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    |l(< |[ilU|<im Journal.
Published by R. A. BUMILLEB.
—Beautiful autumn leaves.
—Rubber Goods—D. S. K. & Co.
—Big Guns and little Guns at Kauff
—Almanacs for 1886 are said to be
in circulation already.
—Our news boys are full ot busiuess
ou Saturday evenings.
Warm dayi and cool nights—and
people catch lots of cold.
—The plasterers are lathing iu the
new Evangelical church.
—Keystone Gazette is the name of the
new republicau paper at Bellefoute.
—Our "devils" return their thanks
to E. E. Knarr for a mess of grapes.
—This Is a woeful week for the
chickens at Aaronsburg and Rebers
—The Mauck painting crew is paint
ing Mr. Noll's barn on the hill, south
of town,
—Gospel Hymns, No. 1 2 & 3 combin
ed,with or without music—at the Jour
nal store,
—Rev. N. J. Miller, of Rebersburg,
lost a valuable horse by Lick jaw,begin
ning of the week.
—Jacob Sankey, of Main street, id at
present visiting his son, Sam. Sankey,
at Dnncannoo, Pa.
—Dr. Hengst, of Baltimore, Rey. B.
Hengst's son, tarried a few days with
his father last week.
' —Harry Dlbier and Dan. Baney were
off on a visit to their respective homes
in Dauphin county last week.
—The picnic season bas come to an
end and the young people must soon
try to enjoy themselves indoors.
—Wonder what became of our Penn
Hall and Coburn correspondents ?
Let us bear from you, gentlemen.
—Ladies' Cloth .all colors and shades,
also a full line of fine Cashmeres at D.
S. Kauff man & Go's store on Main St.
—The youngest child of oof neigh
bor, W. N. Auman, was seriously sick
for the last week, but is now impro
—lf you have any item of newt let
the editor know it and we will be more
able to give you an Interesting local
—The great Barnum & London
Shows will be at Pbilipsburg, this
county, on Wednesday, the 7th of Oc
Mrs. Emma Tomlinson, who left
for Harrisburg.the week of the centen
nial, is still sojournig with relatives
—Arnica & OU Liniment is the best
remedy known for stiff joints. For sale
by J. Spigelmyer, and D S. Kauffman
& Co.
V% 4, ,
—Next Saturday, October 3, is tbe
last day to pay your taxes, in order to
yote. Mark this and attend to tbe
' Beady-made Clothing and Over
coats of tbe latest styles and at tbe
lowest prices in our new store.
t —ln the list of fourth-class postmas
' (era for this state on the 24th ult., ap
pears the name of Win, Wolf, for the
Centre Hall office.
There was a wreck on the railroad
near Millmont last Thursday, on ac
t \ count of which the eveniog traiu fail
< ed to reach Coburn.
RALGA, CRAMP and Colic there is no
remedy superior to the genuine Dr.
Thomas' Ectectric Oil.
—Fall cleaning is the housewife's
topic just now. And their good hus
bands are saying their prayers (?) over
the stovepipes and carpet tacks.
—The foundation walla of Musser &
Smith's new hardware building are a
bout completed and the heavy timbers
on the ground, ready for framing.
—A. J. Harter is flitting into bis
new boose this week. He is also build
ing bis summer kitchen. Andy wili
have lots of room where done building.
—H. E. Dock, administrator of the
estate of Michael Ney, wilt sell the per
sonal property of the decedent, on the
premises at Aaronsburg, on Saturday,
Oct. 17.
—I. E. Coaldrea, our merchant tai
lor, expects to make sale of hl£ person
al effects, on Saturday, October 3d,
with the intention of moving away.
See bills.
—Erysipelas and Salt Rheum was
driven entirety away from Mas* J. C.
Andreson, Fosht'go, Wis., by Bur
dock Blood Bitters- No equal as a
blood purifler.
—Mr. Hensch, of Northumberland,
is in town at present. He will in a
few days begin to canvass these val
leys with a popular music book, enti
tled "Treasury of Song."
—Rev. S.M.Mounts wishes the fellow
who made a raid on his chicken coop
and got away with nineteen of the
feathered creatures, to bring them
back. Petty thieving is becoming
quite prevalent In this town.
-For Boots & Shoes go to Kauff
—Bead B. O. Deininger's new ad
vertisement in another column ami
don't forget th at the Journal store is
the best place to buy your books, sta
tionery and novelties.
