Gazette of the United States & evening advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1793-1794, May 05, 1794, Image 1

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evening ad ye r t I s e r.
[No. 122 of Vol. v.]
Tuft Imported,
, In the Ship ApoHo, Capt. Fitr.patrick
from Arofterdam, and now landing
on Walout-ftreet wharf, viz.
Gin if P ! P L ' s \ , , _ ,
A few bales Holland Duck,
* Ditto Omnburgs,
, :Holland Sheetpg,
Jumper Series,
Ghtfs ft'arii viz. Tumblert and Mugn, ua
rious fines. g|
Siiiei'tljinz Paper,
Suedes iron, square and flat bars,
Hair, No. 4.
Dutch Great Coats,
Aqtmt 'J -of Junk and Oakum, tS?t. £yc.
"The above-mentioned Ship is for Sale—
ibouhtnppbcjiion be made it'itnm a few (lavs ,
Btherwife jhe -will late freight for Amjler-
March I, 179+- d—rf
! To be Let,
For Mc-rehants Co,r.pting Hottfes or Public
Two brick 3 story Houses;
HAiVl>fG 6 i>v ui» each, with file placM
ltefi4« pane's, fruate on rhe south welter ly/rde
of l>»ck ftrrei, between Pear and Walnut
ft recti. £;q u >?r of
Affril 17. ;iith&atf
Excellent CLARET,
In hogiheads and in cases oI 50 ootties each.
A few cases Champaigne Wine;
In pipes, hoj>lbeads a«d quarter casks,
No. tn, Soutn Front ttreeu
T*rt. 2, 1794. rjtf
Lately Published.
v* 'f S-e i. t> BY -
Thomas Dobfon,
No. 41, South Second-Streets
T.-iL Niltory ol NfW H inplhirf, from (he
EJ (cover yof rhe R vtr Ps '.jtaqua—tiy Je
nmiai BeJinap, D. D 3 Vols. Price jn Boards,
4 M D >ll rs.
The Fprrcftcr, an American Fable, being a
Sequel to the History of John Bull the Clothier.
< Pice, 75 Cms
A Discourse, iritended to commemorate the
Difcovtry ot America bv ChnttopherColum
bus; delivered at the rcqueft of the Hiftoncal
Society in MafTacbufeits, O&dber 23d, 1792,
being the completion of lhe Third Ceii u»y,
since that memorable event. To which are
added, Four Donations, conrue&ed with the
fukjeffc—By the fame author Pi ce. 50 Cents.
iCl'-irch tmh&rl^w
For Amsterdam,
The new fall-failing, copper
bottomed SHIP
K. Fitzpatrick, Matter.
BUILT of live oak and cedar and was-in
tendedfor a Liverpool Trader, will fail with
ad convenient speed. For freight orpafTage,
having cxc'eHent accommodations, apply on
board at Walnut street wharf, or to
N. B. Paflengers will be landed ,in Eng
land if retjttired.
March 6/1794 dtf
For Sale or Charter,
John Moore y Majler.
IS a flout good veflel, about two years old,
burthen 232 ton*, has only made three voy
ages, and may be lent to Tea at a fmail ex
pence. She maybe seen at Vine-street wharf,
and the terms made known bv appl-cation to
March 2\. dtf
For Norfolk & Fredericks burgb,
John Earl, Mailer.
A itaunch good veflel, will fail in a few
days. For freight or p flage, apply to the
mailer on board at Chefnut street wharf, or
March 31. dtf
I <
- . t
#£ tljt fiiitfeji J|
"♦ Market-Street,
An EfTay on Slavery,
L' - finned to exuibit in a new point ol view
h» eftefcts bh mbra/s, indujtry, and the pftcc of
fociity. Some ta&s and calculations arc utietcd
to prove the iabor of Jrccmcn to be much mote
productive than that ot Jlaves ; that concur its are
ricn, powerful and'happy, in proportion as the
Juoriog people enjoy the frurts of their oVn
»at>or ; and hence the cancluGon, that
flavory is impolitic as well ,s unjust.
PRiCfc 25 Cent*. dtf
February 15.
The following Certifi-
C-itc of the iuiwied ihtic per C ere S:ot k of the 1
Domekic Deot ot the United .States tMndisrg on
tne books ot the Trcalui y oI thi laid United
. States, in the names ot Donnuld and Bur ton of
r London, metchanti, and signed bv J »ltph
; v -, Reg liter of laid Tftaiury, to v. a -
a * dated lor 219,^9
dollar and 53 cents* was ti arflmiu't-d fiotn Loo
dop m lhip Pete 1, Paul Huifey, mailer,
bound for New York, and has been loft.—
TheSubicnber intending to apply to ttae Trea
lury of the Uuited States 10 have the fomc re
newed, rfcGies ail pcifous wilo are interefte'd in
the laid cerilticaie, to make their objctlious
thereto, it any they havp.
Francis Macy.
