The Waynesburg Republican. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1867-18??, December 18, 1867, Image 3

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Prom Waynesiiiun to Wnyneahuin, urrlviil,
Wedufsduya.T'ip. m.; depurture, Wt'tinmiluyn,
t, a. iu.-(vl Jofle) town,)
Kmm Waviiesliuru t lllow Tree, nrrlvnl,
Wednesdays, 11 a. m.; departure, Wednesdays,
12, ui.
t rim Washington IM. to Waynesburu, arrival
dally.'X p. m.; (except Huii'luys,jdcpurluru dully,
W k: m..-iexcent hhiuIhvmi.
From ltlii'n 1,'indtiiK lo Wuyiieshiirn, arrival
dally, S, p. in., (except Hunduya, departure dully,
a, . m., (except Nundiiysi,
from Wuynesburis. Pu. to Cameron, W. Va.,
arrival, Tuesday uini Saturdays, .1, p. m., depar
ture, Mtmduyaand Kridu.vs, a", a. 111.
Knun Wuyiiesbuncto West Alexander, Wash.
Co., Pa., arrival, Haturdaya, 7, p. 111., departure,
Fridays, 7. a. in.
Krotn Wuvneshur to Morgantown, W. Vu.,
arrival, Wednesdays, 3, p. 111., departure. Tlum
day, , n. 111.
From Wiiyueahnrg ti Mlddleboiirno, W. Vn.,
arrival, Wediiuaduya, J, p. 111., departure, Tues
days, I. a. 111
NKW AlVKHTISKl!!ITS.!-TllO attention Of
oar remlcri is specially directed to the follow
lnf advertisements, which appear Tor the first
time in our paper to-day.
Rcgisler'a Notice P. Brown.
For tliu People Shirk and Sutton.
flitt lor the Million I. Hooper.
'Notice Kirst National Bank.
(Ireat Panic Win. Hcrryhlll.
Notice in Bankruptcy Nathan Zlmmer
Wnn. Prospectus N. Y. Tribune.
CitunTim Is coming and with it the season
ofgivinggifts and merrymaking. Now, every
body expects a gift, from tlie "muling infant"
toihe tire with "piping voice, " and we cun
give 110 belter advice tlnn for you to buy
ynnrgifls wlicra invited and of (hose who
will deal fairly buy them of tho patrons of
the Hi.Ti-ni.icAx. Evans will sell you almost
anything from a shoe-string to a silk dress.
Hooper has Ilulid y presents in abundance.
McOurgun deal.i principally In ladles finery
nt bus plenty that suits' the g"ntlcm"n.
ttoberts & Co., are resplcndant with nice
toVet and fancy articles. SI. C. & II. Bell
ru "A, 1."ou tho Hoot A Shoe question.
Bayers ft Hoskinson step front when the best
Is called Tor. Sowers Is meet w lion it comes
to buying Clothing, llinuhart has a smile and
a present for everybodythat pays for it.
Unifier is prepared ti do tho agreeable to all
who drop in. Bradley does the hospitality or
tlis "Sherman IIousu" full Justice. Hurj. ft
A. Campbell know fu'.l well how to please
customers Jin.T. Hughes sells the best of
8l(Jd!cs and Harness. N. Clark ft Son will
take pleasure in selling you a suit, or any
article of wearing apparel. Dinks, Maga
Jtincs and Stationery, of the b."st kind and
varieties, at Day's. Shirk ft Sutton would
lika to gee tho genial faecs of their friends.
3IunneH's Variety Store contains a thousand
things th it would please yoursdf or your
friend. Uood bargains and articles can b j
lid at Wallace's. ' Tom" Bmden & Co.,
will sell you a handsome pair of skates, pocket
knife, or a cross-cut sw. W. T Webb, Jr.,
would be pleated to s?e you if you want to
bay a saddle or n s.'i ol'hamess. Dr. lfcrtlg
will administer pleasure and extract pain
Dr. Braden will perfume, oil, or renovate you
by consigning vo ir Ills to perpetual banish
ment W. O. S .(! ft Co., attend cheerfully
to Jho distribtili -.a i i'i' i lr nice candies, toys,
tc. Fora "rigat down," good dis'iofOystera
top Into Jno. P irk"r's You'll cheat yonr
self lfyou i"' 1 V, in. Berryliill a call,
,'llob." Doughtily ins noihing else to do, nil
Winter but luti'd e-trrl.iirrs your order, lfyou
please! The nvirhinery Ins been re-adjusted
atthe Eigle Fimmlury and matters progress
finely there. Piyers ft Hhiehart have no
tptrialilg for the Iloliibiys. Anything in !!ie
Furniture, line is found nt A. Mildred's. Bai
ley's different styles of Jewelry, rich and
durable, make tho prettiest of proscnts.
Murg. Hlncbart builds a good Bot, or Shoe
and will do your mending in slyle. Hiekcy.or
Ferrell, attends to the tonsoriul and if there is
anything In the way of printing you need, re
member, that to have It donj well you must
call nt the Rkmibmcax Oificr; moreover If
any of the abovj parties wish to immortalise
themselves, by making a purchaser of n g tod
bill of goods of Mm, a present of year's sub
scription to the'iiucAx, thereby securing
an cscellent advertisement fir you and a
"good thing" for us, let him "come forward"
and have bis name enrolled among the "few
who wo re not born to die!"
Tna sweetest singer and the sweetest per
fume of the day are Adcllna Patti and l'leilm s
''Night-Blooming Cerciw." Both are Ameri
can ! The fair singer enraptures everybody
the perfume is in demand everywhere.
Georgetown Union,
But your Paper and Envelopes at Day's
Book Store,
Wixrnn. A girl belwjtn sixteen and
twenty to do generat housework In a family of
threo persons. A permanent home for any trus
ty.capable girljwith good reference, who shall
apply atonco. For information oil at this
Hoi.uiat Books, In great vaiiety, at Day's
Book Store.
Pkopi.h's Lixk. This Company has reorgan
ized and added twenty -five thousand dollars
tithe capital stock. They hive elected a
jic.v set of directors and appointed Capt ain II.
