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    Xlje Journal.
Iti'tr & rtiiiiEEcr. Prcprietors
B O. DLIMSGEH, Asso.'i.v.o LMUor
TLorme —&1.-CO Pov Annum.
Horrible Tragedy ih
Snyder County
The rumors flying about, tire last
few days, relative to a probable mur
der near Troxelvillc. Snyder county.
We have been able, after careful in
quiry, to reduct to the following
facts : On last Saturday morn iug,
between 1 and 2 o'clock, two shots
were heard by Mrs. Erb, who re
sidesTncarcst the scene of the trage
dy. She and her hnstmnb iminedi
ntelv arose, and discovered that the
housw of John Kinsler was on tire.
Persons residing in tli* neighbor
hood wore soon on the ground, a
rnong them Ja o'o Scluwder ami To
bbs Mitchell, who were the first to
discover the bodies of the victims.
Mr. Kinsler was found in a loom
used as kitchen find sleeping d*part
rnont. his arms, head and legs, lie
ing burned to a crisp. Mrs. Kins
ier's tHH'y was diSeovend in the en
try, inmost entirely consumed.
Blood was found scattered aliout,
which leads to the suspicion that
ono, at least was killed outside and
thrown imo the house. Five pis
tols and a shot gun were also found
on the grounds, and a!*>nt twemy
rive dxdiars. in niekles. five and ten
cent pieces, which rendered it hut
t+w evident that a horrible crime had
Ijeen coinmitUsf. At this writing
ro arrests hive been made. —d/.jtf.n-
U<rg Icieyrajth.
The merry season will again lie ;
here in a few days and it behooves j
us as parents and christians to con* ;
aider over the wavs and means to !
inakc it a happy and profitable time |
for our families, or neighbors and !
From a religious point of view il i
is the most important an I should be J
the happiest anniversary of tlie rear. J
to young and old— to rich and-, poor j
"Merry Christmas" should find
the whole family it home. No- par
rents who hive the wolf ire and li tp- '
plness of t'.eir children at heart
ahouid suffer nay luhnrs or business !
engagements to keep them away on j
-tlvis gt-id day. Nochiid that lias a
borne, in the ti suns"; will williog
j - absent itself foan tic* faniilj* circle,
on joyous occasion. All the j
.- Tiools siiould fif* closc-1. all business |
ensjier.cbd. cxei pt su-ls as has a di- j
root l.KF.'.ring on L • :*es?i\ities of t.hc :
Uaf. !
It is a good season too, to cn'li- ,
vate the rcMcr attriindep of our
j' ilurej. 1'• s-sf?.'s • hcuj-.i he mute j
by each member < f 'be f.nailv t<> :
every other n* o. 'i';.: p' aof pove"- i
ty ha lutliitl-' f no in * List <*r:t *}
J ? iion and:- t h'*; lin-. "t'ro-"-;t*s !
net ravfds-r s!y 1 e r*r ?t'y. It •
r-.; uiros <t li.tb* to ]> w 1 sansljioe !
jud joy over the entire lions-laud : i
end W" -incinelv piiy the f;ith r v.-bo j
< onsiders a iitiU* in u. -y spout iu i
ibis nay. as so much 11 r*wn uw:v. I
VvV ;ie h.'tppv to sue Thud tie beau- ;
tiful c-ld G! custom .•. having a i
"Chris Unas Tav" in every family
WHERE there ;ue cbildn n. is IH'COOI-
Ing more j ojmhir in this country
every year. They cost but little and
do a vast deal of goKl—nuich more
than wc are ant to think for. If
you never had one la-fore, try toe
experiment ibis ve:u', and m ok the
lup|y effect upon your child '"en.
Everv Sundav School si ould have
BR Chrißtnie.R Festival. If wc think
of our oxen corn fort and happiness
only wo will have done our dnt\ but
poorly. If we desire that Chr'at,
whoic anniversary birth day we are
ceiebratlog, and who himself was
the p<Kv.vst f the poor, should own
uxasllis.we must also remember
the poor—especially poor ch klrcn.
Now there are in every Sunday
school some children who *ivtv have
precious few jovous days at hom o .
and it 13 for these neglected ones,
more especially, that these festivals!
should IK; had. We must give them |
some tangible ev tb vt we !
love and care for them, else our •
ot her labors for their moral and re- :
ligi<ms good, may gieatlv if not en- \
tirely fail. Nor is it necessary to j
BJKTUI days and weeks in decorating
churches, although a mo',erate effort |
in this direction, is altogether prop- '
er ami desirable.
Nor should we t>e content to rest j
even here. Our "good will toward
men," should take a wider sen-**.
3f we have n noor neighKtr. niul we
all can easily find such if we will,
who st hard to keep the wolf
from the -loor. we sh>>u'id rememle-r
him Help hint along —just a little
ii you can't do much. As ick of
Hour, a few pounds of groceries, a
new garment, a pair of shoes for the
little bov or girl—or even a dress for
tTe babv. if you can't do Iw-tter. may
cause ranch joy in an luunble borne, ;
while you will certainly not miss in j
the least what von give. You can !
make your "Anril payments*'just ts
easily for exercising a little charitv,
once in a while, toward a needy
neighbor, as if von act as though
our kind heavenly Parent had creat
ed the whole world, with ail its
wealth and beauty, for your exclusive
Bishop Dubs, of the Evangelical
Association, is now making an E
piscopal tour through Pennsylvania
and will visit Oenti> county on bis
way, preaching as lie goes. He is
represented as living one of the
ablest pulpit orators in the con-dry ;
and our people wil' be g'etifi d to
hear him. For appointments see
Church Directory.
We have a correspondence from
Brush Vallev, signed t*x Tail
which is well written and which we
would cheerfully publish if the writ
er hat! given his veal nemo. Tins
we must, know in ah eases. Se id on
your "Shavings," but let us know
who you aie.
If you wish to buy a suit or over
coat you can save more than your
fare by going to Koch & St rouse,
Philadelphia Cinttd ng J falll>ewi£-
bppg. Fa.
Montandon, in Northumberland
ccuntv, is represented in Congress
bv our fellow townsman. It. M.
Musser, Esq. Hope Ralph will do
| tnc square thing for the Montan
j dons.
