Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, May 24, 1975, Image 19

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    Dairy Princess Entrants Sought
It'a dairy princess time
again, and this year as every
year dairy princess com
mittees arc seeking qualified
candidates. To make the job
of getting contestants Just a
little easier, we're reprinting
the entry form below. It
must be signed by both the
applicant and a parent or
guardian, and can be sent
directly to the person
responsible for the entries in
the contestant’s county.
Winners in local contests
or24 fs*t ,
wW*(24-<oot jnddel Shown -
ln l*nath» of 32T«r ■
50 fiat. All 24-fool wide
buddings h*ya «n entry '
doorin each end. Sea
char! on back of this abaci
lor more apaclfication*.
Buift*in vanUistfon system
keeps building dry and -
provides fresh airfor animal
health. Unique sir flow
system pulls sir in at root
ridge And, circulates it over
the top of the animals,
through the ftft, ahd out. Note
that design of roof system
eliminates the need for any
massive bulkheads that could
restrict air flow.
See Our Sow Castle
on Display at;
will compete in the Penn
sylvania Dairy Princess
Contest in Harrisburg on
September 23 and 24.
To be eligible, a contestant
1. Live in Pennsylvania.
2. Be a daughter of a
dairy farmer, a dairy farm
manager, herdsman, or
dairy farm owner during the
current year, or the con
testant be the owner of more
than one dairy animal prior
to May 1, 1975.
- » *
3. Have completed her
Junior year of High School
and will not reach her 21st
birthday by December 31 of
the year of the contest.
4. She must be single and
never married.
5. Have her parent’s or
guardian's consent.
6. Former local winners
are not eligible.
7. Each state contest entry
must be the winner of the
local county(s) contest.
, \ <.
Farrowing stalls and
nursery areas are equipped
with aluminum T-slats In
the floor, front and ear.
Individual slats are 1”
across the top ahd 1” high,
with 3/8” spacing between
Parent's or Guardian's Name
Applicant s Age
High School
Major Course
Plans alter School
Membership in youth groups, school and community affairs, etc
Years family in dairying Breed
Parent's or Guardian's Signature
Mrs. Donald Meyers
R.D. 2
Kempton, Pa. 19529
Contest: June 21
Entries Due: May 25
Mrs. Robert E. Gregory
R.D. 1, Box 122
Lititz, Pa. 17542
Contest: June 21
Entries Due: June 1
Mrs. Joel C. Brown
R.D. 1, Box 77
Oxford, Pa. 19363
Contest: June 21
Entries Due; June 1
am cum—..
economical, plug-up-and-go total farrowing
, f«frowrt»3-fln Ifv
automatic water cup, . r ;>'
Hippie weiererl* optional
in piece of water cup.SteH
sides ere adjustable*® etee
of sow. Nursery feeder* ,
are provided Ipr pigs. '
Color I \ es
t ’cSl
Look at a few of the
features we build
into our structures.
Lancaster Farminf, Saturday, May 24,1975
(Please tvpe or print)
Birth Date
Patricia Krall
Lebanon Co. Ext. Svc.
400 S. Eighth St.
Lebanon, Pa. 17042
Contest: June 28
Entries Due: June 1
Mrs. Paul Miller
R.D. 4, Box 543
Linglestown, Pa.
Contest: June 20
Entries Due: June 1
Mrs. Sarah Eisenhart
R.D. 1
Thomasville, Pa.
Contest June 28
Entries Due: June 2
. County
Birth Dale
Color Hair
Number of Cows
Applicant's Signature
By Bobbie Hill
As of May 1, 1975, the cur
rent government regulations re
quinng that all children s sleep
wear sizes 0-6 X be flame re
tardant was expanded 10 in
Jude sizes 7 to 14
Manufacturers have been re
quircd since July 29, 1973, ti
treat children’s night garmenl
sizes 0-6 X
Also the Consumer Produi
Safety Commission in Washing
ton, D C is considering wheth
er a new general wearing ap
parel standard is required tha
would be more stringent thai
the existing one It would cove
all sizes of dresses, shirts, pants
nightgowns robes and pajamas
All of which indicates that thi
homemaker must be preparei
to ask herself “How will
launder the family things with
out impairing the flame retarc
ant finish'’”
Tests conducted by the Homi
Economics Department of Cali
forma State University, North
ridge, reported that the phos
phate detergent used passed th
50-wash criteria established b
the government Soap and
non-phosphate carbonate detei
gent failed
When laundry aids were use
with the phosphate deterger
for brightness and stain rc
moval, Borateem Plus, a bleac
substitute, did not interfei
with the flame retardant finis
through 50 launderings
The phosphate detergent an
chlorine bleach failed after 3'
washings (For a free copy o
“How to care for flame-retard
ant sleepwear” write U S
Borax, Consumer Affairs Dep
NM, PO. Box 75128, San
ford Station, Los Angeles, C
90075 1
Dogwoods Need Protection
Dogwoods planted in hom
landscapes should hav
protection from direc
winds, say Extension 01
namental horticulturists £
The Pennsylvania Stat
University. Dogwoods do m
grow well when set out in th
wide open spaces of a law
area. A good location woul
be as a part of the plai
border or near the house, t
another structure wher
they are more protected.