Millheim Journal. (Millheim, Pa.) 1876-1984, August 02, 1883, Image 2

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i| c i 111] cim|ciu i; n n I.
I ih'immv. August ilnd. lss.'l.
GtnTci k Sunday Scliaol Directory.
/?■ •. }J n*<t H. A. Ii nfrc. rtwh's
H*v. I',. lleiust w\U preach next Sunday
S .ii.lav School,
Miisionary society nwts on tlie third Mu
dax evmiing ot e.ivii monlli.
!>**>•. Fitrmnn /VcdflierTn churcr.
Smd iy School at 10L, a. m.—l>. A Mu-ser, Sup't
Rc for mod.
Per. f A. Yforirl'. Poster.
Tiei hit c in A.aronslmrg next Sunday after
Mi.e society meeti the first l ues
<!.> evening of ea< h mouth.
United Brethren.
AN*. J. <i. 11' IlcrtUl. Prtachcr-iKthftrtrr.
rreaehlnsr next Sunday nuv iiing.
tin lay echo 1. 9 v. M.— V. It. Al 'Wilder, Sunt
Per. John To;uUn*en, Post or.—
rreachiug in A.\ronsburg u xt Sunday even
School a* v.M. B* O. Delniilger, Supt.
Tlie Aug-.Uut'jr Bible Cliiss meets every 1 hn: s
rcKHiv Hi 7 o'clviek.
E.i lies' Mite SkViety meets on the tir>; Mon
day imhj efhb| mootii.
LMie k Society Dlrastsry.
MillbA'lm Lodge. N".'.Wf, I. 0.0. I', meets in
h<*ir ball. I'enn stiavt. eef-rySntui day ev niing.
lfehoeea Decree Mi HHif .Lev Thursday on
t bt-iotv the till I moon ti <• di month.
(' \V lIe.T'UX. See. K W. Mauck. N.g.
Pr ridenee Grange. So. 217 P.-et 11.. ineetsln
A.exandei s block on tlie second Saturday of
nd month at l' : t*. m.. and onthefourth Si
(Ki'dav of each month at l' a P. H
ii. L.Zckby. see. T.G. Kr.n vt;;v,blaster.
Tts" Millheim B. & 1.. AisoeiiU ion meets in
the i'euu sir. et s.-hooi liuii>e n the eveiKng of
I'm seo'tnl Monday of eaidt mon h,
A. w % rnc. s c. I>. <. Deinisokr, Brest.
Tt#C lil heiai Cornet Baud meets i Hie
* "w u. 1: d! on Monday and fliursdav even::,s.
J. W. iv"'te, S.c. I). 1. liioivi) l'ie>'i.
Centre County Democratio Com
mi'.tey for 1333.
'Dptji r. xikk. r.o. AnnuEss. j
Beih-fute N W, J M. Kt-I 'hihie. .Bellefonte
s_ yv Has Smith
W v. 8. A.McQnisition
11 'ward i# re. Ara ('. ..... hers, Howard I
>1 ik-stmrg ** .tjines P. <ones,.- Atilesbnrg !
.'Ms'wi im *' i*. Musser, .Millhei n i
1 UipOtatx lWj (.tS.Herflttgcr. . Philips u> g |
.• r . sal A* i rakftt
•" ' w . i arpeoter,—— "
Tiuoirville .?r - I'. J. J!i-INi, Fleming
trs. P.ii .. Js-aier, - jU-llefontO
iVs*. s - I 'Tia ; l f . Adams Mileshurg
la *' liuiiry Pin" Glenn
, y .-_e u foun - |
J >h.-; l.flCktskei K.'i:iDd
. . - ornifek. Stu" voM< ge I
* r - X. P. LV ./W*iker,~ Rock Spiiugs j
A. < c s. p- * ddron sp'ing Mlils
N. I" W-ts . i .ve. .... Farmers' Mi Is I
il .Hi'-s F- tL. B staurer Woodward
iJooirtmver Aaronsbnrg
11- -[ M-xs tw*..H St.inust own
11,,|| | h v ItoUiburg
HAVUI John w : . .How an' j
•i-o ... • Mb! Mies .Ju'ian
.... •• .i.>.;•• I'.L ii.'.. Blanc mi,i I
-xt -- j. -J. lb". Walker I
s *• KLlis Slie V- ... .Madi-onbi'ig |
P.aiX-n * A'tnev. Jr KThnore i
- - P. H. s- <c,
•J.i Per NP. D.J. M<*>v' < entre Hall j
•• - \\ Si:io.. sd*' k Tu-'-scy ville j
■ N. !*.• Mi i n.. . lea. ...Ptotli sbnrg ,
s- p. .i. T t'.. Saudy Hi<U'o |
- imp. Wm. L .Siiow shoe
r|H •• KtCAWoc i .Bellefonte j
Tavior " Uejibun - C;"4*is Fow l, r j
Union " S. K Kti-firk Fleming ,
AVatkci " J- s I s llublershurg l
. Woith - M- S. ; . Porf Matilda ,
WM C 2 li'-lN LE.
