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    $he WaijncjJburjj itrpublican.
Hotum tn ArniwTa. Attorneys will be
b.14 re-pmndhle Phimt Hooka, Advertising
oil Job Work, ordered fur them ami not paid
Nw AovanTis.iuiiTH. The attention of
our reiden specially directed In the foflnw
In advertisements, wlilcb appear fur Die Hrnt
tuua la our paHir lo-Uuy.
(y Western District of Pennsylvania Simon
IBJ-Eleetlnti of Offleers-Richlilll Agricultural
VRej;i.i(er'i N'lttce Peter Rrown.
- wPuhlic Sale TUos. H.ikluin, N. Clurlc.
rExecutor'i Bute JoIid Lewis, Jac. tixeeii
lea. sjj-Eircutor's Sale Elizabeth Grim, Salomon
jACKtoiiviLLK Pair. The days Tor li"l.llng
the third annual exhibition will be on Sept.
16, 17 tad 18, 18CS.
"A FmND.n You must send rour name in
lull before your communication can bare a
place in our columns.
Bum MuKrixo Tluro will ba it bush
' meeting hi Hewitt's Orove, nenr Rice's I.iml
Ing, comnienclus on Stturiliiy, August l.'i,
18C8. . .
Mosoitoaiui.. Yallky It tl. There will ho
meeting ol the friends of this cuterprlau at
Monongxhel City, Washington county. Pa.,
August !', I8G8. Prouiit measures should
be taken to bttve our lection represented as
the movemeutii tn secure Litters l'utiul and
orginlzo the Company.
i Chseuiso l e are constantly m iking a 1
dllloni to our list of subscribers of iulii whom
we are pleased 1 1 know ijek tho Truth .n:u
the fountain Itself. If ilon'l gi t a
htnilsonio vote In (Ireeno it is not beniuo
Jjttt are brlglit. "Hero's your Kki'L'
only SUcts. lor the c nop iln ! "
f?i)iu. Dkath. Mr. J icob linger, An oi l
rcslileilt of our town, for sometime past keep
ing the toll gate on Ihe pike this a'ulu of J f
ferson, fell ilea l at his post Saturday evening
last. Hit body was Interred on Sunday In the
cemetery here, largo concourse of cidz:ms
attending. We havu no uxplanallou ol the
cause ol his death.
Tiik Irou City College Is now tho largest
and most successful Business College, in tliu
Uuion. This, douhllrfs, U utlrlbutablu to Ihe
auperiorlly of lis system of practical actual
. business training, by means of which it h:is
bueuublo to secure to Us students a greater
degree ol elll.ilency than auy o.Ii t school has
yet accomplished. lis graduates tiro every
where rccKgniz.'tl its the best mid moil reliable
accountants to be foun 1 t luiice their services
are always In deal in.l. Kir p irtlcul us, we
refer our readers !o tit) Circular of th.i Col
lege, tn be h til on applie. it.oa In tliu Piiuci
pals, Smlili & Cowley, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Ou read -'is have obs.'rved that wj rarely
pralso patent medicines, and that wo silver
tlseouly the very best of them. lint uoiv, the
remarkable recovery of Mm. Iiice, of Canas
toU, from her distressing and almost helpless
scrofulous disease, whl li Is known llirouli
out the coiiitniiiitly, and unqu 'sil uiu'ily tho
effjet of Ayer's Sarmipaillli, lends us to pub
lish without runervu tho ruuiarkalib t ill :aey of
. this medicine. Wo do tlis iu the interest of
the afflicted. Any remedy wl lch can sn ef
fectually ''ruisu nno frmn the dead," should
ba universtlly kuawn j and we with it may
be utiivers illy as successful as it has been i.i
I'-e casu of Mrs. IVice. bulgjaunul Sjiwust
Pur it Away. "Sju," sail n nitnisler to
bis congrug itlon, holding a i(ol.l dollar before
. tlicm, "place It closa to your eye and you
abut nut all else from your vUl hi, put
It from you and you are en vblj I tn s.'O the
vlcesnnd virtues of tho worlJ." Unapplied
It In a moral sense There l a riinlle in the
apology for tliu Aircilciin flag suspended fioin
the window of our "h in Isomj" neljh'.ior, in
politic d sen w. Tho name of "d yoiour
and," in loud letters, dislij ires the u-U
nets and mars the harmony ol tin eiKign.
Tuke away the legend ami yn.t are ut once
enabled to deltuii. It's beautifjl (;iu.ikiuij of
: the flag now, not tho dirt colored alTiir iillud
crl to above.) oiltlideg and may vxporieueu
Uiot entbuslas n whhh is Inspired by li slgliti
Put it away, It Is a slums to slut t out the glo
ries of the olj banner by pl.iitering it with the
name of a man whom loyal baynncls alone
were sulflcient to pin to the g irinent of tho
Huoiiks' P.vtkkt Knuit Gatiikkr. Mr.
N. 0. Hughes, of our b.irotigli, Just returned
from Waslihig'm D. C.tns sueceeileil In
obtaining Litters Patent fir an e.ttMiii.dy
useful and sltnplj cjatrivatico fir picltiaj up
plea. We have examined the apparatus nud
pronounce It the best thin? for the purpose,
ever introduced. It consists of h staff, long
or short t option, on the top of which Is a
leather hemisphere, shutting valve ll'ie upon
' a canvass tube connecting with Ihe receptacle
for the fruit. This sciai globular . valve is
worked by a stria j running down the cati
yau tube an I oier.tted by the ptck'jr. The
whole work consists In moving the tube from
apple to apple, the valve reluming to its
place alter each pull by means of a spring.
Us Advantages are numerous. With it a s mall
boy can pick eveiy apple ell a tree, without
bruising the fruit in the least, without fatigue,
without danger from filling, no tearing of
clothes. Mjsars. lljgnes & Tlios. Bra.len,
are selling the Fruit Uatherer, aud all persons
desirous of further Information Mi'.ul.l send
fur circulars. Address Hughes & . Bradcu,
Waynts'ourg. Greene Co., Pa,
II b or Oi Day. A peculiar feature of
Ilepuhliean Society is the rapid advanc cment
pf men of talant and ability to positions of
trust and responsibility. There are at this
lime, many men prominently before the Amer
ican people whose career is but partially
known. We read eagerly the words of coun
tel and cheer they single and catch glimpses
of their lives, only to wish for a more inti
mate' knowledge of their character, and tho
steps by whioli they attained their present
position. Dr. L P. Brockelt, ' the popular
Biographical Editor of Appleton'a Cyclopedia
hat prepared concise and interesting biogra
phies of some 8fly or' more or these men, In
cluding all the more prominent Statesmen,
Generals, Financiers and. Pbllanthrophvi of
the country. The work has Just issued from
the press, and la a mo -lei of the art of book
making. The position and reputation of its
author, is guarantee of Its strict and Impartial
accuracy. The work Is wri'tcn in a clean
terse and lnteroitrog tye, and U Intcrpersed
with incUentatand anecdotes wherever they
can illustrate the character or peculiarities of
the subject. V(e wish this book might go In
to eTery farm-house, and log-cabin, and pal
ace In the land. Zelgler, McCurdy ft Co.,
Ilblbbcrs, Philadelphia, Pa, " 1
Dkhocratic NuuixArio.i. Lt Th.ursJ.iy.
at their Conrentlou In Pittsburgh, the Deuio
cralic Conferee of this DUlrict nominated
D. C'rawfurJ, Esq., of our town, as tlieir choice
for Congress. M. Crawford U well known
by tho people of (irecne County, but what
his f.iiue U ouLi.le its limlls we are. not pro-i
pared to state. Ho was born in Urceiislioro,
on tho JloiioiigahcU U In Hie piiuio of life,
perha, i, no. more than I'oily iw.i years old.
lie is a sell-in ido mau of more than ordinary
ability and iu ihe private walUs of life is highly
esteemed by nearly everyone. Wo uro not
well polled ns to bis public s jvicci b tf Ihl.ik
they are comprised in llio one net of con -tiling
tn hold a lu:r.itivj oill : at W nlii:ilon
during ill's admiiiUtralioii. lie was a
known secessionist iu ante Ullu.u limes, mid
when he cast his fusion billot in 'ii, tor'
Douglas and llicckturU'gi', remarked us he
turned Irom Ihe poll.-. "That is the last vote
I ever exjiect to cast iu the Vuitnl Elates !"
