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    822-Lancastar Firming, Saturday, May 22, 1993
Sale Reports
A Public Estate Sale
was held May 8 for the
estate of Caroline G.
Spitler, 1 mile north of
Port Royal, Juniata Co.,
Pa. at Juniata Markets,
Rts. 75 & old 22.
Some prices included:
blanket chest with origin
al decorated front decor
$12,500, oak kitchen ca
binet $775, 3-piece oak
bedroom suite $llOO,
oak dresser $5OO,
S-pound Mother’s Brand
peanut can $2700,
10-pound Mother's
Brand peanut can $4600,
Coke advertising calen
dar $3OO and 1922 sales
bill $lOO.
Long’s Auction Ser
vice conducted the sale.
A Public Auction of
antiques and bam-related
items was held May 8 by
Charles and Anna May
Habecker, 359 Habecker
Church Rd., Manor
Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.
There were 239 register
ed bidders at the sale.
Some items sold were:
walnut farm table $2700,
Sheraton blanket chest
with 3 drawers $2OOO,
one-door red stained
milk cupboard $2OOO,
one-piece architectural
comer cupboard $1350,
walnut Dutch cupboard
base $lOOO, blanket
chest $BOO, oak chest of
drawers $375, oak exten
sion table $300,3 mortis
ed porch benches $2OO,
$270 & $360 and wood
en dry measure $270.
Also sold were: Shera
ton chest of drawers
$3OO, spool cabinet
$250, quilt rack $l9O,
Penn Dairies milk bottle
$3lO, blue-check linen
$135, 2 sewing birds
$llO & $l3O, beehive
basket $lOO, miniature
German sewing machine
$75, 2 Shank’s baking
powder tins $l5O &
$250, Mickey Mouse Are
engine $lOO, dough tray
$l4O, dinner bell with
tower $275, Columbian
cook stove $440, wooden
bag wagon $4lO, meat
bench $lBO, and prinled
feed bags $2O to $4B
Jay M. Witman and
Luke R. Witman of J.
Omar Landis Auction
Service conducted the
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A Public Sale of per
sonal property was held
May 1 by Judith Ger
hart and Lucille Henry,
Executrices at the
Kauffman Community
Center, 3 miles north of
Greencastle, Franklin
Co., Pa. There were 256
registered bidders at the
Some prices
included; small bed
room chair $125, wal
nut chest of drawers
$l7O, cherry chest of
drawers $l9O, corner
cupboard $760, black
decorated chair $420,
child’s cabinet $lBO,
walnut case Grand
father clock $2250,
1978 Pontiac auto
$ll5O and small Cones
toga type wagon
(wooden wheels) $9lO.
J. Robert Meyers was
the auctioneer.
A Public Auction of
household goods and
antiques plus coins was
held May 6 by Mary E.
Shenk, 2 miles south
east of Millersville,
Lane. Co., Pa., 1097
Long Lane Rd.
Some prices includ
ed: oak china closet &
bookcase combination
$l2OO, oak washstand
$320, 6'bamboo plank
bottom chairs $540,
dovetailed blanket chest
$2OO, 1841 coverlet
$625, linen tablecloth
$223, Hubley doorstop
$ll5, dinner set $l5O,
1861 2'A dollar gold
piece $2OO. 1909 214
dollar gold piece $220,
1911 24 dollar gold
piece $240 and 1908
2'A dollar gold piece
Robert E. and Jeffrey
R. Marlin were the auc
tioneers with Randall
Ranck, App.
A Public Sale of real
estate was held May 8
by Denise L. Bauder,
Koons Rd., Milford
Twp., Quakertown,
Bucks Co., Pa.
The 13.5*acres of
open land along Koons
Road was sold for
Homing Farm Agen
cy, Inc. conducted the
A Public Auction of
real estate and antiques
was held May 8 by Elmer
D. and B. Elizabeth Zim
merman, Intercourse,
Lane. Co., Pa.
The 1 acre lot zoned
commercial with a
2/j -story brick house
and a 2-story frame
house was sold for
$570,000 to Elmer Tho
mas of Lancaster, Pa.
