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all fences the most enduring and the
most satisfying to the eye is the stone
wall. If its foundation is well laid it
may last as long as the world—which,
indeed, it may slowly sink Into; or the
accumulating layers of earth may in
years cover it; but it will still be a wall
—a grassy liuge with a core of stone.
A wall soon gets rid of Its new look,
ti is not propped up on the earth, but
has its foundations in it; mosses and
lichens take quickly and kindly to it.
and grass auu weeds grow out of its
lower crevices, mtfllein and brakes and
the bulby stales of golden-rod spring
up beside it. Black raspberry bushes
loop along it, over it, and stretch out
lroui it, clumps of sweet elders, shade
its sides, and their broad cyuies of blos
soms, and later, clusters of blackber
ries, beloved of robins and school-boys,
bend over it. >Y hen the stones ol
which it Is built are gathered from the
tields, as they generally are, they are
oi iutiuite variety, brought from the
lar .North by glaueiers, washed up by
the waves ol aueient seas, and tumbled
down te the lower lauds lroui the over
hanging ledges. Lumps of gray
granite and gneiss, aud dull-red blocks
of sandstone, f agiuents ot blue lime.-
stone, and only a geologist kuows how
many others, mostly with smooth-worn
sides and rounded corners and edges.
All together, they make a line of beau
tiful variegated color, and of light aud
shade, Oue old wall that 1 know oi
has been a rich mine for a brood ol cal
low geologists, who have pecked it and
overhauled it, and looked and talked
mostly wisely over its stones, and
called them names hard enough to
break their stony hearts.
KNOW. —As a general thing the farmer
is liable lor all the public injury his
hired man may cause while actually
employed by him. If he sends him
into his lot to burn old brush, and he,
for any purpose whatever leaves it and
the lire ruus into his neighbor's, de
stroying his fence and injuring his
ciops the larmer is liable lor the dam
ages caused by the wanton neglect ol
his man. If he sends a hired man on
the road with his team, and he, by
negligence, runs into another vehicle
and injures it, the - farmer is liable for
the damages; but should the hired mau
leave the road he was directed to go,
and travel another road tor his own
pleasure, then the farmer would not be
liable for the damages should any aeei
deut oeeur. It a lured man, in going
to or from the lot with a scythe, and
by ihe eareless, handling or carrying
injures a pas-ftr-by, the liirmer is
liable for damage. If in cutting wood
the hired man cuts down a tree in
another lot, the farmer is liable for
trespass and damages, although lie dis
tinctly showed him the boundary; and
though the ma 1 may have cut ttie tree
with mi li iousness,run i itoat am,even
ii it blocx his way, yet the tanner inus
pav the damage, though done contrary
to his positive order. In all these
eases the farmer ear. compel the hired
man to pay him back if lie has any
thing to nav it with; but this is rarely
the case uiiless the farmer keeps back
his wages and only settles when his
time expires.
VALUE OF COMPOST. —Farmers who
kuow tne value of compost, and know
iiow to make it, increase their manure
pile. In this way hundreds of loads
are made" annually, the material being
gathered-on ihi premises, such as for
est leaves, cornstalks, (including the
roots,) weeds, \i les, loaui from lenee
corners, muck from ponds and ditches,
occasional sprinkling of lime through
the mass, layers of barnyard manure,
and thus build up oblong squares anu
let them remain over winter.
FLY. —It is now a well established ikct
that the Hessian fly is much less troub
lesome on wheat that is sown in drills,
between which the cultivator is passed
now and then during the early growth
of the grain. Two fields of wheat
growfng side by side, one of which is
cultivated and the other not, but alike
in all other respects, see n strong proof
of the truth of the above statement.
SOME of the best butter makers in
England use for every twenty-four
pounds of butter one teaspoonful of
soda and alum nrngled together at the
• time of churning, and put into the
churn. This is for the purpose of ren
dering the butter firm and solid during
warm weather.
An Arctic Noon.
Ooe day Nordenskiold and I walked
out to the end of the Ice, to enjoy near
at hand a sight of the waves dancing in
joyous motion and the ice blocks swim
ming quiety above. Our way was over
the ice and walking was exceedingly
difficult. When we reached the far
thest part of the archipelago, we threw
ourselves down to rest and take a view
of our surroundings. They were sur
prisingly grand. The so'uth-wcstern
part of the vault of beayen was lighted
by the clrcum-polar moon. In the flood
of light which streamed out from her
there swam some few long drawn out
clouds. Right to the south near the
horizon there was visible a faint red
dish glimmer, clearly and sharply
distinguishable from the white moon
light. Here the sun had gone down,
when the long polar night had begun;
it was the last glimpse of this light tnat
we now saw. In the south-east some
few rays of light changing every mo
ment in strength, color and position—
in fact, the aurora in the form it com
monly takes here—raised themselves
toward the horizofl. Above our heads
glows the pole star, everywhere over
the sky sparkle stars, darting stronger
or weaker differently colored lights
and on the north or north-eastern hori
zon rest the deep darkness of the polar
night. I will not try to paint the rich
charming play of color and the chiaro
scuro full of effect. Add to this glo
rious heaven a wide stretching sea glit
tering in the moonlight, the white sur
face of Mussel Bay with three vessels
standing out against it, the dark, pre
cipitous fell sides that surround it, and
the little building on land from whose
every window lamp-light streams
and the main points of the panorama
are enumerated. It is difficult to be
lieve that noon is approaching; it might
rather be taken for evening, a quiet
winter evening in the country. A grave
stillness and tranquility. Only now
and then the deep silence is broken by
a low grating sound. It is heard in the
direction of the edge of the ice, and Is
produced by the rubbing of the ice
blocks against each other when they
|;e moved by the swell.
