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    tof the States, Daily Advertiser.
# A C A R D.
If Monjieur G., H. S'oßLt,
Who left Bordeaux the aoth June last, and arrived
at Boston s.bout the middle of August, in the schooner
Jane, it in Philadelphia, he is requested to call en
Joseph Anthony & Co. No. 5, Chefnut-ftreet, who
will give him fomt information of importance.
December 24, 1796. §
Clocks and Watches.
No. 79, Market-strekt, Philadelphia,
~ HAVE IMPORTED, by the late arrivals from
f London, 1 large assortment of WARRANTED
| WA-l CHES, e:onfifting of horizontal, capp'd and
jewel'd Gold Watches, with seconds, of superior
workmanship and elegance ; also capp'd and jewel'd
and plain Gold Watches ; capp'd & jewell'd, capp'd,
seconds, day of the mouth, and plain Silver Watches;
eigltt day & chamber Clocks; elegant French Clocks
•with marble fra.mes j eight day and thirty hour, brass
vorks, &c.
Decembet it, 1796. dam
Imported from London Es 9 Liverpool,
EARTHEN WARE, in crates and hogsheads, well
assorted j
Wine Bottles in hampers
Window Glass of all fi7ei
Two cafet 0/ stationary
One cbelt of yellow Jesuits Bark
Two cases of Roll Arnotta
A small consignment of Rdfe Blanket*, Flannels,
Baizes, Broad-cloths, Coatings, Plain l !, &c.
Paint, of various colors.
Ba/ket fait ia hoglheads.
Also on hand,
Madeira wine, very aid, in pipes, hogsheads and
quarter calks
Holland gin in pipes, firft quality
Anchors of different fisres
A few trunks of ladies French fooes assorted
Silk nankeen,&c.
Likewise an assortment of Dutch goods, consisting of
Ofnaberj'S, ticklanbergs, bed-ticks, stripes, checks.
Morlaix linen, platillas, ra»ens duck, Britannias, &e.
And for sale by the package only by
Thomas & John Ketland.
Walnut-street Wharf.
Nor. if. eotf
The fnjl-failin^ schooner ORION}
Seventy tons burthen ; fifteen months
old ; her frame is of the bell of white
oak : /he is a taithfnl built veflel, handsomely finiibed off
and wull found in every partieular ; is ready to receive a
;■ eargo en board, and can be put to sea without any ex
pence «n her hull, fails or rigging : Ihe stows fix hundred
barrels; has a handsome cahin and lteerage, and a half
dtcli which will flow from feverty-five to eighty barrels;
kas been newly caulked, graved and painted. For terms
At No. 170, eorfier of Market Fifth-ftreets,
Or to the Captain on board said fchouner at Messrs.
Willis and Yardfley's wharf, adjoining Clrefnut-ftreet
wh.irf; where there is for sale
Excellent pickled Salmon in barrels,
tie best of American Mess Beef, and some very excellent
Boston manufaiftured Chocolate.
December 16 $
fjiSL For Sligo and Killibegs,
JmWwH dmeriean Ship Nancy,
Cuthbert Riggs, master.
Will fail with all convenient speed, For
freight or pafl'age apply to
William Bell ;
Who has for faje,
4 Trunks Printed Cottons, well assorted
3 Bales Irish Flannels, and 2 boxes Lineni
a; Pipes Brandy
Madeira Wine ; Indigo. Rnffia MatU,
A few barrels Prime IRISH BEEF, PORK,
November 11, 1796, mwftf
—L. 1 1 —■— —— " ■,
»3K t »S3' ! hundred tons burthen. Apply to
If the MARY is not fold in a few days, (he will take
freight for Hamburg. Apply as above.
October 31. d •
For Sale, or Charter,
The Ship DIANA,
6gY2§p£vj Samuel Pile, Master,'
Burthen *oj 47*95 tons register, built in
Philadelphia in the year 1792, of live oik
and red cedaT, and was Ikeathed 13 months ago, fbe
has just had a compleat out-fit, and may be Tent to sea
at a very trifling expence.
For terifts apply to
Philip Nicklin & Co.
