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    |ht j|iUhfim toarnal,
Editors and Proprietors.
Local Department.
—Road our sale register.
W ANTED.— A blacksmith at R. B
Hartm&n's foundry.
—Township election tickets printed
well and cheaply at the Journal office.
—-The Central Pennsylvania Confer
ence of the M. E. Church will meet at
York, Pa., March 16th next.
—Michael S. Fiedler and Mrs. Polly
Royer, are the administrators of the
estate of Geo. W. Royer, dec'd. See
—The Presbyterians of Mifflinburg
iutend to build a new church aud are
already engaged in soliciting subscrip
—Mr. Luther B. Stover gives notice
that be has been appoiuted administra
tor of the estate of Mrs. Delby, late of
—The Job work done in the Journal
Office will compare well with any work
done elsewhere and the prices are re
markably low. Give us a call.
—The Central Peuna. Conference of
the Eyangelical Associat ion will meet
at Lock Haven March Bd, 1881.
Bishop Thomas Bowman will preside.
ter is getting mighty popular as an
auctioneer, aud what is better—perhaps
worse— 4< they say" he is going to ruu
for sheriff.
ten to fifteen bushels potatoes ard a
bout five to eight bushels of apples.
If it suits you to pay off your subscrip
tion iu tnat way bang them along at
Maud McCready, Fowler Station, Cen
tre, was fatally burned by the ex
plosion of a coal oil lamp she was
carrying. Miss McCready died after
twenty-four hours of intense suffering.
—ln Ayer's Aguel Cure we have a
positive remedy for fever and ague and
all malarial disorders, and one entirely
free frem quinine, arseuic or other in
j uncus drugs. It is the chemical and
medical triumph of the age.
TAKE NOTlCE.— Persons wishing to
gft family tickets for the German Ex
hibition, to be held in Millheim, next
Saturday ♦evening, can obtain them
at Adolph Miller's Tobacco Bhop, on
Maine Street, opposite the Bank.
—At the regular annual meeting of
the Millheim Cemetery Association on
Monday evening the following officers
were elected: President—Win. Mauck.
Directors—J. H. Reifsuyder, B. O.
Deininger, Jacob Alter, W. R. Weiser,
Eli is Lose.
—Mr. R. M. Wolf and Mr. C. W.
Ilostei man have bought out our friend,
Mr. G. R. Spigelmeyer, the active and
successful merchant at Woodward.
The of the new firm is Wolf &
Hosterman. We wish them much
—Our band boys are of the opinion
that the Mifflinburgers do net appre
ciate good music. We are not well e
nough acquainted with the people
down there to venture an opinion, but
call upon tvx> George Washingtons to
rise and explain. Gem'men—you
have the floor.
"-"We deem it entirely sufficient for
all practical purposes to state that the
Jersey Shore murderers—Geo. W. Smith
and Catharine C. Miller, were success
fully hanged at Williamsport, Thurs
day last the 3rd inst. A detailed ac
count of liow it was all done and what
the criminals said, would be of no
profit whatever to our readers. At
least so we think.
Wishing to close all my book ac
counts, I have determined to sell for
cash or produce only from and after
March Ist, 1881,
I will give my customers the full ad
vantage of a strictly
—Among the persons badly, but not
dangerously hurt by ihe train wreck
near Middleburg, in Snyder county,
last week, was Mr. Wm. Haus, mail
agent, a brother of Mrs. Wm. Mauck
of this place. An accouut in the Se
linsgrove Tiroes says: Mr. Haus'. was so
bkmly wedged in the wreck that a part
*of the car had to be cut away before
he could be extricated.
It is hoped that none of the cases
will prove fatal.
—Report of Millheim Grammar
School tire week ending Feb 4th,
No. of pupils, males —26, females — I
20, total—46. No. attending, males—
-24, females —17, total —41. No. present
eyery day, males—l 6, females —7, total
—23. No. tardy,
s-16, total—36. Average attendance,
males—2o, females —12, total—32. Per
cent, of attendance, males—B3, females
—7l, total—77. No. of yisitors—3.
