Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, December 04, 1993, Image 142

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    This Is Your nnpmrtnfittY Tn Piiwhw Good Hay
Tour Roof With 2 Special Financing Options tf You Blahe To
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Equipment Covered: AH New and Unueed Sertal
Nurrtwed GeN Equipment
Soeeiltedl lleta# - Moat
ThKHJflh Decembers!. 1993
For a timfted time only, a “Special FfttiWcNT
program ts available for the Qehf «<yprnent Sated
below. TTws includes m extra km APR of 3.9% tor
(36) montheand an attomative Waiver of Finance
Charge program described at right
Th« thm* rain Melon thot contribuM to o lorogo bMwor-a A* a guideline, wo recommend Iho following:
noocity or. tlpepaad, how*/ capobllltloo end •vtilobM silo atea HP roqiHrad (Mil Modal
power. Generally opooMni, lor optimum capacity, Mo Mowor wWiUff-Tf hlatiTO ho F 81540
topulno ol Moot one horsepower tor ooch loot the motorlol moot . p
b« Mown. 20’WxlO’ high 90 hp FBISM (540
Por InoMnco, o Mower on o 204ee1-dlomoMr by 10-tool cantor . -KSU'jSS?
11l aIM would raqulio 70-ptuo horsepower, On a id-loot dMmator 25TWXI0 and 100+ hp FBIBN (1000
by »0-Met cantor til oHo you olteuld ban 100-pluo horoopowor. Mghar rpm) In MOCK
Horaopowar require manta can bo reduced with smoother unloading forags boxes and a wider gooseneck at
the lop ol the alio.
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inf an* a#Nto«tMrkii*aal Simply aonna— fraw tv »a«M mi N "•• , !*L Vi “ *•? 5* 1 ■
arWwnwilyMifal ttovar *m h« *m* Hn**) y *y *****
ttM fflatMng aioa to yaw plpa
GEHL 2175 Mower Conditioner
9’3” Cut With New Ticor Long Lasting Intermsshing
Rolls For Faster Drying
Cam# and See!
Just Arrived! New Gehl 3 Pt. Disc Mower
With 6 Spinners In Stock With Cutting Width of 7’10”
RJNKLEMURST “ Tars as* 1,1
BROS. INC. -V (717) 626-4705 §»Ub
Alter n«VI iMlfncr CIU: (717) Ut-OUB (717) (Zt-SISS (717) (98-T7U
l(icUa«l7 Ultv M-7 7UI »»t7UlliSo (n. CUttA ■ Ur4'( Diy
r. j*. w
m a
Come A Seel .
Hyd. Lift Cylinder & Hoses
\ >
Choose the Gehl
blower that’s right
for you.
Wlh ttirM modab «'»'aaay to mtoh a hlgh
capaoty Oahl btaaar to your eparadon. InaMaby
alda laata at a 100* alio. Qahl blowan out
padocmad tha boat tha oompattlon had to altar,
wtth tha Modal ISM) darning out an It' aal
unloading box lul of haytago 1(K taatar than tha
dot Ml ccmpaHUva Wowaf and 25% faatar than
one ol the so called "Madera".
(v . - Qohl't oaeral I* the twin oplnnar daivoiy ayolom
and the Mn-eldad (an. Too 24-lnoh spinners rIM
orour crap Into the blower lan at nearly 35 mph.
1' *• Thera, the twfci-eldsd lan, with paddlee on each
•Ida, blowe tha malarial up the pipe with oass-lfs
almoel Hka getting the potlormanoo ol two blowere
In one.
Qahl blowata aia alao loadad urtth oonvanlanoa
laaturaa you'ta aura to appradata.
lad*, faetor fltlidi ylpa Onaa
you hew toe rt|M angle between yaur
Mewer eufel anl yourylpe, K e eeay to
aNa toe Meaeaya pipe into paaMan.
The OmK. n* We iwrt fn#wn
lia ri|hl Mam Pa ahanyaifta dean
big vpanundtha Mam alii adMga
lartL maamma aakpaianl aw Ma
IMO an« IM| apianal an Ma IMO
O' A
/» itau ot tha awflteW# “Special Financing”
<fw(w nwwo aomf% you imqf cnooaa w wawir
of Finance Char®* prooram adth the fdtowtng ftn#
date and rate achedule;
Sparpening for
Dull knlvaa can oonauma
valuabla hottapcwar, more
fuel and kietaaaa total har- I
vaating time. Qahl knlvaa |
laatura a abort baval, for
greater atrangth at the knife
edge. And with the patented
in-hcad hydraulic knife I
aharpenar the entire baval of tfn
to keep a ahaip adga on the kti
lor raauifadrtg the oulllng adga <
the outtarbar you can be aaaui
overall long-term maMananoe oo
In Stock: All Now Gehl Model
1060 With Latest Factory Updated
(1) At Old Lower Pricing Than
Current Shipments
(2) Tandem Axle For Smoooth Riding
For Better Control Of Spout
Deflector To Get More Material
Into Your Forage Box
(3) Metal Detector Stop Feature
(4) Hyd. Tongue Swing
(5) One Side Shear Bar Adjustment
(6) 7 Foot Hay Pickup and Corn
Head In Stock
Hugh Heavy Duty Cutting Cylinder
With (8) 21” Long Knives
cur no hay fields
Gehl swing-frame mower conditioners are designed to cut your biggest hayfields down to size.
Gobi swing-frames give you the capacity and manueverability of a self-propelled mower
conditioner at a pull-type price. GeM also makes conventional sicklebar models as well as
disc mower conditioners. The swing-frame units offer:
• Full-width conditioning rails with inter
mittent ribs for thorough, uniform
• Total hydraulic drive for smooth operation.
• Cen tar-pivol design for excellent
This Mower Conditioner Has A 12 Foot Cutting Swath, With 109" Of
Conditioner Crimping Roll. Unit In Stock Was Purchased At Old Price
Savings For A Great Year End Discount Special.
Don’t Walt, Maka Your Daal Now!
Model MC2240 Hyd. Swing Frame In Stock.
Financing &
Waiver Of
Finance Charge
Depends On
Pending Credit
Gehl Forage
Harvesters are
leading the way
Gehl forage harvesters have
been at the leading edge of
engineering design for years.
With innovations that speed
material flow and reduce
downtime, for top capacity
harvesting. Innovations like
Qehl's in-head hydraulic knife
and cutterbar sharpening
system; exclusive spinner
delivery system; patented
single-station cutterbar adjust
ment system; and haylage
water tank.
Electronic Control Cantor
A single tractor-mounted control box handles all
electric (unctions of the harvester, including cap
and deflector controls, electric clutch controls
and manual override, forward-reverse-neutral
transmission shifting, and watertank switch (if
watertank attachment is used). Circuit breakers
are also integrated into the control box. With a
simplified electrical harness, you have fewer
wires running from the tractor to the harvester
• Three-point flotation support protects the
cutlsrfaar from rocks and other field
• Easily adjustable for full-width swaths or
high-standing windrows.