Chairman, j
\V. Mrcßs"Walker.
Govebnor Pattison is dtily in
of letters from pitcuincnt cit
izen all over tlieitafc en lorsint* his
course in calling xin extra sesion ol
tlie leptliluiO. Jti= well under- j
stood throughout lltat the (iovernor
performed a plain duty, and ii tlie '
party I Kisses in defeat the
idyject for which they were ealh'.l* to
geiher jt will he no fault of Govern
or Pattison.
The Lewlshurg Journal s.ivs that
JJon. G. S. Wolfe will not support
the republican state ticket. He is
decidedly opposed to the platform
and says that Xilcs' nomination
smacks too much of ring inUuencc.
whi'c Livsey *is the creature of
Chi is. Tills shows that
tite iudej>endent chieftain of Union
county docs not show tlie white
leather as easily as senator Me wart.
Our legislature is very bu.*ily en
gaged in sessions of about Lulf an
iraur a day in preventing ajiportion
menßy their self-s.icnfieing la
bors they earn the lasting gratitude
of the hippy t ix-payers, considering
that thev must shift as best
they cuu with only ten dollars a
day. -
The Pliilipsbufvery perli
uently asks :
What has become <>f the law which
was to crush out polygamy and make
the Mormon mourn i Never iu tlie
history of their church have the Latter
Day Saints prosperous as they do now.
Their missiunaiies are not only more
active in this countiy than ever before
but they are tnakin? converts abroad
by the thousand. Nearly seven bun
dled Mormon recruits landed in New
York last Sunday a week, and they ire
all representated to b' thrifty and well
to do emigrants. It really looks as if
the Government is not in earnest in its
effort to eradictte the twin relic.
Whatths New York Editors
Dana, Reid and Hastings on the
Presidential Nomination.
lutervicw s in New York Herald.
I cannot conceive of any intelligent
mind belieying for an ipstaut that Mr.
I Tilden would again consent, to bo a
cand'dale. Ii is absolutely out of the
tHi'Slion. Nothing on earth could in
duce him to t tin again.
it KID • yUI NT- TDM'AMD Alt VIM It.
Sii<.:v }.o gave up leadctsh ii if a fao
i tion lie has stcadiKy grown and is very
| much st longer titan lie was. The p *o
! ii* s tw what lie did and applauded and
sympathized with him. lie stands'opt
(cr loxtlay before I lie countiy than id
any previous petiod in his whole olhcial
HASTINGS nivi-:> AUTitrn A wAi.ic-nv-
Arthur is making e(T>rt. lie needs
t<> nvike t one. Events tire slmping
S things for him. C rnell *s a dead dog.
[ lie has a few friends,but no patronise,
i lie has had his day. They are all out.
11l line is out. Sherman is out. Conk
ling is ont and means to keep out. lte
ally, Arthur scouts to have a walk-ov
The D.ntocratio Delegate Election
and-County Convention.
The Democratie voters ot Centre
County will meet at the regular places
ot holding the general election for their
districts on Saturday, August 11th ISS.'I
to elect delegates to the Democratic
County Convention. The Election wilt
i open at two o'clock P. M., and close td
six P. M.
