Gazette of the United States, & Philadelphia daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1796-1800, December 30, 1796, Image 3

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Autuum at Votas " 1
m : =s -3 8 J St
PRISIDENT f| c |.II 8 1 |
ampftiire,' 1- 6| > 1 j j Tj
Massachusetts, I6'li , .
Khode-ffUnd, 4! 4
ConneAient, f' 4 s
Vermont, 41 4
New-York', 12 it
New Jersey, 7 ? <
Peanfylvauia, i ; 2i 4 ij
Delaware, i i\ I I
Maryland, , -j 44! j'
Vn-ginii, I not 115 31
Kentucky, 1
I'Bnefiee, 1
North-Carolina, I I II 6 ,
South-Carolina, 8 S |
Georgia, 4 | 4
Total » hi S9 6 ' I *3 *5 ts 7 2 111
North-Carolina, one vote was given for Charles
Piackney, an 4 three for Judge Iredell.
Married, on Sunday last, it the honfe of Da
•iel St. Clair, Efq, ia Montgomery County, Mr.
Samuel W. Jertis, to Mis» Jani St. Clair,
daughter of the ban. Arthur Si. Clair, Govcraor
•f the Western Territory.
XxtreS »f a letter from Captain Henry De Butts ta
the Secretary •/ War, dated Pre/fue-IJe, 1 itk Dec.
" It is with extreme concern I difebarge the me*
laneholy duty ©f announcing to you the death of
Major-General Anthony Wayni, who, after an
exceedingly painful vifitatiom of the goat, expired
this moaning between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock.
'' This difordei attacked him abont th« i;th ultimo,
during a very favorable pafTage irom Detroit hither,
where we arrived on the evening of the fucjeeding
d*y—it by turns his feet, knees and Hands,
with ceafiderable inflammation and a great degree of
pain, unti. about the 30th ; when the violence of both
beginning gradually to abate, inspired flattering hopes
©t" his fpcedy recovery:—but alas! these were of
ihort duration j for on the morning of the 3d intt
it appeared that the gout had taken poffeflion of his
ftomaeh, where it remained with unconquerable ob
llinacy and extreme torture, until it put a period to
his His remains w.U be interred to-morrow
within this fort with military honors."
PITTSBURGH, December 14.
DIED, on Wedneiriay night, the 14th infl. at Prefqu'
Isle, fan excellency ANTHONY WAYNE, commander
in chief of the Federal army, ■
The birth of some great man, or death,
Gives a celebrity to 1 pets of earth ;
We fay that Montcalm fell on Akram's plain :
That Butler presses the Miami bank ;
And that the Promoatory of SigtHm
Has Achillas' tomb.—
saw W*r»« expire ; and there, ,
The traveller (hall fee hi 5 monument ;
At least his grave'. For this,
Corroding jealousy will not detract j
But will allow a mound—
Borne little fwclling of th« earth, \
To mark the interment of his bones.
Brave, honest Soldier, flutp——
And let the dewi weep over ttiee, t
And gales that iigh acroft the Lake ;
'fill men ikall rcoognixc thy worth.
And, coming to the {hall aft,
"Is this where Watn* is buried ?"
C A U riON.
The inhabitant* of this city would de well to
cenfidcr the importance »f carefully attending to" 1
♦xtinguifh their fires when they go 10 bed. The
hint is suggested from information that some of the
patrolcs, lall night had oteafion to call up a family
who left their Hrc burning in a cellar.
A dated meeting of the Pennsylvania Society
for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery, fcc will be
held at the usual place on the ad of lit mo. (Jan.)
J79 jr, at 6 o'clock m the evening.
nth mo- 30th, 1796.
& SALEM, December ao.
A,gentleman of this town hat receiv«d a letter
from his friend at Liverpool, Neva Seotia, wherein
ia mentioned the arrival «t Halifax of a packet
from England—which bring! an account of the dif
ferences with Spain being accommodated,and a hap
py profpeft of the negotiation with France bring
favorably terminated. The letter is dated the 22d
vlt. Thepaffageof the packet is not mentioned.
The above letter mentions, that a division of
RicheTy's fleet destroyed property »ri the Labra
doie (here Hrlhe amount of £ 25,090 sterling,
belonging to one house, and burnt a 20 gnu Ihip,
loaded eniirely with 6(h. The defirudlion on the
whole coast by the French fleet under admiral Ri->.
chery has been very great, and mast be fevetely felt
the lower class of citizens—the property destroy
ed confining of filh, provision* and articles of the
6ri ncccfity.
BOSTON, December jj.