Wo called in at the popular Red
! Front Furniture Store, Lewisburg,
! Pa., lasv'woek, and made the a
i quaintanrc of toe gentlemanly pro
piieior, Mr. J. ifower. Wo have
' not seen Mich a tine collection o
furniture for a long time, and if any
jof our readers are in need of any
| tiling rtallti they will find it at
: the Bed Front at anch prices as
j positively defy competition.
By reference to our Church Direc
j tory it will l*o seen t-hat the fust
rogularxvorship by The sr. John's
I Lutheian congregation w ill !o helu
| Sunday the IWth instant. The con
• giegation is now regularly org mixed
i and chitrteiTsi.ami will constitute a
part of the Aaronslung charge. It
is intended to have worship statedly
every two weeks. May the young
; organisation be the means of doing
| much good.
Mr. T.ouis Haas, the proprietor of
the Ik'liefonte Brewery eatnc to
; our town the other w* el: and deliv
i ered a wagon load of the lest lK*or
!to tin* lan .'lord of the Millheim Il<e
the at.jtel,M S. Musser. We pall
ft hot-, tent ion of our readers to the
fa. t that Mr. Musser sells the Iver
at the same low figures, it can be
obtained at the brewery iu Belle
foutc. "Give it a trial. 2t.
J. Newman. Jr., of the Fugle
Clothing Null. Bellefonte, Pa.. keeps
up his reputation as th* lKss*elotli
ier in Centre count v. Newiuan un
derstands his business thoroughly
' and s lls lower than anv other house
in his line in Central Pennsylvania.
Overcoats, winter suits, gloves,
boots, liats. underwear, and in fact !
even t lung in the Hue of Gentlemen's
Furnishing Goods, of the Ivst qual
ity and at the lowest prices. Pat
ionize Julius—he will do the square
tiling by you.
Mr. John Mayes, the jolly shoe
maker of Boggs township, this coun
ty, is the happy father of IS child
ren. all by Ins present wife. This
good old couple are grandpa and i
grandma of 04 children and great |
praiuiuarents of four more ; they ane ]
hale and hearty at the age of G4.
Old Johnny can't be l>eat playing
"Fisher's Hornpipe'* on the violin,
dancing a jig, tejlmg a good story,
and can drive a peg as well as a l*y
of eighteen. And. of course, he
votes the Democratic ticket every
pep.— fTute.'i/ii iu.
A inerrv Christmas to all.
Suue of our citizens talk of going
to Kansas bv April next.
s. I.eitzeli's house is going up and |
will make a big show when done.
Chicken-Pox are prevailing among
the young to some extent.
The singing class under the di
reelion of Prof. Philip M ycr, is
in king rapiJ progress.
Oil Friday as the grovel train
came in thev run over a sheep and t
kiih d it. Tom savs "poorthing." j
Well. it does look liaid to see a
! Teless id'cd body, jt i.,- on '
ly A sheep. * '
The school teachers in Williams
on 't have ra'hev "rough sledding'*
Wth some of fa ir pupiF. in cotisc
qu se eof the intes-ferenee of shal
i .w-piteit parents. Nome o{ the
'hy3 e-trrr mrtoh to me on "the
HI aster, in case ho undertakes to
eniureo the rt quire men ts <f t!ie
; and inst.iivrca are published
where threats like these are made .*
'Mis F had said that if a leach- |
el* rnisiied her boy and Ire? husband i
did not immediately go ami kick the I
teacher out of the school she would)
leave him."
"Mrs. C told Iwr fiov that if
Miss Beiiiiiugton gave him more
than four cuts he a'irtu! t pull her
hair." "Mr. , told his N>y the
sum!* as Mrs. C — s —. aud add rl that
he should kick Tic teaehe*-." Under
these circumstancvs, it would be
sonicv. hat soft er and every way more
desirable to join the Turkish army
than to teach a common school in
• fc- i . ■
In view of the idimerous demands
u;on the purse, pantry, clothes rack,
hen coop, and other portions of the
property of our citizens in unseason
able ho rs—and the manner in which
watches, solid silver, overcoa's. jew
elry, etc.. have lieen appropriateii by
unknown individuals for the past t
few weeks, wc a*e tnat shot guns, j
revolvers, and even rifles, are to l>e !
used in the future for self-protec- i
tion. An •rm or leg perforate! 1 i
with bird shot or even buck shot- j
our jieoph* argue would IH* a remind i
er that "the way of the transgressor |
is hard." The air is freighted with
the odor of gun-powder, and nearly
every other man you meet is carry
ing home pow-ler and ball for the
emergency. Muskets, revolvers,
shot guns—anything and everything
that will shoot, explode, wound,
maim, scare and not kill, is lieing
brought into demand, and prepared I
for the occasion. Timid wives and
daughters protest, but the liege lords
snuff blood in every breeze, and the
tiat has gone forth that prowling
night thieves and marauder* must
be punished. !*o look out for local
items and uevvsv papers from Lock
Haven. — Republican.
Last week, while returning home
from Lewisburg we made the ac
quaintance of all the train men on
our railroad, except the engineer
and lire man, Mid we do say without
the slightest wish to llatter that
they are just as efficient anil oblig
ing a sett of men as one could wisn
for ot- any railroad, or anywhere
else for that matter. Com in mder
in-ehief Fury, is not the stiff, dig
nified njfi er one generally meets on
main lines, but is clover and accom
modating to all. He is not above
making himself useful whenever oc
casion requires.
Mail Agent Ueale seems to be
thoroughly at home in his living
post office. We were with hiin a
good while to get an idea of the du
ties of a Post Master on a train, and
11 is but justice to say that Mr.
Bedc is an efficient and faithful
agent, as far as we are able to judge.
The balance of the men til seem
to understand their several duties
thoroughly, and perform them with
a willingness and good cheer that is
pleasant to behold.
The fo lowing is a list of tho on
tire crew: F. M. Fury, Con
ductor, J. F. lleale, Mail Agent,
D. F. Stonghton, Baggage Master,
Robt. Buck UnB. Hartman,
Brakesmen, JudsQa Smith, Engi
neer, Milton Kebon. Fire nun.
t now full to repletion with a choice
selection of HOLIDAY GOODS. WO
have the best and cheapest assort
ment ever brought to Penns Valley.
Ills simply crftt of the queatioti to
try to enumerate all we have—or
even our leading articles—aud se We
will ask our friends and the public
generally,, nfmst kindly, tenderly,'
affectionately —CoMR AND SFCE.