From this we 1 it'jr that be meditated on going
South at Hut time. He postponed it, howev
er, until the fall of 'e.'i, but it would have beell
far better if Iu 'i id goue, as he was one of
Greene County's Inn lest C uslilntinti ulu iekers
during tliu (lark days i.f lelicllinn. He
turned with his family In 'i:7, the rfl-vui of
iMabaiua not agreeing with liiat. tin 1 is at
this time Ai.-Umit Cas'.iier of llio Parmer's
and Drovers National ItaiiU. lie lias always
been a true Djinoorat of Ihe modern so ioo nid
Woiks with Z ail lor "post-ullls which is the
real question ut isboo." Like Aiti Hard
lie was willing 1 1 sncriil :e Ids alii ) h idled na
tions In the unholy c ins i, b it to think of go
Ingh liere people handled Die ntins us caielrsi
ly us they did in tliu late "onpleasantneM" it
was prepostercti". Ol cnuiso we coiigratu
late Mr. I'ruwl'oul on Ids iioiiiluation, but we
tliluk it ciuel Iu bis piuiy to put up such il fair
target for us toidioot nt.
List or Leitliis lieiiiaiuhig in the Post
O.lleeat W.iyn.-sb.u, I'.t , August 3, IS 18.
A A 11. Adamsoii.
D Jainu M. Dell, JI ix llachmin 2, Cipt.
S. lliazil.
C E. S. t'.iry. I.iz'ie A. Cirier, Hetty Ann
Cineel, Miry J. CVistan, Maria (e, Dun'l.
Clailt. .
1) Win., Benny Delniiy.
E Tidiu Ely2, IHiujtEisiniujii'.
T'iu Fouble, :t.
G Siraii tl.irdn:!, Caleb ,t II Ji.ry Gii.nea,
Will Gillies, S. 0. OeUur, Tlios. 0 leu.
II. N. H.uiis, John J. llouk, WoikiuiiD
J-J. 1) .lolins iii. J. M. J.uld.
1C .M A. Keiit, S.irali Keener.
I. John happen, Solomon Leinly, B.:ik
Lit lie, Leah L.lll r.
M-IIarrisi iii Jllier, David M Her, It di-
eit I). Mdlikeu, M ulliia Moore, Piaukue Me:
P. Stephen Pester, John Peterson.
It kf.iliti Hjiiinan, Wil'lum It'ao.les ?,
Daniel I.Ydmau, John Iteesil', Win. lteeau,
A. P liy tn, Cassaiider Aeeaa, M irar.l Ann
Ilin diart, C. C Il i ivinl, Cljinm t Kihurts
E iJ! ab iili M. llusli.
S I Hjiipli 3 ly ler, ;t, J. It. Sluivor, M iry
A. S.uith, Junes Slurge, Win. 11. Satiii, J.t.s.
Syphers, II Siiw iit.
T K -zzi i Thomas, Divid Tiioaison.
W J. D. Wood, Morgan Wal'.ou, Ella II.
Wt'Uhter, Gjoigj Wise, Adam Weaver, W:
II. Wil,o:i.
Z -Eliz ili '111 Z illern, Jacob 7. diets. Coon, e. M.
W.siitsnroN(louvrv. List week the Wash
ington llrjiarter c.iuie In us ehail.ed froiu foli i
tn qiiaitn form, t ill irged tn forty-eight col
umns, piloted in the Inst ar: 1 -tic stylo and
filled Willi a m iss of nil kinds of rending for
nil kinds of people. Such a p iper i.s an orna
ment to liny place, n J..y to the eyes of prin
ters, a credit In the editors. I'l'iie 'Washing
Lillians owe a debt of Justing frrutitude to the
proprietors, Mc-sis. Moore & McWilltniiw,
for tliis cxeinplilleatioii of tl.c uud en
terprise that dwells among them. I'olttic.iilj
they are radically rijlil uud possesfe 1 of !h it
vim necessary In success nud which, 11 wish
ing on our part would do il, they should nt
tdu the highest possible. From its we!l
lided Csilumus we eilrael the following llonis:
Tiik IioroiKli Count II of Ciiiii nshu g
have parsed mi ordinance ugain-t silling along
the streets of Ihe town on Sdibath. All' per
sons found silting anywhere on the brtxes or
eiirb stones, or tloor-steps, w ill be arrested
mill coiiiinilled to elson. It 6U.;:i a law wa
eul'iHced in Wuynesliuig two-lhirds of its
population, would bj sunt to piisou eve y Sab
bath. A fatal case of sliu stroke occurred in )oi
eiset township a few days ago. Mr, Absalom
Painter, while engaged in cocking hay on th i
fin in ol Peler Whilely, was suddenly stricken
down aud became insensililu.i Tho uuforlu
nato man lingered for gninc isix hours heioru
d jalh ensued. Mr. Painter wi s uhout 0.)
years of ugct nud was a sober, industrious
loan, lie baa left a wife nlid live cluldien in
lallier destituto cireuins'.ances.
JamksS. MuNaiit, Ej:)., of North Strabano
township, on Friday last presinlcd us with
some twenty etallts of rye. measuring eiyht
fttt J'aar inchti .', ,Tll,J lieuds are Well filled nud
measure hicks in length. II was reaped
with a sickle, uud whole sheaves were gather
ed averaging nciuly lite length of toe stalks
mentioned. Who will bent the MeNary rye ?
Tim Collego topic is now engrossing tho
ntleullon of botli Washington and Canon s
Imrg It is loiind tn b) Inconsistent wilh the
intereslj of Witshiugtou and Jetfjisou Collego
to dlvldn il between the two towns. , Having
to go one pi ice orthu other Washington wants
It aud so does C.tnnnibitrg. '. It Is prob tulc
they will get it. Tho annual commencement
comes oil at C'AUonslmrg oa A'.ig. 6.