BREAD MAKING. —It Is sullioieiit, a>
is done Europe, to thoroughly mold
and kne id the dough In but once, j u in
the pans, carefully watch Us rismg,
aud, when at the right point, to bake
it, securing sweet bread and not that
from sour dough 'which can never be
made sweet. This, of course implies
no use of soda, since it is not needed
when the dough is sweet, ami since no
soda can restore the natural sweetness
of the grain. Jf the dough becomes
sour it is beeause the fermentative
process has proceeded too far, approach
ing the putri 1 icttve stage, a i actual
waste of no iuconsiderabte per cent ol
the nourishment.
While some may question the pro
priety of this fermentation, all will
concede the fact that it should not be
raised so much as to become even
slightly acid, since sour br >ad is not
only unpalatable but positively harm
ful. And siuoe a large {Hiriof the food
of the middle class must consist of
bread (we might live quite well ou
bread and fruits), it is importaut not
only that it shall be agreeable to the
taste, but contain as much as possible
of the bone and muscle elements to
promote the health, especially ol the
which are oiten attached to ihe back
of a rooking or easy chair to rest the
head against, are sometimes made of
silk patchwork or of euibroided, linen,
as well as o* wool knitted or ehrochet
ed. They may be eh roe he toil in strips,
like an aighau, aud iu the same stitch;
or they may be knitted in strips, or
they may be knitted in oue piece or
crocheted in lose chains, with some
bright silk for a lining. Measuro the
width of your chair-back and make a
stout linen bag, drawn up at each end,
of a length corresponding to that width.
The diameter depends upon the mopnt
of support you wish to give to the
sleeper's head. Then stuft the bag
with the best hair, mid after closing it,
put 011 the cover, knitted and crochet
ed to match the roll in si/8. Draw up
the cover at the ends and Diit 011 tassels,
and strings to fasten the roll to the
A SUPERIOR OMEI ET. —Beat six £gg*
very light, the whiles to a stiff lroth
that will stand alone, the yolks to a
smooth thick batter, add to the yolks a
small cuptul ol milk then the pepper
and salt to season properly; lastly,
stir In the whites lightly. Have ready
in a hot frying-pan a go;>d lump of but
ter. When it hisses pour in your mix
ture gently and set over a clear lire. It
should cook 111 eight or ten minutes at
most. I)o not stir, but contrive, as the
eggs "set," to slip a broad-bladed knife
under the omelet to guard against
burning at the bottom. When done lay
a bot-dish, bottom upward, on the top
of the pan, and upset it and bring the
browned side up. Eat soon or it will
not be so. light. A grand dish for
breakfast. *
Wortlil**s Stuff.
Sot so fast my friend; if 3*oll could
see the strong, healthy, blooming men,
women and children, that have been
raised from beds of sickness, suffering
find almost death,, by the use of Hop
Bitters, you would say " Glorious and
invaluable remedy." Bee another col
umn.—Philadelphia Presm.
substitute tor gruel is made as fol
lows : One ounce of rice, one ounce of
sago, one ounce of pearl barlev; put
three pints of water and boil gently for
three hours, when the liquid should lie
reduced to a quart. Strain it in exactly
the same manner as groat gruel, and
flavor wilh wine, brandy, or anything
el3e that may be suitable. If made a
little thicker—say, with an ounce and
a half of each ingredient to three pints
of water —a jelly will be produced,
which may be eaten cold with sugar,
fruit, syrups or preserves.
RHUBARB JEI.LY. —Take one rhubarb,
wipp it with a clean wet cloth, peel it
and cut it into pieces an inch long. To
each pound of rhubarb add three-quar
ters ot a pound of white sugar. Put it
to boil for about ten minutes or until
the juice is well drawn. Strain it into
a preserving pan, let it boil quickly
until it clings to the spoon, skim it and
put it into jam pots or molds. The
quickest way to know if it will set is
to drop a little on a plate to cool.
ONE Remedy for One Dollar—there
is but one way to-cure baldness, and
that bv using a deodorized
extract ol petroleum, the natural petro
leum hair renewer. It will positively
do the work and it is the only artiele
that will.
slacked with a solution ol salt in water
and then properly thinned with skim
milk, from which all the cream has
been taken, makes a permanent white
wash for out-door work, and it is said
renders the wood incombustible. It is
an excellent wash lor preserving
shingles and lor all farm buildings.
butter, two cups brown sugar, one-half
cup raisins stoned and chopped, one
and one-half cups dough as raised for
bread: mix thoroughly and let it rise
in the pans before baking. .Spices of
all sorts.
Bitlie them in a weak solution of per
manganate ol' potassa; one scruple of
salt to eight ounces ot water.
