The Waynesburg Republican. (Waynesburg, Pa.) 1867-18??, November 20, 1867, Image 1

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    Toi-mx of l'ultllciit iou.
Tltll WAYXKklU'RU UH'I'llt.II'AK, Olllcg In
Bayer' hiilliHiiu, it of Hie l.'mirl lluuw, Is puli
llHhcHt everjr Weilmwlay moiiilni;, ni h-j jtf j
DQiim, l.i ahvamik, ora no I.' not puM with
In the v.'iir. All nl rlllin nrrouiilN Ml'si
k(ilel annunlly. .Vo ;npnr n in Ihj ikiu
out of tin1 Stale uiiIi-m jnlil for in Ativan- k, nml
II iiui li mil.iTl!iiiiH will Ir.vnrlnlily be iliM'uii
Uuuiil tit tlie ci'ltvtiim of the time for which
lliey ar iiai.l.
'nniiiiunU-iit lotnon subl'Tfiof locnl or c.-nerul
lnli'ri".l urn ivvi-.'tt"vtUv i'ili.-.-.l. ''o t-nsiiii-RttHiitton
iMi'ors nt this knul nni-t liniuliil i I.,.
nt'i'nlili!tnlr. l.y tin- irilm' if 1 1ti-mil hor, not for
nlill(':ttoli, I 'lit l- i(ll:u.l,il V iV-il'ml i in ...,,( I i.,nt
All lt-tt-rs iirrtultiintf tn i iMiirnl HiuotlKe
must he ail'lti'is..! to the K' 1 1 tor
t '. . . . .
IMKX A.l .Mill'.
When I was a llttlo maM,
I waited on myself j
I washed my mollier'g teacups,
-And set tliera on llio shelf.
I bad a Utile garden
t Jlost beautiful to sco ;
I wished that I had somebody
To play in it with inc.
Nurso was In mamma's room,
I knew h?r by her cap ;
) Blio held a lovely baby boy
Asleep upon her lap.
As soon as ho could loam to walk,
I led him by my side
Sly brother and my play fellow
Until the day bodied !
Now I am an old maid,
I wait ui)oti myself ;
Ionly wipoonn teacup,
And set it onio shelf.
ai n:it.
Alter tlio shower, tlio tranquil sun ;
After the snow, tin.1 cnnrald leaven ;
Silver stars when tlio thy in done j
After tho harvest, the the goMcrrVacavcs.
After the cloud;, tlio violet fi'iy ,
After the tempest, the lull of waves ;
(Juiet woods when tin winds go by ;
After the battle, peaceful graves.
After the knell, the welding bells ;
Alter 111'! bud, tli'i rademt rosj ;
Joyful sreetlivrH from sad fuewclljj
A 'Vir our weeping, sweet ropoci'.
After tho hunlrii, tlicb'iyful meed;
AIVt fie fliubt, the ilowny rest, .
After tlie furrow, tha walhin ; rod ;
After the sb idowy river rest !
A viMii:i;i:. v tjcjjt i-i,.ui:.
j uown-easier i:mh reiiues an an-
ii ..ii, i
vanturo he had while (raveling on foot
in one of the Vc:,toru Slates : "Well, I u.e;aiier jaeKe.s nety eon u,e , U,.;
yon see back here about a mile hovoud 'I'l" ,'l"'tl"i! f, lut the hlmml
tho Xoekvernoseoir creek, I wur walk- ' I !l seen one there
ing along as happy a a link, looking v l'"r.1 s:,',,a a thi'id i;i another
about over the in-arics and thmkhv U!WVaK wh! lmllor of tho
heou- bcautii'iil the All Seeim: hi'd ! i-tni.ip :.,t yalier Mlh em. J. couldn t
m..,l,.?l, ,...d,l ub ,t ,,-t,i i .....
aie I av
this sile would raise, when f fee n
big drove ofcaille just o'io :-ide.
wur adinii'in' heow iiit ant', hiiek t!.ev
... i t r .i i it...: i .,:..,.
mw, ua loooni ill, uii'tr miii, i
when an almighty great brindlo bull;
iuini)cil up otit'n the tall gr
begin to s!
).' curl v
heail an' heller
paw tiie giou
sw itch his 1:
iver h's b.i.
!: i( let f'l
,n' s.r b,
.;, f '.!,
;..l eld ens:
he t'i;i a
if I wa'nt
whislle, -1
it were I
lake le-r
in t.-,
ou i I
oilier i
J'd siip .is!
list as J ii'oL
; but
! sile
an liegui to k
with his lore fe
ill t'l
,1 a
Hi! i
quick stops 'bout :h.!!,
to run, cos I knowetl
vas afeard
did he'd
lcet eneouragetl. I iitlysoeii tiotiegiu
' to come on a trot, an' then 1 let out in
a kind of canter. Then he r'l. to a
lope, nu' sein' it, wur no use wait in' for
him to quit, I just leaned these ere
loirs of mine an' come down to best
time. Hooked 'beout for something!
