Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, October 22, 1994, Image 37

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    What a rude awakening.
“Be aware if you’re on your
way to work,” said the perky
announcer’s voice on the radio,”
that there are spots of ice on roads
at higher elevations.”
Half-awake from the clock
radio, the sky still midnight-black
outside the bedroom window, I
snuggled deeper into the electric
blanket and pondered just how
cold it was.
In contrast to the cozy down
stairs woodstove warmth, the ther
mometer on the lack porch regis
tered a brisk 35-degrees. Down in
the colder area of the meadow,
breaking daylight showed a frosty
coating on the big, round hay bales
lined up there.
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Halfway through my toasted
English muffin came the second
mental jolt of the morning.
Antifreeze, noted the television
news reporter, is already in short
supply, selling for as much as 80-
percent over last year's prices as
people hurry to stock up.
Noooooo! I wanted to protest.
But, like it or not, facts are facts: it
was time to winterize.
Encouraged by the gorgeous,
sunny—and wanner —afternoon,
I took the first reluctant step
toward “winterizing”. Lowering
the storm window. Which means
washing windows.
Cleaning the windows of our
century-plus old farmhouse
required the single-minded deter-
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mination of a charging bull and
the balance and flexibility of an
acrobat. Bulk of the job can actu
ally be accomplished easily in an
afternoon. It’s my attitude adjust
ment about it that takes longer.
Years ago, we insulated our
old, multi-paned, wavy-glass win
dows by in installing triple-track
type storm windows. Their layers
of glass and screens are designed
for easy removal for cleaning at
some handy place, like the kitchen
sink. But, due to where some of
those windows are located, the
layers can’t foe taken out; thus it is
our window washer that ends op
in the kitchen sink.
Just behind the sink is my pri
mary “window on the world,”
from which much of the farm is
visible. Because the window sill
lies several inches below the
counter’s splash back, none of the
storm windows can be removed
for cleaning. So, the glass and
screen panels have to be raised
and lowered a couple of times to
reach all the inside and outside
surfaces of three separate layers
of window.
And the only way to do that
particular window one is by stand
ing—literally—in my sink.
Even more challenging is the
window directly behind the stove.
While the outside panes of the
“sink” window are accessible
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 22, 1994-B5
from the back porch, the outside,
upper glass layers of the “stove”
window are nearly 20 feet above
ground, accessible only with the
aluminum extension ladder. The
insides of that window, however,
can be easily reached. Just by
kneeling on the stove burners.
Preferably not while something is
It always takes about two win
dows before I get the proper rou
tine of raising and lowering sec
tions to reach the most glass with
the fewest trips inside, outside, up
and down the ladder. After all
that, washing the other half-dozen
windows on the main floor are a
In the process, I find and
remove several dozen spider
Raising Responsible Teens
BROOKVILLE (Clearfield
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Responsible Teens 1994: The
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This national video conference on
talking with teens will be down
linked on Wednesday, October 26,
from 8:30 to 10;00pm. Location
will be the Quiet Lounge of the
Hiller Building, on the Dußois
webs—a few with residents—
dried bits of houseplant leaves,
miscellaneous nuts, bolts, nails,
various decorative items and the
cat’s favorite superball.
Every fall I dread it. And,
every fall I’m equally pleased
with myself over the results of
window “winterizing.” Clear,
clean glass has replaced the dusty
screens, making the beauty of the
October landscape outside even
more brilliant. And smack in the
middle of my now-clean “win
dow on the world” is a trio of
squirrels, hogging sunflower seed
from the feeder I’d filled while
returning the extension ladder.
Wonder if these furry-tailed
little beggars could be trained to
wash windows?
Campus of Penn State.
“The Communication Connec
tion” will focus on talking with
teens openly and honestly about
the problems they face and, most
importantly, what they want from
the adults in their lives.
The intent of this video confer
ence is to provide an opportunity
for parents and other youth-serv
ing personnel to discuss with
teenagers the issues that teens are
confronting every day. The pro
gram will be moderated by a teen
and will feature panels of
teenagers from Wisconsih,
Colorado, and New York. The
panels will talk to viewers and
answer their questions.
This broadcast will feature
teens talking about the things
they need from parents and
adults, and is intended to help
adults better understand the chal
lenges and choices confronting
today’s teens. Primary issues to be
discussed will include communica
tion, dealing with peer pressure,
setting rules and limits and the
importance of emotional support.
To register contact either the
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