HONEY SOAP. —White curd soap, 40
pounds; melted and mixed with white
honey, 10 pounds; borax, 2 pounds;
and powdered benzine, 1 pound.
WHITE GRUBS —A half gill of soft
soap and water, one part of soap to
twelve of water, poured at the roots of
cabbage plants, is recommended as
sure death to white grubs.
pound ot bran in one gallon of water
an hour, and wash the paint with the
bran water.
DR. PIERCE'S Golden Medical Discov
ery, cures every kind of humor, from
the tvorst scrofula to the common pim
ple or eruption.
Four to six bottles cure salt-rlieum
or tetter.
One to five bottles cure the worst
kind of-pimples on the face.
Two to lour bottles clear the system
of boils, carbuncles, and sores.
Four td six bottles cure the worst
kind of erysipelas.
Three to six bottles cure blotches
among the hair.
Six to ten bottles oure running at the
Five to eight bottles cure corrupt or
running ulcers.
Eight to twelve bottles the worst scro
Sold by druggists, and in half-dozen
and dozen lots at great discount.
THK minister F topped at A house last
week, and sought to improve the time
by giving an 8-year-old boy an in
structive lesson in morality. "My
boy," said the minister, "I have lived
forty-live years,and have never used
tobacco in any form, nor told a lie, nor
uttered an oath, or played truant, not
—" "Gimminy crickets," Interrupted
the lad, "yer ain't had any fun at all,
have ye?"
A CHARMING widow owns a nice boy
and a man wants to be appointed
deputy lather to the lad. It Is only
last Sunday that, while the man was
strolling with the lad, he asked : "Bub,
does your mother bang her hair?" and
the fool answered : "Oil, no; but 3'ou
ought to sec her bang dad's head. Guess
the minister didn't know everything
when he told pap to prepare to die.
Prepare, why he was Just aohlug to
Ladles, you cannot make fair shin,
:osy checks and sparkling eyes with all
;he cosmetics of franco, or beautltlers
>f the world, while in poor health, and
nothing will give you such good health,
strength, buoyant spirits aud beauty
is Hop Bitters. A trial Is certain proof.
Bee another column. — Telegraph.
A YOUTH having importuned his fa
ther for a horse, the indulgent parent
presented him with the ancient steed
which lor yeais had carried hlw about
the city streets. A lew days after
wards the affectionate sin interviewed
.his father and renewed his request,
saying: "Father, can't you give me a
horse a little nearer my own age that
would be more of a companion for
AN antbetic mid-lay meal —At the
luncheon hour, Jellaby Postlethwalte
enters a pastry cook's and calls for a
glass of water, into which he puts a
fresh cut lily, and loses himself in con
templation thereof.—Waiter—Shall 1
bring you anything else, sir? Jellaby
Postlethwalte—Thanks, no, I have all
I require, and shall .*OOll hive done!
"THIS ISH niee time of night for you
to be coming in," said a mother to her
daughter, who returned from a walk at
10 o'clock. "When 1 was like you,"'
continued she, "my mother would not
allow me out later than 7 o'clock."
"Oh, you had a niee sort of a mother,"
murmured the girl. "I had, you young
jade," said the mother, "a nicer mo
ther than ever you had."
V BGKTINK is now acknowledged bv
our best physicians to he the only sure
and sale remedy lor all diseases arising
from impure blood, such as scrofula
and scrofulous humors.
HK took her by the hand and gallant
ly led her up the rooky gorgeV<'autiou9-
ly from stone to stone, avoiding the
little pools and eddying currents in
the brook. But in an unexpected mo
ment her French heel played treacher
ous and she vanished like a phantom,
slipping into two feet ot water with
grace and skill, and the sun umbrella
lie so gracefully held above her head
didn't prevent her getting wet.
"Sorry, miss," said the gool soul,
"but our minister is 011 a v -cation, and
I hear tell lie's going to get married.
80 you won't have very mticn of a pas
toral time; but you can pick huckle
berries I guess Josh knows where they
are thick," and the oldest boy suddenly
remembered that lie hadn't changed
his paper collar for two days.
THE gentlemanly caterer at the camp
meeting, who charges you sevehty-tive
cents for a fifteen cent breakfast, is re
quested to stirb for lower regions in
t lom dst of h's awful sins. We n- t' e
that the ministers think he is past p ay
i ig for,
. A STRANGER, pasing a churchyard
seeing a hearse standing hard by, in
quired who was dead. The sexton in
iormed him. "What complaint?" ask
ed the inquisitive one. Said the old
man: "Tnere is no complaint; every
body is satisfied."
There is nothing 111 modern discovery
so wonderful and meritorious, as that
great labor-saver, Dobbins' Electric
Soap, (made by Cragin A Co., Phila
delphia.) It t.dis its story on the first
trial. Ask your grocer for it.
"AREN'T you real glad to see us.
Farmer Robinson," queried the city
beile as he helped her from the stage
coach." We have come up to help you
harvest your huckleberries, and we arc
just going to live a real nice pastoral
life." _
A LITTLE boy has been drowned in a
public bath. This comes of the fatal
habit of going into the water before
learning to swim.