—The Millheim correspondent to the
Centre Hall Reporter last week stated
that we painted our house. We did no
juch a thing. The writer of said item
should be more accurate.
—The history of Downs' Elixir is
identified with the history of New Eng
land for the last fifty years. It cures
cough and colds. For sale by J. Spigel
myer aDd D. S. Kauffman & Co.
—W. L. Malio, of Bellefoute, the
superiutendeot of the Telephone Com*
pauy, was among us for a few days,
soliciting subscribers for a telephone
line between this point and Coburn.
—On Monday morning Squire Duck
liegan breaking ground for the store
house which he contemplates erecting
on the site on Main street, lately pur
chased by him from Musser & Smith.
—I. E. Couldren, whose public sale
and subsequent leaving of town wo an
nounced last week, informed us that
he will go to Philadelphia where he has
a lucrative job iu a large tailoring es
tablish meat.
—Yony Harter is making prepara
tions to build a stone crossing in front
of tbe main entrance of the Lutheran
church on Mill street. Aud theo for
the crossing from his alley to the Jour -
nal building.
LOOK HERE.—I cure Piles. 1 have
a positive remedy for piles. By its use
many cases ,of the worst kind aud of
long stauding have been cured. It cures
as if by magic. Money refunded to dis
satisfied patients. Address,
H.K.SUMMERS, Aaronsburg, Pa.
—New window curtains, with the
firm's name neatly painted thereon,
and a street lamp are the latest im
provements at D. S. Kauffman's new
store on Main street. They are cer
tianly progressive merchants.
—Children often need some safe Ca
thartic and tonic to avert approaching
sickness. Simmons Liver Regulator
will relieve colic, headache, sick stom
ach,indigestion, dysentery and the com
plaints incident to childhood.
—We just received a full line of Dress
Silks—black, garnet, brown and in fact
all popular colors, and two or three
shades of each color. Will give you
good bargains in this line. Come.
—We call tbe attention to tbe adyer.
tisement of G. W. Carleton & Co., tbe
large Book Publishers, New York City,
who want an Agent in our vicinity to
sell their popular Subscription Work.
See their advertisement of Agents
Wanted in another column.
—Mr. W. H. Bartholomew, formerly
one of the spring Mills t merchants, is
now a citizen of Centre Hall. By this
change of residence Spring Mills loses
one of its most prominent and respect
ed busiuess men aud Centre Hall may
justly congratulate itself on its gain.
—The marriage of Harry Hoy, of
this place, to Miss Annie Miller, of
Aaronsburg, which occurred on the
15tb ult., escaped our notice last week.
We understand that Rey. P. C. Weide
myer, of Brushyalley, tied the knot.
A long and happy life, Harry.
FOR SALE.—S. K. Faust gives no
tice that he wishes to sell his valuable
farming land situate in Millbeim bor
ough north of Abs. Barter's farm, and
which he lately bought of David Scholl.
The land is in flrst-class condition and
purchasers will find it a good invest
—Samuel Brumgard, a son of New
ton Brumgard, of Rebersbutg, died .on
Tuesday, Sept. 23, aged 1C years and 8
months. He bad been sick for some
time. The funeral, which wa3 very
largely attended, took place last Fri
day forenoon, when Rev. Deitzler held
appropriate services.
Hay Fever Speoiflo.
I FOUND IT a specific for Hay Fever.
For ten years I have been a great suf
ferer from August 9th till frost. Ely's
Cream Balm is the only preventive I
have ever found.—Frank B. Ains
worth, of F. B. Ainsworth A Co.,
Publisher, Indianapolis, Ind. 36-4t
day is the day wheo the act recently
passed by the Legislature, providing
"that it shall be necessary for parties
desiring to marry to first procure a li
cense from the Clerk of the Orphans'
Court," will go into effect. From now
on they must "Stand up to the rack
—fodder or no fodder."
—ALL ABOUT KANSAS, Its people,
crops, weather, lands, schools, legis
lature, railroads, markets, its polities'
its development, the trial of Prohibition
and its future, will be found in THE
Journal, an 8-page, paper,
published at the capital of the State,
sent six months for 50 cents, one year
for $1 00. Address J. K. Hudson, To
peka, Kansas. 38-3t
-The new schedule on the railroad
between Bellefonte and Lewisburg is
as follows : One train to leave Lewis
burg at sa. m., and reach Bellefonte
at 10.50,a. m. Returning leaves Belle
fonte at 5 :a. m. for Lewisburg and
return to Bellefonte at 5: 20 p. m.