11. Abrami, Superintendent This line Is
composed of tho steamers Chieftain and
Ifiloctor. These boats were built expressly
f)r the trade and hive great speed an 1 sdp3
riir accomidatiins. We congratulate, the
.Comptiy on tho ap;iolnt'na;it of Ciptaiu
Ab.timi a Supjriiitendant. Halian activo
lAndenergetla business mm. Tli3 intsrsls of
'the Company will nit sulT unler his ad
ministration The river closed on Saturday
last vlkieuiUoirtes as nntil a thaw.
Au. the new Books, at Publishsrs, prices at
Day's Book Stare.
"Just im .Timje.!" This exclamation Is justi
fiable to ibttforctaougat of Mr. Isaac Hooper,
having fully replenished Lis stock of Groceries,
Confections, Toys a full assortment suitable for
'.holiday gifts, Kotinna, . Big, fat oysters,
by the eta or dish. Ga and see and stop that
vwatering at the mouth.
JScaooLBooks,all kinds, at Day's Book Store
Old Wixret has inaugurated a grand mas
querade. Jack Frost has sent in his card and
.demands entertain men t Whether we are so
.disposed or not. Furs, overcoats, shoes of
buffalo, and all the different articles of cos
tume find ready wearers. Happy hearts keep
4lme to iim merry jiagkag of the bell and
Mddylcheek and springing step indicates that
t least, the many accord hint Joyful wel
ome. But there are those who dread hit
oM touch as the finger of Death. Ton who
look fcrsranl with so much pleasure to glad
days of festivity, remember the poor. Brighten
Uw cheerless fire and fill np the empty board.
Tia the least you cifn do, ' and 'Inasmuch as
as yon do it to oas of these ye do it also to
' ' sissss
Ma Romxkki, exHrlor of hit Rercnne lor
this District was In town last week. No one
bat hern appointed collector tin Mr. White
deo'i).r to pqr knowledge, '
Losr. On Saturday last on Jlaln Street or
in the Court House, a gentleman's kid glove,
tipped at the wrist with lur. The finder will
confer a favor and be paid for trouble by
leaving It at this ofHce.
Bnn 11 Motio.x And kept moving. The
choice coal at.Ten Mile Works.
Fo Acts of Charity and Benevolence Phila
delphia stands prominent among her sister
cities. During the war she had our refiesh
ment saloons whoro III msonils wore fed while
on their way to the 'front," and now, in
order that the good work may be continued,
it is proposed to provide for the Orphans of
many of these brave hemes who fell in defence
of the stars and stripes. For thi 1 purpose the
Washington Library Company of Philadelphia
was organized In aid of the Biverside Institute
of New J:irs'jy. Here the Orphans of Soldiers
and Sailors in all parts of tho country will be
gratuitously educated and made useful mem
bers of society. Tin Just and honorable plan
adopted for raisins the necessary funds for
this charitable object lias received the endorse
ment of ivery one. Read Advertisement.
Rronu It snowed tho past week almost
daily and at present we have the best of sleigh
in and as it is court a host of people In town.
Tho girls say it is "perfectly lovely ! ' tho boys
dub it ''bui'y!" and tho oil folks' grunt it
"old fashloaed!" Sleighing parties are the
LurrTowx, Thi man that don't owa the
Djwx S.icrn. We are in receipt of copies
2, and 3, of tho Alabama Republican, just Itart
cil'at Decatur, Alabama, tluough the courtesy
of our oi l friend and hoy-companion, "Frank."
I.indsey. The paper Is a sprightly sheet and
evidences the dawning of a new era of light
In that land of darkness. We wish its editor
abundant success. We see by an advertise
ment tliat "Frank." proposes to sell his mill
and will probably bo home soon. Wo shall
heartily welcome him back to "God's coun
try." Count. Court convened M mday afternoon
Judges Oilinore, Craft and IIo3kins ia on the
bench In lic.vt.lor.s are f ir a busy time this
term. The slo.hllng Is good and the town
crowded with country people.
"Bkakcs D.iwx!" Too sound of a steam
whisllj In this remote region suggests queer
reflections. We were launched at onco Into
the world of activity ono day recently, hy a
shrill scream tint cvne directly from the
Planing .Mill. Huge spectral steamers loomed
up before us, depots ringing with Hie clank of
trains, th i rattle of coaches and the bustle of
travel. Visions of what mlg'jt have been and
wh it may yet he i:i W.iyn 'sbur4. Since the
C.)iiiu:issloncrs are not dispose.! to entertain
our proposal for a town clock the whistle
might ha nf s.-rvlcetu many It sounded for
regul ir working I1..11 -s, morning, noon and
night. Toe proprietors of the Mill have an
other boiler of larger ilimentions in lieu of the
former one. This was required by considera
tions of safely nnd the want of machinery
capable of executing tlie immense amount of
work they are called upon to do.
Not so Had. Tdi hurt of Mrs. Hev J. S.
Uogle;-, we are h ippy to state,! no. so bad as
lirit reported. Slie will not be lame from tho
effect ot the fracture.
Pi.astkrk!i. Tho lecture room or the new
C. P. Church, at Carniichnls, Is plastered and
wi 1 soon lie ready for uso. This Is the finest
church in the County. ',
Error. Compositors, perhaps, nc more than
others, are ever ready to g.'t things wrong if
Ihere is a wrong way for them. Tin letting
of the Baptist College buillliig contract will
he disposed of to the lowest bidder at Jeffer
son on the !1rd of January nex nnd not on
the Mh, .Swi.7iy, ns our types would have It
Lko Bul'iskii. Saturday morning last Mr.
"Charlie" Bradley, by ml-s step or miss-Imp,
fell through the platform In frott of Dnugher
ly's carriage factory, bruising Ids right leg nnd
otherwise injuring him Bad times tbess lor
getting ab .ut. The quicker ono gets his Wio
ter legs on tho better.
For tho KKrunucAH.
UuttsE Cocxtt Tkachkiis' Ixstitctis.
Mr. fatitor: I desire to announc to the public
that 'the tl;sl Annud Teacher's Institute for
Greene County, will convene at Wayncsburg
Tuesdaj, Dee. Slat, nt t o'clock r. m. and
continue in session five days. Ample nrrangu
m . -nls are being mJle for the success of tin.
moe'lug. Tho services of men of cmlnen,
ability have been Invited, and nro expected to
be present Among tho number, are II m.