A NEW brand of cigars is called the
"New York Girl." They display very
bad taste.
A M"AN"S slippers, are made for com
fort, and a woman's to show her color
ed stockings.
IT is easier to hit the nail on the
head now that hie price has been re
duced to $3 10 per keg.
WHEN a storekeeper announces arti
cles at the "cost price" he olten means
at the original price with a lie added.
WHEN a married man sells real ESTATE
Pennsylvania law enforces the unit
THESE arc the days when a fellow
feels like doing nothing and keeping
at it.
IT is a strange thing ia art that an
actress must learn to paint before she
can draw.
IT takes a live man to pull up strea n,
although a dead one can ilrilt down.
COULD not doctor's lees be justly
called ill-gotten gains?
THE man who lost his balance was
out of his weigh.
A MAN'S appetite is his best grip up
on the stall* of life.
IN Africa, people of the right stripe
eat zebra steaks.
OUGHT a suspender manufacturer ex
pire on the gall >ws? .
CRAMTA Co'lc, Cholera Morbus, Sour Stomach,
Diarrhoea and Dy.-eutery are speedily cured by
Dr. Jayne's Carminative Balsam. It removes
all soreness of the Bowels, quiets the Stomach,
and restores Its natural a> tlon. As a family
remedy for many Affections of the Bowels pre
valent among children and adults during the
mmrner months, it Is especially recommended,
oelng prompt In Its operation, perfectly safe,
and easily administered.
DOCTOR'S Birrs.—'The ninn whose
Blood tin i Liver Is In good condition is
all right even in the mldstof epidemics.
This lias been often noticed in the life
of every one. If all would only avail
themselves of the advantages of restor
ing and maintaining the health of the
body,there would be fewer doctor's bills
and much less sorrow. '1 he one tiling
needful, and the one recommended
above all others, is found in Simmons'
Liver Regulator. 'A he testimonials are
counted by the thousands, and its merits
are undoubted.
"Having passed through the siege of
YELLOW FEVER, In 1874, in Savan
nah, and not having any physician to
attend to my family, 1 resorted to tne
Regulator, and found It to be a perfect
cure and preventive If taken in time.
I had two children down with the
Fever, used nothing but Simmons'
Liver Regulator, unci am happy to HIV
It cured them. It will cure and keep
ofl' Fever if taken In time.
It. J. LEST KM, Macon, Oa
lliiutlug Comfort.
Utah cannot be considered as a coun
try possessing Inducements to travelers
in pursuit of eomfort. The veli'cles in
which its passengers and mall are
brought are the most diabolical instru
ments of torture known to the present
day, and would have been the crown
ing glory of the days of the Spanish
Inquisition. Tliev should be called nut -
dyspeptics, lor they would cure the dis
ease most effectually or kill the patient,
probably both, it would only he a ques
tion of time and distance, no matter
whatcriine a man might be guilty of. At
the end of a ride of fifty miles lie would
throw up the spotigo and confess, and
100 miles would cause hun to confess
all the crimes in the calendar, whether
guilty or not, if there w is any propeet
that lie would be speedily put out his
misery by death. The mu i-wagons of
California and Nevada are about as bad
as can well be Imagined, but they are
pleasure earriges compared to the
Jakey of Utah. They all seem to hav *
been In use lifty years—patched and
tied up with old ropes, curtains torn
and dilapidated, cushions originally
stuffed with strsiv which has hero lie
chatf and worked itself into hard lumps,
the seat-irons running down the biol
bine, with bolt-heads projecting and
the square edges left untouched bv a
file or hammer; the apology for a hack
striking just at the weakest point of
the victim who rides, the side-Irons,
equally prominent, insuring black and
blue hips, and the side bows of the top
placed so as to hit one a whack til >ng
side the head whenever the thing
sTikes a boujder, which is every two
minutes. It matters little what may he
a man's character, a ride of 100 miles
in oue of these instruments of torture
will make him an upright citizen fur
the next few days auil fully qualify
him for service on a standing com
—Santley, the great singer has joined
the Roman Catholic Church.
For the Campaign.
The factory of W. Howard Drools A Steven
son. No. 43 North Tbi.d street. Philadelphia.
Pa. is the best place to buy Cape, Capes,
latere etylco iu Euatueled Mnnl n. ami iu Blue
and Wtiite Drill for the campaign for meet
ings, processions, parades Ao. All t e goods
are manufactured by the tirm. and s 1 1 at the
low< st pricca See advertisement in another
FRUIT EVAPORATORS. Illustrated Catalogue
free. American Drier Co.. Chambers ,urg, Pa.
THOUSANDS of lives aro des'royed by diseases
of the kidue\s and liv jr. Kidney-Wort would
save them. Tell the sck o it. "if you need
a gentle cathartic to rel.eve the stub-in of ac
cumulated d bris take Kidney-Wort It is
efficient and sufficient— POST.