Letter from Nantucket, December 16.
These will inform yon, that last night the ftiip
Alliance, Capt. Pease, arrived here from Wool
wich Bay, last from St. Helena, which he left
Sepiember 28, in company with five other whale
fr.ips for this port. Capt. Pease informs, that a
Dutch fleet of two 74*s, two frigates and a sloop
of war, were at Saldanna Bay, and that the En
glifli fleet lying at the Cape-os-Good-Hope, got
information and immediately proceeded against
tliem, and captured the whole squadron without
difficulty. Capt. P. also informs, that Mr. Leaeh,
a meichant of St. Helena, told him, a (hip belong
ing to Boston (her name and the cap ain's he had
forgotten, but certainly neither Sigonrney nor Do
ble) fro Ti India, with a freight for Europe, had
been c<.Lt away to the northward"aati eallwaid ol
the Cape-os G»t>(i -H>»pe, vefTe! and 6argo loft ;
the people were roughly treated by the natives, but
no lives were 101 l j the crew had taken i»
the fleet for Europe. Capt. P. on his paiffage, lat.
21, long. 58, spoke brig Ann, fiem Surinam for
Boston, had loft her foretopmaft. Alfs, spoke
W* Ann, Coffin, from Hifpaniola for Philadel
phia. In lat. 4r, 35, 67, spoke brig ,
Brown, 39 days from Surinam for Providence^—
(hort of proviiiens ; Capt. P. being also short of
provifiond, could afford no relief. Left the Janus,
wkaleftiip, Folger, matter, for New Bedford, in
lat. 2, S. long. 28, W. No other news than here
NEW-YORK, December 29.
Several of the vefielt reported below ia yefter
day't Argm came up to toWo yesterday—vide Ma
rine lift.
Capt. Black, of the Niagara, failed from Hull j
on the 13d O&ober, and brings no Ister London I
accounts than before receivsd. |
Capt. B!a k, on the 27th October, being about
30 leagues from Bred, fell in,with a fleet of Britilh :
men of war, 18 ia namber, who fremed unwilling
ta speak him—and next Hay, lat. 46, was board
ed by the French frigate Felicity, one of Admiral ,
Richery'j'mn of three 74 gun (hips, one 80,
and three frigates. liounH from Newfoundland to j
France. Capt. Black informed them, that he had
just left a British fleet ; from which circmnttance |
wc conclude, that he did not jnmp into the Lion's |
mouth, but altered bis course to avoid them.
Capt. Bia. k gave his latest papers to the captain
of the Felicity.
Yesterday the brij Poll Cary, Captain Prince,,
got under way from this port for St. Croix ; when
being in the bay, die went down so suddenly, that
the people had hardly time to save their lives—her
■Bafts arejult discoverable.
Ship Niagara, Black, Hull 60
Planter, , Bristol
Barque Neptuae, O'Connor, Martha Brae 20
S*.w Ceres, , Cork 70
Brig Malabar, Kenyon, Cape Francois 45
Schooner Minerva, , Port-au Prince 45
Sloop Fox, Brooks, Baltimore
——, Watson, St. Thomas 25
Extrafl of a letter from a gentleman of
in Paris to his friend in this city, dated 9th Ther
midor 4th year ;
Dear friend, ,
" The hkenefs of General Buonaparte being just
come out, I fend you two copies; oue for yourftlf, the
other for my friend R—. I am sure it v. iil p!ea l e
you so much the mor<, at a Angular dif.overy has lately
been made the place of his origin. He
happens to be a countryman of yours, and even one of
-your friends, inftezd < f beu'.g a Corfwan, as firft re
ported, Buonaparte is an afiumed name ; his family
name is Shaler, from Mid Jletown in # Coiineilicut.
You will, ao douht l>e able to judge of the Wt>th di
rectly ; and not fail to ascertain the fact in, cafe the
people of Vmerica may have any doubts about it. I
expect they will rejoice at an evtnt which has afforded
mt and procures me the advantage of receiv
ing from him at this very mutuant every mark of
friendfhip, in consequence of our form*, acquaintance
in America.
" Salut and Fraternity. - " C——
KINGSTON, (Jamaica*) November 12.
The Royal Edward, on ker passage, spoke an
American veilel from Cayeuse, and was informed,
that a lirjng French squadron had arrived there,
and was to cruile on the coast of Brazil. The
captain of the Thetis, of London, bound to the
Welt-Indies, bnt captured and carried into Cay
enne, was on board the Americau veffcl. The In
dian Queen, Englifti Eatt-Indiamen, was captwr
ed and carried into that place, a fkort time before
the American left it.