Who have for sale en board said vejel,
1) calks of fine yellow paint.
9 boxes and ia bundles of writing slates.
1 box ink stands and note presses.
14 bales of fail eanvafs.
And on hand,
Imperial *)
Hyson, and, > TEA S.
Souchong J
40,000 pieces Nankeen* of the firft quality.
19 tuba Quicksilver.
a chests Bandanno handkerchiefs.
A few chsfts Manchester goodswell assorted in Cor
duroys, thicksets, Ginghams, Muflinets, Dimities,
3 boxes black sewing silk.
xBo crates Queens ware well assorted.
10 tons sheet lead.
Nails assorted, flat and (harp points. (
London Particular, Madeira Wine in pipes (
London Market, r an{ j hogsheads. (
New-York Market, J
40 pipes an.d 10 hoglkeads Tenerific wine.
i tierces Snake Rot>t.
logs Mahogany.
NOV 7. ' '
Bank of Pennsylvania, I $th Dee. 1796.
The Stockholders are requested to meet
At the BankonThnrfday, the twenty-ninth instant, at
d 10 o'clock iH the morning.
■ r By order of the Board,
0 §ti9th Pro tem.
Fashionable Waistcoating.
Has received per the Diana, from London,
Clouded and ftrfped Sptrtifh Swanfdown
Clouded Erminats and Mqlelkms
•j Striped do. and da. ♦
j Figured Manillas
r Scarlet figured Erminets
j Printed
Do. Caflinets and Caflimeres
| Superfine printed Quiltings, newest pattern*
Also, per different arrivals,
• s A large and general assortment of Dry
Suitable to the present and approaching season.
November ' dtf
1 Insurance Company of North-America.
THF STOCKHOLDERS in this company are desired
to take notice that the fccond Tuesday in January, (being
the 10th day of the month) is the day fixed by charter for
the elg<stion of tvre«ty-five Dire<stors for the enfaing year.
The will- be held at their office, and commence
o'clock, M.
Th« fubj«£ the bye-laws of the Corporation will be
submitted to their consideration at this meeting. ,
Dec. I*. tthioj
1 At Whitefides' Tea Ware-House,
No. 99, North Second Street.
Imperial r Hyson Skin.
Hyson, C Fresh Teas. < Souchong,
Young Hyson, J CBohea
Dec. 9. 3taw;m.
Insurance Company of the State of
THE Stockholders are hereby notified, that an election
for thirteen Directors to serve for one year, will b« held i
at the Company's Office, ©n Monday th« 9th January next, j
at II o'clock.—And agreeably to the as. of incorporation 1
a fkatement of the affairs of the company, will then be
laid before them.
Philadelphia, December 19, 1796. dt 9th Jan.
r Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike
1 Road Company.
A Meeting of the Stockholder for the Election of
* a President, Managers - , and 01* officers, will be
f the Company's office on Monday the 9th Jan.
' next, at is o'clock.
By the Borrd.
WM. GOVETT,Sec'ry.
' December 8, 1796. uwtiftj.dt9 h
Imported in the late urrh' lis from Europe end the
lYcjl- Ijttiies,
< Holland Gin, in pipes
c Choice St. Croix Sugar and Kum
Martinique MolafTis, in' hoglheads
Choice old Lisbon Wine, in pipes and quarter-casks
London Particular & London Market Madeira Wine,
in pipes, half-pipes and quarter-ca&s r
Malmsey Madeira Wing, in pipes and quarter-csfks
TsnerifFa Wine/ in pipes
Ruffla & Flemish Sheeting and Ravens Dut'k, in Cajfes
Window Glass, 3 by to, in boxes ,
Coffee Mills and Straw Knives, in casks
Mill Saws and Cross-cut Saws, in boxes
Also, on hand,
A few cherts of Bohea Tea ; Jefuit9 Bark ; Aftifos
tida indTapiooa; and a few bales of Collies,
Gnrrahs, Bandanna and Muslin Handker
chiefs, and a complete assortment of 5-4 and 6-4
• Bjulting Cloths.