No parents visited the school during
the week, nor at auy time during the
term, worth speaking of. Hope they
will yet come.
—The Journal office has every facili
ty to pfint first class sale bills, and
•charges moderate prices. Don't you
forget it.
—Don't fail to attend the annual
meeting of the Millheim B. & L. As
sociation next Monday,evening. There
is money iu it.
—Monday morning early we met the
biggest liar we came across In a long
time. The fellow was over six feet
high and wide in proportion, Jand said
ct tcasn'f a cold.
cents is the amount returned to the
Postofticee Department by the post
master ;at Haymaker, McKean, Pa.,
being the profits for the quarter end
ing Docember 31. 1880.
The annual meeting and election of
the Miilheira Building & Loan Asso
ciation will be held in the Town Hall,
Millheim, on Monday evening the 14th
inst.,at6 o'clock, r. M. A general
attendance of the stockholders is re
A. WALTER, President. :
—By refering to another page of the
Journal our readers will find the aunu
al county statement. It seems to be a
fair and full exhibit of our eounty
finances, showing where the tax-pay
ers' money goes, where it comes from
or ought to come from—but.don't in
many cases.
We may have a few comments to
make OQ the matter next week,
—Our band boys just now serve a
capital purporso to illustrate the differ
ent dispositions of human nature.
For example just yell out—"Mifflin
bur*/"—to a crowd in which the boys
have a majority and watch the instau
taneous effect. One will,smile a nice,
bland smile; another will laugh and hat
ha! outright; a third will look sad and
sorrowful—affected to tears almost,
while the balance will look around for
stones to yell you to death, as they did
the primitive christians. But, happi
ly, we live iu a christian country,
where you dare not stone your fellow
man just at pleasure; and besides the
stones are all trofcea fast just now.
For the life of us we can not tell what
happened them down there, fr
the all say with strong emphasis and
clenched lists that they are going to re
member Mifflinburg! Hope they will.
To our Friends and Patrons in
Otntre county.
Owing to a large increase in our
business we have concluded to remove
to larger and better premises,
April Ist 'Bl.
We are going to the place formerly
occupied by Brooke's Confectionery,
directly opposite Walls & (Jo's store,
where we will have enlarged facilities
to serve our customers.
The Millinery Department will bo
under the direct supervision of lira. B.
Harris, who has already engaged tb
service of several experienced city mil
The Notions, Trimmings St Fancy
Goods Department will be under the
immediate charge of Mr. M. Harris,
who will always endeavor to serve the
interests of patrons, giving the beet
goods for the least money possible.
Most Respectfully Yours,
The total vote polled for Presiden
tial Electors in f 1880 was 9,200,794, di
vided as follows:
Winfiekl S. Hancock, Dem0crat—.......4,444.313
James A. Garfield, Repub1ican.....~........4,437,y8l
Junes R. Weaver, Greenback ......'107,063
Neal Dow, Prohibition .. 9.664
Scattering -.........^.1,793
Hancock s majority over field, 6,332.
