Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, June 09, 1794, Image 1

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,[No. 152 of Vol. V.] ,
Carolina Rice and Indigo,'
BURR stones,
Gurney and Smith.
May i.j. d
IANLKNG at Hamilton's v harf, above
the Drawbridge, out of the /hip Bacchus
Ce|)t. Vanneman, fioir Jamaica,
May 16
It is Requested,
THAT no pe'fo i wi I Supply a, y articles
fortheufeol tlie New Theatre, without an
order iri writinp, signed by ouri'e!ve=, or Sam
uel Ai:de rfan, for u
May 30,
All perfojis who have any de
ni id. upon the New Theatre, are requeu
ed tn fe'.H in their accounts to No. 304, in
Arch iiiett, near Eighth street, as loon as
May 3">.
Guthrie's Geography improved.
THE fubferiptipi) tor this work on the ori
ginal ttrmi, ofiwelve (Jollirs and tic bind
ing, wil this day—and on Mrfrday
the fubfyripti«n will open at fourteen dollars,
exclnfive of the price of binding.
The new maps added to this edition are
t'vetity one ; among which are thole o! Ntw-
H impffi re, MafTadbuletts, Connecticut,
Rliode-Iflanc', Vermont, New Yoik, New
'erfev, Pennlylvania, Delaware, Maryland,
Virginia," Kentucky, North Carolina, the
■cnelf e Government, South Carolina, and
eortjia. These maps have never been given
any former system of Geography, and, it
(loped, would alone be fnfficient to entitle
s work to a preference to any other edition
Gll tin e. '
N B. Tile map of she United S'ates,
i ch is compiling by Mr. S inniel Lewis,from
? refpeetive state maps, wil] be far more
mplete than any One yet publiflied, and be
mled o- two large sheets of nearly
■'lize of the late Mr. Murray's map.
May 31 rf
i MATHEW CAREY, No. 118,
Mai ket-Street,
\n ElFay on Slavery,
Defunct! to exhibit in a new point o! view
effefch on morals, indvjlry, and the peace of
7 cty. Some iayfts and calculations are ottered
prove the labor of jrttmtn to be much more
vduflive than that of flavcs ; that countries are
:h, powerful aod happy, in proportion as the
Coring people-enjoy the fruits of their own
nor ; and hence the n<cifl*-oy corrclufion, that
• very is impolitic as well as unjujl.
Price 25 Cents. dtf
February 15.
longrcfs of the United States,
In Senate, Tuefaay May 13th, 1794.
ORDERED, that Kotuf Putnam, iVlonal
fah Cutlei, Robert Oliver and Griffin
Green, do, upon ihe third Monday of Decem
ber next, !hew cause to the S.nate, why so
much ot tii grants of land to them the said
Rutu< Putnam, Manalfali Cutler, Robert
Oliver and Griffin Green, pursuant to an Ast
entitled "An ast authorizing the giant and
conveyance of certain laFds to the Ohio Com
pany of aflweiates," {hall not be declared
void, a* may interfere with at:d be fufficieot
'o fatisfy the claims of the French settlers
at Galliopolis.
Ordered, that the delivery of a copy of
the above order to Rufus Putnam, ManafTah
Cutler, Robert Oliver, or Griffir! Green, and
the publication of the fame, one month, in
One of the Gazettes printed in this City, ftiall
i>e deemed Aifficienl notice thei eof.
Extradl from the Journals of Senate.
SAM. A. OTIS, secretary.
May >4.
To-Morrow Morning,
Will lie landed near Walnut street wlia ffrpm
on boaul the I'chooner Madison, Jas. Par
rock, Tiaftrr, trom MALACA.
Sweet Mountain WINE,
m quarter casks
Soft (helled A monds in lacks
Mufratel Raisins, in jars and
Bloom D'». in quarter barrels'
A few 7 inch Bas s Cables
June 2
o>Cl2tiit of flie 1H
or Hamburgh,
new Ship
~ John YannKman, Mast r.
lO i •' 1 with all convenient speed, having
three fourths of her cargo alreai'y engaged
For freight or passage apply to the mailer on
board, or
J»" e 3- d
For Charter,
C^o WfP India I [lands,
mmL «.v *4
A B B Y,
Samuel Eamfs, Matter.
SHE is a ilaunch good vjitfjyj in compleat
order, and will carry about 9CO barivls. For
terms apply to thecapain on board a t Chef.
tlmt (beet wbn' , or *o i
June 2
For Charted,'
■ Lady , WalterftorfF,
Edward Brooch, Mailer.
BURTHEN 1700 batrejs, failst ft, and is
in compleat order to take in a ca'go imnudi
Also for Sale Or Charteri
Two New Si}l PS ol Hie bunion of 240 tons
each, for U»ms app.v to
Who has for fait,
Madeira and Sherry Wines,
of c!-e si it <]iia.ity, Bia» dy, Red «»nd h*le
]t uits lia-k, v&c. &c.
x June 2 ' d
Treasury of the United States.
