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    • x % ?V ' V ' c . , S / i/
'• * *- ;'j .
b> Philadelphia Daily Advertiser.
...30 ate*gmfPSl. ,7?i- J%gg4i
1 . IMH Clin » •— - ,J J • -
For Boston, ~ *0
< —1| i i
T TTIIX rail on Sunday "ext. For freight or pafcaje ap-
W ply to . . X*
Edward Stow, jun. j®
. - -_ THE SHI*
Robdit Jackson, Matter, j
f-To fail in fifteen days, 1 $S
. ,';J*S^iii3efe«3 HAVI j^ G . W o-th:rdj of her car jo en
(oEcd and ready, to go on hoard: For freight or passage | JgZ
apply to the matter on board at Wain's whr.rf, or to newl
Johh • TO P
Na. »4 Walnut-street.
July it. - § 6catf
For Freight,
THC B,UG * Q 1
Benjamin Glasier, Mojft', A^d
FROM Liverpool. Now discharging at P. Care's wharf,
and will immediately afterwards take in Freight for
To fail in all next week. For freight or passage, apply to
eapt. Glafier, on board, or to _ I
Isaac Harvey, jttn. W
No. 5 South Water Street.
Rtnr oak,
yo. ay for
On Saturday the 30th inft. will be fjld at public auc- ,
__ The new (hit) At
Jpgh*. LIBERTY, v
-OURTHEN 310 tons, with her
13 masts and spars as delivered by c
tie carper, ter, food judget have pronounced that; (he j.
is a faithfully built vcflfcl, of goo. 1 , and well feiioneti
materials, one thoufaod dollars will be required of the
purchaser at the time of Tale, and fir the remainder a
credit will be given of 3, 6, 9, and 11 months, the pay
ments to he secured by notes negotiable at the Bank or
Alexandria, with approved endorsers. JJ
JOHN MANDEVILLE, J Tr „ f „ tie '■>
' creditors of Jns. |
ELISHA C. DICK. J Hiciaan Ct.
XT, d t 30th. — _j
For Barbados,
The Brigantine
■ fcghg- F A fvl E, i
Francis Knox, Matter, inn
TJAS good accommodations for pas-
fingers, ants is cxpcil;d to fail on
Thtrfiay nm For'fMfcht -of * few buttk or passage, on
For Sale, Freight, or Charter, J
The Scho incr
hundred and twenty tons burthen— y
\ / fix months old, a (launch,, faithfilly- j"
tnliU, faft-failingr vclTel, handsomely linifticd off, and weft
found inevety particular. For term*apply to l c
On board said febooner, lying, at Bickley and Bohlen's
wharf, the firfl above Market street.
A few half-bbls. Prime Me/s Beef.
July 24 §
For Sale or Charter,
XtJRTHEN about aooo Bbl*. as flonr—fhe mary he fe*nt
to sea at a fniall expence, her fails and being in ""
vcty good order—apply to
fames Campbell, or
George Latimer. at
■Apiil 19, § te
" ■ — cc
For Sale,
Or for Charter to the We ft-Indies, «
C E TH R'k S,
. Philadelphia Built,
OF Live Oa*t'?nd Red Cedar, burthen about 350 c) bar
rels, now ciifcharging at Latimer's wharf. J*his ves
sel is in excellent repair, well fouud and wilLbeara tho
rough examinatkm, and as soon as discharged will be ie&- r j
dy to take in a-cargo. For terms apply to
John Vaughan.
Jtaly 2? ' §
: ■ i
From 16 to 9 i inches, for file by
Jeremiah Warder ~ !
July it § No 11 northThird-ftreet. ;
' —- r
Landing 1
-From on board the Nancy, William Belcher, mas- ,
ter, from Boiirdeawx, a cargo, conlifting of—
2J2 Cases of 24 bottles each CLARET,
286 do. of 24 do. WHITE WINE,
For Sale by
F. Coppingei.
July 23. dt f.