Tin-: Rcvicio incntlons tlu burnl.i of a
blolo Hillsb iro, belonging til Oliver Liycoclc,
by lightning on 2-M ult. Oil Hie amo day one
ofthe stables of Stephen Ulery, West UjIIiIo-
liein township, was also struck by lightning
killing a valuable homo, belonging to Mr. L'l
ery, imme.Jiittely. One of Ihe farm hands was
lying very close to the' homo but luckily cs
enped uuharmed. 1 ' i m ' (
. ; ."Oswaiio, rliht onward,
Into tho Valley of Daath, l" , , ;
Undo thesjix hundred." ,
But larger,' by hundreds multiplied into
. millions,, than Ihe dnnmod men who rode to
swift destruction in Tennyson's poem, is the
great cavuloade of unhappy men wlm are
rushing to untimely graves followed by the
gaunt spectre Dyspepsia. Tills is nit wrung,'
and should cease." Plantation1 Bitters, the
great Stomachic Pain Killer, cures Dyspepsia,
Heartburn; ncadacho, Vertigo, Dullness, and
all symptoms of kindred character, ns If by
rmgle. Vr Lsivuor, Lasaitudo, Great Weak
ness und Mental Dprcsslor,, they havo a most
wonderful effect -1 . ! J
Maoxoua WiTn A delightful toilet arti
clesuperior to Cologne and at half tho price,
me TlSamicsbinrg
Fatiii a Stabiihu sv a 8m. Saturday last
Mr. Win. O. Thomas, of Centre townsliii,
a man ofiiiteinpernte habits, chastised one of
Ins children unmercifully. Upon bis wife
interfering bo seized her by the throat and
amiscil her most outrageously. A boy, bis
son, about fourteen yearn of age,, then diew a
pocket knife mid stubbed his father iu the
abdomen, producing a wound from which ho
died on Monday i iglit.
SwiNhi.r.ns Tlicro is u swindling concern
till lug the colors of Komi Hi Co , Hankers, No.
C.inton Hall, As'or Place, N. Y.. cngAged
in si'iidiug out ciiLulars c.dcul ited. tn deceive
the unwary by oirering llio lenipling bait of
a i'J .11 prizj utrtulj Jr(iw and tn bu fnrtvard
cd ou rttviftt of $12 oO coiHutUiiiuH. Heusltiie
people need nut ho told that money sent 'them
will never bo .heard from alter, an. 1 that tho
prize is a myth.
I. (. nv ). F. At a regular mewing of
liiehliill Lodge, Jfi. 67', I. O. of l. F It
was resolved t c;.dobratetli3 approaching IMlh
of Aug., it belli.! Ilu otli uniyersary of tho
npeniii ot our Lodg , All sister In Iges nnd
all muniliers iu gno I standing la lira county
urn respectfully invited ti nltenj uad per
tlcipiile with us nn th) oecisiou,
1. T. IIknumisiiot,
J. 11. Di;iiuik,
It. L. NolILK,
Cumuli lee of Invltiitloa.
Is tha bouiolraul t ie dressing nioiu one
purfumj reigns supreme. Pii tmu's "Fior do
Mayo," the now pel fume for the handkerchief
lias on rival in any home where taste presides
Sold by all ill legists.
Faiii Adais Last Monday the rrginizt
lion of a Fair Couipniij was perfected nnd
contrai ls uiven
out for grading a truck tun'
building fence
It Is suru to go through'
A nkw Post Oflli'H, Called lleistciliiirg, has
been istu ilislied in Fiiyelte county. T. W.
Lynch lias been appointed postmaster. '
Iwriit. Papi r put ifpin niul boxes of one
qulro each with enveloies to match ut Day's
U mk Store.
I.akIi, Sperm, N jats foot. Fish, Sweet nnd
C.iHtor oils, for sab at G. W. Ilihurls Dun:
Storo. .
A si'i.KNi.mdot of Paint llruahes and brushes
of all kinds, for sale ut G. W. H oberts' Drug
Faiixrst.vk' Whim Lend, Linseed Oil,
Putty unj Window Glass, ut U.nden's Drug
A lot nf Side-Hill & Stuel Plows on
hinds nud fir salo nt llraden's Hardware
Pkiihv Davis' Piiinklller and Allen's Lung
Ilal3oin sold ut Hraden's Drug Store.
Go to G. W. IS ihertV Drug Store und getn
hottlo of Mishlui'a iiilt.-rs.
PiMi.iv School I! Kilts, nil kinds, fir sale
Publishers prices nt Day's Hook Store.
A nkw lot of Doty's celebrated washers
wringer ut B: mien's Drug Store.
Kvkiiytiiivu you want hi llio Hardware line
ill Ih iiileu's, cheap for cash.
Du HciiTos's li.fallible Tolmcco Antidote for
sale at O. W. Unbelts' Drug Store.
Paints ol all kinds, dry nnd In oil, for sale
ut O. W. ltnl erls' Drug Stoio
Tnv Sargent's Back tchu Pills, sold at Bra
don's Drug Storo.
A kc.1.1. lino of Wheeling nail Just received
lit Biaden's Hurdwnro St ire.
AvKiis'IIdr Vigor a new Prep trillion fur
the Hair, for sale at 0. W. it iberts'
Good spool of cotton warrnntcd 200 yards
" els at Fordycu's. '
Gi.NTi.hMcN's patent, tiuiuti'r Oxford ties, nt
M C. & H. Hell's, very cheap for cash 1
Wtitri'iso Paper nil sizs ut Lewis Day's
Book Storo. . . -
II.'.v forks i.f nil descriptions Just received at
T. Oration's II ndwuro Store.
Am. of Dr Sirgent's mudiclnes for s lie ut
Biaden's Drug StoreA ' '
Phkntii Aiimy LnrioN, tlio best liniment in
use, for sale at G. W. Roberts' Drug Store.
Sr.tNiiAiiD Prints for IL'Jets at JVirdyco's,
(Jeff, rutin.)
FtiiiKSTiH'ii's & Achooiiiiiakcr'8Piiro Whito
Lead for sale nt G W Roberto Drug Store,
A nkw supply of Wall Paper just received
nt Lewis Day's Book Store. ,
Nkw Books received every week at Lowls
Day's Cook Storo.
Blank Nolo Books best form now in use nt
Lewis Day's Book Store.
.Good Moroco Shoes at Fordycc's for $1,5.".
Fok goods nt fair prices call at Fordyco's.
w.iYXEsnrun market.
Way.nksuuiio, Aug. I, IsdS.
Correeted Wuelily for tho Kecuiilican i
Ilultorffreshroll,) ?tl
K'Zirs ft ilox a H
PotulufH ' bush
..1 50,.T,2 ini
Iir.l v ll..
Tiillowi '
Country Soup v th..
UrleU Apples tti..
' i , i ;
Flour fi lilil
Wheat i hush
Itye t liimli '
Com 'ft hush
Corn .Moul t bush
CoBTeO ft )............. '
Tea 1 lh
Ilrnwn Himiir V 1)
ltcflned tsllKar V 111 ,. H
Syrupjt Rttl
.lolaHBeH ( N. Or luiins,)
SorKliunty gnl h H
Salt 't lilil ....
Uiee B Ib.,-....!..- !..(...
10 00
..1 H0...2MI
..1 liyml i!n
! til
1 ID
1 Ml
1 JI
t la
Satubday, Aug. 1, 1808.
During the week the stale of trnrte lias under
gone no ehunge worthy ol special mention,
We quote as follows, which are the wholesale
prle,M" - " ciR.VIX ASD FLOUR.
