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    VOL 15 NO. 46
Lancaster Co. FFA Gets Set
For Kansas City Convention
Lam t tei Count) FP'A mem
beis will be among the 10,000
Fiituu Faimcis fiom all the
slates ’ J ueito Rico and the
Vnpin ,-lands lepiesentid at
the 43rd National Convention in
Kan,as vitv Missonii, Octobu
This invention is an annual
event to onduct the business of
the National FFA Oi gamzat.on
and to u ognize and give avvaids
loi oiitsi-ncLrg aceoniplishmen s
ol FFA vembeis on a national
nidgn contests the culm v
?tion ci FFA judging cimptti
tion vvlinn begins al ait local
Her Groff (front) and Gary Buchen
pose v..:n the Manheim FFA Chapter's
first place window exhibit at the Manheim
Fair week. The exhibit shows a hunt
er (rear) pointing his weapon at the
squirrel, but hitting the man in. the fore
ground. Lights flash and the victim falls.
Jess Lrvv.ay, vo-ag teacher,, said the boys
chaplei level and piocceds
thiough contest-, al the cli'.liici
and state le\els, will lute mou
than (>OO participants
Local bovs on state judnng
teams aie Dauv Cattle, Rubin
Ilousei, Lebanon, and Nelson
Mai tin. New Holland Dane
Pi odiicts, Lai i\ R APeis Qu
iv Mile. Poultiv, Kenneth Sen
st nig. Ephiata
Cloister Chaplei Ephiata will
leccive two gold emblem a\.aids
as then chaptc is
fm earning out vanotis aclu,
lies Lancastei Coun!\ St i
rannei Jaj C Zinimeiman pa~
thaanian of Lne Chaptei Satcnv
plan to add sound and hope to enter the
exhibit in the State Farm Show. In the
background is the warning that in Penn
sylvania in 1969, there were 28 fatal hunt
ing accidents and 451 persons injured, of
vthich 222 victims were in the direct line
of tire.
Lancaster Farming. Saturday October 10. 1970
Committee, will accept the
National Lhaplei Salel\ \waid
Cloistci Chaptci vice p.esident
RiCk Pfaut/ will iop.e-ci’t tlu
Chaptei and accept tlu. National
Chaptei Awaid
Ainonp the spume s honoicd
this \eai loi 15 ua s support
will be John W PMudinan JL
Sons, Lancastei
Spcetatois to the eoiuemion
will be Rolk i. Campbell Laws
Hoist \l!en V.u’ \ laeob Mas
st . I* ank Ruoss \l’> i p
Sthloueh Robut Si' •.1 bam
Tmpe Call Weave i R maid
\ oundl and Clbloid Dm ad
(CoiDnucd on Ikue 9)
Poultry Siiow Winner
Ammon Shelly, Box 85 Man
heim, displays his giand cham
pion bud in the poultiy division
at Manheim Fan this week
It s a black cochen cock, Shel
ly explained, noting the thick
pKinjage and gieen coloung on
buds tail as fac-
tor?' an the championship
-Shelly is -'usedytfi winning
' with his birds Hftha's about 185
" juAfour breeds Some 38 weie
"Shfeied in the, -lair, including
entries'' by his wife and thi ee
. ghand soils The grandsons ‘get
a big Bek out of it,” Shelly said
Shelly Jhas been showing birds
since the l&3o’s, except for 12
years which'he took off to do
some serious farming Now he’s
an Oliver salesman for N G
Heishey Inc. Manheim His
buds aie an impoitant hobbv
He enteis about seven shows
pei yeai, including the laige
Yoik Faimeis Association Show
at York Fan Giounds, coming
up Octobei 23 25, and the Fai m
Show at Hanisbiug
Asked about the cost of his
hobby, Shelly said he about
Farm Calendar
Saturday, Octobei 10
1-5 pm Milton S Hcishet
Medical Centei, open to pub
lic, Octobei 10 11
130 p m SocieU of Fai m
Women 1, home ot Mis
Funkhn Webei
730 pm Filtielh Annivei
saiy, Lancaslei County Po
mona Giange, Fulton Gunge
Hall, Oakiyn
Society ol Faim Women 20
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“bioke even’ last year While
he gets some money tiom show
ing at tans, the biggest return
is fiom selling the buds to
othci hobbvists, he said
But he indiciated that the
hobby is expensive foi those
who lack the patience and m
teiest to develop a fine flock
such as the one he has He noted
that many peisons in the Man
heimLititz aiea have given up
the show bird hobby in recent
But Shelly is “showing
stiongei than evei ”
Farm Women Complete
Plans for Convention
Plans foi the 53id annual
convention ot the Society of
Faun Women oi Lancaster
Countv Novembei 7 weie fina
lized at a meeting of the execu
tive boaicl held Tuesday at the
home of Mis Aithui D Weng
ei Manheim RD2
Mis Wengei Society 27, was
assisted bv Mis Kenneth Mar
tin Society 26 Mi s Leon Thom
as was in chaige of devotions.
Dining the business meeting,
conducted by Mis John N.
Hess, piesident Mis Melvin
Meek chan man of the bazaar
table for the convention, re
minded the piesidents that
items should be packaged in a
non-ietumable container and
maiked with a suggested sell
ing puce The sale will begin
at 10 am on Nov 7 during
registiation at the convention.
Mrs Aaion Denlinger, pro
giam chairman, announced the
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