to climb, but thave I ware in the cuss
ed prairie and not a pea stick to be
seen nigher than a mile ahead heow
I did want to stop right tliarc an' cuss
tho blurted prairies. I gin a glance
over my shoulder an' see tho everlas
tin' cuss with his nose deown an' his
tail up, com in' jist on the dead lay
deown, and I let my legs count another
notch. Tho chaso went ni)) an' tuck
till I got near the creek, when I see
that the bull were only "beout a hun
dred yards lichind mo. JiOrd Jchossy
fat, but I felt quoorisli when I was
sartin he were gainin ; it gave me
such a sktcr that my heart seemed to
dissolve in dish-water, and my logs
kinder lost their feelin', so I could see
a lot of trees ahead a little ways, an'
cf I could hold cout three niinils lon
ger I'd be to cm. I looked back, and
the snfforin' Moses, cftho bull warn't
within twenty foot of me, his eyes all
green and his nostrils lookin' like I
'' mite a put my head in them, a' aa red
"as a bolt of new flannil. I got almost
16ieTcfec1c'wlich I found the timber
wur 011 thCoppcrsiie side from me, an'
the. bull so close I could almost foel
' Mv breath- on my cheek. I thot of
my fatncrlc'-in that ollel timejsozl,
t'i'uiwell, - little Jed, an' you, Surer
. Adji my gentle companions." Jist at
; this instant 1 boc a stump right on the
lank of the creek, an' made a spring
for it, espeotihg to get on top on't, but
, it happened to bo holler an' I landed
1 jist had room to squeeze
deown in it on' git my head below the
.' . top, an' not a darn bit too soon wur I
u-, in, 1 tot as. my topknot went deown,
'c1'" Mr." Boll's head came up whack agin
y' stomp till every thing jingled.
, i "You bet'er bcleve I felt thankful I
"v"Wtuf 'housed 'At last; and the old cuss of
,V;;" bull, wasn't be disappointed ! Lord,
' hew he did ravo ground that stump,
' " " switch his tail, paw the sile, and bel
yler; ., I peeped,, np at hirq, jist to see
how bo-; were pettin' on but I kalker
lak I'peepud down again ofl'ul suddent,
'""'"(of I 'hadn't niofc'n got my bead up
till his horiw comes a straddlo on it,
n Uid hbv skull ."bit ' tho stump like a
;J Jniaul. The littlo incident oonyinccd
' nie tliat tlie best thing I could was, in
" ,'tfe lanwiflu of AVh' lay low,
J waHi tiio blaok lncks and chaw poke
' ""root.' Just as I'd made up niy mind
i'V'aot to patup'iny head again, I felt the
ofMctpain take mo in the leg. I
uevef see, an at the same time it coni-
luctico to win', whiz, tlfowu in the
Ixit'om of the hollow slump. I tried
t ) 1 iok down to set; wliitt on nirth it
could be, hut tlio holler was so narrer
I couldn't got a ehanco to look, an at
once it popped into my head that there
were a rattlesnake in the stump.
When I thot of that I made an ollel
plunge to get out of tho horrid don ;
but the cussed bull warn't morc'n six
feet oil', an' tho minit ho seed my head
caniQ at 1110 full chisel. The fust I
kimwvd I had dodged back into the
stump again, and hadn't morc'n touch
cd bottom nl'ore I another offel
Let n Lit ! in My lcr. T mado a rush
to ;;. t out agin, but the cmsrrt, infernal
bull drove at mo an' I was blccgcd to
pop buck j-,jj:ilti. As 1 Mpieezcd down
inter my stump again, bet'er barrel of
rum that .irt Ann would beawid
der in Kss'n ten hours. I tried to
cipher out which would be tin; most
bei 'it'iiii' fir a Christian, to bepizened
to death by an odel giat snaik, or
have my inards slung to tho four winds
by a cussed briiullo bull. I thot of
tlio marly m of Amos biled in ilo,
Elizer smeared with honey, and Joseph
tempted by I'oUif'cr's wife, and con
cluded that I ott to profit by their ex
ample, an' grin and bear it, no matter
how much it went agin the grain. But
1 got jiM then an olIM Into or tew,
an'ter save my soul couldn't help
siickin up nip head, an' the bull bein'
on had let drive an' lilled my eyes full
of (Ki t an' bark, so doown ' I bobbed
agin lor snaiks. I now begun to get
bitle ,1 nU'el fro(ii!!Mtly, an' i squirmed
an' iv. i.-ttd an' s recoiled at a litst rale,
an' in grabbht' around kelehcd
something an' got a bito in thehi.nd.
1 holt my hold on to it, and be
hold, it proved lobe notion," but a
yaller jacket. When I found I wasn't
sua ik nit, 1 lelt siitlun hit ott
stummiok like a bag of shot, (j
to (iixl ! so J, I mav live to liertect
I lie wit tier on to oi'.r-j i
. . . , ; , . . .