W'hwil, Penn'a. and Ohio, Winter Ited 12 00 J 05
ttyu n ImihIi........... . .-,
(luls (t bush Mi'AV)
Cornet hush .. Inoslln
Spring Wheal Flout lOUKAlO.'SI
Winter Wheut -.11001175
Hhnulilnra USI.tVe
HiiKiir Cured llaiun..... 21 2 -
Ijiril lu'Je
rutntoes, T bush........,, li.iio
Apples t UW ............ . '4,00fi6,iiu
CiitHwe ......m llta 18
Eitgsvdos U2
Butter ........,, "S3o
Republican, e&necdan, JxcgiioT.VISOS;
Nkw Yoiik. Aug., l.-Thehusin. In
n.... ha, ,,i 1h,. wry (fc-my, hoi i,,,U"nw
llrnt In the lrvluwa, un.l generally il, in U1I
lie Itaiw. .pti. Ni,llv.., i M,.r 1
li.Li.H-. I,u uml a.uo.. .t..-. ir Vui .1. "m
rl,iii, .in.f. Il.t.c,,.. (, Mn,y ll,.w . ' ; "Tie
Nkw t iiiiK, Augiut l.-l'rlnu of l.. sl inali.w
111 hei.Soalllu f...i. in,. ,, t 4l,,., ,.
liilnmnni liigiH.I t is. HeiivM.rot, n
iKHiUiigslikuAiuoki'ug A are llrm uud In re-
I irivllirri Itiilliihtfj lltirnotl- l.oKiover
on lluiidrvd iiiuiiHHiia lllillurit.
Oil City July 31, ISM. A du
structivo lire (ururud ut Oil City to
day. Tlio tire broke out at7 a., Mt.
in Parkrr ami Toit.vsoa'8 online
in the reur of the Jones House west
side of the creek. Fillv-threidmildrnvn
were burned, including both Hides
of Main street from MeUarvey s Imtel
to Holiday run. The low is fully
100,001), and insurence light. The
lire was checked ubout 10 A. M. The
amount of oil burned is light, including
several loaded (auk ear. Yeiv little
property wad saved. Many famillicA are
Tho r11UMl KIliiiitloii-Tiia Prcititlent
Iu n 4iiHiilur'.
Concerning the political situation,
it Poems the President s somewhat
puzzleil. He is by no means satisfied
with the ticket or the platform of the
Democracy, yet he docs not Iiato the
men who agreed to them, lie has a
kindly feeling for Democrats every
where, but ho hntos the KepublicaiH.
I'ossibly in the etui, when tho contest
becomes bitter, he may thiow his in
fluence ami power in favor of Seymour
nnd lilair, but ho takes to them hard.
Tm: "Conservatives" of Northern
Virginia celebrated on Tucs.lay their
victory at liull ltim seven years ago.
They hud "n largo assemblage near
Manassas Junction, u tournament, a
dinner and speeches ; closing with a
ball in the evening. ()lcoui'se,they had
a good time, and sepuratcil in joyful
hope that they will havea still better
one after they bhall have elected Sey
mour aud niair. Had n't they better
elect them fieforc they celebrate any
more of their old victories?
Vallandioiiam, who nominated
Seymour, is a convicted traitor, and
Wits banished South of our lines dur
ing tho war. l'reston, Hampton and
Forest, who nominated -Blair, were
rebel tienerals. Fall in ! Union sol
diers, and support tho ticket thus nom
inated by your friends.
At WiiyiH KliurK, I'll,, the .Lt, nf Amr. A.
To Whom i i' M.w iitiNt.'Mts : i iif miil. i'-iiMi-pi
litTrhy Mivt's tirti i- ol his npjuiiiiMin'iit us
Awilgiift! ol Mini In Hutilh,, nf Alnruitn M., in
tin' foil n i y of (irt't'im nnd tlfot I ' i 11 y t it n in
w 1 1 1 1 1 it miitl IlHti'icI, who Ins hccti niljtnt:;t n
Kaiikrupt iinon J l 1m own lition hy tlo- hUlHel
Coiiili)iNiiltUil.iiat. tsi.!o. itlNKIIAIll',
Au.V(rr, A:lti!!i',
lection of oi-ncEn:1.
Tho on.ri-ror- Itlflililll Aki'IcuUupiiI n-fty
nu t on tho Itli duy of .loly mi l oi-khii )(! Iy tho
fli't'tloii of 111' lolliiwlli-t (HIIciTh; I'rfshli'iit 1,
W, lnty; MuriimtTN, ,1. W. Wtilton, A. .1. Moo
litT, H, KtiiHlit, .1ohi'U lunhln nii J. (1. Imiin.
iiiiiiv : K'c, St'crclniy, A. Itu.s.s ; Cor. Wtt fcUiry,
H, Knight. .
Aim, j-:a.
p U B L I C S A I. K .
Tho un Joislgtu fl iiropi so to sell ou
At 2o't'hK-lc, p.m., tro lnt Inthw horonali of
ayuoHoui'tf, i n., wiitt a uro-K iniiinmy ri-i i'tcu
tlioi'oou, known um tho (' iimliot luiul I'loshyto
t'hiii churuU. Tciim mudo known on day of
tiio4. irosiciNsox,
Aug. 3-ta. L'ommlltco.
Hy vlrl n of a nowor contnlnod In llio lant
will uud tt'Kiamoiit ul .John lUwiK, lalo of Moi
HHil townslilp doe'd., too undol'Mlmiotl tlln Kxoc
Utorn will oxpoMu topuhliutuilu on tho jitonnvos
ut It o'clocU r. u., on
TIIUllSDAY, SEPT. 3, 18G3,
A rcrtiihl MoKsunjro nn 1 tnu-l of lun.l Rltuiilfi III
Moriiiiii tp.t u.l). lining IhiiiIk ot .lolin Ktn, itiu
ucl Luwiu, tiuiuiiL'l !''uUuii iulii utti'i'ii.
Hnlil Innil Iiiik lliprmn pri'iili-l a twn Mtury
IIKU'IC UWKI.l.lMi, t'niiiii' t n in . uml
Mttilili. llrl.'U Siuiiku Units.' t&c.Hihl lmsticr.oii
u Knii'l iiliple im-lii'.r.l, anil utlml fruit. Torino
liiuilo Know a I'Milny ol' i--.l.'
JACuit UKKKNI.r.i:,
Aug. .1-.1t. Kx.'
Notice Is limhVBlvcn to nil rrrdltom. locn.
tc. . wiii.ln iiiul mliir ih'Iwiiih liu.'i'i'li .l, Unit
Hit' hii.Ii'IhIkhkI l'.x.i, Ailiiiiiisimii.niiiii.l
uml lliiitriliiins' tlll.'il lfi.-ir ii.-i-.iiiiil In llio
It. hInIi i 'b Ullii'i'. uml tlmt tho mine will In. prv-M-ntiil
In llio III iiIihn'm r.nirt to Im lu l.l M'ltlllll
mill fur tliu l.'nnnly ol (ir.'.'iiB. mi Wwlnwmny,
H.'itt.'iiibLr uy, ltiw, fur un.l ullow
iiui'O. 1'HrKltltllOWN", tt.-ultt.-r,
Aceotint of MItoJiiIi, ll.'nry nnd Hiiiiiii.'l Muht.
n.-r, Kxeviiti .in. if til" will of Oi'iiruu I.lidit
hit. iliivime.l, who win. niliiiliilstiiiior upon
tho Kntllle of .oe)ill Ihuio, iliv.'ll.'.l.
Accmnt or J.'A. llilsli.r, A.linlniiiriitor of tho
KatntiMir Itobr-rt HrlHlor, iIkwimhiI. i
Actoiiiit or Jnmtn (Iriihuiii, liuiinliiin or Ali'X
iin.lcr Sl.i.riu k.'ii, n minor chll.l of John
Acroiiiit or .luininliniliiiiii, Otmnllnn or lilpli
nnl A. Wiilkliu.iulnorsonof William Wui
klni, .I.'uuiin.'iI. "
Account, or t:hnrlcs, WllUnnm A.lmlnltrnlor
"Di'lKinls mm" um.u llio Kstute of Kphruiiii
WillliiiiiM, ilet'ctMetl. - ......
