The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, January 05, 1847, Image 3

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somcrs r: r, i a.,
V. !J. PALMES. 1,. of J'hitadelphia at hi
.uf Kestf and Cva Office, ii our authorized
yi-i f'r cliulriii y AJvrrli rrecnts anJ
tor ir.c II l'.wAl.u esJ ij cioiiitd
fu;5 Javier to rrce i;t for any fromes f
. , ' '- ,r ihfsc o! iccU. 1 1 la agency Writ
T ,T,n7, - v J
i.e;.:iT-jrc sr.J iiott.n
in-.por'.ant to tii3
success of tli3
Til EC), i). COCHRAN,
WM. J. I:OWA3ii,
Whig Stale CommiUee.
yiFThe Whig? of C.'recnc county
h:u e appointed Col. Wells as Rcprcsen
tative Delegate, and Wm. Hailej, of Fay
cv.z, vs Senatoriil Delegate to the State
Ccnver.tion. They arc instructed for
yii. Stfwr.rt; but since that gentleman has
c dined, it is understood they will go for
UThc Harrisburgh and Reading
volunteers passed through Stoystown
List week, on their way to Pittsburgh,
tlie place of rendezvous for the new regi
ment. Those from Wcs'morrtend left
Gret-nsburgk on Wednesday morning.
r7Maj. V'uYiam Larimer, of Pitts
burgh, is a candidate for Colonel of the
new Rciment Pennsylvania volunteers.
The Major is a wholc-sauled clever fellow
and would make an excellent officer.
rrjs-s r.. l . . . :,n: e Tt'
.-s3f yJVii nnciiiiL'in.c iiuui a-
fhington city is derived through the
Pittsburgh (Jazette, the editors of which
received it by Telegraph on Thursday
and sent it to us in their paper of Friday.
fiCnAKLrs A. Kimmel, formerly of
llsio place, and now in the U. S. service,
writes to his friends here that he is a few
miles from Monterey and enjoys good
C-John Quincy Adams has been ad
vised by his physicians not to attempt to
0 to Washington this Winter, as the
slate of his hcd;h is still precarious.
SCpThe Legislature of Maryland met
r.t Annapolis, on yesterday a week.
lion. John P. Kennedy was elected
Speaker of the House.
'W. W. Irwin, the present Charge
ce Aihirs at (Afcpcr.hsgcn, will shortly be
superceded, it is laid, by Mr. Flennikln
cf Favclte county.
SCr The latest accounts state that
Gcn. Taylor, whh 1500 men, intended to I
march for Victoria, about the Sth of last
no nth.
5ib" Capt. B.mkhead is in Baltimore, j
en leivGrir.g to recruil volunteers fcr Mex
ico to fill up the Virginia Regiment.
kCTSonakir Barrow, of Louisax
at Baltimore, cn Tuesday last, haviug
been ill but a few davs.
EEfJuugc Douglass has been elected
to the U. S. Senate from the State of liii-'
fr-1 he .'.i?i-net;e i eicrnnii is
4 f , . ... :
in operation from the eastern cities to ?
' i
Two Whigs heve been elected in the
2nd and 4th districts in
' ...,v,r,.,.
Vs' The weather for some days past
has been mild nnd pleasant.