"," :l ' i w.i-rt i;oer tor nil
:'"' i,: Jong mat way. lined to tiunk
d some r tin! of waver suitable io the
! ot pray
oecn.don, an' coininenci'd : "Xow I
lay me down to sleep ;" but, by Jew
das, ouuMn'l pray fir ctissin; I jist
swore, bull or nut bull, I wur gwin to
Cini;'.rate lor tiiat partickolar fpot ; but,
every time I put my head above the
sluini), (lie bull oil. 'lied at me, an' the
. -t a
.t.-. w't'i
ill ; he looked
cy. s as green
"0 !i' tnc nth.
I l.t 11 so Cl;ll-
Ir'h ! I't
1 ii'.in i'iy it-..
' lime in tin1
eoul, an' .1!
i ;.:';i,iiu' 10
i of the iu!;.
j an' I swap
! cud. I made
U'cei.i; iii.:; tlie
I'.n ual
the lime
last I Jtut til'
i-'iinui be.
ve '.ve.y unil.r I ho thumps old briii'lle iiertiien,
my heart r!; straight on
up mv mind to ;;it emit
of that, somehow, purly ju!ck, but jist
at the iiiinnit I raix'd up my head to
jump cout an' run, the old cuss cams
at me, with head doown an' tail up, at
locomotive speed, an' as I dodged
deown he struck tho stumn, tore it tin
tll,f' rV.ts
an shot me cout like a
clear over the band into
an' after me come stump,
the creek
bull an' all. The fore feet or some on
'em of the bull struck me right on the
back and knockiu' 1110 clean deown
inter the muddy bottom of the crook.
When I riz the fus thing I seed wur
the old feller's tail, on' as I couldn't
swim a lick, I made a grab for it an'
made him tow 1110 ashore. When wo
got there, I let go an' run one way,
while the bull run the other, an' that's
tho long an' short on."
no 11 Wtii.
"What cveryou do, do it well. A job
slighted, because it isapparcntly unim
portant, leads to habitual neglect, so
that men degenerate, insensible, into
bad workmen.
"That is a good rough job," said a
foreman in our hearing, and ho meant
that it was apiece of work, notelogant
in itself, but strongly made, and well
put together.
Training the hand and eye to do
work well, leads individuals to form
correct habits in other respects, and a
good workman is, in most cases, a good
citizen. No onu need hope to rise
above bis present situation, who suf
fers small things to pass by unimprov
ed, or who neglects metaphorically
speaking, to pick up a cent because it
is not a dollar.
Some of tho wisest law makers, the
best statesmen, the most gifted artists
the most merciful judges, the most in
genius mechanics rose from the great
A rival to a cctain lawyer sought to
humiliate him publicly, by saying,
"You blacked my father's boots once."
"Yes," replied the lawyer unabashed
"and I did it well." And by his
habit of doing even mean things well,
he rose to greater.
Take heart, all who toil I all youths
in humble situations, all in adverse
circumstances. If it bo but to drive
the plow, strive to do it well; if only
to cut bolts, make good ones; or to
blow tho bellow, keep the iron hot.
It is attention to business that lifts the
feet high up on the ladder.
Says tho good book "seest thou a
man diligent in Ids business? he shall
stand before kings ; ho shall not stand
before mean men."
riliMNKSS IN THE It lit!
Tlieltlisht ot I'olornt I'voplu (u Flila In
Judge Agnow has just delivered nu
opinion which settres 11 vexed qUi
tion, and, in our judgment, kikes tho
right ground on a 'subject involving
nothing more than a social right. Tho
npcal before the Court was mado as
to tho right of colored people to use
the street and railroad ours of the
Commonwealth, on which Judge Ag
new reversed the decision of tho loiver
court on the subject of tho rights of
colored passengers. Ilo says that if a
railroad company provide scots equal
in convenience, comfort and saltty lbr
the colored pursongers, there ia no law
which will enable them to refuse llto-e
seats and demand others. This is Re
publican doctrine enunciated by a Re
publican .Tud;o m il sustained by a
Republican colleague. It involves a
principal which nlii'cls the It led ric l ls
of all men, and we can favor this
right without necessarily insisting that
tho black man in entitled to equal so
cial right;-. When a man navs Iu3
money for a public ri'eoinmodalion ho
has a light to its fnil ciijovinent.
nil . 1 . 1 . -r - ' 1 ' t
-inat ritno genu ot .Juoge Aj'tiow 3
decision. When a company set uonrt
seals in a cep for the use of the color
ed people, which scats are equal in all
respects to other.) in the same mode of
eonveyaivo used by while people, the
negro iias no legal right to question
the regulation of the railroad compa
ny making tho airangemeiit. On tho
same principle, railroad companies
have a right to set apart cars for ladies.
The accommodations in such cars are
not superior to other cars in the same
train. 15ut gemlemen unaccompanied
uy iiuti.s are not admit ted. Jliero aio
seats for men in other cars equally a.i
sort and ns clean as those 111 tho lathe.
car. bo with the black man. beats
can bo set apart for him, equal in all
respects to those used by tho white
man. Tho negro must occupy such
seals. .11 a while man or woman
choose to occupy those seats, it is
their choice. So if a, ladv desires to
enter a tretit'icinan'H ear. it is her choice.
lint tho company reserves tiie ritd.tto
-ay where men imi'eeomr.aniod by la
thes, and colored jiooj le, shall ride,
and there i.i no law to de'oar cornoi'a
tions from these notions. Wo nro sat
isfied with the decision. llarvixbw'j
iOI! 111 SIXDSH lll.X.