Just arrived,
220 boxes be ft Claret.
' lw« "dozen each, for Tale, 'Vholefale £r Retail, by
William Sheaff ,
•d 6 Julys?. No, 168 ili^li-tirtet.
fe" Schooner LITTLE JOHN. f
F 0 R -S A I. F; . , r ; : .
The ScriQo*'R LITTLE J O " {s,
-gM-t \ SOtJT 18 trioniha old, a very fact ,ncc °
A fiil'mg vessel, on Virginia Pilot bo;;t'
now laying at South ftreat whar:,
- aCa^,!y t o PBTER BLIGHT. y'."'"
July 19. joteod •
For Sale,
| Tl> e Schooner
I Dispatch,
TJURTHEN hundred barrels,
• c ' a— -D a (launch, gobd vessel, two years old, is
newiy ihcathed, and in com pleat orJ.».'r to proceed on a
* voyage.—For terms apply to '
Joseph Anthony <£? Co
July 27. \ 4 r -
Just Arrived,
la the (bin MoJIy, John Frolf, Master, from Liverpool, |
,5000 Bu(hels Beftfine ftovedSALT, F<wa
6co Bulhels HOmE COAL,
And nßCrat*of QUEENS WARE afforirt!.,
Philip Nicklin & Co.
to _m -, - N. C^rri
Ship MOLLY, c'oul!
TS for S ALE or CM (he » 5 boi»,
1 years old, Philadelphia built, of white fcl f cc
osk, w*well faltrd and c»rrie» aboat ba.rfU of Fi^ur.
- For terms apply, at above, , ,
July 23 dll T<
- — tUOU!
This Day commenced Landing,
At IV ifflin's wharf, the cargo of the Brig Lucy and Sloop |; CCU
St. Jago, from St. J ago de Cuba—conDlling of qa:r
White and Brown Bo* SUGAR. at ih
er MOLASSES, of an excellent quality. i«ch
he HIDES and HONEY. Also,
For Sale or Charter. 0
The brig LUCY, Pht|
y " A ftoot ' wi " carr V a ' r
of bout 1200 barrel-., and may go to
„fca with a very fcnall e*p<nfo.
tic The „bove will be fold for cafb or approved nctti. V '
Samuel Emery,
Ct. No. 64, south Second-street. "! rt
. riff 1
_ July 27, >79 6 - , witi
Take Notice,
--pHAT the S'.bfcriber intends to mate ipplica- uo[
J. tiort for the renewal of a Certificate, No. 1609, j
for 4000 dollars, dated the 14th December, 179 s,branny - _
. ineereft at 5 i per cent, from tft Jartuary, 1796, «
•"* name of David Dunderdale Jc Co of Le«l , ;:i *crk
on {hire, merchants. The fame isfuppdfed to beenloji
? e ' on its way to New York, under cover- to Bi. cdcer t-
March, of thai ptacc, on the 6th of January last- J
_ • Thomas M4i.uen.
PhilacMphia, aid June, 1796- S w
n — ,Q n
No. 76 Will Street,
1 — TT AS received, by the latcft arrivals from Europe and
"y- LL the East Indies, a well feledcd assortment of Silk —
* cH Mercury, Linen Drapery and Habcrdafhery Goods; which
he will fell, Wholesale and Retail, on the lc we ft terms ;
AMOMOST which are,
:n * Some fine India muffins embroidered with gold and frivdr
Superfine Book, Jacriuct, aad Mulmul ditto O
Do do do do Handkerchiefs
Some extra Mack taffetie.,hi tarings and colored PcrGans til
§ Bandana Handkerchiefs
Long and short Nankeens
Englifc Mintuas of the firft quality —
Damaik table linen and napkins, very fine
Silk Hosiery, an elegant affortnunt
Tliead and cotton de
Umbrellas—green silk, oil'd do. and do cloth J
French cambrics, vefy fifle Ri
sent Irifii l.'.nrtis, do. &c. 3cc. June 14 » Wi
s in Public Notice is given, _
the merchants and others concerned in the shipping
at State lfund, under quarantine, that a Cart will
attend every mo. ning, fumiays excepted, from nine to _
§ ten o'clock, at the Health office, No. 34 Walnut-areet ,to
convey provisions or other Refrefhments to the Hospital,
and for the use of the crews. _
It iscipeded that the Bags, Baflcets, or other packay- u
e; with supplies, will be with thr« name of the vef- M
fel and captain they are intended for, to prevent miftawes
at delivery.