The Charleslen Courier of Monday
last p:-.ys: "The Fai'fidd, Lancaster and
A'.iV.tvi'.Ie Companies arrived at the ('amp
.Tour.d on Sturdrty Inst. There arc
rwv in camp r.pwrds cf 000 men. The
iiinve coiTipsnieu will bc mustered into
service this niorning ot 10 oYIock. W e
lindcrstand that the Regiment' will have
f.n Wcdr.erday, for Haviburii; rnd from ihcy will l';cc fcr the ccue of
action. . --. -
Win k I L it UUi J V' Lili L iU.i , ! f ,:s v'h0 thronged the levee and the J I uesday, giving the proceedings m the Democrats. There were three Whig
, State Convention, to he rotnposed cf j ians ' at the shore. She carried the t House of Representatives, 'on Monday ! Senators who had ' sent their sons to' the
and the several countit-s equal to luoir ; ths -Philadelphia company of : tee of ine Whole. -' - ! test in the Armv it was as to who should
in ih -C.-'nrrr.l Asfsomhlv Capt. .Moorhead. Scenes cf this kuul . Mr. .SAWYER of Ohio.' isdifrftssptl 1 .i, n ... i -
oi l!. , CfrnonweaUh, will be held at i :ire fruitful of. excitement, -end' tnat of the Committee in an ultra speech, beifin-- " ! Afr. Tjakr ait'l that at th moner tiirc ' ... '
a -cV-.:r or. TUESDAY, the i2i dav yesterday had ii- full sfiare. Mothers nincr with a tlefencs of the war and the h chn,.U l- Kx.- ?t ! AUyl3!1
.;!A:;r:i NriX'i',;.! 10 o'clock in the r-m.? with their children wiyo witn ; char-e that the W h.?sf as a party, were cr3 to offer a 'resolution to supply the 1"" i" f i
. . i r :ue purpose of sclcctinr j their hurbands f i-ters with their loved j opposed to its prosecution; and then j volunteers with clothm and deduct the ! o ,K,m.on VTl. 1
f .. r . k: Covc-:. jr and Canal Com- J and cherished brothers. Vv e could not i launching out in charging the Whigs with I am0llnt from lieir pav. a s,u-h a' Resole-1 lV.?3II!pl0n nn
t;inner to be exported by the Whigs J vy the man who could witness this un- j being "Federalists," and like the "Fede- j tioa j,aa been drawn v.n at his request and "v',, p""' rl r,
.: r U r Pn!p!-:v! PoT;-,-! movetl one more word anollirr rnd a : ralists" of iftlS. standsncr -fHit in nnni. i : i i i. . i. .i ' a,e.v nri
XX- - ' k - . . . ....... . . . . tV (lEV At. L Ui IttlUCtii - V'l i-T VVII- , . tt t
, r-K,r n.r fVction. mul to tmn.-;r.ct i last embrace, was even fou r it for and ; tion to the War and the Country. Then.-( e,;.r u..u a .i..,. ul "r?ul,"y . "nir) 'J,,IU,i
c 1, r '.rhur-uess as may be deemed ! conquered of the gnards, beSravitig a i too, they used the precise lnn?uaire of tlie mn,u. Pss;;v u .,. .lfi tt-ir'n ! . jjco- ivcuq
4,..V1.-.-- 1
MENT. "Yesterday was a day of exciting inter
est to Pittsburgh. I; was signalised by
the departure of about. 200 of our .own
immediate citizens, and in ail about one
thousand Pennsylvanians,' on a very dis
tant and dnngerc-us service, their re
turn from which must be deemed a mat
ter of hazard. - The - ample 1 levee was
j crowded throughout the day. The Sr.
t Anthony left in the mornin-r with Cant.
Bis,der and Capt. I Ws companies and
pisnk r.nd backed out into the stream,
amidst the shouts of' ten thousand per-
desperate ;.gony of filing that defied
iiue ami vixi?.. .iien are cuiier k-ss a-
rute m ta 'ir ieclms or liave more p?w
er to rommand" them, but women seek
relief in audible sobs and tears. Stand
ing on the levee our warmest sympa
thies were called into action by exhibi
tions of this kind, many having remained
to gaze on the boat until it rounded the
point of laud at Manchester, crealing a
void between them and all they held dear
cu earth.
At three o'clock a crowd, if possible j
more dense, covered the same ground, to
witness tlie departure of the Duquesne i
Careys, Hcrron, in the New Eng-
land; on this beat r.!so embarked Col.
Wvnkoop, Lietit. Cel. Black end Mnj.
Bowman, and anether scene cf t!i2 same
life exciting emotion was repealed.
Gallant Allows! they left here with the
prayers of a whole people to God for
protection, raid for their early and. safe,
but honorable return.
The New England, we learn, rounded !
to at Manchester, where she remained
until this morning, when she again put
out at sn early hour. PiHib. American
Dec. 30.
Tlie Pay of the Soldiers.
The following table ' shows the com
pensation allowed to officers and men
from a Colonel down.
-3 O
c o
o .
1 j
Ycluntc-crs will require the following
1 Dress Ccp, 2 Flannel Shirts,
1 Foraga Cp (glaz-' 2 Pair Drawers,
ed silk,)
1 Uniform Coat.
1 Woolen Jacket,
2 Pr. Woollen Over
alls. 1 Cotion Jacket.