A Great French Philosopher
once defined a doctor to be "a person who
pours drugs, about wbi h he knows little, into
a body concerning which he knows less, in or
der to cure dfaeascs of which he known noth
ing, "and the empirical, barbarous, useless
treatment of piles since the days of Hypo
crates, when doctors burned the tumors off
with red hot iron, down to the absurd wonder
cures and nostrums of modern quacks would
seem to bear testimony to the wit-d<>m of tbo
Frenchman. 'lbe great modem b nefactor of
the modern race is now admitted by every one
to be Dr. Silsbee, the discoverer of an infa li
ble remedy in ' 'Anakesis." This miraculous
cure for ihe most j aiuful of all diseases .s re
garded as the scientific tr umpji or the age,
an l is prescribed and endorsed by physicians
of all schools. It is not taken internally, but
applied as a snppitory directly to the af
fected part. It gives in-tant relief, soothes
pain as a pon't.ce, presses u ibo tumors as
an instrument and ultimately cures piles by
its medication. "Anakesis," Dr. 8. Silsliee's Ex
ternal Pile Remedy, is so d by all lirst-class
druggists. Price <<l.oo per box. banqvts
mailed tree to all sufferers on application to
P. Neuataedter Co., Box 3946, New York.
That Acta at the Same Tfcne on ||
II The Liver, the Rowels and the Kidneys. ,
E3 These great organs are the natnral cleans- U
M ers of the aysteai. If thoy work well, health
fl will be perfect; If they become clogged, I
I 1 dreadful diseases are sure to follow with
V Biliousness, Headache, Dyspepsia, Jann- j
H dice. Constipation and Plies, or Kid- '
Fl sey Complaints, Gravel, Diabetes, .
II or Rhenmatlc Pains and Aches,
Mm aro developed because the blo<id Is POISONED
M with the humora that should have becu J
y expelled naturally. - • *
fl wfll restore the healthy action
If destroying evils will be banished ; neglect
M them and you will live bnt to suffer. ,
■I Tbouaands have been cured. Try Hand yon J
Q will add one more to the number. Take It
■ and health wlllonce more gladden your heart. s
n Why Mlrhmi ft— Dslwswl orta AtMaghaAl !
I I Wkj haar sackdtorcMfroaiCoaslipaUoaandldiot
U' KIDHXT-WORT will cure you. Try a pack
■ age at once and be aatuilod. ,
Hit a dry vegetable compound and
H One Package make* six quarts of Medicine &
f 1 Tour Druggitt hat It, or trill get it fcr fl
II VOu. Intitt upon having it. Price, 1.00.
H WELLS, BICHA2D3OH * CO., Proprietor* J
□ 1.0 (Will MCd pot j*!d.) Barllngtoa, Vt.
LM 9 MM 9 ""9 A YEAR expens-s and ngts
HK FIT Outfft Free. Arldremi ;to P.
Vy f i f ' VIOKERY, Augusta, Blaine.
by his comrade in arms and personal friend. Gen.
JT. A. BBIMBIN. an author of wide celebrity. This
work la rumple;,,, authentic, low-priced. Fully ll*
luatrated. Positively the best and cheapest book.
Noue oilier official, I-end 50c. at once for outfit.
We give the beat terms. Act qu'ck and YOU can
coin money. HUBBARD BROS., Publishers,
VJA Uhestuut St., Philadelphia, Pa.
* Send (tamp for Catalogue.
Bides,Shot GUM, Revalvr*.eiit c. o.d- forexammatiou
Tnt DntAT 81000 Pußir.'EffV^
Scrofula, Scrofulous Humor, Cancer, Cancorou
Humor Krysiiclif, Caukeßait Rheum,
I'liiiplcs or lliiinor tu i lie Facts, Cougui
mil O'dij,, Ulcers, Bronchitis. Neu
mlgia, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism,
I'.urn In the Side, constipa
tion, t'ostlv iu-ss. Piles,
Dlz/.lness, Headache,
Nervousness, I'aius
In Iho Back.
Falntncss at the Stomach, Kidney Complaints,
F uiaio Weak uess au<i General Debility.
Thli preparation Is sclentincillY and chemi
cally combined, an i so strongly ccceui rated
fr nn roots, herbs and b irus. that, its good or-
It'CLs arc realized iniiiiedi itcly afier toiuiueoc
lhglotakon. Tln-ro Is no disease of the hu
man system for which the Vegetluo cannot bo
used with perfect sat ty, as It uo not cont iln
any metallic compound. For (radiating the
system or all Impurities of the bio id it has no
equal. 11 has never failed to effect a c ire. giv
ing tone and st ro gi h to the system dcblllt aed
by disease. Its wondeiful effects upon the com
plaints named urc surprising to all. Many have
been cured by the Vegeiine thit have tnod
many other remedies. It cau well be called
The Great Blood Purifier.
Remarkable Cure of Scrofulous Fac^.
WesTuiNerria, CONN., June ltt, IST'J.
Mk. 11. K. STKVKNS:
Dear Sir—l cau testify to the good effect of
your medicine My Utile boy had a Scrofula
sore br.- k out on his head as large as a quarter
of a dollar, and It went oowu his face from one
ear to the other, under his ueck, and was oue
solid in iss of sores. Two bottles of your valua
ble Vegeiine completely cured him.
Very respectfully,
11. It. NTKVKNN. liONtOB, Maw.
Vegetine is Sold by all Druggists.