Account of Ambnwo A. Stout. Ailmlnlstrntorof
the Kstute of Ahmlmni 8tout.'iI.
Tho miilcrslRnH Kxcciitow of thy limt will
aud U'Htuiiii'iit of John Orini, dit'd., will e. to salo ou tlio pi fiiilHtrt. on
" TUESDAY, SE. lsf, 18G8,
Tho liompKlcmt of mild d.'cccd, ultuato In
lTiinklln Township, ii.IJ.iIu.iuj luii.U of . tonus
Klv, Judifo Hoslilnxm nnd oificrj. cniii.iliiinn
Ion. ono huudri d nnd eighty "'')'!'.'' f'Ti'!.'.:
itLonwIilclLnrocreclwloncllltllk l!IMI.IIU
nnd ono Friiuie Toniint llouso. Hum, Htnoio,
Cribnu.l othor ouibi'lldlnK"- Thero nro uleo
two apple orvlumls nnd oihorfnilt on thi pnmi
l. Tin. wliolo in well'rcd nnd un.lor kimkI
cultlvutlon, and wilt bo sold on a whole or. In
pnropln, , . ,
TUoubovfipropcrtvts loraitcd ono mlie
of WnyncilHiru'nnil Inln tho vicinity of sovornl
gOOll lllllBlld i-liur.-liM.
TKKMH. titie-thlril or tho purchase monoy to
lie iml.t on tho nt of OctoIxT, lmn, at which
time tho deed will ho inmln nd ihhscskIoii iIv
ns exceptor the tennnt houso which will he
given lt of April noxt, tho biilmiee In three
niiinl nnnunl piivinentn, with Intunwt from tlmt
date, to beneourct bv Ju.lKcmcnt or mortgage,
at Uie option of the Kxecutoni.
ELIZAUCTH OltIM, Executrix,
SOLOMON WMB, Kxecutor.
Special Notice.
4 -Mi I do MitrrUtfr.-YuiiUK Wm
(initio to Huppv Mnrrliinoanil roniiinnl rfllcl
ty, I'Uti lititO'OiM vlttwt nf LhmiI I'livtil-r-imis,
on tttn t.rron unl -a)ua. lii. i.lrnt to
uuiiiu:nU'aily MauIioimI. Mmtlii tkuh-l l. ilrr
niveluiH, fr..-e of tihuiKo AtUh;s lluWAUU
AM'.iA i If i.S, llox l'., nUltMiololiiti, V.
Juuu I7,'utly
Ath.ri iut lo t:i Mf rvoiiH na nblll-
oiti-a, HUit'i tliKH Imvii lu n iriiU'ttrl-ml
lioio hiilH iioitfH, ntul thMH vnvvm rHUlrt'
inoiuj'l tivitiuifiil l rii'lr vxInlfihM tlcsini
I4n : Il you uruttnitriim. or huvo nuifr'i from
lnvoUiiiiKiy Uiw'huiu-1. uhul t'lli.'dl ilofult ro
.1ur(. u j ..ii your . m ml hiiillhT Ik vtiu i'M't
w.'tik. .I.'i.iiitiiit'.l i-isiiy tirtM? lK.,t,i a Utt !
txlru oxMrtinn tr.lnt ' imlpiiuilou ol ihi-lu-urt
INv-i your li'r, or tirlimt v orifunn, or iiir kUU
iny,'iitly K"t out tI ift-ilflrf In your
urtnuhoiiit'tliiii'H lUU'k, milky or ll.'trkr, or'u it
ropy ihi M'tihnf iiriU-MH llitck wtim rN to
Mm top? ur it it Rftiliut nt ut tio; b.ttioiii utior
It I III" Hl'Kwl HWllllCf It.tynU htivHpkiWofNhort
htvittitiiof or l M'pniii4f Arc your lowvl otm''!? lo you hiiVo h)m IU of (ulntUiK, or
ru-im-M of l)ltHhl iu tin hfH-1 1 t your iiMMnur
Impair 4 ? m vour lolinl citiintoiilv ilw.'illni
iip-ii tlilw hu Jrl 1 Ho you frel iliitl. llstltNH,
inoplnu, tlr'l or comptiiiy, of llf.- Jxi yuu
wImi u Int U'lt ulomi, to iiwuy (nm vvmy
h'Mly t 1km- tiny lnttn tiling itiauo yuu Klutt or
Juiiipt U your Klftp limkni or risili'(.4? U
Uu liiHtio ol vour i',v iu lirtlllniit ? 'I ho hlooiu
mi vour cluH-k ii hrluhtt lo you rnjov vour
fir Iu kiMMfty ii4 WfllT Io y.Mi ihisiiiyour
IxuliO'iiH wllll (tin Hiilitit cm ivy T iJo you ft
mu.'li mntlili-ncit In yourself ? Am your
nplntMtiull uii'l ilu tiim, Kivvn tortti of ini'ltui
choly? lro lo not lny It loyonr llviror ilvst-l-psm.
Hitvii you nvstl.-ns nif-ntj Your tui.-k
wi'ul;. your Uiikcm Wfiik, uiil Imve Inn ltlilti
Mppft lit, una von hUi Ihulu LiiU io (lystpi-psiu or
livcr-conipltinii t
Now ivi.,'r( A-lfoilium, vmnr'nl (Unimiv-h IiimI
ly rui't u, an I ft.nuul fXi-t-sKrhis, iik iUI nipahlc
ot proclu 'iii.t u wi'Ultiu-KH of iho Knioratlvn or
Kutn. 'ih1 in'j'Oirt ot' it'iiMrutlou, wIh'H hi per
lift loMlth in-tkit I lit mmi. 1H-I yoiivtr think
Unit thiMrt h.ili). iliUunt, oih'tuotic, pnrt'vr
iiiti, Hiit-rt'-Atriil lnnlin't-iiH'11 mo iilwityn lliony
whfmo ni'toinitivH ormui.H uro In prtVi-t hi'tilili
Vou ui-vor ItLiir ton-h ttu n etnnpliUn or lw Inu
nii'liitii'holy, of mrvmsin-N, ,r pulpllsttlon of
tin liMio-t. Ihi'V m'ttiiMVt'r niniia thy ran not
MUtMu-t'd In htiii' ss; th y il nil lii-roniu suit
ui'l iliHcoimmi'il ; Iticy nr iiiwuvh jHiUinttiil
nlfiusuut In tlio conip.tnv or IuUiua. una look
you uiil tU-iu liultt in Ihe ftici) nouit of
youi'oowii ctnt looUrf or nny oiliit nnMiinHni
lihoitt tld'in. J iht not iiit'itn ll io.ho who kvt'p tho
oru'in liilhitnl hy running to rxi-tM. I lit so
will not only ruin thotr HnUiulluiiBt but ulso
llio. tlioy lo ttiiHliit-KN with or lor,
How nmny inou, from lt;itly-currd (1iKon.SPtH
fioin tlio rih'i't.1 o soli'iiliiito una t'Xi.vHHtit, Imvo
hnmulit about tlmt ntnlo ot wcmIcui'hi in thoso
oia ui-t thiil hH roilu jo't thy u-'ii'-rHl H.vstoni ho
inui-o a lo liolm o uluiorit ov.'i'.y otht-r iHwi-ii
li1lM:y, liiiiih-y. p.iralyti, Hplmil ll. t'tlotin, mil
uiilo, ttii't iilnto-it' ovuty oilier form of iltnso
htch hiiniaiiily Is hoir to, utiJ tho roal oiiuho
ttt the lrothh n-aivf ly ovt-rMispt'cluJ, uul huvc
ttfictort il fornll.lint tlo rlt:lH ouo.
lkout' oi tti.n or.UKi r.iUiro tho mo nf
Piituii.. i:;a.i!of,h h i i.uii i;x i'U ai;
t'lll' isihot?rMt inurotko, nnl lift ortiln ouro
for ilixr:iMi of tho tantl'Ior, KMncyM, (iruantc
Woukiit HH, romulo CoiiiphihitM, (it'iii'iul lt-hiU-tv,
and all iIIhciisph of tho Uriimry irt(aiiN,
wht'tlior o:.lstln Iu Mute or Konmlo, from what
evor I'uiiiu oiiinatliiK. unt no iuHUr oi ltow
lull ix.
