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    Make Each Anniversary Count
Although in the 1990 s April and
October have become popular
wedding months, June is still a
favorite time for couples to
exchange vows. This means that
June is also a time when many cou
ples celebrate anniversaries.
Most couples are married fewer
than SO years. Consequently, it’s
important to make each of these SO
celebrations count And consider
ing the current divorce rate—l.l
million divorces annually—each
of us who is happily married cer
tainly has reason to celebrate.
Dr. Thomas Lee, Utah State
University, says, “Many couples
will not have all of the (marriage
success) factors in their favor and
will still have successful mar
riages. Some with the odds in their
favor will fail nevertheless. Part of
the difference lies in the extent to
which couples take care of their
One way to take care of your
marriage is to make your anniver
sary celebration a special, person
alized one. This past year my hus
band and 1 really enjoyed our
anniversary. I sent him on a “trea
sure hunt” to spots around the
community that held significance
to us as a couple—the place of our
first date, where he proposed to
me, etc. We ended the evening
with a gourmet dinner at home. I
had a lot of fun reminiscing as I
planned it, and fortunately, he had
fun during the evening activities.
Each year we also restate our vows
to one another. To me, they get
more meaningful each time we say
them because we think back on the
joys and sorrows that we have
shared during the year.
If you’re looking for a way to
make this year’s anniversary spe
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cial, or if you just want to remind
your spouse of your love, here are
some ideas from Dr. Glen Jenson,
family life specialist at Utah State
Jenson suggests:
• Take a vacation to the place of
your courtship or early years of
marriage. Go to a restaurant that
you frequented during your
• Spend a few hours looking
through your wedding album or
watching your ceremony video.
Play music that reminds you of
your early years of marriage.
Replay the song that you danced to
(xi your wedding day, and invite
each other to dance again.
• Reaffirm old vows or write
new ones that have to do wijji the
challenges ahead. Reflect on the
year. What positive things hap
pened in your marriage? What not
so-positive things happened that
you can leant from?
• Arrange to take your anniver
sary day off from work. Isn’t it as
important as any national or state
• Together do something entire
ly new and different. Why wait
until mid-life or retirement to do
something crazy? Create a mem
ory today.
Research reveals that couples
who talk with each other often, are
sensitive to each other’s feelings,
and use non-verbal communica
tion will tend to maintain strong,
satisfying marriages. Your
anniversary is a great time to rein
force some of these habits.
And the exciting thing about
taking time to celebrate your mar
riage and keep it strong is that you
set a wonderful example for the
children in your home. Studies
show that if a couple’s parents are
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Dairy Baby Is Their First Child
Shalanna Neufeld popped Into the world at 12:22 a.m. 01 jne 1, earning her the title
June Dairy Baby and a basketful of dairy products tor her parents, Philip and Elizabeth
Neufeld of Akron. The 7-pound 10-ounce girl Is the first child of the Neufelds. Tradi
tionally, the Lancaster County Dairy Promotion Committee presents the goodies to
the first baby bom in the county and hands out H l love milk” T-shirts to every baby
born at the county hospitals during June Dairy Month. Lancaster County Dairy Prin
cess Amy Espenshade made the presentation.
Geissinger Named
Outstanding Ag Student
Dan Geissinger, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Geissinger, of Mifflin
town, was recently named winner
of the 1995 Dekalb Agricultural
Accomplishment Award.
The award, sponsored nation
wide by Dekalb Genetics Cor
poration, is presented to the out
standing senior agriculture student
happily married, the younger cou
ple is more likely to be happily
married and less likely to divorce.
By taking care of your marriage,
you’re giving a gift to your spouse
AND your children.
M'.* Jt- o'i
*- \
demonstrating superior scholar
ship, leader and supervised agri
cultural program.
Dan was graduated from Juni
ata High School, where he served
as vice president and secretary of
the FFA chapter. He has received
the Star Greenhand, Star Chapter,
Keystone degrees.
His agricultural program con
sists of registered Holsteins and
grain drying. Following gradua
tion, Dan plans to be the owner/
operator of a custom grain drying
As this year’s winner, Dan re
ceives a pin and certificate, and
his name will be inscribed on a
special plaque displayed in the ag
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