Many papers are sorely troubled as
to what will be the cjnsequences if
our state legislature should adjourn
without elcclidg aU. S. Senator. Our
opinion is that the earth would revolve
around its own axis and around the
SUP; that the weather would be just as
cold—the anew just as deep; that crops
would grow just as well; that the rich
would be as independent. and the poor
as dependent—all the same wbethei we
had two wooden U. S. Senators or but
one. Of course, if a man of the intel
lect culture and experience of a
Wallace or a Curtin could or would be
chosen it would be worth while to feel
a deep interest in the. matter. But
think of Henry Oliver as aU. S. Sen
ator. Uqhl
[The following article, clipped from
the Emporia (Kansas) Daily Nette,
was sent us for publication by Rev. J
G. Shoemaker.]
Yesterday morning St. Paul's Re
formed church, the new brick edifice
at the corner of Constitution street
and Ninth avenue, which stands as an
imposing monument to the untiring
energy and christian zeal of its pastor,
Rev. J. G. Shoemaker, was opened the
first time for divine service. The orig
inal programme was varied tothe extent
of postponing the consecration of the
house till in the evening and the morn*
ing ho ur was devoted to regular ser
vices, the pastor occupying the pulpit
and preaching a very able sermon ap
propriate to the occasion, from the
text: "The Lord is in His holy tem
ple, let all the earth keep silence before
Him." The discourse demonstrated the
inherent disposition of man to worship
something sbove and beyond him, and
to embody this object of bcaag* In
some material form, which, in the pa
gan* world, finds expression In idols
that are the work of man's hands, and
with christians in temples erected to
the worship of the living and true God,
by whose spirit the sanctuary is per
vaded. These houses, in which the
divine presence dwells, even as the
Shekinah in the temple of oM, should
be fit habitations for the occupation ot
Jebovab, and bene* it Is that we erect
our churches in a manner that they
may inspire reverence and suggest
thoughts which are not associated
with secular and common things. St.
Paul's church, while modest and un
pretentious, real ises to a singular de
gree, the idea embodied in the pastor's
sermon. Without an intimation even
of splendor, it fe withal so thoroughly
neat and comfortable, Its various ap
pointments are so happily b landed,
and such excellent 'taste has been dis
played in Its entire construction, that
can hardly realiza that so much
could be done with the means at hand
and the comparatively small outlay.
The aadience room is S : >xso feet, and
has s seating capacity of about three
hundred people. The walls are very
tastefully frescoed in the popular sand-
Stone shade, which is relieved by a,
freize of light colors and graceful de
signs. A panel in the recess back of
the pulpit bears the appropriate lucrip
tion " Holy and Reverend is His
Name.' 1 and the monogram composed
of the Greek letters Alpha and Omega.
The house is sufficiently lighted by day
and ventilated by a row of neat win
dows on the r north and south sides, and
by two very handsome chandeliers, by
night. The celling is of alternate
strips of white and yellow pine, rein
forced by heavy brackets in imitation
of walnut, and the wainscoting,
which reaches to the oottoms of the
windows, is of pine and ash. The
seats and pulpit, all of which were
made in Emporia, are of poplar aud
walnut and reflect the taste and super
ior workmanship of the manufacturer.
The aisles and space about the pulpit
are covered with a very pretty carpet,
the gift of the school-mates of the pas
tor's daughters, in Pennsylvania, and a
handsome Bible donated by Mr. Prot
bero, formerly of this city, a by ma
book i.nd liturgy presented by the pas
tor's brother, complete the appoint
ments of this pleasant house of wor
Took place in the evening, when the
audience room was filled to its ut
most capacity, the pastor being assis
ted by Rev. J. D. Greenwald, of S*b
etha, Brown county, and Revs. ICirby,
Cordley and Burrows, of this city.
After short hut felicitious addresses
from each of these ge utlemen, the pas
tor submitted to the congregation the
full and complete historical and finan
cial statement of its rise and growth,
covering a period of time from the
summer of 1695 to the present day.
The cost of lot and building as far ae
completed, is f3OOO. The pledges and
money, up to Sunday morning .amonnt
to S2OOO, leaving a debt of SIOOO to be
provided for.
The work of raising the deficiency
succeeded the statement of the pastor,
and through his efforts, supplemented
by those of his brother clergymen and
Judge Culver, who with a little prac
tif* wruid make Kimball the celebra
ted "hordi debt raiser look to his laur
els, tne amount of S3OO was subscrib
ed, leaving an indebtedness Cf S7OO to
still provide for, which the pastor
thinks the congregation will be able to
Dandle and eventually liquidate.
Rev. Shoemaker has wrought a work
in Emporia which does him great cred
it as a christian miuister and we fed
that we only reflect the sentiment of
the community when we offer him our
sincere congratulations on the satis
factory results of his earnest and faith
ful toil in the interests of Zion.
The LITTLE JOURNAL is a neat lit
tle monthly paper for Children from 5
to 12 years of age and only costs pos
tage paid 15 cents per year. Sample
copy 2 cents. Address LITTLE JOUR
NAL, Lewisburg, Pa.
Last week we were shown through the
burg, by the obliging proprietor, WB.