ALL Verv'-r who aie inclined to (Hpo:e of
eithei of the different species of the >tofks of
the Uritfd States, aie hereby notified, that
Propolals received ait! e Trealurer's
ofSce No. 71 Chefnut street, at any time un
til Friday the fjtlijnfli it at 12 o'clock.
Jdoe 4th. 17^4,
LETTERS on the fubjedt of the Wash
ington Loittry, being by mistake repeat
edly addreiled to the Commiffionei s for the
City of Wafhingion.
Persons concerned are hereby informed,
that ail such fnould be addrefied either to
W. Deakins jun. of Wafliington, or to the
Subfcrber. The corami(Tioners never hav
ing contemplated any further concern in
this business, than in their aflent to receive
the bonds and approve the names of the
managers. The prizes have been paid and
are paying on demand by VV. Deakins,
Waihington, Peter Oilman, Bolton, and
by the Subscriber.
For the Lottery No. 2, the securities al
ready given will be retained by the com
miflioners, or transfe red by them at their
option to the bank of Columbia ; and the
commissioners will be ronfulted refpedling
a j'idicious and equitable dilp fition. of the
houses to be buik thereby i their treasury
or the bank of Columbia will receive the
money intended for the National Univer
sity, and they will be consulted in the no
mination of the 24 managers ; but all the
refponfihility refpefting the general dispo
sition cf the tickets, and payment of pri
zes, will reft as in the Hotel Lottery, on
the persons whose names are and may be
hereafter pub'ifned as affifiants to forward
this business with
N. B. Mr. Blodget will be particularly
oblie " 1
e 'ed if' those persons who poiTefs prize;
yet unpaid, will .apply for their money as
ear'v as poflible.
June 7th. d.
To the Electors of the city anc
county of Philadelphia.
THIS be>rg the last year of the prefeht
Sheriff's time in office. I take the liber,
ty to offer nivfelf a Candidate, anil folieit
vour votes and interests in my favor, to plare
me on the retQ"nat t!ie next <;eneralE!e£t;on,
as his fucceiror for laid office; in doing which,
you will confer an obligation that will be
gratefully remembered, by
May 3.
Monday, June 9, 1794.
Ag«- t for the Ti uliees for
the reduction of the Public
Yo"ur most obedient,
and liunihle fcrvant,
WANTED a middle aged fmgie Woman,'
WJ.-1 unfleriiw,plain Cooking ; to luch a .Hie
the bcft wages will be g'rven.
AlV>y t tne Printer.
31 lot
Medical Books.
B y Thomas Dob/on, at the Stone House,
No. 41, Jouth Seco d Jlreet,
VOL. 11.
Medical Inquiries
Pioftffor of ihe Inftitutcs of Medicine,' and
ot Clinical Practice in the Univer
lity o( P. unlylvania.
1. An inquiry into the influence of physical
cauics upon the moral faculty.
2. An inquiry into the effects of fpiritoys li
quor* upon the human body, and their in.
tiiit nee upon the iiappiwrf* ot locieiy.
3. Ad inquiry into the causes ana cure of the
puinjonaiy conlumption.
4. Obiet valioiis or! U'e Jympiums and cure of
d lopfics.
5. An Inquiry into the causes and the cuie of
i. 1 teniai dioply of the brain.
6. An account of the measles, as they ap
peared in Philadelphia, ir» the year 1789.
7. An account of t he influenza, as if appear
ed in Pniladelphia m the years 1789,1790,
and 1791.
8. An inquiry into the causes of the incrcafe
of biliou* ana remitting levers', in Penn
. iy.lvania.
9. An inquiry into the catlfes and cure of fore
id. Airaccoilht of the state of the body and
mind in old age, with observations upon
I us d ilea ft s ana theft remedies.
Price one dollar and a quarter unbound, or
one dollar and a halt neatly bound.
Medical Tranfa£tions
College of Phylicians of Philadelphia.
V o L. I.—h A R T I.
Puce otic dollar in boards.
A Treatise on the Diseases of
With general directions tor the management
ot Infants from the birth, adapted for
theuleof physic ans and piiv te families.
By Michael Underwood, M. D.
Licentiate of Midwiicry in the hoyal Col
lege of Physicians in 1 t/ndon, and
Phy/ician of the Bntith
Price one Dollar»
This is acknowledged to be the best book
which has been published on the fubjctl, and
is calculated for the ule ot par; n s, nuffes,* "•
and private families, as well as for physicians
—The two volumes handsomely printed in
one, and the pnce only about one third of
what the imported copies fell for. *
d. t. 18
The Edinburgh New Difpeafatory, two
dollar». .
System of Surgery, extrn&ed from the
works of Benjamin Bell, by Dr. Waters, e
dols. 50 cents.
Syitem ot Anatomy, ex:rafted from the
Encyclopaedia, with 12 copprrpjate.% 2 dols.
