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    828-Lancuter Farming, Friday, January 6, 1995
Horse Shoeing
Demonstration Set
CO.) A three-man team is
scheduled to present a 90-minute
demonstration on draft horse shoe
ing at the Pennsylvania Farm
Show on Wednesday, January 11.
Mike Wharton of York County,
along with Bob Davis and Stephen
Keeney from North Carolina,
make up the team. The trio will set
up a forge, anvil and hand tools
about 4:15 in the Large Arena.
“Hand-made draft shoeing is
just making a come back,” accord
ing to Wharton, “and that’s what
we’re trying to promote. We are
also interested in promoting good
shoeing technique, and possibly
putting together a program for
competition in the future
Md. Vegetable
Meeting |
Md. The 22nd An
nual Central Maryland
Vegetable Growers
Meeting will be held
Friday, January 27, at
Friendly Farm Restau
rant, Foreston Road,
Baltimore County
Commercial exhibits
have become a popular
feature of this meeting,
and at least 20 agribusi
ness firms are expected
to attend. The exhibit
area will be open at 8:30
a.m. when coffee and
donuts will be served.
The program will be
gin at 10 a.m. with a dis
cussion on “Marketing
Tips for Tailgaters,” by
Tony Evans, Maryland
Department of Agricul
ture. Dr. Edward Beste,
University of Maryland
weed specialist, will fol
low at 10:30 a.m., ad
dressing “What’s New
in Weed Control.” At 11
a.m., a guest speaker
from Rutgers Research
and Development Cen
ter in New Jersey, Dr.
Stephen Johnston will
give an update on vege
table disease problems.
The final speaker in
the morning at 11:30
a.m. will be Jerry Fisch
er from the Central
Maryland Beekeepers
Association, whose top
ic will be “Will We
Have Enough Bees in
Lunch will be served
at 12:15 p.m. featuring
all-you-can-eat chicken
and roast beef. Lunch
eon tickets are $7 each
and may be purchased
from the Baltimore
County Extension Of
fice. (410) 666-1022.
Following lunch. Dr.
Franklin Schales, Uni
versity of Maryland Ve
getable Specialist, will
discuss “Crowing
Transplants in the
Greenhouse.” James
Linduska will follow at
2 p.m. with the topic
“Coping With Insects in
Our Major Crops.”
The final speaker of
the day will be Mary El
len Setting. Maryland
His team includes a fireman,
striker, and floorman. The shoes
arc actually made by the fireman,
who turns the shoe and the striker
who uses a 12-pound hammer. The
floorman prepares the horse’s hoof
and nails the shoe on. A draft horse
shoe is substantially larger than that
of an average horse, according to
Wharton. It measures about 18
inches in length, from 3/8 to 1/2
inch thick and 1-1/4 inches wide.
The team has received training
from six-time world champion
Grant Moon from the Isle of Man,
British Isles in the Irish Sea. They
placed third out of 15 teams at
their first competition in Boston
recently, which was based on time
and quality of work.
f gfc.C.BE7>
Everyone’s singing the praises
of the new Harmony 5 Milker Unit
It’s no wonder the Harmony® Milker Unit is
getting such rave reviews.
The larger, 12 mm milk tube allows
superior milk flow to the claw.
Which means faster milkout for you,
Its special, puncture-resistant liner
design, along with an exceptionally
stable vacuum, virtually eliminates
teat wash. Which means your herd
will be healthier.
Its lightweight design can result in
less slips and fall-offs. Which means
it’s easier for you to use.
The Grow
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and big equipment,” she says,
“and there was just nothing out
there. As farm areas are getting
smaller over the years I feel it is
important to show children where
food really comes from,” she adds.
“But, the tractors and large equip
ment make the subject more inter
esting for kids!”
With support from her accoun
tant husband, Bruce, Mrs.
Schindler began making contacts.
She found child narrators, Adam
and Rachel Sincell through a con
sultant, Glenn Tolbert. She found
cooperation from John Deere
(who helped her with the technical
terms and supplied footage), Giant
Foods Bakery (where footage was
shot) and especially Donald Lippy
and his family on the Lippy Broth
ers Farms in Carroll and Baltimore
counties, Maryland, where the
At The PA FARM SHOW Main Floor
farm scenes were recorded. Mrs.
Schindler hired free-lance photog
raphers and the filming began in
early April 1994.
By November of 1994 the film
ing was complete. Mrs. Schindler
says she worked under the super
vision of The American Farm
Bureau and The National Corn
Growers Association. She consult
ed with Farm Safety 4 Just Kids
throughout the filming to make
sure the tape conformed to safety
“I think we made all the right
contacts,” said Mrs. Schindler
who says she did not allow chil
dren to be filmed on farm equip
ment or to do anything that might
be construed as dangerous. “I
wanted it to be done very profes
sionally.” When Maryland Ag in
the Classrooms viewed the tape
they promptly ordered 100 copies
for use in the classrooms.
And its patented, top-unloading design not only
transfers milk to the pipeline quicker, it does so
while keeping milk proteins intact.
Which means you can get better
quality milk.
With all these unique features
working together, the Harmony
Milker Unit can be instrumental to
increasing your profits. So call
1-800-365-1883 or your nearest
independent Alfa Laval Agri™ dealer
to learn more. And who knows?
You just might break into song.
A Vermont fulfillment compa-
ny is handling wholesale, retail,
and packaging and is distributing
her video with the help of a 1-800
Mrs. Schindler says they have
already sold “hundreds” of copies
of the video and she is pleased
with how it is doing. “When I
looked at a statement from Ver
mont with the recent sales figures,
I was surprised,” she says. “My
whole goal was to educate city
kids about farming,” she says,
“But more orders are from rural
areas than metropolitan areas!”
“Our video is done entirely
from a child’s point of view,” Mrs.
Schindler says. But it is obvious to
the viewer that the film, ‘Tractors,
Combines and Things On The
Grow” is not just for kids! To
order the video, which is approxi
mately 30 minutes in length, and
retails at $19.95, interested per
sons or businesses may call 1-800-
“Contact Your Local
Independent Alfa
Laval Agri Dealer
'/f For More Information”
J.B. Zimmerman
& Sons, Inc.
P.O. Box 337,
Lancaster County
Blue Ball. PA 17506
Erb and Henry
Equipment, Inc.
22-26 Henry Avenue
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Peoples Sales
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H.B. Duvall, Inc.
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Out Of State: 800-423-4032