Bead the solomlid Christmas Story
■ on our outside.
! Beyer sella the i.ost Calico at 54
and Gi (Vnt per vaitf.
Weather warm and pleasant and
; overcoat men mad as blazes.
At Hover's yon can buy the finest
Fur Hats at $2.00. Best style.
Ladies Beaver C'ont* at Stain's—
only $5. laulics Underskirts from
| 75 cents to $2.
I A full line of Clothing for men
and boys—at "Hover's. Very cheap.
Hon. J. 13. Eustis, Democratic
U. S. States Senator elect, was ad
mitted to the Senate the other Mon
day, only eight Senators voting
against him.
Matelaese Cloaking for ladies at
Hover's, $2.75 jier yard, vtry IsiUtl
The Sheriff of Yoik Co. recently
destroyed 1G 'lish liaskets, ia one
day,4ii the Conewago creek.
TY," by Itichie A ftaynard, will Ix
delivered to subHcril**rs in a -dort
time. We leel satisfied tlu.t this
will t* a valuable work and hoi**
the publishers may have a well de
served reward for their labors.
All colors in Two Fly Maroon
Heading Fringe, si'.k tied, at 3u els
yard, at Boyi r'x.
♦• ♦ ►
At a sheriff's sale in Snyder coun
ty the other day, a horse, cow, hog.
110 bushels of corn. 5 acres grain in
the ground, farming implements,
furniture and household, goods too
numerous to mention, brought all
the way $27.
Don't buy the old style Ball
Fringe, when you can get the Two
Flv Fring. at Buyer's, for only 30
cents per yard.
The fifth annual musical, conven
tion, under tho directors!!hi of I'r >f.
F. C'. Mover, will IK* held in Five-"
burg. Snyder Co., commencing Mon
day evening, Jan. 11. ISTS. to con
tinue one week. Grand concerts on
Wednesday, Thur day and Friday
evenings of sanl week.
Having obtained special rates ofi '
COAL OIL to Cobuni Station we arc I
now prepared to sell by the barrel! to |
dealers of tin some pri.-< they would j
be chaiged either at Sunbui y or Wil
tf SMITH & Co.
Tin: silver war* delivered by the
National Silver-IM.itiug Co., No.
70t Chestnut street. Philadelphia, is
giving entire satisfaction. All or
ders are promptly filled, and no one !
;:eld hesitate about s<'tidiug thein j
money. Luth.ran Observer.
If von go to Lcwidr.irg you will J
find the American House as good a ,
plane to st;ty while there as Llierc is ;
• ait in town. Mr. Wcidensattl. is !
an • \jei ienccd hud lOl'd and a gen
tleiuau throughout, and has the hap
py knack to make you fe-l "at
heme." Try him.
linn's lnn;il> of Uuflalo Valley.
Copies of the above valuable local
history of the far-fntucd Buffalo Val-
Vy may be obtained of B. F. llrowu (
Lewisburg, Daniel Detr. Belle fun te,
Miilaeim. Price $2.
KUS' INSTITUTE will meet in the
Court House, jVdl*fonte, December.
25'h. aud adjourn On Friday after
noon, December, 2S. Eminent
B{>enkers and educators have liecn
engaged and an interesting time is
ex|**cted. Our teachers will Ibid it
to thbir benefit to attend.
Centre Hall has made another of
her spusinn lie strides iu improve,
inents. the other week, and the It"-
porter man exilltinglv delivers him
self thus:
"litHde of a few we*k two merchant
tailors, u a jeweler-a barlier ami
a new -tore lutve opened up In our town.
In ailUitiori to ;ne new fiimilic* that
liuvr rnovcil here—an<l tlivrv "oiorc to
Miss : A word iu your ear. The
next fine afternoon that you saunter
out, buv a box of GLENN'S SUL
niuit SOAP. That admirable puri
fier will remove every one of those
pimples which detract so much from
your lieaiilv. Sold by all Druggists.
There is Youth in every bottle of
The Laurel Wreath, single or dou
ble, is the l>est {Minor stove, and the
Economy and Zenith the best cook
ing stoves in use. They are all made
at Lewisburg oy the Slife , Walls Sc
ShrinerCompany, and if by accident
any {art or piece gets bfokeu. you
can get another ill a day. Just read
the advertisement inauothercolumn.
After Decemlier Ist the subscriber
will be prepared to carry express
packages and small bundles and rxx
es of goods, from Cobaru Station to
Millheim, Aaronstmrg Wood
ward, and all points along the line,
at reasonable (dial ges. The patron
age of the public respectfully solicit
Miss Rosie !I. Deininger is pre
pared to do all kinds of knitting for
tlm public, in a very beautiful and
substantial manner. Stockings
Hose, and Socks, either wool or cot
ton, knit upon short notice and at
the most reasonable rates. A large
pait of knit for 25 cents.
Give her a eaib . tf.
According to the time honored
custom, there will be no paper is
sued from the JOURNAL office next
week. Printers need a little Vaca
tion as well as others, and we think
if they labor.faithfully, as we have
certaiuly tried to do, they deserve it.
After the holidays we will again en
deavor to serve our patrons to the
bffd. of our jtbiMties.
It in now übout the season of the
year that people think of paying
their small debts, such a* taxes,
slwrtvin.iker's and tSlloV's accounts,
subscriptions to preachers,
we ftmdiy lu>i>e—their printers. We
haVc IjftK>red industriously and up*
cording to the best of our Rbilitv to
urivo our readers a good, readable Jors
cat paper, and have received but a
small sum on subscription, during
the rear. Make up your mind when
you read this, to pay your subscrip
tion between ndw and Jan. Ist,-and
do it. We need money—constantly
—for current and living expenses,
and if we get what is due us we can
get along well enough considering
tho times. Please remember—be
tween now and Jan.-1.
J The season of marriages has ar
rived at Mirtlinburg. Schoen chuck
les over wedding cakes in prospect.
■■ ■■ ■ i
<n tho 4lnst., at the residence of the.,
bride's lMrt-uU. It. Lewtsburij, by Kev<
Jam*-* I'mn bud, Mr. .1. IVrslcy Cnincttui
and Mis* Elsie C\ Hauek, all of I.ewisburg.