The Ftench brig Cetf Volant, prize to his ma
j'-fty's (hips Magicirnne and Quebec, was sent into
Port-Royal on Wednesday.
She was taken on the firft of this month, oft
Altavela ; said to be bound to Plymouth as a car
tel, but from circumstances lufpeAed to be a&ual
ly on her way to Old France with three deputies,
carrying dispatches from Rigaud for ihe exeeutive
dtre&ory. To rover their deigns, they had on
board a few Englilh prifonert, with some French
officers of the Renommee frigate, formerly brought
in here and exchanged. After a ftrid fearck the
difpatchee weie found, with which capt. Ricketts
immediately proceeded to tke Mole.
The brig was frcm the Barradiere, where oar
- 1 people had been put on board with the aflurante
1 that (he was bound to Aux-Cayes, from which they
: ' were to be dirtdly feat in a cartel, to Port
, Royal.
- | November 19.
; ] A Spaniftt fchroiier, with a quan
-1 | tity of fpeeie on board, came in on Sunday from
| the Havannah, which (he left fix days aj;o. Twelve
f , (hips of the line were in the harbour when (he fail
" I ed
, A merchant veflel had arrived at Martinique,
, which fell in with a homeward bound Eaft-lndia
e fleet, and learnt that admiral Pringle had taken,
- without firing a gun, and carried into the Cape of
t Good Hope, the Dutch fleet, going out to tke
- East-Indies, confiding of three fail of the line, one
: fifty, three frigates, and a sloop of war.
Capt. Glegg, has feixed and carried into Mo
rant-hay, a Spanilh veflel, said to have upwards of
2»,ooo'dollars on board. His own ve(Tel, crnifing
for the prote&ioaof the trade of this iflaad, has
> been stripped of her handt by the Diligence, and
- (he i* not able to proceed to sea.
t November 16.
t The Penelope Cartel, capt. Spinks, from Cape
a Nichola Mole, arrived on Satqrday, having carried
* from Aax-Cayes to the Mole, 135 officers and
Seamen, mostly belonging to the Salisbury.
t Certain information is said to be received, that
I general Abercrombie may bt daily expeAed in St.
1 Domingo; with 4.000 men from the windward if
1, lands, where general Stewart succeeds to the com
;- mand.
d , Shortly after general Aberctombie's arrival at
>• St. Domingo, general Bowycr may be expeAtd
s here with 12at) infantry, and a cempauy of actil
il lery.
The 3ifp Hape, Harier, 60 days from Green-
with a valuable carg® of dry goods, cordagf,
herringi, & c . was wrecked on the Pallifadocs, near
Plumb Paint, en Monday night. She was endea
vouring to get into Port-Royal, but being taken
back hy the wind, and very near the shore, was
overpowered by the (urge. All the people on board
escaped : but as there is a fcaman miffing, belong
iog to his majesty's ship Success, which sent a beat
to her assistance, it it feared he is drowned.
We ltarn from St Domingo, that the vicompte
de Burges, with a- very considerable force, has pe
netrated so fuccefsfully into the republican tcrrit©
ry, that he is now encamped at Donnon and La
lanueric, about iz miles from Cape Francois.
A Dominica paper, containing an account of
tbe captttreof the Dutch fleet by admiral Pringle,
w.ts biought in the Cuiacaman, but was detained
by an officer belonging to one of the ftiips at Port-
The Henry failed from Liverpool the 22d of
September, la lat. 13.45. 'O"K*0 "K* 35'45- 1»e fclr
in with aad took the Aip Abigail, a chartered vef
fcl from Batavia, nearly fire meriths out, loaded
with sugar, coffee, pepper, tea, See. bound to Am
ftcrdain. A Dutch gentleman was pafTenger in
her. The Abigail is arrived with the Henry.
FALMOUTH, Not. 22.
Friday moraing arrived at this port, from the
Grand Caymanas, the schooner Pally and Betsey,
Capt. Bordon. The Sampson with 14 fail of
merchantmen. pafTcd the Caymaaas en Sunday
morning the 23d inttant. Capt. Bordon saw a
brig to the northward of that island, half full of
water, her fails torn to pieces in a gale, and no
hands on board ; name on her stern, the Sally of
MONTEGO-BAY, November 19.
Tnefday arrived at Falmouth, the barque Nep
tune, C ft. O'Conner, from New York in 13 days.
