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    Directions: Family members should answer these questions separately. Then compare answers. The
similarities and differences that turn up can spark a discussion of family attitudes and practices.
1. If you received $5,000 tax-free, what would you do with it?
2. Rank the following activities, using 1 to indicate what you would enjoy doing most and 6 to indi
cate what you would enjoy doing least.
an evening at home with the family
a night on the town
a few extra hours on the job
involvement in physical activity
spending time with friends
some quiet time to myself
3. If you had to make a major cut in your current spending, what area would you cut first?
4. Do you agree (A) or disagree (D) with the following statements?
5. I’d like to see us spend less money on
and see more dollars go for
6. What money problem is the most frequent cause of argument?
7. What was the most sensible thing you’ve done with money since marriage?
8. Do you know the dollar figures that go in the following blanks?
Family take-home income $
Rent or mortgage payment $
Money spent on food each month $
Monthly car payment $
9. Buying on credit is:
fraction Field & Road
13.6x28 6 ply $190.00
18.4x30 6 ply $340.00
18.4x38 6 ply $350.00
20.8 x3B 8 ply $490.00
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Talk About Money Worksheet
I’m basically too tight with money.
My spouse is basically too tight with money.
Equality in family decisionmaking is important to me.
I feel good about the way financial decisions are made in my family,
Sometimes I buy things I don’t need just because they’re on sale.
I believe in enjoying today and letting tomorrow worry about itself.
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Firestone All fraction 23°
18.4R34 1 ★ $540.00
20.8R38 1 ★ $725.00
20.8R38 2 ★ $875.00
20.8R42 2 ★ $BBO.OO
Firestone Radial 23°
18.4R34 1 * $500.00
18.4R38 1 * $505.00
20.8R38 1 ★ $650.00
18.4R42 2 * $645.00
Talking About Money
John Berry,
Agricultural Marketing Agent
Penn State Cooperative
Lehigh County
Money is a common problem
for a family, regardless of
income, age and education of
family members. Sometimes a
lack of income to meet basic
needs causes the money hassle.
But, more often, inadequate
communication about money is
the root of financial problems.
While family members have
different values and attitudes
toward spending and saving
money, or when families strive
for unrealistic goals, there is a
potential for conflict. When
family members do not “talk
things out,” even the best spend
ing plan may not work.
Communication among
family members is not always
the easiest thing to do, but it is
important if you want to get the
most satisfaction from financial
resources. Generally, the more
open the communication about
family finances, the better the
quality of those decisions.
Communication Guidelines
Preventing and overcoming
money problems takes honest
and candid communication. It
also takes time and effort. Be
willing to arrange a specific time
when all family members can
talk about money. Meet on a
regular basis instead of waiting
until problems occur. Choose a
location where you will not be
Here are some suggestions for
increasing the quality of com
munication about money mat
ters in your family:
• Recognize that whoever
earns the money does not also
earn the right to dictate how it
should be spent. Family mem
bers, including children old
enough to understand, need to
make decisions about money as
a team. Allow everyone to have
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, July 1, 2000-A27
input in financial decisions.
Family members will be more
satisfied with decisions if they
helped to make them.
• Clearly identify the issue at
hand. Do not drag other points
into the discussion that do not
address the problem, concern, or
dissatisfaction. Is the problem
one of spending too much
money, spending it at the wrong
time, or spending it on some
thing you consider unnecessary
or unimportant?
• Let each family member
freely state his or her wants,
needs, and personal feelings.
Avoid judging or criticizing
others. Encourage communica
tion beginning with “I think” or
“I feel.” Talk about the present.
Avoid phrases such as “you
always” and “you never.”-
• Listen carefully to the other
person. Respond to statements
by others with some indication
that you understand. Or ask
questions until you do under
• Be willing to compromise
and negotiate for a realistic set
tlement of differences. In many
cases, family members must
compromise. Making a contract
or written agreement may help
avoid misunderstandings.
Meet on a regularly scheduled
time, and limit to 30-40 minutes.
Values Affect Decisions
Begin communicating about
money by identifying personal
values. Values represent those
qualities, situations, and mate
rial things an individual cher
ishes most.
Values are a product of your
past experiences, present situa
tion, and expectations for the
Some values and attitudes
toward money can be traced to
childhood. What were your par
ents’ attitudes toward money,
use of credit, or “keeping up
with the Joneses?” Was money
a constant point of conflict or
Milk houses,
manger liners,
non woven
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