By order of the Board of Health for the port of Phila- la
delphla, LEVI HOLLINGSWORTH, Chairman.
bar. J"
tea- The TOWN, and OUT LOTS of the TOWNS
and WARREN. '
§ A DVERTISED for falcby the State Agents, m the Phila
■ l\ delphia Gazei'cand Universal Daily Advertiser, to be
Sold in the City of Philadelphia-; will cammed « the City
Tavern or Coffee-Houfe in Second-Street, in the said city, on
I Monday the 25th day of July inft. at 7 o'clock in the even
-1 ing.and becominued fey adjournment from day today, from,
il2 o'clock at noon, un 4 ] two o'clock, and from 7 uAtil g
ct. o'clock in the evening, until the whole of the said LOTS and
OUT LOTS are difpofcd of. The conditions of sale will be 1
made known, and the plans of the said LOTS and OUT
LO 1S be Ibewn at the time and place of sale.
Rv order of William Irvine, Andrew FJlic ft and George Wiljtn 2
mas- AgtKt.. EDWARD FOX, Aucliontcr.
_ i July 22. -
ales of India Goods.
% ■■ ,
The Cargo ©f the fttij* Ganges, capt. Tingsy, from Cal- g
« cutta and Bengal, (
A Large, arrd general aifortmcrrt of Bengal an<f Madras |
dtf. A -variety fine worked and plain Muslins,
- Doreas, Alio,
A Quantity of Excellent Sugar,
ill bnzes and bags—and BLACK PEPPER.
P« For Sale by
( Willings Eif Francis,
'/, Ho. ai Penn Street.
irtet. June 8
Notice is herebv Given .
agreeably to an a£k of Congrrfs ot tb? Lnftcr.
inerua. i?aHVd at 48th day .
of Mav, 796 ; layin> duties on Carriages, tor tno^convey-*
a nee or t>c ; ons, nnd rt the for pur
.—-That iViere fha'l be
ries an 4 Tates following, to wit. .
Fotand j'-:on every Coach, i t .; dols. JiX .'
ti»v>o every Chario', 12 dois. Pr MejTrs
u>j«v every Post Chariot, 1 / - Jg now d
upon every Pott Chaise, 12 dtfls. PoH
us J.) every Phaeton, withor vv uhout top, gdols*
i»on every Coachee, 9 dols. * • ,
yuon other Carriages, having panne i woik
Vith blinds, glasses or curtains, 9 dols. j -
, 1 pon four wheel carriages, having framed posts and j
; / tapj with steel fpiings, 6 UtjK, J
L r ipop. four whetfl top Carriages, with wooden or iron j
) dots " , ' the lu
witn tops, 3 dols. t 1
with tops, 3 dolsi j fOfl
upon chairs with tops, 3 dols.