To mo, one of tho most admirable
things, in tho world :s In'nes'i puiic
tilio. 1 thick it is iar:i io jit'.d very
l.v.d n:ee. aii'ong thorough b'lsiiu..
iiU'ii. I do not i.iyihi'ta good busi
ness man i.i'ily religious, or
even rnve. arilv without vi''c:, n,iiu
tHi't it ft : 11
. ...
ily diilii til! to be ffriellv
honest m liu-ine.-..', and sensitive in
all matters portainino; to business en
gagement: and thoroughly punctual
in tho fulfillment of all business obli
gations, and at the same time to be
loose in morals and dissipated in per
sonal babils. I have great respect for
those rigid laws of the counting room
which regulate dealings between man
and man, and which make the coun
ting room as exact in all matters of
time and exchange ns a banking house
which ignore friendship, affection,
and all personal considerations what
soever which place neighbors anil
brothers on tho same platform with
enemies and aliens, and which make
an autocrat of an accountant, who is,
at the same time, strictly an obedient
subject of his own laws.
1 say it is hard for a man to enter as
a perfectly harmonious element into
this grand system of business, and sub
mit himself to its rigid rules, ami to
maintain his position with perfect
integrity, and, at the same time, bo a
very bad man. To a certain extent,
he bows to ami obeys a high standard
of life. lie mar not always recognize
the moral clement which it embodies.
He may take a selfish view of the
whole matter, but ho cannot be entire
ly insensible to the principle of per
sonal honor which it involves, or fail
to be influenced by the personal habits
which it enforces.
Some of the best business men I
have ever known. Men who have
acquired wealth by rigid adherence to
business integrity, who havesnmetimes
been deemed harsh, and hard by those
with whom they have had business re
lations, have shown a liberality and
generosity towards objects of charity
which have placed them among the
world's benefactors. Men who have
exacted the Lust fraction of a cent with
one hand, in the way of business, have
disbursed thousands of dollars with the
other in tho way of charity. Dr. Hol
land. The Italians of San Francisco held
a meeting and passed resolutions con
demning the action of Victor Eman
uel and Louis Xnpoleon. A subscrip
tion for the benfit of Garibaldi was
opened ami some two thousand dollars
collected to be forwarded to Italy to
the United States Minister Marsh, to--gcther
with a letter thanking him in
in the name-of the Italian population
there, for the sinipathy shown Garibal
di. Kixd words arc the brightest flowers
ofearth'sexistance; they niako a very
paradise of the humblest homo that the
world can show. Use them and espec
ially around the fireside circle. They
are jewels beyond price, and more prec
ious to heal tho wounded heart, nnd
make tho weighed down spirit glad
than all the other blessings tho world
can give.
lnon Htlrr.
Nvlien Anion JsiTrr returned t3
New York city to practice law after
Ida voluntary cxilo in Europe, he
lountl tlie lute Iicv. Jruiuinh JJurch'
ard, thou a celebrated revivalist, hold
ing a serious ot protracted meetings in
his family church. He attended from
habit, ahVaya Trent late, and disturbed
the services by altiacting to himself
the attention ot tho audience on account
of hit; ii'.li'mous notoriety as the man
who shot Alexander j bouillon, and
tvlio hr.d been tried ier treason. Mr
Burclmrd resolved to rebuke him open
ly. Tito pcxt .S'.bhath ho came in and
got about half way up the i.isle, the
clergyman paused in his dieourse, and
pointing nt Colonel Lurr, said in the
most fvalhir.'' manner. "You hotrry-
heailed old sinner, I'll appear against
you at tho dav 01 judgment !
The proud, defiant old man standing
erct t as ever wuu that perfect com
posure which never deserted him, and
fixing his fine gra'v eyes on the occu
pant of the pulpit, replied, "Mr.
liuiehnrd, I have observed through a
long course nt prole -stona! experience
that tho very meanest elasi of crimnals
arc those who turn Ridts civ'tfenee."
All Ohio paper tell.1! ti 10 following
novel story : "A young couple plan
ned an elopement, the jjirl de-eentled
from her room 011 tho traditional lad
der, but at the gate they were met by
the father of the girl ami a minister,
by whom tho young couplo wore es
corted to the parlor, where, to their
surprise, they loiind all their relatives
collected for tho marriage ceremonies,
which took place at cnee. it was a
neat paternal freak, but not near as
neat as that of a "i'ond purieiit" wc
know of. Ho heard his daughler and
her fellow plan an elopement. The
next day-the old mail widteil upon the
young one, and addressed him thus:
"You're n fine, brave youth, and I
don't object to you as .. son-in-law.
Hero's a hundred dollars to aid in the
elopement. May you lire happily in
tho same house, and. may l'o accident
occur Io throw tho le: At shade on the
suiithino of yoi'.P life. All I request
is, ti'.iit you elopo with my daughter
she's a mighty nice gi.l, you know,
but somehow her inolhoi' and I could
never travel sinoolldy with her, we
don't know her good points elope
with her to such a distance that she
won't return to her loving father and
mother any more. Good bye, sonny,
and may you be happy."
