Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, April 15, 2000, Image 57

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My husband is out and about
again. He dug 60 holes to replace
some asparagus plants. Then he dug
10 big holes for blueberry bushes. He
also sprayed all of our fruit trees.
1 have planted the garden and car
ried the rocking chairs from the base
ment to the front porch. And, I’ve
cleaned the large play area in the
basement in anticipation of several
families coming to visit at the same
There is something waiting for the
grandchildren. Our spare bed is cov
ered with stuffed toys and dolls. Their
former owners have outgrown them
and so the younger grandchildren
will have an opportunity to enjoy
them In addition to outgrowing
them, the family is planning to move
from Virginia to Delaware. Our chil-
USDA Proposes Fee Increase For Plant
USDA proposes to increase the
Plant Variety Protection Office’s
fees for plant variety protection
Kathleen Merrigan, adminis
trator of USDA’s Agricultural
Marketing Service, said, “The
fee increase will affect all appli
cants for Plant Variety
Protection Certificates. The fee
increase is necessary to reduce
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dren do not seem to dread moving as
much as I would
We had a different experience the
other Saturday night. We were invited
to go bowling. This is something that
we had not done for many years. The
place we went to was very different
from the smoke-filled one when I
bowled many years ago. At that time,
I was the only woman in the place.
This time we had six small chil
dren along with us. They ranged in
age from three to nine years old
Some of them carried the heavy ball
to the line and dropped it Others lay
it down carefully and then gave it a
push. One little fellow seemed to
have a knack for bowling and got a
higher score then we adults. Times
surely do change!
operating losses and maintain
the fiscal stability of this impor
tant program.”
Major factors contributing to
the need for the fee changes
include increased employee
salaries and supply costs.
Current fees have been in effect
since 1995.
The proposal will raise the
application fee from $3OO to
$320, the search fee from $2,150
The monthly meeting of Pro
gressive Clovers 4-H Club was
held on March 13 at 7:30 p.m. at
the Baust Parrish House.
After the club was called to
order by President Brett Haines,
club members and guests were
recognized. One guest attended
the meeting, which was Eliza
beth Davis.
Matt Carman, Amy Ridinger,
Jason Ridinger, and Kevin Rid
inger were all recognized for at
tending the county
demonstration day. The club
also announced that 4-H
Achievement Night will be held
on March 18.
Upcoming dates the club an
nounced included April 14:
Wills Fair sign-up deadline,
May 20: Wills Fair, May 21:
Market sheep, swine, and goat
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Progressive Clovers Club
to $2,385, and the issuance fee
from $3OO to ‘s32o. It will also
increase the fees for reviving an
abandoned application, or cor
rection or re-issuance of a cer
tificate, from $3OO to $320. The
charge for granting an extension
for responding to a request will
increase from $5O to $55. The
hourly charge for any other ser
vice not specified will increase
from $6O to $66.
tagging. The next meeting tor
the club will be held on Monday,
April 10, at 7:30 p.m. at the
Baust Parrish House in Tyrone,
If you would like more infor
mation, call Sylvia Miller at 410-
751-5299 in Taneytown or the
Carroll County 4-H office at
Deckertown Community Club
The Deckertown Community
Club recently held its April
During the meeting, the club
discussed SPCA animal shelter
and learned about parliamen
tary procedure.
The club also decided to have
a bike hike at the Lackwanna
State Park. The club will bike or
hike in the morning and have a
picnic in the park afterwards.
The club members also dis
The fee increase proposal was
scheduled to be published in the
Federal Register on March 15.
Comments should be received no
later than April 14, and should
be sent to Ann Marie Thro,
Commissioner, Plant Variety
Protection Office, Rm. 500
N.A.L. Building, 10301
Baltimore Blvd., Beltsville, MD
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, April 15, 2000-B9
cussed their flower planting
project at Baily Apartments.
After the April meeting ad
journed, club members pre
sented their demonstrations.
Anna Chichura did a demon
stration on pysanky Easter eggs.
Brandon Loch did a presenta
tion on how to separate hydro
gen and oxygen molecules in
water using electricity. Timothy
Potter explained how to take
and pack a backpack for a two
day hiking and camping trip.
Nancy Acker and Kayla Fuller
did a demonstration on making
a banana split. Afterwards, club
members enjoyed tasting the
banana splits.
The meeting concluded with
an Easter egg hunt.
Penn State Cooperative Ex
tension is offering a two-hour
food safety and sanitation train
ing for 4-H food handlers on
June 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 12
p.m. at the Allied Services Com
munity Room, off of Rtc. 307 in
Scranton. The program includes
discussion on safe food prepara
tion, cooking temperatures,
handwashing techniques, and
cross contamination.
Approximately 76 million
people suffer from foodborne
illnesses each year. Of those,
325,000 require hospitalization,
and 5,000 die. These unfor
tunate incidents were the result
of poor food handling.
Many of us are involved in
handling food at various 4-H
functions. No matter what kind
of food we arc working with, we
all need to know and practice
safe food handling techniques to
prevent foodborne illness.
Registration, coffee, and net
working begins at 9:30 a.m. The
program runs from 10 a.m. to 12
/ 10.5 Amps
of Cleaning Power.
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Food Safety Training