A. Davis, Esq. The concern seems to
be entirely complete in all its arrange
ments, and Mr. Davis himself ia an ex
pert in the business. He has had many
years of experience in this country,
England, Germany and Russia. He
showed us a number of shawls and
gentlemen's suits which had been dyed
and pressed, making them appear like
new, at a small cosk
We have agreed to act as agent for
Mr. Davis in this section and will at
tend to all work entrusted to us.
Read his advertisement ffc another
column and for particulars call at the
"Music HATH CHARMS."— The
Musical Instrument Store of C. H.
Hassenplug,Lewisburg Pa., will hence
forth be carried on by Hassenplug &
Thomas. They have on hahd a large
variety of Pianos, Organs, Organettes,
and other musical instruments of all
standard makes, which they sell at
very low prices. They are gentlemen of
high character and integrity and have
large experience in the business. Mr.
Thomas, who is well and favorably
known In these parts, expects to make
a thorough canvass of this part of
Centre county, selling instruments,
! and we hope he may meet with abun
dant success. tf
The Golden Mtiixtr of Lsfu Wonderful
If you have Consumption, "and would
know that your cough can he made
loose and easy—Hectic Fever and
Night Sweats checked in 24 hours 4 In
flammation taken out of the lungu and
air passages at once; that you can be
made to grain 3 to 5 pound* qf healthy
flesh per week; if you have any Chronic
Disease, Bronchitis, Asthmas Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Heart Dis
ease. Liver Complaint, Nervaus Dens
ity, Seminal Weakness or •Bpermator
rboea, loss ot sekual power either
aez from any canse; ir you have any
form of nervous weakness, losing flesh
or wasting aWay, and would know of
an immediate relief and certain cure
for many of the severest cases in a
•hortttrae, a new method with new
agents to fatten every body, invigorate
and make stroog and healthy the most
hopeless cases, cut this out and write
at once for particulars to B. 8. DIS
PENSARY, Berrien Spring*, Mich.
News Mlscellnnf.
IMMENSE quantities of Norway j*ats
have been frozen to death in the pine
forests of Elk and Potter counties.
A man who loves hia family will al
ways take hia local paper and £ti
mau who respects bis family will Al
ways pay for it.
A Chambersburg constable served a
warrant on a man at ShippeDsburg,
the other day, while he was standing
at the grave with hia mother, paying
the last sad rites to the memory of hia
deceased father. • That constable is
the champion mean man, beyond
Many good men have been unjustly
accused; but tbey .generally live.japwn
slander. Who has never feit the lash
of the scurrilous tongue? Who 'has
never had his best motives suaplbUliii& ;
ly scrutinized? . But you may sebtkJ it
as a rule, that no man*B reputation can
serioudy be hurt for a great length qf
time so long as his character A ls' sound
and good.—Ex. • '* •'
The Bald Eagle Yalley railroad com
pany has purchased the Buow Shoe
railroad. This purchase covers In ad
dition to the railroad and stocky the
control of r upwards of 60,000 acf£e of
bituminous coal lands; &nd $300,000 la
the price paid for iL The Pennsylva
nia company will operate this
branch in connection with the Bald
Eagle Valley road.
An Ohio paper proposes to number
the hours of a day and night consecu
tively from 1 to 2A, or from midnight
to midnight, thus doing away with a.
m. and p. m. in railway time tables
and elsewhere. The advocate of the
proposed new method says that there
is no more reason ior having two 12
o'clocka in one day than there is for
two twelve-mile pvtts on a twenty
four mile railroad.
The U&lifornia Floods. ,
, SAN FRANCISCO, .February 6.—lt
has beeu a fair day throughout 4 ;that
portion of the state which is under
water, and the rivers and creeks are
fall! eg everywhere. About three
thousand five hundred square miles of
the Sacramento valley is under water.
The losses cannot be even guessed at
present, but the aggregate will be a
stupendous sum.
Let Grave Robbers BeW&re.