We could not wish for a handier ar
rangement and many people will avail
themselves of this chance to take a
short trip to Bellefonte and back in a
day. v
—A largo seloeli *n of Shawls at
NOTICE.—The new Process Poller
Flour, manufactured by J. R. Fisher,
Pen n flail, is for sale at I). S. Kan IT
man & Co'a new store, J/ain street,
jlfillheim, Pa.
Costivness is the causeof the in toler
able*'bad breath" of multitudes. Hitters
remove the cause and prevents the evil,
and cost only 25 cents*
For sale by J. Spigehuyer and D. S.
Kauffman & Co.
—A clever detective ferreted out the
perpetrators of that fiendish deed, tho
gagging, robbing and tying to'the rails
of Foreman Keeps ucar Longfellow in
Mittliu county, which occurred about
six weeks ago. The participants in
the affair turn out to bo three of a gang
of sectlou men woiking'on that road.
They are now in the Mitllin county jail
awaiting trial.
—Sufferers from the effects of quinine
used as a remedy for chills and fever,
will appreciate Ayer's AgueCure,a pow
erful tonic bitters, composed wholly of
vegetable substance, without a particle
of nny noxious drug. Its action is
peculiar, prompt, and powerful, brea
king up the chill, curing the fever, and
expelling tho poison from the system,
yet leaving nojharmful or unplaesaut
effect upon the patient.
—The following item from last
week's Sunbury Democrat may serve
as a warning not to lie ou your arms
while sleeping :
Bennie Brubaker of this place met
with a strange occurrence on Saturday
night. He slept on Ids right arm and
in the morning he bad lost the entire
use of his hand. Strange to say he has
not recovered yet although the doctors
have beeu at woik at the case for two
—The schoolboard of this borough
have selected the following teachers tor
the winter term : G3O. \V. Long, of
Fisher's Ferry,for the grammar school;
Mr. Limbert, from Madisouburg for
the piimary school and Mr.
Smith, of Gregg township, for the
North street school. As far as we
know these gentlemen are all well qual
ified for their functions and if they re
ceive the hearty co operation of pa
rents in their labors there is no doubt
but they will have successful and profit
able schools.
Any man or woman making less
than S4O weekly should tty our easy
money-making business. We want A
gents for our celebrated MADA ME DEAN
COMBINED (for Men and Boys). No
experience required. Four orders per
day give the Agent $l5O monthly. Our
Agents report four to twenty sales dai
ly. $3 outfit free. Send at once for
full particulars. State sex.
35-13t 390 Broadway, New York.
—The Thirty-Second Annual Con
vention of the Evangelical Lutheran
Synod of Central Pennsylvania, began
at Rebersburg last evening with an o
pening sermon by Rev. M. L. Dietzler,
Secretary of that body. During the con
vention addresses will be made by the
following ministers: This evening
Rev, G. W. Crist will speak on Miss
ions ; to morrow evening Rev. A. 11.
F. Fisher will discuss Education ; Sat
urday, Preparatory, Rev. W. B. Glan
uig ; Sunday forenoon, Communion,
Rev. A. C. Felker ; Sunday evening,
Ordination, Rev. W. R. Wieand. No
doubt an interesting and proAtable
time will be spent by the members of
the synod.
—Miss Sadie Adams, living with J.
T. Smith, of this place, and who was
badly burned by an out-door fire, some
time last spring, is still unable to leave
her bed ; but to-day she was carried
to the traio, and left for home, in Cen
tre Co. Special arrangements were
made for her comfort, and it is hoped
she will reach home without any addi
tional suffering.— Lewisburg Chronicle.
The lady, accompanied by her moth
er, safely arrived at Coburn on the Fri
day morning's train, from where they
wereconveyed in a spring wagon to
their residence on North street.
The patient bore the latigue of the jour
ney bettir than was expected. Miss
Emma Adams, a younger sister of
Sadie, left for Lewisburg on Saturday,
to take her place in Mr. Smith's family.
meeting of the joint council of the Re
bersburg Lutheran charge, Rebersburg
Pa., the pastor, Rev. Aurand having
tendered bis resignation, to take effect
Oct. 1., 1885, it was resolved
1. That with deep regret we learn of
brother Anrand's determination on ac
count of nervous prostration to leave
us and sever the ties that have bound
us together as pastor and people.
