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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, March 5, 1977
Postmortem exams
[Continued from Page 15] Poultrymen also need to
postmortems on them to evaluate their vaccination
supplement the lab’s fin- programs, according to
dings. This, again, will help Eckroade.
to solve the dilemma of “Your vaccination
whether the birds being program may work fine until
brought to the lab are in- there is a problem of in
dicative of a flock problem fection or threat of in
or if they have incidental fection,” he stated. So, he
occurrences of other emphasized that in the near
diseases. future, he hopes the New
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Bolton Center laboratory
will be able to offer
challenge tests so that
vaccination programs can be
evaluated to be sure they are
Eckroade then went into a
discussion and review of
postmortems. Some
highlights he discussed were
that 1) a post-mortem exam
should include good birds as
well as sick birds for a more
accurate diagnosis of the
problem, 2.) any birds
posted on the farm should be
disposed of properly, and 3.)
at any time when entering a
diagnostic lab, the
poultryman should consider
himself a carrier of an in
fectious social disease and
take proper precautions such
as changing clothes and
shoes, and washing properly
before entering his own
poultry houses.
On the point of con
tamination, Eckroade stated
emphatically that all poultry
producers should be on
guaid for other people ex
posing their birds to con
“They have no business
dragging disease into your
birds,” he emphasized, “You
don’t owe them that.”
During the review of
postmortem operations,
Eckroade also made special
note of an organ entitled the
“bursa.” This little organ
lies near the end of the
digestive tract and produces
the cells that will later
produce antibodies.
Right now there is a
recurrence of bursal or
Gumboro disease.
Originally, bursal disease
first came to the attention of
producers and veterinarians
in the 60’s when it affected
poultry from three to six
weeks old. That particular
disease subsided and as a
result, the research workers
stopped work on the project.
Only recently have
breeder flock - related
problem chicks been tied to
that disease, and, therefore,
it is again under study.
Eckroade explained that
the problem first begins in
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day - old chicks. These young the podium, Dr. Eckroade
birds, if put into a con- expressed one more concern
laminated house, can’t with the poultry producers,
combat the infection because it as come to his attention
their parents didn’t have an that unclean paper egg flats
antibody against the virus. are being reused in various
Once infected, the bursa is e BS operations. Considering
essentially destroyed and the his concern with con
chicks won’t be able to lamination, this fact has him
respond as well to vaccines alarmed,
or to resist infections, so, as “Those egg flats could be
Echroade put it, “You’re coining from anywhere, and
going to have chicks with lots I were you, I’d be unhappy
of problems after that.” the situation,” he
The best way farmers can proclaimed,
combat the problem is to A solution he suggests is
identify the problem chicks § oai S to plastic flats or
through lab diagnosis and demanding clean flats. He
keep their eyes and ears did say that me industry is
open for the information doing a fine job with disin
which will be coming out fee ting chicken coops and
over the next few months, trucks, but warned, again,
In a discussion period that something should be
before he stepped down from done about dirty paper flats.