The delegates chosen at the above
time will meet iu the Court 11 uise at
Belli foateon Tuesday .August 14th, at 1
o'clock 1. M., to nominate one candi
date for district Attorney, one candi
date for County Surveyor arid to trans
act such other business as the interests
of the party may demand.
The number of delegates to which
each district is entitled is as follows.
lk'lH'fontv, N. \V... . 2 Halfniooii 1
" S. W .1 Han is :)
M . W 1 #lo\v uul 1
f Milesb-.rg i Huston 1
! M'ilT. *tlii 2 Libvi ty j
i Ui'ionvilhi • Marion 2
HovvarU Born 1 Miles ;>
I Pbili'-sburgl-t W.... ! Pat ton } -
2ii-l W... 2 I Vim •
44 irit W... i PoUer. N. P
IVenrr 3 " S. 1* 4
I HuggS 1 U" s b
' Bur a-i je 1
t oilefie - Spt iiifs
J Cu-tin 1 Ta.xlor 1
i F eirusRk D. 1' Union .
N. 1* 1 Walker 4
I Grt'CS ?> P ' \N •nil. 2
" N- I'. 1
llalnes. K. V 2
•• W.P./. a
The Committees holding the delegate
elections and the rules will be publish
i ed next week.
jW. Miles \Valker> Wm. C. Ileinle,
tntcy. Chainuan.
The Governm Hit's Faith and tho j
Trade Dollar Victims.
1 From the North Ante; t
| Tho government is bound to redeem
i the trades is circulation hete as a mat- |
'■ ter of honor and public policy. Though 1
! it never p.iid out or received a single 1
coin as cash, it puts its se tl upon the
: coin and the so culators di I the rest. ;
: , i
The specul itivs could e.oc have cirgUM
tel the trade dollar hete but for the
i Mint stamp. Hence the government
is bound to f eliev ; t'te victims of t!e
The Strik3 Partly E ided.
Tne American Bapid Telegraph
LJompany hive compromised wit ti their !
or-eratois, granting all their detnai.ds i
! excepting only an advance of 10 per
( cent, on wages, instead of 1", as de
manded. Tne operator have all gone
to work again.
The Western and the Haiti
mote Jc Ohio companies haye not yet
j made any concession to tueir mea,wlio
j are still out. Great uneasiness is man
ifested 1n commercial and business cir
cles over the attitude of these compan
ies and pubTc sympathy seeins to be
entirely with tlie operatives.
Are you disturi>"<l at niplit and broken of
your rest by a k child fulTuriiiK and cryitia
wi'.li pain of cutting tciitii ? lfs<>, send at. otic *
; and get a bottle of Muo \VJX-!. v's foonuNo
Svitri'rouCnt; nttKN Tketiiivo. Its valm is
■ ita-iiieulablc. It will relieve tle poor in tic suf
ferer jiinnediattTy. D'-ji -nd upon it, mi'tiieis.
t!e:e is no mistake ainut 4t. !t curesdyscirt-'rv
and diarrhiN-a, r gtilan-s th.* stoinach and
bowels, cures wind v di". softeus the gums, re
duces iutlammution, o*id give? twue cud energy
to the whole system. MRS WetsiotVs Mora- !
(so svtti r F -it <h(limo:n Tiuhjiiko is pleasant ,
to tin* taste, ni:d is the prescription <d one of I
tk"*!b'st and best female pliysici ins and inns- !
es iintfa: Fnitefi States, and is for sale !>y ail
dr*.irgists tlirouglKKit the world. Price '~o I
ceaits a battle.
| _
REGISTER'S NOTICES.—The following ae
t e units hive been examined, pissed and
remain iled of record in this oftiie for tin* jh
spe*ti<n nf iieii sand legatees, eredilors and all
others in any way interested an I will be pre
sented to the Orphans' Court of fViitie c-ouuty,
mi Wednesday, the 2" th day of .\ugn?t, A. D.