Mr. Fekno,
The following article appeared in the Aurora
Such an open avownl of the wijiei of those da
rr.eflic traitors whether native or foreign, whose ma
chinations threaten to involve out country in war
and bluod, has scarcely before appeared. On the
principles heie advanced, it is the duty of our ci
ti*«ns to invite a foreign power to take the United
States into keeping. What panders of prostitution
would the Jacobin faction prove, could they but
once debauvn the people of this country, and de
fttoy their •' sslf respf.ct." ' C.
ExtraS from tie Aurora, ■
" Attempts are made te fprcad alarms refpeft
ing Louisiana, as if the possession of that country
iiy Fiance would sot be of the utmost advantage
considered in every relation ; firft as an exemplary
warning agaicft the growing spirit of arifltcracy
among us; fecoudly as an aid agaiaft the wicked
arts of Britain to entrap us into an ejffeujivc and
difcnfive alliance ; and third as a fafe and >ec afy
lum trom tyranny in the event of the majority •{
ourMlow cni«en» being betrayed inta fa diabolical
••n alliance, in so a tame a futTender of republican
freedom at the feet ot arijltcracy and kingly pa
f; eantry !"
WastverMiy country, Poland excepted, so abo
minibly ini'ulted at our own ? A foreign miaifter cotnifs
here and levies war, while the government and the na
ton pcoelaim neutrality. Another tarns his back on
the cunftituted authorities and his impudent face to the
people j yet while he pretends to coax he dare« to
threaten and on* voicc as indigattian is raised
against him. Heedless of that voice, the hired press of
the rainifter audatiouily declares that the French will
afford an asylum in Louisiana for perfccutcd patriots—
such no doubt as David Bradford. Aad that a French
army marching through .the United States would not
do much mifchicf. In the Aurora we read, with pro
per edification, the threats of an American citizen,
commander of two French (hips, against his country,
if we ehufe Adams Prefidcnt. The Boils* Chronicle,
to cover the whole, ealls our difpofitien towards France
rebellious. What kind of malleable ijuff do theft
infulters imagine the American nation are made of h
Every American who laves hit country well,
readil* acknowledges that aur very Dear Allies
for four years past, and at the present time, give
undeniable proofs of their being our very dear al
,lie«, if the fpaliations M our Cemaurcc- to the
amount of 4 ir. illions of dollars are any evidence—
yet this is the nation, that talks of tieing the bands
of Friendship more clafely, this is the nation which
the Genetifed, mongrelifed amerieans fay ought te
be laved better than our awn—A very clear sample
of Love—but a piratical way of (hewing it, this
is like a lover eourting his mistress to ileal her Jew
els —If the French King loved us well enough to
lend us Eiyht millions aad the Directory well
enough to difpoil by their ardeis our merchants of
foui millions—to which ought our Gratitude to
ilahdf the King or llie terrible reputlit—
Gratitude as per Favour.
In a paragraph in the Aurota of WednefSay,
which contains as many falsehoods as could well be
conpreflcd within its limits, it is said, that " the
JirJl French art'ijls arc employed in the trahfportation
of the statues and pi&ures front Italy and this
is almoß the only palliative offeted to foften the
criminality of the plunder. How abundant soever
auiils may have been in France, the revolution has
operated as an ostracism ta them, which few have
escaped. But if they have the firft artifls, that is
te fay, packers, waggon-drivers, See. to emplay
for this puvpofe, their conduct, with regard to-the
whole tranfaihon, will remain the fame i. and (in
the opinion of the be& men in France) wherever
the trophies arc exhibited, they will be regarded
as monuments of disgrace arid infamy—They will
pr*ve a beacan to warn the nations of the earth
from any connexion or intercourse with the French ;
till at length, tired and finking under the intolera
ble load of infamy, they will, as' the only means
left to retrieve the honor of the Ftench-name,
tranfpovt back again, their ill gotten plunder ; and
instead «f korfcrwr mules, they will cause the pic
| tures an(? ftatwej to be li-trmfpoMed by tbe base
I inlhuments of their deportation.—And God fend,
■ 'hat citizen Buonaparte may live to be one of the
! train.
Mas. Gif AT TAN
Refpe&fully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of the
City, that the second
Will be on TUESDAY NEXT, the 3d of January
at Mr. Oellers's Hotel,
Act I.
Grand Sinfonio, Haydn.
Holy Lord, Mr*. Grattan, Handel,
Concerto Violia, Mr. G"illin»ham
Trio and Chorus, Siege of Belgrade, Storace.
dCT 11.
Concerto in Bb. Mr». Gratta», Dlflek.
Ah non fai, Mrs. Grattan, Sarti.
Quartett, Pleyel.
Grand Chorus Pirate, Storace.