2. That we hereby tender to brother
Aurand our thanks for his uniform
kindness and courtesy to our people,
and that our prayers for his speedy res
toration to his former health and gen
eral welfare shall accompany him in
whatever work may be allotted to him.
3. That among whatever people he
may be permitted to labor, we commend
him as an efficient laborer, a zealous
cooperator in the Master's cause and
one whose chief delight and glory is to
advance and enlarge the Kingdom of
4. That a copy of these lesolutions
be placed in the hands of brother Au
rand and be published in the Lutheran
Observer and also in two county papers.
—"My daughter has taken the medi
cine faithfully, according to directions
and her health and spirits are now
perfect. The humor is all gone from
her face . I wish every mother might
know what a blessing Ayer's Sarsapnlla
is in such a case.
1 —The Convention of the Women's
If. & P. Missionary Societies of this
synod opened on Tuesday evening with
the programme set apart for that sess
ion, Rev. Fni'st, of Bellefonte, offering
up an earnest prayer. The words of
welcome hy Miss Jennie E. Bright and
Hey. M. L. Deitzler were well spoken
and were ably responded to by J/iss
Puella E. Dorublaser. Miss Nannie
Butt's vocal solo fair'y charmed her
audience. Tim recitation by Miss Gun
was a pointed and serious reminder of
christian duty and the lady rendered
the same in a very striking manner.
Bev. Wm. Gotwald, 1). 1)., made the
address of the evening, having for his
subject "Woman" and illustrated her
advance under christian civilization.
The choir,with Prof. W. T. Jfoyer pre
siding at the organ,deserve much praise
for their fine executions. The church
at Aaronsburg was well 111 ltd and ev
erybody seemed to enjoy the exercises.
The attendance of ladies and ministers
from a distance was large and encour
As wo went to press before the close
of the convention wo are unable to
give a full account of the proceedings
this week. Will do so in our next
Neighboring News.
The farmers were very busy cutting
their corn, but most of them are
through now.
J. 11. Frank bought E. E. Bressler's
stock of bees for sl3.
Miss Mary Ilarshberger and Miss
Minnie Duck took a week's visit to
Nittauy Valley.
Henry Keen's horses ran off with a
four-horse wagon last weeek one day.
Did not hear of any damages. JUMBO.
Our new P. M., Thomas Yearick,
steps into office to-day.
Frank Tomlinson says it's a boun
cing big boy, weighing only eleven
Miss Mißnis and Lulu Kurtz return
ed from their trip through Northum
berland and Dauphin counties.
Ira Gram ley's cow broke her hind
leg, while attempting to jump a lenco
on Frank Yearick's place below town.
The cow had to be killed.
Rev. Hoy's lecture in the Reformed
church on last Sabbath eveuing on For
eign Missions was good. Immediately
atter the meeting of the German Re
formed Synod at Mifflinburg, Pa., Rev.
iloy goes to Japan as a missionary.
The llaiues township school board
met on last Saturday and assigned the
schoofs to the following teachers:
Miss Mary Bollinger, Town Primary ;
John Bollinger, Mountain school ;
Zach. Thomas, Winkelblech school";
William Winkelblech, Vonada school ;
Adam Martin, Wolf's school ; W. E.
Keen, tlostermau's school ; B. F. Ed
munds, Town Grammar school. The
Woodward and town advanced scliool
not assigned yet.
Mill's Physiology was adopted for
use iu the schools of this township.
Our sick—E.nanuel Cronemlller has
been prostrated ou a bed of sickness.
Mrs. Howard Iloman is contlued to
her sickbed. D. 11. Rote has recovered
sufficiently to go to his shop and there
behold the amount of work that has ac
cumulated duriug his sickness.
—DRUGGISTS .ill report a rapid and
steadily increasing demand for Mc-
Donald's Celebrated Worm Powder.
There is no secret or trick about their
popularity. It is solely because people
have become convinced through trial or
hearing their neighbors say that they
are the best and easiest to take vermi
fuge ever produced. Nasty,sickening,
old-fashioned wormseed syrups won't
sell. People demand McDonald's Cele
brated Worm powders, and won't have
anything else, hence their sales are
greater than all the other vermifuges
combined. Money refunded to dissatis
fied purchasers.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth, Millheim, Pa.
