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    nobler Furmin
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by Mrs. Richard C. Spence
Want an mesistible cookie
Chocolatt Di op Cookies are just
that Then chocolate* goodness
Jiteially melts in \om mouth the flour, baking powdei
If sou base some walnuts on ar, d sa 't the fat. sugar and
Ji. ml pi ess one into the top of eggs and mix well Mix m the
each cooks ju-l befoie baking peanuts and pi lines Fill greas
ed baking pan half full Bake
at 350 degiees for 25 to 30
minutes, until lightly bi owned
Cut into bais Cool befoie seiv
2 squares (1 ounce each) un-
sweetened chocolate
1 cup sifted regular all-pur-
pose flom
1 teaspoon baking powder
] 4 teaspoon baking soda
1 4 teaspoon salt
cup coarseh chopped nuts
J t cup icgular maigaiine or
buttei. softened
1 cup brown sugar, fii mb
1 egg
‘a cup buthimhk oi soui
1 > cup who’e bian ceieal
1 > teaspoon vanilla H ivoimg
Ift ii ciio dale in top section
Oi. doubiC boilei o\ei hot not
bfilimi watei oi in small sc.act
pdi ovei \ei\ low he,' fin
li'ig con-tanth Remove from
heat Sift togethei flom, baking
powdei, soda and salt combine
with nuls Set as,de Measure
maigaiine and sugai into nux
ang bowl, beat until light and
tfluffj- Add egg and cooled,
melted chocolate beat well Stu
in butteimilk ceieal and vanilla
Add sifted diy mgiedients mix
until combined Diop by level
aneasuung - tablespoons onto
lightly gi eased baking sheets
Bake m modeiate oven (375 de
vices) about 14 minutes oi until
•cooky springs back to touch Re
move immediately fiom baking
sheets cool on vvue lacks II
you like pi ess walnut half
gently on top of each cookv just
Hit loi e baking Makes 3 l a do7en
11-*I 1 -* cups s’fted legulai all pm
pose floiii
2 teaspoons bak >l4 po" du
1 tcvsp'v). sail
‘j cup jegidai i«r>! >,.u 11
butter, s Tlcned
cup s>igas, finals
'i cup gianulatc’fl aigai
'-<•> •o~
1 teaspoon vmull 1 fiavoi <>i 1
tup (O.lSjl, (ll mit
5 cups pnecttMicd pJI..;
corn cet cal
Si I: logeibu Jloui ba , .
powde <’nd sill Sol a-ucic Bta
in 11 gai ine and sugai ■> until hgm
arc! ilufU A.dd and can
dia beat wed Mix in -atlc I d 1
• ngicdients and nuts un n
•dioioughh combine'! Sh ’
lf\el tabkspooniuls ol dough ia
tialK roll in ceieal Place Jjou
3 inches apail on gieaseu bak n >
•sheets Bake in modualeh ho(
o\en (37 5 dtgiees) about It
m nulei oi until lightlv biown
al Make, about 3U cloven cool
us, 2k inches ,n diaincUi
cup flour
teaspoon baking powder
teaspoon salt
cup melted fat (butter or
i». SuUn-dny. October 24.1070
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup chopped peanuts
I cup finely chopped cooked
I l .* cups sifted flour
I 1 a teaspoons salt
'a teaspoon baking soda
'a cup shot tening
'a cup chunk style peanut but-
'a te'spomi chin'mon
1 i teaspoon nutmeg
c.ns firm!* p»eked biown
su, ai
2 eggs
2 tablespoons water
I cup (6 ounces) buiteiscotch
1 cup quick cooking rolled
Sift togethei the floui salt p
and baking soda, set aside Com- p
bine and beat till creamy the i 4
shoitoning, peanut buttei, cm- 4
namon, nutmeg Beat bi own
sugai gi actually into ciearned Blend buttei and sugai add
mixtiue Beat in eggs one at a egg and beat well SUi in
Add floui mixtme altei- p eanu t s , almond flavoring and
nateiy with 2 tablespoons water
Stu m butterscotch moisels and ucc Klls P les - mix well sha P e
lolled oats Diop by heaping mixtuie m munded bowl of
teaspoonfuls onto ungi eased tablespoon and place on lightly
cookie sheets Bake at 375 de- § leasecl baking sheets Bake in
giees foi 10 to 12 minutes model ate oven (350 degrees)
Makes 5 dozen about 12 minutes Makes about
6 dozen cookies NOTE Nu
taioon mixtine is somewhat dry
CORN FLAKE MERINGOONS m appeal ance befoie baking Do
2 egg whites not add additional liquid
; WsfflßE^
I Lock Fcii This Sign
i S.> « poll Ro >d
] Tut-*,'oj!s”, Pinna
Sflirt raising more and better Calves
the Easy NURS-ITTE way
No moie canjing pads of wai in watei oi hand mixing
milk i eplacei Just till the hoppei ot the NURSETTE with
mi k ieplacei and the NURSETTE will mix milk replacer
and waim watei and keep it waim until calf muses the mix
(appiox 14 oi )
Then it will mix a fiesh batch of watei and replacer.