MT. VERNON, 0., Jan 20.—Three
men attempted a grave robbery 'bear
Gano, in ibis county, and wheu near
the bottom of the grave struck a tor
pedo, placed ou the coffin for protec
tion, which exploded, instantlV luTU
ing a man named Dipper and breaking
the leg of one whose name has uot been
ascertained. The third, who wis
keeping watcb, succeeded in getting
bis companions into a sleigh and evad
ing arrest. 'Si.
Ia the whole HUterjr or Xedielat.
No prepenttion has ever performed such
raa'velous cures, or maintained so wide a repu- A rbk's Ciibmi y I'bctoral. which is re
cognized as the world's remedy for all diseases
or the throat and lungs. Its kiug contained
series of wouderial euros In all cßniat , s has
made It universally known as a safe and relia
ble ugent bo employ. Against ordinary colds,
which are the forerunners of more serious dis
orders, it acts speedily and surely, always jw
lieviug suffering, aud often saving life. The
protection It affords, by its timely use in throat
aud chest disorders, makes it an iuvalttabto
remedy to be kept always on hand in every
home. Ne person tan afford to be without it,
and those who have once used it never will
From their knowledge of its composition aud
effects, physicians use the Cherry Pectoral
extensively in their practice, and clergymen
recommend it. it Is absolutely certain m its
remedial effects, and will always euro whero
cures kre possible.
Foa al bt all Dealers.
Feb. 18th, John Dutweiler, Teen township.
Household goods.
Feb. 24tK John 8. Roman, Haines township.
Uve stock, farming implements aud household
March Ist, Samuel M. Ulrlck, near Puna
Hall. WVe stock, farming Implements and
household goods—nearly all now.
March 6th, D. O. & John Bower, Executors,
Aarousburg. Four squares of land, house &
lot and household goods. *
Feb. 26th. Administrators' salo, estate o
George W. Koyer, near Kebershurg. 14vs
Stock farm implements aud household goods.
On the 16th ult., by Rev. W. M. Landis,
Thomas Brungard, and Miss Emma Gorman,
all of Miles township, Centre Co. Pa.
On the 30th ult., by the same, Mr. Qeo. H.
Stover, of Farmer's Mills, to Miss Maqr
Klinefelter, of near Madisonburg.
urn. - t-r a
* 4 • • ' *• !
On the 20th ttlt, in Miles township,. Mrs. Sol
omina Anderson, aged 70 years, 5 months and
4 days. " ...
On the 3rd Inst., near Aaronsburg Sarah
, Fansler, aged 45 years, 8 mouths and 10 days.
On the 4th inst., near Freeport, 111., of paral
' ysls, Mr. John Btout, formerly of MJUhetm,
; aged 75 years, 4 months and 11 days.
Mlllbelm Vwktt.
Orroot*l evsry Wednesday by tiephart
k Mtwwr. ,
1 Wheat No 100
Wheat No. 2 W
Porn *0
oat* Wlilto 80
Oat*. Black
Buckwheat .59
Flour. ... ROO
Bran A Short*, pu ton.,. 17*00
Salt, per Brl .*. 1.90
'•Planter, ground. 10.011
per Uuetiel.... 45 to .Mi
fcC&i 5eed............ 1.00
JJmx*ed -
'yroveraeed. *
fbtter v .* 12
Veai ! ,
Bee'i., ...
Sllfry 30
its*? !"*. *.*. v. o'.''.*. '.v.v.'. I'. r. *. 1 5
Soap.. .....
Dried Apple* ' 3
Dried iVaches... 10
Dried Cherries
KgK Coal ~... - 95.60
Stove " 5.75
Chestnut" 5.30
Pea 4 4.00
Flour &
Highest HNutnt prtee paid for all kinds of
j 1 • '
• .i*"
Deli re red ettfter at the BRICK MILL or at the
Always on hand and sold at prices that defy
A share of the public patronage respectfully
(•elicited. &My
W. Davis,
" All kinds of Silks, Mixed Cotton and
Wool (foods dyed and finished In the
best style, .(fouls' Coats, Vests and
Pants dyed or cleansed without rip
Ladles' Cloaks, Capes, and Dresses
cleansed' or djed to any fancy pattern
where the original color Is favorable.