Jss\ for alla'.vanc-e and continuation.:
1. Th" first and fc'nti! a J. M. Blair '
and William Brov er, Executors of Ac., of Al
exaiuter Edmistou, late of Union township,
2. Di-tribution account of John P. Taylor,
o.i" of the ex"c;ifc rs of Xe.. of itchecea Brisbln,
late of Potter township, deceased, distributing
dower of said deceilent, in estate of 1). Brishiti. i
deceased, to and among those legally cnbtled
thereto. /
3. Tlie second and partial account <>f Jno. M
Heverly, sole exectilorof .Ac. ot .lames Heverly,
late of Howatd township, deceased.
4. The account of Robert McCaimant, execu
tor of 4tc. of Ehzalic-th -McCalniailt, late of Ma
rion township, deceased.
5. The final account of Dr. P. T. Musse",
guardian ot Osborne K. llolloway, a minor child
of Sarah M. llolloway, decease-1.
d. The account of Agncw Sellers, guardian of
Elmer K. Boiler and Adda V. Poller, minor
children of John ltoiler, late of Bennei' town
ship. deceased.
7. First and partial account of Jacob Kctuer,
executor of &c. of .Joltn Kctncr, lute of iiaiues
township, deceased.
8. Th" first and Jiual account of Owen Under
wood. administrator of Ac. of Matilda Botlle,
late of Union towusiiip, deceased.
9. Account of J. H. Keifsnvdef, administra
tor d b ii of Ac. of S iinuel H. Meyer,lute of l'enu
townshi]), deceased.
10. Tii ■ final accoant of M. D. Hockey, ad
tninistrator ol Ac. of John Grouse, laic of' Miles
township ceceased.
11. The second and final account of Jo!m
Grove, administrator ol Ac. of Peter Breon, late
oi Gregg township, deceased.
12. Th" account of Barbara Hottsor, adminis
trati'ix of Ac of Martin Ilouser, late of College
township, decc;ised.
13. Account of -J. 11. lleifsnyiler. administra
tor of* Ac. of Jacob L. Lose, late of Miles town
ship, deceased.
14. Final account of It. G. Brett, guardian of
Lizzie Ward (now Hepney) minor child of
Uriah Ward, lateof Ferguson township, de'"d.
15. Final account of K. G. Brett, administra
tor of Ac. of Hannah Ch ".tubers, late of Fergu
son township, deceased.
V>. The ae.connt <f tV-nj ihiiii Kerslctter, ad
i mlidstratur ol Ac. nf I) ml"l s.TvenU'Mer. late
; of Vnu (o-.Mlship dceencd.
I IT. The account or Ifotwi t t;i >nn, ndmliil*tra
tol or AC. of |{ol Or IVltfin iM, Into Ol KOfHUHOII
ioWlKllll). dce"a-"lL
13. Till'ltuul :i> count of .l.imf' I' I'oliurii.
o\ color of t*. ol .hUlM'it Hal'Lel, mo Ol Bie.'g
tow lisll'p, rl*Ci';|s"i|.
1". aeeonut of Joseph <! ill's. I I'lidee to
H'iltllO ton; I'StiltO Of IVlVl'l lilVll, till "Of Fcrgll
S''ll tow llstllH. Mil'.l
Ji. Tit > tlfit nndjlnnl account of
Mlol I'll u !os Kekcmot lt.adiniiiM i ators ol Ao of
' .too,, l Vt< mot 11. IMto 111 illt; tow ll.slliPjlll't'Tl.
71. 'I ho account of .lolemail II lines, Vxecti*
1 tor of ol too. Weight, l*ti of Mil's town
' sllip. deee* <t'i|.
A. TV a...mitt or Aib Hi Dwelt, udminHiW
; for of A. of Margaret, N til s.u, kite of Philips
, bwi'U lioroif ill. 00-.'o in' I.
73. Tli> art oin.f of t Hvfsti m Alexander, ex
tent or ol A '. "I M;ii \ M u li, l .lo of Pohh t >w ii
ship. ili't'oasi'il. V
* 71. I'tir tin il miv >iinl of i'i i. I'•' <m h f. ol
' minis? rater of Ac. of Joint Nit" ,].iV of Gregg
low l.s't.p. lloi'OM .I'll
2•. Third ai'cottnt of I t.iniol It irt o's, execu
i to.'ol Ao ol Ji K.l J.utu'-. late of Gl'egg t own
, shin, it 'l'oast il.