DIED.' :
• •> •
On the 3rd, nit., at Bellefonte, Elizabetl r
ZMllera, widow of MrJ. H. A. Zellen, de-'
*HUL*ed, nerd 69 Tint"?. 6 month* mud 7
: daya.
On the 7th, M*., at tP College, GtO.
W. Tut*-, aged St years and 9 month*.
On the 23rd nil., in Harris township,
Kohtnd. mm of ,I.MU*H and Margaret Os
tium. ugrtt 23 years. 10 uionllt* *d Adnya.
t)n the ditlt uIL". In liurrN townsldp, Ju
.nob Sparr.Rgod ill yr.t, ii tfiopth*, and
On tin; 27th ult.. *ln Harris townslfip,
Saiwh A., wife of Da\ id Otto, Kgcd
ywar*. 8 months and 18 day*. V •'* '
On tho %<th ult., in Harris township. An*
nx Gthjfcuiuh, widow of John Gingevlch
deceased, aged 01 yenri, 10 month* nnd
SB days. ' 5
On the 9th Inst., at Oivk> KKII, Benjamin
Pter*, aged W yars, 3 mouths and 1 day.
■ ■ *'
Rev. G. VT. Itoft-r win preach lnHha Sl.'
K. Church, neat Sunday evening..
Rev. J. H Peter., will preach in tfie ST- 3
vangelical Church, next Sunday utor ic
Gorman services in the Lutheran
Church, Aaronsburg, next ftuutbay mo ru
ing, by th* l'astor, Uev. J. TouOlnsPU.
The newly orgabfzetl St. John's Yran
gelieal Lutheran- (;ongi|gatluii nt Mill
helm will hold it* first regular worship In
the I". It. C'liurcli, Sunday the Suth.V Inst./
at to ciork r. M. English preaching by
the Pastor. Rev. J, Toudliisou'. Council
will be installed at the ame time. Tne
public is respect full invited t<> attend. i
The Reform -d Church at Krbersburg;
will I'M consecrated, the Lo;d wiUiug, on
the latii of January next. The Key. E. V.
Gerluirt, l>. D., profe*oj-of the theologfc--
*1 seminary- nt I.ancaier,' Fa . will l>e
present together with other uilulstcrs
I ji oin abroad.
Jit. Rev. Bishop Kn.toljih I labs, of the
r .Hitkon"" 1 9**oelatlow will preach on
(ontiwjUkd 8.-Jvll Valley circuit*, AM fob
January 4. 0„:re H'll, evening
" 6. Wood**. '•
K. Millhelnt, 1" A. K
it. " ~~T-~ r *•
fc. llcbcrsSur.<, t\rrlig IlR*
Lodrfa and Society Directory. . |
The Mllihrim Cora*t Band a til ine t itcl
lh<- Tow it Hall os Monday .-.nd
Ppovld.noe Orange No. *77 I*. of IT., !
in Ales.-in.lnh block on the 2nd s,.' •
i ur'l.: vof I-HCII month MI c l -; r. M. and on j
limltll SMtlir.l lV Oifai-li l)."!Ulnil I'v, v. u. i
Tbolrvhig I Horary institute meets in
thoTowu ll.ill. >u the last 'rt-Jar M veuiti< ;
ot .etch month, rati! ethrrw iae iriler-i. J
'i'iie MHlhelm l>. .C I. Nssoriathm uiet-1* i
in the T.iwii liall. -*>n tin- evening of the j
second Monday of each month.
Mlllheltn Council No. ;?. tt. I". A. M '
ntf-et* every Saturday at 8 o'clock, r. m., t
their Council K-MIIU," Wilt's BuliUlnfr: It
gr f Meetings will be bel<t u n Tuesday
or ti'f-ire tin* full moon of each month .
C. 11. !IBLD Soc. II.V. MILLWR.
H TIIC OKMIANV' t or r.r or PgNtßt Co.
In the matter ol tke c-tat ot Jacob stover,
late of Perguson Township, dree 9#d.
Thr Auditor anpoiuted by said ('hurt, to
hoar and determine thr excepti-nia ftlrd t<
the account of Adam Slovrr and a- natha-i
Stover, Administrators of Ac tf said Jacab
t*fi''Vr. decrAsru, will meet thr pa:t!e| ln3®-.
terfV. for ta e pui'i>o#es of his appointment,
on Tuesday, the Hth day of January 1H79. at
loo'ehtck, A M. of said day. at his'oftice in
the Borough of Hrhcfoutt*. when and where
all parties ihlerv*t d ua> attend.
Due. 7. IM7, C. M. BOWF.R.
A Adininistrat uui on the estats of Phil
ip la'lty.oll, late of If tines township, dc
cea*n<l, having lujen grunted to the under
signed. all perron* knowing tltrruselves
indebted to satd estate are requested to
niak: Immediate payment, and those hav
iug claims against the name, to present
them, duly authenticated for settlement.
47-dt. Admlulst iairli.
XEGAL NOTICK. —Notice Is krroßy giv-
J en that application will be made to the
l.egtMature of Pennsylvania nuring its next
sessiou to have thr second e.Mlon of the
Act of Assembly approved Januarv 31st 18i9
erecting Henrysburg in Centre cutinty,
into a borough, so changed as to seenre a
more equitable ae*sincnt of wider tax**.
*VTOTXCr.—Notice if hoinbv given that
aYI application will be made t< tbe'next
session of the Leglslalure for (lie ifassagc
of n law to jirevent tho hunting ot deer
with dogs in Centre County.
December 2u, 1877.
Ct.Vt'Tin.V. — All persons an; In-rebv eau
j tinned not to negotiate a note drawn
by the subscriber, Dee. fill), at four months
urtrr dule. in favor either of .las. S*. Marsh
A Co. or Geo. H. Bristol, parable at the
Ranking House of John C. M'otr A. Co., as
I have received no value for the kacie nod
will not pay It unless compelled by law.
Penn Twp. J. K. BIT?BU.
Dec. tfOth, 1977 3t.
fKW 99ltANH. J* Stops #123 10, 495 D
♦95 ,9. SFT S. PIANOS retail pi ice *7fbonly 9235.
!se <d for eonPden'ial ci-cniars
Daniel F. Rea!ty^ashl* v ten,N j.*w
o'rw vocal & K new Inst-rumeidai pieces
* JShret Music, 10c 'silver or stps. Music Tub.