For more information contact
If using corn flakes, ciush into
fine cuimbs Sift togethei flout,
soda and salt Blend butter and
sugats Add eggs and vanilla,
beat well Add sifted di\ ingiadi
ents togethei with coin flake
cuimbs mi\ well Shape about
1 tablespoon dough around each
choco’ale walci Place on tin
gieased baking sheets about 2
inches apail Bake in model ate
men (.115 acgicusi about 10
minutes Hakes about 5 dozen
Ph. 717-548-2462
Peach Bottom, R. D. 1, Pa. 17563
•a teaspoon vsnllla 0 m m
" stsm Town Fair At Lancaster
nips corn flakes
nip IB mimes I srmlsvvee'
chocolate morsels
cup flaked rncoiuil
Beal eac wlull s. vanilla and
sail mill! Mdl bin not di> X«l«i
confeelionei s’ siifiai firaduallv.
beatitu; Id) stiff. filossv peaks
form Kohl m coin fl.ikvs.
cltocolah moiwls ;md coromil
Drop bv teaspoonfuls onlo well
jp eased' rookie sheet* Bake at
325 defines for 12 lo 14 minutes
Makes 3'a do7en (Nolo) Allow
to stand about 10 minutes befoic
rcmoMnfi fiom cookie sheets
cups corn flakes or cup
cornflake crumbs
cups sifted flour
teaspoon baking soda
teaspoon salt
cup soft butler or mar f rine
cup granulated sugar
cup brown sugar, firmly
i ,
teaspoon vanilla flavoring
dozen (6‘j ounce package)
solid chocolate-mint candy
cup sott butter or margarine
cup sugar
cup finely chopped peanuts
teaspoon almond flavoring
cups rice knspies
& Fertilizers
Peanut Hulls
• v ' G -rra
St ‘ im ps|L«£!. 1 1
* y?* ~
PiuMie (717) 768 8451
\ L-live nlmo*pheie will pre porcelain. buttons, fans, silver
\ h<'ic on ui’lotn’i 27 an I 2JI inn ui .iteis. valentines, and mini
when opens it' cloo.« aline scale furniture. A Juried
io vmiois attending Hu annual nerdlrworx show wjll be on dis-
Linr.i'-tii Town Pair play along with other One need
“TllT fnsi I' Chur lework exhibits,
ch Tmipli tilth Kl. St James The Lancaster County Art
Kpisiopit Chinch, and the \ssocialion exhibit, and a col-
V\VC\ are coopiutinK foi the lection of handiwork done by
thlid .ime in a salute to the foui women who contributed
hlstoiv and ciiltuie of the area much to the artistry and heritage
The festival will be open both of the area will be of wide intcr
tlavs fiom 10 a m to 9p m cst Isaeh Art from the Murray
In addition to an extensive, S Giecnfield Gallery in New
every thing ■ foi - sale Antique \oik City will be sold. “Tiny
Show, antique dealeis will dis- Tieasures" will include brass,
play unusual ilems fiom their silver, and crystal as well as
own private collections some furniture, to be sold as
Othei private collections to be “antiques of tomorrow",
shown include antique dolls, (Continued on Page 21)
Shades of a beautiful sunset are reflected in this afghan and
pillow set - wine rose, pink and bittersweet, too. It is worked
in afghan stitch strips, bordered on each side with treble
crochet in a flame-like pattern. Six strips are joined to
make the complete afghan, measuring 45 x 66 inches. The
pillow cover, backed m felt, fits a 14 x 18 inch form. Both
pieces are generously fringed Free instructions are avail
able by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to this
newspaper along with your request for Leaflet B-593.