For Sale by
Pragers £9° Co.
ftflober 10 d2wm&tham
For Sale,
By the Subfcribers—ln PENN-STREET,
65 Pipes Excellent Madeira Wine,
Imported by the EagU.
Nov. 30 w&f
Elegant Brufiels & Turkey Carpeting,
For falc by George Dobfbn, No. 25, South Third-street.
December 15. dtf
Women's Cloaks. /
No. 15, South Third-street,
Has just reeeived, per Eagle, Caps, Fofdick, Via J.on
don, an assortment of
Drab ( Cloaks trimmed with lur and
Purple and ( ermine.
Pearl J
December J5. §
Just Arrived,
Per fehoomr Daphne, Captain Morse, from Aux-
A Cargo of Sugar and Coffee.
Aljo, per brig Betsey, Captain 'Vhite, from the Isle
of trance,
11 Hogsheads, I puncheon, and 15 taniflers, of
Batavla Sugar
45 Hogsheads Pepper of Malabar
65,000 lb. Coffee
*3.000 Cotton ■'
4,000 Indigo For Sale by
F. Coppinger,
No. 421, South Front-llreet
December 11
New-England Rum, Salmon, Beef,
Chocolate, Rite, Boftofi mould and dipt Candles, a
few quarter-caies of Sherry Wine, a few barrels of
Cyder, and a few quintals of excellent Tible COD
FISH—for sale by
Ezekiel Hall,
No. 44, North Water-flreet.
December 14th, 1796..
A few hoglheads of choice N% E. Rum,
it asd a quantity of LARD, forfale;
at Enquire at No. 71, North Water-street.
December 14 , dtw
n Frejh Garden, Grass and Flower-Seeds,
Reots, Isfc. SsV.
This day landing from the ship Eagle, captain Fofdick,
from London,
And FOR SALE by '
Corner of Walnut and Second-streets,
A rnojl capital and txtetijtve AJfortment of
ROOTS, &c. &c. .
Among which are,
iMVe kinds Asparagus Three kinds Oefles
Four Berecole Twelve Onion
Twenty-five Beans Thirteen Radiflt
Six Beets Fifteen Turnip
Eleven Brocoli Fifteea Peas
y Twenty-fix Cabbage Six Savoy
' Six Carrest Four Parsnip
Three Cauliflower Twenty-three . Melon
Five Celery Twenty-one Lettuce
Ten Cucumber
Common and Thyme
t, Curled leaf and sprigged Parsley
d Marygold Pot Marjorum
~ Balln Thyme Mangel Wurtzel
, r Leek Kail Shallots
r< Rape Seed Rye Grass Saint Foin Lucerne
:c Red and white plover Timothy, &c. &c.
With a curious collection of-the roost esteemed
Being the rtioft extensive ever imported into this city.
The above are from a capital Seedsman ill London, and
warranted frefli and good.
Printed catalogues may be had by applying as above.
Dec. 17. dtf.
Just Landing,
At South Jireet wharf, from on board the fliip Stdg-
Ity, - Captain Hvdge, from St. Peterjhurg,
The following Goods :
f Riiflia Sail Duck, firft quality.
Do. Sheeting do.
Do. Diaper.
n Do. Huckaback.
Do. Crafli.
' Do. Mould Candles, 4, 5 and 6,' to the] lb. of the
n Englifk fiae.
e Do. White Candle Tallow.
Do* White in small boxes*
Do. Cordage of fine yarn.
Ravens Duck.
lfinglafs, ift and and fort.
2 Horse Hair uncutlcd.
Ruflia Bar Iron.
Do. Hoop Iron,
' Do. Nail Rods,
? 10 Tons Oakum and Junk.
St. Petersburg Cle-in Hemp.
For Sale by
Philips, Cramond, & Go.
OiUberia. «
; ■' — ■ .
, Old Condon particular Madeira Wine,
Landing from on board the barque Eagle, Capt. Bates,
and for sale by ROBERT ANDREWS,
No. 86', Ssuth Wharves.
November 79. eodtf
Cheap French China.