J. P. Wickershain, State Superintendent, Hev.
J. S. Ermentrout, Principal of Stale Normal
School, Berks Co., 8. 8. Jack. Icstitute L -c-
tu:er, J. C Gilchrist, Superintendent of Wn;
ingtonC.i., C, W. Waned, Superintendent of
rayctteCo., n:.d other prominent gentlemen
are expected to be in attendance.
On Tucsi'ny nfternnon, the election 'of five
Professional Teachers for the granting of
I'crmairnt Certificates, will bo held. All
teachers In common schools nnd in other In
stitutions of learning, as well s those who
are preparing lor teachers, are regarded as
members of the Institute. Tho friends of edu
cation of every class will he considered as
honorary members aud ars invite 1 to partici
pate in tho proceedings.
The law requires nil teachers in public
schools to attend the Institute, and it further
provides that the board of directors may
grant the time to the teachers ia their employ,
while attending the county Ius'itute without
making any deduction Irom their salaries.
Every teacher is recommended to attend
the Institute. They are eminently successful
In other counties, can we not follow in their
wake? Directors aw requested to act with
an eye single to the go.., I of the common
sch M.s, upon their actiou la a great measure,
depends the success of our popular system of
instruction. Wo ask thj hearty coopera
tion of all professional characters from every
department of business. Lit this annual
gathering, first under the requirements of law,
bo long remembered for the numlwr atten
ding, for its moral, social, and intellectual
advantages. The fire at tho Hotels for
teachers is ;V0 fr the sossion.and ladies are
entertained free in private families,
Tours Very Respectfully,
T. J. Teau
The latest arrival The cheapest Goods, by
odds, yet offered. Enquire at L. K. Evans'
M. C, ft IL BjII hu V0 worth of No. 1,
Boots ft Shoes. They will sjII cheaper than
can be boaght from any other store in Greene
Co. If yon don't believe it call at Bayer's
corner, Waynesburg, and sea.
K ihawlixo, razor-p iwder m in, and mer-ry-andrew
with a fiddle, entertains the same
crowd on the comer that has met there evjry '
court for years. He's a now one, old "k.iee
breeches" didnt come to time.
IShe l&ajjuesburg
Mas. Pautinotox Isslltkd. The White
Mountslns of New Hampshire are evlJcntly a
great Institution very high, heavy frosts,
beautiful view, four dollar dinners. But the
practical eye of a certain renowned Drake
saw those smooth-faced rocks, and thereupon
adorned and variegated the bridle path to the
Tip-top House with his familiar S. T. 1800
X Plantation Bitters. This raised the ire of
the Mrs. -Partingtons composing thi Legisla
ture of the Granite State, who got theii wise
heads togeth r. outlawed Dr. Drake, and
made it a penal offence to ply the artistic
brush on their beloved bills Verily, the fine
arts are at a discount in New Hampshire.
Query. Did Drake pay them for this splendid
advertisement ?
Maoxoua Watks A delightful toilet arti
clesuperior to Cologne and at half the price;
Pittsbubo Almanacs for 18C8, at Day's Book
Coai Deutkkkd. I will attend tn orders
tor, and Insure the prompt delivery of choice
coal from eithe,' the Camp Oround or Ten Mile
noma mrge contracts at reduced rates.
Oi:o. 8, JrrrtHT,
Telegraph Oltlce.
"I'u!" Tea, any one would say if thev
siiouiil go and see, that VVm. Berryliill has a
complete 11 Hit ami Shoe Store. See adver
tisement elsewhere.
Pkbsoxal. Last week our sanctum was
gladdened by tho presence of Mr. Andrew
MeConnick, formerly of our county and
whilom editor of tho Jlnrrletta (O. ) teyhte r.
He is a brother Had. and as such may always
command a welcome.
Tub Litti.k Corporal for December I
capital number A new volume begins with
the next number. Tho publisher has deter
mined to continue ins otlsrol thu November
and December numbers free lo nil newjsub-
scrmers received during December. Terms
$1, III) a year. Sample copy free if sent for
lieloro January 1. Address Allred h. sewell,
Publisher of The Little Corporal, Chicago, III.
Wkmtox when he nnived at Chicago, was
surrounded by an inimtnse crowd, but not
greater than would every day suirouud the
Dry G.iods establishment of 8!ibk ft Sutton,
did every body but know, and knowing dare
assert their Intelligence, by trading with this
popular firm. A new stock, 820 advertise
ment. Wb shall begin nseri -soarticles on"Pilsnii
Life, by a Prisoner." n nu: ii 'Xt Issuo, which
will bo very Interesting IVy nro written
f t the Uki'iiimcax by cue of our own Greene
County boys.
A ri:w day! since, whilo passing through
Iho Arlingtlon National Cemetery. I noticed
thenimo of II White, Co, O. 1 8th, Pennsyl
vania Cavalry. Ornvo No. 1037. Thinking
pcrha)S his friends might not know of his
whereabouts, 1 take Ibis method of inform
lug them. B. Frank. Flkxxikkx.
wirxism no .maimikt.
Wavnk.siil'110. liee 17.IS67.
t'orrootod Weekly fiir the ItKPl'lll.lo'AX.
Dullnrrfrenliroll,) ? fr 35
Kinpr, Uoz ii)
Potatoes y bush 1 WW1 is
Lard l It, hi
Tallow t. 121.
Country Simp i II us
ineu .apples y it w
Flour? M1
Wheal v luisli
Ityii ti Ims'i
13 IX!
l.'urii w Iiii.hIi
'11 Meal bUHh
CorTen Ik
Tea t Id
..I Si-i en
1 '.11
Ilrown Hunar ? I
iii'iiueii siwar i m
Hvrnpy Kill
lolasses (N. "rleaiis,)
Sorghum V ffal
fsau f run
Illeu i n
i-i 1 risin nun ma it ii r. rs.
MoXliAV, Hee. H, ISCT.
lurtni( lh(!at wm-k lliere has lieen vory llt
tle anliiiot Iimi in aliyjirani'li nl'lrti'le.
IIK.VI.N' AMI Kl.ill'lt.