Co., Midd'eboro, Math 4\r
02STYEEM OF GAUDS. !*)e.. or 25 New YEAR
2oc. Samples '2c. J. liusted&Co..
-NUASAU, N- Y. '• 4W
2.*, styles. 1.3 c. ;3h Kk-ganl Uards.
Dl Fnn2 alike. I<V. with uamc. Secoinb' fti
Co , Ktndcrhook. N, Y. 4w
J* I' A RGK MIX F.P CARPS with name. In
{ l.'ic. 2.S without case, s>e. 30 now Cn
i!. .T/ an,H ~h> - 'hitfitH loc. F. WASHBURN
CO., Mlddlcboro, Mas*. , |w
K| ICUKK for Catarrh will not in
•Ty # J wJstantlv relieve and epoetflly
cure References, Henry Wells
Esq.. Wells. Karpo &Cn,. Au-
rora. N'. Y.; Wtn. Ilowett. Esq.,
McHattuii, Grant &, Rowhii,
St. Imuis Testimonials and
r ( (rrh treatise hy mail. I'rice with
OMHisrrn jm|1IW(;(1 Inhaler. *l. Sold
everywhere. WKI.KSit POTTER, Froprlo
tors. Moslem. Mass.
i'olllu Voltaic Plasters are the best 4 w
Bv amriiif piA no
il l I I S wswwiKawgHi
■l B ® 0 g AND tTT'ItUHT
S ■ is n c Altonts wanted
3 J'ls S H ■everywhere. Ad
■ V I I drew, PANEL F.
Fr TVY Werhinifton, ry ,r. T e-', U. 8.4
L r.'Jftl. C. RAll. ROAD.
On and (Vf#r Morofrtii, August !Sf/i, 1877,
frafna on (hi* ro<i<t vUi run daily,
/funduyi) as Mivut:
; ; ■ .. F " .r. <
z n
■ ■ ■ I > I—,
'• 3 1, 9 fIOXH. 4
r. M. A M. A. A A W .H. A M I- Af
fi.lo 5j5 T.oi Af-mt ir*lon, or. JMW jr. ajo
cf. ti.y> !<t.t 7.3 S ls*ru>*>yrj,, 5. fS
llt.tT' 7.2U I air*, 4.', 5
1d.14 I'ii HirM. H..V n.2t*
l'T-21 VickMntr?, . g/K) 5*13
10.77 740 . *l9 ytj
1ii,57 or. 8-tCi Mv'ln 7; a'^q
11 1" Laurf'ton, . 4 vi
l.Ui (h'.uni. >4.-,
. . nr. 1 4" tfpriny AfiUt _ j,)
Am h>v l a JT
** *' ■
\ .Vej. I<t i connect <ff .WmfcaJon vith
Kris Mail utst on the Philadelphia A Kric
Rail Road.
A'OJ. ,'i A 4 mif/t Pirfrtc Kzprrta *ast.
Art with KaM Liru west.
[. .R-nOtiinibu* %rill run betwrn Is\ri.<burs
tind Manta ndon, to cvnvey pamuirr* fo
and from Miayara Rxprin* nrett and l>ay
Kxvrtm* east, on the Philadelphia A and
t jirm Jam Jtmi-.
TVle reirvlnr Rail Road Tickets will be
honored bet wean these t)*o points.
&niin<l after .*1 inday. May I.VA, 1877, the
TKlinn oh the Philadelphia and trie Rail
Road Division will run as follows:
i ■' 7 WESTWARD,
grit XTRrI *iav!s .Vcv J'or*-. •.t*> p. rjv
" • " Philadelphia 11.55 p.m. I
1 "• " Rnltimore: 9.10p.r. I
,jf '* • Jtarrisburg 4.2f>a. m.
* " AbtnAury 6.:ti <r. cr*.
*• •' M<mtdnJe>n 6.57 a. m.
'** - •• Wtlhnmsporl A.Vo. m.
,j*! •• " Lock Harm 9.ttia. C.
'V' ■ f* arr. at Erie 7. p. ft.
Xiayura Ex. It axes Philadelphia 7/Jo a. nt.
'' " " Harrithury lO.Tsi a. ru.
" '• " Runhury 12.4/t p. nt. 1
ri '' Manfwndon ,1 oft p.m.
" . " arr. af H'ti/iamsporl 2.2 ft p. m. j
M " " lock Haven 3.lft p. m.
!.f V *' " Kane 9.2p. nt. I
! Line loit es ir York B.2*> a. m.
V-" ." " Philadelphia 11.30 a.m.
• *' •* Jtaltimorn ll.Afta. m.
li?V " " Uaeritbttry 3.20 p.m.
'J " *' tttinbary 5.40 p. m.
-v - •• M&nt'indon 615 p. m.
•* " " WHliamspo't 7.30 p. m.
V**, r " .am. <f( JarcjL //a'*n A4o p.m..
Paeiflt Kt. loaves lovk Harm 6.30 p. m.
\ ,"" . M<rntand<rn tl.os a. m.
[♦-.*' " ■ Runhttry 9.35 a.m.
' v * arr. Nt liarrishurf/ 11.55 a. m.
" •' •• K'tHi more &. 10 p.m.
I - " " • Philadelphia J.L*> p.m.
, . •• *• Xcte York 6.45 p.m.
L*ny Sr. leaves Kane C.m a.;.
" " " Lock Ha ten 11.91 a. wi.
" " ** WiUiamsfOKi 12-40 a. nt.
'* " " 3fwnfandim 1.47 p.m.
•' " flunhttry 2.15 p.m.
■" (xrr.atJPtrruhiirtf 4.10 p.m.
•- •• " J hiladelphia 7.20 p.m.
'• •• " yew York 10.15 p. nt.
itf -. ". " Jhtltimore 7.35 p. m.
•- " " Washington {LOT p. m.
Erie Mail leases Kric 11.09 n. ?n.
I -• *• •• Loci Wanes 9.(5 p.m.
•• " •• William sport 11.05 p. m.
•• •• •' Memlandcm 13.19 p. in.
•• Bunhttry IHSa in.
-- *• " arr. af I tar rishury 2.45 a.m.