4 Pairs Bootees,
4 Pairs Socks,
1 Leather cr- Silk
1 Faiigue Frock,
3 Pr.Cotton Overalls. 1 Blanket.
We have the pleasure of presenting
our readers with tho first of Despatches
received by the "Lightning Line from
lie East. "The marvellous faciility. with
which news is conreyed on this great in
vention of lite age, was a soCrce of admi-
raiion to nnm!ers of our citizens .who
crowded the Telegraph Office during the
atfernoon and evening. We shall spare
nehher pains nor expense to put our rea
ders in possession of the latest intelligence
by it. The Tvews is now. emphatically
received fey Lishlniuz and printed bv
Steam.' Piflsbarz - Guze'.fo.
ji. .IN
The Chairman cf the State Temper
ance Central Committee announces that
.'tlie r.nnual Convention will be. In-id at
Harrisburg, cn the 4th - Wednesday of
! January next, the 27m. r.nd requests that
i the associations will send full delegations.
The Grand Division of the Sons of
i cm-
rerancii will siiso hold a mcetimr at tho
J ,. , .
same time and place.
Thi. distinguished officer, 'arrnmpenicd
by Mijor Smith, Captain Monroe, and
Lieut.-. Scott and Williams, arrived zl
New Ocleans on the I0;h t.dt. in the ship
Union, from New York. They 'were aii
in fine health and spirits, and would leavt
in a few davs for the seat of war.
A powder house in Providence con
tuning six'.y kes of powder, was fired
by an ineen diary on Wednesday, when
the whole exploded, 1-ut occasioned no
1:1:1.-.,:: a bin: u lmurv 10 a Uwiyu-
, . . . J J,.v, lw -" o
k vr rii(Fiovo'
'vr...- 4.wu
It Tn Veg.,onhis arrival .it
Colonel $73 . G
Lieut. Colonel 60 5
Major 50 4
Adjutant, (pay of a
Lieut, and $10 in
addition.) 2
Captain 40 4
First Lict. SO , 4
Second Lieut. 23 4
Sergc-uit Major 17 . 1
Q. M. Sergeant 17 1
Prin. Musicians 17 1
First Sergeant 10 1
Sergcauls 13 1
Corporals 9 1"
Musicians 8.1
Privates, 7 1
Havanareceived the melancholy news of plored to do something and to act prompt
the death of his tnathcr. He has beeii'lv. f - A
directed by his Government to repair to
jan Jiiiis Potosi, as skhi as possible after
his arrival at Vcm Cruz.
Resolutions were introduced into both I question of patriotism. Theirs had been
branches cf the North Carolina Legisla- J tried and proved. - But whether Whigs
ttire, on Monday last, appropriating the, or Democrats, Bank men or no Bank
sum of ten thousand dollars, for the pur- men, Distribution men or antidistribution
'poso of equipping and paying the expen- men, Sub Treasury men or anti-Sub-scs
to Wilmington of the ..regiment of; Treasury men, 19 men or 5 (here there
oiunieers caneu into we service Gl mc,
United States.' Bickn. Rep.
No to mi Session.
We take the following from the corres
pondent of the Baltimore Americnof a
I Tories of 1776, and must have borrowed
i 1: irom mem.
The worst sentiments of old lories end
i federalists "were referred to, to show this
odious likeness, and in this style Mr. S.
went on for his hour.
Mr. GIDDINGS of Ohio, had so
little sparring witii Mr. Sawver in behslf
, . , -
ol Mr. lvoot, who, tnough ausent. was as-
BAKER of Illinois, the
Mr. E. D
r'i ,.i r .i, hi a- ....... i
, , ,1 ... ,.
dressed the Committee, thankmsr - the
House at the first for the floor and the
Chairman of the Committee for awarding
it to him. lie did not design to take any
p.rt in the controversy which -had been
goma: on between members of ciflerent.
political parties.
Coming then to the important subject,
he said that the Army in Mexico needed
more men and more money, and they
needed both now, immediately at once.
The army was deficient in tlie necessary
numerical force. 'Hie country they had
': captured covered an immense tract, and
it would require large forces cf men to
garrison Monterey, Saliillo, Camargo,
Matamoras, nnd other points of country
which had been secured.