Wheat, IVnn'a. nml ulilo, W Inter Iteil $J so J
live V lulsli 1 l.",.il ,10
Oalsylaish mi.i.'Ce
I'll l hlisll HlIHe
sprue W heal Flour 10 Yi'n in 7;
Wlnler Wlieal..
11 :t&iVt
I IKI..I.I 111
aai'o.t .')
siimnr I'ureil Huiiin
IVitatiM's, hush
Appll1!! l htil
F.!re V tloa
lll-OHSI'll IIok-s
PlTTSllfnll, TllCRSDAV, Di'C. 12, 1S.I7.
Tho"Oaielte" says, Ilia c.'altle Market was a
little mori! active ilurlnij the past week, the
sales in tho nuLgrriratv liein floiiiewluit larirer,
hut there is still plenty of room rorlniirovetneiit.
l'rliue fat rattle were in ko I demand nml limit
ed supply, mid ns a eonseiiionee, lirouiflit tin
ndvanee, while tlie eoiiiiiiouer grades w.ri1 1111
clianireil, tlioiiKh morunetivp than last weelt.
One drove of fancy Southern Ohio liroiu'.it Ke.
tiood lopi-imyluiteliers cuttle m.iy lioiio'.e-t at
7c lo7!, me. Hum ditto at loil' j1.
The Ho niarkot lias heemiuiitt n-tive thiM
we'k, our p.iekers S.mht pret'.y freely, as did
ulo the eastern sIilppT. I'riees a.lvaoeed, an t
wltil IIih ndvitneti tliero appeared to Ih- a i;kkI
The Nhoepm irket Iioj lieen mi Ur.iti ly aetlve
dnrliix llm past wivk, wilh prices ran ilnx from
Sisutol 1') per rwt., gross, fir Inferior I prims
fat mutton Wlieep.
d t iTiTn iHE"ii ab kkt.
I)ai.tioiik, Piv. II. Corn Hrm j nw mixed
western tfli. Hats fl mi nt 70 rt,7V.
NoTICKS of iftrr'. f) nn l -tth inntrted fret
btii all Trihmtet o",'.r( ttt'l Olntwirit ehtrfjed
right eentn a in. T:t i m tvij must be ajcanct j to
Mxurelheir innertion
SOITH-SIICLTZ-On Thurslay Dec.
12th, insi.. by Hev W. 0. Morris, Mr. Eioch
Soutli, of Monroe Wisconsin, and Miss Eliza
A. Hhultz, of Ureene Co., Pa.
Enoch expected to return t the west im
mediately but liis wifo is now South which
may delay bis going.
WUITE-On Tuesday, of last woe', T)r.
Z. A. White, of llichhill tp., this county died
suddenly ol appoplexy.
Dr. White, was Deputy collector of lot Be v.
fortius county and was an effl:iont public
officer. He had been on a visit to relatives in
tlie Wes". and returned as fur as Hocklick,
W. Va. Stepping from a honse into the coach,
for this plsce, he was seised with the fit and
expired in a few moments. He is said to have
been subject to nervous derangement
Ge.v. Ccster who was reccntlj tried
by courtmartial, has been sentenced to
be suspended from rank and pay for
one year. Gen. Custer was tried for
absence without leave, he having left
his command to visit his wifo near
Fort Harker, at the time the cholera
was raging there so furiously.
epiibUcan, 12Scbncsibay, December. 18, I88T.
. The subjoined supplement to the
Monongaliela Valley .Railroad charter
will bo presented to the next Legisla
ture to be enacted info a law. The
Mononguhelit Itenublican speaking of
this says, this bill lias been preired
by a gentleman who has been intimate
ly identified with the project from its
beginning, and whose experience in ef
forts to organize the compnny as de
veloped fully the necessity of such a
change; and who feels confident that
with such a change the road will be
soon oti a fair way to bo constructed.
Its publication is requested thus early
so that any amendments may be sug
gested by its friends, if any, so that
when it goes to the legislature it may
pas into a law speedily. We will
readily publish any articles on the sub
ject and we hope to hear from our
friends on the question, whether in the
form of objections or amendments.
A Supplement to An Act to incorpor
ate tlie Monongahela Valley Rail
road Company approved April 8.
A. 1). 1807.
Sec. 1. Be it enacted &e.t that the
said Monongaliulit Valley Railroad
Company is hereby authorized to con
struct a llnilroad with single or double
track from a point at or near the city
of Pittsburgh by such route as the
Hoard of Directors may determine toa
point at or near Monongahela City, in
the County of Washington, and thence
along either bunk of the Monononlieln
River to tho West Virginia State line;
there to connect thesamu with any rail
road or railroads; authorized by tlie
State of West Virginia, with power
to construct such branches as the J)i
rectors may deem necessary, and to
connect all or either of them with rail
road or railroads now constructed, or
that inav be hereafter constructed, and
that the said company shall have au
thority to cross anv railroad or
railroads at grado with its main
railroad or its branches and exteu-
Skc. 2. That tho capital Stock of
said company may be increased to
any amount necessary to construct and
equip said Uailroad, and its brano'lies,
ly a majority ot the Stockholders pres
cut at a meeting called for that pur
pose, and tho time for completing said
Railroad, is hereby extended five years
and that all parts ot the act to
which this is a supplement inconsistent
with the provisions of th's act are here
by repealed.
(JI M work ii:sritovK.i.
On Friday last, in Pittsburg, a fir?
hrokc out in tlie (ireat Western Uuu
works, situated on tho corner of Wayne
nnd lYnn streets, in the I mirth ward,
resulting in the entire destruction of
tlie Uuu orks, tho flour store of 1).
Wallace, fronting on Pcnn street, and
the marble works of 11. A. Coiville,
fronting on Wavtia street.
Iinmcdiatly in the rear of tho office
of the gun works was stored a large
amount ot Uoveniiueiit ammunition
This storehouse ran parallel to Ponn
street. It is stated that u largo num-
r of loaded guns were stored in the
worlis anil tins uovernmeiit uepot.
Tho lire soon reached these and a terrific
explosion followed. The loaded guns
were discharged m every direction, en
dangering the lives of the firemen nnd
largo numbers ot spectators, who
flocked to the scene.