Other prices were;
Kurtz Grandfather clock
$6500, old Grandfather
clock $lB5O, schoolmas
ter’s desk $575, old ban
jo clock w/broken glass
$lOOO, old muzzle-load
er rifle w/bayonet $1650,
bar quilt $1?S0, small
Henry Lapp table $3OO,
dining room table & 6
chairs $550, old hanging
light $2OO, and flow-blue
plates $250 each.
Also sold were: small
flow-blue pitcher $llO,
flow-blue vegetable dish
$2lO, flow-blue Inter
course plate $lO3,
250-year book on the
town of Paradise $lOO,
200-year book on village
of Intercourse $345,
Wallace Nutting picture
$lOO, old banjo with no
strings $340, 1833 $1
gold piece $310,1907 $5
gold piece $lB5, and
1912 $2 'A gold piece
Robert E. Martin and
Jeffrey R. Martin were
the auctioneers. There
were 363 registered bid
ders at the sale.
A Public Sale of real
estate was held May 7
by Charles J. and Nancy
R. Anchor, R.D. 1, Mil
ton, Pa.
The 70-acre farm
with a 2-story Colonial
brick home and a bam
was sold for $150,000.
Massinger & Court
ney were the auction
A Public Auction of
Round Top Farm’s herd
was held May 7 by
Ronald and Judy Oli
ver, R.D. 3, Meshop
pen, Pa. in Susquehanna
The top prices for re
gistered and grade Hol
steins was $l5OO,
$l4OO & $l2OO. Small
calves sold for $7BO &
Wayne E. Weaver
was the auctioneer and
sales manager.
A Public Auction of
personal property was
held May 6 by Elwood
and Jane Troup, south
west of Middleburg on
Route 235, Beaver
Springs, Pa.
Some prices received
were: A.C. G tractor
$2600, 8 h.p. rotolillcr
$450, field sprayer
$325, attachments for
tractor $5OO, irrigation
pump $450, Dodge
Vans $B5O & $lOOO and
dining room suite $775,
also M.F. garden tractor
Massinger & Court
ney were the auction
The 16’h Annual
Benefit Auction for the
Kraybill Mennonite
School was held May 7
and May 8, 2'A miles
southwest of Mount
Joy, Lancaster County,
According to Dave
Reist, chairman of the
events, $62,000 was
raised from the 2 auc
tions. There were 370
registered bidders at the
Saturday sale to buy 43
works of art, 45 quilts
and wall-hangings and
9 loads of mulch.
Some items sold
were: Florin Feed truck
$7OO, Greiner Indus
tries truck with a crane
$l6O, Engle Business
Equipment tnjck $l5O.
1958 Hazel Reist water
color of Donegal Pres
byterian Church, home
of the Witness Tree
$275, Marti Brandt wa
tercolor illustrating a
Psalm $215 and Arlene
Stauffer oil painting on
a saw blade $l3O.
Prices for limited edi
tion prints were: David
Brumbach’s “Christo
pher Marshall House”
$260, Tom Hcrmansad
er’s Star Barn $l4O,
Hans Heir House $l7O,
Ned Smith’s Millers
burg Ferry $340 and un
specified P. Buckley
Moss print $l3O.
Quilts sold as fol
lows: Hearts & Roses
$BOO, Romas stripe pat
tern $BOO, combination
Lone Star/Log Cabin
$650, Giant Dahlia
$650, Bridal Wreath
$625, Country Bride
$6OO, Lone Star $525,
President’s Wreath
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Lancaster, PA 17603
(717) 295*5454
$3OO, and handmade
oval braided wool rugs
$l6O to $2lO.
Two Wilton Arme
tale replicas of the
school $l9O & $2OO.
GMC dump truck
$1650, mulch $B5 to
$2lO per load, rotary
mower $325, shovels
$32 each, brooms $2O
each, and pork barbecue
$8.50 per quart.
The auctioneers were
All American Auction
eers, Raymond Miller,
Jim Hershey, Mark Dif
fenderfer, Abe Shaffner
and Harold Keller.