According to Mr. Baker, there were
but 11,000 men oelomnnrto our forces in
Mexico a-ailable men, after the places
taken had been gun isoned. Mexico was
better prepared to make a war. now than
she was when the war commenced. The
Mexicans did not yet believe that we
could conquer iheir country, and during
the existence of the war they had become
more nationalized than they had been,
and many of the Mexicans had made he
roic sacrifices to save themselves mid their
We'had really done little or nothing to
conquer peace. The President had re
cently called out nine or tn new regi
ments, but they were very far from being
upon the ground. At most they were
but about 7000 mn. Mexico had 25,000
i men. and most of them her bravest peo
Six months aro we sent into the field
2G regiments. They went into the ser
vice with high' hopes and eager expecta
tions, but alas, how many of them slept
upon the brnks of the Rio Grande.
About 200 G men, of the best blood of the
nation, who had never seen the enemy,
found a grave upon the Rio Grande. Tlie
country had proved mi sickly, and the
army had suffered most severely.
Even the young men .of the service
had been among the greatest sufferers.
In some regiments one-seventh and one
eighth had died from the exposure to the
climate, the want of water, and the change
of food! What those men had done they
had done for fame, glory, Ic e of country.
It was cold blooded cruelty to desire that
these men should be called to endure an
other campaign, when by a prompt and
energetic war we could produce a peace
before another campaign.
He spoke not now as a volunteer offi
cer, but' as a Representative of the Peo
ple. Wc were to have peace some time.
Let it como as soon as we could seenre it.
It must come at some time. If it was
not meant to prosecute the war further, it
was better to withdraw the troops now.
Bntho supposed there was to be no re
treat, and God forbid that there should be
nv. .iie sioou r.oi umv w
ne'v could bo procured or how more men :
could be provided.
He was sure, however, that wc, hed
both the means and the energy to prose
cute the war. The sentiment of the
American people and the sentiment of tlie
Army Was for a short, suuticn war.
The ';
eM;r.nff.. fnr hntt t ney necueu
. . . i ii'
nnK-" n.n- c"d encouragement .from !
i. ' ' , eftp'm-ev in "their arm.
He was sure tiiai more volunteers cou.u ,
ha nrrtc-red and he knew that more
IIWlllV -' J
, . II
were ready to join the army from his own !
-.,.. ' . . - '
.Mii'.C. - ' . j
lhr-.n in lands
Hp had seen volunteers,
poor, emaciated and suffering severely
for the comforts of life
He hsd known ten cents a pound to bo
paid for bread, twenty cents for poor su-
1 ,T ,..vrit!ioF trnr
f hn r3 11 rairu nwk mv w - -
uti 110. .w .
trn iiiiO.OfiO r Q1C0.0C0.O0O. I.ct.
. . . -ni Whit TA-ni tn no 1 n untary. a:iu we
Ann once. If ths . hardly do a-greater fvor to
-J'-.,, WOrr. tn bn naid more than S7 in these days of cheating, til
. . ..i ,rV.t Mroco.tP ltrnw.i mend them as well tnets, e
n mcniiif mn . t. - , , --
i t.,..-, r-, ihnrn in mnipv: cien. fnecia.iY those we na
nnu i. Hiii w p-' i ........ -- j i
gar, and futv cents a pour.a iur tncrsc. 1 u,...... .....
It was a Ion" lime, too, before the Volun- j Jayne's Life Preservative is a Remedy
teers had received their pay, sir months for Cancer, King's Evil; Crochoceie or
u,y, i, TUinms Vn'unieers received Goitre and Diseases of the Skin which
! the members of this House then r,eJ;.u 1 .. .-,- ... uctW
" He did not address his remarks to one
, parly more than another. He knew the
I Yb loo w-sll to addrws thni upon a
was a pause anu iouu laughter.)
Mr. Baker continued,
' , Oh breathe not its name '
. Lei it sleep in its shame."
(Renewed laughter.")
Returning to the party aspect of the
question, Mr. Baker went on to show that !
the W higs had fought as gallantly and
with as great a numerical lorce as the
j fcar months from' tlui time, if tlie eoun-
i t?v de.-
-ired it. d witliin lh:- Citv of
1 .f iioir
Tho committee now rose and reported.
