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    Bull Stud President Gives
(Contlnwd from Pago Al) with regulatory people,” Hileman
, said. “I am a long way from the
cows every day. Hileman said, Chesapeake Bay. but years ago, I
so I spend my time managing la- had the Soi , Conservation Service
bor and capital. draw up a plan for our farms based
The Hilemans are especially on tbe ru ) es regulations that
cognitive of the importance of a were set forth , Actually> it - s a .
good labor force and work dili- plan we can easily , ive with
gently to provide good working “ It - S a lot
of common sense,
conditions and satisfied personnel. We don - t spread
manure all winter
They are not afraid to be creative. on a flve acre field next t 0 the
That s why they now milk the barn and beside a stream Evi .
noon/midmght shifts. The em- dent , y some people do this but
p oyees actually work a little less we so j] test every year an d we
time and they have their evenings haul the manure far away where
Tee ' the nutrients are needed.”
My management style is to Hileman , ikes to farm He
give the workers their duties and likes t 0 be his own boss
let them decide how to accomplish farm has
been good to him over
the tasks, Hileman said. “They the years
may not do it exactly like I would “Farming has paid a lot of bills
do it, but if the end result is satis- over the years ;’ H ileman said. “1
factory, I m satisfied. bave spent a ] ot 0 f t j me at , t j
Three of the employees do not don’t know if I would have put as
have a farm background. much time into some other busi-
Hileman is very optimistic ne ss, but j can > t see myse |f doing
about the dairy industry. Along anything else. There are no se
with the superior genetics that crets j was b , essed with good
have been bred into today’s cows, management skills and I regog
he sees the new milk promotion nized this early in life
efforts as very positive. Such “ It ’ s easy to overextend your
thmgs as flavored milk and pack- self there is a lot of
aging milk in containers that are money out there that can be bor
more convenient tor a fast paced rowed, feed costs are especially
world cause Hileman to believe important t 0 watch> and o ver capi
we can sell more milk. In addi- ta lization of machinery will crip
tion, developing countries are , e you financia i ly . We „
willing to spend more for food so b]essed jn this area with d cus .
this will help with the export tQm operators that get the plant .
business too. fog and h a rve S ting done, and this
•Demand will increase and that he , us t 0 save on our invest .
will help the price to increase ment m e m ent.”
Hileman said. We are on the As fm the er that took At
threshold of being able to take ad- lantic Breeders cooperatlve under
vantage of the growing export thfe umbre „ a of CRI Hlleman
market. New Zealand does a good says e ff ic i enc j es f or members arc
job, but they are a very small already evidenl
country. The potential for us to -< Whcn ou merge, it boils
get a lot better is there and the down [0 pc le .,y ou hate to losc
technology is now available to good peop , e but you just don < t
help us take advantage of eftic.en- need as many Qn lhe staff in lhe
cies ' ... . merged cooperative. Obviously
In dealing with the environ- thjs js Qne of the major
ment and neighbors, Hlleman be- wc sec from the merger Wc also
heves m common sense. were ab , e to lnsurance
“The farmer should not put costs And Wlth the information
himself in an adversary position technologyj
we were able to re-
ary. >pi
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Thoughts On
place many computers with one or
two at CRI headquarters.
“One of the things that has
bothered me is that agriculture co
operatives in the Northeast do not
have a history of cooperation. I
would love to see more of this
cooperation take place. I belong to
a breeding cooperative, Genex,
that provides excellent genetics
and services for dairymen to |preed
cows that are competitive, profi
cient, and long lasting. This helps
the dairymen compete with neigh
bors at home and around the
“I also am a member of a
DHIA cooperative that helps me
manage my farm and provides the
information USDA uses to pro
vide bull proofs for my other co
“And I am a member of an
animal identification organization
that happens to be the Pennsylva
nia Holstein Association, but it
could be any of the other breed or
“So I am a member of three
cooperatives that provide services
and information that by necessity
are dependent on each other.
Wouldn’t it be nice if all three ot
these type organizations came to
gether under one umbrella so I
didn’t have to pay three member
ship fees.
“If you really want to dream,
we could throw in a milk market
ing cooperative and a few farm
credit associations and really real
ize efficiencies.
“Actually, the greatest obstacle
to this cooperation is found much
more in the board rooms than in
the’s understand
able that people who have a life-
• E«t.
Future Of Dairy Industry
time experience with these organi
zations want to perpetuate what
they or their fathers have helped to
start. But it’s a fine line between
doing what is best for the coopera
tive and what is best for the
members. Take Atlantic Breeders
for example. We all liked the
beautiful headquarters along Route
283 in Lancaster. And if we would
have done what was best for the
cooperative,we would have tried to
preserve the organization for a
while longer. But for the good of
the members we chose to let At
lantic Breeders die so the members
could continue to survive.
“For those who say the local
membership -has lost voting
EO. 4 April Milk $14.27
ALEXANDRIA, Va. Middle er receipts totaled 567.9 million
Atlantic Order Acting Market pounds during April, a decrease
Administrator David Z. Walker of 29.5 million pounds from last
today announced an April 1998 April and the average daily
weighted average milk price of delivery of 4,135 pounds per pr 0514.27
$14.27 per hundredweight. ducer increased 426 pounds or
The weighted average differ- 11.5 percent from a year earlier,
ential price as $2.33 per hun- A total of 4,579 producers
dredweight and the producer supplied Order 4 handlers dur
nonfat milk solids (NFMS) price ing the month, a decrease of 790
was 77 cents per pound. from a year ago.
The weighted average price Class I producer milk totaled
was down 11 cents from March 219.3 million pounds and was
but was 71 cents higher than a down 32.5 million pounds, or
year earlier. The producer 12.9 percent from last April.
NFMS price was down 12 cents Class I milk accounted for 38.61
from last April. percent of total producer milk
The nonfat milk solids price, receipts during the month, corn
applicable to handler payments, pared with 42 15 percent in
was 77.27 cents per pound for April 1997
the month, down 12.23 cents The average NFMS test of
from last year. The gross value producer milk was 8.70 percent,
of April producer milk, adjusted down from 8.71 percent the pre
to 3.5 percent butterfat was vious year The average butter
sBo.s million, compared to $80.6 fat test of producer milk was
million a year ago 3.66 percent, up from 3 62 per-
Mr. Walker said that produc- cent in April 1997
4 M/hoL£ A/f
Starting j
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vour crop residue auger unloading.
management system gB5 bus hel capacities
Sizes 4 to 16 rows.
Lancaster fanning, Saturday, June 6, 1998-A37
power, this is a perception that
isn’t a fact. In Atlantic, for exam
ple we had one director represent
ing 500 members. In Gencx, we
have one voting delegate for every
100 members The ultimate power
is with the delegates so members
actually have more representation
than they did before the merger.
“I am very optimistic about the
future of the dairy business. We
can’t do much to change the price
of milk. But there is a lot of
things we can control. We can
take advantage of the technology,
the information that will help us
think and plan ahead with antici
pation 10 years into the future.