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    Champion Fleece Belongs To Sheepbeny Farms
HALIFAX (Dauphin Co.)
After yean of raising sheep and
exhibiting wool at fain, John and
Lynn Zerphey, Halifax, finally
achieved the pinnacle, when one
of the white fleeces grown from
their sheep received the Grand
Champion Fleece Award at the
1993 Yoric Interstate Fair.
John and Lynn Zerphey own
and operate Sheepberry Farms, an
84-acre farm in the Dauphin
County area. The farm is home to
100+ sheep of a variety of breeds
as White and Natural Border
Leicester, Suffolk, Rambouillet,
and commercial crosses, eight lla
mas, a border collie dog for herd
ing, and several cats.
The winning fleece was grown
by a 4-year-old Lincoln/Border
Calcium may protect against
kidney stones
High calcium diets may actual
ly protect against kidney stones,
according to a study of over
45,000 men recently published in
the New England Journal of
Medicine. Middle-aged men who
consume more than their Recoin-
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Nonary panning haa baan Imprevsd
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gataa which kaapa waNmaya
claan. Stalntaaa a lasi vartioala on
panning admlnalaa oorroalon whara
panning attaches to tha floor.
Stainlaaa alaal drlnkar plpaa A
mounting braekala also Inoraaaa ,
Leicester cross ewe. with beauti
ful shiny luster. It measures 5”
which represents one year’s wool
growth. The Zerpheys entered 13
fleeces into various wool catego
ries of competition and received
awards on each fleece. A fleece
entered into Fine Wool Class
received Reserve Champion
White fleece, and a natural color
fleece received a Ist Place Award
plus Champion Natural Color
Fleece. The sheep that produced
that winning wool is a natural
brown color Border Leicester
ewe, the Zerpheys named. Miss
The balance of the awards
ranged three first place ribbons,
two second place, two third place.
mended Dietary Allowance of 800
milligrams for calcium have a
lower risk of kidney stones than
men with lower calcium intakes.
Dairy products provide the cal
cium that protects against kidney
stones; calcium supplements did
not protect against this condition.
The researchers recommend a re
examination of restricting calcium
in the diets of people with kidney
Oavalapad rosandy In our RAD larm.
Our goals wan canvanlanaa, aataty
and durabktty. Tha low hack and
flat top rolls an saay Is roach aver
with no sharp sdgaa. fltalntaas alaal
roar lags and front tool along with
aolld alaal horizontal rods through
punched uprights provide die
strongest, moat durable ataN aver
produced by Tri-County (21"-24"
O.C. z M")
Optional alalnlaaa altal varticala and
laalanara oHar Improved durability
ovar olhar almllar typaa of penning.
Loop and (tapper latch arrangement
allmlnelee the uee of drop pine.
Stain laea alaal (anaa Nna fee dare
pravtda axoaNanl durability and a
minimum of mate.
and three fourth place awards.
Zeiphey said, “We felt our wool
crop was especially good this
year, but we were really surprised
and very happy.”
The Zerpheys take extra steps
in their farming practices and ani
mal management practices to
maintain a healthy sheep and to
grow quality wool. Bam isles and
bedding is kept clean daily, and
the sheep are maintained in good
nutritional slate, with regular vet
erinary care.
Lynn Zerphey had trained in
wool grading and classification
through a National Sheep and
Wool Growers Educational Semi
nar and currently holds a level I
Wool Grading Certificate.
The Zerpheys are also active in
the fiber arts field, John weaves
and Lynn hand spins yam from
their own sheep and llamas.
The Zerpheys will be showing
these and others wool fleeces at
the Farm Show in January where
they hope to repeat their success.
When not working about the
farm, John and Lynn work at Y/Z
Printing Company, Elizabeth
town, which John co-owns with
his nephew.
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John Zerphey shows off the’champlon fleeces recently
shown at the York Fair.
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13-112 -
lot) Shorn
Lancaster Farming, Saturday, Octobar 30, 1993-B7
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