It no trrnhnotit i mtlnnlttoil tof'tminriptlon
or InHimlty amy ommio. Our ilotOi ami Moot!
nroSupportctlfroin tho.Hn ounoH. uml I lio ht-allh
ami liiipplnoNH, aiot that of 1'oHtorily, UcpomU
upon piomitt uho if a lollahlo ri-mo'lv.
1 ol in hold h Kxtract llii'-hu, t-'iiMKh-M ttp
wurd ol IS yours, prt pnroil hy U. T. II Kl M IHH ,l
Uru-l-t. .Mil .V.'W Vork.uiol laiStnilli Mill Kl
l'inla.iflphia, I'a, I'iiht. el.ii por hottlo, or t
hotth'H lor j'J.'io, ilollvoro-l lo unyuJtlroM. Hold
hy all li uijijMm'vory whorr,
iirt-NiiNK AUK (M:n l iNK uiiloHt ilono np In
ftoi'l-onm-iivotl wripi'r, w li!t fuc-slmilu of my
L'liomlcal vYuivltousu, :iml miumoi)
ii. r. aixiuior-u.
July IVJm.
cijal gilvcvtisfinctttj.
T.ottorM totfimont.'iry Imvlnct Iwi KrnntM to
tho uiolt rMiuacI on lito t'Htaio of .lolin l,'wh,
Into ot Moriruii tp tit M, uotk-o In hfti'hy ulvou
toall p thoiih lnh-hlo'l to Hall ONtato ti npiko
liiiint 'lln'i' pMviio iil, miiiI IIiomo htivimc I'lulniH
iiuuliwt IhoNiiiai'lo pnii ul Uk-ih p.opci'ly uu-tltt'Otl:il-il
tor not i lotoout.
.ft (I IN l(!:Vs, Wash, oo., I'a., .,.u
,l.i'. (llttllM.Kl-:, tiiooniTOo.,IM., ux l
.Imp' 7,'tt"-it
7 mows Disntioi' oi' 1'knnjvl-
If V I 1 t! J
At ViiyifslMiiy,rntho'AMof July a. Ii.IMH.
To w iiom it may t'oNrKits: Tliouinloiitnotf
horohy KiVM noih'o oi Ihh itpp'tintiiioni uh Ah
Nliiot'oi William A. I'ortoroi Wnvn'hiir, In
iiit'i oauiy oi (srtMMut ain miu' oi t'oniiHyivania
unliio Mt.iil I hmI rit-l. uliii lui4 lifi'ii iuOiiM.'sxI n
I iii iik iu pt upon hi own pet 1 1 1 m liv loo l)i-lrlt!t
Court of KiUil l.Ulnel. 11. II. I'ill.fAN,
J uly .'J-'jt. AMrtiimo-tfj.
A D-MUNbTltAhilX NOl'irK. "
I,o:toi-s of ntlinlnUl nil loll havlnuhoon tfratitod
to 1 lo uiiil't vl''it'tl on i Ik i'kIhio ot t '. I'. MoitN.
; ili'i-'il., Into or V.'hilHy lowivihip, (In ciio roiinly
i iioti.f iu lu-n'hy uivru Itiall pciMni liut'lil
IohmIm i?tliUo t. Iiuikt' lioitli'ilmlo pny moot aial
tlio-.o having clalniH n t thonauw to pri-ent
llifin propyl ly auilr-tO iftiloil lor Hottlom.'ht.
I-MAlll 'I II MtUtHIH,
July l.'cUt A-i'mliilrttrntrlx.
c 1 n k uTFi;7s "ha t7i;T
Tty vlrtuo of a writ of von. oxp. U-iio1 mit of
th.1 1 onri of Common I'lra oi tiroouo i.oiiuiy,
mill lo i in illrivtcl, tin-it will ho cxpjsotl lo
juililicMitoiil lltot.'oui't llotMr, In Wnynoslnirij,
on S:iliinljiy, H.-pi , I.-mim, m j oVlnHc I. M llio
lollowiim property, Iz : All tho riht, lltlo, In
loiONi uml i tiuin ot N. i. Clcuvrn.-r, or. In nutl
to a i-orliiin lot of urouii l, oonlitliilii ouo aoro
it 1 1 no or le!", silitiitod In Jninkard I'owiiHhlp,
Ui'f. iK 4'ouuty, I'a., ii'ljoinlnif lainin of NiohotaN
Oohitll, houiitlod otrllio Kat hv land or Mr.
Slot.!, on lh"S:iiilh hy MUlor. on tho Wot hy
KmHy (lnoh, Norlii . Takoti In xtoodoii
us tho proporly of N. T. t'tonvotmor alhw Nolsou
T. t-'ii-avoiiaor lit thoHiiil of l-'tirnnT-i mikI ltrov
orw liatilc or WaytioHloiru lor tlio uku oi" W.
UK-hiiuui and luminl Wiliiam-i
11. ii-rtlLVKTH.fihorliT. .
i uiy -'J, i-i.
haxo roirrES.
Carpcntcr'sViitcnt II trmonlum Grand Pi tnncs
AVuroroi'in, 'f K-Mist 19lh fltroot. Four doors
Kut of Ti.U'tl Avuiiio,
Kvory ItiHlumont wnrnintod (icvon years.
Hen. I lor a Circuiuruml 1'rlco Lint,
July I.-:.m.
lost, now
Jut puhllshnd.n now etlltlon of Pit, Cclvkii
WKiiia I'ki.khhatko Kssa v on tlio I (jo Heal l.'ure
(wiliiout M-du'iioooi ispkikma toKHinKAorwom
uml, Mental and I'ltyniiul Inoapacity, ImptU
inontn to m u i inijo oio. ; t oshumi'TIon. hiMi.KP
sy uud I'lrn, Induced hy st'li-lmliilgoucoor ox
uul I'Xtrovuauo.
tJ-i'rio, In a nonloil onvolopo, oly II ronlH.
Tliocotohnitod uutlmr, In lliiHadmirahio tHuay
oloarly tlonifHiHlratod from a thirty yLarn' miio
(jOMilul praoliL-o, lltat tliouiarmlnK-(nM04m'iiooii
oi oit'-hUho may ho mdloally ountl without the
(lauuoroUH n mo oi lutornal nutlloiue or thoappll
oatioii ol tito knifo ; iHdiiluiK out a modoot rare
at ono siniplo, ocrlaiii and olttrtual, by nmin
of which owry milloror, no inaltor what hlriooii
Uiiioniuay ho, may euro hiiUJHJlf cheaply, pri
vatt ly and radically.