There was an elopement that even
ing of one. The young man1 was 11 ti
accompanied. 1 le thought everything
couldn't be right, when I ho old cock
was so anxious to got rid of tho girl.
Tho father looks upon this net, a
very neat bit of slrafegy for one who
had never been on M'Ch llau's stall.
To Hit MmeliH.
It was formerly the custom in Kn
laiid to appoint certain persons to ex
amine the liodies of tho dead, in order
to ascertain and report the cause of
1.11.1 . 1
death, otien persons were termed
"bodv-searehors." In the time of "the
great plague," in lfiGo, which swept
oil' upwards of one hundred and thirty
thousand people this important and
dangerous olliec was performed by the
"ehirurgeons, or surgeons, who were
allowed for each service twelve pence,
to bo paid out of the estate of the de
ceased person, or by the parish in case
ho loft no property It is said that
0110 of these "searchers," w no rvjoiccd
in the name of Snacks, found his busi
ness' increase so much that he could not
attend to it "alone. Ho agreed to
share the profits equally with any one
who would take an equal tharc in the
laborand the danger. Those who join
ed hi in were said to "go with Snacks,"
or, more briefly, "to go Snacks;" and
hence the phrase came to mean, "to di
vide the spoils in equal proportion," or
"to go shares, in which it has
become proverbial.
Jox says that if a man feels much
like getting married, yet imagines he
ought not to, the best remedy he knows
is to help one of his neighbors to move
a house full of furniture borrow
about nitic of his children and hear
them or)'. If that fails, build up a fire
of damp wood, when the smoke in tho
room is thickest, hire a woman to scold
him about four hours. If ho can
stand all these, ho had better get mar
ried the next day give L13 wife the
pants and be the "silent partner" in the
great firm of matrimony. The reme
dy is severe, but as every man is lia
ble to these things after he yokes him
self, it would do no harm to try it be
fore. Thkre is dignity about that going
away alone, wc call dying that wrap
ping the mantle of immortality nlxjut
us ; that putting aside with a pale hand
azure curtains that are drawn around
this cradle of a world ; that venturing
awav from home for the first time in
our lives, for we arc not dead there is
nothing dead to speak of, and we only
go off seeking foreign countries not
laid down on the map we know about.
There must be lovely lands somewhere
starward, for none ever return that go
thither, ami wo very much doubt if
any would if they could.
At a school at Walljend, near Keircssllo,
tho master asked a clasa of bova Iho meaning
of Ihs wonl "appetite," After a ahort pause.
one litllo boy aalJ. I know, lirj when I'm
caflu' I'm "tippy, and when I'm done I'm light. "
ti'irrcH of j ay iiitiui:,
Jlr. Jny CooUe, about whoso personal uls
tcy ami circumstances pilot lo tlio wur bo
much has bcea said, an J who (9 again beforo
tl:a public in his recently published defence Of
tho national banking system, was born in 1823,
In Sandusky, Ohio. Ilia father was Mr. Men
t'ucrji Cooke, aa eminent lawyer and proml
nrut tiliicn, one of the earliest settlers of that
section of the Stato, who, for a; time, represent
ed hla district m Congress. Jar CookJ, a self
reliant and cnergcilo boy, commenced his
busincFB life at the ago cf thirteen, and from
that Umo succeeded. For four years he was
employed In mercantile houses, first in Baa
dusky and then In fit. Louis.
At seventeen he banking house
of H W. Clark & Co., Philadelphia, as a
clerk, and at twenty-ono becams a partner lu
that linn and its conectlouj, Clark. Dodgo
& Co., Now York; Clurk lJrothers & Co.,
St, Louis 1 andJ. V7. Clark 05 Co., Doston,
and eoon aft er ho became managing partner of
the I'hlldelphia tirin. IIi3 connection with
these houses rvsulltna; In a competency, and
about 1 838 ho retired from business. In 18C0,
in connection with Jlr. William 0. Moorhond,
a wealthy capitalist, Jlr. Cooko established the
blinking house of Jay Cooko & Co, Philadel
phia, and in 1801, after tho breaking out of
tho war tho negotiation of tho orlj'mnl seven
thirty loan was the cecwdou ( f tliu lirst con
nection ol Mr. J:iy Cooko and his house with
tho lluanccH ol'iho government.
Tho Wit'liinu'tii i house of Jny Cooke & Co,
was opened lu and co-operntcd with
tho rii'liuieipiilii lioil;:o itij popularizing tho live-twenty loan and tim three ccric3 of
.'even thirties. Vho New York houso ot tho
same was opened after the war, in March,
ISli". till his government ncgolallons Jtr.