THE fubferibers finding it impcfiible to supply their
(lore with any more China from France, the prices
j being too immoderate in the manufaileries, give no
tice that they will fell at prime cost the remaining
fteck on hand, confifiiijg of
Deflert Setts, >
Tea-Table Setts '
Separate Cups and Sauqeri
Grouped and Figures
[ Alabaster Vases
Looking Glaflei, in gilt frames,
Bcfides India Japan'd Toilet Delks, Chairs, Tablps
nad Quadrille Boxes. PASQUJER & Co.
No. 91, South becond-ftreet.
December sth. ,tta
- For Sale,
By J. WARD Eli, PARKER & Co.
An Invoice of Cordage,
Confiding of different sizes, from i 2 inch cables down
to rope of 1 inches, of different lengths: Imported in
the fliip Swift, from Hull, and entitl.ed to drawback.
Sept. 27, dtf
~ SW A N N's
Riding Schooly Horse Academy & Infirmary.
Adjoining the Public Square, Market Street.
RETLRNS his sincere thanks to those gentlemen by whom
he hat been employed, dui ing his residence ia thi* City, and
flattershimfelf that the success of his etforts, in the numerous,
■ obflinate and dangerous diseases in Horses, iV» which he has
been consulted, together with his moderate charges, will fe- ;
ure their futurefavors and recemmendation.
He now begs Jeave to inform them and the public at large I
that his spacious and commodious premises, ere&ed -for the
purposes above described arc open for the reecpiion of pupils
of either lex, who wish to be inttrufted m the Art of Riding, \
and the light method of governing their horses, so as to ride j
them with cafe, elegance, and lafety—their horses will be 1
cat dully and expeditiously broke, for every purpose, and 1
obedient to the will of the riders ; the natural powers
which ere (hut up in them, will be unfolded by art, calling
forth uniformity ot motion, and giving to that noble animal
ali thole beauties of attion which providence has so bounti
fully bellowed on them. -J
Also, at his hospital, every disorder to which the horse is
liable will be treated according to the rules of art, oonfirmed
by long and repeated experience.
The utility of the above inftirution has never been qncftion
ed, that it has long been wanted in this city, every gentleman's
Hud will manifeft* and T. Swans as the firffc eftablifher of
the veterenary art, folieit* and reives upon the support of that
public (which he is ever anxious in serving) to enable him to
bung it to perfection. The idea of a fubfeription for fihat
purpose has beeu hinted by feveial gentleman, who wish to
promote the inftUution—the amount of each fubfeription to
bereturned by services in any of the departments he profe(TeS|
agreeable to the rate of charges slated in his hand bill. Such
fubfeription imow open, and the fignaturesof many reli
able gentlemen already obeained. He therefore informs his
mends and furh Ladies and gentlemen to whom he has nqt
the honor of being known, that he (hall iu a few days take
[ he liberty of waiting upon them and folicking their support
an d protc&ioD.
N . B. Horses are properly prepared for those Ladies and
Oemlewen who wish to be iaUiu&ed* ,
Nov - St tth&f.
1, Wm. Holdernesse, No. 76,
Has received by the late arrivals,
A Well StleSed Assortment of
Silk Mercery, Linen Drapery, and
Haberdashery Goods,
Which he will fell, wholesale and r«uil, en the very
low eft terms ;
Amvngjl Kvbtch are
Some elegant 4-4 and 7-8 Chintzes and Cotton*, new
Ditto Frfrniture ditte \ A
Ditto Dimity
1, Tamboured, Boot, and Jaconet Mttflia*
Ditto in Gold and Silver
Ditto Neckcloths, very fine
Mantuas of the firft quality
8 Silk and Cotton Hoficry .
11 Umbrella* of the firft quality, aflortcd
k lrifli Linens, very fine, and Table Linens
p Marseilles and Cotton Counterpanes
8 Rose Blankets &c.
Y October 26.
P —
n For Sale,
e By George Defchamps, No. 91,
Nova-Scotia Prime Salmon, in barrek
and half barrels
Ditto Herring and Mackarel.
