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    A26—Lancaster Farming, Saturday, January 14,1984
Open beef show winners named at Farm
..npi jgi „ ,ly ly
Evelyn 201, are from, left; Pa. Angus Queen Julie Myers; Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Rishel, breeders; Judge Fred Smalstig; Greg
Davis; and Greg Kruegar of Genetics Unlimited.
Champion Angus bull is Sir Williams Cracker Jack 735 D.
With the champion are, from left; Pa. Angus Queen Julie
Myers; Judge Fred Smalstig; Michelle Wiesenbaugh; Joseph
Wiesenbaugh and Kim Norning.
Polled Hereford female white looking on are, from left, judge
Jerry Ballard; Pa. Polled Hereford Queen Lisa Brudney;
owned Frank Darcy; Wendy Wise: and Dave Wise, herdsman.
Standing proud with the Polled Hereford champion bull,
SCH Proud lad 445 MPB are, from left, John Hausner; judge
Jerry Ballard; Pa. Polled Hereford Queen Lisa Brudney; John
P. Hausner; Gail Hunter; Randy Becker; Sam Hunter, and
JoAnn Hausner.
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Farm of Lyons Farm Road,
Waynesboro. Koolspnng Con
nection 128, a senior yearling,
owned by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Tait of R 4 Mercer, was named
reserve champion.
Carla Loraine Clutter, of R 1
Prosperity, Washington County,
and her summer yearling, Derby’s
Jane 2118, earned grand champion
female honors in the Charolais
Show. Carla also exhibited the
reserve female winner, a spring
calf named 4C Eve.
Ray and Mary Grimes of
McKnightstown, Adams County,
captured the grand champion bull
honors with BCF Excell, a spring
yearling. The reserve champion
was 4C Temcom, a junior calf
owned by Carla Clutter.
The Chianina female champion
was exhibited by Jamie Kohr of
Church Road, York. Lauxmont’s
Snowflake J 514, a winter calf, was
the winner. The reserve title went
to a summer yearling, LVF
Princess Anne, owned by Eugene
Moore, of R 1 Warriors Mark,
Centre County.
MF Black Extender Rl9, a junior
calf, was named grand champion
bull. The winner was exhibited by
Joseph Messick of Schoolhouse
Road, Middletown, Dauphin
County. M’s Thunder, a senior calf
exhibited by Moving M Farm of R 1
Warriors Mark, was the reserve
The grand and reserve grand
champion females of the Hereford
Show were exhibited by William
and Earl Renner of R 3
Waynesburg, Greene County. The
champion was RF 359 Dommette
205, a spring yearling, and the
reserve was RF 359 Dommette 273,
a summer yearling.
The Renners also exhibited the
grand and reserve grand cham
pion bull honors. Cl 1 Domino 269,
a junior yearling, was named
champion, while RF L 1913 Pac
man 345, was the reserve winner
Spring Bottom Farm of R 2
Fairfield, Adams County, won the
grand champion Polled Hereford
female title with SBF Royal
Gypsy, a spring calf. Named
reserve female was DS MS
Dividend 304, a spring calf
exhibited by Stockdale Hereford
Farm of R 1 Dayton, Armstrong
JDH Polled Hereford Farm of R 2
Dover, York County, won the
grand champion bull honors with
an early summer calf, SCH Proud
Lad 445 MPS. A spring calf, SFG
Top Domino 306, exhibited by
Scottland Farm of Gettysburg,
Adams County, was the reserve
Kemanne Ranck of R 2 Reading,
Berks County, and her junior
yearling, Len Rue Melody 82,
captured the grand champion
Shorthorn heifer honors. Reserve
honors went to Woodside Clipper
Lady, a spring calf owned by
Gerald Tracy of Masonic Homes,
Elizabethtown, Lancaster County.
There were no Shorthorn bull
The Simmental female grand
champion title was awarded to a
spring yearlmg, Miss Rolling
Ridge P 916, owned by Rolling
Ridge Farms of R 1 Karas City,
Butler County. Rolling Ridge also
took the reserve title with VV
Precious, a spring yearling.
Grand champion bull honors
went to Shoemaker’s CPS Junior, a
junior calf, owned by William E.
Shoemaker of R 1 Buffalo Mills,
mmn > n ■pk^
% /
Sh ‘ champion Charolais
female are, from left, judge Don Boggs: Ontario Charolais
Queen Kim Robson; Colonial Charolais Queen Marty
Chambers; and Carla Clutter.
Champion Charolais bull is BCF Excell, honored by, from
left; Ontario Charolais Queen Kim Robson; Colonial Charolais
Queen Marty Chambers; Ray Grimes and Melanie Hem
Domino 269
Pictured with 359 Dominette 250, the Hereford female
champion, is Bryan Snyder.
Early Senior Heifer Calf
Bedford County. The reserve bull i An..* Mane f.e» ? netmmh j Hntiman i
was TFC Fantastic, a spring calf Maw,,e VrS£ve.ri.n,H«i.r
owned by Triple C Farm of | Teels ? Dale Rams 3 Tracy Groif.
Ohlinger Road, Shoemakersvllle, Early Summer Yearling Heifer
„ . . ’ ’ I r, » Robert Miller ? f>nil R tiny n <
Berks County. r.mMrKean
The top three placings in each
breed class are listed below
March Jr Yearling Heittr
Junior Heifer OaM q p rey 2 Sidney Riggs 3 Jason M
1 Fml7 ( Frey 2 Deborah J Hotlman 1 Bross
Sandra F i^nhour
Late Senior Heifer Calf
I RorkyFo'geFarm
*v < •* % *
April Jr Yearling Heifer
1 Rishels Edlyn Faim ? Erskine H Ca».h II 3
Calhy Sbtve
Early Jr Yearling Heifer
1 Twin Clay A Vision land 7 Sidney Riggs
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