Mr. BAKER now ofTered a joint Eeso-
: , ,r ?.". .u r- r .u
to deliver clothing to the onicers of the
. T. , , ,
! f "J3 f action P1"0"
instead of pay, as do Lie soidiers of the
i . r ; .
: . !' 1. .1.. . I I- . r .t
regular. Armv.
On the 31. Dec. by John Ilamcr, Esq.,
Fp.EDErvie Weijier, Esq., of this Bor
oughi to. Miss Margaujlt Buchanan, of
Shade township. .
lAMEto premises of ihe subscriber
J in iMilford towr.sliip, in Junp,
l st, a brindle STEUR, wiih a slit in
the right ear two years old last spring.
The owner is requested lo come and
prove property pay charges and take it
away, or it will be sold as the law di
jan,5, 1847.
7il EREAS the honorable Juresxi
V t ah S. Black, President, and G.
Chorpennino- and John M'Carty, Esqs.f
assori-jte Judges of the court of common
pleas, in and for the county of Somerset,
and assistant Justices of die courts of oyer
and terminer am? general jail delivery and
quarte.r sessions of the peace, in and for
said county of Somerset, have issued
their precept to me directed, requiring)
me among other tilings to make public
proclamation throughout my bailiwick,
that a court of oyer and terminer 3r.d
general jail delivery: also, a court of gen
era! quarter sessions of the peace and
jail delivery, will commence nt the bor
ough of Somerset, in and for the county
of Somerset, in the commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, on the 2d Monday of
February next, (Sth day) in pursuance
of which precept
Public Notice is hereby Hv-
ne, to the justices of the peace, the corn
npr, and constables of said couniy of
Somerset, that they be then and there, in
their own proper persons, with their
rolls, records examinations, and inquisi
tions, and other remembrances, to do
those things which to their offecs apper
tain in that behalf to be done and also all
those who prosecute against the priso
ners that are, or then shall be, in the jail
of the said county of Somerset, are to be
then am! there to prosecute against them
as shall be just..
Given under my band, at Somerset, this
5:h day of January, in the year of
our Lord 1847.
1)11. B. JAiNVS
25) Tlie virtues of this efficacious and
cheap medicine for the cure of Concump
tin and other diseases cannot be too well
known. Very wnny lives have been
5aTed by it, A". F. JVaruing Ailas
JaynesExpectorant far Canghs, Colds.
&.c. St many people ara cfilirted with
these romwon everv day disorders, that
we deem it ur duty to point our readers
to a simple remedy, whi.-h we have trifd
.i f l . rr. ; . .'j T 1
. iuuiui rui- u. iwi.. -i-
oradl is a very valuable phial of syrup j
which we have lately used with good ,
ir... ' .. t. ,1 Innconn'rr ;
eea m i v o..., dm
and breaking up a ct-hi. It is a very a- ,
greeable medicine. This rr comir
d.uion is not a bougnt puff, but en
... , , r i .1,...
ft.xl that we ran
wur raiders
.m to recom-
HicieiU reme
re used our-
D.iniel nenshaw.
Editor ofjthc "Lyiui Record," Mass.
Cancer, Goitre and Scrofula Cured.
.... . 1 1 1
wi not lad one time m a hundred ct
r 1- .".- J r
- - - -
r nectin-r a radical cure. 11 is aiso one 01
offered for ihe relief of the afflicted.
Sold by J. J. Sill. F. Schell. "
Somerset Pi.
Also by Edward Bevin,
. .-.'T ; .. : bioystotrn P
I W l t I il..!
For February Term, 1847.
2nd koxpay, 8th day.
Somerseibr. Henry Siewatt
Henry Chorpenning -Somerset
tp. Benjamin Masters
He:?ry J lleipio
Ddvid Lavan
Jcoh Mo wry
SMonirn Bare
Milfurd ,
Jacob Risheberff r
Henry Waller, Sr.
Hiram Will
Peter Miller
Eli Tarmehill .
Jsiah S-rnk
Daniel Berkey
Adam Friedline
Joiin J Miller
Turkt- j'uoi
Q iemuhuuin
Josejdi Lichty
ugli, jr.