'.V, rile lift JIiMMMt of Marv 1 Wilson. Coo.
, W.atal llios. \V. Fisher, executor* of T'i unas
! W lis. ||, l ilt- of II illlil iHit iw its dp, il c ,iso |,;is
| hlt'il hy Ceo. W. Il ti rami MUM. W. Ki-h r.
>7. I In' first ami partial account of ilonrv
; Meier, e>.ecut rof A". ol Henry Meyer, lute of
j .Milos township, ileivas'i'il,
21. Mi' llrsi ami partial account of Henry
■ Mover. I rustoo of the estate ol floury Meyer,
j late ol Mi! •* township. ih'i't'asotl.
2.'. The account ol Michael Confer, guardian
t Mrs. Nora inrm. (lata IHuiglaoiabaiithl
minor child of Jamb Daughetibaug'i, deceased.
:'>•>. Mm Iliirtl and final account of Lli/.nbeth
Holler ami .fo cpli holler, e\-colors of Ac. of
•lohti Roller, lato of Rentier township, dee 'asivl.
.11." The account of Henry 11. Twhmvor, ad
inini-tralor of Ac. oi Emanuel Twitinyer, latent
Walker low iiship. ih'i'o tseil.
31 Mi- aocount al Qeorftn Ah-xindcr. rvtl—
iifinlstraior oi ,so of .lolia Rod'.e, l ite if Talon
lew nsliip. dec.'as al.
ill. The il est ami final account of Dr. J. M.
Blalv, trusleeapnoiiifoil to sell tlio real est tie of
William Blair, late of Howard township, doe'd.
it 1. "file account of Michael >. Fiedler and ■,
W. Harter, administrators of &e. of George
Ila iter, lateof MBlhclm borough, dcinuis.'d.
T'he Hun!account of.loiitilh uilloss aiicl J.
c. l.'el'oriiu... a'miii|siiaiois of A<*. ol .lames late of I e, guson tow u-hip. tleeeas si.
1 lie ioH*uui. 1 "t .loli n tj. Miles, ad.a mil ra
torot A;e ofM irrh lt W illi,mis, (ate of llustou
I iwuslop. ih'eeaso l.
.7. The mo -oimt of Aaron P. Zerby, adnilnis
trator of Ae. of Uoulk n S. Zerhy, lato ol i'oun
township, ih eea oil. •
•s. I'ne uoeount of Vllvrt O.ven. a laiiaisu i
tor 1 bnc t a if is of .fob'* I*. Aiinlor, late of
rhilipsbmx I kiroa-'li. doeeasod.
i'Ue account of .las. S. .MeCalinuut, Itob
ert Mel-almanl ai d WIIM im Shoi exeou
tois of Ae .of J.;s. A. Met .ilinanl, late ol Ma
rlon town hip. deceased,as Jl;e:l hy W iu. ."hart-
I hilip*.
OIII'HANS' COfitT SAKB —By virtue or an
old r of tli* orphans' court of Ct'i:lr' Co.,
I!Hire will L' evnosoil to p.ihiic ;ilc on the
prcuiis-s in Mi!lhcini. Pa.,
PBIl) \V, Al'Ct'S I' lofll. lss.l,
at 10 o'clock, A. M., the f illow iiitt vahiah'e real
< state of l iie late .lohti I'. t i"Hlc, deceased, V|/.:
No 1. One thereof beginning at > post, | hi'iic'
akmtf land ol I). A. Mas,ci . soillh i' : west 69
fret it inelirs to a post, 111 nee along same Sunt Ii
sj l , west "i fret i> Inehi's to ;in adt'V. thenee
iloii. an alley s >ut!i 1 , k east OP f'*l . iuele sto
tie# ed.e of Main street, thence In ;i parel el
line wnii .Main Mi- et. north *;cast • '.j feet
to t!ie place of beginning, eoniaiuing 12 ._'-loi)
relies, tln ieoa riei'tcii a
SToiti; Hot sb, Wakk IfofsE and oulhnildings.
