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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, November 19,1977
The big day has come and
gone. AH the flourish and
fanfare are a thing of the
past. It was a beautiful
wedding and a wonderful
reception and we have
gained another daughter.
The evening ceremony was
resplendent with flowers and
candles. The huge cake was
a sight to behold with a
simulated fountain and
playing lights in the center of
it. All evening my eyes kept
following my youngest high
school-age son, with his six
foot stature, walking around
in his dark suit with tails as
he ushered people to their
seats. How did he grow up so
But as we all know, it isn’t
what is on the outside but
rather what is on the inside
that counts. And to prove it -
the week before I had
washed and waxed and
polished our car to be ready
for the special event.
Wouldn’t you know it, the car
could not be started. Never
before had it behaved this
way! So, our second son
loaned us his 1950 Dodge and
LANCASTER - The 10th
annual Holly Trail tom
sponsored by the Lancaster
Branch of the American
Association of University
Women will be held on
December 3 and 4 from 1 to 6
p.m., featuring homes of
Lancaster area residents
decorated for the Christmas
holidays by gift shops,
florists, and nurseries.
This year’s tour features
six homes including the
Ralph Frey home, Route 272
Willow Street, a large home
decorated by the owners,
Frey’s Evergreen Plan
The Robert Smith home,
755 Barrcrest Lane, Lan
caster comes complete with
a sunroom featuring a
unique display of antiques
and a prized 1790 Banjo clock
decorated by the Dew Bee
The William Haiges home,
1036 Marietta Ave., Lan
caster, will be decorated by
Stauffers of Kissel Hill.
The William Duncan
home, home of the president
of Millersville State College
is located on the college
campus. Huber’s nursery
will accent the beauty and
the tradition behind this
v ’ r >
s *
Ida Risser
we were on our way. It is
good that I decided the day
before to do a kind deed and
had washed all three cars in
the driveway.
One reminder of the day is
a large arrangement of fall
flowers on my coffee table.
And, another reminder that
will be around a bit longer is
the floor length gown, one of
only a few which I’ve owned,
that hangs in my closet. My
daughter, Judy, made it for
me and also made her own
gown. Hers was a last
minute affair as she hem
med it on her way home
from Penn State - after
getting up at 5:30 a.m. so
that she could home to help
me with the rehearsal meal.
One other thing that made
the day eventful was the
arrival of our daughter and
her husband from Portland,
Ore. The next day they left,
in their rented 1978 car for
the Philadelphia Airport,
and flew to Nassau in the
Bahamas for a week’s
vacation. It should be a nice
place to visit in November.
in Dec.
The James Appel home,
2005 Millersville Pike, is the
1977 Idea House. The theme
is “getting ready for a
party” and will feature ideas
on how to decorate for
various types of Christmas
get-togethers. All
decorations for this home
will be made by the
University Women.
The Edmund Heltshe
home, Stone Hill Road,
Conestoga R 2, will be
decorated by Funk’s Farm
Market. The Heltshe family
will be demonstrating the
making and selling of blue
spruce wreaths for the
benefit of the American
Cancer Society.
St. Paul Lutheran Church,
222 North George Street,-
Millersville, will be
decorated by Girvin’s
Flower Shop. Biemesderfer
Executive Center, Miller
sville State College, will be
decorated by the Village
Flower Shop.
Tickets for the tour are
s2.2s and may be purchased
by any of the stops on the
trail or by contacting
Jeanmne Free, 2148 Kent
wood Drive, 717-569-9289.
Children under 12 are free.
ABYSS, a bottomless gulf; chasm. 2 Anything
too deep for measurements
“Well,” said the elementary school teacher.
“Now that you know the meaning of the word
‘abyss’, give me an example of one ” -
Immediately, I raised my hand Being an
overeager learner, 1 usually got called on, and this
day was no different.
“An abyss," I said with expertise, “is like the hay
hole over the bull pen--tf you fall down there, you’ll
never come out ”
Not being a farm child, my teacher was at a loss
to understand the sage wisdom I had just im
parted, and to Cover up her lack of understanding
and even possible disagreement with my
statement, her brows knitted, and her eyes
wandered helplessly over the entire room, hoping
some other more intelligent child might come to
her rescue.
No one ever did So, we went on to the next
spelling word.
But, it is true, you know. Hay holes have always
been the terrors walking around the upstairs of
the barn. They are all strategically placed-one
above the steer pen, another above the bull pen,
one above the cow stable, and a fourth above the
Cleaning barns is part of your everyday routine. Badger keeps it
routine. When you’re running tight, Badger keeps you on-schedule with
a dependable, trouble-free barn cleaner.
Badger’s chain is designed to operate smoothly with minimum wear.
Every link is heat-treated forged steel, joined by heavy carbon-steel
pins. The closed links reduce chain there’s no need to
clean your barn twice a day, if you have a Tong installation. Badger
chain is built to carry a full load.
523 Willow Rd.
Lancaster, PA
RDI Rt. 274 pn( .
>/* Mi. South Rising Sun, MD . . p .
Ph (301)658-6923 Ph .(7^74"m36
My Thoughts
And welcome fo i hem
See Your Local Badger Dealer;
Mechanics Grove
Quarryville, PA
Three of the four sit right out in the open--
unprotected-and the trick is that sometimes they
are open and sometimes they are closed.
And, when they are open, they swallow children
up and throw them into the black depths of the
bull or the steer pen from which children never
return again -or so I’ve been told.
I’ve never fallen down any, but there have been
some close calls, like the time (to be continued
next week).
Crossword puzzle answers
I. Pilgrims
3. potato
4. at
5. dog
6. she
7. bees
8. Autumn
9. so
10. see
11. two
12. prayer
13. meat
14. row
15. peas
16. Thanksgiving
A barn
cleaner’s an
builds ’em
to last
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Assistant Editor
2. Indians
7. butter
13. milk
17. leaves
18. November
19. cars
20. home
21. get
22. ho
23. son
24. turkey
25. yes
26. ax
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