""T" Gold Bonds
Bonds ui KTOOand 51000 -ach.
I*rlnei|>:tl on,l I titer,-KI III> nble 111 Gold
In Nt-tv Yurk.
1.-ngOiufH sd, 100 mil •; whole iet-ueof BoudH,
I ... hI in of ron!—iioi.i City of tort MHdKon.lowa,
on >1 iN-l—ipfi River, to City of Orc-tlooaa. lu*.
1 ut'-r-ii pnviil-l April let Mini U tuber Int.
I'nr >Hlt- nl 5 i*n*l Hf'ruf'l Internal.
Willi mi ll SoOO 1111.1 wlooo iienii llu-rr will
be gli 'ii it* i 1101111, glut) nnil h'ZOO rejeot
li I-I. In lull inld t-ii|>ilnl >l< k of (be
t oiiipany.
A, p phii ni for Bor. or for further information,
Circiilarr, , Hliould be inaii'- !o
JAMES M. IIKAKE & 10., Bankers,
Ore*el Building. 9 Wall Nt.. N. Y
Bcfeiiwlve Ji t-uie.ti lon
is n precan;l"n which nh u d n<*ver be neglected
when I'snger s present, and there or. a course
if the B Iters ait Is season is p.utieularty de
sirable. especially tor t iie feeble and sickly. As
I remedy tor biliousnes-, dyspe, sla, J ervous
ncss. and b we there Is nothing
•omparable to tllls wh desome For
iftie uy ud Uiugg.sts and Dealers generally.
If von arc * you an- a
jfw ofLu-iiU'v.woak yjw man of l-b
■ cnod by the strain of y?W bra toiling aver liid- ■
I rour duties avoid MM rnielit work, to ;es I
■ stimulants nnd use V tore brain nerve and ■
I Hop Bitter*. B •*> Hop B.
I If tou are voung and I suffering from an? in- Bfl
I discretion i>r <lissi|o ■ tlon ; if you are mar- Kg
■ ried or single, old or ■ young, suffering f rom E
■ poor health or languish ■ ing on a bed of sick- ■
E nesa, rely on Hop! Bitter*.
Wioevcr you are. Thousands lie an- ■
■ whenever you ft ei || >H punUy I rom some ■
S3 that your svstein form of Kidney E
■ needs flennsini;. ton- that might ■
■ lng or stimulating, fja i have been prevented
I withoutn/or/ca/I J; 4 by * timely use of
I g| ko Hop Hop Bitters
I ihsoiute
B gsaLimsi HDP
llUr u^ot'opium!
I You will be niTTrnn tobacco,or
X) cured if you use 1 111 II I ill* narcotics.
I Hop Bitter* | K [K\
fjl If vouare aim- IHi Sold hydrug-
II ply weak and 1 ' ir\/rn Send for
d low spirited, try fi 1" NLVtH Circular.
|3 it ilt may i .. HOP B rrms
save your S f-U ....
8 life. It ha* i lAIL
W saved hun- j ! Serin- ter.H. T.
8 drecis. S - Si a v.. ■■■ i..,ont.
MWBBWMBMtfßilin''''' **33 l
174 I
are quickly and surely cured by ths uae of KUAN M X -WOB.T. Inls B* sad wondarful remedy which I*
having auoh an Immenee aade In *ll parts of the oountey, works on natural principle* It r—tor— strength
end tone to the dlairastd orgaxis, end through them oleeneea the system of accumulated end poladnous
humors. Kidney diseases of thirty years standing have been cured, also Piles, Constipation, Rheumatism,
go., which have distressed the vlcttms tor years. We have volumes of testimony of its wonderful curative
power. No longer use Aleholio Bitters, which de mors hem than good, or drastic pill*, but use natures
remedy, KED NET-WORT, end health will be quickly regained. Oct It of your Druggist, Price, 11.
iwill send post paid.) WCUA, RICHARDSON A Q6., Prep's, Bartlagtea, Ti.
© Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cnre9 all Humors, from the worst Scrofula to *
common Biotrli, Pimple, or Eruption, Erysipelas, Aaltrbeuiu, Fever Sores, Scaly or
Hough Bkin, in short, nil diseases caused by bad blood, are conquered by this powerful,
purifying, and invigorating medicine.
Especially hns it manifested its potency in enring Tetter, Rose Rash, Rolls, Carbun
cles, Sore Eyes, Scrofulous Sores and Swellings, White Swellings, Goitre or Thick
Keck, and Enlarged Glands.
If you feel dull, drowsy, debilitated, have sailow color of skin, or yellowish-brown spots
on face or body, frequent bendachc or dizziness, bad taste in mouth, internal beat or chilla
alternated with hot flashes, irregular appetite, and tongue coated, yon arc suffering from
Torpid Liver, or " Biliousness." As a remedy for all sucb cases Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery has no equal, as it effects perfect and radical cures.