Cooke liii.i nppcuitd directly to tl.o people,
and, after his own itniiukiililo energy ttud
enthusiasm in till his pursuits, bis great (success
in tliesij matters has lain hi liia unwavering
t'uitlt in tho good Si!U0 and patrot'3111 oi'tho
An exchange draws tho following vivid pic
ture of 1111 cillior:
An editor's tiuaiificalions aro various. It
is to work harder, more hours in the day, with
less recreation, on less sleep and poorer pay
than any of your follow mortals; It lu to bo
busy when your neighbors nro Idle, busier
when they sleep, nud busiest when they ara
enjoying a good tune, it is to be always In a
hurry, always under a press of business, al
ways "setting up" when others nrolyitigdown
and always charitably "distributing" the re
sults of dully labor. It is to have your opin
ions nl ways put to "proof," and co'dorn Into
practice. It is to advcrflso other people's
waiils,wishi!8 and announco facilities
for pleasure j to herald the approach of diseas
es and tlie Inventions of cures for them ; to
make known who has been robbed, how much
where, who Is the robber, his personal history,
his trial, sentence, and its execution. It Is to
recclvo nice fruit and .notice it, to bo shown
natural curiosities and descilbu them, to bo
every where at all times, and to bo able to an
swer till fl'.!U:.-tioilfl Oil till Hll'J'JCtS. It is to
publish Ino much sentiment for 0110, too much
politics for another, and to litllo news for all.
Il is to niako a dozen enemies lo 0110 friend,
and to he pili 'hid into by anybody who choos
es lo consider himself nggrleved. It is to take
complimentary tickets to everything and pny
Fr them in complimentary notes. It is
lo lie bored by friends suggesting how yon
should carry on your business, and bullied by
thoso whom you havo hit iu vulnerable spots.
It Is a life of mingled good and ill, trial and
triumph, never ending toll and never begin
lng felicity, wherein you work out your allot
lottcd timo with tlio "devil" always at your el
bow, calling (jf tho sole cud in this life a little
more copy.
Tub Hope of Mas. Final suc
cess the joy of life's ripe harvest, is
the goal of our hojies. Xo wise or
thoughtful man will livo merely fur
to-day. The pilgrim who seeks a
homo is not content to linger and loiter
fiir tho more flowers beside his way.
The sower looks onward to fields white
, f .1 .,1 ,ir 1
anil ready lor tnc sickle. uisunra
has regard to the grand issue. The
triumph or pleasures of to-day is
transitory. Wq want a hope that
docs not sink with tho sotting sun.
Tho true .success of life is that which
dors not fail the evening of our days
and leave them to blight or barrenness.
We want the .shout of "harvest home,"
that will not die into silence with the
falling breath, but makes tho passage
to tho grave a whispering gallery
where heaven ami earth talk together.
A YtutuxtA letter writer says of
Mosby: "lie looks tho lawyer even
less than the warrior. I )ressed in care
less, easy, irginia style, witii wnitc
.slouch hut, a dust-stained, bob-tail
coat, milk ami lnohuses colored pants
and vest, (the latter minus two or
three buttons,) a badly adjusted false
front tooth, a ligure ot medium size,
close shaven, sunburnt, youthful face,
slouched shoulders, nuiet, taciturn, un
demonstrative in manner, it was not
quite easy to believe that he was tlie whose name ami uarc-uevil
achievement figured in the papers al
most daily during the war.
Prediction- of Senatoii WrLsos.
In his letter to the great meeting at
the Cooper Institute in JNew York, on
the 16th ult., the Hon. Horny Wilson,
Senator from Massachusetts, said :
"At the present moment, when the
echoes of the Rebel cheers over victo
ries more fleeting than their own, fill
our ears, I say to my Republican com
rades of ew York, the Republican
party will give their Presidential can
didate the electoral votes of thirty of
the thirty-seven btatcs, more than
3,000,000 of the popular votes, and
more than 500.000 popular majority.
and a Congress with a two-thirds
majority iu both Houses.
A MissartsT life-squandering all your
salary on a girl who docs not cars lbr you.
EDITOR AS!) 1'UllLmiFAl.
ilrokfii Vow.
Promises aro lightly r-poken
Vows on whlcU we blindly bnlld
(L'ttcrcd only to bo broken)
(io forever unfuliillcd
Oft betrayed but atdl believing
Duped again and yet again
All our hoping, all our grieving
Warns us, but it warns in vain.
From tho cradle to tho coral
From tha suuny days of youth
Yi'e are tnuU the simple moral,
Still wo doubt tho mural's truth.
"When a boy they found me rather
Lo'h to d u aa I was bid.
"I shall buy a birch," said father.
Broken vows I lie never did.
tlrowu extravagant, when youthful,
In my tailor's debt I nm ;
Ho appeared about as truthful
In his talk as any rer.n.
Let me tell how ho sold me ;
"Look you, air. What's Your-Nama
I shall summon you," he tylJ me
But the summons never came.
Through tho meadows, daisy laden,
Cnco 15 was my lot to stray,
Talking to a lovely maiden
Iu a very spoony way j
Aad I stolo a kiss nnotlior
Then another then a lot.
"Fiu !" she said, ' 'I'll tell my mother "
Idlo words : iiho told her uot.
Jtl! Discovery.