A Public Sale of gar
den tractors and collec
tibles was held May 1
by Dale and Bea Yin
ger, >it the Lisburn
Community Fire Co.,
1800 Main St., Lisburn,
Some prices were:
Garden Master tractor
$750, Cub Cadet tractor
$530, White tractor
$340, Simplicity tractor
$375, child’s Cub Cadet
pedal tractor $2OO, car
manuals $l2 to $22,
I.H. thermometer $7O,
Sealtest ice cream sign
$2O, Sinclair oil can
$4O, 3 bank bags $32,
Int. tire gauge $l7, Int
Farmall toy tractor
(made into a light) $65.
1982 Cub Cadet toy
tractor $47, Remington
308 gun $475, and
AAA sign $5O.
Little IKE Eichelbcr
ger was the auctioneer.
A Public Auction of
antiques was held May
1 by Mrs. Pauline Wag
man and Emma Krouse
and others in the
Chanceford Communi
ty Center, 8 miles
southeast of Red Lion,
York, Pa.
Some prices were: 3
pc. marble-top bedroom
suite $3950, pie safe
$550, slant front desk &
bookcase combination
$750, small oak combi
nation secretary &
bookcase $350, antique
parlor suite $3OO, oak
bureaus and waShstands
$2OO avg., 1984 Chev.
Cavalier 2 dr. $3575,25
Winross trucks $6O
avg., and .999 sterling
silver commerative
coins $5 to $lO each.
Bob and Tom Sech
rist were the
A Public Estate Auc
tion of engines and per
sonal property was held
May 8 for the estate of
Reese R. Prewitt, 5202
Forge Rd., Lower Ox
ford Twp., Chester Co.,
Pa. There were 228 re
gistered bidders at the
Some prices were:
Pairbank gas engine
$5OO, Craftsman 12”
planer $475, 1HC3105
h.p. gas engine $375,
Maytag washer engine
$3OO, pine comer cup
board $290, cedar
wardrobe $230, oak
high chest $2lO, 28
gauge single shot gun
$lBO, glass butler
chums $5O to $95 each.
Lone Ranger pocket
knife $27, coffee mill
$2l and brass bells $4
to $26 each.
Jeffrey E. and Harry
W. Whiteside were the
A Public Sale of real
estate and antiques was
held May 1 for the
estate of Mary K.
Schwartz, 30 S. Main
St., York, New Salem
Borough, York, Co., Pa.
There were 384 regis
tered bidders attending
the sale.
The brick house,
summer house, barn
and garage with 75 feet
on S. Main St was sold
for $77,000.
Some prices
included: large Oriental
rug $7lOO, F. B. Cook
York, Pa. Grand
fathers clock $6lOO,
Carnival punch bowl set
$lOOO, 6 Gone-With-
Wind lamps $550 to
$lOOO, mantel clocks
$lB5 to $330 each, 6
plank bottom chairs
$975 and 60 shares
Codorus Valley Ban ;
corp, Inc. bank stock
(sold in blocks of ten)
$38.50 to $5O each.
C. C. Miller Sons
were the auctioneers.
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A Public Sale of per
sonal property was held
May 1 for Robert Mis
check, Oakly, east of
Sunbury, Pa.
Some prices were:
round drum table w/
drawer $6O, German
paper Santa Claus $3O,
pair of table lamps $45
ea., cedar chest $BO,
refrigerator $2OO, knee
hole desk $55 and
microwave Sc oven unit
Hassinger and Court
ney were the
A Public Sale of real
estate was held May 1
by Ruth J. Reber and
the late Robert E.
Reber, Degler Lane,
Upper Tulpehocken
Twp., Berks Co., Pa.
The 45 acre farmette
with a house (no mod
em facilities) and a
small bam was sold for
Dennis F. Wagner
was the auctioneer.
A Public Auction of
antiques was held April
25 at Little Haps Action
Auction, in the Rt. 22
Marketplace (Ollies
East) 8 miles east of
Harrisburg, Pa.
Some items sold
were: Shirley Temple
Dept. Store Display
$lBOO, mahogany sec
retary $425, 300 dolls
$l5 to $5OO each, pho
nograph with brass hom
$475, flint glass lamp
$550, pair marble
candle holders $3lO,
pair auto vases (vase
line glass) $lOO, End of
Day basket $55, old
sewing bird $225,
child’s Lincoln rocker
$135, Vaseline hobnail
water set $lB5 and
Gone-With-Wind lamp
John and Tom Gol
den were the