t ifou tulkies with *ops, 3 tUls. j
jpon other two wheel top 3 doU.T ,
jpon two wheel carriages, with ftccl or iron springs, j
3 s «
) For and upon all qrtitr two whefcl can iages, 2 dols. J
upon every lour wheel carriage, having Iramrd polls 1
and tops, and relliilg upon wooden spars, 2 dols. J A
The Collc&ors of the Revenue of the "tirjt survey ot the J
Dirtri&of Pcnnfylvanu* attend daily, until the 30 th day j
of September next, Cor the purpose of rcGeuing the duties on | J u
Carriages, at No. 117, in Race or Saffairai Urtet, in the City J -
of Philadelphia, at the house of Daniel & Clzit » £.1q in rbe j
County of Montgomery; and at the houle of Abraham Da- 1
bois, Esq. m the County of RucKs; of whicli all pcrfons pol J
e feffed of such Carriage s are deftred to take notice. J cxtei
Notite is also given, J rivel
TO all retail dealers in Wines, an 4so distilled fpiri- 1 fram
tuous liquors, that licences wilt be granted to them ; one li j a lai
cence for carrying on the business ot retailing ot Wines, in a J high
'.6fsquantity, or in lets Quantities than 30 gallons—and one j br£a
P iiceuce for carrvinß on the bufuicfs of retailing Spirituous li- I e( j v
quars in lefsquan.iiics tlian 20 gallons, at the fame time and I turc]
at the fame pljces, by tiic officers legally auihoiired to grant j q cat
iich licences. | Can;
Inipeftor of tlie Revenue of the firtk fuivcy j p
of the dillrid of Pcnni ; lvania. J *
Office of Infpe6;ion, at ? |
Philadelp"i<», 21 ft JuK', 1796. ) Sr t 3° j
Twenty Dollars Reward.
WAS gjTOLEM, tail eveniiip, from the pafturt of the I
fablerlher, A black Rotkihgham GELDING, 15 I j
,-v hmdi hat a star, and i'ome white under, his j £, 011
throat, (the ;>»rt being formerly ch»ftd) ;has a leather on I
hi. neck,.thc ijiaite <>41 the near fide, his foot-locka fretted J
- ivitha (.lojf.aad isa horse e£ much boneand size. Who- J[ n
ever fteures I,lm wi'.h'tlie tKief, fiiall have the afcove rv- t
Wiird, or for the Hotfe »lone a very generous compepfa- I ,
a " t ion JOHN LAWRENCE. tof ,
% JUIT? ■_ -_c 4 - _v to * w «
Just Arrived, . J^'c
j; In the Snow Boston, James Kirkpatrick, mafteTfrom La- I I
vsrpool, | tha
jooo Ilridiel. SALT ; J alfc
3co WARE j arwl 1 j -
AmAllorttMut of SHI? CHANDLERY; | the
Oir board, at Pine-ilrtet wharf. Apply tft • I th^
James Campbell, or
George Latimer. j pi;
nd April 19. 5 1 '
ilk — ■ - cdl
£3- N O T I C E.
' • There will be fold on Tliuriday the 4th of Apgnft, it ait
j£[ ib e Merchants'eo&t house, ui Second itneet/ j
One thousand fharesof the stock of _
ins the North America Land Company.
If not previously disposed of.
Philadelphia, a oil. July. <1" IJ.
TKATb"pfication vrill he made for the renewal of xl
tlie ifTued by Joseph Ndurfe, fio
Register of the Trelfury, in the name of Roger Gnl Tf
> woM, Esq. of Norwich, Conneflicut— R'
1 certificate, fix per cent ctoineftic stock, No. 13,907 by
—dated the 17th December, 1795, bearing interest from
the- firft djy of Janojry, 1791. for 1,597 6/-ioo dol
-1 ditto, thre* per cent, domestic stock, 10,68s
10 —dated December 16, 179J, bearing interest from the
firft day of January. 179'' for 994 30-100 dollars.
' ' I ditto, $tfetr€<\ stock, No. 9,166 dited the 17th |
ao . December, 1795> bearing intertft from the firll Jatiu-
vcf. ar/, 1801, for 79" 83-100 dollars. , . afl
ikes certificates are supposed to have been 101 l or
stolen in this city Tome time in December or Janua:y
lila- last. , M
§ No. 59, North Frorit-ftreet.
— Philadelphia, J«ty ai, 179*- J6w - '
N3 Lottery ' ?