No. 2. One of Iter thereof b'clnnlng at stoms
on ills* bank of Kll; (.ht- k. tl'lire along land of
M. iscpUarr, sihilb n.*t i >'. jicrchos t >
si.m<-. iiuuii"■ b> laudaof i*. \ Uirwcr. north
ft.® cast 113-10 p to sf uies. near creek,
tncm's'iip said e r-k by land of sai l .Mus er's
m rih .. west jo ; pi n ,rlu s ti the place of bc-
containing 23 per-li-s.
No. 3. One sdb r Ibrrcnif Ixnindr lon ilie soutl)
by Main Hr<vf, o;i the east by lot formerly ol
.lllm Hurler, on Hie north by Uml of .iaeob
ficphart, and on lit • West by an alley, thereon
erected a
and other ouibuildiugs.
No.i)::e other t!i si* if b ruuded on Ihe west
by lot fornierly of If. l*. ll.irtinan. >n flu* nortli
by Main Street, on the east by Mill the
s-'uHi by land formerly of W in ( . Duncan, con
taining one li nf aeie, more or less, inerocn e
iveied a
Two STOHY ilojsr., Sta m.u
and other outbuildings.
•In. 5 One other thereof beginning at eoruer
of land of John Zerker. tlience by laud of a:tu*
s.iut h 12® east 7 <"• 10 p. r*Lcs to Plk Crc- k. ilicii •
by Klk Creek north 7 J east i 8 10 perches i"
post, them* •by oilier lot- of ; ice-leat, north I
west 8 HO perches to post, Ihtneelnr mill raee
sniitl: | ! . w'i-I J- 1 pelohi's ut the place ol
beginning, e.iul lining-N peivii -s.
No. G. On* ■ llier thereof bouud 'l o:i the
north public road, on Ci • south by Main
streef. <ii th# w il bv ofh T hit o; saiil dece
drnt. and on th •ii >r.h tiy ait aflev, continuing
"i Main Street *fee", aiid cxt.'ndiug back 10J
feet, lhe:eon erecti d
A Pru.tNi! llorsr: ani> Oi'TßtfiLPtN -a.
N't.. 7. fhie other the -eof neginiting at st nes,
thence al ;.g' ruie north % I perchei i"
stones, I hence along s;mie s mt'i 7 west 1>
perches to the place of beginning, containing J'.i
perches, tber on erected a
Dwei.l.'.n .HO SE an: Otrrßtni.DiNus.
No. Ami the oflier thereof beginning at
post, thence by lot of M. K. eh ireli south o',
east H 8-10 ps'irhos t > past, thence bv an alley
north •'>]'' e is; . , per.-in-s to p >st. tit tie-' a! ong
s.utie north }," west perches to post on
.Main Street, Hi me" along Mam street south
iS° weif S |Mrch-s to the pla -e of Iwgiuaing,
Containing 27 j> rehes, erected a
T -% ,,s oi " SAf.K: One third of th • purchase
mo'iey to be paid on e uiiirni itiou of sale one
thi don April Ist, is** and the balance on April
Is:, lis",, with interest, the deferred payment to
IK* secured by butnl and mortgage on the pre
nii es.
At tb.e same time will lie soil a Ho its K
I'OWKK. 1 l-OWs'. i'l,t)W SI! AltK"', Sf' \ f.ICS,
t'OAL SToVK suitaUl j for school boasj or
Olf I'll AN**' C'< H' KT SA I.K.—ln pursn nice of
an old 'r of the orph ins" Con t of Centre
county, them will be ezp wed to iniblte sate on
the premises in tlie boroug iof Milllielm on
rniDAV, AUGUSI 17TH, lis.!,
at 1 o'clock. 1'- M., tin* following describe 1 re ti
estate late the properly "f John Keen, deccaicd.
No. l. Uouiiiuora valuable tract of
situate iu th • townsJiip of I'esm. two miles west
of the borough of Miihieim. on each side of the
Did i'ort ami Mi hinbarg turnpike, eoataiuing
neat measure, survey 1 hereof to be m id ■ before
day of sale. Upon tills traet there are THIHTV
acres of White Fine. Ch"st.nut and Oak timber—
a fwo story Frame Dwelling House built only
two years ago with good burn and other out
buildings. There is a large OimiAtin of cholci
fru.t, farni well watered oy gootl sjirings, land
in excellent condition. The crops la th • ground
are reserved. No better f inn in Hi • county.
