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    —Lancaster Farming, Saturday, October 17,1970
Thomases Have Pumpkin Fun
(Continued from Page 17) ed nurses, practical nurses or
at least in the medical field,
stand at Meadow Brook Market, sometimes their program in-
Leola. This market is open Fri- cludes p ic t ures from mission
days 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. and Sat- £j e i di sometimes on a medical
urdays 8 a.m. till 4 p.m. They theme Thev have carried out
have a girl tending the stand pi . o jects. They collect sheets
Friday and another girl Satur- and from them roll bandages,
day All they sell there is celery. They made health kits {or Haiti
If they use all their celery by ~n d othel . m i ss ions. They have
late in the season they buy a new pvo j ec t now volunteer
some and bleach it. Miriam arsing wherein they care for
makes a couple trips a day to inva iids in their private homes,
the market with celery. Last year to Jet f ami j y member free to
they sold to wholesale stores and O 0 topping or do something
still sell to half a dozen stores. | lse Thev I ., lised mo ney for dif-
Glenn has lived on this 14 acre ferent places like in Tanzania,
farm of his mothers all his Africa They give a days wages
life. He grew his first pumpkins to Mary Harhish who is in a
in the corn field when he was leper colony in India She is
13 years old He increased the Miriam's aunt and a rcgisleied
production until now he glows null!0 She works with patients
6 acres. He has improied and to make them self-sufficient She
devloped his own stiain, known teaches them to raise
as Thomas Halloween Pumpkin anc ( rabbits Dr Brubaker, from
Next year Agway will handle it Lancaster County, i» also theic
They are dark yellow, deeper ; n Afiica
yellow' than some varieties Thev
have a hard rind which gives it
a good keeping quality. They do
raise different varieties. Miriam
uses butternut squash instead of
pumpkin for pies
Thomases farm 200 acres
Glenn owns Colebrook farm at
Mount Joy. which has 72 acres,
and has it all planted in corn
and rents the house. He farms a
iotal of 160 acies of corn. He
farms some ground on neighbor
ing farms. The only help he has
are some school boys and Sam
Fisher who lives at Spruce Villa
Dairy and works part time there
and part time for Thomases.
Glenn finishes 100 Hereford
and Angus steers a year and
sells them to butchers in Phil
adelphia. He also finishes 40
or more pigs a .year Some are
sold to Armour in Reading and
some to Union Stock Yards,
Glenn net only raises a large
number acres of corn taut has
had some real tine yields. In
1965 he was in the 150-175 hush
cl per acre class, in 1967 in the
175-200 bushel class and in
1988 was champion in the slate
in a five acre contest thiouji
Penn Stale and Lancaster Coun
ty Ex'ension Sen ice at the
■Stale Faim Show He had 203
bushel per acre with Pioneer
3369 A vanely He also rec ive 1
the Pioneer award in l.OCfl iL
has two large trophies for
He was in Lililz-Manbeini 411
Club as a boj. He had cm uni.
strawberries, corn, tobacco ,u- I
vegetable?. He belonged to
heim Young Farmei t) W 11 I tC* I
lore last
Miridm is the daughter of Vi
and .Airs John GiaUull. iv,
New Proudence, Gray bills h.ue _ >i
30 to 35 head o I Guem.-evi A! ■
has a lister married to Robert 1 f*#
Gerlach who is a Iniddci
MountviJle A brother, John \Vi' j§||
bur, works tor Caleb Wenger i ngi
lead equipment business dl Dm H|j
more Center. She ha-> a toi ; uu ' p|J
old brother in Pi evidence Town-|jpi
ship School. Miiiam all nj, a >
Solanco High School ioi 1 i h P 3
and tenth guides then Iran 'm '
red to Lancaster Alenuunde >
School and graduated liom um e 1
She "ladua'ed Jiom th' J.n- |p|
caster Gcneial Hospital Xm sing ’ Pa
School in 1966 Then loi a > i a V/SftM
worked pai t time at the h. ,< Gtii»CB!l3jftf eWa3A^iiB
and attended .Mille, -a ille ' .3 i i’ a^ ast =?= p»
College for two seme.L„ it, $ WPlCifel E
then they were not oiicinu „ jjHl
•B.S, in musing so she . |t |
r.ursmg at (he Ostcopr.iu. ' 1
pda! in LaneaHci Sin n I ’‘"t
there lull time one jeui cnll^
part time tile ncu y i P . ’> Pu v **?^;a(rs,"|
Alumni u a mci.ilu. Oi . a L abAXtUaiul!] vavlih
castm ALnnonitc .Vue"- ‘'-so- pp
ciation and seerelmv oi . tj, - ftj New MoSiond, Pa.
meet monthly at Ro nm.u Je.i ; trJj
nonite Church Tho\ are mosih w
JUennonile girls u liu at l i >. 0 .
Mr. and Ivins Thomas have a
daughter. Chailjnn Joy. who is
thirteen months old.
They belong to the Lititz Men- s - m e time, the last Thursday ol
nonite Church where Glenn i-, L , ac ij month to sew She loaches
a trustee and teaches Junior the gnls to sew, knot and they
boy» (9 to 12 year olds) in Sun- m ake favors for State Hospitals
day School. Miriam works with an d Home-*. The Senior Circle
Junior girls activity group They meets another time
are daughters of the Junior
Circle of mothers who meet the
i fn -
,J V-/' v ‘ , '
'? ,«i£i 'S K '' : '"A<»°,
A yp-AK
„» £\:-€ys # »?4 ■““ - 5
! - ? 'S#i ”4 / - ;
}—s- A !■/?£ ~,t s/- ' i ::<A2 -, ‘ 4*'
' ; ' >** '
? f **{*£'
< A ' -f ’’ 1 ’"' ' ' * - ' v , y 4
Mrs. Glenn B. Thomas skillfully decorates their road
ido market sign.
Polled mums and colorful pumpkins of every description are a sight to behold
Miriam and Glenn like to go
V 8 si/ <Vi 1/3 L %
camping and hiking and have a things. She has done some
number of bird books and watch knitting and painted a couple
for different kinds ot birds oil paintings. She makes most
Three years ago they took a of her clothes and hopes to make
tent, camp stove and sleeping a lot of clothes for her daugh
bags and went to Michigan, ter. She likes to make some
through Canada to the west thing from things that would be
coast, down to San Francisco, discarded. She and Glenn try
Yosemite, Grand Canyon and their hands at just about any
Yellowstone Parks. They hiked tasks. She and her mother
to the top of Mt. Whitney. papered their kitchen and Glenn
Miriam tikes to do a lot of (Continued on Page 26)
» I