On Tuesday eyeniug of last week
lightning struck in one of A. Ocker's
lumber piles in Little Sugar Valley and
nine piles were consumed before the
fire could be stopped. From seventy
five to eighty thousand feet of lumber
were destroyed. There was some in
surance on the lumber.
William Keller is at home nursing
his sore hands and face. He was poi
soned by some weed while working at a
stone pile ou Benj. Liinbert's farm.
Mr. Leo and lady, of Tusseyville,
paid his brother, the doctor, at this
place a short visit last Sunday.
Prof. L. Bierly will have charge of
our graded school this winter. The
primary school has not been supplied
Jacob Eitle, of Howard, spent last
week in Brush Valley with friends and
Most of our farmers are done cutting
Apples are vere plenty around here.
J. K. Moyer, of Centre Mills, was off
to Clarion couutv last weok for horses,
but returned with only one four year
Daniel Long, of Rockville, is proprie
tor of the little farm at the upper end
of town now.
Dan. Bartges and Jared Hazel ex
pect to attend Clinton county court
next week as witnesses for Drs. Hus
ton and Smith. Boys, don't get scared
now. STILL.
Spring Mills.
T. Calvin Runkle, of this place, lma
gone to Philadelphia to at tend lecture t
at Jeftcrson M-dioal College. Me. is a
bright young man and no doubt lie will
bee une a glittering star in the medical
One day last week Mrs. Albright, of
Millheim, met with a painful accident
in this place. She was leading a cow
which she had bought near this place,
when all of a sudden the animal became
vicious and threw the lady against a
fence. The result was some bad bruis
es, but fortunately no bones were brok
The M. E. Sunday School will hold a
Basket Picnic at the Penn Caves, on
Saturday, Oct. 3rd.
—McDonald's Improved Liver Pills
secure a healthy liyer, regularity of
the bowels, good digestion, sound sleep,
cl -ar head,and an active energetic mind
No constipation, no biliousness, no
jamlice, no sick headache or torpidity
of liver or kidney possible, when occa
sional doses of these pills are used.
All druggists keep tlicm* Money ref
unded to dissatisllled purchasers.
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eiseuhuth. Millheim ,Pa.
Mr. Mcllenry, the district storekeep
er, makes frequent visits to Woodward,
lie is very entertaining—full of adven
tures and experiences.
Two more marriages in the near fu
ture. However, I won't give the boys
In the way of improyements we no
tice the beautiful appearance of Luther
Kreamer's house since receiving its
coat of paint. Mr. Krearaer leaves fur
the West to morrow to be absent one
Howard Musser is adding a wood
house and summer kitcheu to his al
ready desirable home.
Aaron Stover has moved into his
pleasant new house on the Avenue.
N. W. Eby has the foundation of the
cellarwall for his prospective residence
on the Avenue completed.
J. C. 3/otz was in Ohio last week and
purchased an improved cider press,
which ho will connect with his saw
and planing mill at this place. Then
we will also manufacture soft drinks in
C. W. Ilosterman leads in potatoes—
both in quantity and quality.
We notice quite a numner from Un
ion county hauling cider from this
neighborhood. Apples are scarce below
the Narrows.
Rumor talks of a new stare at Wood
ward, or rather one of the stores west
of Woodward extending a branch to
this place. Come on, gentlemen, you,
will get your share of the trade and be
sides we will give you the postotiice.
with the principle hospitals throughout
the United states report very grati
fying and satisfactory results from the
use ot McDonald's Great Blood purifier
in all cases of viliated blood, emaciated
condition, enfeebled digestive power,
malassimilation of t'ood,&c. But few
diseases can withstand its remarkable
purifying, tonic, and reconstructive
power. Money refunded to dissatisfied
Philadelphia Agents.
Sold by J. Eisenhuth. Millheim.Pa.
Lewisburg's Harrison* Orwig Case.
Ou the 10th of August, Dr. Harrison,
of Lewisburg, with half a .dozen work
men .proceeded to the residence of Sam
uel 11. Or wig, of the same place, and
proceeded to saw and cut off 18 inches
of the building, which Mr. Ilarrisoh
claimed occupied that much of his ter
ritory. Joseph Waldron, Jane Ditty
and Jfary Orwig turned the hose on the
marauders and drove them from the
premises. Dr. Harrison sued the tfe
feudants of the legal castle for assault
and battery, and last week in the Un
ion County Court a jury brought in a
verdict of not guilty, and divided th e
costs between "the plaintiff . Dr. Har
rison, and the defendant, Samuel Or
wig.'' As Samuel Orwig was not a de
fendant, the entire costs go with the
verdict, and Dr. Harrison must pay the
On the 25th ult.. at the Reformed parsonage,
Rebersburg, Pa-, by Re 7. N.J. Miller, Mr. Ad
am K. Stover to Miss Jessie F. DeLong, both
of east end of Brushvalley.