*4"* The Concert to begin at half pafl Gx j and at
half past eight, the music will attend for the Ball.
Mrs. Grattan bigs leave to inform the Ladies and
Gentlemen, th t the fubfeription-book i» at her iaoufe
No 39, North Sixth-street, for the reception of those
names who wifli to honor her with their commands.-—
A fubfcriptiou for eight nights 16 dollars, including &
Gentleman and Lady's ticket, both nansferrable—
Half fubferiptions 8 dollars, including one ticket.—
Single ticket 1 dollars.
Mrs. Grattan takes the liberty of requeuing the
fubferibers to fend for their tickets any day after
Tharfday, the i;th of December, at No. 39, NorA
0? Single tiekets to be had the day of the Coaeert
only, at the Bar of Mr. Oellcri's Hotel.
December 30.
Bank of Pennsylvania.
AT a Meeting of the Stockholders of the Bank of
Pennsylvania, at the Bank, December 29th, 1796,
' It was unanimoafly resolved, That, fro* the informa
tion this Jay given by the Beard of Directors, and the Do
cuments exhibited, the Stockholders do fully approve the
oondmft of the DireAors; and that the thanks of this
meeting be returned to th« said Directors for their activi
ty, zeal, and fuccefsful exertions in tho discharge of their
daties in relation to the abuses Utelj pra&ifed upon, thia
Rdolved, That the foregoing Resolution bejpubiifced in
the Newfpaptis of this city
BFNJAMIN CHEW, Jr.' Scc.etary.
Dec. 30. § s t
A Ball.
J. DOZOI.'a Ball will be held on Friday next, the
30th December, at Mr. Oellers's hotel, and continue
every fortnight during the season.
Gentlemen's tickets at one dollar each, to be had at
the hotel, where ladies who choose to honour hina
withtheircompany may also be supplied with ticket*.
J. Dozol refpeitfully informs the ladies and gentlemen,
that he still continues his daneing lihool at the abovte
hotel, and the hours of attendance for 1 dies are from
ten to one in the morning, and for gentlemen from fix
to nine in the evening, on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, during the season.
N. B. Private lessons will be given, either at hi»
school, or at the houses of those who may chcofe to fa
vor him. " ' ,
Dec. i». fit.
Women's Cloaks.
GEO R. G E D © ON,
No. ts< South Third-street,
Has just received, per Eagle, Capt. Fufiick,
don, as affortnaent of
Drab f Cloaks trimmed with tur and
Purple and f ermine.
Pearl J
D ccn t' v 15. ' §
A Gold Watch was Found
A few days ago, in the lower part of Second-ftrees.
The owner, en calling at No. 117 in said iircet, and
proving it to be his or hers by a description in writing*
may aeeeive it on paying for this advancement.
December 29 3
For Sale,
By the Subfcribers—ln PENN-STREET,
65 Pipes Excellent Madeira Wine,
Imported by the Eagle.
Nov. 3» w&f
- — " u ■■ ■ ■ ....
Elegant Brufiels & Turkey Carpeting,
For sale Jiy George Dobfen, No. 25.South Third-street.
December Ij. « dtf
About 1,600 acres of Land,
WELL situated, laying on and between Marsh
and Beech Creeks, Miffliu county, Pennsylvania, in,
fonr faparate Patents. For terms ot sale 'apply to
Wm. Blackburn,
No. 64, South S<*cond-llreet.
Oflober 31. mwftf
To be Rented,
A Large Vault and Cellar,
That will contain tco pipes, Gtuate in Walnut
between Fourth aad Pifth-flreets. Also a COACH
HOUSE and STABLE, with Stalls for five horfcs,
N. B. Goods Stored by the month.
Enquire of Benjamin W. Morris.
November 30. towftt
Just Arrived,
Per fchotnir Define, Captain Marfe, frtm dux*
A Cargo of Sugar and Coffeb.
Also, per brig Sttfcy, Captain IVbite, from the Isle
of France,
12 Hogfceads, 1 puncheon, and 13 canisters, of
Batavia Sugar
45 Hogsheads Pepper of Malabar
63,900 lb. Coffee
13.000 Cotton
4,000 Indigo For Sale by
F. Ceppinger,
No. 211, Sonth Front-street
December at $
New-England Rum, Salmon, Beef,
Chocolate, Rice, Boflon mould and dipt Candles, a
few quarter-casks of Sherry Wine, a few barrels of
Cyder, and a few quintals of excellent T ible COD
FISH —for sale by
Ezekiel Hall,
No. 42, Ner.h W?ter-ftrs*t.
December 14th, 1796.