The buildings in the vicinity of the
Gun Works were riddled with bullets;
a large number of the windows in the
Ft. Wavne building were broken, sonic
ot the bullets entering the Iclegraph
ollicc taking the operator by surprise.
1 lie outside ot the building was
covered with bullet marks,the balls
principally passing over the heads of
the crowtl below, antl whistling in a
manner not at till agreeable. J he
rear windows of tho adjoining stores
on Liberty stceet were also riddled by
One man was killed by tha flying
missiles, and several injured, two or
three niortilly.
Tile 'ii!iliit ii .11 uritcrrrs.
Sheriff Faycttcconntyon the
11 th iust, sifoly consigned to the
Western Penitentiary, in Allegheny
City, Wm. .1. Fleming nnu John Jlrit
ton, convicted last week iu the Crimi
nal Court of that comity of manslaugh
ter, in tho killing of Mr. Evans, at
Cookstown. The former was sentenc
ed to three years aud thrca months im
prisonment in thu Pceitentiary, and
the latter to two-years and three
months, llotli are mere youths
Fleming beiifg nineteen and Uritton
seventeen years of age.
Tub Men er iV! nf Saturday fays i
Win. Pnrdoc, of Finley township, on
Tuesday last met with a terrible- acci
(L'lit no less than the killing of his
ovn son, a lad of from twelve to four
teen years of age. As our informant
states, he was shooting lings, when the
liny, along with others, was standing
fifteen or twenty feet at his left side.
The cap exploded without a discharge
from the gun following; a second cap
with the same result, when ho laid the
gun in the hollow of his left aim, to
put on a third cap, and in this jiosi
tion it wiis discharged, the ball from
which passed through the head of his
son. "My God, I have killed my son,"
was the exclamation of the unfortunate
father, as soon as he saw him fall,
when he, too, fell to the earth. '
Leratlv Hollrr StiplnUa KeTcral
Peraona KIIM.
Wheeling, December 10. A loco
motive boiler exploded this morning,
causing the instant death of the con
ductor, engineer and another employee
of the road. A foreman in the engine
shop ,in this city, named Shafec, died
from injuries received, to day.
As editor became martial, and was
created captain. On parade, instead
of "two paces front advance," ho Un
consciously bawled but. "Cashtwo
j dollars ft year in adyanoa!"
Ho hiu Inst rnnlTed anil Is now offurlni for wis
at lha lowsnt price, th Hnol took of
Ever before offered In thli market eotulitlnx In
part, of Fall and Wlotur Clothing
A Trjr lnrte stock that cannot belTcelled ; also,
a very superior Maortment ot
Of all kind. fooJlitlng In part, pf New Drm
and Cloak Trimming, Velvet RlblKii every
width and shade ; Hatlns aud sllka, latoat style;
Saali, Ilonnet, Neck and Trimming Ribbon ;
Ijicc reul point, Appliiue and Vslenela.
HunitkorohlrN Ijuw Embroidered, Hem
stitched and Plain. Hamburg work a flua
A large assortment of Kid Gloves flmt quality
for ladies and gantleman,
Bonnet and Ronnet Frames; Bonnet orna
ment nnd flower, both French and Aluarlrall;
together with any nnd till article In me by In
dies. Auk lor auythliiK you wuntaiidwe. cun
supply you. Also u luu auortiueut of
of Tarlou kind and patterns, all of which will
be Hold cheap a the chenpoKt.
Have Jiut arrived from tha Kat with a large
assortment of foreign anddomeatlo
rblehttier propone to ncll at the Ion-cut
prices ! iucii h Drew. OcmhU, Dreit Tr
mi tig, nrvim Mimonai, ijfitiietj
blmwlft, ItootH nnd Alioes,
Hntnnnil CnpH; alvu, a
great vnrioty or
very low
Worm of nil kind, (inda complete vnrioty of the
bent (iitOCKItlKS. Alluf which IIm-v pr.iKsrMo
urn m in very iowchi iigurcn, ncprntiinK on uic
quitlity nntl rlumpneiw of their k(xk!h to gain
tlit'iii ruNtitm.
lvi tlii'in ni'nll bi'foro pnrnhnitliift elxewhorn,
nnd they will pmvo thnt th ntMjve Im correct.
KtHmi In AlliHnn'H huiHlnn, uunrly opitonita thu
Court Hon ,(, Wnyui'hhurg. 4;lb7-tf
Vrishlns to rlmnout for tho Fall trade, henf
fers lilHUfKHl at ntoiilliiittf low rote foriiMh.
Tlie nil K-k 1m n Into u the Intent and tha het In
Minor'alliilMliiff, opixmlte the riri'ene Hotmr.
4;-'l-.'lm l K. KVA SS.
II ilrn ns nleaaure tonnnmince to tin nnhlle
Iheeoinplctlon oftbis work and tho readincM of
tue proprieior 10
The bet linprored machlnenr la nml.
E An..
in, i louauina anil iroovin. rkinh and Iloor
Maklnc. Pannellliiv.
Hlppinx, inooMlns; An.,
rapidly and skilfully aeuni
paid for
Haling prices
ior arf alo prep rod to do all klndanf Cnrpen
r Work, with tlie utmost prom ptnea., aud In
o moat aabotantlal manner.
I'hey reauectnilly aullrtt a sham of onhlle
pot thumbs ami Halter thcntaelvcs that they will
lit all auim bo able to
AU order promptly attended to.
braden, Walton a BAfnta,
WsTiiesbwT, ra.
. :
.V. C. & II. BELL'S,
S A Y E R S. Q O R N.E R,
4tft.Call nd sxamlne, and av money
lir VlrtUA of an order. tr ua. from thpfirnlin
Court of (Ircnnn County, wo will ex pone foHnlu
by puuue enuno or out-cry, on tUo prcmiacv,
Th following renl estnte, lutr, tlio property of
llobcrt AdumH dcct'iiMoil.
1. Tlmt certtilti wtill known mumro of I its
nuiiilwrt! In the plmi of tho town of Wuviwh
hurg W 17 ami IM luiimdvil on the Kant b lorrl
Stmt, on the Wet hy illackln-ry Alley, on the
North hy Franklin Htreet nnd on tho South hy
Htniwhtrry Alley, rontalnlnK (hie Hundred nmt
nighty feet Nquare more or lAn, beliiR the hnn)('
tend property nf the lute Hohert Adninn, 1ec'J.