Hi it I.i'.'ttu t'HliouM ho In the hand of ev
ery youih and ovory man iniholand.
f-v-iit,uudrHonl In n (ilaln otiveloe, to any
nddroKM Mistpaul,ou rocolpt or six oontM, or two
post MtamM. AImo Dr. ( ulvorwoU'H "Marrlne
Liuldo," price 2j ooii I?. AdilrosH iho uuhllKhvrH,
C'il.VH. J.u. KliLKACtM
I-T Flowory Now Yorl;, l'ONt-Ollh-! llox -tntf.
Wo the ni.derxlKncil. owners of the nhov.
property nttiinted iu WnyneHburK Korouith, offer
ut private huIu the mill and It4 uppui'toiiiiuceii,
The mill occupies ono of Ihe best niton for hti
HlueiM In the county. In toby Oil feet, three ntorlos
lilirli. one of hi. me (two loot wull I two of brlek.
(eighteen Inch wull. nnd iinrrett with gmncrlen.
Holt, Mlillll Mtiellllie, -le lhreu liurili run uy a
tl ixt lust cnulne ol lliltty-lucli atruke, lliirtoeu
inch cylinder. AUo
Now dolus bihvI worlc, Spinning machines, etc.
HiUlsfiu-i.iry r.iisoim lor Bellinu.
TKI..MS H..VOH tho.iHnnu live hundred dollars
In Ihruo iinnuiil payniunu with Intorvnt. Apply
ut once ut the mill. - .
Jiilyai-ilm HUNSKLL drYEATEH.
Vj t4Ullt)ori.
t'AUMIL'lIAEIil, onr.ICNE CO., PA.
Fall Term commence Auk. 17. "W, and eontln
uen weekn. The Domini llepnrtnient
In for Ihe benefit of toucher. Tho building has
been rutlttiil. Htudent huve ueeemi lo two I.t
r.rarl.'H. HiK'loll.wuroln atlourUlilnucnndlllon.
To the liiHtlliitlon belonini npiMirntiiii fur nil
kllidn of experlmenui. Uood felineuiw, Ml
eroH.'ope, t.'hnrl, Ac. It In deelrcd thnt all
lioul.l hetheri.nt tlielM-KlniilnKof the terra.
lloAlllilNii can bo ohtnlned In town or a
short dlstnuce In tho country from fti 7.1 to S3 V)
per week. For Information addron l)r. J. B.
Ijildlcv, Heo.. or either of the Trunteen.
JulyAw-tf W.F.ortR,Prln.
"ovibtuk Ltrr.'
MnJ"i lly of lli'o wliomul nrwupaimn, unvr
awn give. Uwly Klaniat ahualura. .avenue
luuut Mini II a
Aottially Iimi h cholon vnrlftv of rimhIii which
ioNmlllmiit thoVKItV I.oW T irlclliiU
nit Iw nllordH. It luinlly pay him lupublUJi
thti fact. TUerofoiu wo Imve
It Ii.m! Iciilinplr IuvIIk rvivylMxIy In mil mi.l
fXiimlun..urMtK'k unit prl.-.n bifuri puri'l.ualiiK
els.'wlirri'.nmlxiiy Inn lull. In nuurU Iu nnr
ulilliiy uuil 'M riiiliiiillna Iu luuUu ll ua vunu-
Htiuiia iu iiiim. wnu rv unl
Tolli.'lrnwn lnlor.'l,loluy IJiuir fnmllo, NuU
v uuiaum, urocurira una vcr IUUi(
TlioflrncorrlliKio. II'. A.ltliiduirt,lnl.U'llli's
old uuikllliK, omillu llio publliijuillu,
, o
A Mi i'UOVlhlO.N'U
Cunnlnntly arriving nt the Store of
WAYNEsnuna, pa.
. Coiinlsllug, In part.of ''
F1BII, '
Ac,, tc, Ac,
J ii addition tn the nbove, a full stock of
NOTIONS, IUnDWAnE, bpectacles,
nud thousand of other art lele. which urobo
lllK nold a luw 11 till)
C O M I A N I) )U Y.
S T A N D Y, A L L t
A , J . S O W E Ii S
Iluiiiitlful OKSortmcnt of L'lotlis,
' . . ' . i .
New Style for Oenl'uNerk Tren flcarft.. pine
Freuch Figured lVroalv HlilrU, Collars it Ciilli,
TIIK DK0I.INKIJJ I'llicm ennbles lilm to
mill at f.ibuloua low rale. Full nulU of excel
lent texture, can be hud at, one half former
uuai. ,uiuu uuu gob uie uoa wnue il is yuiug.
rub wuni nuinr.,
ap tS,'(W-Hn. '
j- EltlDEN UlUTANNlAf CO. , ; , , , , j
Miimifucturcr of the finest quality of
. tniiOME IRON
Will Resist all Burglars' ImplomenU for my
Length of 1 1me. '
Plenw send for Catalogue of Fir. and Buralar
Proof Mafe.
m Broadway, New York; 731 Chestnut Hi,
ridldelphla; 1 Ban 8tree Ueteland, Ohio.
July JS-aro.
One of our mont motive ami oblllm( meruhanUi
rwx-nny rviuinmi inm in onm, uriuKiig
with hiiu a tfpl-ayiU tworuunufc ol
Thevrny neatest and latest stylbs, of every
variety ai hkahomahi.! h vtu, vuiuraoum ail
kluds ot
TntMMtNdfl AS!) Mlt.T.I Vt'ItY noons, New
Styles of HI 'MM Kit IMI'I.INH: lllieat and beat
Miinlllyof lilnek Hllka, ehlnuea, I'reenllen, or-
riuidleH. Tnrllon. tine and ull colorii; lino qual
ly of Wool Delulues, ti'iielher with a full Una, t'HHliiiiereHnn.l Alimit-nM I'ttrnulM. A
full and fiinhloiiuhln lino of Millinery Hoods
ooiiMlHtlnaof llonuet KmiiieM, r runted Aiituioua,
Urupe,ll eol..i, und lmdea,
The very talent and flnrat q.mllty, Oll-bollrr
ribbons, nil wI.IIIim. HhndeM and color; Oilored
Ijcc. All ileaerlptlona of Ijutlca' lints, trim
mod, and unlrliiiiiiod, full aiMortiiiont u(
New style of PnrunoU ami Kiinimer Umbrellas,
Fancy Fnnn, lino Uteo Knibrulderleii, lleiii
lllchod lliindkerchleM, Collaia aud Cults lu
mutch. Cumpluto
IjhIIch' nnd Oents' Kid (Itoren, a complete line;
alt.! l.lcll tbren.l nnd HHk Uualury tor Ladlua
auu ueuin. a mil siuck.
AlnoShiiwln I nee Curtnlns, nnd a full line of
MllCHMMl iidoiih. Ho hun nn hnnd alnna
plendld iiNNortment of Willi 1'iipcraud t'nrpetn:
lientn' and iit.yN' riolhlnx in urent variety ami
of the nn "it liishlomililo nlvlen. HATS. ('Aiti
un.l THLNKm, nnd Hi nhnrt, uverythiiiir Ice id Iu
a Mrxt elnm more, nil of which wilt be (old at
aroutly reduced prlcoa.
At Iho uniform pri of Twenty-five Outs per
ll'OlHm. wvn .Ullioiu llliinilllli:il w.Vll Hll I'll-
graved FrolltlHploco, und bulllid 111 Ull Illuuil-
nnie.1 1 nrmn i over, io uo compiuieu iu in vol
Ullienu l.iliuwsi
1. Wavi.Mys
18. Tho rirate.
II, Fortune of Nigel.
15, IVvvrtl of thol'oMk.