No 2. Consists of two pieces of ground iu th •
horongli of Miilheiiu and marked in the general
plan ol said tows as lots N<n. it & 12. each lot
containing in breadth along .Main street fortv
niiieaud one hilt feet. <>u these lots ii erected
a tine targe house known as the
No. .1. Being a lot of ground in th" borou.'h of
Miliheiin. containing in breadth along Main
street forty-nine and one half feet. Tucreuu e
rccted a large
Nos. 4 it 5 Consist of
in t he borough of Milllt 'itn. one halt thereof be
ing in tlie western part of said borough and the
other h ilf iu the eastern part, both being sp ic
ially adapted for building purposes. J'ossessiuii
of flies • several tracts to he given on or before
April 1. DSI.
'; Kit.MS OF SA I.E.—Five per cent of purchase
money to lie paid when property is knocked
down'; one Ihird of residue cash upon eoniinn t
tio i of sale; one third in one year thereafter
with interest and the remaining one third at
tite death of Mary Keen, widow of dccideut,
with interest th aeon to lie paid to her auuuall
y. Said two hist payments to be secured by
bond and mortgage on the premises.
27-tit. HEN 11V KEEN,
EXKCUTKIX' NOTlCE.—Letters testament
ary on tin estate of William Miller, late
of the Borough of Millheim, deceased, having
lieen granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to siid estate are
hereby untitled to mike immediate payment,
and those having claims to present them duly
proven lor settlement.
Millheim, June 21., ISS3. 6t
Tjl X ECUTOiiS' NOTlCE.—Letters testament
1k ary on the estate ol John Dutweiier, late
of Bonn township, deceased, having been grant
ed to the subscribers, all persons knowing them
sjives indebted to said estate are hereby noti
lied to make immediate payment, and those
having claims to present them duly proven lor
Aaron sburg,
JACOB DUTWEILEB, i'cati twp.,
June 21., IS-i'j. Executors.
Once again we call attention to our large
line of
Parlor Suites. Chamber Suites, Dining J 4 ouiu Furjifliirc. Tah'es,
Stands, Chairs, I'ureuns, l>cdste:jds, Springs of every d< s'-rip
tion, I lair, Cotton, Husk ami Straw Mattresses, We mi ko
a specially of 11. ir Mattresses, and guarantee u hotter
Mattress for less money than ran he purchased
elsewhere. Sofas. Lounges, Craeles, Hall
Stands, Centre'l'aldes. Fasy Chairs, llook
< 'ases, Ward robes, Miri<us, Frames,
W'hat-Nots, Lie., Kte., —
ROPY IiIvI'SSKLS, n tine line at low prices.
MogUKITS, Smith's Lest, at §1 .50— worth $2.00.
ROXIU UN TAPFSTRIMS at 00: sold now liero else for less than $1.25
LOW DLL and other Standard makes of extra super, at Toe. to UOc.
SINGLE and DOC DLL 0. C. INGRAIN. 25 to 5 Oe.
\ KLYK IS, a large line at low prices.
A 1 n-ge line of \\ lvet, Smyrna. Turkish and other UugvS iu novel and
ueautifnl designs.
Also many other grad's of standard carpets.
Extra Super CRI'MU CIOTIJ.
J-VXTON" Mmx :s, II) i Cheek an 1 fancy colors, 15 to 50e.
Li XCOI.KI'M, Six different patterns.
OIL C I.OTIIS, I-1 to HI I. nil prices and qualities.
WINDOW SU \I>I:S and Shade < , lot.h in great variety.
Wall Paper the greatest variety aud finest designs in Modern Art Paper
All our patterns arc selected lor the Lest etui! Trade
CIIICkEKING PIANOS—The Standard of the World.
YOSK PI ANOS—The lJ-st for the Money
Hi idg<| ort, Taylor A Faihy, Palace. Ithaca, Waterloo, Sterling, and all
other First-Ohms Make of O.afios. tSHEET MITSUI, and a great, varie
ty of SM dl Music IL Instruments. AIL SOLD AT LOW FLICKS.