On this theru isoret'teJ Ini-go and couiuuxllmis
B 11 I C'K II 0 US El
two ntnrfefl high ; brick kitchen, one: tory nlso
ndjoluliiff It A hrlck Iioiikp one Htory liiKh with
two roomi. There in aUoiittuched to this prop
erty an ,
with Inrne nnd powcrftil MTR.m FIP and
flxlurcH iitlauhcd. The rt(unrn beliiK scl liijfrult
tree make. It n in oh I bountiful nituatlon, with
every convenience neccHwiry for town properly
and renhlence. It Iuih olwayH been reuurded us
a in on u tho moHt desirable propcrtleH tu the town.
A L S O-
At the unmti time and place, no much of th
Hqunro of Iittt iniinedlntely North nfthe ahnvo
!eeribel, iih 1 contained In one hundred nnd
twenty feet on MorrlM Htreet ami runniut buck
cnu huiiilred nnd eluhtv fwt to Itlaclcherrv nllev.
more or teHx.'udjotuiiiK thnt port ion of wnidsqimre
Hold by Itobert AdaniN In his Hrettine to .lamps
(Idldcii, havlnu on the portion to ho Hold a uood
h table. TheselotH helna iu n verv clhcible nosl-
tlon, would mako most excellent lots to Guild
private residences un)iit
r- L s.;o-
At thesnmo time ftn.l plnco, so much of thnt
fiunre ol lois llllllllHTell m, ,vi nim .it, us remains
nrter ml: inu oil wlmt wns sold to Hiiwsou Adams
ny iiiosnifi itoiH'rt Ailnins, til Ills
hretllim to
w ii ; iM-KiiiiniiE mi iiieiiruiT oi r rnilKllti si reel
thence uloiur .lorrls strn't nliout one luiiKlri'd
and twenty tei-t to Htm of Mild liawson Aihiius,
Ilionee nlnnu sulci line nliout one hnmlri'd mill
elixlity feet to Fruit alley, thence bv snmn iihout
one hundred nnd twenty feet to 'franklin street,
thence nloiiii sumo iilsmt ono hundred and
clK'Hy feet tolioKliinlnn.
T E B M S O F S A L E :
fne-lhlrdof the pnndinse monev on contlrinn
tloll of Mile, om-tlilrd ill six mouths tlierearter,
and the hnlnnee ill twelve months from conlir
matlon, with Intereat fn.rn eontlriuittloii.
ll;W-ts Kxmitor.
Moffat's Life Pills
The lost Successful Medicines
in the World.
Established In 1835 by one ot
our Most Eminent Physicians, and
now used throughout North and
South America, with more pleasing
results than any other Medicine in
cases of diseased Liver, Blood or
Skin, . Indigestion, Costheness,
Bilious Complaints, Bhenmatism
and Fever and Ague.
Thousands of certificates are in
our possession, giving detailed
accounts of perfect Ccres effected
by these invaluablo Medicines.
They regulate the System and put
all' the functions' ' of tho body
in a healthy condition.
Sold by all Druggists. Whit It Bom-land, Propri
stars, Successor to Sr. Joan Moffat and Or. W. &
J IlKl'KMHKIt TKH.M. Ifttt.
Imniel Mordock, Jetrvrson. township,
, John lirewer, .luekson .. . '
Arehilsild flrooms, Ciiuiherlnnil "
Koliert.lmnieriiiHUy.lViuytw,.. ,. .
Asa .Miller: Unnkiifl; , "
Jesse Grove, feiilre "
Josepli Jli'i 'ormnek', Pnnkard
Joaeplms Morris, firii:no - -
John .Moore, Franklin . "
Kills Garrison, IVrrv ' "
Ihinli'l I'owell, I mnkard
Cury Meek, Morris ; "
Aimer Hone, centre, "
JustusGoniril, Hr.. Mouoniiilela "
euiia Johnson (or Zuck.) Wath. "
Win. Ktny, Marlon "
Miirml.s k Hilvius, Waynq "
Phillip Lynch. Dunknrd "
Ahner Jonnn, Joek.Hon "
Ibiwnian Knller, Whitely "
Ilnmlllon Mnple, Wnvne '
I.lshon Itnsaell, Inink'ard "
B. V. Ilrsik, Franklin
George Cowel, Dunkord . " .
1.1st ok I'ETtit ji'iiom phawn you de-
Ahner Btlirers, Jackson Ujwnfhlp
Jaeoh nimniari. Franklin
Martin Itlee, Jerrersun ' '
Issue lluraon, I 'unilierlaud "
John Me,.k, Centro "
llenjainlii Illce, Imnknrd "
Alfred Mtoops, Whitely "
H.ijnniln Ifoss. Oreenn . "
Htephen Knixht, Kirlihiil
Itielianl lliireniore, I'errv '
Jeptha Moore, Hhrluahlll "
Wm.T. Wehh, Marlon "
Kamuel lliwironl, Whitely "
F.ll Katie, (of Mathew) Jefferson ",
John It. Ilell, Moriran "
Jaeoh llniilen, do " ' " ''i
WIUIinClovl,Gllmor "
William Johns, Whitely ' j," '
James Jolllir, l urmlrliiets Dorough
JisH-ph t'oiiucr, Ferry . '
Peter Ifewlt, Cnmherlnnd "
Ahner Hiittli'td, Mononnnheln, '
George Huffman, llichhill, . '
Thomas Hiiarpneck, JetrerHOa ' M
John McCoy, Monomraholsv
Ahner Fordyce, Greene "
William Oosdon, Franklin
ftamuel Thompson, Illchhilt v .
Wm. Knos, Carmlehaila Borough,
Henry Cole, Wayne v '
Jnmea IL Fonlyca, Jr., Whltaly
William Carpenter, Wayne .
Martin Monljer, Marlon
Wm. Lanta, Jr., A'aynaj - ' h
Kooert Carls, RlchhUI
Hiram H. Cree, Cn m oertand ' -
Aaron HlMlhy,DHikarI '
William iLnafiuan. Morrla -,-.-
Henry Johnson, Wayns ' . v
Notice I hereby Riven to all creditors, ten
tee, wurdH and othor pomoua lnUircated, Ahat
the undersigned Executors, Administrators anil
Uuurdinna have tiled their accovots In tha Reg-
SHiitod to the Orphans' Court tu be held within
and for the Comity of Greene, on Wednesday.