All kind of shawls clean ed or dyed
and finished In the neatest manner.
My Factory has all the and facili
ties of ft first class establishment of lis klml.
Mv experience in the business extends over
many >ears. both in this country and '•< Europe,
and am therefore enabled to do strictly first
clans work at jnoderade prices.
Mill helm, Pa.,
has accepted an agency from me. All goods
brought there for dying will be returned free
of extra charge.
r :' *
FdwtttJ Oeshler. J Jordan Dcable
. • . *
Aaronsburg, Pa£
Calla promptly answered da night
Main Street, Millheim, Pa
>K mm Outfit sent free to tuoee who wish To
IP Wengage in the most pleasant and profit-
Ail • Jable business known. Everything new.
Capital not required. We will furnish
you everything. $lO a day and upward
is easily made without staying away from home
over night. No risk whatever. Many new work
ers wanted at once. Many are making fortunes
at the business. Ladies make as much as men,
and young boys and girls make great pay. No
one who is trilling to work falls to make more
H\on6v every day than can be made in a week at
any ordinary employment. Those who engage
at once will find a short road to fortune. Ad
dress 11. Hallbt & Co., Portland, Maine.
Bocnrrr, Pat r or rations, wbw akd noTORA
tained.—New laws higher rates of mfUslon
The slightest disability, from wound, injury o
disease of any kind entitles you to a pension
Widows and heirs, fat hero and mothers are
now entitled,
Land cases promptly settled, Patents obtain
ed. All kinds of government claims prosecuted
Write at once for new laws, blanks and in
structions, with two stamps. Address,
Lock Box Sl4, Washington, D. 0.
/am furnished free, with fall >n
M I ■ Ist ructions for conducting the most
■ww profitable business that any one can
engage in. The business is so easy
to foam, and our Instructions are so
simple and plain, that any one can make great
proftts from the very start. No one can fail
who's willing to work. Women are as success
fill as men. Boys and girls can earn large sums.
Many have made at the business over one hun
dred dollars In a sin le week. Nothing like it
•ver known before. AH who engage are sur- ,<
prised at the ease and rapidity with which tb
are able to make money. You can engage
this busiuess during your spare time at great
profit. You do not have to invest capital j n jt,
IWe take all the risk. Those v/ho n' je d ready
money, should write to us at once, furnish
JBD Addres TKUK <k Co., Ai\ ftustrt| U A J NE
EVERY SOLDIER disabled in line of duty by
wound, disease, or injury, is entitled to pension.
ing less than entitled to.—Thousands of lieirs
entitled to Pension and Bolmty. RKJKCTED
CASES re-opened.
ABANDONED CASES finished.—Copies of
Lost Discharges obtained.—Claims of every de
scription prosecuted .— PATENTS PBOCUKKD.
Address with stamp,
11. S. BERLIN & CO., Attorneys,
Prepare for Snow!
James d. (HonLio
. f * s I
has just completed a-lot of very
which he offers at moderate prices.
warrants them made of first
class slock by skillful and expe
rienced - mechanics. Give him a
call before you buy elsewhere. He
will guarantee satisfaciioii in all
respects. 47-3ra
■ ■■■l ffl Yourselves by making money
Ukg else
ll mm am ft always k mom"*
from your door. Those who al
ways take advantage of the good chances for
nuking money that are offered, generally be
come wealthy, while tjiose who do not improve
such chances remain in |H)verly. Wo want ina
ny men, women, l>oys and gtrb* to work for us
right in tlieirowu localities. The business nil!
pay more than ten times ordinary wages. We
furnish an exiiensiveoutfit ami all that you need
free. No ouo who engages fails to ma Ice money
very tapUlly. You can deyute your whole time
to the work, or only your spare moments. Full
information and an that is ncedeu sent free. Ad
dress HTINSON & CO., Portland, Maine.
'Sis Style" S opr.
//jpj* We win send It to your Do.