March 47. d6w
OF' the jnuney robbed from ilie mail near
Baltimore, by Doftot Gant, Iljdolla s w.erc
alter wards sent by Jrt unknown hand, to the
Poftinafter at Baltimore, who transmitted
tie fame to the General Post Office. Tne fut
f.-rers by that rjbbery are delii ed to state thti
amount at their Jolles and
mit the fame, with the original letters ofc tbeir
correfpjndents recovertd) or other
evidence the'reof to the General Folf Office,
before ;he firll jtay of June next, immediate
ly at er which a dividend will be made among
the claimants.
Post Mafler General.
Geo. Pod Office, April 4, 1794 iaw6w
Concluding Sales.
THE Sub triber having entered into Co
partnership with Mr. John Bartholomew in
tlte of Sugar Refining, will difp6'c
of the
Remaining Stock on hand,
Silver, Plated, & Japan Wares,
Plated Coach & Saddle
Furniture, &e. &c.
By Wholesale at Prime Cofi for Cash.
John Dorfey,
No. 22, North Jd itreet.
n ' 1 t n tii &16 w
Treasury Department,
Revenue Office, April 19, 1794.
NO FICE h hereby g ven, that proposals j
will be received at theoifice of the Commif- j
fioner of the Revenue until the sixth of May 5
next inclusively, for the fuppiy of all Ra- \
tions, which may be required during f* e cur- c
rent year, at the" city of Philadelphia, for c
the recruiting service. -5
The rations to be furnifhed are to conflft c
of the following articles, viz
One pound of bread or flour.
One pound of beef, or 3 4of a pound pork
Hill a gill" 6f run, brandy or whisky
Ore quart ot fait,
Two quarts vinegar ( _
Two p Hinds soap Per 10(5 rat,ons (
Ofie pouhd caudles 3
April 2».
m woe saw
Old Lisbon Wine of a
sup rior quality in pipes, imported in.the ship s
Wilnington. y
OLD SHERRY WINE of the firft quality j
in quarter casks, imported in the brig Nancy s
capt. G>vin, from Cadiz. S
SHELLED ALMONDS and a few kegs of >
RAISINS, imported in ditto. 5
Particular TENERIFFF. WINES,in pipes s
hhds. and quarter calks, imported lit the fhrp i*
Tnomas, capt.' Skinner.
A few quarter cafki of old particular bill
of exchange MADEIRA WINE.
George Meade, h
Who has also, just arrived and for file
Lisbon Salt. I
A quantity of empty BAGS fer falc. ft
April 5. w&sim.
.' » .
Monday, May 1794.
18, The annual election
Dire&ors and a Treasurer
■ of Company of Philadelphia
WU-L oe heid at the Library, in Fill
olt ree t, on Monday the fifth of May next, «
ar( . tii ''ee o'clock in the afternoon, when the tre:
the iur cr will attend to receive the annual paj
wu fci.caJs.
there are fevera. /hares on which fine
a-re due, the owners of them, or their rep<€
fentative?, are hereby notified, that they wi
be forfeited, agreeably to the laws of th
» Corvpany, ttnicjs the ft*d arrears are paid o:
I- on the fifth day of May, or within ten day
he after.
on By Order of the J3ireftors.
(> f Secictary
ph April 7. m&w tsth May.
39 BY
ji.ookfelUr, at the Stone House in SecondJlreet.
, c n " VOLUME XI OF
Didionary of Jlrts, Sciences, aud Miscel
laneous Literature.,
ON a plan enti.ely new ; by which the di.f
jr ferent sciences aud arts are digested iuto the
rc form of diilinft tieatifes or fyltems. This
ie volume Contains the articles, meda'fs, medi
'd c ' l,e > metallurgy, mctaphyfics, methndift-,,
j". Mexico, (nicroicope, imdwifry, and a great
variety ot' biographical and mU'cellaneous ar
licles, illuftraled with nineteen copperplates,
ir OS" Thic rabies of logarithms, Sec. » rich
;r were deficient in the tenth volume, are sub
Cj joined to this.
5 . Eleven volumes if this wonk are now pub
,g lilhed, and the XUth is in iome lbrwardnels
On the firft of Septembe , 1792, the price
of lubTiript ion was incriafed T£N dollars on
all tctts not taken before that tune. The tub
>v fenption is Itill open 011 thel'e terms, and it
any copies remain by the of Jul) next,ihe
price will be railed TEN dojlars more, on
any copies which may be fubfci ibed for after
that period.
n *,* As many of the fubferibers have taken
c only two, thtee or four, &c. volumes, they are
earneltly requested to take up and pay for tne
remaining volumes, as it bt ijoijies dilficult to
complete the setts, and the publillier does not
hold him.etf bouud to make up any setts after
J the firit day of July next.
Ap il 22. ' m&t 6w.