Decembvr 18, lwf7, for contlrmatton f a allow
ance. JETKK BltOWN,
itegUler and Kecofd'efr
AoMtfnC of ttorjett fcrrrtrrfCTre RtTdTjWfrblftr-
inoret tx ecu tors ot tU ottute, of Thoru
blnsinore, dee'd.
Account of Hon. Jonathan Garrart), AdmtcUatra-.
tor of Jacob Llveugood, dee'd,
Account of Jeiutt) Omdortf, guardian of
Kordyce. minor child of Solomon Fordyce,
dect'iwea. ,
Account of J. II. ITrlster, Administrator upon
the estate of Koberi Urlsler. dee'd.
final account of T. W. Taylor and Samuel Bar
Account of John SfcflloitiphT, Administrator,
npon the cstuts of itatlmnlel Cuiupsou, da
censed. ..
Final acconnt of A. A. Purman, Esq., Guardian
of Jaini' Rupe, a niinor child ot tiamuai
nupe, uee u.
r niKi arcoiint or uaniei rniiar, snrrirlnr m
linn of siuMiniiHli Ics, a minor clill
joun nt?s, uec it.
Aiwount ofAino Walton, Onnrdlnn of ft. A.
Walton, a minor child of Jonathan Walton,
dwensad. . - ,
Aoeowiit of Awi. Walton, Guartljin . B.
Walton, infaur c UI Id of Jonotliaa Walton,
dee'd. ",.
Account of riilllp Marsh, Guardian of Mary
lMrbln, a minor.4
Account of Jiunea (.'all, Administrator npon thai
entuio of llt'iijiimln UriiuiKC, dee'd.
Account of Willtuin Owyn mid Murslmll Owyn
' AdiMlurlrlir-i uapiivthf eatura ofjamc
tlvfyn.'ftc'-t. - - -
Account of KlliAWrtiver, Admlnlatratrl-t and
liorte Weaver, Ailminiutrator upon tho es
tate of Isnac Weaver, dee'd. j
Account of Kll Jucubs, Kxecutrtr of the but
will and testai'ient of Caviller Poland, dee'd.
Account of Jimeph I. Keener, Administrator of
George Ki'ener, dee'd.
rinnl iiccount of Joseph R. Honlov, Executor
of tlm lnt will nnd teatameiit of Bar
net Rentier, dee'd.
rar'inl araoiiiit of Joseph noeves, snd I. L.
C 'aft, Kxei'iitor of tho lns! flit and to ta
rn, nt of John II. Hooves, Joo'il.
Account of Unvlil It. Jonea, Aifrriliilstrator up
on the estate of Aeomle J.-Drsxieo cl.
Account of Geo. o. Gaymftrf nnff P.S. Kinder.
Adiiiiiilsi'iitorof tame H. Klnder.dec'd.
Account of KtLHiert Liii-, one of the Executors
'count 01
of the I
ortneliwt , ill Slid Tr-stsincnt ot Stephen
HtoliOj dee'd.
Hook vs ITonlc, No. (1(1, Nov. Term, 18M.'-. . -
llnthk vh Kent, No. itlfi, MnreliTerm, MOV.' ' k
Mor:m v:. Imcas, No 71, Juno TesssiaMI i
Wilson v.- liownoy, No. fib l)ecmfilr feftii, MM,
Hlifiritiiei.lf v, I 'iirlo V., HI. Innu'PAM. i.m:
Sniiders vs .Morris tji., Joi k (!, Term. IjUS.
ivttlt va same, No. ll.SoprVWTO, im
Coleinan vsTaylor, No. tfl, Hfpl. Tenn, ISftl.
Miiiilo vs I'rlor, aSttl, Nt. 37, iiec. Term, WHS
V.& I). ItnnlC Vsfolirlinn Vn 110 Hoi. Tprm.
, WHS.
I'ettlt vs HichhllHa. NutllB. Dec. Term, lMa
.Messi'lluer VHSnme, No. 1 M, lc. Term, 18H5.
Slestrcaittn va .Mong. A Ken 011 Com., No. (H,
T.emlfv vsTi,'l,ip Nn rn-l. Tn- ,om
Jnyim vs Kent, No. no' "tiarcli Term, file. '
lllu m 111, .1,1,111 . ,M 1. n ' .
I-er's Aiimr;s. vs A-iderson. 'Wo," if,: jani
Bliu-klege Ounnl.;vs Vali, No. 205, June Tarim,
Cmln et nl vs Peterson A Downey, No. 8o. Sept.
Ilornlinke vs Hedge, ct nl, No. 60, September
Term, ItsOfl.
rteynolds va Waters, No. HO. Sept. Terra, ISM. '
i'slwoy Ex'r- ' yr"' ,7s0 P4 Venc
Oooil vs Itlehhilt tp No. 171 March Term. 18M,
Jones ys .Morris tp., No, 131, Hee. Term, 18W).
t"'":i "ui" ib, va iwiicnuri. pto, iuf, juna
Term. IHII7.
First Nnt. Bank vs Antoll, No. m. Root. Term
Tlint on; the Mrd dny of 5rerremher, A. .,
IH07, n Warrant In Bankruptcy wiu Issued
aualnst the Fitiilo of OTIIo WADE, of Perry
township, In tlie coiintv of Greene, nudHtflteof
Pennsylvania, who ha been adjadiref a Bank
rupt on hisown pi'lltlun ; thnt lie pnvinent of
any dehts ahirilflflvefy of any property noioug
inir to such Ilnnkriipt, lo him. or for his ubo unit
tlie transfer of any property hy him nro forbid,
den hyljiw; that a meeting of lue Creditors at'"
me sitio naiiKriiii, to prove tiH:r lieius, and to
ch'Miseoneor moro Assignees of Irs Esuito. will
ho held at a Court of llankniptsy, to ho lioldeii
at the Court House, In WayiioshniK, Greenosv
county, Pciisylvanin, before Joseph II. Uonftv. f
neaister, on tlie 8rn bay op January, a. r,
IWis, at J 0 clock, p. in.