IN T?OR raising fix thousand fix hundred and sixty-seven tt
r dollars and fifty cents, by a deduSion of fifteen per
cent from the prizes, and not two blanks to a prize, viz.
hlla - j Prize of jooo dollars is dollars 5000
0 , be . 1000 1000
G "y , «oo s°o
'• c JOO I<SCO
* en - i ' ICO ICOO
rom, v*
nil q 99 5° 4950
.and lbs « S°°°
II be »000 , zofioo
JUT 5 Last drawn numbers «f 1000 dollars each, 5000
dfwi 1334 Prizes. 44,4J0
r ' 4018 Blanks.
6350 Tickets at Seven Dollars earh, 44>4J°
By order of the D:rcdor» of the Society for eftablilh
mg Ufeful ManuiaSures, the fiiperintendant* of the Pat- '
Cal " erfon Lottery hive requested the Managers to offer the I
foregoing Ssheme to the public, and have dire&ed them
to refund the money to those pcrfons who have 1
adras j n f oPmcr Lottery, or exchange the tickets tor tickets 1
in this Lottery.
I'he lottery has aflually commenced drawing, and will
'ins, • continue until finifiied. A lift of the Blanks atid Prizes
.may be seen at tin' office ol WiHiam Blackburn, Nt#. 64
south Second street, who will give information where tick
ets may be procr. 1* "i.
Dated this 17th day of June, 1796.
■et. JQtfATit AN RHEA, J
June 18 eo
; — ; ; » - - r ,
To ek Lr.t,
A large convenient thrc* (>oTy liricV House, plcifinr't
Stnated, onthi t of Sccohd'-Stfcct, b'-ppofiTtc to tlV*
48fc*y.--Market; -occupation of Henry Clyin.#-
tf jMam Bingham.
. 6t.
.a. ■ ;
.1- , &'*, ■ -vtfftf flftft
L X ur«;et, between '.runt ami Second streets, in whicM
MeiTrs, jamc* Cllbraith Si Co. many yean (and
now do) carried on business.
PoiTeffidn wiH be jjiven'in one month, or sooner.
»jr terms apply to WILLIAM B&l.l, or*
.April tl. §
Just Arrived
In the brig petfey, from Jertmic, and for sale by
the fuhfcriVteu.
Forty thousand \vt. of very prime Coffee
in hdgfheads and bags
Alld, in thfc fuhoonec Hope, from New Orleans.
j Logwood.
s. I A liberal credjf will be |;ivtn for Approved Notes,«
I'l Richard and James Potter.
>0 I July 17- dtf
2 A Country Seat to be fold.
f* I s even acres and a half of land near the three
I I\ mile ft one on the foad leading to Gray's gardeHs and
j extending witlingentle declivity from the falfi foad to the
I river Schuylkill—on which ,arc erctSed, a convenient
i- I &inu house fuitahle for a tenant, a frame bam and stay?,
li I a large Brick House forty-eight feet front, two stories
a I high, a very elegant piazza fronting the Hvcr, the whole
nt j breadth of the house supported with turned piHafs, fioor-
I ed with cedar plank, 1 commanding an cit en five aod pic*
n<J ' I turefque view of the Middle Bridge, Gray's Gardens, the
"" j Seat of Wm. Hamilton, Esq. the Turnpike Road ar.d
I Canal. The improvements are all new—and the ground
I conveniently divided and inclosed by new cedar fences.
c,v 1 For terms apply at No. iji Market-street.
July 37 *3t
| . -
— i War-Office of the United States,
I May 4tb, 1796.
1 I' I 'HE following Rules, explanatory of thole pumifhed
' I J. the 1 jth February, 1789, are to beobferred By all
j persons entitled to Lands, in purfiisnce of refolvcs of
| Cdngrefe.
01 ' I Every certificate ef the acknowfedgnfljllt of 4 deed or
e J power of attorney, eitlier before a notary public or other
10 J magistrate, mull, in additicrn to what is uiiial, set furtk
1 J that the pttfott making the acknowledgment is known t®
1 a " J the notary or other magillrate ; for which purpofc words
F of the following import iSuft be inferttd in the certificate.