Wmf Miniu.ESKX, Mkr'tr Co., Fksma,)
November 13, 18tiT. i
Tito workmen employed by Colonel James
Hemphill, lu 6;nklng u shaft for ore or coal,
struck a voiuof rock, strongly Intermixed with
a at first supposed to bo Ftilpho:
Upou the examination of the rock by Colonel
Hemphill nud his superintendent, Jlr. Jlills,
and tiller severe tests, they pronounce it to bo
gold of superior quality, undc ip ihlo of ycald
ng live thousand dollars to the tun. The reek
lsuh iut tliu sauio as that in which the Greene
county gold Is said to have been found, and
lies about one hundred feet below the coa'
Icvol in this basin.
Bkveiial of tho newspapers having perpe
trated jokes'on the travels and exploits "Sic
Transit," whom 'luliiljil," aud "nociV"' head
oiT, thaYulo Coumnt retotlsas follows 1 Oh,
"niiiui" -sculls 1 "Sic Transit" drovo a "tu
tone tantkm trmo Ver" from tho eastward, I In
is visiting his "ante Jits, Din Term," in this
city, and will stay till 'Ortrm." Dr. Dlgnios
tho "Tcrris" (Terry's) likewise "et mxir" with
us last evening. IIu "eta beta '." Tho pug
allstsalso ' 'cum" with them and t,lnnbtia" man
badly iu tho Btrect i ho "cutis m" off, and
"noctumfuit urnii" flounder.
Bhakcspcro is now credited with tho discov
ery of the laws of gravitation, about which
llioro das been somo lato dispute witli refer
ence to Newton and Pascal, Tho following
lines In "Troikis and Crcsslda" ate the basis of
tho assertion :
"IJutthe bfrong base and building of my love
Is as the very center of tho earth,
Pruning all things to it."
Aud iu the sumo play we find tho express
ion, "Tmo ns the earth to Its center. " So
that it would really seem a;i if Shakrpcnrs had
anticipated Newton by n hundred years or so
in tlio discovery of one of the great', st of nat
ural truths.
A SrATB talr is a queen ; an agricultural fair
Is a farmer's daughter, a church fair Is a par
son's wife ; a soldier's fair Is the best looking
girl ;ho can get a hold of ; 'a charity fair Is a
female pauper ; and the lnott unpopular fair
Is a car faro j and the most unpopular
In tho universe is a boarding-house faro.
The Memphis A valanchc advises the people to
utterly disregard tlio President's Thanksgiv
lug. The A vahnche tenders this advicco ot In
disrespect for A. J., but because the people of
the South, having been frustrated in establish
ing a government of their choice, "have no rea
son to be thankful to Clod or man,"
Tho Illinois Statttmnn (Democratic), pub
lished at Lacon, 111., has placed at tho head
of iu columns "For President of 1808 C'lo
mentL. Yall.indighain, of Ohio." He Is our
favorito caudidat3 fjr tho Democratic nom
ination. In an article on drunkenness, Dr. Hall says:
"Tobo a good orator, a pcciless beauty, or the
star of the sociul circle, whether m&n or
woma'i. Is next door to being lost. "
Tee Virginia Conscrvutivoj are discharging
their colored employees woo voted the Radi
cal ticket, Ih liichmond, it is stated, six or
seven hundred are already thrown out of em
Tub Reading Di.'pntrh says: Reading has
fifty-th.-ee physicians, fifty au'.es tad three
females. Nuiu'ocr of persons lying dangerous
ly ill with the typhoid fever estimated at two
hundred and City. Death! from sane di.seaja
'ast week tKeutg.
An exchange savs that tho democratic read.
ing oi'tho well known Iiiblo verse is "Suffer
little white children to coma unto mo and for-
hid them not, for of ra. h is the Kingdom of
Tub greatest "home- run " ever mado by
baso bal lists, was performed recently by a lot
of young men at Houaibi, JiusourL Some
wicked person put croton oil In their refresh
Pa5 Handle Rail Road Sold.
The Pan Handle Railroad was sold
on Wetlnesday of week before last, in
1'ittsburg, to the I'cnusylvania Central
Railroad Compuny, for the sum of one
million nino hundred and sixty thou
sand dollars. The chief competitor
was a Mr. Ellis, who, it is said, was
an agent of the Baltimore & Ohio
Would yon make men trustworthy f Trust
them. "Would you make them true. Believe
The Boston Comurdal Bulittin observes
that many po'Itlrlans who itched for office were
scratched last week.
War is a loafer In a printng office like a
shade tree I Dc cause we are glad when be tares
Xeriua ot Alverttlu(p
ion WORK.
AnVFHTWRil FN'ffl l'IMM tl'll Hi 91 50 pr Sqt1r
n.i ttirrA tnsi'ttions, anil 30 rent per aquar
fif i-ftili uililltitiiiiil ItKfrlU.n ; (leu linen or It
''minted a Miimri). All tmuuletitailvtirUseuieuUI
to be fmM fur In utl vaunt'.
Ih siN'.-rtM NtntcfM Hi't muter llt bend of local
news will Ihi elinrmxl luvarlalily lu eu Uu
lor oni'h IriMTilon.