Jorp!i Boling
M iclmel Siiit.ilF
('eorre HtiMibert
Jo;i3J- 'IViIro
If fury Boin-ber
S.nmifl Border
lsac Kaufman
Pet-t Levy
Q'-Cn 'konir.g Vli.-hael Z-'ru merman
1 t
S onycreck
I ri.'u M i;!rr
Afraba:n Musser
J"hn I.".fi!frl
Lvi Berkf pde
Benjamin Clrk
Hemy Mnsssr
Sjnniel II. Hunter
Somerset tp.
Somerset br.
B. Valley
Hiram Be;;m
Ja'ob Baker Armtropg
Datii! KtiHZ
Bsrnet Bilking
Mt!icw Black
O.'iara Kiernn
('enr?e Kimmel
Tfin? Ii!nnan '
Jo'io Lamtii
Sjmnel H;.Her
Jamb Warner
Joim C Beul
Hnrv Liult
John Brooks
(eorse Priney
Frederick Blu'Sch
Turkey fool
S Mithampton
Addison Smriz
George Sitzer
Thomas Endsley jr.
Juhn Hannn.
Call at the Old Stand!
THE subscriber respectfully inform
bis friends and the public, that, in
addition to his former stock, he has just
received at his Dm; Store in tlie Borough
of Somerset, a fresh supply of
Drugs. Faints, Medicines,
Groceries, D ye stuffs, Cj?c.
oensisting in part cf the following, all of
which wi!J hi sold cheap for cash or
exrhansed fur approved country pro
duce, viz : -
' Red and Whits Lead, Venetian Red,
Chrome Yellow :md Green. Vermillion
Red. Prussian !5!ue, Terr3 tie Sienna,
Turkey Umber, Limp BUk.
ALSO; Copal Varnish, Black Varnish.
Gum She'ae; n?d, silver ynd metal leaf;
white, ycilow and red bronze; sand pa
per, turpentine aii J Fisn Til.
Indijro, Mahler, Alum. Brazilwood.
Fustic, Camwood, Logwood; ALSO;
Extract of Lawod. Armetto Ccchinea',
Solution nf Tin. Bine Viirin!. oil Vitriol.
Best green Km Cotire. Tea, Pepper,
Allspice aniline table salt.
NOTIONS; rombs, p-irses, pocket
book, pins, needles, s'.ee! pens lancet
blades,, tooth brushes, percussion C3ps,
powiler. shot and lead. "
W STAR'S B,!.am of Wild Cherrv,
Th- celebrated Susrnr Coated PM-.
December ill. ISV5.
L1 Ij SI' Cv Vllh:il Uiilllk3.
rgTHE subscriber - lias received Iron
a the Eal-r"n cities. Mid is now c
. . . i. ... K' 1 J ' - . t uis ?.', c vim 'ui,r 1 !
tiie l)iaR;,,r , a ery large and general
assort Tif-nt 'l lioo,ls
sr.itn'de for t'ns
anon- wb.ich are Frcnh and lncli'h
Cloths of varinn? cohr". A!o Tw cds.
Cassimerc, Sitincts r.nd Jean, T.-rletm
and Cecilia Clo 's for Ladirs dresses.
ALSO, Cashmeres, Alpacas,
Mouslin de hiincs. Calicoes of all qush
lies from 4 to '23 cents per yard. Mus
lins from 4 to 10 rts, Si!k r.d Thread
Lace, Silk Glove? o a su; trior quality
for ladies an.l gentlemen. r(getlier with a
fine assortment of HARDY AKE,
(ltieens7vare, Groceries, V c.
Boots spdFhors of all kind and ery
low. Weavers Reeds of very superior
All which will be sold on as chnp and
.mn,hiiniT lerms. as tliev ran fce liaa
I west of ihe Allegheny Mnr.!-un.
Somerset, srpt 22, 1310.
fistri. 91 oriRK.
fll'fiiSIG & M'GUIRE,
Forwarding & Cornmissiou
At tlie Httilroad Depot,
Hon. A. Siewen. ?
Hon. 11. W. Bfcton S 1 iJ 9
If on. J S. Black, ")
Col. I. Ankcny. ' VSoueriatPa
Jfnas Keim, E?q. J
Thomsa J. i'W. W. McKiig,
Cumberland, M4.
Dc. 15 Sm.