Ou the 29th ult., by* J. H. Reifsnydcr, Esq.,
Mr. F. A. Auman and Miss il. S. Dean, both of
Pcnn township, Centre county.
On the 27th ult., by Rev. B. Hengst, Mr. Mil
ford H. Gharet, of Boouville to Miss Rebecca
A. Snavely, of Coburu.
On the 29th ult., by the same, Mr. Samuels
Wilson to Miss Sarah Rebecca Weaver, both of
Sept. 27th by Rev. M. L. Deitzler Wlliner M.
Stover of Aaronsburg and Miss Clara K. Eisen
huth of Coburn. Pa.
Sept, 29th bj Rev. M. L. Deitzler, Christian
Eckley, of Bellefonte, and Kato J, Ulrleh, of
On the 29th ult., at Coburn, an Infant child of
Daniel Elsenbnth.
B Send six cents for
M UUI wmm postage, and receive
1B 1 II BM EL -free a cosily box of
" " ■ "goods which will help
you to more money right away than anything
else in this world. All, of oltlier sex, succeed
from Urst hour. The broad road to fortune o
pens before the. workers, absolutely sure. At
once address, Tkuk & Co., Augusta, Maine.
i Tida paper is kept on file at the office of
LOIImAICo at Lowest Cash Rates inCC
itaapi for AVER & SON'S MANUAL
To Regulate
HIfYTI favorite home REMEDY IS
I Hp warranted not to contain a (tingle par- ,
JL JIJJ title of Meicury or any ii\jurit)uv sub
stance, but h purely vegetable.
It will Cure nil Diseases caused
by Derangement of the Liver,
Kidneys and Stomach.
If your Liver is out of order then your
whole system is deranged. Tne blood If
Impure, the breath offensive; you have
headacne, feel languid, dispirited and ,
nervous. To prevent a more sciious con
dition, take at once Simmons
I-I 11 §• |£ sedentary life, or suffer with
111 V JUJiV Kidney Affection*, avoid {
stimulants and take Simmon* Liver Regulator.
Sure to relieve.
If you have eaten anything hard of
digestion, or feel heavy after meals or
sleepless at night, take a d<>- e and you
will feel relieved and sleep pleasantly.
If you are a miserable sufferer with
Constipation, Dyspepsia and
Itiliousnoss, seek relief at once in
Simmons Liver Regulator. It does not
require continual dosing, and costs but a
trifle. It will cure you.
If you wake up in the morning with a
bitter, bad ule in yonr mouth,
P3l A Wfl Simmons Liver Regulator. It cor-
I A If fc rects the Bilious Stomach, sweetens
JL JQIJLVJU the Breath, nnd cleanses the Furred
Tongue. Children often need some safe Cathar
tic and-Tonic to avert approaching sickness.
Simmons I aver Regulator wift relieve Colic, Head
ache, Sick Stomach, Indigestion, Dysentery, and
the Complaints incident to Childhood.
At any lime you feel your system needs
cleansing, toning, regulating without violent
purging, or stiuiuUting without intoxi
cating, take
Sfflfflons Liver Regulator.
J.H. ZEILI/I A CO..Philadelphia,Pa.
Is the most virulent form of blood-poison
ing. Less speedily fatal, but not taw cer
tainly so, is the vitiation of the blood of
which the first symptoms are Pimples,
Sties, Bolls, and Cutaneous Erup
tions. When tho taint of Scrofula gives
warningof its presence by such indications,
no time should be lost \n using AVER'S
Sarsa barilla. the only perfect and reli
able medicine for the purification of the
Is a foul corruption fn the blood that rots *
out all the machinery of life. Nothing
will eradicate it from the system and pre
vent Its transmission to offspring but
Ayer'B SarsaTarilla. This prepara
tion is also the only one that will cleanse
the blood of Mercurial poison and tho
taint of Contagious Diseases. Impover
ished blood is productive of
A wretched condition indicated by Pallid
Skin, Flaccid Muscles, Shattered
Nerves, and Melancholy. Its first
symptoms are Weakness, Languor,
Loss of Nerve Force, and Mental De
jection. Its course, unchecked, leads
inevitably to Insanity or death. Women
frequently suffer from it. The only medi
cine that," while purify lug the blood, eu
richeß it wiili new vitality, and invigorate*
the whole system, is
" Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Moss.