• * •• •' •' Baltimore 7.15 a. tn
" " " Philadelphia 7.00 a. tn
" " *• .\ew York 10.05 a. Nt-
Jhtd-fdnt huies UVRtamrpcrf 12.35 a. *•
*•' •' •' Runhury 2 , * ) a. m
a. .. mrr, Nt Jjarrishuro 4.> Vi a. tn
.-£■ v.. >• tiultir.'.rx 745 a. t.i
-m Pi,KP 4 etphia 7.35 a. m
. * Xro, York JC. 25 a.m.' !
Ft * Mail lrts'f. yi'ifPira Z: K c ' ; - I *2 C \
U.tpess Accont. U"t ri and Day Prp7* fs r".-.
•*<tiv ri".*' cynnrrtion at \orlh umher.'CT*.
wit! 1 1..A.R.H. li. trains for I ViUrcsharrt
end Sernnton.
Erie Mill Rostand WoSt couwet at Erie
with trains on 1.. V. .f M. ft. It. if., af <bry
with H. C A A. Y. It. R- al htni-orititn with
n. v Y.II- P. R. R . and at Drij'twood with
'A- V. R It.
parlor t\irt icil' run tire n Philadelphia
and Will loins port on Xiaonra Express H*-. 1 !
Pacific Express East and Jui'r Express Fast.
WceplM furs on all n'ph*trains.
WM. A. r.A LDWI.Y. Ken t Rup t.
Mlllbctm harkt
Wheat No. 1 1 •*
W neat No. 5
Lorn 50
Oats White 50
(tat*. Biuck W
Ruck wheat •*)
flour IW
Itran A Short*, per hundred l-CM
s*lt, per Brl
flanter. ground 10 U0
dement, per Bushel 46 t* *0
Tyinothveed ,
t'toverseed * *' s
Hairs }5
Potatoes. *1
IATd *
Soap J
I tried Apple* *
Dried Peaches
Di led Cherries 4
K Coal *4.75.
Move " 4,7
Chestnut " 4-50
rVa " 2.73
t t'<MToU*t.avory W# I need ay by Gonhart
A Moaner.
• rtsvemcsd,
rusf Jt
l>W (
Plaster A
Highest market prlro paid forP„ll kinds of
Delivered either t1 he WIPCK MII.I. or at
the old MUM'JI MILL, la MII.LHEIM.
r ' ,■> r
Always on hand and sold at prices that dc
v" fy competition.
A share of the public patrouagc respectfully
olicltcd. 3'My
• * .
I.ate Inline use Discoveries bv b.f.ANLEY
and others are _/u*t added to the only com
Life and Labors of Livingstone.
"Thisveteranexpiofer ranks among the
most,heroic ft < ttre? of the century, ami this
book is one of the most attractive, fascinat
ing, richly illustrated and instru'-tiv vol
•uincs-evci issued. BOirg the only entiie and
authentic life, the millions arc eager for it
and wide-awake .Vfenfs at* wanted
Per proof and terms address. iiLBrtAKD
rnWlwyr?.- 7:">t:r*MS-rt.. Ttid'a.
• AT itKDI'CEI) PUK ES !!(
General Merchandise,
Main Street, Millheiot, Pa.
SSclls as chcirp for
nuany store in the county. Sin
-yy-HKN is Lttwituiulta call AT
Market Street, near TJiirj,
Where you will ilnd a full line of
rnnMMtii* of lamlM*', Nlaaca aAd 4hi
drena Unto nnd Bonnet*. Itlmmed
anij tint rimtnod. The ItrnMt aasnrtment 01
l.udlon' Kre*> Trimming*, Htnlerj
tiloreo, Hnlr UIMKI*, Jen wiry and
Tho bent ft*ortftietit wrt of Thiiadeiphia
ail at th* lowost prioea.
Black Walnut Motto Frames at
30 oenta.
COT tn fry Produce taken in Exchanqt.
3 Aft A AGENTS WANTED. Froin 9"
. wUU tt Sift a Day Sure. Mtnisters.
" Book and I'lctuie Apcnt*, and
all out of of eiiher here t
the best chance offered iliit season.
A Cnsh Fresent of from $5 to
SIOO will be given to every good
working "agent. .Send 10 cents for
small samnle, rr Ivtter sill', II for 3 Urge
samples with circulars, terms Ac., and go to
work at once.
HLV.S. T BUCK. Bo\ Ji6, Milton, Pa.
*#*Mmtl(iu this paper. 4a-4w
Hlta-ion's Publications.
Great redaction io price for f575 tfcf Go*
ttny'n EICTORUI. to A- * year, birfglt copies
ft cents. ,
THE lIOMK CiiiCLE to $2 a vear. Single eOit
les 5 cents for silo bv all nowsoealers
r,i.E*m>N's MONTHI.t Cnkf *nOS to Si a
year,Mnitle copies lOoeuls .Vll jst mc frbe-
Sample copies scut on receipt 6f a 3 cent
The price of Chromox has just bwen creat
lp red need. No one now gives sut-h.fni-ral
terms to agents as we do. Send for new
circular. Add-ess K GLCASOX, 739 Wash
ngton St. Boston, Mass 45-.
Semi fur Re.lurc l Price List of
REDUCED sloto*o. EACH. THIS MON fl. !
(Nov. 1877). A ltd res*. MASON & HAM
LIN OHXAN CO., Boslou, New York 0:1
Chicago, 41x1*.
VAHTPII^ 0 rure 1 c:iM> < ATuunn in each
n 1111 iLUneigiihorhooh. rv'.th lf. KalhS , i ,, e
Remedy. t<> Introduce it. Sample free*. J.
C\ Tilton, Pittsburg, Pa. 49- m
FATHER'S i For uls -
t, Sprains. Blind and Bieod
REMEDY . j li'f Piles. Hheumntl-m.
! Fractured limb-*,
Fr-.slfd Ll'nbs. and Farts, Pains in the
Glides ami Jolnis. indop-ut Dicers. Ids
••li'irvlnir ttores. SwT'ledSore Le?. Erysipelas
and Varl ose Veins is tSasrOKii's KXTKACT
or WITCH lIAZEI.. Ask lor it. tieeause it i
t-ett-r. stronger and cheaper than any other
and is warranted by WEEKS &,
W'noLrsAi.r. DKL'PGiBts, 36J Waaliinkton
street, Boston, Mass, 46-iw-
An Energetic Mow or Woman in every
( ountv to take the Airi-ncy for twro of the
Most Popular Publications in the country.