'•Ye have a line stock in this department. We wish to close out and oiler
extra inducements to purchasers.
We invite the attention of every purchaser to the inducements we offer.
Wo handle goods in the largest uumtitfos.
We are willing to sell at small margin,
the goads we handle are regainr.
Correspondence and in lil orders especiilly solicited.
J. SL SMITH & 60..
110,112,114 Front street, Milton, Pa.
A '. ~ cv" - .*■;< V". • O y.rC" •• '■' - Y ! /<
: s''C ;-;
a_ ja~ "a •' "•" ""•" * • a a a a
• &]$ lA. i'":
■ /¥ N,\ & &:■s*?
"V* jR '.p". " • ApAA
* ] 4 |®|:
Jv> & * ~ ' . ® :■' :
"* jy\ j ' "', '■ " ' "''■' "" 11 ' '
.* 4 CHICKERING, <?"" * E?TCV.
*'| stein WAY, P MASON & HAMLIN, | 9 |
Vy®** HARDMAN, fjpjafjM'' W
iv -♦,; J> - - - •-- —— - - —s§
• */] ' > <*g T"i
pi iOTABS, mas. EMMMWM, II
V •• • * 41^11
■*" . <4 • @ • ■.
fv Sheet CQusig, (Qusig QUSIG |<© : J
fj j| (Dusig E?iano E?iano Stools. I| IS
PIANO AND ORGAN INSTRUCTORS—in short, Everything in the Musical line.
M ." — f®B'
a v\
JP m Southwest Corner Allegheny and Bishop Streets, Bellefonte. Pa. m !
A,v list
d®J © © @ © .© © H 1 ® © ©I 6%
IN "•yxv"X'qX. A /iN X I s" A>" ,r /L>' A. '* -A**.- ' ;/•' -~
y 4'iT/T'¥' > ""'" S "~
Any of the above PIANOS or ORGANS can also be purchased through \V. T. MEYER, AARONSBURG, PA.
organ tone.
Address. CLOUGH fit WAHREN ORC AM CO., Detroit, Mich.
North Second Street,
llllr :i square smith of tho I- &■ T. It. It. Depot,
New and commodious lluilding;
I'ijuij i-d in ull d"|.u t iiumil s v\iili en
litrlv iiciv i'uniiiuii'.
No • Hoits sjntfd to make the
i ]>AKI-;U 11 (l('K it l<!tMnllll, Cotlii'*,! t-alllt
Home to a!! fftiests.
All excellent Livery Attached.
\V. N. ItAK Kit, Proprietor.
! Clkva n It. F. Von ada.
: Mew Firm —Mew Store j
i Dinges, Vonada & Co.. j
( would hereby call the at
tention of the public to
the fact that they have
opened a new store at
Coburn and respectfully
solicit a ehare of public
K-/'Produce taken in Exchange ;
for goods.
r. A. I ehtnann So'lcltor f American and
V'um'u u Patents. Was!, inttoti. D. < . All hu vt
i iss connected wiih i'ai-ails, wiic'her
the Patent ni (he Courts. pi<>m;>tly al- j
tended t<>. No clni'.i' made unless a patent is '
seemed. Send fur elretdar. tl i
sua its ti Mi
MANnrAcrrwtas o*
wind; MILL,
.V;W# Am) DKAIEKS or J
wlm Fittings, Crass Gooos,
nnd All thing* connected with
& Wator Supplies.
v\ * v 31 &33 Bandolph St.
irT '^ cata *
The Webstee Mfg Co.umited,
MANrrarrrß* Tire
Triumph Eeapers
New Clipper Mower.
The TRITMPII REAPERS are nneqnalud tat
simplicity in construction, w of management,
light weight, durability aud good working capacity
in all conditions cf grain.
Tho NEW CLIPPER lias all tho advantages of
the Old) CLIITLii MOWER with many valuable
Hekd ron lu.rsTT.ATvn Crncruin.
Goon AGENTS WANTED in unoccupied territory.
Brockport,WtorsrooCo.,N a Y*