In the cure of Bronchitis, Severe Coughs, Weak Lungs, and carlv stages of Con
sumption, it hns astonished the medical faculty, and eminent physicians'pronounce it the
greatest tncdicnl discovery of the age. Sold by druggists.
iwsfc. No nse of taking the large, repulsive, nauseous pills. These
Wisrv w* Pellets (Little Pills) are scarcely larger than mustard
S heed,i -
Hz* e. 1 ! Being entirely vegetable, no particular care is required
sei r , 3llnL "it while using them. They operate without disturbance to the
system, diet, or occupation. For Jaundice, Headache,
TO D\\al A Constipation, Impure Blood, Pain In the Shoulders,
t** 3 ww Tightness of C'Fiest, Dizziness, Hour Eructations from
a Tho"AlttieOUnt" Cathartic. Stomach, Bad Taste In Month, Billons attacks. Pain In
¥ region of kidneys, Internal Fever, Bloated feeling
about Stomach, Rush of Blood to Head, take Br. Pierce's Pleasant Purgative Pellets,
Sold by druggists. wonf.p'V MKPFWKAKY CT.nirtf. ASSOCIATION. Pror'm. Rnffslo. If. ▼-
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Here is Musical History in a most entertain
ing tor n, the salient and Important facts being
wrought into very rea lab e stories of what
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the Middle Ages, and of the ea ly d tysof opera
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Voice of Worship. L. O. Emerson.... 1 00
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Johnaon'i Method. A. N. Johusou...*.. Co
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F r rlor °! p ! fnn '"■trnHlon Book.
nv A. N. Johnson i 60
Nudds' National Ncliooi My W F
Sudds ' j M
•F* Any book mailed for retail price.
J. K DITSON A CO., Philadelphia.
for el tCerns or wells of any depth.—
Plain. Iron, Porre a is, or Copper It nod.
Brand*. AC. U. XIX, 00, b No 1,
B, Its. B No. 1. For *a)o f.y the
Hardware trmle, Country More*. P tup maker*, eta.
See thai I lie Pump you buy in •teiielW
VI an u fiscta ror,
ftMILLION Plant*! Will park to reach yos
e*DO *r r r<*ieiy at ci.m per l/xw. ai
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TH*. Liric or
By lil* peraonnl frlerid. Major BUNLT, Ed'tor N V.
A/of/,i* the only rdftfon to which Gen. On field
hue given a leu. .on or fart*. Beautifully
llluetrateo, print dad l ouni. Full le gin * eel
p rt an by Hall.f'otn - pi.~tu--e felt • , e\- re**ly for
tli.e w<dk Ac.Ur A gt-iita H Killed. Liberal
term* hood t I.IKJ at oiicelor complete ouiflt.
11l and 113 Wtill m 8 - re t. New York.
DTinnn.<n 77,r " ,n ® _T T?r nory g ires
UUUUII3U Cinclunati, 0. Catalogu KRKE.
A pent 8 Warit#yH Beet chance ever offered
Tor*ter and B etle, price 25e ; T y Cat a id
M ue, price iV.; Mouee Scar Pin, price lie. Sa:n
--p es mailed to any addrena on rec 'ipt o! price. In
. urrency or pontage * tamps A. A. DAVIS
_ Naahua. N. H.
B B I I ■ I Bluid. Itching, or L'loerat<j
LIE it
■ I immediate relief, cure* r
_||| |l loo* standing to 1 week,
; W I U U Jciuffffil It.
I ttrapper kar printed en it in blaeM m Pile of S onet a nd
iV. Jr. Mitler't eipnatnre, rhila. BI a bottle. Sold
by alldroggiata Sent by mall by J. P. Mn.LKk, M D..
Prop*.. S. w. oe*. Tenth asd Arch Su., PhiladjC.Pa.
Bnpertu* celebrated FTnele Breeeh-loading Phot
Gun at 4'4 up. Double-barrel Brooch loaders at #2O
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712 Market Street. Phlla., Pa
Aa En g 1 liiTet srmary Burgsoa and Chemist, new
■"rj 11 "! m tki* country, *aj* that most of tb* Horn*
and Cattle Powders here are worthies* trash. H*
W •"beridan'i Condition Powdtrt ibit
luUly par# td TalnahU. Nothai
jarth win make heu* lay lik* Sheridan's Condition
Powders. I>o**, one teaepooa to on pint o< feed,
sold everywhere, or sent bv mall for eight letter
•♦aaape. 1.1. JOHNSON A CO., Bauger, Me
la the Old Reliable Ooaeeatrated Lye for FAMILY
BOAP MAKING. Direction* accnipany each can
for making Hard, Uofl and Tailed ttoa* guiekly
K 1* lull weight and strength.
ter, Pa., reopen* Jaiiunry 7. Civil engineer iug
Chemistry- <'la*sica and FnslDh. Degree* i-on'errea
• < olonel THRU HA I TY. Pr*.
Those auewering an Auveru*eiueui ej
confer a tavor upon the Advertiser and the
Publisher byxtattng that they saw the adver
tisement In thlstonrea Vnamlrc the Darter)-
Sarsaprilliai msolnit,
B It SMtotf la Th l4fi r fttomneh. Skla
o* BOOM, Kle.b or Nsrroa,
Chronic Rheumatism, BcrofttU, OianduUr
Swelling, Hacking Dry Cough, Canoeroue Affec
tions, Syphilitic Complaints, Bleeding of the
Diseases. Mercurial Diseases, Female Oom
plaints, Gout, Drop j. Bait Rheum, Bronchitis.