Jl- ' V. a. Marshal. .
'ril 13 TO UlVlf NtTtOE?X
Tlmt on the 2:irA Any of November, A. D.,
IH07. a Warrant in nankruiitey wits Issued
iiKjilinft the Estate of WK.VMAN VADK, of Por- .
rv tp., In the county of Greene, and State of
Pennsylvania, who has been adludiiod .
Bankrupt on his own etitliurt Hint, the i
payment of any debt and delivery of say
.......... ..v ... n,.j Miruii, vnq ui'iivery or S
property helnuiglns; to audi Bankrupt,
mm, or for his use, and the transferors
to ..
that n meeting or the Creditors of th salii
Hilllltrupt, to prove their Debt I. and to nl,vn.
.... r ..... .
minor more Assignees of his Fjdnte, will be held
at a ( onrt of Jtankruptcy to tha
Court IlunV, in Wn-ncstmrq, rtrTefio County.
ivninn, iieiorejoseph n, Donley, Ileals.
the 7th day of Januauy, A. D. lous.atl
ter, on
oclfs-k, p. m,
U. 8. Murslial.
L i. fci m
linn hfn ovor twftvfira In nronamtlnn. aort
which hiiH hoon hnniKiit to pfrhi'tiun regard lwi
f thu,', luhuror expi-iiHi', uml In now contldent
IV nresiTitt'd to the unlitic hh liwoiiinuriihlv th
bent Sewinu: Maclilno In rxlsience.
T(M .MtWlilIH' ill fUH'HtHlll lH NllliplO, COIHpACt,
diirtiltlf iiuLlM;iitlitul,- It ih (iiht, JlKttt runuinK .
null ntpMH' rtf pvi'iTrtmif a miiM mid vnrk'tv
oi wHK rit-viT ln'iuiv iittfMnnUil iiikiii n !nul
MimhliM uMn (itlnsriSHk, f wint, Li lienor t't
't'ltmnl,iinl hcvv'tnj; with OfjUtil fuel 1 1 ty tho
very tlncst imt courscr.t niaterialN,iut(inyll!irj2
brlwi'n tin two exii'diK1. It tin inoHl bountiful
tunl KuliMtantlitl innnntT. ItH fUtu;limiitx lor
flt'ininltiif. l.ial'llntf. torilhiit-. Turkinu. Oullt-
hitr. Kt'liiii-r, '1 rimiuiiiLf, Hindnia, etc., ai-u uol
anil I'rafMii-al. ami have TTmi Invented uml ad
Justwl oHpoidally for thU Muohhi'.'.
isi'v ik'miiisoi nn ntii'iuo, iiHcitu nnu popular
folding tupH and niblnot (iih, peculiar to tho
Ma-hlntK liiaiinractund by tills Coin puny Imvtj
been prepared lor eiielwHhm thu new Miudilum.
I new are iroiteiiup in eery variety of wood,
siicli l.ltit k Walnut, Mutuiuiy. llojwwuod,
U"ll ItH MiK K JliHll, .WltMJ!
nd thf like, hiuI frfrtu ttnplnn
nn i inf mkc. bum irom ine Dinnirst to rno in one
elaborate pattern nrttl ffiiish'-lho MachlneiK.
KlieniHelveN)Hlni mora or lens highly ornaniHnt-
ri, to corrcNiMmo wim ino jarwr jur. uimnPUi Mini- nr.. I I , .n.l.,.4
n.a, w.w ...w .. ,
Afi'ff iVfl:ortx MivSINUKU S lawt lmTDv
M s;VINt M.f H1N ! are ttto bout for mn-
tlv iiii'l General l'uruofeH.
1st. You can new anything from the flnoetflu
trio tliicldt.-Hn of KwImh r .V.iU-'oOrt to wjvnrnl
thieknessen of the lieuvient Id aver olotli, UKlnt;
any kind orslr of thread Willi equal tneiilty,
from No. iSW f ot Um uptotUo heuvitlptotor
Linen threml. . . . . -
2d. It u nhort. traixht nedln, PABlly it,
mid mukeft tliepopulur lxek Htlteli Hlikeou txtb
8d. It hn on evon elf-ndjustlnir tnnlon which
re(iitrcH nochnnt) t rd1lrt'iit I hicliiiiMwvit of
ninterlnl or dilierentRlzPM of thrend.
4th. It In free from nil Mnriniw. wlrew aud other
reoinpllentfonin, and Ih almost ndmtiHti.
a ii. ro fftPQuusi lonowj m wumvgt vKiarn ui
nt h. f t dom not lmvo to be tnkon ajmrt to oil
and clean ft.
7lh. It liana perfect ferd whereby you enu ew
tliellni't iiiaterfuiHU'lllinut havlns to keeuyowr
work nt retched lo orevent ItH 'niiekerhii7 , uu.t
fou never have to iihhIkI the work thlxituU M la
all othiT iiiin-liliicx.
Ath. It will hem nnv wuutw now ft imlhk
npjini. fir mako n tell In the miwl porfftct inannor
with low Hklll than Ih reoulr4Ml inAuw a utmiuht
iienm n unyollier machine.
irjtKttfieinnetiiH ior urn m Pitt. Ciratnn;, Quilt
Iiik. Binding, Tueklntr,4e.t nro norol ami prnn
tlcal, nnd requlrj but lit;o mkiti lo iut thom.
(nreful instructions '4iven ul tho hounu of thft
Money refandi-d ijbo xnachUict tup-not m
relmfionted. - -
- .... ... .n ti nriiiiu-ii uiio nuuv in iTijnir
ThrijoyffaMwPaiioiilcharco: 'T n s '
ii. p. ryr.pnKH, -
. , AxentforOreeneCouuky
!-f. y Waynetiburg,, l,.
Inaddltlon ti other nnslness will nttond to ali
euaea In llnnkruptcy tliolnuiy boentruaied tohia
earn, Otllce.oppojlte Ijmn Htore of O. W. Rots.
riaaco. : e , T
O. (F 0. T. .
nallln, Jnear'a Bimdtnii, ensr Main Wrept
WarasbillffH.Tlm, I'uesiUy womnn,