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    Can Ethical Behavior Compete With Prize Money?
NEWARK, Del. An incident
that occurred during state fair sea
son has put the spotlight on the
kind of behavior that gives com
petition a bad name. At a junior
livestock show in the midwest, the
grand champion was tampered
with to make it show better. The
deception was uncovered by the
meat inspector at the processing
plant It didn’t happen in Dela
ware, but according to Jay Sparks,
state 4-H coordinator at the uni
versity of Delaware, the potential
for this kind of abuse exists no
matter where you live.
“Anyone who works with child
ren 4-H leaders, teachers,
coaches and parents has to be
vigilant to make sure these unethi
cal practices don’t occur.” says
Sparks. “It’s up to us to instill in
youngsters the importance of
playing by the rules, and of being
good losers as well as good win
ners. Kids should be reminded to
offer the winner a friendly hand
shake to acknowledge the
Adults have a responsibility to
encourage fair play among chil
dren, Sparks adds: 'Too often
deceptive practices at competi
tions require the involvement and
expertise of misguided adults.
Make clear that a winning-at-all
cost attitude hurts everyone and
obscures the real reason for the
competition fun and a great
learning experience.”
Her advice to leaders is to
express directly that you expect
ethical behavior and that recogni-
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tion comes in ways other than first
“Recognition, not winning, is
the key to giving a child the best
experience,” Sparks maintains.
“Whatever the outcome, young
sters who try to the best of their
ability and who complete the pro
jects they start have achieved as
much as the first-prize recipient.”
Rewards come in many forms.
N.Y. Cheese Promoted At New Jersey Show
EDISON, N.J. Pounds and
pounds of New York state cheese
revealed to buyers, the secret that
experts have know all along: New
York state cheeses rival the best of
Wisconsin, Vermont and Europe.
In cooperation with New York
State Cheese Manufacturer’s As
sociation, ADADC displayed a
variety of cheese delicacies in a
tailgating atmosphere to the at
tendees of the Easton Dairy Deli
Out of 1,000 exhibitors at the Eastern Dairy Deli Asso
ciation trade show, ADADC was one of three finalists In
“Best Booth Presentation” and "Best Packaging” categor
I Make your investment count: I
not just the blue ribbon and prize
money that too many people have
come to believe are the reasons for
a project. Sparks notes. A warm
smile, a pat on the back, a kind
word of encouragement or a writ
ten note expressing pride in the
child’s accomplishments are the
true rewards of competition.
In Delaware, 4-H’ers ace
encouraged in positive competi
Association trade show in Edison,
New Jersey.
The theme, “From Tailgating to
Elegant Entertaining with
Cheese” was emphasized through
special recipes prepared by a cul
inary arts school professor. From
fresh mozzarella, to miniature cal
zones, to cheese and raspberry
blintzes and an ethnic delight, tira
misu, there was no mistaking the
quality of New York State cheese.
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tion both on an individual basis
and as teams. For example, in
New Castle County horse clubs,
the individual is challenged to
reach structured levels of perfor
mance for which youngsters set
their own goals. In regional and
state team bowl contests, teens are
encouraged to use their collective
knowledge and skills to compete.
“Following the rules has its
In tnal after tnal, Promise has lived up to
its name, producing added tonnage over check
vaneties, with many stands lasting into the fifth
year. And Promise demonstrates high resistance
to the Northeast’s most common alfalfa diseases
With high yields, high disease resistance
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any better choices That’s our Promise l
Lancaster Farming, Friday, January 6,1995-821
own rewards. We have to teach
children by defining what’s
expected in competition and by
being good role models
ourselves,” Sparks says. “The best
thing adults can do for youngsters
is to encourage them to set goals,
to complete projects, to aim for
higher levels of competence and
to strive for a personal best.”