go4 requeat,
and tiem buabcl. ) allow add al (1-70, pari an .at aud pert
In .tore. Oais are hold af ?Vu7c. a aat ei Bear Barley,
ibu Arat ortha seaMiu, bas beaBpat la aaarket, aad U le
ll.lll ! tl S.
W'til.k)' I. unsettled , sale, af IM klilv I'ennavlvaata aaet
Weateruat (I'TsullW.
nnrkrle by Trlearnpta.
Nnw Yoiik, July 11 Cntt-m q diet at Jl CI ,
I leair ueiaivt;..! .ni Ois-iiuvd -'si-,'ie.ll (11; H, c,
.'.! 'I ,,1 ; lihl.i, i(n.lti ISI;, tit) I'll) I.
Wheat n'liiilnally a.i.l.ic. to.v.T. Ca dall aii-l daceaet
IS'.'io. 1 .a . of i;,UB Laahe'la al tl SO B-ef Bui and
nuleli'Mllv It sit. I'erk aeailine-d t-S4 : Ka . ato.u t C ed
87. Wlcaky dnll.t SI-70
Mereii'is Hour, Iti.alU tibia.) Wlia.i, 70W kuilielsi
Can. 1 Baa
Slocks Irregular. ChlMgo and It ie Is aac),
IB-, ; Ceioikerlrnd tnvl d, e.a ; I.I rims IVnlralS :r p. 1 'Ht
Mlckisar- B-.ull a n, ls-jl ; Nov lurk I'a.elrsl, es;S; acn.J
In., i-ljti': Unit. OB hlTor. Ii7; I ann.u ej iniu.eiy, dil.;
M I' 1111 S'a li. ; r'i. ill1.; I'lilcMif., und c) luK-y, 1 .11 ,
Mlrhlgn I anna , i-fat rjiavaland anel i'ieicirir t'l7;kl
rill.-M-ig itn l f'-rl )v a'lie, ll.i: '.hlea.-e .'i-l M rlhive.i
e'n, .M : s.irwirii Ha ar".-!, HVt erne v.r Orl i.tiei,
se. iC' eaal.i lsl. 10,' 5 e'ive-Vv.eultes, lei,,.
Rai.timouk, July li. Grain and Flotir d ill
.r,u eis'iii.iiiu. hi-ky tie.h'c.rd ad a ea.uJ a;, t. .a.
I'ruvniaaa iuy .lull.
Nkw Yoiik, July 15 fiold at:f tout 1
-ll! is now and lalliug.
lati:st Miui.Mj '
8c' r Id. K. ) 1 1'vaer, ier, riri bcniiii, it. I. it ' - a-
etlii. '
Scl r llt-ii'v. li. hli ii, Piovteti'uca, tl
he I rl'Ai'l -wulla Itcian, do. el
Se1 r It. W. iiiian, laiOlaiu Kortrea. Manr-e, Tyle-i t C
Se , I,. If. I oit.l t. San.iktlia, ssitoill, J 11. S-CMJetr A vei.
He lir He-une, Crnwuli, anaiou. e ainaln.
bel.r 1'. 'i'. lii'irlii.vr, lllackiu.u, Uoa.ou, KobI.,CatdrvU
A Co. . d
Hehr hejiurtcr, Gtlkcy, Boston, Blal lstou, GraalT A Co. ,
ARItlYKI) Tllia M'lllVIN').
Ttrlg A. C. C'.litll, Watoii, YJ day. ireitn Trinidad da
Ceibrt, llh aliMicr lu B. W. Welsh.
Kris K lea a (llr ) Hears. Ill c.e a from Trellldsd cte Cubs,
ae liti a-oi.akca co r. ftlorrla Wain -fcCo. '1
Pug luieiKShcj Hiuueh-ra, H Anj . fruru Ifataasas, la ..
l.a lst In i urn. M.l.lit I'
In :it (iciiriie liiualiieia, Thornleri, R days ffoni I'ortraas .
Alnliioe, In hsiUsi U K. A Hnenler A Ho.
Nel.r a. A, cinitln. Fa. tor. li eiayft r"ia c""lf nfU'Wie. wffa
iu nrtH.A W. Welsh, ad In. I , lat.X-I'MM. ''" ,'4,
siiike- brs nit. lull, Ireio Llvsiriiesil. s.H . I it at sea mora.. M. Iiriic-.lbeuori, auu)auoui Willi
a.a to v 1 lliimtn t a-n. .
Side l-iiiic lileli.l'ieuvell, I dayafreoi lllonoeatcr, Hill., .
Wltli leioae lor. inula., k ., A , . ,
riUir I.. II. Harikit, SIbijiUms, from bai
last to csKtHln. . ., .
cl r A Uloia, Ucshior, n'on IHver, lu baUait ;
'"Vai'jamei Heiiar, lue, days from Uuaton, with '
m l.e- ! 'I well a C "
fci lu I. A. M. . n.kar.O day. fraus Ballon, la b.ellut .
to H i nil l-seill nieiver.
man j. b. Austin. Davis, k days from Boston, la ball aat
'Vela u.vf. Kri-hs, Curtlale, from nauiptnn Boadl, le '
t a laal to 1 luauaa Weti.ter.
s-chrT. P M.i;. dev. lieerhomosh, 1 day from Caiadea,
tie-i.. wrh sralu to J.uira llarr.ti.
Hclir isii iiroi he-is, Weal, i 4a fraiu Indiao river, w ilk ,
coru lo Jam., llarrall. , . Y
BKI.OlvV ' ' '' (" '
Twa lli'tit tiarqust, .uyiio.acl croui Now York, aud Uirae j
hermaiiliroiliee brisa ,"
SVftlclol lri.ra lMe of tlie SUaIU.r 4JstlJ;
Lettarj of Koaiu 'Sy. ., , . ,
etLAs.SM-Jirlf M. . ' '
4"! (A 14 5"i. rl, tiy. 3 v, ll), I '. 29, 2,, 75.
43, f,., 1...,.. att-JBir It. !kv : I
9 35,31,6H,4- 71,a,tli J'M' 4,21.
Clrcalar. sl adOrumfc fc ,1KB oo.,
Covialu, K.