A Itlirnil diili.i'tlon initio Hi persons BdTrtl
liiif liy IIir iimirlHr, lutli-ynir or year. Hpevlal
nniU s flunked one-halt luire than regular aU
vi'rlln'ini'ins. Jon I'liisi'iMoof I'verykiml Inplalnand Knn
ry ciiIm-n; llauil-btllia, maiiki, lards I'miiphlota,
iVe ut' every turifty and Htvlfi, printed ut tlie
:dioHit ni'tli e. Tim IlKPrnr.u'AN Ofkii-b linn
Just iK'i'ii re-titteil, nud eveiy tiling in the Print.
lux line i'n'1 lie exut ilti'it In the nioht artintl
mainit run,! nt the luwi st lutei.
ITS A.o iti:i:it
Judy's atlvico to unmarried ladies
with independent resources ia hus
band them.
Tub Ditchers do Chart es has added
a boy baby to tho New Orleans fami
ly. The N. Y. Ca-dte ealls the Blaok
Crook, tho "bent" of tho play-going
public. ,
Osf, of tho most disagrecablo ways
of women to weight two hundred.
Crukl scandal, says that Jenny
Lind has a stewkh temper.
Lola Moxtez's daughter is com
ing out in l'aris ns nu actress.
"The pleasuro of Chaso" trying
Jell'. Davis. ,
There arc but threo manufactories
of wire rope in tho United States,
Josh Billings says first class vir
tue is ulwnys anxious to avoid temp
tation. Why is a woman who lias lost her
lover like a whale? Beeauso she is a
Bccreler of sighs, ' .
The obstructions at Hell G'ate seem
to negative Virgil's assertion Facilia
ilcsccitsua mrrni.
BitifntAM Youxo'a saiu(s want a
charier for a Masonio Lodge, but they
can't get it. (bind.
Over 5,000 different articles of
common ihc nro manufactured from"
the basket willow. . ..
A youno woman threw i herself
from the top of the column in the
L'laeo Veniltiiiic the other day. ,
A Nevada man recently gotdrnnk,
killed a friend and was hung by Judgo
Lynch, all within six hours.
One manufactory in Lynn. . made
and sold thirty thousand puirs of base
ball shoes this year.
A Wisconsin woman has a beard
two inches long, while her husband
has not a hair on his head. '
A max was arrested in Roino with
a pistol in his pocket, and immediate
ly it was supposed ho intended to as
sassinate the l'opc.
Weston says ho is walking for
money to pay off his debts. Ho is not
the lirst man who has taken to his legs
to escape his creditors.
A New Orleans gentleman offers
a reward for a physician who will ne
knowledgo that ho has lost more than
half a dozen patients during tho epi
demic. The oldest newspaper in tho world
is published in l'ekin, China. It is
printed on silk aud has appeared every
week for at least one thousand years.
1'nrN'CE Humbert has gono to
Munich to propose to Archduchess So
phia, who was the other day engaged
to tho King of Bavaria. Rather a
poor show for tlio Prince j to bo too
late, is dcitli sometimes.
Cincinnati can no longer depend
upon tho Ohio river for commercial
purposes. So a committee reporta to
the Chamber of Cem'.neroc, and urges
a raihoadj South to supply the defi
ciency. A Coroner's jury, after investiga
ting tho death of a child in Buffalo,
brought in a verdict of "death from
the injudicious administration of Win-
slow's Soothing tyrup, which caused
convulsions anil congestion oi the
The only way to form the habit of
early rising is to jump out of bed the
moment you awake, lhc man who
hesitate? when called, ia lost. Tho
mind should be r.iado up in a minute,
for early rising is one of those subjects
that admit of'no tvA-nirg ora
Ayouno lady went out with a
rather timid beau sleighing one even
ing, complacently remarking tarhim
that she seldom wont out slcrging but
she got chaps ou tho lips The young
man took tho hint aud chapped.
Tug word "kaleidoocono" is derived
from the Greek lancuatre. and sisni-
fies "the sight of a beautiful form."
The in;trumcu was invented by Dr.
Brewster, ofEdinburg, not many years
ago. CASir.r.vnr, a town of Campania
endured 3ueh extreme famino during;
its siege by Hannibal, that a mouse, it
is saiJ. sold ibr two hundred denarii -
thirty dollars of our money.
What brought you to prison, my
colored friend ? asked asyiopathising
gentleman of an unfortunate darkey.
"Two con.-;table8, sah," replied Sambo.
"Yes, but I mean, bad intemperance)
anything to do with it?" - "Yes, tab,
dey was bofe of 'em drunk."
A PrvrsFEiLD nastor astonished his
audience last Sunday by remarking
that most of his people wero asleep
part of them in tlie house of God, and
the rest at homo. . ..
Corn sells for 25 cents a bushel in
TI. TL Or. A FT.rN &. Co.. of New
York, during 1866 sold $73,000,000
of dry good tho largest year's busi
ness of any wholesale house in the
world. The firm consists of Mr.
Claflin and E. E. Eames and E. W.
Niw Jebsey marshes, which were almost
worthless a fow yean ago, now sell Cor f 1, 000
an acre lot cranberry purposes.