I " And Ido moreover.certify that the said A B making
j this acknowledgment has been for perfotiaily
I known to me."
La- I If the notary cr ether itragiftrafe has rcarfoa te believe
j that lie is th. pefi'on he r«prefents himfeif t« be, he wit
| also certify it.
J Amlifthe prcaf tw made by a witftersorwitneffesjh'ot
I they mud fweir to sortie genera} ftatecf their knowledge of
| him, which matter mtrft be fetforih'in the certificate ; and
• ] the notary pirMie, or other magidrate, before whom tjj|
I ackß&wledgiitin* is ntarfe, must also set forth that ttre Wft*
I neisor wimefTeshas or have been for upwards of
j piflbhiHy known to hints.
5 I If a jultice of the peScs is employed, the cjerfc wT the
_ J coiirt of the corporation ct county must certify that fuck
I person is a jifftife of the peace of the county or coTpora-
I tion as the cafe nxf be, and that lqtl faith is dne to hi»
, at ads as fuck. JAMES MCHENRY,
Secretary of Wif.
of] May ii. _
17. Asjheton and Jamei Humphreys,
ts IT T AVE removed their office to Ne. 61, Wahrut-ftreet,
—t I JLI next tfoor but two to tlie corner of Dock-flreet,
wfiere all INSTRUMENTS IN WRITING are drawn at
I a moderate charge, with care, accuracy and dispatch.—
■1 ps I They likewise buy and fell Real Estates ugon commif- '
1 r 1-, fions, and procure Money upon Loan on good fecufity.—
3ril The bufmeftof an ATTORNEY AT LAW ani NOTA
RY PUBLIC is also tranfafled at the fa id office as ufuai
rum I N. B. Good Notes difcotmted.
dol- July 5. eo6w
; 6 University of Pennsylvania,
; I , Julyl79 s '
nth Summer Vacation will take place on Monday next,
■ 1 the 18 hinfl. and continue for Four weeks. —Tbedtffcr-
a,lU" ent Schools wiih the ftveral Tutoh wi'y accordingly re
, a(femblc on MondiV, thre l|(h day of August.
' or Bvihe Faculty. Wm Rogers, See'?.
Waihmgton Canal Lottery,
NO. I.
j XT THERE AS the State of Maryland has authorised
I VV the underwritten, to raise twenty-fix thousand.
J two hundred, and fifty dollars, for the purpose of cutting
' a Canal through the City of Waldington, from the P®;
seven tomacto theEaftern Brancfc Haruour.
t per I The following is tHe SCHEME of No. I.
viz. I Viz -I Prize of aopoo dollars, ao,ooo
joooj I ditto 10,00® 10,000
r£Sl 3SW
lOCC j 6 ditto 6,C>oa
aooo I ro ditto 400 4,000
49501 ao ditto 100 afioo
50001 55 ditto 50 a,75°
0,000 i7J<S dkto 1* 69,008
JOOO I To be raised for tho Canal, 16,15®
4,4J0l Priz«s,
11650 Blanks, not tw®to a prite.j
4 4JQ I 17500 Tickets, at Ten Dollars, - 175,000
lb'lilh- I C 5" Commissioners have taken the Securities re.
i Pat- 1 quired by the rforefaid aA for the punctual payment of
:r the I the prizes.
them The drawing of this Lottery will commence, without
chafed delay, as soon as the Tickets ate iold, of which timely
tickets I notice will be given.
Such prizes as are not demanded in fix months after tn®
id will ] drawing is fini(bed, (hall be confideredasTelinquiftied for 1 the benefit bf the Canal, and appropriated accordingly.
Jo 64 I ( Signed J NOTIFY YOUNG,
etick- i DANIEL CARROLL, o/D.
Wm.M. duncanson,
lagers. 1 THOMAS LAW,
eo I Cky «f Wa&inijto*, tcb. 11. 5