Syitem ot Chemistry, extra&ed fiom the
Encyclopaedia, exhibiting a view ol thepto
grefs of the fciencec, and the differetv fyftefns
which have fjeen publiftiedj 2 dols. 50 cents.
Brown's Elements of Medicine, 2 dois.
67 cents.
T. Dob/on has in the Press,
An edition ot the Medical and Philofoptii
al Commentaries of Edinburgh; Twov«l.
Mrs are piintrd in one at e d<>ll--ns and
• nts per volume ; he has nearly fiuifhed me
iv firft vclnnus, which contain the hrlt ten
'oliime's of (lie European edition, wh ch fc .1
or two dollars each. Nine volumes will in
;lud£ eighteen European volumes, which
kV ill briog the publication up to the present
Likevjifc for sale a confderabh number of
Medical Books, viz*
Cullen's Materia Medica, Physi
ology, and Synopsis. Bell's Surgery, 6 vols,
or 4 vols, do. on Ulcers, Bbchari's Dorai ftic
Medicine, Ledran's S'urg-erv, Cbefeldeti'a A
netomv, Hunter on the Venereal, Swede<a
ver on do. Rollo on Vtfeft India Diseases ;
Ripby on Uterine Hemorrhage, Hamil on's
outlines of the theory and practice of M'd
wifer v, with or without plares ; do. on the
management o! fVmalfc complaints.' Meale
on Hydrophobia, SicTecc. —
March 5.
E R.
[Whole No. 548.]
Morris Academy*
is now open for the re
ception of Undents under the immediate
care, of M r . Caleb. whose abilities
as an initruisl>r, and attachmentto the bu
fuefs have long been known and approved.
He lias under the heft afllllants in
the different branched—-The fcbol'ars are
taught the Engli/h, Freach, La:Ln, and
Greek h n jiiage»,f'Public-Speaking, Writing
Arithmetic, Geography, Astronomy, and
th- various brancf of the Mathematics
I lie heahhy, fituition of this place is fm:H
as to recommend it to f those, who t »
Jiave their children in the country. Boa:d
---i'»g, urchins, mending, &c. provid
ed in families, anrf the morals of the
fcholari carefully a tended to.
J he pt'iC" iptiuding tuition, firewood,
&<*.. exClusive of the French lan»>u ge) will
not eKct-e4 thirty f°urgUproclamation mo
ney per annum) an addition of three dollars
per qua ter wiJJ be made .to fnch fcholnrs
v»o at*.* taught the French language. The
Di: fto s ar ede t rmined to pay as ten
sion co this inlbtution, as will render it
refpeflab'e and, lifefuK
gabrjel h. ford, . -)
TIMOTHV JOHNS, jun. C Dirt's,
Nathan ford, \
MdrriftoWn. May 15, 179*4
Cdngrefs of the United State/.
House of Representatives.
Wednesday, June 4.
The bill to authorize the President to
feceiveon the part of the United States,
cessions of land of light hou
ses, passed a committee, but was rejected
on a co.nttitutional principle in the House,
on the queilion of engrofTment.
A motion was made by Mr. Boudinot,
and agreed to, that a committee of both
Houses be appointed to wait on the Pre
sident, arid recjuelt: that he wi.uld recom
ment to the People of the United States,
a Day of Prayer and Humiliation to Al
mighty God, for tli£ Safety and Prospe
rity of the U. S. The resolution was
directed to be communicated to the Se
nate for their concurrence, and a com
mittee of three appointed to join a com
mittee of the Senate to wait on the Pre
sident of the United States with the
The bill to authorize the President to
build ten vefftls or gallies, if he should
judge it necefiary in the recess, was taken
up,and after some dehate faffed,47 to 32.
The bill to authorize the fetriement of
certain expencea of the Commilfioners of
Loans; and,
The bill, fupplementaty to the a£t, ma
king more effectual provision for the de
fence of the frontiers of the United
States, were pafled. Adjourned.
In the House of Representatives of the
United States.
Thursday, sth June, 1794.
The House, according to the order of
the day, resolved itfelf into a committee
of the whole House on the report of the
committee, to whom was referred the re
monstrance of'the People weft of the Al
leghany Mountain, relative to the Navi
gation of the river Mifiifippi, and after
some time spent therein, Mr. Speaker fe
fumed the chair, and Mr. Trumbull re
ported, tfiat the curhmittee had, accord
ing to order, had the fame report under
cohfideration, and come to a refojution
thereupon, whicb he delivered in at the
Clerk's table, where the fame was tw'ice
read, and agreed to by the House, as
Resolved, That as it appears from the
communications of the Executive, that
the right of the United States to the free
navigation of tht Mifiifippi, is now the
fubjedt of negotiation with the Court of
Spain, and as it the interest of the Uni
ted States, and every part thereof, to
come to an amicable*, adjuilment of the
right in that mode, rather than resort to
any means constitutionally belonging to
• the Legislature, no farther proceeding
(llould be had on the said
during the present fefilon of Congrtfs.
Extract from the journal,
d iw.- -W2in.