Sheriff's Sale
Y virtue of a writ of Venditioni Er
.penqs issued ou! of theCourt ofCorn
mon rii?a of Somerset county, and to
me directed, there will be exposed to
sale by public ouicry.atthe rublic tquaro
, in Sjmerret n Tuesday the I4th day of
janm.ry next, al I o clock, P. M. iho
f.diowing Real estate,-viz:
All the riiiht, tide, interest and clira,
of Joseph Mason of, in. r.nd to a certain
cr tract ol land, situate m Shade town
ship, Somerset county, Pa., containing
IVJ5 acrf.s more or less, about !0 acrei
leered and about 2-) acres in meadow;
joining lands of David Kodgers. Jhu
P.iul. Jesse Berkcpilc, hn Fry, jr.
8nd oiljers; on wjifrh are erected a
dwtliin? house and barn nnd stable, widi
i he . appertenances as tho praperty of
said Jo?ep!i Mason, at th suit of Sam
tiel'li enter. . .
Sheriffs Oiliee, Somerset ?
D-c. 8. IMS.
During the ensuing session of lha
Uegiolaiure, the Pennsylvania Tele
oaiPH will bei published twicers week,
on fine double royal sized paper, and
wilt contain full, impartial, and accu
rate reports of the proceedings of the
two Douses, together with the latest
Congressional, Foreign and General
Experienced Reporters will be em
ployed in both branches of the Legisla
ture, and every exertion used to rcako
tlie Telegraph vorihy of the palronas
and confidence of the public, and of the
reputation it has acquired for correctness
and impartiality.
The ensuing session of the Legisfafnre
will be one ef more interest to the citi
zens of Pennsylvania than any one for
many years. Subjects of the deepest
interest to her welfare to every citizen
will be agitated, in all of which ths
Telegraph wilt always contain the latest
and most correct intelligence Every
intelligent citizen all who feel an inter
est in the affairs of the Commonwealth,
should receive a paper from the seat of
Government during the session tf lha
In consequence of the facility of the
Magnetic Telegraph we shall be enablei
to give all important Congressional and
other intelligence up to the hour of pub
lication, As the publication of a paper of the
size, and giving the information of the
Telegrapii durtng the session, is at
tended with great expense, ss well as
editorial labor, our friends throughout
Commonwealth are respectfully revest
ed to aid in increasing the circulation in
their . respective neighborhoods during
that period. The at rms are :
For the session, $2 00
For the year, 5 00
Two copies of the Telegraph will be
sent during the Session for 83.00. The
same deduction will be made fer a large
number. TIIEO. PENN.
A Jiew Arrangement.
On the fomrnenccment of the ensuing
session of the Legislature, the Penn'a
Intelligencer will be published Daily
during the session, and Weekly the re
mainder of the year on the following
For thfl session Daily, $2,00
For the year Daily and Weekly, 3.00
fcCT" Payments ia cases to be made
ID 3.tV3Cv
The Daily will be published on a me
dium short, ihe size of the dailies hereto
fora issued the seat of Government.
We have made arrangsments for the em
ployment of competent snd experienced
REPORTERS, and will give full, accu
rate and impriial reports ef she proceed
ings of the Legislature. Ample sketches
of the doings of Cosgress, r.rco;;n:s ef
the prgres of the war, the news nf th
d .y, and a general variety cf p)!it:col
! nnd miscellaneous matter, will ilo be
; ,r m
wm so
' n I r TM1
arrange as to issue every
cvenmg, a lew nours suer me ai.j-inrn-
r. .tt?
ment, so that the prcsecings of earn
day will ce ccntainrd in the paper ff the
sa-nc evening, anJ wi.l ce Gf.ivrru
through ths fi-'st maili that leave after
The Weekly will rstsin its presjr.t
size and form, and will crr.ui-i as great
sn amount aid variety cf rendic mat
te a; any other paper published at II ar
risbnrg. TO CLUBS.
The Inre'lijenc-T will be furnished lo
Clubs at ihe follow in g rates:
Thrf-e copies. Daily, for $5.00
Seven corics, dj " 10. CO
Any person ob'.nirr g r.-rt 3?'srnbiri
for the e?Mm cr . f:r ilie r, n ill be
cni'uled to a fifth copy grati?. CTl3it
no pr,pers will be sect wiihoui ihe cash
! accompany n-g m -'
be rcmifed by mail.
' Tlarristur;, Dec. Vi, JBiQ.