M. Ouoniln Ihirwuril.
. 4,vmi;ttit',
H, Konllworlh.
4. (lny Manuorlng.
ft. AniWimry. j
. Hob tuiy. 9 H
7. OldMoriiiUty.
H. Tliehlurk Dwnrfimd
a l.ooiid of MonlroMO.
0. Undo vt Imiumor-
17. M, ItoiiiHn'H Well.
'l.H. Koduniiiitlot.
IV. Tim HokrothiHl, nnd
MiKhland Widow,
JO. Tho TiillKinihit.
21. Wootlitlook.
Si. Ftr Mnl.l of PoTth,
10. Ilourt of Midlothian xl. Anno of (lolorstoin.
11. Tint Monuktory. Li I. 1,'ounl Uubortgl lur
U The Abbot. In,
26. HurRonn'e Duushtor.
Tho flifit volunio, "Wuvorly,'1 ImhuoiI on Feb
rnury 2it IMS A vo!uih will lHpubllNhHl nlmut
onoou lorinliflit mttU tho Hrloi In oomplotml.
Any vcluuui mullod, iohI froo on ruculpt of
Kor HlX nnl.r.AHH wo will cnd hy moll,
propuld, nn funt uu jmhllMhed, Clin on tiro not of
Wtivorlv NovoIm, midiioiipv ol a now Hlool-pltttu
l'urmiil ol .-lr Wultur rtuuu, fmllublo for Irmn.-.
for TV.S All wo will nond by mall,
prcpuld. uMi'tof iokknh du unllnrm mylo, i lA
vnlmm-H. uml, '2A voIiiiiion. Tliu
ohoa(HHt ton dollar' worth to ho lonnd In the
uhoio rniu'o iu tlivrntiiru, l'urLy-thruo volume
for ton dolIuiHl
Any K I liy Volumoii, nolootod nt ploamire, will
lofiil to ono mldrMA (by oxpii wi nt the ux
IH iiHooflho pnrolmrtor) ou rouvipluf IhuruUill
prloo, Iohh &) poroont.
Any Ono lUinditHl Volnmon, nnlootod nt pltHwi
nro, will bo mo nt to ouo ikIiIionh (hy vxproMitat
tho oxpoiiHu of Iho pnrohuNer) uu receipt of tho
rottill jirioe, luut 'Jo por oonl. ,
ITnndHonioly prlntod, Irom clour lypo, on gooil
imiMtr, mid of ooiivonlint hIko. Now coiuplulo
i in vwiiniifB, ni iho Hiiiioxin pro'i-M:
unvor TwiM r.-'pp.,
Amorloun Nolo loi .
lumilioy Hn 'Jf-U ...
Mnrlln chii7.lowlt !iw ' ;..
Our mutual frlond " ...
CbrlMlmiiH hlnrloN ; Vti"
Tuloor Two Cll os IU " ...
M..3A cU,
....15 "
n.A "
.... "
Hard 11 moi, uud Addillouul
t'hi'Ulini.H sioilca...
.....SiiO .
28 "
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...At "
....111 "
Nleholna Mckluby
lll.'Hk lll.llHM
l'lekwlek I'npeM
I.iivld Copln'rlleld
Iliinmlilv Itud'ie
old I'ltri.mlly Hliop
Ill-enl Kxiieelutlolin
.Ill) " ,
, UM " ,
.till ' ,
iVA " ,
:tji " ,
Itlfl '
,...30 "
iwi " -a
ti 14
l iieitiiiiiii.-ri'iiii -iniveuor,
I Inly, uto :. 300 " ...' 83 "
Any voltiuie ninlled pol riee on reeotpt of
On receipt nf M 00 w-n will mill lonny odd rem.,
pml-pnld, Die entire workn or t'lmrl.M Dlekeiin,
un.l nlmi iiHI.vl-plutu ''orlriiltof Lilclieas, suit
able for friiuiliiK. . . (
fHni':lAI.TTd7nRATFA '!
Rein r..roluln nre Kent l.y exprciiH. nl the ex
pense ..I I lie piirciuiHer. l-ju li not lu a club ou l'orlrnlt.
Throes.'! wllli II l'ori mils of Dickons 5H M
h'lve hi'Im Willi 5 ' " ., ai lHI
Ten Mein with I.I " " xi IM
rHen.l torn upeeluien volume and forma,
chili in your town. No lookK oiler nioredellKht
ful rending limn tho novels or Walter Hoollnnd
I'linrlen lilekenn. TheNoedlilonN. w.ille reimirk
nlily ohuiip. nre iienl nud tiiHtei'ul u ni.peanince.
I). AI'PI.KI'ON A mi., i'lilillnhera.
tHl, UdW Litiuid Ut., N, V.
July 1, 'OS
Thin nplendld I.lnfl Knsrnvlnj Is the result of
twoyenrn Inljor on the part of the artist, SIu.
Wii. v.. Mahhiiai.l, whoHtnn.lit nt tin. liendof
IiIm .rofewil.iii in the t 'lilted Htnten. It In pro.
nouneed n perle. tlikeii.'Msof Ueneriil Oruiitln
IiIh lie.!- oxpronnluli, hy the inenilmrH of liln funi
Uy nnd 111. we who huve lieen pernonnlly ao
iuiiiite.l with him for many years. As a work
of art It In lniuiciinuriihly tuiperlor to nil othorH,
Mm, (Irunt f iiym "I nm dellulitiHt with your
splendid euumvliut of luy liiiHlHiiid, Asa like
tiONH I do not think It could lie lietter." Helta
torHinunor nron.itini.ea lt"a rare nnd flnltdicd
work, excellent an a, IlkencMN." Mr. llrynnt
Miyn: ''It In really a noldo npoclmen of the nrt
of cngrnvlnn; nud nM..'iirn to me to Rive tile
character of tlio nriuiiuU more perfectly than
nuyeiiKrnviuK which I huve neon." lien How
ard coiiHldcm "the llkeiienn ntrlklng and th.
picture lire-llko." Mr. Uiiutliiglon, the emi
nent nrtlnt nnym !'H has a large, niBwdv ntyle,
and urent foreo nnd rlolinemi. The lient thing
almul It In the troth with which you have ren
dered the Indomitable nplrltol tlio limn."
Agontn wiinled In every township. Addrcns,
UO Klfth Street, I'ltUburgh, I'a.
July 15- .
Would respectfully Inform the pabllo that he Is
now propiuou ko
on the shortest notice nnd in tho best stylo, at tb.
Two Mllcn helow Iloa-ernvllle. Ho deflen eom
petltlon, and feels conlldentnf naMnfvlng and
nccnniinodatlng ull who mny favor film with
their patronane. Price 7 oontn por pound,
tic i ninn nreonnil to grind all kinds of (train
on short noi lee nnd tu the bent mnnner by both
steam nnd water. JNO. It. DEUOLX
June 8, os-lin. .
As the Arm of nUGnEfl & LUCAS la dlMolved
by muttinl eoimont, the Oomnilitnlon buslnona
will .till be carried on at the old ntiind.ln good
order, and on the moat rcnftonnhlo terms. In the
name ana niyie ni i.. iiuoum s cij,, laenjor
partner.) They flatter thcmnelve.. by bavin
the Houne and the In-nt location In the plnce for
thntbuninem. thnt they will hgckivk a liberal
share of the nubile putrnnnge. '
They win nino Keep ngoousuppiy oi iimn.-rn-IM
on haud to aooommodate all who may tiivor
uiem wiia a can.
l..rniaHK 4C0