Kycfl JkM pot to Ik? examined before
V/fiw you pay for It. I? it Is not a*
repr -> nled it can be refuru-
ITr Oil ;,t 0,1 r expense. Send a
fffcAl r*AIA postal card for i!lustrrt ed
* tfv 1 Wiii-r*! Circular. ('. A. WOOD A CO.
■2B 3m
.J- (Most Central llo'd in the City,)
Lock Haven, Pa.,
Go (I Simple Rooms/or Commercial Traveler
<on Jirst floor.
tthd how to obtain ifcora. Prtuphlet
tree, upon receipt of Stamp for post
age, Address—
Solicitors 0/ Tateuti,
Scar J'atent Office, Washington, D. C
TDrr 0 A IfDT r n of lwo of t!,e articles
I ItXiD OiiiurbiiO ever sold bv agents to eve
ry oue who answers ttiis witldn sixty days.
American Co ,
26-im City Mills, Massachusetts.
Hll FT II H E tansriaf Truss
■mop m id <0 a a cars Jg vou waJQt>
The neatest invention of the age! ce our
pamphlet. Sent free. Prof J. Y. EGAN. Og
densburg, N. Y. 29 ly
Champion Windmill Powerl
The Cheapest and nwt
Etiwtlve power in the wojld x&
for PumpfhA water lor stoqk, Cf'OCA
Irrigating purposes, supply- fDaSny
Ing houses and fountains
with pure, fresh water, etc. \Llv
All of oiur Mills are fully
warranted, and are equal to Wgk
any mill In the market in all SL'm
respects. aud superior in f c ill
very many. With our print- Wild
ed instruetions.ary otie can tftl | w
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Window Screen,'•^ c
the Boss
trade neuera' 1v?
throughout the Lz.V:
country. Send foe Illustrated Catalogue.
Lisht Castings Kiadeto Order.
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80 STRONCIff 1
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80 46 Inchet. BuitUouon.! UUIIIUIJU
Price, ZS Cent*.
„ Vhey are especially designed to meet
the requirements of those who dealro
to dress well. They are unsurpassed
In Style, perfect in Fit, end so aimpjo
that they are readily wideratood by thi
most inexperienced. Send 50. for cat*
elogue. Address,
"Domestic" Fashion Co.,
Jfj,.-*" IMPROVED v
1 Jra| \ B!mple, Light and Strong.
/gpsW* W No complicated Gearing. Cno
/|W I k man can do the work of two, and
MI i ft. turn out a better job. The winner
a (wq A of First Premium wherever eshi
a '"Wted. Send forl'lnstratcdCircular
* o aT) d Special Discounts to
T qJp roue!! A Deng las, Waahfgaa, El!.
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54,853 filachtnes.
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■Lgrcata wanted. Fca tesmi, tSdscM
Whita Saving fiacMss Co., 1
CI.T-rVKTLASftt, o.
Manufacture* of
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Every wagot built of tlrsuelass stock and by
exix'it mechanics. All work warranted. Re
pairing promptly attended t. The public pa
tronage 1$ respectfully solicited. 3b-Iy
TJic subscribers would respectfully Inform the citizen* of this neighbor, 11 °°d tbot tfcey have ensued In the tinder
takluv? business. lliey ar prepared to fllUUicalls in tujs lino at awti.' 00 Vould kin liy solicit ;i share of
patronage. A Full Line of
; coffins & caskets
alwuys ©u hand, which wo arc RIRO ready to fun <] to other undertakers at reasonable prices.
blit)F OX fin STUliif, ttlLlllKlM, FA.
ozFEUxisra- ii
lias just received her Pali and Winter stock of
MILLINERY GOODS consisting of
French lionncts, Hound fiats, French
Flowers* Feathers, Ribbon and all kinds
in all its Branches a
1 o
She invites her many fiiends and customers
to call at her place of business, in Penn
OP iigaHAßiT^Krs
9?a * :! Ie a: li> less COit
n • v ;;uy oxher moans.
No suffering or i .eoiivei ien e. Treatment
shipped to any part of Hie U. S. or cauadas.
Full particulars free. Address,
(Established lt.s. rrspr.ssAKY,
Berrien Spring*, Mich