Consumption, '
Liver Complaint.
Not only does the Sareaparlllian Resolvent
excel all remedial agents In the cure o( Chronic,
Scrofulous, Constitutional and Skin Diseases,
but it la the only positive cure tor
Urinary and womb Diabases, Gravel, Diabetes,
Dropsy, Stoppage of Water, incontinence of
Urine, BrtghUs Disease, Albuminuria, and In all
eases where there are brick-dust depodte, or
the water is thick, cloudr, mixed with sub
stances like the wblte of an egg. or threads IKe
white silk, or there la a morbid, dark, bilious
appearance and white bone-dust deposits, and
when there is a pricking, burning s naatton
when passing water, aid pain in tue small of
the back ana a ong the loins. Bold by Drug
One bottle contains more of the active p lncw
plea of Medicines than any other Preparation
Taken in Teaapoonful doses, whlls others re
(uire ove or six tlmos as much.
R. R. R.
Ready Relief,
DKwej.esa Dlanhoe i. Cholera Morbus or 1* u
ful discharges from the b >wels Are stopped in
is or *) mluutea b, talcing Kadway s ite-ady
Uef. No congestion or tufl unmauon, no w
ness or lassitude wLI follow the u-ic at the K. r.
Tlio Only Pain Remedy
th it instantly stops the most excruciating
jalns, a lays InflamuiaUo 6, and cures Con? £
tlon-. whether of the Lungs, 8 omaeb, bowe's
or other glands or organs, b/ on • uppl cation.
In from one to twenty minute*, no mat
ter liuw violent or excruciating the pain t,e
theum Mc. Bed-ridden, InDrm Crippled. Nerv
ous Neuralg c or prostrated with dl-ea* may
suffer. RADWAY'S READY RELIEF will afford
Instant ease.
Inflammation of the Kidneys.
1 (iflam.u>tion of the Bladder.
Inflammation of the Bowels.
*'ois est lon of the Lnari
Sore Throat, l>lflienit Breathing.
Palpitation of the llesrt.
Hysterics, Croup, Diphtheria
_ . . „ i atarrh, Infloenia
Headache. Toothache,
Nervousness, Klecplessne A
Neuralgia, Rhenioaitum
Cold Chills, Arne Chills.
Chilblains and Frost Bites.
The application of the Ready Relief to the part
or parts where the pain or difficulty exists w.U
afford eas* an t comfort.
Thirty to sixty drops In a half tumbler of
water will In * tew minutes curj Cramps,
Sprains ScurS'omach, Heartburn, 81ck Head
ache, Dfarrhcß i, Dysentery, Colic, Wind in the
Bowels and all internal pains.
Travelers should always carry a bottle of R d
way's Ready Relief with them. A few drops in
water will prevent sickness or pains from
change of wa'er. It is better than French
Braudy or Bitters as a stimulant. Prioe Fitly
Cent- per mottle.
Radway's Regulating Pills.
Perfect Purgative#, Soothing Aperient*,
Act Without Pmln. Always Reliable
and Natural In their Operation.
Perfectly tasteless, elegantly coated with
aweet gum, purrs, regulate, purify, cieanae and
RADWAVS PIUS, for the cure of all Disorders
0 the stomach Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Blad
der, Nervous Diseases. Headache, constipafJon,
Costlvenesa, Jndlgestton, Dyspepsia, Btl.ous
neßß Fever. Inflammation of the Bowels, Plies,
and all derangements of the Internal viscera.
Warranted to efleet a perfect cure. Purely
vegetable, containing no mercury, minerals or
deleterious druga
W~Observe the following symptoms result ing
from Diseases of the Digestive Organs: Consti
pation, Inward Piles, Fullness of the Blood In
Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nausea. ID art*
burn. Disgust of Food, Fullness or Weight in
the Bto nach, Sour Eructations, Sinking or Flut
ter ng st tue Heart, Choking or Sen
sations when in a lying posture, Dimness or
Vision. Dots or Webs Before the Sight, Fever a d
Dull patn in the Head, D. flclcnc* or Pcrsplia
tlon. Yellowness or the Skin and Eyes. Pain In
tiie Side, chest. Limbs, and Sudden Flushes of
Heat. Burn ng in the Fie -h.
A few doses of RADWAT*S PIUS will free th*
system from all the above-named disorders.
Price, tS Cents per Bo*.
we repeat that the reader: muht consult our
books and papers on the subject of diseases and
their cure, amo ig which may he named:
"Folae and True
"Hadw yoa Irritable Urethra, '
"Kadway no Scrofula,"
and others relating to different oi**aa of Dls
Rend a letter stamp to HADWAY St co
No. W Warren, Cor. Church SI., Xcw
twinformatlon worth thousands will be sent
to you.
There can be no better guarantee of the value
cf DR. RADWAT'S old established R. R. R. RUM
DISS than the base and worthies imitations of
them, as there are False Resolvents, Reliefs
and Pills. Be sure and ask for Rad way's, and
see that the name "Radway" Is oa what you
JL N (i.ranii-a ..i Yeivm Types. Metropoli
tan Co vying Oftlee, 15 West 3d Street, N l7
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