And • 1 le cd üboirthc hrlt o: May,
The noted Ejlate, called
Jobnjin Hail:
Lying m the Molaawk country, ftatc of
Yoik, tormcrly the feat of Sir William J »bn
lon, containing about seven hundred acres of
land, which is of the very brft quality ; toge
ther wiih the it >ck, and farming uteniils. Tne
buildings arc large and convenient, and fit for
3 gentleman's feat. The payments will be made
eaty, on good security. For furtlfcr particulars
enquire ot George Meicaif, Esq. on the preiml-
of Silas Talbot, Elq. at Philadelphia, of
Samui 1 Ward and Brothers, in New York, or
of the lubferiber in Providence.
Jab ex Bow en.
On Thurfdjy the 15th May next at Twelve
o'clock at the Tontine Coffee Houle,
.TraSts of Land\
In Watkins and Flint'?, purchase, ill the coun
ty of Tioga, {late of New York.
The containing acres.
Southwell quar. of Townft.p No. 2, ' 9,424
Northwest do. do, 4, 5.647
Northeast do. do. 6, 10,525
Southwell do. do. 7, 9300
Southwest do do. 8, 3.P53
Northwest do. do. 6,150
Southeast do» do. 9, 6,2 Jo
SiJutheaft do, do. 9,000
Northwest do. do. 10, 10,475
Thefelands»re rapidlyencreafmgin value,
large fettletfierHS are already madi-Mn several
of tne the goodnel's of foil, and
'h? advantages in point of situation being so
well known, render any further defcript ion I
unnecelTary. Ani pof the tracts and condi
tions qf lale may be seen at No. 10, Queen
ft.eet. New Yoik.
April 10. tuth&st!4M
From the General Advertiser.
To the Editok of the General Advertiser.
EVE RY kind of condudt which has a
j public effect is a proper fubjed of Ihe press,
hence pulpit abuse, and pulpit impro
i- pieties are not exempt from this tribunal,
r. It is full time that a gown or black coat
should cease to Shield a man fipm the cen
s lure which mifconducl deserves ; for it is
II " ot * profejlon, but his virtues that
e . ' belter him from reproach. Merit
fT is entitled to reverence and esteem whether
s it is enclosed in homespun or brocade, and
ill-natuie, illiberally, bigotry, or hypocri*
iy ought to be exposed though covered bf
a mitre. Humility, meekness, charity,
peace and goodwill to all men ought to en
ter into the composition of every man who
profeffes to preach the gospel, and he who
is devoid of such attributes, is nu better,
li as good as the deist that he reviks.
I have been led to these reflections by
a publication tinder the' name of James
Abercrombie, which appeared in your
paper of this day. If it was the inten-*
Jkht of that gentleman to exculpate him
ie!f from the charge made by some of your
correfpjndents, by an extract from his fer
mon,he has lpillakcn his capacity, and has
underrated the understanding of the pub
lic. He is charged with abuling the
French nation, and how has he acquitted
himfelf of it ? By using almost the fame
language which Pitt used in the House
of Commons, and charging them with ir
religion ! Religion is supposed n.-ceffary
to every man of virtue, and to fay that a
man is devoid of it, is to charge him with
"wee. Mr. A. has called them a nation
of deists, and his abuse would not have
been icfs. had he called thera a nation of
rascals, for deism and rascality must be fy
But let me aflc what had his sermon to
do with France ? Had he taken a political
text, that it was neceflary to lug her into
his sermon neck and shoulders ? Or was
he fearfnl that his present profeflion was
to be supported by bigotry and fuperjlitian
and that as the French had crumbled theirt
into dull, their a tars were insecure here ?
Or was he disposed to plead th » cause of
the combined despots, and make his essay
to alienate the American heart from
A prcacher must be much at a loss sos
a fubjeft, or he must have an uncommon
portion of gall in his composition, who
could arraign the religion of France at the
bar of America! 1 hat nation has cer
tainly the right to judge for itfelf in th«
important concern of its own
happiness; and the conforming clergy
theiehave as much right, and would haveaa
much justice on their fide, to traduce thi
preachers here as they have to traduce
The French revolution is no text for a
preacher of the gospel, it would furnifh a
fubiime one for a preacher of politics;
but as the gospel contemplates peace, and
politics war, the difciplfes of the one are
very unfit to be the difeiples of the other;
to mix them, therefore, is to produce ail
heterogeneous compound, not correfpotu
dent with the pacific character of religion,
and mtlft require a mind much better fit-'
ted for scenes of tumuh and blood; than
the mild tranquil aad beneficial {hade of
the gospel.
I did not hear the sermon complained
of, and was disposed to doubt the truth of
the charge against Mr. A. but his irifen*
ded juuihcation hsg made stronger impref.
fiors on my mind, than the paragraphs to
which he replies could pofiifcly have done •
for he has left no doubt with me that he
« unfriendly to a revolution, which has
t.he happiness of mankind for its object,
and that he is disposed to contribute his
mite to produce abhorrence of it in the
American world. Whether such a dispo
sition u fitted for Mr. A's present profcf
ljon I will leave to the benevolent heart to
Saturday. NO PHARIS-EE,
o. 51 B.]