Four of the Finest Ltirouios (2tx.'ioiocln-s
each) t<> Everv Nui,crlber. Tlio Best eoifibi
nation Ever ftctore f'ffered to Agents, an 1
the Most Liberal Inducements to Subvert
l>crs. Our Fine Prb'.tca'lnns, E'cgant Pre
tulunis. and Uarge t'nnindJsioas place us A
head of all Comietitor9. Send for illustra
ed Circulars and Terms.
tP. P. & L. REST FIN, Publisher*, 71? Sansom
Stretd-, Phlladslptdn. 4w
P Broadway, New York City:
Chicago Hi.; New Orleans, I-a.:
4(-4w. or San Francisco, o*l.
prniCivnd Revoiver. Illustrated Prioe Tdt
UUHUfree. (Jreat Western Hun Works
Pittsburg, Pa. 4<Mw
sft styles with name 50c. Out- KV. Sample 3c. J. liriritn R Co.,
Nassau, N. Y. 46-dw
■■■%■■ aa MAW worn OCTFIT TO Krs
L W 1m in Bonv. Stein w Iml- r watch
■ flit SI KEfree wiiii first order. Ten DJ-
a day guaranteed. M.
CRDXEGH & co., Pnti.*iELruia. Pa-, oi
wiw-ONarx'. 46-lw
JgTag4r:i.-r#.ftrJ 9 JjCavLll
dealt t e DEMOS I*Kl>k. by the refer-w e.u
ther. T. S. AUTUCH- A book toSTAKTt.P. and
KNi.toliTCN the people. Vivid pictures and
FHOor*. how It curses BOIy. (Mt'L. iiomk.
SOCIKTT. etc. Unfolds the work of INKWKIATK
vtc . etc.. oNt.Y HI- Its .sale is m tKVKt.hots.
OCR RIKI.SiK with 200Plt.!.t*sTttATtoxg fur
e xeell all others. Prictsjust roduccd 25
CT-M Send for terms.
HtTBBAUD BROS., Tubs.. 723 San-xim St..
l-hiladelphlit, - 4d-4w
Creativo Science
or Masnoon. "o'OMAN'Ksyn. and TUKTK Mr-
TT'AL INTLH-Rki ATioss: IjOvk, tT9 LAWS,
P(WRK, ETtr.
A~#-nts are selling from 15 to 25 copies a
d:*„<.' Send for*jteelmen pages rind our extra
terms to Agents. ;md see why it sells faster
than any other book. Address, NATIONAL
PcDLtentNO Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 46->
Ah uiu p.>i.CT.ui. rotiroU irwui r*-
OC.T.-U irutu ..u i ju iuujft uutoibukr) lue luru,uw uf
i-i.n,'lr vvkiiUUxo rouii/ lor.-ptiisjy hi>U purui.K.tiiil
rurp <•! cm ua/'.iM, (nmc/ibb, ru ui'A,u A.-.a, I'.id
ui birfj.lu4l-"* allHt-t.v'UK ; itlMU CHisiut iiHrvou*
a. o I.VP nl H iiuryou* cumptHk.U, havuit, Ursina .tj powers i:t tb<iu.-uuiu 01 •*, Dm leu lAi
d j(> U> r.i At it kuuwn t ft. urt riajj t'r.lows Acta
stud by aUtxurto L<ir* h-uusn uitr.ii/,i will mui
lir.ilupli %vtitle ~r< it.Uiisrucipe ju tiurji-U-J-raf a..
r.MI/lu4l.wlth/..M dirnctiuiw. AOurrW!,*l'Ult.aMp.
>*. if.joc/ir.iJil'jivmr'tiilui-kaiiKaiitloJi. A*.
We will duime these HAlil) TIMES and
the IIOLtDAYS dispose of lU> NKW PIAN- '
05 and ORGANS of tirst-class makers at
lowtfr pi-lees for castt or Installments, than ■
ever before offoretl. WAT Kits' Pi ANOS ;
6 ORG ANS are the BKBT MADE, warrant- :
ed for 5 years. 111. Catalogues daPed,
Great iiiifucement.s to the trade. PIANOS
7-octave. 9i40; 7 1-3-octave, Jd'H). ORGANS
2 stops. itS; 4 Stops, Sl3 ; 7 stops, lift? S
stops, 97'1; 10 stops, 9 s -> ;12 steps. ; in
perfect artist", wo: used a your. Fih**t UHJ- J
sic, >of bail price TIORACE WaTLR!* }
SONB,.Manufacturers and 4O Last 1
yob (dr**t;Nfs4 York ,
?7as&-, Hutchinson,
tj;krt n. stovkb, ahem.
guarantiee' 'ten
C. >i. PETREE.
('// oice Bran r/.v oj' Tobaceo
and Cigars,
Lew isburff, Pa,
jjj Pi OcU chance bvmaketno
SokSS h8 *-•>. It you can't g*t gold
& ■ >'•*" fft
ue feed a per* >n Ju every
tOWTI to l.lkl ftUiH'StiptlOlM for t'le
and best 1 net family nub'dca
ii:r. in iln* world. Any one eat) lwconio a
miccvmHul agent. Lite jinHt elegant works
of art given free In Ku:>eriners. The price
is so low that almost Ugly subscribe*,
i/ne agent rrjiiMin inaKine over fISU in a
week. A lady agent report* taking over 40>
Mbscritwi> In ten dpi*. All who engag*
rt-ake inouev fast. Y# can devote all your
iinic t Hit* business, oronlv your mare time.
You need not be awnyfnim hotne overnight.
\ou can do it as wejl as others. full pail!
ciiUi;-, illrectiitjis and term's free. Elegant ;.n
expensive utlit free. tfy.,u want piniituble
work aend us your address a.i once. It cn.v!*
notliin" t > try the bnsi-oss No \\tin >,
fSges (alls to make great pay. Addles* ' Ihe
i eopit s J.iuibiit, ' l uitutiiil, Maine. 3i-i>
Daniel F. Beatty's
f AfTto*.—The re.>nUti.nt. have c uutd
and the c-Icbi iiv o',h rgios, har- indue
cd somo unpriucipied pnnlea and a*ni*
to eopp my cireuiars. and misrepresent my
instruments; against this he public ae
hereby cautioned. All my titans near m>
tradc-niak, Golden Tongue, and all inv Tie
nos have the word PI Q underlined
and teei
iencc. P A UEATTT. Washiitton, N.