Smoaked Herring in barrels and kegs
Ditto Salmon, by the dozen or single one
Dry Codfifh, from one to fifty kentalt
Fine and ooarfe Salt
Nova-Scptia and French Plaster of Parrs, 111 the stone
J and ground, for manure and stucco-work
December 1. ftf
For Sale,
A capital fta*d for business—That Well kaown tavern,
the F.we and Lambs, North Frost Street, No. 333, in the
Northern Liberties; a brick house containing nine fire*
places, and ten rooms well fiaiftied ; good stables and
chair-house, with a frame-houfe on Water street ; the
building stands on fonr lots, seventeen feet front each, ma
king a front on front-ftreet, thirty-four feet, and nearly
the fame on Water-ftteet, and is one hundred and forty
feet deep from street o street, futjedt to £8. 10s. each
lot per annum, ground rent, this property is near the hay.
feales, and public docks, easy communication with the
Delaware waters and advantageously situated for bufineA
. of various kinds
The above premiers are now rented until December
next at £.IJS per annum.—Enquire of tee Printer.
Dec, ia. §iwzaw6w.
WHEREAS very large and heavy debts are justly
due and owing from messrs. Blair M'Clenachan arfd
Patrick Msore, of the city of Philadelphlz, merchants,
trading under the firm of Blair M'Slenackan and P.
Moore, aftd from Blair M'Clenachan in his separate
capacity ; to which, by the laws sf the land, all tb«
joint as well as separate property of the said Gen'le
men, is, and ought to be, liable. And whereat
it is clearly and fatisfa&orily ascertained, that mr.
Blair M'Cienachan, of the laid firm, has conveyed,
away t« nar. John ?/. Huflon, hii fou-in law, to hi*
daughter, miss M'Clenachan, and to his son, George
M'Clenachan, several large and valuable real efhtej,
as well as eonfidcrable personal property, in the city
and county of Philadelphia, in the county of L&ncaf*
ter, in the county of Ncw-Caftle on Delaware, and
elsewhere, with a view, as it is apprehended, to de
feat the Creditors in the recovery of their just debts.—
This is, therefore, to forewarn all persons whenso
ever, againlt the purchase from the said grantees, or
- either of them, of any portiop of the said real or per
sonal property, as the moll vigorous meafur'es will
without delay be taken to render the fame liable to
the ju2 demauds of the Creditors.
By order of the Creditors.
Thomas Fit-zjimoni, ")
Philip Nicklin, /
Isaac t r bar ton, J- Committee:
William M'Murtrie, I
; Samuel W. Fijher, J
Philadelphia, December 17th, 1796. aoth.J
■ - ' ■ • ■ ~ *
THE caption introduced int« the public prints,
warning all persons againlt purchasing from the
grantees of Blair M'Clenachan, any portion of the
1 large, real and petfonal eliatcs he conveyed away to
1 his fon-in law and to his children was the result of
a deliberation had upon thefubjeft by a general and
. numerous meeting of the erwlltors as well of Blair
M'Clenachan and P Moore as of Blair M'Clena
chan individually. It was no more than an execu*
tion of that trust confided in the fubferibers bf
those creditors ! a step which it would have been a
, breach of duty and honor in them to have omitted.
1 The very ftatcoient of the fadt therefore rauft dif
| pel the imputation that it was either " precipitate
. or vindi£Hve." It originated in a defile to secure
; the property of the debtor as a fund for the pay
• mentof his just debts. It was fan&ioned by the
; advice of council as a measure mcejary to the fafety
i of the crfcditors. If (he advertisement has been
: i injurious to Mr. M'Clenachan he owes that injury
: ito his own unjuftiiiable eonduiS, not to the sub
, fctibers who have merely published the truth in
terms as mild as the fadi would admit, and vvh»
mean to investigate in a high court of justice the
validity of those purcbafes of whieh Mr. M'Cle
nachan so confidently speaks.
The fubferibers therefore are bound by a sense,
of duty to the creditors in general to repeat their
caution againlt purehafing of tbofe grantees or
either of them, and to extend the terms of it to a
purchase from'any other persons (if such there be)
to wkom Mr. M'Clenachan may have made similar
Philad. Dec. 21, 1796.
Those printers who have been requested fa
public the firft Cautivn, are desired to publish this