Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, June 12, 1971, Image 19

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“One ton of beef per cow per year” is the result reported from the are ready for slaughter at 12 months weighing nearly one ton total. A
South Devon beef system in England. The system utilizes double suck- United Nations report indicates the average milk yield for the South
ling. During a nine-month lactation, one cow nurses her own calf and Devon is 6,550 pounds of milk in a 305 day lactation with butterfat con
that of another cow which is being milked'. Ordinarily, the two calves tent averaging 4.19 per cent.
Nutrition Sells, Research Needed, Official Says
Willis A. Gortner, director of low-calorie items, the success of dence that refutes the myth,
the USDA’s Human Nutrition two per cent milk fat products.
Research Division, says, “There the growth in sale of orange T^ e . ot “®. r major myth, the
are afe n least-two- major myths juice and the shift to polyun- nutrition director says, is tnai
that T think are blocking public saturated vegetable oils as evi- people think we know enou e n
support, or indeed, public de- about nutrition.
mand, for concerted and ex “Let’s don t assume that we
panged action in the field of Millers Return Here know enough. We have a na
nutrition” tional S° al that ever y Amerl ‘
' Harold and Annetta Miller, can child, will have the advan-
One of the myths, Gortner EMBMC missionaries in Tan- tage of an adequate, nutritious
says* is the idea that nutrition zan ia, are scheduled to arrive in diet. The means of achieving
doeynot sell food. He says this the United States June 23. Their that goal must include a major
“is just poppycock,” and points summer address will be 76 commitment to nutrition re
out'tfae major growth in various Greenfield Road, Lancaster. ' search.”
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday, June 12,1971 —
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