J., wftiiytui wluch none is genuine.
Washington, N. J., l r . S. A.
f*TTD ft\TT^' T>i ' urr<s
- AW IN market out 1> th*
plainest at all books—
"l'lain Home Ta'k and .Medical Common
Hense,"—nearly I,oob pa fee*. 3>; illustrations,
by Dr. K. H. foorK. l IJu L'Xineton Ave'
N. Y. I'tircaaiers of this book are at '!lv*it
to consult its author in jcrsoti or lv tna
free, i'ticc by mail. fc1.24 for the b'TAJtiMR
• dtlion, oi ft..Vi for the jropruu edition
which contains all the same riatie. and 11
lust rations. Contents table* free. Aorvn
Co., East Dili St. N. Y. 30-1 y
EbfA BL .oiIED IW*.
The best in the Marked.
Jel Black Scntol Ink A Speciality.
8 Murray SL, X. Y
YVe w i<h-an apert male or female, ia each
town of ibis wu ity, to pet up Clubs ainon<:
lainiiles. hotels, fat lories, Ae., f ( ,r tlio Rale
of our Teas, .m l will offer very' ItW.T.i! c on
in'ssious to such. We have iui|u; ters
of Tens for over A' yens, and can afford to
send, aud we wi.i send a tetter article fr.r
the money than any other house la Nov.
York. Our Teas are put tip m one iound
packages, with the Same aud price printed
upon each.
4 Address.for terms and blank form tor
I*. O. Bex 574. No. Ch'jraii tff, Naw York.
J. HQWER, Proprietor.
Parlor Suits, Chamber Suits, Extension Tables,
Bureaus, Parlor Tables, Bedsteads,
and Chairs
in great variety and at gvefy price;
All kinda of FURNITURE constantly on
hand. ly
Firsi class n all lesprcts and
Centrally Located.
Believing It to be BY FAB the bct Parlor
and <hchosiml Organ. manufactured. we
challenge anv mamuabtnrer to equal tiievn.
The celebrated OoMen Tongue deeds In this
organ in conjunction with the Perfected
Ibcd Board* produce sweet, pure and jow
erfui unit's. Bin>e,rb cases of new ami elegant
designs. Ministers, teachers, churches
schools, lpiigcs, etc., should send for prico
list and discounts.
Dealers will find it to their advantage Id
examine this instrument, t has improve
uvMits found in no oilier. Correspondence
Best offer ever given. Money refunded
upon return of organ and freight charges
paid by me (Daniel F. ReattyJ• hot h ways if
unsatisfactory, after a trsi trial of five civ s
Organ warranted for six years.
count given everywhere, luve no agent
Agents wanted. Address,
Hsßhtagtca !Vf Igrtey
! BEATTY.P**— •
0 via ad Square blu! • \
dtf-.r v ?r;i!R lvru cjvi *; - .j ,
DARIi-T, F.g:.v;-,y
WaMiingloii, New ,li v .
i KSUIiMCIi m! -r
• ABESTS \\\m
I Ssw Isiß i. j .
• ytit ohk-M u:uiu*i i*: the COU'L.: .
I 1835.
riin /1 r . yy E ot-*;
IS3 South l oiii lii iflieet, rti'i.'tl-uv.
•• •' • •'.• C • • •
Wedding n k Add fis' Fat i"-" *
pun T'.icaU'Vt uribffes >-nc !
v TTK have N> n retailed j,., f-" •'
rupt VjUa'A and u vti !. .v . ;
i 'io'd YVatch;-;, f*c|| |.-r K ti a
i pdscC"fJV>d timer?!, f'tual in
! a "jifnj jjciilruc roid. '"His rep .'* !"•
! honesty, fair dealing .ltd .l'b-r*
euualed bv anv ;i*l' t."li**- ' iu H'-l ? Ctt~.
3". Ikrt e. If.. tfl .
roui Atu: J-TAv-'s i AvF.X ar."v.
K. MOt'KMAN 2" j; M rT.. New v
| V ital IVeaVncffr n' D*nee*>;..r. ?. •e. t; •
hanet|l fo Unc uo ieri;y er vur.„e;
' r,-s iJt of Mental vfj.wttf*. ludNereia-t.* 1
! Kk.hcM*.s. or siviit- drain e ; >' .
always eund bv
fl?ii!?lire v: s'Homll)E
It larte< op and irivltora'fsv" th* *•"'
dispell the yio'mt and
strv-ntfth nil energy—store;.the ora-,; >•
rejuvenalos tne utire ini, Iw-j r
twenty yeari with icrlect (i|< r, "ejw t-y tn* -
ami v S. hi by dealer*. T 'ldv, f !.'.• r. ■.
gi* vialr or per pa?h:tf>" of v.
and *2.u! vial of powder, jvnt by i.'.ai •
rteripl ot pr:c.. Address Mnmnhrv
Mount- pailtic Medici Uc Cowi'dfrfj", NU Ti".
way. New York.
BEST & AB m Ah!
11;es* t>rands of Sweet I'hig *n>-iun;i
edwe.l by ad.ln bj 11 > I'lae d
Tokaress in the markof. Tat up ; s ..
sitaiws and in ioiu2A'iv a-i 1 r.Rs
wrappers, froki by the icicle t-nera'.y. "k-..
for vtmplo to t.ue uiamil t"turers.
C- A..UJ.VS . : * i • u j. T.
<;. ¥■ W.iKUUt,l.eoeral Agent.
35—i N'oj. 3iit )5 i i tAt . r„'! p, \
liranil Square ami C*frlc;si<-
Frmn flee. 11 Arm if tY c. T
Leteiivr A Bra. IVtnkers. I'ayetle, Me.
"We received the nlano amltM-ikf
rery litie toned one out nere. Waite.i \ sr. j •
tune to give it a ohul t u. f vou wish -
word in :avor of it we v.iliMuDTfuUy gi•• a
.Taiiret Ji. Erowii, 1
says :
' i'he n?i't*'y reec-ved clt"* •*"
sati-fae.tiou." Ae. waiitod.
eataloKue. Address
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Overcoats!! Overcoats!!
Sold at Cost and
For SO days from date.
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Call at
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Philadelphia Clothing Hat,