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    V 01.21 No. 4
Reaction to McHale is mixed
By Dieter Krieg
LITiTZ - Until they know
who will replace Jim McHale
&s Pennsylvania’s Secretary
of Agriculture, most farmers
would rather not say
whether McHale’s recent
defeat in tbe Senate is for
better or worse.
Out of 36 formers con
tacted by this writer on
Wednesday, 12 indicated
Economy tied to world trade
future of American
agriculture is tied to the
world .market and the world
economy, William J. Kuh
fuss, president o'f- the
American Farm Bureau
Federation, said here
recently in addressing the
Fifth International Com
modities Conference in the
Palmer House.
Production awards presented
hundred and ninety-three
dairy herds in Lancaster
County exceeded an average
production of 425 pounds of
butter fat for the year with
their herdsmen honored for
their efforts at the annual
DHIA banquet held here on
Tuesday afternoon.
J. Z. Nolt’s herd of
Dairymen praised for records
By Melissa Piper
caster County dairymen
have produced invaluable
DHIA records which I’m
confident could not be
matched - elsewhere in the
United States,” noted Don
Ace, dairy extension
specialist; at the annual
DHIA meeting held Tuesday
Serving The Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania Areas
Lancaster Farming. Saturday, Dec. 13,1975
they were undecided about
tbe action taken by the State
Senate on Tuesday when
McHale lost the con
firmation vote 27 to 20,-tt
was the second time within a
six month period that tbe 47-
year old former dairy far
mer was rejected fay the
Senate. McHale has served
as tbe state’s Agriculture
Secretary since the begin
“The outlook for a healthy
and viable U.S. farm
economy is bright, if
agricultural producers are
free to compete in tbe world
market without interference
from government in the form
of export restrictions,
participation in international
commodity agreements,
government-held reserves,
or high commodity loan
registered Holsteins
recorded the highest figures
by producing 709 pounds of
' butterfat with 19,216 pounds
of milk. 'The Leola Rl
dairyman’s herd was the
only herd in the county to
exceed the 600 pound but
terfat mark.
Four other dairymen
having over 650 pounds of
butterfat in their herds in-'
afternoon at the Farm and character of most herds in
Home Center here. Lancaster County, Ace
While his opening remarks quickly reminded tbe
reflected the high production dairymen that production in
In this issue
Sale Register 74
Farm Almanac 8
Classified Ads 25
Homestead Notes 42
Home on the Range 46
ning of the Shapp ad
ministration in 1971 and is
tbe governor’s hand-picked
choice to lead the
Agriculture Department
But Ids days in office are
numbered now, and be is
expected to be assigned to
another position fay the end
of the year.
Two of the 36 formers
contacted said they thought
rates,” the national form
leader said.
The head of the nation's
largest general farm
organisation with 2£ million
form families in 49 states
and Puerto Rico said that the
dramatic changes in the
agricultural situation since.
1970 offer almost unlimited
opportunities for a dynamic
chided: Rufus G. Martin,
Ephrata R 3, with 687 pounds
of butterfat and 18,953
pounds of milk; Ben K.
Stottzfos, GordonviOe Rl, 687
pounds of butterfat and
18,504 pounds of milk; Paul
B. Zimmerman, Ephrata Rl,
678 pounds of butterfat and
16,275 pounds of milk and
Curtis E. Akers, Quarryville
Rl, with 666 pounds of but
Country Comer 42
Lancaster DHIA 60
Thoughts in Passing 49
SdnqMifieß SO
Commentary 10
McHale’s removal from
office was definitely for the
betterment of Pennsylvania
agriculture. Only one in
dividual, who spoke on her
own behalf, as well as for her
husband, believed the Senate
action was a blow to the
state’s formers.
Eleven formers said they
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and productive U.S.
Among the fundamental
changes that have'occurred
in the past four years, Kub
fuss cited the following:
Under the present system
of “floating” exchange
rates, tbe UJS. dollar is no
longer overvalued and tbe
ability of U.S. formers to
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terfat and 16,844 pounds of
Six plaques were also
presented to county
dairymen having the best
breed production. K. D. and
Elsie Linde, Oxford Rl,
captured tbe award for
having the best producing
herd of Guernseys with
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the northeastern portion of
the United States has been
“lacking over the years.”
Explaining that two
problems had been reoc
curing over the years, Ace
expressed his hope that they
could be controlled. “Coo
trolling reproduction
problems and herd mastitis
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