Sold by all Druggists: Price $1;
Six bottles for £5.
Au elegant octavo volume of /lt> pages—B ill
ustrations. Price *2.00. This work gives afnll
account of Grant'* eventful life, including his
military career, his life as President, and Ids re
nowned Trip Around the World. Every luimlr
cr of the Nation** Hero will desire this, the
best selling Life ot Grant. Send 50 cents at
once for outfit. Park l'nb.Co., Hart ford,
Conn. 32-4t
TT7" A YTE*TI —Ladies and gentlemen to
YY .1.1 I HI, take light, pleasam employ
incut at their homes (distance no objection!;
work sent by mall; *2 to a day can be quietly
made;no canvassing. Please address at once
Globk Mfu. Co., Boston, Mass., box 5314.
■if ■ R|more money than at anything else
Mm IHI by taking au agency for the best
If I Iwselling book out. Beginners succeed
■■ ■■■grandly. None fail Terms free.
nAixBTT Book Co., Portland Maine.
The Boss Clothiers! *
The Boss Clothiers!
The Boss Clothiers!
t - / v *- t , iT . 9 A +****?%*
The most reasonable and reliable clothiers of
Bellefonte are
Joseph Brosi & Co
* r ' V '
IN > j
our stock is equally as good, if not better, than any clothing made to order
in the country. We are making
this season of
We arc able to
than almost any other merchant. Our entire stock is
and we will give customers the benefit of our close figures.
•• * 1 ' , 3-jfl
DRY GOODS, Fancy Goods and Notions
is so well known in this section of country that advertising it is superfluous.
offer this week a specialty:
A Black Cork Screw Suit for $3.80.
Is -Us.© Bes£
Thousand* of articles arc now mannf.vtnred that
in lornier years hail to bo imported, paying high
import (Inly an it is now being d'Uie on Lea k Far*
i tun table sauro ; tho Quakkb Tabl* Bauck taken
it* ptaco { it lias bi en pronounced by competent
judges just An good ana men better. The QoaSKB
dAUcn has Blowly but awrely gained great im
portance and is replacing -tho very bat imported
ranee on the shelf of tho groeor, the tables
6f the restaurant and tho tables of tho rich awl
prior men. greatly prim d and relished by all on
account of its piquancy, a soma, taste, strength
and purcnoos. Tho inventor has by years of
stndy of tho secret virtues contained in the aro
matic apieea of tho Indie* and China, such as
mace, nutmeg, cinnamon, genuine Jamaica ginger,
and peppers and buds of unknown to most
men, and by long practice Rnccfceded to combine
their extracts in form as we now
find it, of agreeable tanahflhl so invigorating ae
to bo taken iu place ofgfom*cl bitters. By man
ufacturing this sauco here,' WCavy import duties
and freights are saved, and it is sold at a lower
figure to the doalor, who making * better profit on
Ouaker Banco can sell it to the consumer cheaper
lhau iho vi-ry l>cst imported article hardly equal
ing i.ura. Is your grocer does not keep it. write
i:s lor prices, etc. Bold in or by the gallon.
Bole /Vqprfrfw# and M ami factum*.
100 A, 108 S. 2d ST., SL Louis, Kb.
II OVER 1000.000
T. FlTAlNCProjirlctor of the
:£First National Hotel,§*-
wishes to inform the public that be keeps the
following liquors constantly on hand and In
sures them all strictly pure, and especially fl
it a pled for medical purposes:.
whimkbvs: aisf'
HannesvUle, Imported Holland,
Haag, Blackberry,
Louisville. Elderberry,
Kentucky. Port
BRANDY*; f Huckleberry,
Plain, Catawba,
Ringer, Grape.
Sherry ■■ < ■■
reach. New England Shim.
JtST These liquors are all guaranteed to be not
le&s than four years old and can be strongly
reccommended as wholeeutne and healthy.
LA G EH always on draught. 22-3 It
Lorillard's Climax
with Red Tin Tag; Rose lessf Fine Cut Chew
ing : Navy 4 1 f pplngm,.and Black, Brown and
Yellow SNUFF are the best andcheapest qual
ity considered.